Lafonse Dixon Guilty, Tim Miller in the Game and the faint warble of Jodi Arias’ “Swan Song”



The Biggest news for me this week was the Lafonse Dixon Guilty verdict.  A jury with brains, common sense and a moral compass, put together the facts as presented by the prosecution and made the only determination possible. Unlike the Caylee Anthony jury, this jury cared about justice for Celeste Fronsman, who was beaten and burned alive by Dixon and two co-defendants.

celeste fronsman


Read about the case here…

More on Celeste Fronsman’s murder…

guilty of murder

Disgraced jury foreman David Angelo, should be looking over his shoulder for the rest of his life and wondering if federal agents are going to knock on his door and charge him with jury tampering. Every single time a jury does the right thing, in a circumstantial case, it hi-lights the impossibility that 12 people, each having more than one brain cell, could have dismissed the overwhelming case against baby killer, Casey Anthony and set this monster free.

more-angry-killer kc


Along with William Zervakos of “I told the jury not to deliberate” because “Jodi was abused by Travis” fame…they both should be in permanent hiding out of shear humiliation and embarrassment. Two classic examples of “Jury Foremen Gone Wild”, re-writing the law and the rules of sequestration, all while throwing justice out the window in favor of something else.

Read about the 12 jurors who betrayed a nation and set a killer free…

Read About William Zervakos…

Unlike the 2 examples above, the foreman in the LaFonse Dixon trial has not tried to “make money” off of his/her jury service, although they certainly did a stellar and honorable job following the law. A true citizen and a private hero, this jury foreman quietly performed his/her civic duty, with grace and care for the victim and society alike…as it should be.

This jury did the right thing because they cared about justice and took their oath seriously. This jury did not view the courtroom as a way to capitalize and make money for themselves, rewarding a killer and destroying the public’s faith in the system. This jury was not going to set  LaFonse Dixon free, back out into society, to kill again and send the message to America that “crime pays.” They were going to go over the evidence, use their brains and do the right thing. It was important to Celeste’s jury to get justice.

This jury was honorable.

Caylee Anthony’s jury should  CRINGE every time there is a just verdict in this country and know that the first thing many people thin about is THEM.

David W Angelo,

Brain P Berling,

Linda F Bills,

Jennifer Ford,

Mary L Fuhr,

James P Kearns,

Kimberly A Kimball,

Joan Meier,

Kathleen A Nighland,

Ronald H Robertson,

Raymond L Screen

Harriet B White…

The worst jury ever to be selected in the history of trials.

Perhaps Celeste’s jury was honorable because there was little attention paid to her trial, therefore no selling power to their juror vote? Perhaps there was justice in this case because Headline News could not bring their traveling circus side show out to Ohio, and try to insert themselves into the actual trial as much as possible? Perhaps Celeste got justice because unlike Caylee Anthony and Travis Alexander, she was not murdered over and over and over again in our system and via rabid defense attorneys, minimizing and defaming victims on television? Perhaps this jury was able to maintain their own dignity and the dignity of the process because they were spared the nightly screaming, belittling the lives of the victims, if not erasing their memory altogether?

money face baez

Without unscrupulous participants and the smell of money…the state proved beyond a reasonable doubt that Lafonse Dixon was present and part of a conspiracy to beat, burn and murder Celelste Fronsman.

No, they didn’t have a video tape of the crime taking place and they didn’t have mountains of forensic evidence either. What this jury had, was intelligence enough to know, that the lack of forensic evidence was a direct result of the fact that LaFonse Dixon ordering his co-defendants to set Cleleste Fronsman on fire.

Unlike the rotten Florida 12, they were not going to reward LaFonse Dixon for his evil deed.

monkey jury

monkey jury

This jury did not reward the defendant for his abhorrent behavior as the “Pinellas Pinheads” have.  This jury didn’t need to see a videotape.

This jury was not the Caylee Anthony jury and there was no William Zervakos there to tell them NOT to deliberate.

pig news

I am firmly convinced that Headline News and their biased commentary, is perverting our system and corrupting justice. The Caylee Anthony jurors prove that when television gets involved…the LOWEST common denominator, will crawl out from under their rocks. I often wonder where the 12 stupidest people in the world (ie: the village idiots of Florida) are right now.  Of course I don’t believe that stupidity was the reason that a killer walked free. I believe it was pure greed and rotten character.


After keeping my eyes on the Mario McNeill trial (Guilty of murdering Shaniya Davis, sentenced to death) and others…I am 100% convinced that the quieter the trial…the better chance for justice.


Tim Miller on the case

Tim Miller, back in the saddle again?

I live on Long Island and an autistic boy, Avonte Oquendo, who is still lost on the west end of Long Island and  has been on everyone’s mind.

Read about Tim Miller’s latest efforts to find a child…

The story made the evening news, every night since it happened but last week the broadcast would be different. Who should be talking with reporters in Long Island city… but Tim Miller. Tim sounded upbeat and was proud of the equipment he had available to aid in the search.

“We’ve got a lot of resources, a lot of success,” EquuSearch founder Tim Miller said. “We’ve got our horses and four wheelers and ground searchers, drone airplane, regular airplane, helicopter.”

hand to head

Jodi Arias “Swan Song”…

“Weakest most ineffective judge on the planet” Judge Sherry Stevens, has once again been put in charge of what I have come to call the “Jodi Arias Swan Song.”

 JUDGE Sherry Weak

What should be over with in a matter of no more than 3 weeks will last all year if Judge Stevens has her way. “Let the taxpayers pay for my incompetence.”, she seems to say as she caters to the whims of a “psychotic fame whore” and the equally fame obsessed defense team, all literally willing to do and say anything to get more face time and “exposure” for themselves, dragging Judge Sherry Stevens into the Rabbit hole with them!

The question still remains who has a twitter account? Whether it really is Jodi Arias sending tweets to a few straggling people…or  just an anonymous troll is anyone’s guess. I no longer pay any attention to her. Perhaps the twitter account really belongs to her decidedly trashy family, who has proven they are no strangers to the term “internet trolling”? Maybe they are trying to squeeze another dollar out of Travis’s murder…so that they can make another trip out to the Hoover Damn? Perhaps this time they want a trip to Universal Orlando instead?

Even if it is Arias, who really cares? Whether she receives the death penalty or not is a question but there is no doubt that after this hearing, she will sink into the depths of the Arizona prison system and into the category of “Jodi who?”


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  1. Dinosaur says:

    O/T: Andrea Sneiderman bond hearing put off until December 12th- in the meantime her Appeal Attorney Brian Steel has filed a Motion for a new trial. Also, Rusty’s family still in battle over her trying to get his insurance money.

  2. Now, now, Kat! We must give Bozo his due!! I believe he graduated MAGNA scum laude.

    • Jersey says:

      Funniest comment I have ever read, Margaret!!

    • LindaP says:

      LOLOLOL Margaret A Magna scum laude! SCUMBAG is the first thing that comes to mind when I hear BOZO’S name…scumbag, fraud and crook!

      Hey Margaret…do you have a blog now? If so great!

      Feel free to post the link here when you write an article on any relevant subjects!

      We all love your articles. HEARTS.

  3. kat says:

    John Morgan…

  4. kat says:

    LOL John Morgana Exhibitionist! lol

  5. B says:

    thanks for all the info,Kat…….signed on Oct 31,shoulda been a sign..JS..

  6. kat says:

    State releases documents about Xanax, weapons, private investigator in case against Casey Anthony–little did they know they would be most hated in America! found this interesting and wanted to share:
    Dominic Casey, the private investigator working for George Anthony and Cindy Anthony, kept a cheat sheet on the people involved in the Casey Anthony case, including reporters and hecklers, according to the documents.

    His report shows pictures and notes on the probability of the individuals carrying a weapon.

    Included in his list:

    Nancy Grace. Talk show host. Disseminates hatred towards [sic] family.

    Kathi Belich. Reporter. Disseminates hatred towards [sic] family.

    Richard Grund. Threats against family. His SRT Website boasts: “My Glock Rocks.” Note: Potential for carrying.

    Zenaida Gonzalez. Accusations against family…Note: Gang member tatoo’s [sic].

    John Morgan. Exhibitionist. Attorney for Zenaida.

    Katherine Harris. Protester. Threats against family. Note: Potential for carrying.

    Leonard Padilla. Disseminates hatred towards [sic] family. Padilla carries knife at “lower back area” in a sheath.

    George and Cindy Anthony signed a contract with the private investigator on Oct. 31, 2008.

  7. kat says:

    my first comments—Mr. Baez’s despicable conduct during the just-concluded trial of Ms. Casey Anthony is enough to make the average person to reach out for a barf-bag if ya know what I mean. I believe it may well require the use of an industrial strength barf-bag.

    Mr. Baez treated his oath as an Officer of the Court with total and unabashed contempt! It would certainly appear that Mr. Baez graduated “scum laude” from the Huey P. Long School of Ethics located on the campus of Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge.

    Its one thing to act as a diligent advocate for one’s client; however, that requirement certainly does not allow for any attorney to knowingly put forth false/fabricated claims and/or to elicit false testimony from one or more witnesses.

    If I was a licensed attorney in Florida, I would personally lobby the Florida State Bar and the Chief Justice of the Florida Supreme Court to take any and all steps to assure that Mr. Baez is required to look for a new source of employment. Put simply, Mr. Baez should be permanently disbarred! Anything less is a “slap across the face” to every ethical attorney in the State of Florida.

    Referring to Mr. Baez as a Dufus and Loser wouldn’t be fair to all of the unethical attorneys running amuck in Florida. And I believe that F. Lee Bailey would find it particularly offensive if ya know what I mean.

