THIS WEEK: Is Florida the “most corrupt state” in America? Jodi Arias and Kirk Nurmi forever! Martin MacNeill guilty…


I haven’t had time to do weekly updates lately, and no time to follow any trials, but I woke up Saturday morning to discover much to my surprise, that Martin MacNeill had been found guilty.  What I learned in bits and pieces sounded interesting in the sense, that MacNeill apparently got away with it for quite a while. I did keep up on twitter and other online sources, noting characters such as the mistress “Gypsy.”  I also checked for updates on the Voices4Justice chat (on this blog), since it is an open forum concerning any and all recent (and past) cases of interest.



After watching some witness testimony yesterday, along with closing arguments for the prosecution, I was convinced that he was guilty. The evidence was straightforward and clear, even though it was circumstantial.  The testimony spoke for itself and I am so glad that the prosecution took time to explain to the jury, that circumstantial evidence is just as good as forensic, especially when used in conjunction with their most valuable tool, common sense.

Watch prosecutions closing argument here…


This might seem like a good place to mention the Caylee Anthony trial but I’ll refrain for a minute. Suffice it to say that what we have learned about the morals and the scruples of jurors, and the flat out manipulation and propaganda perpetrated by the media, has been frightening.

Great article recapping the MacNeill case here…

Read about the trial and the verdict on Huffington Post here…


According to a 2012 “integrity” study it is…

Read about the level of corruption in Florida here…

and more…

An eye-opening, mind blowing list of links on Florida ethics and corruption…

And now with the help of federal interjections, finally something that looks like justice was served up in the state of Florida, when a Federal court ruled against Casey Anthony’s attorneys, and in favor of Zenaida Gonzalez, Roy Kronk, Caylee Anthony, Morgan and Morgan law firm, Florida taxpayers and  a disgusted public who has waited for any justice in this case, for years. It has been hard for Americans to forget the trial, that from the very beginning reeked of deceit and dirty tricks. The focus has shifted away from the killer and her family to the attorneys and the officials that dropped the ball or worse. Too many unanswered questions. Too many people asking them over and over again.

It was that bad.

Since an overwhelming majority of Americans believe that Anthony got away with willfully and maliciously murdering her child, the verdict did much to draw attention to the corruption level in Florida.

Legislators ignore rampant corruption in Florida…

Florida number one for political corruption…

Time does absolutely nothing to heal the rage experienced by millions when the state of Florida failed Caylee Anthony and it’s tax paying citizens, on every level in July of 2011.

In July of 2011 justice died for many of us. It will forever mark the day when we realized just how dirty our system really is.

Watch this scary video on Florida corruption…

In other recent news, Judge Sherry Stevens appears to have a growth that resembles a set of kahunas. In her last ruling she snatched the key to the city away from America’s favorite oversexed psycho, Jodi Arias, and told her she could not change attorneys at this point in the game. Could this mark the end of a long expensive stint into “Never Never Land”,  funded by the taxpayers of Arizona? Could it be that Judge Stevens has finally stopped molly-coddling,  raging homicidal maniacs and their snake oil attorneys?

Judge Sherry Stevens

Only time will tell.

If anyone qualifies for the death penalty it is Jodi Arias. She thought about killing Travis Alexander for a long time before she actually did it. She connived, lied and planned his killing, down to every detail. She killed him over and over that day and has continued to do so in court, all facilitated by Judge Stevens at the expense of the Alexander family and the tax paying citizens of Arizona. Arias has not shown one ounce of remorse, quite the contrary, she continues to manipulate and blame everyone else for her actions.

She’s a liar to the bitter end and she is extremely dangerous.

The image of Arias, latched onto Travis Alexander’s back, stabbing him repeatedly, as he is forced to watch in the mirror, is something worse then any horror film. The scenario, recreated by Juan martinez in closing arguments, was enough to insure that 12 reasonable people should find for death, but alas, Judge Sherry lost control of her court room and we all watched the ensuing circus.

The scene Martinez depicted of  Travis, attempting to get away, losing blood, losing strength and Arias’s maniacal, vengeful need to continue her attack…was blood chilling.

Jodi Arias middle finger

We’ve all seen the look before.

KC finger-3


It’s the look of a narcissistic sociopath. The type that kills.


But as if that terrible vision of Travis dying in the hallway, straddled by this monster as she slits his throat and cuts off his air supply, as if that is not enough, the entire thing plays out in photos…photos that this killer took on purpose, so that she could enjoy killing Travis all over again, simply for the pleasure.

Someone like this is not redeemable. They cannot be saved nor do they want to be. They live from victim to victim and they only want to get away with as much as they can. It’s the duping delight. The rush they get from it…


and they never change.

It’s not the kind of personality that a judge should be catering too. Let’s hope this marks the end of all of the nonsense from Judge Stevens.

Note to Judge Stevens: Jodi Arias is a convicted killer…

travis alexander and grandmother


caylee bib

not a victim.




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  1. LindaP says:

    OK…this SEEMS to work….

  2. LindaP says:

    Testing again for the fourth time

  3. Inquiring2 says:

    WE WILL NOT FORGET who is trying to help Casey Anthony make MONEY!
    Feel free to share this information everywhere.

    See more info at this google doc

    Cheney Mason has been in discussions with BOOK PUBLISHERS and on the PIERS MORGAN show several times, and still paying her court costs in the criminal case.


    September 12, 2012
    Casey Anthony is writing her “memoir”, tell-all book and is shopping for a publisher.
    The book’s dedication: “MY BELOVED CAYLEE, WHO WAS TAKEN AWAY TOO SOON”.


    Posted on Jun 20, 2012 [Cheney Mason on PIERS MORGAN SHOW same day]
    Casey Anthony Hoping To Turn Journal Into Best Seller Book


    “Casey Anthony has been keeping a journal ever since her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee, disappeared and was later found dead and hopes to turn the contents into a best seller book, is exclusively reporting.”

    “Make no mistake, Casey will absolutely be releasing a book, it’s just a matter of time. Casey feels this is the only way that she can get her story out and she feels that the public wants to hear from her. It’s unlikely that Casey will have to submit a book proposal and

    her lawyer, Cheney Mason, has been in discussions with several different publishers, although the response from most has been lukewarm at best.

    “The big publishing houses fear the backlash from the public and aren’t lining up to sign Casey. However, she isn’t concerned about it and Casey feels that she will be able to find a publisher.”

    “Anthony sort of broke her silence last week when she spoke briefly to CNN’s Piers Morgan. The infamous “Tot Mom” spoke to Morgan on the telephone for ten minutes, and the Brit subsequently shared her comments with his viewers…”



    NBC Finds Way Around Paying Casey Anthony for Interview
    Casey Anthony
    NBC Finds Clever Way
    Around Paying for Interview

    “The honchos at NBC — the C stands for crafty — think they figured out a way to snag an interview with Casey Anthony without paying a red cent, and make her a wealthy woman at the same time.

    We’ve learned an NBC news producer has reached out to people in the literary world, trying to score a book deal for Anthony. The producer has contacted literary agents and others, telling them if he scored a book deal for Casey, she’d give the network a 1-hour, primetime special … portions of which would also run on “Today.”

    The producer makes it clear — NBC couldn’t pay a cent for the interview. But he is gung-ho about the book deal, even representing that Casey wants up front money.
    Jose Baez, Casey’s lawyer, tells TMZ … he has full knowledge of the producer’s efforts, but says, “I’m not involved in that process. I did not entice him to do it.” ”

    [NOTE: Jim Lichtenstein is a NBC producer]


    THS Short: Casey Anthony
    Tue, 18 Oct 2011
    “E! True Hollywood Story: Casey Anthony” premieres on October 19 at 10:00 p.m. ET on E!
    “In this brand new True Hollywood Story, E! sat down with the people most intimately familiar with Anthony to try and answer: “Just who is Casey Anthony?”
    The one-hour show includes exclusive interviews with Anthony’s former friends, boyfriends and defense attorneys, as well as experts and journalists who were in the courtroom as the trial unfolded, including this reporter”
    David Lohr

    · Casey Anthony Trial Photos
    · Casey Anthony Personal Photos
    · Reporter David Lohr Looks Back On The Trial
    · More Anthony Trial Coverage

    NBC Universal owns E! network
    From E!’s website:
    Copyright 2011 E! Entertainment Television, LLC.
    A Division of NBCUniversal

    The True Hollywood Story was horribly biased and pro Casey Anthony, with some pictures of Casey and Caylee that were never seen before. These new photos were uncredited. This means one thing. .. whoever supplied these pictures REQUESTED that they not be credited, to keep secret who provided the new photos.
    There was a budget of $185 thousand dollars for these video/pictures licensing, and they “came in at budget” – meaning PAID $185,000.

    NBC Universal owns E! network and they pay E! for the True Hollywood Story, and E! pays Casey’s associates. This way, NBC can “technically” say they did not pay Casey Anthony (directly).

  4. Jersey says:

    Excerpt from ‘Squirrely Stories’:

    CRAZY: “Oh it’s only me, coming to you on my own ‘Orlando Oddballs’ reality show – today I’m giving a cooking lesson -”

    SINDY: “WHAT?? You can’t even boil water, and just forget about laundry, and don’t even get me started on the condition you keep that car of yours in –”

    GEORGE: “Oh is dinner ready, good cuz I’m starving -”

    SINDY: “– I’ll never scrub for you again, and look what happened when I washed those pants of yours in my washing machine, I had to go throw the darn thing out & buy a new one, and that one was only a month old to begin with, and wtf you told me it was only rotting pizza and –”

    GEORGE: “- so are we eating soon??”

    SINDY: “– then I got found out @ work, I said I was here doing internet searches & my boss had to go & say I was there all the time, and I got in real hot water for that, not to mention the pipes in the house, something was dumped down that drain that corroded all the pipes and –”

    GEORGE: “Should I wash up ready for dinner??”

