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The Many Faces of Jodi Arias…by Margaret Garrett…

  Thursday marked a very anticipated moment, in the Jodi Arias trial. The cross examination, of Jodi Arias, by Juan Martinez. I couldn’t help but notice at the very first commercial break, the pundits who are defense attorneys , couldn’t … Continue reading

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Is Jodi Arias borrowing “Not Mom’s” stylist?

I have tried to avoid the Jodi Arias trial…mainly because of the media talking heads who are covering it. That being said it’s very hard not to notice that Jodi Arias is taking pages from the “handler’s” of child killer … Continue reading

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An open letter to Cheney Mason…by Margaret Garrett

Oh, Cheney, you’re a bit long in the tooth, to be hoping that “we” would just, all die out! Although it DOES appear, as if you are finally, willing to accept her fate, you are still confusing the verdict, with … Continue reading

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Life at the bottom of the well…

  While attempting to violate people’s first amendment rights and pollute the internet and cable television with the same balderdash that they threw at an open and eager jury…(along with a few greenbacks???)… the people surrounding baby killer, Casey Anthony, … Continue reading

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Justice for all Children…

Welcome to the new Karma4Caylee…Voices4Justice!  

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