  8. kat says:

    comment i made for clown visit to NY
    Ethics Complaint v Casey Anthony Attorneys Jose Baez & James Mason
    Letter to Orlando Judge Belvin Perry re: conduct of Atty. Jose Baez in Anthony trial
    Letter to Chief Justice Canady re: misconduct of Atty. Jose Baez during Anthony trial

  9. B says:

    barf bucket…Indeed!!!……..beyond me how ANYone,of the slightest common sense,finds him tolerable,must less useful!!….it HAS to be a joke,but I don’t get it!!!

  10. Inquiring2 says:

    article praising Baez as a terrific defense attorney who is speaking at a conference next week in Buffalo

    get the barf bucket out!

    • dancehappy says:

      OMG ….

      “He won a very challenging case and he did it using some innovation and some techniques that other lawyers haven’t necessarily used,” Grable said. “So Tim and I really wanted to do our best to convince him that this is an audience that could really benefit from his wisdom and insights and success.”

      • LindaP says:

        LOl It’s a teeny tiny business blog which focuses on “Buffalo NY” business and that’s it…which means it’s a private blog like mine. They just used a boring template to make it look more professional and gave it an authoritative title but it’s just a blog…run by a guy.

        I could create one in 5 minutes.
        I am 100% sure this blog belongs to one of Baez’s “buddies” and has a readership of 10. There’s only one comment under this “announcement” and it’s from Daisy on Facebook slamming Baez.

        The reason you will only read about it here…is because no one in mainstream media or in his chosen profession has a ounce of respect for him…hence he has to hit up his friends.

        You probably will see fantastic things written about Baez on “Occupy HLN” and sites that he himself has set up through his trolls to talk about his favorite subject HIM.

        He is where he needs to be. Calling in favors…and convincing people with little blogs here and there to write something good about him…or hire someone outright to create a documentary about how great he is…because the rest of the world see’s him exactly for what he is…a cheap con man.

        Oh I bet Buffalo, NY is all abuzz…lololol…not!

        He won’t speak anywhere of any importance and no source of any importance is going to write anything good about him. It is well known that he is a liar and a cheat…we all watched it happen. He can’t erase it…no matter how hard he tries. No one even wants to work with him now and he has to beg for cases that turn him down.

        If Johnny Cochrain went to speaking engagements and was BOO-ED…then you KNOW Baez gets NO respect!

        Cochrain complained about being treated shabbily for the first 3 years after the verdict. It was so bad he left criminal law and spent the rest of his career handling nursing home abuse cases.

        Baez is certainly no “Johnny Cochrain”…instead of accepting that his reputation is ruined by his own performance in that trial…instead of accepting the fact that he didn’t fool anyone…he will try to TRICK the public and his colleagues into believing that a segment of the population thinks he’s great…and create the illusion that he is sought after. It’s really comical to watch.

        He just doesn’t learn.

        He’s a liar and a cheater. They never change.

  11. B says:

    “How sweeeeeet it is!!!”…….

  12. Inquiring2 says:

    This is not an official ORDER, only a “Memo” to state what the Judge ruled in the Hearing on Nov 5, 2013.

    Next Hearing for Zenaida and Kronk is January 14, 2014 at 11:00am in Tampa.

    Kronk gets to AMEND his Complaint.

    Casey’s Motion to Dismiss Zenaida and Kronk cases is DENIED.
    Casey has 21 days from when the official ORDER is filed, to ANSWER the DENIED Order.

    Casey’s attorneys Schrader and Ferwerda got SANCTIONS of $ 500 to be paid to Zenaida’s attorney Shuker within 30 days.

    Casey’s Motion for Protective Order [to stop the deposition] was DENIED without prejudice.

    Hearing Proceeding Memo:
    Howard Marks, [for Kronk]
    David Schrader [for Casey]
    Debra Ferwerda [for Casey]

    1 – Pretrial on Complaint by Roy Kronk against Casey Marie Anthony
    Nature of Suit: [68 (Dischargeability - 523(a)(6), willful and malicious injury)

    2 - Motion to Determine Whether Proceeding Core Filed by Michael Nardella on behalf of Plaintiff Roy Kronk

    Items 1 and 2 - Cont'd to 1/14/2014 at 11:00 am;
    Announced in open court; no further notice given.

    3 - Defendant's [Casey's] Motion to Dismiss Complaint
    and Response by Plaintiff [Kronk]
    Granted in part; denied in part as stated on the record in open court.
    This docket entry/document is not an official order of the Court. (Dkt) (Entered: 11/07/2013)


    Hearing Proceeding Memo:
    David Schrader [for Casey]
    Debra Ferwerda [for Casey]
    Scott Shuker [for Zenaida]

    1 – Pretrial on Complaint by Zenaida Gonzalez against Casey Marie Anthony
    Nature of Suit: [68 (Dischargeability - 523(a)(6), willful and malicious injury)

    2 - Motion To Determine Non-Core Elements of Complaint Filed by R Scott Shuker on behalf of Plaintiff Zenaida Gonzalez

    Items 1 and 2 - Cont'd to 1/14/2014 at 11:00 am;
    Announced in open court; no further notice given.

    3 - Corrective Motion to Dismiss Complaint Filed by David L Schrader on behalf of Defendant Casey Marie Anthony, and Plaintiff's [Zenaida's] Response
    Denied; Defendant [Casey] has 21 days to answer.

    Note – Sanctions/costs awarded to Mr. Shuker in the amount of $500 against Mr. Schrader and Ms. Ferwerda, jointly and severally, payable within thirty days.

    Motion for Protective Order, doc. #18, denied without prejudice.
    This docket entry/document is not an official order of the Court. (Dkt) (Entered: 11/06/2013)

  13. Dinosaur says:

    Inquiring- Hi!! Love the operative phrase, “All rights of setoff are preserved and will be asserted to the extent lawful”.They aren’t going to let her off the hook,lol!!

  14. Inquiring2 says:

    IRS filed a claim in bankruptcy case

    IRS – page 22 – $ 68,540.00 [Casey says]
    11/1/2010 – for 2008 Taxes, Interest and Penalties
    Casey says IRS – “Unsecured Nonpriority Claim”

    Filed April 15, 2013

    IRS says Secured Claim [but not Priority] -$ 80,855.11
    [includes interest and other charges]

    Tax Period Income – 12/31/2008
    Assessed 11/01/2010 – $ 68,520.41
    Tax Due – $ 47,904.00
    Penalty to Petition Date – $ 26,269.10
    Interest to Petition Date – $ 6,682.01
    Notice of Tax Lien Filed – 08/24/2011 in Orange County and 05/25/2011 in Osceola County

    IRS filed: “Nature of property or right of setoff: Real Estate; Motor Vehicle; Other.”
    “All of debtor(s) right, title and interest to property – 26 U.S.C. 6321″
    “The United States has not identified a right of setoff or counterclaim. However, this determination is based on available data and is not intended to waive any right to setoff against this claim debts owed to this debtor by this or any other federal agency. All rights of setoff are preserved and will be asserted to the extent lawful.”

  15. Jersey says:

    Excerpt from ‘Squirrely Stories’:

    “And so it has been reported that Finger Man Geezer suffered a stroke as he was faced with, yes, Bankruptcy!

    He has been rendered speechless and – worse – has lost the use of his fingers. A shame.

    And Bozo has returned to his previous occupation in – ahem – Sales. You will recall string bikinis were his specialty.

    Sindy was last seen with a hammer in hand, chasing a little old lady down the sidewalk while screeching something about the old bag eating the last crab puff @ her barbecue.

    As for George, he was last spotted on a river cruise somewhere down south, having gained a ton of weight and looking like he was sporting a basketball under his shirt.

    And our heroine? When last seen, she was having a day out @ the zoo and was mistaken for an inmate………”

  16. Dinosaur says:

    B-Hi!! No doubt in my mind this will go forward, only way it won’t is if she offers a settlement to Zenaida & Kronk. Hopefully if she does that, Attorney Morgan will refuse and take his chances before a jury!!!

  17. B says:

    IIRC,last record of IRS debt was well over 80,000…….a couple years probably getting close to 100,000 by now…..bahhaaaaaa…….so what did filing BK really do for baby-killer????….not much,except a few,scant news articles,w/hate-filled disgust in most all comments……LOL…….a has-been that never was!!!!…..ONLY people with even a slight interest left are the …….Team Casey…….all w/hands extended & mouths slobbering,waiting…..waiting…..waiting…..for the big pay-day that will NEVER happen!!!!….bout to get down to the real nitty-gritty….IF this goes forward…….CAYLEE matters!

  18. Dinosaur says:

    Judge Perry Orders that CA must pay $100,000.00

    $61,500 to FDLE
    $25,837 to Orange County Sheriff’s Office
    $10,283 to Metropolitan Bureau of Investigation

    Also, the IRS tax lien original lien $68,000.00 and mounting with penalties and interest.

  19. Jersey says:

    Excerpt from ‘Squirrely Stories’:

    CRAZY: “**@@## it, ****###@@@ people, who the **** do they f****###@@@ think they are, mo%%%###****@@ f**** all of them!”

    SINDY: “What sweetheart??”

    CRAZY: “#%%** did you hear that? ###@@@@@@**!!”

    GEORGE: “What was that, Precious??”

    CRAZY: “Oh #####@@@@ it! ****$# ##@@@@@!!

    SINDY: “Hey George! Get the lead out, we’re going to dinner and a show, and who knows, maybe cocktails afterwards, don’t wait up for us, Crazy!”

    CRAZY: “f**** @@#### +++&&&&?!?!! F***** y@@@@@@ ##!”

    GEORGE: “Oh and there’s some leftover hot dogs in the fridge, they’re only a couple a days old, should still be good – just in case you get hungry!”

  20. Inquiring2 says:

    Still wish Baez’ claim of almost $ 400,000 would not be discharged, giving him a tax write off. Wish it would be investigated by the Trustee and his attorney.