    SINDY: “– that cost me a pile of money and wtf I had to get up on that there Dr Fool show with my stuffed-sausage dress and –”

    GEORGE: “I guess I have time for a shower??”

    CRAZY: “As I was saying, it’s time to cook up a new batch, and where the f are my zannies, and those phukitol pills and –”

  5. Inquiring2 says:

    Dinosaur — why does the bankruptcy clerk continue to “help” Casey’s attorneys, by “reminding” them when they have not completed a step in the filing process?

    And what would the “punishment” be if Ferwerda continues to not file the proper “service of ORDER” documents? Ferwerda already QUIT, so what could be a punishment?

    Casey’s attorney Debra Ferwerda QUIT and the Judge granted her Motion to Withdraw.
    Ferwerda was supposed to “serve” the ORDER and then file Proof of Service, within 3 days of the ORDER [which was December 2, 2013].
    The clerk “reminds” her on December 6, 2013.
    It is now December 9th, and still no filing by Ferwerda.

    Ferwerda did not do this step, and she has been “reminded” by the bankruptcy clerk, in both the KRONK case and the ZENAIDA case.

    12/6/2013 [REMINDER BY CLERK]
    Service of Order 22 is not indicated on the docket. Debra Ferwerda is reminded to serve the order and to file a Proof of Service indicating service. Failure to do so may result in further action. (ADIclerk) (Entered: 12/06/2013)

    (22) [ORDER FILED]
    Order Granting Motion To Withdraw as Co-Counsel for Debtor (Related Doc 20). Service Instructions: Debra Ferwerda is directed to serve a copy of this order on interested parties and file a proof of service within 3 days of entry of the order. (Ariana) Modified on 12/2/2013 (Ariana). (Entered: 12/02/2013)


    12/6/2013 [REMINDER BY CLERK]
    Service of Order 35 is not indicated on the docket.
    Debra Ferwerda is reminded to serve the order and to file a Proof of Service indicating service. Failure to do so may result in further action. (ADIclerk) (Entered: 12/06/2013)

    (35) [ORDER FILED]
    Order Granting Motion To Withdraw as Co-Counsel for Debtor (Related Doc 33). Service Instructions: Debra Ferwerda is directed to serve a copy of this order on interested parties and file a proof of service within 3 days of entry of the order. (Ariana) Modified on 12/2/2013 (Ariana). (Entered: 12/02/2013)

  6. Inquiring2 says:

    Casey Anthony hearing in Tampa ends with no decision
    Attorneys for Zenaida Gonzalez wanted to depose Anthony last week.
    October 17, 2013

    Shuker [Zenaida's attorney] seemed agitated throughout the hearing, and lashed out afterward, calling [Casey] Anthony attorney David Schrader “bush league,” and later adding: “You used to have a good reputation.”

    [Adj. 1) Below good standards, not good or incorrect. Pitiful, poor, terrible, awful, bad, sucky, "That's a bushleague call, ref." ]

  7. Inquiring2 says:

    No sanctions for asking for extension of time by Casey’s attorney Schrader.
    The bankruptcy judge DID grant Casey’s attorney, David Schrader, the extension of time that he asked for, and allowed him to file his ANSWER to Zenaida’s Complaint on December 6th.

    12/5/2013 filed ORDER
    Order Granting Motion to Extend Time to File Answer until December 6, 2013
    Judge gives Schrader until Dec 6, 2013 to file ANSWER

    EMAILS agreeing to set date for Casey deposition – within 30 days of the Official ORDER denying Casey’s Motion to Dismiss Zenaida’s Complaint – which was entered December 5, 2013 – so depo will be set within 30 days from December 5, 2013. The date, time, place of the depo is to remain secret.

    Notice of Rule 7026 Showing of Good Faith
    Filed by David L Schrader on behalf of Defendant Casey Marie Anthony

    Casey attorney David Schrader files emails showing their good faith efforts to resolve the discovery issues [Depo of Casey], as they stated in Casey’s Motion for Protective Order.

    In the emails, Casey’s attorneys said that if the Zenaida case is not thrown out after the Hearing on Nov 5th, Casey’s attorneys will agree to set a date for the Depo within 30 days of the entry of the Order denying Casey’s Motion to Dismiss the Zenaida case [official ORDER filed/entered Dec 5th].

    EMAIL Oct 16, 2013 1:16pm
    Debra Ferwerda to Shuker
    she can’t agree to set a date for Depo now
    she does agree to set date for Depo within 30 days of a final Order on the Motion to Dismiss
    Casey’s attorney Debra Ferwerda QUIT – Nov 26, 2013
    granted by judge Dec 2, 2013.

    Nov 5, 2013 Hearing – Ferwerda knew her Motion for Protective Order was DENIED and she got Sanctions [official ORDER filed Dec. 6th].

    Nov 5, 2013 Hearing – Ferwerda knew her Motion to Dismiss Zenaida case DENIED
    [official ORDER filed Dec 5th].

  8. Dinosaur says:

    Inquiring- Hi! That’s great, denying Protective Order will now mean that they can set a Deposition date. Also, if her Attorneys don’t pay their sanction within 30 days, then Attorney Shuker can file a Motion for Contempt against them, they can lose their license for that. Oh, how I wished that sanction had been more like $1,500.00 standard Attorney’s charge for appearing in Court with you for the day. Serves them right just the same. Now what I would like to see is Schrader gets sanctioned again for asking for the Extension of Time, this is nothing but another stall tactic, as, there is no way none of them didn’t know who was to prepare her Answer and file it. Schrader didn’t know until the day the Answers were due that there was a conflict, Attorney Shuker was right when he told him, “you used to have a good reputation”.

  9. Inquiring2 says:

    Casey’s attorney, David Schrader, sure does TRASH Zenaida on the last pages of his ANSWER document!

    I hope the judge does not throw out Zenaida’s case, or rule that it IS dischargeable in the bankruptcy court. Meaning, that even though the judge did not DISMISS Zenaida’s case [yet], he could still rule that any award Zenaida might get WOULD be dischargeable, so no need to proceed with the trial.

  10. Inquiring2 says:


    The bankruptcy judge filed the Official ORDER on December 6, 2013, Denying Casey’s Motion for Protective Order [regarding the Deposition by Zenaida's attorney Shuker], and officially issued Sanctions on Casey’s attorneys.

    Same day, the judge filed the Official ORDER Denying Casey’s Corrected Motion to Dismiss Zenaida’s Complaint.
    Judge gave Casey 21 days [from HEARING on Nov 5th] to file an ANSWER, which would have been November 26th.

    But, Casey’s attorney David Schrader, filed a Request for more time to file the ANSWER because of the CONFLICT and quitting of some of Casey’s attorneys. The judge filed the Official Order on December 5th, and gave Casey’s attorney until December 6th to file their ANSWER.

    Casey’s attorney filed their ANSWER on December 6, 2013.



    Next Zenaida and Kronk HEARING is January 14, 2014, at 11:00 in Tampa.

  11. Inquiring2 says:

    Updated EMAIL ADDRESSES for CNN and Piers Morgan


    Feedback for Piers Morgan



    Comments for Piers Morgan Live

  12. kat says:

    Jersey, thanks, i totally agree with our boss-Good Episode! I am Always second guessing those scamanthonys. Why would they not pay their mortgage, other than Lippman knows how to use the law. After so long not paying, why now come and ask for extention? What creeps, always making me think they are scamming. These attorneys if not now, will be hurthing their business for a long time. You cant buy a reputation. These ppl think all the public is stupid. we forget easily….not when something is dear to our hearts, that lil face is remembered. RIP Caylee Marie

  13. Jersey says:

    Excerpt from ‘Squirrely Stories’:

    ‘A new reality show has been announced, as yet untitled, centering on an oddball family in Orlando-

    Their habits, rather eccentric, might also be described as demented or deranged:

    SINDY, shrieking: “HELP!! Crazy, bring those big feet of yours in here RIGHT NOW, there’s a spider in the bathroom the size of a Buick!!!”

    CRAZY: “Hmmm, I wonder – if I put this flower pot on my head and go outside, will anyone recognize me???”

    GEORGE: “I wonder if I ever told Sindy how many times I dropped Crazy on her head???”

    LEE: “I hope no one ever finds out that I fantasize about Squirrels……..”

    • LindaP says:

      LOL…Even with a flower pot on that mule shaped head of hers…she is going to stick out like a sore thumb wherever she goes!

      Squirrels!!! I knew there was something “off” about LEE…lol

      Didn’t you mean to write fantasizes about “Squirrels wearing garter belts” ???


      Good episode. lol

  14. Dinosaur says:

    You know what I think would be funny, that they release her from their personal care, throw her out into the streets, leave her to her own devices, matter of time before she reoffends, then they run for the hills leaving skid marks behind her!! Whatever crime she commits, gets arrested for, she’ll then be stuck with a public defender, not the goons that have been hiding her for these past 2 years. Have to say, this sure has been fun watching those rats jumping ship, her parents in foreclosure, now the heat is on from Rick on the grandollar for a copy of his mother’s will. As Jackie Gleason would say, “how sweet it is”!!

    • Deb says:

      Hah! “and away we go!” Karma train is comin’ on down the track… :-)

    • LindaP says:

      Hi Dino! I live for the day they all abandon her and throw her out into the streets. This monster has no devices what so ever. Not one tool available to this dumb ass baby killer. She’s never stopped being the colossal idiot who murdered her baby…placed the body in the trunk and drove around for over 3 days partying …never even bothering to get rid of it…instead waiting until she had to get rid of the car! Does it get any dumber then that? I don’t see how. There’s a reason that she had to lie about all of her jobs…and fake going every day. She’s too lazy and stupid to keep a job…and now it’s even going to be worse for her. The only thing she knows how to do is steal, lie and kill…and she’s bad at that. The next time will be the final time anyone has to look at her dumb face in a courtroom. The next time they will throw the book at her…if she doesn’t die of a drug overdose or steal from someone who kills her first. I believe she will definitely kill again…(or at least try)…and it will be for MONEY. She has no future. She never did.

      • Jersey says:

        I’ve thought many times of that $15,000 that was robbed from Tony Lazzaro’s drug dealer, and even Tony suspected killer of that robbery -
        The dumb bunny actually came out and TOLD Tony that she had exactly that amount – $15,000, in her bank account right after that.
        She’s an idiot, and that’s putting it mildly.
        I’ve wondered too, just WHAT did she do with that $15,000?
        Did Sindy come across it in her belongings that she took from Tony’s apartment?
        Or did Lee find it, when he went to Tony’s place to pick up the laptop & delete all the files while he was at it??
        I’ve thought that perhaps THAT’s why she was so DESPERATE to talk to Tony that nite, she wanted to know if someone had found the cash!

        • LindaP says:

          Jersey…There is not one doubt in my mind that she has stolen from people all around her since she slithered out of that EGG Spindy laid in the back yard.

          If it was stolen…and she was anywhere in the vicinity…then she did it. Not a question in my mind. Just like there’s no question in my mind that she will go back to doing the only thing she knows how to do…steal from others who are intelligent enough to have a job. I’d bet $1000 that she’s already stealing from everyone around her…her attorneys…their assistants…the body guard…all of them.

          Anyone around her is a potential source of income and goods for her. She does not possess what it takes to have a “career”…she will always be one thing and one thing only…

          a PARASITE.

          Of course she stole that drug dealers money. Of course she did!

          If she was around it…and saw it…and had a chance to take it then that’s exactly what she did.

          The retard has no brakes.

          Hope the next person she steals from beats her up and dumps her in a field.

          • Deb says:

            That first intro sentence had me ROFLMAO!!!!

          • LindaP says:

            LOL Deb!
            I had to go back and look at it again. I wrote that this am.
            I swear…get 1/2 cup of coffee in me first thing in the morning and I hate them all just as much as if the verdict just happened.

            Some days I am so full of rage at everyone associated with this travesty…I forget what colossal losers they all really are and I have to remind myself…


            it always helps to laugh about them.

          • Jersey says:

            It’s very telling that Lazzaro thought killer was the thief, and after the huge sums of money she stole from her family with no conscience whatever, I’m sure she felt entitled to it – She was there, the money was there, Bingo!
            But she put that money somewhere, she wouldn’t have left it in the abandoned car & apparently Lazzaro didn’t have it, so that leaves Sindy who went to the apartment to get her belongings, or Lee.
            Someone got it, that’s for sure.

  15. Inquiring2 says:

    Dec 4, 2013 [TODAY!]

    It is interesting about Nancy Grace, but I am focused on the part about CNN President Jeff Zucker, may drop the Piers Morgan Show!!!!!

    Piers Morgan is the main media outlet who has paid Casey Anthony through her attorney Cheney Mason for a phone interview and photos, and will do it again, if they are not stopped by BOYCOTT efforts.

    BOYCOTTERS need to contact CNN President Jeff Zucker as soon as possible, and let him know that viewers WANT the Piers Morgan Show dropped as soon as his contract is up – do not renew his contract !!!

    Also let Jeff Zucker know that viewers do NOT want Matt Lauer on CNN, as Lauer has worked hard to get a Casey Anthony Interview!!

    CNN Headquarters
    President Jeff Zucker
    Senior VP Amy Entelis
    One CNN Center, Box 105366
    Atlanta GA 30303

    Tel 404-827-1500
    Fax 404-827-1906

    CNN PR Contacts
    Atlanta – 404-827-1895
    Email –
    Email –

    Twitter – @CNN

    Facebook –

    Attorney J. Cheney Mason on Piers Morgan CNN TV show after Piers had phone interview with Casey – June 12, 2012
    [Piers allegedly paid Mason $ 100,000 to go towards Mason's legal fees Casey owes Mason and Mason allegedly gave Piers Morgan current photos of Casey, which Piers did not use on his show at that time]

    Attorney J. Cheney Mason on Piers Morgan CNN TV show speaking on Casey’s behalf – January 31, 2013 – regarding the bankruptcy she filed on Jan 25th

    New York Daily News article TODAY!
    Dec 4, 2013
    “Another potential shift could involve dumping Piers Morgan’s evening show.”
    Hollywood Reporter
    November 20, 2013
    “Piers Morgan’s three-year deal was extended into 2014, say sources. But Morgan, whose interview show seems to ebb and flow with the caliber of his guests, might not stay past then”

    Lauer would be a big get for Zucker; the two are friendly and were spotted chatting at Morgan’s recent book-launch party. But Lauer is committed to NBC’s Today until 2015.

  16. Victoria says:

    ~skbsoccermom~ Isn’t that strange about the OS. After making a few phone calls and several emails reporting the resident troll I too all of a sudden was booted off and had to register again. Things that make you go hmmm. I’m now convinced that our OS troll will always be with us. I too am glad Rick isn’t taking the perginators word for anything and is following up.

  17. Deb says:

    Dino, here’s what I copied/pasted; any ideas as to what the prostitution charges are about? Maybe there’s another (HEAVEN FORBID) Cynthia M. Anthony is Florida?!
    Search Menu Refine Search
    Location : Orange County

    Record Count: 7
    Search By: Party Exact Name: on Party Search Mode: Name Last Name: Anthony First Name: Cynthia Middle Name: M Case Status: All Sort By: Filed Date

    Case Number

    Citation Number

    Style/Defendant Info

    Filed/Location/Judicial Officer






    Div 73

    Allen, Faye L

    CC – Eviction

    Closed – SRS





    Officer, 98 Hearing

    Civil Traffic Infraction







    Officer, 98 Hearing

    Civil Traffic Infraction







    Miller, W Michael








    Tynan, Greg A








    Div 37

    Doherty, Patricia A

    CA – Homestead Residential Foreclosure btwn $50,001-$249,999

    Closed – SRS




    Div 71

    McGinnis, Adam

  18. Dinosaur says:

    Lou- Hi!! Yes, if I were an heir to Shirley’s Estate I’d be asking for a copy of the Will. I’d also be asking for a financial accounting of all of her mother’s money as well. Spindy was appointed Administrator of her Mother’s Estate, and had her father Alex signed-off as well as, giving her Power of Attorney over him. After that is when she sold the house.

    I sure hope her brother Rick stays on this, especially that her father is still alive and in a Nursing Facility. I would bet that Shirley would’ve wanted for the proceeds of the sale to go to his care.

  19. Lou says:

    Hello everyone…Am so glad to see the karma train coming .Seems to me Rick is doing the right thing. Shouldn’t all of siblings get a copy of the will reagardless of who is executor(sp) of the estate? You can bet sindy is doing something or has done something concerning the will…jmo.I put nothing past sindy.

  20. Dinosaur says:

    O/T: Motion to Compel Juror Twitter Accounts in Arias Trial: DENIED

  21. Victoria says:

    Not only are those in the Anthill squatters on Hopespring, their bigger picture shows them to be squatters in LIFE!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Victoria says:

    ~Good Morrow All Ye Gentle Folk and Keepers of Caylee’s Light~ Bwaaaaaah Hahahahaha!!! Only the smarmy, miscreant Anthony’s could not pay their mortgage for over two years and once again be motioning for extension of time. I guess two years wasn’t long enough to get their shyte together and honor their financial obligations despite having had the money to do so.
    As to the Ant’s unloading the Mt. Dora Plesea home, I don’t blame brother Rick Plesea for having a question or two about his mothers will. Knowing better then to look to his sister for truthful answers concerning Shirley’s Will he has requested a copy of the document from Lake County.

    • skbsoccermom says:

      Hi Victoria! I go by skbsoccermom here and An_Imperfect_Jury over at the OS. My screen name was banned over there after someone stole it and I reported them … then we both got the boot!
      Anyway, I’m glad Rick P isn’t taking his sisters word for anything. He knows where all her money goes … to enable her little psycho … and I’m sure he doesn’t want his parents life savings being spent on a child killer. Good for him. I guess he isn’t afraid of the pit bull.

  23. Dinosaur says:

    Let the games continue in the Anthony saga:

    12/2/13- Motion for Enlargement/Extension of Time
    Cynthia M Anthony and George Anthony-To Respond to Plaintiff’s Complaint

  24. B says:

    looks like the……band of silence… being streeeeeeetched… they notice its also….dry-rotted?….

  25. Inquiring2 says:

    Looks like Cindy’s brother, Rick Plesea, is questioning her actions regarding their mother’s Will and estate.



    • LindaP says:

      Oh God I love this. Thanks Inquiring.

      OF COURSE.

      C&G have already proven it. They are the worst kind of scum!

      Thank God their family is not standing for it…even if the system that we pay taxes for HAS.

    • LindaP says:

      And thank you for all of your posts!!!!!!!

      I am still tormented by this verdict and the total failure of the system all the way down the line…

      Most days I don’t think about it…because I know karma is gonna be worse for them…but if any of them rear their ugly heads in the news again…I instantly become enraged…

      this isn’t over yet imo…not by a long shot.

  26. InquiringMind says:

    bob kealing @bobkealing Dec 3, 2013
    Judge allows one of #caseyanthony bankruptcy attorneys to withdraw due to unspecified “conflict” within defense team


    Bankruptcy Judge allows FERWERDA to QUIT in both Kronk and Zenaida cases

    Order Granting Motion To Withdraw as Co-Counsel for Debtor


    Unopposed Motion to Withdraw as Counsel for Debtor Filed by Debra Ferwerda on behalf of Defendant Casey Marie Anthony


    Motion to Extend Time To File Answer Filed by David L Schrader on behalf of Defendant Casey Marie Anthony

    regarding Casey’s CONFLICT with her TEAM of attorneys

  27. Kat says:

    maybe they should have found a JOB for skank to pay HER debts, instead of trying to cheat the justice system, AGain! I have no sympathy for any of these lawyers taking her case, knowing so much about the case. Trying to trick the public and our court of law!!!