    But, very HAPPY about today’s rulings!!!!!!

  21. Dinosaur says:

    Debts That Are Always Nondischargeable:

    1- certain taxes

    2- debts to government for fines and penalties

    3- court fines and penalties, including criminal restitution

    So, the IRS and State of Florida she’ll have to pay. Hope her mommy dearest has to dig deep to pay this off!!

  22. Inquiring2 says:

    She also has to PAY Zenaida’s attorney Shuker, $ 500 for wasting his time with the Protective Order to stop the deposition!

    Holly Bristow ‏@hollybnews 31m
    Judge orders #caseyanthony ‘s attorneys to pay $500 Zenaida Gonzalez’s lawyer. The reason why tonight on #fox35 newa

    myfoxorlando ‏@MyFoxOrlando 42m
    Judge orders #caseyanthony ‘s attorneys to pay $500 Zenaida Gonzalez’s lawyer. The reason why tonight on #fox35 newa @hollybnews

    bob kealing ‏@bobkealing 23m
    Federal judge denies motion from #CaseyAnthony attorneys to dismiss pending lawsuits. Attorney for Zenaida Gonzalez: “Justice.”

    myfoxorlando ‏@MyFoxOrlando 34m
    Judge denies #caseyanthony ‘s attorneys motion to dismiss in both Zenaida Gonzales and Roy Kronk cases. Details on #fox35… @msynan

    Holly Bristow ‏@hollybnews 45m
    Judge denies #caseyanthony ‘s attorneys motion to dismiss in both Zenaida Gonzales and Roy Kronk cases. Details on #fox35 starting at 5 ‏@TBOcom 46m
    #BREAKING Casey Anthony faces deposition after Tampa bankruptcy judge rules to move forward with Gonzalez, Kronk defamation suits.

    Shari Todd ‏@ShazBooty714 41s
    Orlando Sentinel article ~ Casey Anthony bankruptcy judge: Lawsuits can move forward!,0,3149783.story

    dinosaur2 at 12:50 PM November 5, 2013
    Let the Discovery Process begin and see all these so called reputable attorneys she has 5 to be exact on a no-asset straight Chapeter 7 Bankruptcy. Now they’ll all have to scramble to cover-up their infamous paper trail!!

    • skbsoccermom says:

      I can’t wait to see how many of her pro-bono attorney’s jump ship now! I wonder if they finally figured out that the only money they will see is money going OUT of their bank accounts. I love it!

      • LindaP says:

        skbsoccermom…I think this is really it. They are on a downhill journey now. The whole disgusting lot of them has been pushing the envelope…trying to continue to capitalize on this disgrace…making the public despise this monster (and them) even more.

        That tells me you are right. They have a lot of their own money tied up in this and have been doing everything they can to hold on…so that they can get their “imaginary payoff” from their “imaginary book deal”… but now it’s over. Time for them to start jumping ship.

        One thing about diminishing return mode…the more you try to make it work…the WORSE you make it.

        This family is dumb and has no morals or boundaries what so ever. I fully expect them to keep making it worse after all the attorneys have bailed. Once they have no one to keep them all in check…that’s when they are going to really do something stupid…and my bet is…that it will all revolve around money. They are the greediest people I have ever seen and the absolute dumbest people on earth. ALL of them.

  23. Kat says:

    Judge May should have allowed the suits, the state judge did! But we never know with her team of Lawyers (that in itself makes the public go hmmmmmmmm) I am proud the system can work for all not just a few of judges’ so called friends. Finally!!!!!!!! She may disappear? how can her lawyer say that she will disappear and in written form. FOOLS thinking more $ on Caylee’s murder!!

  24. Inquiring2 says:


    Holly Bristow ‏@hollybnews 31m
    Judge orders #caseyanthony ‘s attorneys to pay $500 Zenaida Gonzalez’s lawyer. The reason why tonight on #fox35 newa

    @KBelichWFTV: Casey lost! Casey Anthony will have to defend herself in court against 2 defamation lawsuits! #CaseyAnthony

    Casey Anthony Boycott Information It’s true! All media reporting.
    Thank you Lord Jesus! You have answered out prayers!

    Erin Maloney ‏@ErinOnTV 4m
    Ruling means even if #CaseyAnthony bankruptcy is approved she would have to pay damages if she’s found guilty of defamation.

    Erin Maloney ‏@ErinOnTV 2m
    #CaseyAnthony not with lawyers in #Tampa today. But she could be back here for the deposition which is being kept a secret by both parties.

    Erin Maloney ‏@ErinOnTV 4m
    Attorney for Roy Kronk says if his client wins against #CaseyAnthony in defamation suit, jury could award anywhere from 10k to $10 million.

    Erin Maloney ‏@ErinOnTV 7m
    Today’s ruling means attorneys or Zanny & Kronk will get to depose #CaseyAnthony. Ask her detailed questions she must answer under oath.

    Erin Maloney ‏@ErinOnTV 9m
    Judge denies #CaseyAnthony’s motion to dismiss lawsuits filed against her by Zanny the Nanny and Roy Kronk. They will move forward. #tampa

  25. Jersey says:

    Excerpt from ‘Squirrely Stories’:

    “Gosh darn it, they’re going to be deposing my butt, looks like…….

    Well I’ve got a couple a stories ready for them, they think they’re so smart -

    I was gonna tell them that I was hearing voices, the squirrels told me to do it, see that nest in my hair @ the back, behind my ears in the photo?? Well they were nesting there & giving me hints about Duct Tape, Chloroform, and whatnot.

    Either that story, or maybe I could use the one about cuckoo birds nesting in my hair, I mean it looks like a birds’ nest, doesn’t it??”

  26. Inquiring2 says:

    So ….is she back in West Palm Beach?

    It has been said that Casey Anthony’s own bankruptcy attorneys are/were supporting her and giving her a place to live.
    The Orlando Sentinel said she was living in St. Petersburg/Tampa area and that is where her bankruptcy attorney lives/works.
    Her attorneys wrote in one of their filed documents on June 10, 2013, that Casey might have to find other accomodations or just disappear.

    It is also said that she has moved again recently.
    A young woman on twitter said she lives in her town – which is West Palm Beach, FL. The girl on twitter works at a bar in Lake Worth.

    Casey Anthony has been seen in West Palm Beach and in Lake Worth.

    West Palm is also where P.I. Pat McKenna lives, and who Casey Anthony was alleged living with previously.

    Casey Anthony was seen at the Flanagan’s in Lake Worth in Dec 2012, with Pat McKenna.
    Pat McKenna and his wife Tamara divorced in 1991.

    Casey Anthony has been seen at:
    Oshea’s Irish Pub 531 Clematis St. West Palm, FL.
    Cool Breeze Ice Cream Parlor 519 Northwood Rd. West Palm, FL.
    Sloan’s 700 S. Rosemary Ave. West Palm, FL.



    page 6 – “Casey Anthony will suffer. She will either defend the cases or be forced to default because she has no money. She will be lampooned in the press.The death threats will increase again.She will be forced to find new accommodations, or just disappear and say it is not worth the fight anymore.”

    The Orlando Sentinel said she was living in St. Petersburg/Tampa area in June 2013.
    Her bankruptcy attorney David Schrader lives/works in that area.
    She moved out of the Ocean Woods condo in Cape Canaveral in May 2013.

    “Attorneys want to depose Casey Anthony, her parents, in July
    Attorneys for Texas EquuSearch want Casey Anthony, Cindy Anthony and George Anthony to answer questions under oath.”

    By Amy Pavuk, Orlando Sentinel
    4:29 p.m. EDT, June 21, 2013

    “He wants to depose Anthony on July 22 in St. Petersburg — the region where she is supposedly living now.”

  27. Jersey says:

    Excerpt from ‘Squirrely Stories’:

    Yes I’m on my way to he//

    Because of snothead, Just a shell

    She just couldn’t stay out of my way

    I just had to go out for a lay

    And then that mother of mine wouldn’t babysit

    So what was I supposed to do, just pass on it?

    I had to go lose @ the hot bod contest

    And couldn’t be bothered with that little pest

    And then when I met my dreamboat Tony

    I couldn’t let him know my nanny was phony

    And darn if that Amy didn’t go and rat on me

    She ain’t gettin’ that money back either – see?

    Why couldn’t she just keep her mouth shut

    And let me get on with my life as a slut

    And that mother of mine had to keep calling me

    But the kid was the one she wanted to see

    And last but not least that car had to go and stink

    Then they tried to land me in the clink!

    Let me tell you, this little floosie

    Is gonna go out and buy herself an Uzi!

  28. Deb says:

    That was an interesting read, Jersey…thx for the link :-)

    • Jersey says:

      Deb – what I find interesting is that skank’s friend Annie Downing lived with Dante Salati @ Sawgrass from 2005 – March 2007 in apartment #218.
      This other person discussed above lived @ #214, and skank told LE she dropped Caylee off @ #210.
      I’ve never gotten over the suspicion that something was going on @ Sawgrass.

      • Deb says:

        Yes, I totally agree, Jersey! Slutty spent so much of her time at that complex, it was like her second home…I think she ‘worked’, ‘played’, and ‘lived’ there and spent more time there than she ever did at Hopesink Death Dr.

  29. Jersey says:

    What do you guys think of this comment by someone back in 2008?
    “Sawgrass Apartment connection-

    Casey has a friend that lived in Sawgrass apartments for 3 years. His apartment number was “214″, which is only 4 doors away from “210″. This friend of Casey’s, for unknown reasons, packed up and moved out of Sawgrass toward the end of June.

    Casey’s Sawgrass Apartment connection is also friends with a guy named
    “Brandon” that operates an independent porn/adult film company, and he would use Sawgrass Apt# 214 when he would come into town and do some of his filming.
    Casey’s Sawgrass Apartment friend is a bouncer/security guard for a
    “gentlemens” strip club in Orlando called “Dancers Royale”. When all of this came out with Casey, “Dancers Royale” shut down their website. The reason for shutting down their website- Casey was on their home page dressed like a stripper. This ties into those “compromising” pictures,
    Casey’s father found on their home computer.”
    I kind of wonder if all this isn’t true, the ‘Dancers Royale’ is apparently still open in Orlando, skank was just the type to get involved in all that, and could it just be coincidence that this person who lived @ #214 in Sawgrass up and moved, right after she murdered Caylee?
    I don’t know, the more I read up, the more details there are – but skank brought Sawgrass into this case herself.

  30. Inquiring2 says:

    me too Dinosaur! backfire on them!

    As you said, the church folks supported her [and received a large donation].
    P.I. Jerry Lyons is associated with that church.

    Mason said she was receiving many donations and gifts.

    Allegedly she lived with P.I. Pat McKenna [her alleged boyfriend for a while], and George paid for her condo in Ocean Woods, and then, allegedly, her own bankruptcy attorneys are/were financially supporting her.

    It is my opinion, all the secrecy and sealing of deposition video, is because the ATTORNEYS do not want Zenaida’s attorney or the public to ever find out who has been supporting Casey Anthony since July 2011. Maybe some ethical lines were nudged up to, or crossed?

    Zenaida has a legal right to ask about her finances, in this bankruptcy and civil lawsuit deposition, where Casey Anthony is claiming she has no money.

    • Jersey says:

      If I were Ms Gonzalez, I’d be ranting to every tv camera available, bringing all this to the forefront of the American media, at every opportunity.
      Someone needs to straighten out this wretch, before she does it again.

  31. Dinosaur says:

    oops, creditor’s meeting!!

  32. Dinosaur says:

    They can request all that they want, doesn’t mean they’re going to get it. Afterall, she had to come out of hiding and attend the creditpr’s meeting on 3/4/13 and had to enter the building as like anyone else, right thru the front door. Also, they put Zenaida’s 11 hour deposition out there for all to see, so why should she be any different. Wonder what her drag costume will be this time around? Plus we already know who she lived with when she first got out of jail, Steve and Cindy Camp from the Cross Church of Palm City.

    These goons keep on pushing the envelope to the max, and I sure hope it backfires on them!!

  33. Inquiring2 says:

    Notice of Rule 7026 Showing of Good Faith
    Filed by David L Schrader on behalf of Defendant Casey Marie Anthony

    Casey attorney David Schrader files emails showing their good faith efforts to resolve the discovery issues [Depo of Casey], as they stated in Casey’s Motion for Protective Order.

    In the emails, Casey’s attorneys said that if the Zenaida case is not thrown out after the Hearing on Nov 5th, Casey’s attorneys will agree to set a date for the Depo within 30 days of the entry of the Order denying Casey’s Motion to Dismiss the Zenaida case.

    After Hearing on Oct 17, 2013 regarding the Protective Order for the Depo of Casey, the Judge filed ORDER on Oct 22, 2013 telling Zenaida and Casey attorneys to conduct a Rule 26 Case Management and Discovery Conference on or before October 24, 2013, and confer in good faith to resolve the issues in the Motion for Protective Order and Response.

    The judge will rule on the Protective Order for the Depo, AFTER the Hearing on Nov 5, 2013 to rule on Casey’s Motion to Dismiss the Zenaida and Kronk cases.

    EMAILS regarding the Protective Order for Deposition of Casey

    Oct 16, 2013 10:32am
    Debra Ferwerda to Shuker
    wants to postpone depo until after the Nov 5, 2013 Hearing at 11:00am, to avoid Hearing tomorrow Oct 17th at 11:00am, regarding the Protective Order on the Depo.
    If the case is not thrown out after the Nov 5th Hearing, they will discuss the appropriate time and safeguards for a depo.

    Oct 16, 2013 11:38am
    Scott Shuker to Ferwerda
    willing to have Depo after the Nov 5th Hearing but wants to set a date now for the Depo, and for the Depo to be in Shuker’s office.
    he will discuss safeguards but he wants the date for depo now and the date put in the Order denying Ferwerda’s motion [for Protective Order]
    if so, Shuker will agree not to seek fees [for his work re: the Motion for Protective Order]

    Oct 16, 2013 1:16pm
    Debra Ferwerda to Shuker
    she can’t agree to set a date for Depo now
    she does agree to set date for Depo within 30 days of a final Order on the Motion to Dismiss

    Oct 16, 2013 1:36pm
    Scott Shuker to Ferwerda
    Not a final Order – just invites waiting for an appeal
    If Ferwerda will agree to have date for Depo set within 30 days of entry of an Order Denying Motion to Dismiss, with Depo at Shuker’s office, and have both aspects put in Order Denying your motion [for Protective Order], Shuker is fine with such
    Shuker needs to know by 2:30 so he can arrange to appear at Hearing tomorrow on Oct 17th, by phone

    Oct 17, 2013 7:36am [Day of HEARING at 11:00am on Protective Order]
    Debra Ferwerda to Shuker
    They outlined their proposed precautions, for the Depo, on page 6 of their Motion for Protective Order
    What is Shuker’s position?

    Oct 17, 2013 8:05am – [Day of HEARING at 11:00am on Protective Order]
    Scott Shuker to Ferwerda
    happy to discuss precautions, for the Depo, after Ferwerda agrees to Shuker’s email of yesterday [wants date for Depo set within 30 days after entry of Order Denying Motion to Dismiss, and Depo held at Shuker’s office – and wants these points put in Order Denying Motion for Protective Order].
    Shuker wants his fees for travel paid by Casey attorneys because he had to drive over for a Hearing, on Oct 17th [re: Protective Order on Depo], that never should have happened.

    Motion for Protective Order
    Filed by David L Schrader on behalf of Defendant Casey Marie Anthony.


    Oct 4, 2013 – Casey’s attorneys file a MOTION FOR PROTECTIVE ORDER – to stop the deposition set for Oct 9, 2013.
    Zenaida has already deposed Casey; and if a deposition is allowed, Casey should have the same safety precautions that Judge Munyon ordered in State court [depo in disguise and remotely via video - not in person].

    The attorneys say that Casey will again assert her Fifth Amendment rights in any deposition, related to Caylee’s death and disappearance.

    The attorneys do not want a video of any deposition made public.

    They do not want the date and time and location of deposition made public even after the deposition is over.

    They want only the parties and their attorneys to attend.

    If the transcript of the deposition is filed in the Court file, Casey’s attorneys want 2 business days notice so they can file a Motion to SEAL the deposition transcript.

    They do not want Casey to have to disclose the names, addresses, dates and parties with whom she has lived since her release from jail in July 2011.

    They want the video of the deposition SEALED, and NEVER disclosed to the public.

  34. Deb says:

    Inquiring: “How is that sale of her story overlooked as an ASSET which could make money to pay her CREDITORS, with future judgments against her?”

    Unfortunately, this is how…her ‘intellectual property rights’ could potentially be violated (pardon me while I puke):

    “Casey Anthony’s life story is, in fact, the property of her bankruptcy estate as a consequence of her filing. But there are puzzling disagreements over whether the infamous story of Casey Anthony — and, implicitly, of the trial over her daughter Caylee Anthony’s murder — qualifies as a piece of intellectual property.

    According to Meininger, Casey Anthony’s is an asset that could be sold to help pay her debts, which total more than $790,000. Anthony, however, vehemently opposes the idea that her story is property that can be commercialized.

    Anthony’s bankruptcy attorneys, meanwhile, seem alarmed by the concept of selling Anthony’s life story rights. Claiming that the move would create a “slippery slope that would have dangerous repercussions far beyond the scope of this case,” the lawyers initially opposed Meininger’s motion.”

  35. Inquiring2 says:

    The fact that she came up with $ 25,000 for the “rights to her story” is obvious that the Trustee and the bankruptcy judge know full well that she PLANS to SELL her story as soon as she can. And sell it for much more than $ 25,000, which she has to pay back to “somebody”.

    How is that sale of her story overlooked as an ASSET which could make money to pay her CREDITORS, with future judgments against her?

    How does she get away with claiming she has no money, no assets, and get her debts discharged? And Baez makes out with almost $ 400,000 tax write off in the deal!

    The scamming of the system is just so flagrant and in-your-face that it is mind boggling and terribly discouraging. How does she get away with this in a FEDERAL court?

  36. Hi Linda!
    Great article, as always!! I’m just recently returning from an extended visit with my now, TWO grandchildren and I have to say, it was such a relief to give my brain a rest from all of this. One mention…one name…one photograph, brings it all slamming back!!!
    This case was rife with missteps and inconsistencies in the law, from the beginning. How DOES a “man” that should have never been admitted to the bar, with NO experience, attach himself to a high profile, murder case? How DOES he…in a hearing to declare the beast, indigent, get away with LYING about her assets…$200, 000 from ABC? This little paycheck from ABC, seems to go unnoticed with NO ONE paying taxes on it.
    The trial, with an abundance of DIRECT EVIDENCE, proving that Caylee’s dead body was in her trunk for DAYS…she isn’t even charged with any any of the lessor charges of child abuse?
    How DOES an indigent person, claiming personal effects totaling… value, at less than $1,000, suddenly pony up $25, 000 for the rights to her “story.” Again… who paid the taxes on that $25,000 that she claims, she doesn’t HAVE?

    The surest way to bring things to boil, is to apply MORE HEAT! I can’t agree that allowing all these bullsh^t civil judgments…indeed…every time she farts, to go, without comment. Keeping all these miscarriages of justice in the forefront, into the public’s consciousness, is the ONLY way, to bring about justice, in OUR lifetime. I want to SEE it… I want to BE there…

    Slipping off into obscurity or slipping into a sinkhole or a pair of cement shoes…how would WE, really know the difference? A lot of people orchestrated this travesty. I want to see them all, PAY!!!!