  28. Kat says: 6 – Casey Anthony will suffer. She will either defend the cases or be forced to default because she has no money. She will be lampooned in the press.The death threats will increase again.She will be forced to find new accommodations, or just disappear and say it is not worth the fight anymore.

    Really, my first thought, she is a fighter, hang in there person…It is not her that says it is not worth the fight anymore…Never was Her decision, Always these stupid goon lawyers that thought the public would think her the victim and the public would want her to be rich, etc, etc. They were always so transparent…Finally they may see there reputations have been tarnished, boo hoo. Idiots thinking to be rich on the horrible death of a little girl, Caylee. She could not defend herself, she has always been the victim.
    thanks all for keeping me informed! Much appreciated :)

  29. InquiringMind says:

    Mason said she was GUILTY before he joined her team!


    Dec 12, 2008 [Caylee's remains found]

    1:15 min – Mason – “Then all the talking, all the press interviews and the parents going on this show and that show and the lawyer going on different shows establishes they have no credibility whatsoever,” Mason said.

    1:20 min – Mason – “The most important thing is how did she die?” Mason said. “It could have been an accidental death — and we’ve talked before — an improper disposal, it could have been a brutal homicide. We don’t know, and until the medical examiner is finished and renders a report, no one is going to know.”

    2:18 min – Mason – “You can pretty well predict there’s going to be a life sentence, either a plea and get it over with or have a circus trial and then be convicted and get life,” Mason said.

  30. InquiringMind says:

    Notice how many times Attorney Mason is paying her bill out of a FLORIDA BAR FOUNDATION, and how many times Casey Anthony is making in-person COUNTER payments, when she says she has NO MONEY in the bankruptcy case:

    State of Florida v Casey Anthony
    Case #48-2008-CF-15606-0

    Total Financial Assessment 21,538.35
    Total Payments and Credits 19,714.43
    Balance Due as of 12/03/2013 1,823.92

    10/18/2012 Counter Payment Receipt # CR-2012-47552 ANTHONY, CASEY MARIE (3.00)

    11/13/2012 Counter Payment Receipt # CR-2012-51176 ANTHONY, CASEY MARIE (20.00)

    12/12/2012 Mail Payments Receipt # CR-2012-55880 ANTHONY, CASEY MARIE (20.00)

    01/09/2013 Mail Payments Receipt # CR-2013-01274 ANTHONY, CASEY MARIE (20.00)

    01/16/2013 Override Case Sent to Collection Agency – Alliance One – $ 4153.91
    Creditor Casey Anthony bankruptcy case – State of Florida – unknown Criminal Fines – Disputed – $ 4,135.00
    c/o Orange Cnty Clrk of Crt

    01/25/2013 Casey Anthony Filed Bankruptcy

    02/04/2013 Mail Payments Receipt # CR-2013-05894 FLORIDA BAR FOUNDATION INC / J. CHENEY MASON, PA – IOTA (20.00)

    02/11/2013 Mail Payments Receipt # CR-2013-07427 ANTHONY, CASEY MARIE (20.00)

    03/01/2013 Counter Payment Receipt # CR-2013-11244 ANTHONY, CASEY MARIE (20.00)

    04/04/2013 Mail Payments Receipt # CR-2013-17374 FLORIDA BAR FOUNDATION, INC (20.00)

    05/08/2013 Mail Payments Receipt # CR-2013-23370 FLORIDA BAR FOUNDATION, INC (20.00)

    05/07/2013 Transaction Assessment 1,273.00
    05/07/2013 Transaction Assessment 1,050.00

    06/06/2013 Counter Payment Receipt # CR-2013-28074 ANTHONY, CASEY MARIE (20.00)

    07/09/2013 Counter Payment Receipt # CR-2013-33274 MASON, JAMES CHENEY, Esquire (20.00)

    08/09/2013 Counter Payment Receipt # CR-2013-38503 ANTHONY, CASEY MARIE (20.00)

    09/10/2013 Manual Entry of Imported Files (for Cashier use) Receipt # COLL-2013-51888 MASON, JAMES CHENEY, Esquire (20.00)

    10/07/2013 Mail Payments Receipt # CR-2013-47419 ANTHONY, CASEY MARIE (20.00)

    11/06/2013 Mail Payments Receipt # CR-2013-52382 MASON, JAMES CHENEY, Esquire (20.00)

    • skbsoccermom says:

      I found the Florida Bar Foundations facebook page and asked them if this is the organization that Mason is using to pay her bills. I also asked why he would need to use foundation money when Piers Morgan paid him 6 figures for an interview about the killer. I’m sure they’ll delete it as fast as I posted it.

  31. InquiringMind says:

    Attorney J. Cheney Mason STILL helping Casey Anthony after her release from jail July 7, 2011.
    Mason has been on CNN Piers Morgan show.
    [see CNN - BOYCOTT NETWORKS info -

    - Mason filed APPEAL of 4 lying to LE convictions – from August 17, 2011 thru March 25, 2013

    - Mason on Piers Morgan CNN TV show after Piers had phone interview with Casey – June 12, 2012
    [Piers allegedly paid Mason $ 100,000 for his legal fees on Casey’s behalf and gave Piers current photos of Casey, which Piers did not use on his show]

    - Mason on Piers Morgan CNN TV show speaking on Casey’s behalf – January 31, 2013

    - Mason escorted Casey to bankruptcy Meeting of Creditors on March 4, 2013

    - Mason STILL pays court costs for her from February 4, 2013 thru Nov 6, 2013 – FLORIDA BAR FOUNDATION INC / J. CHENEY MASON, PA

  32. Inquiring2 says:


    The part I like is that not just ONE attorney quit – MORE than one quit her!!!!
    The attorneys who never filed a Notice of Appearance in the bankruptcy case, are not named. Only Ferwerda is named because she had filed a Notice of Appearance in the bankruptcy case.

    paragraph 4: …. Casey Anthony has been represented by a TEAM of attorneys working pro bono including Debra Ferwerda, Esq. AND OTHER COUNSEL who have not filed an appearance in this matter, or the bankruptcy case.

    paragraph 5: Recently a CONFLICT has developed between Casey Anthony and OTHER MEMBERS of the TEAM which resulted in THEIR no longer being involved in this matter, including those who were preparing Casey Anthony’s answer in this [Zenaida] adversary case.

    paragraph 6: Because of the withdrawal of the TEAM MEMBERS, Casey Anthony has sought additional counsel to assist in this matter.


    I think Ferwerda and the lawyers in her firm, Jacobson, McClean, Chmelir, & Ferwerda are the attorneys who have QUIT.
    Andrew Chmelir has been on some of the bankruptcy documents, and has attended some of the bankruptcy hearings, and has been on media videos along with Ferwerda. These attorneys have been working closely with Charles Greene.

    In the photo with Casey, Charles Greene’s team are holding a sign that says “TEAM CASEY”. The “TEAM CASEY” is Charles M. Greene with John G. DeGirolamo and Richard Solomon, and Richard Reinhart in recent photo of smiling Casey with attorneys – I hope they have all QUIT.


    1 David L. Schrader – bankruptcy atty – office St. Petersburg, FL
    [filed Notice of Appearance in bankruptcy case – he cannot QUIT now]

    2 Charles M. Greene – Orlando, FL [with John G. DeGirolamo and Richard Solomon, and Richard Reinhart in recent photo of smiling Casey with attorneys – he never filed a Notice of Appearance in the bankruptcy case]

    3 Andrew J. Chmelir [Jacobson, McClean, Chmelir & Ferwerda, P.A.] – works in Ferwerda Law Firm, and they confer with Charles Greene]

    4 Debra Ferwerda [confers with Charles Greene and filed Notice of Appearance in bankruptcy case – WITHDREW Nov 26, 2013]

    • Jersey says:

      Can it possibly be that they are all not only sick & tired of working for nothing and need some kind of payment, or is it that the skank is throwing tantrums and demanding them to make her a millionaire?
      Just wondering, LOL!

      • skbsoccermom says:

        My guess would be that they want her to take some sort of responsibility and she threw a fit. Just like when mason wanted her to take a plea and she freaked out at him.

        The scamphony’s raised a psychopath … never holding her accountable for anything. It certainly isn’t going to change now. But, I’m thrilled that these lawyers who drank the koolaid are now seeing the crazy psycho that we all see!

        • dancehappy says:

          I think she threw a fit because she is to be deposed and took it out on the lawyers.

          • LindaP says:

            Hi Dancehappy! I bet she’s thrown a lot more then just one fit.

            I think it’s one of the funniest things that they are all stuck with that psycho. I think they must hate her by now…I always think of the jailhouse tapes and she’s so repulsive that how could they not?

          • Jersey says:

            Remember what Judge Perry said, that the screaming and four letter words he heard, upon Bozo urging the skank to take a plea, were just horrendous – apparently she was in a holding cell in the courthouse and she let loose, lol!
            She’s such an idiot, I hope they ALL dump her.

  33. Inquiring2 says:

    The TexasEquuSearch site issued a statement which says that Casey Anthony is under no obligation to pay them anything.

    The Facts about Texas Equusearch vs. Casey Anthony Lawsuit

    Posted on 28. Nov, 2013 by Kevin Cotter in Featured News, Media, TXEQ News

    Texas Equusearch is dedicated to finding missing persons.