  37. Dinosaur says:

    Inquiring- Hi!! Have to agree with Attorney Shuker, “it sure doesn’t pass the smell test”. Also, at that creditor’s meeting, Attorney Shuker had to remind Greenjeans that he wasn’t the attorney of record, therefore, had no standing at that creditor’s meeting, he hadn’t even filed an Appearance on behalf of that nitwit. That is where the Trustee should’ve stepped in and told Greenjeans to either file a Notice of Appearance or be quiet, but he chose not to. She is obviously hiding a lot, but, again, that’s up to the Trustee to find, that’s his job, and, IMHO, he’s failed miserably.

    Attorney Shuker hit the nail on the head when he told her attorney “you used to have a good reputation”. I really doubt that they aren’t receiving any compensation after all this time. Never met an Attorney who works all this time for “free”, something is in this for them, no doubt in my mind.

  38. Inquiring2 says:

    These are the attorneys who appeared for Casey Anthony at the bankruptcy hearings.
    Are all of them working for FREE/Pro Bono?

    Why did only Casey’s attorney, David Schrader, file an official document telling the judge he is working pro bono, and not the other attorneys?

    MEETING OF CREDITORS March 4, 2013
    Charles Greene
    David L. Schrader
    3 more attorneys for Casey Anthony

    HEARING April 9, 2013
    David Schrader
    Debra Fewerda
    Andrew Chmelir

    HEARING May 8, 2013
    David Schrader
    Debra Ferwerda
    Andrew Chmelir

    HEARING May 30, 2013
    David Schrader
    Debra Ferwerda
    Andrew Chmelir

    HEARING June 25, 2013
    David Schrader

    HEARING July 2, 2013
    David Schrader

    HEARING Sept 17, 2013
    David Schrader

    HEARING October 17, 2013
    Debra Ferwerda
    David Schrader

  39. Inquiring2 says:

    Here are all of her attorneys – are all of them expecting NO PAYMENT — EVER?

    Or, did she leave them off of her bankruptcy filing on purpose, so they would not be listed as Creditors, and she can give them money after the bankruptcy case is closed?
    Except for Baez who will get a – $ 397, 431.78 tax write off in the bankruptcy case.

    1 David L. Schrader – bankruptcy atty – office St. Petersburg, FL – [filed Notice of Appearance in bankruptcy case]
    2 Charles M. Greene – Orlando, FL [with John G. DeGirolamo and Richard Solomon, and Richard Reinhart in recent photo of smiling Casey with attorneys]
    3 Andrew J. Chmelir [Jacobson, McClean, Chmelir & Ferwerda, P.A. - works with Greene]
    4 Debra Ferwerda [filed Notice of Appearance in bankruptcy case]
    5 J. Cheney Mason – criminal case and Appeal
    6 Lizbeth Fryer – criminal case and Appeal
    7 Ann Finnel
    8 Dorothy Sims
    9 Jose Baez – $ 397, 431.78 tax write off
    10 Andrea Lyon [DePaul Univ. College of Law]
    11 Linda Kenney Baden
    12 Todd Macaluso
    13 Jose Luis Garcia [crush]
    14 William Slabaugh
    15 Michelle Medina
    16 Jonathan B. Kasen
    17 Tomasita D Crowell
    18 Terry Lenamon
    19 Michael & Michelle Walsh [wrote appeals to lower bond - helped jailmate Robyn Adams]
    20 Gabriel E. Adam [long jail visits]
    21 John G. DeGirolamo [with Charles M. Greene]
    22 Juan Pablo Manterola [Baez Law Firm Case Manager - PR man]
    23 Timothy Chinaris – Faulkner University in Alabama – Baez’ ethics attorney

  40. Inquiring2 says:

    Thank you for the explanation regarding the “pro bono” filing.

    The bankruptcy judge did ORDER Casey’s attorneys [Schrader and Ferwerda] and Zenaida’s attorney [Shuker] to have a Case Management Meeting on or before October 24, 2013.
    So, maybe something came up in that meeting which prompted Casey’s attorney to file an official document stating he is working for FREE/Pro Bono.

    10/22/2013 – Order on Defendant’s Motion for Protective Order and Plaintiff’s Response Thereto
    Parties [Casey and Zenaida] are directed to conduct a Rule 26 Case Management and Discovery Conference within seven (7) days or on or before October 24, 2013.
    Parties are to confer in good faith to resolve the issues in the Motion and the Response


    Attorney: Casey Anthony’s bankruptcy claims ‘didn’t smell right’
    Scott Shuker doubts Anthony’s bankruptcy

    Posted: 03/05/2013

    Shuker said afterwards that he was skeptical about Anthony’s answers.
    “From the smell test, it didn’t smell right,” Shuker said. “You have five attorneys there, none of whom are allegedly being paid. That’s odd,” he said.
    Anthony repeatedly denied having any TV, movie, or book deals.


    Casey Anthony Bankruptcy: Creditors Meeting Will Be First Public Appearance Since Acquittal

    By TAMARA LUSH 03/04/13

    Shuker said afterward that he questioned whether she was telling the truth.
    “From the smell test, it didn’t smell right,” he said. “Any time you see an attorney in what’s supposed to be a no asset case being that active, more to the point, you had five attorneys there, allegedly none of them being paid, that’s odd.”


    Casey Anthony pleads her case today in a Tampa court
    Posted: Mar 04, 2013 6:14 PM CDT
    Updated: Apr 01, 2013 6:16 PM CST
    By Jeff Patterson

    Shuker says he believes Anthony has a source of income that she isn’t revealing. ” From the smell test, it didn’t smell right. Any time you see an attorney at what is supposed to be a no asset case, being that active. More to the point, you have five attorney’s there, none of who are allegedly being paid, that’s odd.”, says Shuker. Anthony says also says she does not have any book or movie deals and no way to pay back her debts.

  41. Dinosaur says:

    Inquiring- Hi!! Back awhile ago, Attorney Morgan had said, “who has this many attorneys when supposedly she’s indigent”. My guess here is, someone, more than likely (Attorney Morgan) is questioning her financial status. So, to save face, her Bankruptcy Attorney has filed that he’s representing her pro bono. In doing this, he just may be trying to thwart off any questions Attorney Shuker might still be asking with regards to her finances. Everything her or her Attorneys do should be under scrunity, they aren’t the most honest or ethical group.

  42. Deb says:

    Inquiring, dare we hope that the noose is tightening around all their necks?!
    Maybe someone who wants to appear to have clean hands in this bloody mess is starting to finger point away from themselves and wants to appear to question how “indigent” this viper really is??

  43. Inquiring2 says:

    Dinosaur – what does this mean? Why was it done so late in the bankruptcy case?
    There are no documents to read – nothing was attached to this docket entry.

    Why did Casey Anthony’s bankruptcy attorney David Schrader take the extra step to file an official document stating that he is representing her “pro bono” in the Zenaida, Kronk, and TES cases?

    He has been her attorney since the filing of bankruptcy on January 25, 2013, and has always been working “pro bono”.

    Why does he file this official document now, this late in the game?
    What purpose does it serve?
    What strategic advantage does it give Casey Anthony?

    Pro Bono Representation of Debtor by David L. Schrader
    Filed by David L Schrader on behalf of Debtor Casey Marie Anthony.
    (Entered: 10/29/2013)

    [no documents attached on docket]

    same entry posted in Zenaida and Kronk and TES Adversary Proceeding

  44. Jersey says:

    I just have to say that in reading the link on those 12 jurors, it has crossed my mind many times -
    As you said in that linked article, Linda -
    If Caylee’s body was in HER trunk, she is GUILTY, no way around it.
    And the fact is that the jurors WERE TOLD that a hair ‘with death band’ was found in that trunk. And that hair had to be Caylee’s, being that the other A’s were all alive.
    That one hair alone would have made me convict her absolutely -

  45. Dinosaur says:

    What I think could/may be happening with TES Settlement with this skank is, Tim Miller will get to write-off lost revenue resulting from his time being used/abused on a false missing child. In turn, she will owe a tax on that $75,000.00, the IRS is automatically notified when someone enters into a debt-settlement with a creditor. This, IMHO, is where I think they are going with this.

    Tim lost a lot of valuable time when he could’ve been searching for a real missing person/persons. He turned people away to look for Caylee, all the while they knew she was never missing. As we all know, Tim’s fundraising efforts were hampered due to this skank, she prevented him from doing this because of her lies. But, as I’ve said before, will say again, Tim walks away with his reputation, something the scamanthony’s never/will have. He will continue to make stronger strides for his dedication, unlike the scamanthony’s who are only out to see what they can make/take from the public.

  46. Jersey says:

    Excerpt from ‘Squirrely Stories’:

    SINDY: “What are you up to tonite Crazy??”

    CRAZY: “Oh I invited some people over & I’m gonna cook up some things….”

    GEORGE: “Oh – are we invited??”

    CRAZY: “Sure! Come on over in an hour or so -”

    SINDY: “Are you making a pot pie??”

    CRAZY: “Isn’t that illegal??”

    SINDY: “Why should that bother you?? So is Murder!!”


    SINDY: “Are you making Crab Puffs??”

    CRAZY: “Nah, I thought I’d make a batch of Chloroform Cookies and some Chicken with Duct Sauce, I mean Duck Sauce. With bamboo roots, ummmm shoots, and can I get some of that white oleander from the backyard, to boil up for tea? Oh and I’m going to the woods down the road, to get some wild mushrooms to fry up –”

    SINDY: “GEORGE! Come on, let’s go to Burger King – hurry up, I don’t care if they spit in our food or not!!”