    With regards to the Casey Anthony lawsuit, Texas Equusearch agreed to an unsecured settlement of $75,000. This unsecured settlement means that Ms. Anthony may elect to pay all or some of this amount but is under no obligation pay anything. Texas Equusearch does not foresee ever receiving any funds from Ms. Anthony.

    The focus of Texas Equusearch is not to continue this fight but to continue its search for missing individuals and bring them home to their families. Texas Equusearch founder Tim Miller explained, “Over $120,000 was spent by Texas Equusearch during the search for Caylee Anthony. This money could have been used for other families with loved ones who are TRULY missing.”

    • Jersey says:

      Aren’t those A’s ever ashamed of themselves??
      Sindy got Miller & his team over from Texas, then when Miller got to the A’s home he is not even allowed to speak to the mother, the last person seen with Caylee, then because it became a search for a deceased Caylee, Sindy blasted Miller in the press and ordered him out of her home -
      All the while never ONCE thinking of other REAL missing children.
      These people have no Shame.

      • skbsoccermom says:

        Of course they’re never ashamed of themselves. If they had even the least bit of a moral compass, they would have offered to reimburse Tim from the money they raked in using their granddaughters name. That is what a compassionate, normal human being would have done!

  34. Dinosaur says:

    Linda- Hi!! Another thing Tim Miller still has intact, his good reputation, that is something the skank, her family and her band of goons will never have. They can’t even reach up to tie his shoelaces. Tim Miller will recover from this, he’ll go on to continue the good work he’s always done, searching and finding lost loved ones. The whole group of them set out to destroy him, but, in the end, he still remains standing, holding his head up high.

  35. Dinosaur says:

    skbsoccermom & Linda- Good Morning!! The details of the Settlement between the skank & Tim Miller are apparently sealed. But, she settled for $75,000.00 with no admission of any admissibility. First off, you don’t settle a lawsuit if you held no culpability of guilt. Secondly, if in fact she does sign any book/movie deal, those earnings will become part of Tim Miller’s Settlement, this is why I think he did it in this fashion. Another reason, lawsuits take up time and resources, he probably thought it best to settle rather than to run up a lot of attorney fees fighting her in Court.

    • LindaP says:

      Thanks Dino…I was thinking that after the robbery…and the loss of money…just from trying to help those lying, cheating, stealing Anthonys…that TM had too much debt himself…to pursue the case…especially considering she’s worthless. I was thinking TM knows that the best he can ever do is keep her from making any more money off killing Caylee then she already has. They are all entering their downward spiral phase…it sure took long enough. I can only hope that means it’s going to last a long time

    • skbsoccermom says:

      That has been my question all along about Tim’s settlement with her …. if she ever does cash in, can he recoup his money? It sounds like he can. I sure hope that is part of the agreement, because it would be so wrong for him to walk away with nothing, and then for someone to offer her $$$.
      My ultimate hope is that child killer never makes a dime, but if, God forbid, it ever happened, I would hope Tim would get his money before she is ever allowed to pocket any.

  36. Dinosaur says:

    Inquiring- Good Morning!! They’ve used every excuse they can think of, but, there are no more. If she does disappear, then it will be her goons on the hook for it.

    I’m getting the biggest chuckle out of this, an uncooperative client, every attorneys nightmare, her making demands that can’t be met, threatening to take the 5th, not revealing the date, place and time or release of her deposition, her fake post-it-note-assassin, other unproven death threats. Good luck to them in trying to get someone else to represent her pro bono. These goons are really starting too see she has absolutely no “money in her future”. She’s worthless, everyone knows her story, so, nothing to sell, they see it and don’t want to waste anymore time or money on her. She’s become a noose around their necks, they are losing money every time they either have to appear in Court, or write/file a Motion in her behalf.

    I recall from the last hearing 11/5/13 when Attorney Shuker told Schrader, “you use to have a good reputation”. How true those words he spoke, all of their reputations are so tarnished and will remain that way as long as they continue to represent her.

  37. Inquiring2 says:

    How many times are Casey’s attorneys going to use the poor Casey schtick?
    They already filed documents in May and June saying she was out of money to continue the fight, and some of her team dropped out, and she may have to disappear.

    May 6, 2013

    google docs: Page 12-13
    paragraph G-Ms. Anthony is out of Resources to continue to Fight Frivolous Lawsuits.
    “As a result of the donated time of a team of attorneys and other professionals, Ms. Anthony has been able to fend off the claims of Gonzalez and others seeking to jump on the publicity bandwagon”.Ms. Anthony has been able to continue the battle this long only because of the tireless efforts of a legal team which has contributed its own money and time to defend her.However, the resources of the legal team have also been taxed to their limit and some of the members are otherwise no longer able to continue the fight
    June 10, 2013

    page 6 – Casey Anthony will suffer. She will either defend the cases or be forced to default because she has no money. She will be lampooned in the press.The death threats will increase again.She will be forced to find new accommodations, or just disappear and say it is not worth the fight anymore.

  38. Dinosaur says:

    Linda- I have no doubt that the Deposition will go forward, something she and her goons don’t want to do. They’ve been playing the Courts like fools, shame on them for allowing it, but, it’s beginning to backfire on them. They are running out of options in defending this skank. Everyone of these goons deserve to lose big time!!

  39. Dinosaur says:

    Another thought comes to mind here. According to Debra Ferwerda, she stated that she would comply and set a date 30 days from the date of Judge May’s order denying her Motion to Dismiss, now that date would be 12/5/13. It would seem very plausible that they are attempting to delay/stop this Deposition taking place due to the fact that her attorneys are jumping ship once again. As Zenaida’s Attorney Shuker said, “who has 5 Attorneys for a straight forward Chapter 7 no asset case, it doesn’t pass the smell test to him”. Now she’s seeking additional counsel. What a joke this group of goons really are. So glad it’s now costing them money and time to represent her.

    • LindaP says:

      Hi Dino! So far it’s not working out so well for them.

      She’s not even worth a sentence in the news anymore…she’s nothing but an albatross and a drain on anyone to attaches themselves to her.

      I hope the deposition goes as scheduled…but even if it doesn’t…they are all getting what they deserve and are too greedy to see they are on a sinking ship.

    • skbsoccermom says:

      Are you saying that this could be a game they’re playing? And her attorney’s aren’t really jumping ship, but just making it appear that way? I sure hope not! That picture of her with her attorney’s smiling from ear to ear annoyed the sh** out of me, and the news of them leaving her made me jump for joy. I sure hope karma is finally paying her a visit.

      • LindaP says:

        Hi skbsoccermom!

        I think what Dino is saying…and she can correct me on this of course if I am wrong…is..

        They are pulling out every trick in the book because they are running out of things to do…and in the end none of their tricks are going to work because they are on a sinking ship.

        Even if this is a trick…it’s a desperate one…designed so that THEY can get some kind of imaginary pay off out of this useless moron. Personally it doesn’t matter to me if it’s a trick or if it’s real.

        The point is they are desperate…and if they are trying to delay the deposition (which Dino has said will most likely go on as scheduled)…it’s because they are desperate. They are out of tricks and each delay cost them all more money that they are never going to get back.
        ; )

  40. B says:

    droppin’ like….death flies!!!…Great news!!!!…

  41. Inquiring2 says:

    Some of Casey Anthony’s Pro Bono attorneys have WITHDRAWN and no longer work for her, after a conflict with Casey Anthony. Her attorney Debra Ferwerda has filed a Motion to Withdraw as Co-Counsel of Record [along with other attorneys who had not filed a Notice of Appearance].

    Unopposed Motion to Withdraw as Counsel for Debtor Filed by Debra Ferwerda on behalf of Defendant Casey Marie Anthony

    Ferwerda files Motion to Withdraw as Co-Counsel of Record for Casey Anthony
    Ferwerda files same Motion to Withdraw in Kronk and Zenaida cases


    Motion to Extend Time To File Answer Filed by David L Schrader on behalf of Defendant Casey Marie Anthony

    Casey Anthony’s attorney David Schrader is left holding the bag after her other attorneys withdraw, and Schrader did not know about the conflict and the withdrawals until Nov 26th, and did not know who was preparing the ANSWER which was due on Nov 26th. Schrader files a Motion for Extension of Time to file an ANSWER to the Judge’s DENIED Motion to Dismiss Zenaida’s Complaint which was ordered on Nov 5th. Schrader wants ten more days, until Dec 6th to file the ANSWER.

    Casey Anthony is seeking additional counsel.


    Kronk has filed his AMENDED COMPLAINT


    The next ZENAIDA and KRONK HEARING is set for January 14, 2014 at 11:00am in Tampa

  42. Dinosaur says:

    Looks like the Anthony’s have been served with Notice of Foreclosure:

    11/25/13 Affidavit of Service Cynthia M. Anthony
    11/25/13 Affidavit of Service George Anthony
    11/25/13 Affidavit of Service United Guaranty
    11/25/13 Affidavit of Service Chickasaw Oaks Phase Three
    11/25/13 Affidavit of Service Unknown Parties 1
    11/25/13 Affidavit of Service Unknown Parties 2

  43. Jersey says:

    Excerpt from ‘Squirrely Stories’:

    “Taking place ten years from now -

    Sindy & George are running a nursing home, called ‘Old Farts & Floosies’

    SINDY: “Oh GD it, George, here comes Miss Tootsie again – this time YOU can tell her she’s living on the men’s wing because she really is a man, just because she dresses like a woman doesn’t mean she is one!”

    GEORGE, groaning: “Oh geez, do I hafta??”

    SINDY: “Hey listen, would you rather do their laundry?? I gotta change old Mr Tinkelmeyer’s sheets twice a day now, he pees the bed constantly –”

    GEORGE: “OMG, what IS that smell??”

    SINDY: “Oh that’s just Mrs Rotweiler, she just walked down the hall, everytime she exercises she passes gas, what an old windbag –”

    GEORGE: “Oh geez, talking about windbags, here comes Mr Tudball, he talks even slower than he walks –”

    SINDY: “Could this day get any worse?? Look who’s @ the door, it’s Crazy, last time she came for a visit, she tried to drown that poor old fruitcake Miss Kay, said she reminded her of somebody…..”

    • LindaP says:

      LOLOL Jersey! Just saw the headline on the Huffington Post “OJ’s Run of Bad Luck” since OJ’s appeal was DENIED and he will remain in prison. I hope the same thing happens to Michael Skakal…

      and I have NO DOUBT that America’s most hideous and creepy family ever…is about to run head on into their bag of bad luck.

      The party’s over and I hope “OJ’s run of bad luck” run pales in comparison to what’s coming their way.

      I also hope the world is watching!

      Have a great Thanksgiving Jersey!

  44. Inquiring2 says:

    How sweet of you to say Kat!
    Thank you!

    Wonder if Perry’s affair would have continued IF the woman had not been fired and filed the complaint? In other words, Perry did not end the affair for any noble reasons.

    • LindaP says:

      I second that Inquiring! We all so appreciate getting all of your updates!!!

      I feel the same way about this travesty as I do many other national tragedies…NEVER FORGET what happened in Orlando…and NEVER allow them to think we have forgotten!

      Thanks for all you do Inquiring!

  45. kat says:

    Inq. Thanks, yes i do remember thinking, REALLY an affair with Perry ): Jill is right, they are human BUT a professional functions a lawyer should be competent, prompt, diligent, and loyal. …cheating on his wife was very selfish, and not a very smart move. Is it just men, how dumb, risking professional for some time under the covers, or maybe they were under the desk. Yuck, getting to visuals…gotta stop. Inq, have a wonderful Thanksgiving, and speaking for most of our chat buds–You have been a wealth of information…we are Thankful for YOU!

  46. Inquiring2 says:

    April 2, 2011
    Order in His Court


    What he did was have an affair with a courthouse employee.
    It came to light in 1998 when a deputy court administrator who had been let go by another judge filed a discrimination complaint. In the suit she claimed that her firing stemmed from an affair she’d had with Perry dating back to the 1990s.

    Perry contends he could have saved face by interceding with his colleague on the woman’s behalf, but opted to “do the right thing” by admitting the affair and facing the consequences. The ensuing scandal almost ruined his career and, most likely, cost him a chance at advancement to the 5th District Court of Appeals. The case ultimately was settled for $65,000.

    “It was a shock,” says Jill Gay, Perry’s assistant since his earliest days as a prosecutor. “We look at people like Judge Perry as gods. When you find out they’re human, it’s hard.”
    Disgraced¸ Perry considered quitting. He took two years off from his chief judge duties to work on rebuilding his marriage and his reputation.

  47. Inquiring2 says:

    Order Granting Motion for Approval of Compromise Settlement With Texas Equusearch Mounted Search and Recovery

    Judge approves Casey Anthony’s settlement with Texas EquuSearch
    Settlement doesn’t require Anthony to admit liability.,0,4066450.story

    By Jeff Weiner, Orlando Sentinel
    10:41 a.m. EST, November 26, 2013


    Casey Anthony’s bankruptcy judge has approved her settlement with Texas EquuSearch, the search-and-recovery group that scoured Central Florida for her daughter in 2008.

    Under the terms of the settlement, filed for U.S. Bankruptcy Judge K. Rodney May’s approval in October, EquuSearch agreed to drop its complaint, which objected to Anthony’s Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

    Anthony agreed to allow EquuSearch to claim $75,000 as a creditor. However, it appears unlikely EquuSearch will get much, if any, of that money.

    The group may get a portion of whatever Anthony’s bankruptcy trustee can find in her estate, but the rest of the $75,000 debt is now set to be wiped away when her bankruptcy concludes

  48. kat says:

    Inq: Thank you for the legal I am sorry but I cant decipher what this document means…dated June 2013? Have they screwed the system, again? Does their filing for bankruptcy discharge there obligation to pay mortgage? If so, I am so angy. There are families living in their car because of no job market…this disgusting, lying family are such scammers.

  49. Inquiring2 says:

    The William Morris Endeavor Entertainment LLC is Baez [and Casey Anthony], Geraldo, and Jim Lichtenstein AGENT.,0,

    Judge Belvin Perry show pushed to 2015
    By Hal Boedeker Staff writer
    10:51 a.m. EST, November 22, 2013


    Orange-Osceola Chief Judge Belvin Perry Jr. may still headline a legal TV show, but it won’t happen in the 2014 TV season.

    “We’re keeping our fingers crossed for 2015 with a new concept,” Jim Lichtenstein said Friday. He will serve as executive producer, and he says he has come up a twist on the traditional judge show.
    “All the distributors love Judge Perry, but they’re looking for a new take on the legal show,” Lichtenstein said.

    So Lichtenstein will push to give that to them when he tries to sell the show for 2015.
    He has not shot a pilot with Perry, but distributors saw a highlight reel of Perry in court.

    Perry gained national fame in overseeing the Casey Anthony trial. Lichtenstein covered the trial as a freelance producer for NBC’s “Today.”

    Lichtenstein’s agent at the William Morris Endeavor talent agency, Mark Itkin, is packaging the Perry show. The Morris agency is still behind the show, Lichtenstein said.


    Rt666&Beyond at 10:27 AM November 22, 2013
    Never liked him, he is an ENTITLEMENT judge and it has shown for decades. He engaged in sexual activity with a court employee for years while he was married and a JUDGE. Cheated on his wife and kid for years. Got caught, the County fired the women, she sued the County and the tax payers had to pay her off. This is seldom mentioned in his BIO unless someone like me does. Yes, it DOES matter.


    William Morris Endeavor Entertainment, LLC
    A Talent and Literary Agency [signed Jose Baez]
    Clients are Geraldo Rivera and Whoopie Goldberg on The View ABC

    It was reported July 7, 2011 that Jose Baez and Casey Anthony were signed by the Agency as a “package deal”. Baez called Jane Velez Mitchell and said that Casey Anthony was not signed – but did not deny that he was signed by the Agency.
    Aphrodite Jones on HLN [CNN sister station] reported that Baez and Casey Anthony are now being represented by the William Morris Agency in NYC.

  50. B says:

    ….you think ole georgie knows……..HE is the weakest link!!!!!!!!!!!..

  51. Inquiring2 says:

    Casey Anthony Bankrupts Parents
    ‘They’re talking about washing their hands of her forever’


    “Neither Cindy nor George work. He’s been earning some money by making wagons for kids and selling them out of their home.”

    Meanwhile, it appears that neighbors are running out of patience with Cindy and 62-year-old George.

    “When the neighborhood association held its annual garage sale, George trucked in stuff from other relatives to sell,” noted the insider. “But the sale is supposed to be for residents’ items only, and there was a lot of grumbling.

    “The homeowners’ association is also angry because the Anthonys haven’t paid their dues in years.

    “We’d all like to see them go. As neighbors, they’ve been a nightmare. Nobody here speaks to them anymore. If they get thrown out of their house, I’d say good riddance!”

    • LindaP says:

      Choooooo choooooooo!!!!

      All aboard the Karma train!

      Thanks Inquiring! I would have never found that article…LOVE the quote from the neighbor!

      Remember what happened the last time Cindy and George tried to wash their hands of the murdering mule?

      Somebody didn’t survive it.

    • Inquiring2 says:

      no pity for Cindy and George from me
      they made their choices

      they chose to lease the condo for Casey instead of paying their own mortgage payments

      they chose to pay for her bodyguards

      they chose to do a $ 15,000 remodel on their bathroom

      they chose to take a vacation, riding FIRST CLASS in the plane

      they chose to buy new vehicles and even give one to Casey to drive

      they chose to do the Dr. Phil show and got $ 600,000 which they did not spend on their own mortgage and Homeowner Assoc fees

      they chose to hold garage sales and George buys a LOT on EBAY for resale

      they chose to do extensive remodeling outside their home and yard

      Cindy spoke to a well known financial advisor – yet still chose not to pay her mortgage and Homeowner Assoc fees

      all THEIR OWN choices — now they should have to face the consequences of those choices

      • LindaP says:

        Couldn’t agree more Inquiring!

        They chose to COMMIT PERJURY so that she would not be held responsible now take care of “it”…because you wanted her…you GOT her!

        I just emailed this to Bettie on Facebook…

        There is no way that they have much money left at all…the lawyers…the CHURCH…the CONDO…that’s not to mention any car, electricity, food, liquor, DRUGS, clothing, medical treatment, SCAMS (because you know the skank LIES to get money from the grand dollars) You know they NEED to be able to afford to keep her out of their house!

        I wouldn’t put it past the two of them to be HIDING money from mule face for themselves! lol
        There’s NOT going to be a “book” or a “movie”…that’s not going to happen. There goes another $25,000 bucks.
        Any project she attaches her baby killing name to will fail…plus…what has this killer ever been able to accomplish in her life? EVER?


        There has been a lot more money spent then even we know about Inquiring. This is what I’ve been waiting for since the verdict. Been waiting for them to run out of money because that’s not going to stop the baby killer from trying to STEAL what she can from them.

        It’s back to normal…for the creepiest family alive.

        Didn’t we leave off at “Household objects as weapons”?

        When the killer wants to move back home…I wonder what’s going to happen then?

  52. Jersey says:

    Crazy might try and unload her memoirs at the local carnival, somewhere between the donkey rides and the funhouse might be a good spot.

    Ooops, maybe not – she might get mistaken for an escaped mule, and they’ll be trying to saddle her up.

  53. B says:

    …….has anyone seen ads on FB for…..babykiller?……”see the latest & greatest pics of…Casey Anthony”………I clicked—–Remove from my timeline…..& marked—OFFENSIVE…….on right side of FB…….