  47. Inquiring2 says:

    Dinosaur is our legal mumbo jumbo interpreter! :-D

    Dino – can you please explain to us what benefit TexasEquuSearch got from the Settlement with Casey Anthony? I’m very confused.

    Isn’t TES a non-profit org which does not pay taxes?

    How is a $ 75,000 tax write off beneficial to an organization that does not pay taxes?

    How does TES agreeing to let Casey Anthony discharge their debt of $ 75,000 through her bankruptcy case, benefit TES? TES can never get $ 75,000 in hand, can they?

    Why would TES settle for a $ 75,000 write off of lost revenue — rather than insisting on more than $ 100,000 which they expended on Casey’s behalf? If no money is coming directly from Casey Anthony anyway, only a loss of revenue write off, why not insist on more money lost?

    I get that TES wanted an end to the costly litigation, but other than bringing the TES lawsuit against Casey Anthony, to an end — what benefit did TES get?

    • dancehappy says:

      Thanks Inquiring for asking these questions, I have been wondering about the same things. This settlement never made any sense to me.

    • Jersey says:

      Inquiring, thanks for all your info!
      I find the entire proceedings difficult to understand, the fact that these civil lawsuits were tied in with her federal bankruptcy filing, the fact that the lawsuits are dragging on and on for years now, with not one judge making a firm decision one way or the other, then Babykiller even being allowed to pony up $25,000 to hang onto her ‘story’ (the dumb cluck doesn’t even HAVE a story!), and since when is a supposedly BANKRUPT person even ALLOWED to throw $25,000 around legally when she’s not supposed to have a dime??
      The whole thing baffles me, and I wish someone could explain it -
      Then there’s TES settling, when the best thing would have been for tramp to get up on that stand & blubber away.
      Strange how she seems to be getting away from Justice.

      • LindaP says:

        I keep saying it Jersey…IMO it’s not about her anymore.

        That “VERDICT” did NOT just “happen”…it was ORCHESTRATED with the PROMISE OF MONEY to a whole bunch of people who are now just trying to COVER THEIR ASSES.

        There were a LOT of “favors” called in by that gas bag Mason IMO so he could “go out” with a big WIN…considering his gigantic failure in the Serrano case.

        I believe if the truth ever comes out people’s JOBS will be threatened and maybe even worse.

        These civil trials threaten to expose who is behind this ROTTEN outcome and the DIRTY verdict…and so they are trying to get RID of the lawsuits…not for her…but for themselves!

        That verdict was manipulated…MONEY WAS HIDDEN…and I bet that only scratches the surface. IMO we would be shocked if we ever found out how many people’s hands were in this…all wanting a big payoff and all promised a big financial return… because they are living in a state that is steeping in corruption and drunk with greed.

        It didn’t work out the way they planned and now they all want people to move on and forget…but the civil cases threaten to expose the MONEY TRAIL.

        Nothing else makes any sense. She’s a worthless bag of lying skin…a nothing…a colossal idiot…LESS than zero.

        I’d bet the farm it’s their own asses they are worried about now.

        I believe…even if they get rid of the civil cases and KEEP people from asking questions now…the truth will come out one day. There are just too many people involved in this…all thinking they were going to get rich.

        But they were WRONG…now they have to protect themselves from prosecution and exposure. I see no other reason for this.

        Just keep the cases floating from court to court and try to kill them any way they can…

        Because this trial cannot take the scrutiny…and they know it! It is a house of cards just waiting to topple…one way or another.

        Just my opinion…but it explains all the legal maneuvering and desperation to keep this OUT of civil court and away from Morgan and Morgan’s questions.

        What the skank…her family…Bozo the dirty clown …and “big pants” Mason need to remember…along with the jury is…

        there is another court out there…the court of public opinion…and they are going to have to deal with THAT no matter what happens.

        She will always be guilty of first degree murder to the public and this trial will always STINK and inspire people to DIG.

        • Jersey says:

          I see your point, Linda -
          That they are all desperate to keep all the details from coming out.
          I just don’t see why a federal judge keeps delaying, delaying, and more delaying.
          It’s so annoying how this bs has been dragging along for years.
          I know that any defense attorney is thrilled to delay his case for as many years as possible, the more years the better, but this whole mess is bordering on the ridiculous.
          Seems that the defense here is determined to bury everyone involved in paperwork until they finally give up.
          And it’s maddening that TES gave in and settled, I can see their reasoning, but how lucky can this Babykiller get -
          Someone needs to get really pizzed and open their mouth about this trial, and I hope the jurors are being watched by the IRS, feds, etc.

          • LindaP says:

            Jersey…I have no idea how deep this goes…but I am willing to bet that the truth would blow all of our minds…and it’s got nothing to do with that skank…and everything to do with cover up and money.

            The day the Florida Bar refused to site BOZO the clown for his flagrant offenses and the Gruesome Grand parents…for all of their blatant CRIMES during the trial…witness tampering…evidence tampering…TAX EVASION…PERJURY…and the list goes on for all of them.

            It’s been a down right REFUSAL and a blatant COVER UP on the part of EVERYONE down there in ANY position of authority from the moment this happened.

            From the moment that mule faced child killer started lying they should have locked her nasty ass up and started stacking the charges against her immediately!

            From Deputy Caine (who REFUSED to do his job…even though he KNEW a child was missing in that area and EVERYONE WAS LOOKING FOR HER)…to Judge Perry…to the Florida Bar…to the Prosecutor’s office…to the IRS…to the FBI…ALL OF THEM FAILING TO DO A DAMN THING about ANY of it.

            To me…nothing will surprise me in these civil cases.

            But I do know one thing. Her life is going to be miserable if she starts to show her face. Everyone knows she’s guilty.

            They may have cheated the system…but they will never be able to “spin” this child killer into anything but what she is.

            I just look at this as more of the exact same bull shit we have been seeing since the beginning.

            I want her to start going out and try to socialize with other people. It won’t take long for her to meet the wrong person…after all…the entire world knows she did it…she’s guilty. And most people resent the trial. So good luck with that.

          • Jersey says:

            You know something, Linda -
            I’ve been wondering about this for years.
            Skank was arrested & released on bail a few times & I couldn’t understand that. Flimsy child neglect & lying charges, when anyone else would have been charged with First Degree Murder from the get-go.
            First of all, the death stench in her own trunk was reason enough on Day Thirty-One to arrest her right then and there, murder was so obvious.
            Then all the hundreds of Lies heaped on top of that death stench -
            ANOTHER reason to arrest this trollop for First Degree Murder.
            Yet they charged her with ‘child neglect’ -
            Then the next time she’s arrested it’s for Amy Huizenga’s checking account being cleaned out.
            I never have found out for a fact if she was charged for stealing from Sindy’s checking account, a huge sum of money over a period of years, and signing Sindy’s name to her checks.
            Or perhaps that was just overlooked.
            Then finally after two months, she is charged with First Degree Murder, and that death penalty is on the table, then off again, then back on again when they find Caylee’s remains finally.
            Very strange, unless that is just Florida -
            where I live things like this are taken very seriously, there certainly wouldn’t have been all that shilly-shallying & back and forth nonsense.
            And you’re absolutely right about the OBVIOUS perjury(s) by Sindy (just ignored), and Bozo getting away with things all the way through.
            And the WORST thing, which you also brought up, was that officer who responded to Kronk’s first call in August of 2008, and couldn’t be bothered to look in those woods -
            There is a high-profile case of a missing toddler right down the road, and this officer let Caylee down.
            I know the officer lost his job, but it just seems like one more piece of luck for this tramp.
            I can never make up my mind if it’s just luck – or events were maneuvered into position.

            • LindaP says:

              Jersey…I believe at first it was luck combined with the rotten system in Florida

              (Google that. Florida has been named the most corrupt state in America. It’s #1)

              Then when Bozo the clown came on the scene…the maneuvering began…when Mason came on board the maneuvering was ramped up 20X…and when the networks and people like Geraldo, NBC etc got into the action…the maneuvering went into full swing…down right jury tampering, witness tampering, evidence tampering…money changing hands…promises made…all of them blind with greed.

              Since it didn’t work out the way any of them planned, all they can do now is cover their asses and keep people from asking too many questions. As far as the bankruptcy hearings…I’m convinced they all have a lot to hide and they don’t want any depositions taken for the future!

              They are still having these hearings, in the most corrupt state in the country…here’s the google search for you…take a look:


              So the skank is in the perfect place.

              I do feel it’s only a matter of time before the whole thing blows wide open…could take years…but no one has forgotten and everybody knows how bad it all stinks…jimo
              ; )

          • Janie says:

            Jersey, She was never charged with stealing from Cindy’s account. That was all forgotten about after realizing that Caylee was supposedly kidnapped.
            Also, in the check fraud case Judge Strickland cut her a break as the prosecution asked for 5 years and he sentenced her to time served as well as probation after she was released.

          • Jersey says:

            Linda, I wish you would do a story on how Bozo even BECAME this hag’s attorney.
            Has anyone read this interesting article on Bozo and how he first pushed his way into this chaos:

            • LindaP says:

              Jersey…the only reason I don’t is because I don’t want to give this case…or the players in it any more attention then they’ve already gotten. They love seeing their name anywhere.

              I have given all of this to my higher power and believe that the further they all slip into oblivion…the faster Karma is going to destroy them all.

              They all crave being talked about…they WANT that. They want to get the discussion going again. That way they can CAPITALIZE on it.

              Drip…drip…drip…let the gas slowly drip from the tank and leave them all on the side of the road to fend for themselves and let’s see what happens. The time is coming when they will turn on each other…if it already hasn’t.

              I slip a little something in here and there…but it’s always under ANOTHER TITLE….another subject.

              My next post is going to be about “Florida: The Most Corrupt State”…plenty of chance to slam them all without giving them the satisfaction of being the subject of the article.