  54. B says:

    thank you so much for your posting & links,Inquiring2……my hope is still….Judge will DENY Bk. …..seems to be only for publicity,anyway…IMO….

  55. Inquiring2 says:

    Casey Anthony gets rid of the TexasEquuSearch lawsuit next Tuesday, Nov 26, 2013 at 11:30 in Tampa – just in time for Thanksgiving!

    TexasEquuSearch walks away with no money.
    All TES gets is a worthless bankruptcy claim for $ 75,000, which will never be paid and will be discharged in Casey’s bankruptcy case.
    TES is a non-profit organization, so any tax write-off effect would be minimal or nothing.

    • Jersey says:

      Waste of time -
      TES had an excellent chance at a court trial, they would have been awarded WAY more than $75,000, and the tramp would have been forced up on that stand, perjuring herself all over the place and ending up in prison where she belongs.
      I realize that award would also have been just a piece of paper – however, the skank would have been smeared so miserably that she wouldn’t be able to show her face even down @ the local Burger King without getting a faceful of rotten tomatoes, or maybe even a good stoning.
      Something needs to wipe that smirk right off her ugly face.

      • B says:

        reading old (2011) articles today….TMZ reports all three networks…ABC,NBC,CBS…in bidding war w/bozo…bids up to 1.5 mill… the ants said ..”H*ll NO!!- to an offer of 250,000….just hilarious!!!… …OLD news then…..PUTRID,older news now!!….awaiting the slow ….unraveling….of that tiny thread of hope ….cough…. ….slip of the tongue…cough……names dropped…secrets told…..tick-tock…..

  56. Inquiring2 says:

    TES HEARING on Tuesday, Nov 26, 2013 at 11:30 in Tampa, for the bankruptcy judge to approve/grant the AGREED SETTLEMENT between TexasEquuSearch and Casey Anthony.

    Motion for Approval of Compromise Settlement With Texas Equusearch Mounted Search and Recovery
    Filed by Casey Anthony attorneys

    Filed 9/13/2013
    Agreed Motion to Continue/Reschedule Hearing On Pretrial Conference
    Filed by Peter D. Russin on behalf of Plaintiff Texas Equusearch Mounted Search and Recovery

    Order Granting Motion To Continue/Reschedule Hearing Re: Pretrial Conference
    Hearing scheduled for 11/26/2013 at 11:30 AM at Tampa, FL – Courtroom 9B, Sam M. Gibbons United States Courthouse, 801 N. Florida Avenue

  57. Inquiring2 says:

    Next HEARING for Zenaida and Kronk is January 14, 2014 at 11:00am in Tampa

    1/14/2014 at 11:00 am
    - her Complaint against Casey Anthony
    - Determine Non-Core Element of Complaint

    Casey Anthony’s Motion to Dismiss Zenaida Complaint was DENIED on Nov 5, 2013. Casey Anthony has 21 days to ANSWER [Nov 26, 2013]. The official Court ORDER has not been filed as of Nov 22, 2013.

    Casey Anthony’s Motions to stop Zenaida from taking a deposition from Casey Anthony was DENIED, and Casey’s attorneys were sanctioned $ 500.

    1/14/2013 at 11:00am
    - his Complaint against Casey Anthony
    - Determine Whether Proceeding Core

    Casey Anthony’s Motion to Dismiss Kronk Complaint was granted in part and denied in part. Kronk gets to AMEND his COMPLAINT and re-file it. The official Court ORDER has not been filed as of Nov 22, 2013.

  58. Inquiring2 says:

    P.I. Dominic Casey is advertising his “book” on twitter.
    “RESEARCHERX” is saying DC won’t make money off a Kindle Ebook.
    But there is the hope/dream of making big money on a tv INTERVIEW.
    DC even said so himself, in his own reviews of his “book” on Amazon, when he was tooting his own horn, and trying to make it look like he had more positive reviews, than he really did.


    RESEARCHER ‏@ResearcherX 19 Nov 2013
    @hanna548 @Dominic_Casey_
    NO it is self published and NO profit to be gained financially. Its not possible to make a profit from an E book

    Info Seeker ‏@Inquizzativ 19 Nov 2013
    @ResearcherX @hanna548 @Dominic_Casey_
    the money to be made would be IF any media gives him an interview

    MartiniWife ‏@MartiniWife 19 Nov 2013
    @ResearcherX @hanna548 @Dominic_Casey_
    of course it’s possible to profit from an ebook – not saying he is but you can, many do!

    Info Seeker ‏@Inquizzativ now Nov 21, 2013
    @ResearcherX @hanna548 @MartiniWife
    ask DC his assoc w/Michelle Feuer CBS 48 Hours PRODUCER The Untold Story of Caylee Anthony – plans??

    RESEARCHER ‏@ResearcherX 50m Nov 21, 2013
    @Inquizzativ @hanna548
    WHAT interview has @Dominic_Casey_ ever done in 20 years? IMO I dont the man has ever done an interview?

    Info Seeker ‏@Inquizzativ 21m Nov 21, 2013
    @ResearcherX @hanna548
    he avoided depositions and turning over cell phone records – and no media interview done – but WANTS one now re:book

    Info Seeker ‏@Inquizzativ 16m Nov 21, 2013
    @ResearcherX @hanna548
    DC own words “This private investigator is a winner and I hope to eventually see an exclusive interview soon”

    Info Seeker ‏@Inquizzativ 12m Nov 21, 2013
    @ResearcherX @hanna548
    more from DC – “We are anxiously awaiting his exclusive interview with the network. …”

    Info Seeker ‏@Inquizzativ 14m Nov 21, 2013
    @ResearcherX @hanna548
    more DC: “he should grace BBC with his exclusive interview since he is British and has a HUGE support base in Europe”

    Info Seeker ‏@Inquizzativ 13m Nov 21, 2013
    @ResearcherX @hanna548
    more DC: “No Lifetime movie of the week for this book. Privilege Waived will command a big screen performance …”

    Info Seeker ‏@Inquizzativ 12m Nov 21, 2013
    @ResearcherX @hanna548
    more DC: “This book is not reality TV…this is Oscar material.”

    Donna Taylor ‏@Donnacatherine4 14 Nov 2013
    Who cares about this “BABY KILLER”!!! we all know what her activities were….. STOP beating a dead horse!!

  59. Inquiring2 says:

    Baez BRAGS about getting away with TWENTY FOUR Florida Bar Complaints, during ONE trial ??!!!!!

    what he said in the Buffalo conference:
    “He showed a newspaper headline that read, “Casey Anthony is most hated person in America,” and talked at length about the 24 Bar Association complaints he had to address during the trial.
    “I can’t tell you how stressful this was,” he said.

    These Florida Bar Complaints against Baez, are only the ones which the public knew about, and each complaint contained more than one specific complaint. Adding up to 24 Complaints!

    1 – 2008- 2009 – One closed complaint is from a court reporting agency regarding alleged non-payment. The matter was closed.

    2 – Oct 2008 – Bar complaint filed against Baez – he filed a Motion Jan 27, 2009, to recuse all of the Prosecutors saying they leaked info about the Bar complaint to the media. Prosecutors filed Objection to Motion Jan 29, 2009. Baez said Prosecutors encouraged the FL Bar to investigate his dealings. In the Motion, Baez said: “someone from the State Attorney’s Office forwarded the news releases about Jose Baez related to alleged remarks made about the prosecutor and/or entertainment deals going into the pocket of Baez

    3 – Sept 2008 – May 2009 – Bar complaint filed about his history posted on his website (false advertising) ordered to go through diversion – adv classes – not serious reprimand
    he clearly states in his profile that he worked for Miami/Dade Public Defenders Office from 1995 and won 32 of 34 cases he tried in the first year. The problem is Mr. Baez did not pass the Bar until 2005

    4 – Oct 31, 2008 – Baez touching Inmate – filed complaint – woman in Indiana
    WFTV reported – Oct 31, 2008 – The Florida Bar Association will investigate attorney Jose Baez to determine if jailhouse hugs with Casey Anthony are violations of its ethical standards. “The complaint with the Florida Bar was filed by a woman from Indiana who had read about the incident online and felt Baez overstepped his boundaries. The Bar said it would investigate the complaint even though the woman had no involvement in the case.”

    5 – Feb 2009 – Sept 2009 – Bar complaint filed by Shannon Stoy [Blink On Crime], regarding how defense being paid – Bar said he broke no rules. complaint filed in Feb – took 7 months to complete complaint process.

    6 – April 2009 – Sept 2009 – Bar complaint filed by Dominic Casey – did not get paid by Baez, told not to call Law enforcement if found Caylee – FL Bar said he broke no rules about payment.

    7 – May 2009 – Judge Strickland – passed on a complaint about Baez about Dominic allegations – WFTV article
    Three Complaints Filed With Fla. Bar Against Baez
    Posted: 1:26 pm EDT May 21, 2009
    Circuit Judge Stan Strickland is one of three people who have filed complaints against Baez.
    Another complaint involves private eye Dominic Casey’s claim in a police interview that he was told not to call 911 if he found Caylee’s body.
    The person who filed the third complaint has not been identified.

    8 – April 1, 2009 – Conway or Anthonys? – Bar complaint filed about how defense is funded [Casey wrote this in letter to Inmate Robyn Adams]
    page 74 – letter dated 4/1/09
    “The drama with my folks is getting worse, and I mean that in several ways #1 their attorney is a power-hungry jerk, who is only looking to make himself relevant in my case, and my Mom is aiding him in that (bar complaints against Jose, wanting to raise $ for my defense, but they don’t want my defense team knowing…), that’s just the tip of the iceberg

    9 – August 2009 – possible Bar complaint?? Tony Padilla filed complaint???? – fake contract?