              Someone sent me the link to an article in WFTV about Bozo representing a bully.

              As I told my friend David Cook…

              The headline said:

              “Former Casey Anthony attorney”…Roflmao!

              Not exactly what Bozo the Clown had envisioned for himself.

              I’m sure when he schemed…cheated and paid the jury to acquit the mule faced witch, he thought his name was going to be up in lights on BROADWAY and soon he would be doing CAMEOS in MOVIES and FILMS as HIMSELF!!!

              The “Perry Mason” of the new age!

              I’m 100% sure he never envisioned “Former Casey Anthony attorney” after cheating the system and paying that jury to betray Americans and cheat a child of justice…but that’s what he got!

              He underestimated the entire country…and now he has to EAT what he has sown.

              Kudos to WFTV, Huff Post and all of the media who “gets it” and wants to shove this group of demons so far into the ground that no one ever hears anything about them again until there are indictments or one of them kills the other.

              I can say this…if I write about any of them…it won’t be the actual subject of the article. I want to heap the dirt on their graves just like everyone else as been.

              “Former Casey Anthony attorney”

              LOVE THAT.

              Get the message BOZO????

              • LindaP says:

                Also…I’d like to mention the fact that HLN After Dark is a DUD and IMO it is a DUD SHOW because they had the nerve to promote BOZO in their first episode.

                Don’t know if they’ve figured that out yet because apparently they keep having members of her scheme team like Linda Kenny Baden etc on (I read this on twitter) and people can not stand her.

                Anything associated with that case (except Imperfect Justice) has TANKED and HLN After Dark took a serious dive in ratings with the Bozo episode and has never recovered.

                I do believe they are recognizing that having him associated with anything on their air will be the kiss of death.

                I watch Mystery Detectives on the weekend…and they are desperately promoting that show which ranks lowest on their line up every week.

                Numbers hovering around 100 150.

                I was going to watch it until I saw who their first guest was…I have NEVER turned that show on and never will because of it and I am sure I am not alone.

                Love the hosts…and it’s a shame…but they dirtied themselves up by coming out with that “thing” as their first guest.

                Bozo = kiss of death to any television production!

          • Jersey says:

            I don’t watch HLN & haven’t for a very long time, no intention of ever going there either.
            I have to give Nancy Grace credit for bringing the plight of many children to the forefront, so many cases that need attention.
            And I agree with you, Linda, the A’s thrive on attention, negative or not, it doesn’t matter.
            Along with that Bozo character.
            But it has never really been explained how he became her attorney so quickly, BK said it was @ the suggestion of another inmate, which means that story is completely untrue.
            I wonder if he knew her beforehand, or he acted as the opportunist I think he is -
            He may have simply been @ the jail that day, had heard of the case, wanted IN, wanted to make a name for himself, and pushed his foot right in the door.
            Simple as that.

          • Jersey says:

            And if I hear that he is a ‘NY Times bestselling author’ one more time, I’m going to heave! lol

            • LindaP says:

              Why Jersey? He paid good money for that…Roflmao

              Since the book is a complete disaster…he has to get his money back somehow.

              : D

              Let him say it…just like him…it’s a total fraud and a complete LIE.

              His book is and always will be a BOMB. Even if he does manage to sell one copy of that pile of trash…all it does is hi-lite what a sleazy, lying pig he really is.

              I say work it.

  48. Inquiring2 says:

    ZENAIDA’s response

    Response to Debtor/Defendant’s Corrected Motion to Dismiss
    Filed by R Scott Shuker on behalf of Plaintiff Zenaida Gonzalez
    (Entered: 10/25/2013)

    Casey’s conclusory and misleading Motion to Dismiss makes a considerable effort to inappropriately portray Zenaida as one of many publicity seekers too uncouth to know her “fifteen minutes” has lapsed. It is a distraction meant to deflect attention to a very real issue: an injured Plaintiff with an actionable nondischargeability claim.

    Casey said “When they went and interviewed that girl down in Kissimmee, they never showed me a picture of her”. Zenaida was the only “Zenaida Gonzalez” interviewed in Kissimmee, Florida. … multiple news stories said Zenaida had not been cleared in the criminal investigation …

    Federal Rules of Civil Procedure … a court may dismiss a complaint only if it is clear that no relief could be granted under any set of facts that could be proved consistent with the allegations.

    As further stated by the eleventh Circuit, “[w]e hasten to add that this motion [to dismiss] is viewed with disfavor and rarely granted.”

    Casey’s Motion to Dismiss must be denied since Casey is precluded from re-litigating an issue already decided in State Court…
    The State Court in its Summary Judgment Order ruled the alleged defamatory statement… was subject to different interpretations, and therefore must be submitted to a jury.

    The Rooker-Feldman doctrine prohibits bankruptcy courts from reviewing the State Court ruling, even if it believes said ruling is erroneous.

    A debtor “must will or desire harm, or believe injury is substantially certain to occur as a result of his behavior.”

    Casey attempts to use distractions and obfuscation in confusing the requirements of a motion to dismiss. She makes generalized allegations and interpretations of Zenaida’s claim.

    If Zenaida’s allegations are taken as true, she is entitled to relief under the Code in her dischargeability action.

    • Deb says:

      Inquiring, thank you so much for all the links pertaining to these two cases :-)
      I read through them both, and I’m even beginning to understand some of the legal mumble-jumble, lol. Your help in educating us about legal filings and motions is most appreciated, dear friend!

  49. Inquiring2 says:

    Order on Defendant’s Motion for Protective Order and Plaintiff’s Response Thereto
    Entered: 10/22/2013

    Court will defer ruling on the Casey’s Motion for Protective Order and Zenaida’s Response to Casey’s Motion for Protective Order, until the Court rules on Casey’s Corrected Motion to Dismiss Zenaida’s case, on Nov 5, 2013 [and Zenaida’s Response to Motion to Dismiss].

    Parties are directed to conduct a Rule 26 Case Management and Discovery Conference within seven (7) days or on or before October 24, 2013.
    Parties are to confer in good faith to resolve the issues in the Motion and the Response

  50. Inquiring2 says:

    Interim Report Period Ending 09/30/2013.
    (Meininger, Stephen) (Entered: 10/25/2013)

    Trustee reports as of Sept 30, 2013 – Casey has assets valuing $ 1,084.00

    Casey’s attorney David L. Schrader paid the Trustee $ 25,000.00 on August 29, 2013, which the Trustee put into a bank account, and paid out $ 34.75 in bank fees.

    The money was paid by Casey’s attorney as stated in the ORDER dated July 31, 2013.

    [Nothing is stated about where Casey Anthony got $ 25,000.00]

    [Wonder if whoever gave her $ 25,000, already knows she has a book deal or tv deal, and got an advance payment?]

  51. Inquiring2 says:

    Response to /in Opposition to Defendant’s Motion to Dismiss
    Filed by Howard S. Marks on behalf of Plaintiff [color="Blue"]Roy (Entered: 10/25/2013)

    Casey, through her agents, made public comments to the media, outside of the courtroom, which defamed Kronk, accusing him of the murder among other things. There is no dispute that Defendant was well aware that Kronk was not involved in the murder of Defendant’s daughter.

    Much of Casey’s Motion to Dismiss consists of ad hominem attacks against Kronk, the exact type of statements which led to this Complaint in the first place.

    Casey’s Motion to Dismiss boils down to 3 distinct arguments.
    1 – since the statements were made by agents, Kronk is legally barred from relief
    2 – Kronk has not plead his allegations with sufficient particularity
    3 – all the alleged defamatory statements are protected by the litigation privilege

    No showing of malice is required where a statement is considered actionable per se.
    A communication is actionable per se… if it imputes to another… a criminal offence amounting to a felony … or conduct, characteristics or a condition imcompatible with the proper exercise of his lawful business, trade, profession or office…

    It is well established that under Section 523(a)(6) of the Bankruptcy Code, the intentional tort of defamation may constitute “willful and malicious injury by the debtor to another entity”, as long as the Debtor knew the published statements were false.”

    Kronk says that Casey authorized, adopted, and permitted her agents to make numerous defamatory and false statements, statements about Kronk, statements published to the media, statements alleging Kronk was guilty of a felony, and statements that damaged Kronk’s reputation. Kronk alleges, and the Criminal Trial made clear, that Casey knew all along that these statements were false.

    …an attorney is an agent of a client whom he represents…
    …a client can be liable for his attorney making defamatory statements … to the news

    Casey says she cannot be denied a discharge based on the alleged willful and malicious statements of an agent.
    Kronk uses other law to say that Casey’s liability for those “willful and malicious” statements is still non-dischargeable, because Casey was aware of the actions, and the actions took place during the Casey-Bae as her agent relationship, and the actions were taken on Casey’s behalf, and Casey did nothing about the actions.

    Kronk says Casey actively instructed, adopted, and permitted her agents [Baez and others] to make defamatory statements about Kronk even though Casey knew these statements were false.

    …Kronk itemized twelve statements representing the gist of the false and defamatory statements, which were made to the media, including national television shows, and were broadcast and/or published across the country.

    Statements made to the newspapers or press conferences are not part of a judicial proceeding. Statements made to the world at large through a website accusing a person of fraud and perpetrating a hoax on the public are not steps in the judicial process or part of a judicial proceeding.

    If the judge is inclined to grant Casey’s Motion to Dismiss, Kronk requests the dismissal be without prejudice to Kronk’s ability to amend his Complaint.

  52. Jersey says:

    Excerpt from ‘Squirrely Stories’:

    SINDY: “Hey Crazy, I’ve got your Halloween costume all made up, you’re gonna love it!”

    CRAZY: “Oooh goodie, where is it, I wanna try it on.”

    SINDY: “Here it is, it’s a surprise, hurry up – I wanna see if it fits -”

    CRAZY, throwing it on: “Well so far so good, but it’s all in black, this long dress covers me all up – and what’s THIS thing??”

    SINDY: “Well that’s your pointy hat – see it’s got a clip to hold it on and it has long stringy hair attached to it that hangs down –”

    CRAZY: “Yikes, I don’t need any MORE stringy hair – And what’s this??”

    SINDY: “Oh that’s your face makeup, a fake nose and a bunch of stick-on warts, and some fake teeth to throw over your own – ”

    CRAZY: “But they’re all BLACK!! What the heck is this, get me a mirror! I’m covered up from head to foot -”

    SINDY: “Yeah well that’s the idea isn’t it – nobody will know it’s you! LOL!!”

    CRAZY: “But this outfit is the Wicked Witch of Orlando – ”

    SINDY: “Ok, ok – I’ll get you some more hairy warts to stick on your face & we’ll have to cover up those ears of yours, they’re still sticking out, and ……….. I guess I should have gone with the horse costume after all ………”

  53. Jersey says:

    Excerpt from ‘Squirrely Stories’:


    SINDY: “What is it now, Crazy?”

    CRAZY: “I hear they’re all saying I have nothing to write about in my upcoming book -”

    GEORGE: “Well I hope you’re not going to write about me being that kids’ father, and this time find someone else to be the murderer –”

    SINDY: “And GD it, you better not say anything about me scrubbing that crud –”

    GEORGE: “And no one wants to hear about the backyard pool, and let’s not drag the tow lot into this –”

    SINDY: “And GD it, I don’t want no pictures of me holding that hammer, and don’t print that photo of me with those rolls –”

    LEE: “And forget about those photos of me fighting with the protesters outside –”

    SINDY: “– or those other double chin photos –”

    GEORGE: “And leave out the part about that Cruz lady –”

    SINDY: “– or that photo of me bending over –”

    GEORGE: “– and for heaven’s sakes, leave the nanny out of this –”

    SINDY: “– and especially the one of me with my mouth open –”

    GEORGE: “– and no meter readers –”

    LEE: “And don’t drag out that dumb molesting story AGAIN –”

    SINDY: “– and that other @@**## photo of me in that clinch with whats-his-name –”

    GEORGE: “Whaat??”

    CRAZY: “What’s left?? I know – I’ll write about my new electronics, my new dog, and all my newest body piercings, and I can’t leave out my new tattoos, and all the kind fools, I mean strangers, and –”

    • LindaP says:

      LOL Jersey…Exactly!

      There’s nothing to write about.

      Same as the “video diaries”…a whole lot of DUMBASS on video babbling about nothing because she’s dumb as dust.

      You can get that on cable TV for free and from people who are not baby killers.
      ; )

    • Deb says:

      Jersey, you crack me up! It’s almost like you’ve got a drone fly on the wall in their house, lol :-)

  54. dancehappy says:

    oh man, burned alive, just what I needed to hear 1st thing this morning

    • LindaP says:

      Sorry dance…I just post the cases that affect me and this one did. Be glad I didn’t post the 911 call because you can hear her in the background groaning and screaming in pain.

      They all needed to pay for what they did. I’m just glad they didn’t get away with it. Even though she was a hooker and a drug addict…Celeste deserved justice.

      This was just too over the top.

      • dancehappy says:

        Linda, no need to apologize, I know you just report what happened.
        And thank you ever so much for doing so. I didn’t know you could hear her screaming on the 911 call.

  55. Jersey says:

    From the article:

    “Disgraced jury foreman David Angelo, should be looking over his shoulder for the rest of his life and wondering if federal agents are going to knock on his door and charge him with jury tampering. Every single time a jury does the right thing, in a circumstantial case, it hi-lights the impossibility that 12 people, each having more than one brain cell, could have dismissed the overwhelming case against baby killer, Casey Anthony and set this monster free.”

    Can this really happen?? Could the feds actually charge some of the jurors??
    And if so, WHY is nothing being done, WHY is a killer still walking free?
    Thank you for another great article, Linda, and for listing each of the jurors’ names -
    They all need to be exposed for what they did, which was to turn their backs on a 2-1/2 year old helpless tot, who was brutally murdered by her own mother.
    And these jurors need to be watched – supposedly two of them paid their homes out of foreclosure after the verdict? How does that suddenly just happen??
    And the great Tim Miller needs to be applauded for his valiant efforts to help find missing children, a true hero of our time!
    (Instead of being vilified in the media, as Sindy Anthony did – after she requested he come from Texas to ‘search’ for Caylee, whom she knew was dead and gone. Then when she realized he KNEW Caylee was no longer alive, she ordered Mr. Miller out of the house. After, of course, he had spent a ton of money and 4,200 volunteers spent their time. What class!)
    Bottom Line -
    Sindy had an alibi for June 16 2008 – She went to work
    George had an alibi for June 16 2008 – He also went to work
    Babykiller had NO alibi – NO job to go to – She has NO alibi until she met up with Lazzaro that evening and is on camera @ the video store, renting videos with her love, and we all know the rest.
    How those jurors failed to even get a glimpse of the truth, while listening to that blowhard’s lies all the way along, is a mystery in itself.
    And I agree, Linda – the less publicity a trial has, the better for the outcome. For some reason, the truth gets lost in the daily media frenzy.

    • LindaP says:

      Jersey…jury tampering is a federal offense!

      I have read cases in the newspaper where tampering was proven (in FLORIDA no less) and members of the JURY were charged and sent to FEDERAL prison for 10 years…and yet the attorney who instigated the payment walked free!

      So YES they need to worry. Each and every juror because you can bet that Mason and Bozo covered their big fat white asses and the people who will be jailed will be the jurors!

      Boy would I LOVE to see that happen.

      You first have to get the federal government to investigate it. There was a federal petition circulating for a re-trial that had TONS of signatures and the Florida politician who’s job it was to look at it never acknowledged it.

      Florida is the most corrupt state according to everyone…just google it!!!

      “Florida corrupt politicians” and see what you get. There have been tons of articles and just recently…like SEPTEMBER…3 mayors were arrested…

      You’d have to go outside the state of Florida to get any justice…which is why I say let STREET justice take effect then.

      Whoever does anything to the baby killer…won’t have to worry about facing any kind of justice.

      In other words…the “heat”won’t be on to find her killer…or the people that beat the crap out of her and left her half dead.

      No one cares and in my opinion they all want her GONE too! She is a threat to all of the corruption that took place during this trial. Every legal turn threatens to expose the people who paid money…called in favors…and flat out broke the law to make this happen.

      It’s the reason the judges are wanting to dismiss without any “depositions” etc…because they are covering up for other people who could go to FEDERAL prison if they were found out. PURE GRADE A “Good old buddy” system.

      This case has hi-lighted Florida’s corruption…they are officially the most corrupt state in the country.

      Yes…something needs to be done on a FEDERAL level to get them charged…but NO ONE HAS FORGOTTEN…and that could happen in the future IMO.

      They need to dig a hole for this skank and throw her down in it. The hatred for her grows and as it does…IMO people could get so upset that they create another federal petition and this time send it to Washington!

      They think they are safe in their corrupt little world down there…but they won’t be forever. The cat is out of the bag…

      • Jersey says:

        Wow, I had no idea all this craziness was going on in Florida!
        But I’m sure you’re right, when something DOES happen to Babykiller, LE won’t be too quick to start an investigation, no one will care.
        Except, of course, the infamous Sindy – who will be screeching @ the top of her lungs to ‘get off your ass and look for my daughter’s killer’, while everyone has a celebration and proclaims it a national holiday. I can only imagine the fuss Sindy would kick up, LOL!
        Does seem to me though, that too much time has gone by, and nothing’s happening……….

        • LindaP says:

          LOL Jersey…Sindy will probably be the shooter!

          My point about the jury tampering charges is yes…if someone investigated and found this to be what caused the verdict…and they could prove it in court…yes…the jury could be charged and receive up to 15 years in a federal prison…while the skank remained free!

          But then the second part of my point was…it wont happen NOW. Not with the state of corruption in Florida.

          That’s why I say that they all need to constantly look over their shoulders.

          Time passes.

          People talk…they aren’t “friends” any more or they have a nasty divorce…things change.

          People get voted into office. People are put on notice by one catastrophe or another that this kind of behavior AT THE TAXPAYER’S EXPENSE BTW…will not be tolerated.

          Right now the corruption is rampant…but I predict that changes in the future could be all of their undoing.

          And if changes don’t take place…and the monkey faced baby killer decides it’s safe to go out and mingle…she is going to have to face a huge portion of the population that despises her.

          Good luck getting anyone to help your ugly azz if you need it skank…or good luck the first time someone rips you off or beats you up…good luck getting the police to take you seriously.

          Her life will be a living hell no matter what happens to the jury or in the civil cases imo.

          But the jurors should always be worried that in the future…SOMEONE will talk…someone will find out something that exposes what really happened…and that when they do…(I do believe that someone will talk in the future)…it may just be exactly the right time to take as many of these creeps down as they can.

          JIMHO the skank will just be feeling comfortable about going out and showing her horse face when something terrible will happen to her. jimho…she can’t escape it. MOST of the population hates her…MUCH of the population is psycho…her odds aren’t good and let’s face it.

          What DECENT person would associate with her?


          Everyone she meets is going to be a user and a creep…because that’s the only thing she can attract…look at BAEZ…Look what she attracted BEFORE she killed Caylee…

          it’s going to be even worse for her now if she shows her ugly face.

          One other thing…I think it’s important that people NEVER forget these 12 FOOLS…their names and their faces.

      • Jersey says:

        I meant that nothing’s happening as far as a jury tampering investigation –
        it’s nearly 2-1/2 years after the ‘verdict’, just about Caylee’s age….

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