    10 July 16, 2010 – passing letters and other complaints – closed Oct 13, 2010

    11 – Feb 2011 – newest one – possibly about Baez’ lies about Laura Buchanan documents – tampering investigation??? Orlando Sentinel reported that a new complaint has been filed. WFTV says Conway did not report it.

  60. kat says:
    this idiot still beleives he is America’s hero, high profile lawyer, saving a life.

  61. B says:

    lol…Linda….from your reply,I must say….both…..

  62. B says:

    ….bozo has moved up….to the Shit Master…(.formally held by an ex….)….may your KARMA be swift…..hard….bizarre….& never-ending….

  63. dancehappy says:

    what b.s. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Casey Anthony’s Attorney Says Trial Was Easy Win

    Jose Baez doesn’t mince words when talking about “the storm” that whirled around the Casey Anthony murder trial.

    He’s not shy about lambasting the media for its tabloid-like coverage or prosecutors for their reliance on junk science.

    The defense lawyer even questions the judge’s handling of what Time magazine called the social media trial of the century.

    But there is one group that emerges from Baez’s critique unscathed – the Florida jury that acquitted Anthony of first-degree murder in the death of her 2-year-old daughter Caylee.

    “I’m absolutely appalled that this jury was so vilified,” he said of the death threats and harassment that followed. “They didn’t volunteer for this job.”

    Baez, who gained fame because of his successful defense of Anthony, appeared in Buffalo this weekend as part of a seminar held by the New York State Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers and used it to advise his “brothers and sisters” on the pitfalls of high-profile murder cases.

    Even now, two years later, he is frequently asked how he beat back what many thought was a slam-dunk prosecution of Anthony.

    “My honest answer is that it was pretty easy,” he told the lawyers who gathered at the federal courthouse downtown.

    Easy, he said, in the sense that this was a case that hinged almost completely on forensic evidence he was able to discredit piece by piece.

    There were air samples from Anthony’s car that prosecutors insisted showed signs of human decomposition but that Baez argued were from garbage she had left in the trunk.

    He also ripped apart the prosecution’s suggestion that chloroform, also found in the air samples from Anthony’s car, was used to kill Caylee by reminding the jury that low levels of chloroform are often found in the air.

    “It reached the point of outright silliness,” Baez said of the government’s case. “It really was fairly easy.”

    What wasn’t so easy were the personal and professional attacks that both he and Anthony endured throughout the trial.

    He showed a newspaper headline that read, “Casey Anthony is most hated person in America,” and talked at length about the 24 Bar Association complaints he had to address during the trial.

    “I can’t tell you how stressful this was,” he said.

    In the end, he said he succeeded because of a jury that was sequestered and largely kept from the media circus that surrounded the case.

    And for that, he’s thankful.

    “They were the only people that mattered,” he said during an interview.

    There is one aspect of the trial that still gnaws at Baez. It’s the unanswered question of who dumped Caylee’s body in the woods where she was found.

    During the trial, he argued that Caylee drowned in the family swimming pool and that Anthony and her father, nervous about being implicated in her death, tried to cover it up.

    “You don’t treat a child like that,” Baez said. “I’m a father, and when I step out of my shoes as a lawyer, that is the one fact that still disturbs me.”

    • LindaP says:

      Hi Dance…

      Well if he’s done one thing so far…he’s established the fact that he is a scumbag, a liar and a cheat.

      So far no one has taken him seriously. I’m not expecting a big turn around at this point.

      ; )

      But yes…He’s SO full of shit.


    • Inquiring2 says:

      The charges were NOT dropped due to any lawyering by Baez.
      The goal was to get the juvenile girl treatment and that is what was accomplished, NOT by Baez.

      Sheriff Judd was on CNN.
      The Sheriff said juvenile arrests are public record and it is up to the media to decide if they’re going to print or otherwise release info.

      As to the dropped charges, he said the goal was treatment and diversion, which is what the juvenile system strives to do.
      The Sheriff said they accomplished that because they had the evidence, the girls “confessed, and they are now getting help.

      The Sheriff said Rebecca’s mother understands this.

      • Inquiring2 says:

        Matt Morgan @MattMorganESQ 49m Nov 21, 2013
        #RebeccaSedwick ‘s mother and I will host a press conference on Monday morning at 10 a.m. to discuss the recent developments in her case.

  64. Dinosaur says:

    What they are afraid of is that the public knows what took place in this trial, “a miscarriage of justice”. Somewhere, Somehow, Someone is going to slip up, and when they do, we’ll all get to see them scramble like the rats that they are. There is no way the public will ever let go of this travesty of justice, more needs to be done to uncover all the wrongs that took place.

  65. B says:

    ….Who the h*ll writes a book in …..Part 1….then a part 2?

  66. Inquiring2 says:

    comment directed to Dominic Casey, by blog owner and author Linda Paris

    LindaP says:
    July 26, 2013 at 11:15 am

    First of all I know the “story” you gave quite well…with all the disposal phone numbers…multiple cell phones…here and there…picking up one phone and calling another.

    “It’s all in the records…”
    IS RIGHT! If you are going to try and sell CINDY ANTHONY’S LIE about a “PSYCHIC” let me stop you right now because…I DON’T BELIEVE YOU…never have and NEVER WILL.

    There’s only ONE PERSON who knew where to look and she’s no PSYCHIC! So if that is your response…more lies…MORE FAIRY STORIES…then you don’t know anything about me. I don’t believe FAIRY STORIES from a COMPULSIVE LIAR.

    Already your response reeks of ANTHONY-ISMS…because allow me to set you straight on something…
    “I am fully aware of the identity and backgrounds of many in the forums. Trash talking = specualtion and promotion of hatred, absurd and immature behavior which always comes back around.”

    No one HERE has KILLED A CHILD. That’s what a REAL HATER does…they MURDER innocent children and throw them in the woods like trash…and then go out and party with their friends. A real hater…drives around for days with a dead body in the trunk of their car while they cuddle up to their BF. A real hater SUPPORTS killers…because KILLING is the ultimate form of hate…and it too will “come around”…as you state about people who want to know the truth. YOU are not in position to pass judgement on anyone here. YOUR HANDS ARE TOO DIRTY. My child is alive and well and did not end up dumped in a swamp with DUCT TAPE over her face.

    You call the TRUTH “trash talk”? Then you are spreading MORE LIES!
    That’s the TRUTH! Cindy Anthony cleaning up the decamp from the trunk of her murdering daughter’s car is the TRUTH. And anyone who says different is just another LIAR in all of this.

    You want to talk abut trash-talking …and act like CAYLEE WAS NEVER MURDERED…then you are just another LIAR in a long train of LIARS.

    That’s the TRUTH. “Trash talk”…is when you make it up!

    Something like trying to tell people that a PSYCHIC told you to go out and dig around for a child’s corpse…AS SEEN ON VIDEO…now THAT’S “trash talk”…

    Casey Anthony murdered her baby in cold blood and the state proved it to me and 98% of America. We are upset that the system failed and most of us believe the JURY WAS PAID.

    Save your insults and your “God Blesses.” You have shown yourself to be exactly as I imagined…a LIAR…yet another LIAR in this whole mess…who is trying to make a dollar OFF CAYLEE…and by the way…
    You know nothing about me…only what you think you know.

    I have not MURDERED an innocent child…helped cover up a murder…hid evidence and dug around in the woods for a dead child…
    That’s all of you!

    You made your decision to get involved with this…and now you can take the HEAT. You should be investigated by the Orange County Police just like Baez. You are no better than HE is! You are just a part of the cover up and now trying to spread more lies…

    THAT’S your answer???
    Bull shit.
    “God bless” and “Kindest Regards” my ass.
    This whole thing is not going to go away. This is not “trash talk” as you so WISHFULLY describe…but the sound of a weary public who is sick of the lies…shocked at the CORRUPTION and the LEVEL of deceit that we were forced to witness…and determined to get to the bottom of this if it takes a lifetime.

    There is a large group of people who will NEVER GO AWAY until the real truth is discovered…and that’s not trash talk…
    We don’t want to see killers and cheats out on the streets to wreck havoc and kill AGAIN…

    jury tampering EVIDENCE TAMPERING of the WORST KIND (for which YOU are directly involved)…
    We don’t want to SEE IT!
    I guess you DO want to call it “trash talking”…otherwise YOU don’t come out looking so good now do you?

    Call it what you want…NO ONE IS BUYING ANY OF IT…someone got to that jury…and NO ONE is going to forget about what all of YOU did!

    People will never get over this. People are outraged at the corruption and they are not as STUPID and malleable as you seem to think.
    You are as transparent as glass which makes you exactly like the rest of them.
    Psychic huh?
    You are really going to come on this blog and try to sell that lie?
    Along with the LIE that you have always wanted JUSTICE for Caylee?
    Is THIS how you tried to seek justice for Caylee Marie?

    People will NE-VER stop trying to find out the TRUTH because we all watched the system FAIL.
    All of your insults and name calling does not help you sell your book which is obviously the only thing you care about. Since you’ve done nothing but AID THE KILLER and her FAMILY for years now…why should anyone believe a word out of your mouth?

    You have NO CREDIBILITY…The images of you rummaging around in the woods for a DEAD CHILD are seared in everyone’s brain. You come off as a simple CON MAN…someone with NO MORALS and a criminal past. Someone who likes to hurl names when someone threatens to expose you for who you really are…that’s not trash talk…that’s the sound of KARMA coming to get ALL OF YOU.
    Good thing you didn’t waste PAPER on your book.
    You do NOT PERSUADE.
    LEARN TO LIVE WITH IT…you will HAVE to!

    • LindaP says:

      LOL Inquiring…He still infuriates me.
      ; )

      • Inquiring2 says:

        me too Linda, and you put our outrage into words so much better than I ever could – thank you!

        he has someone on twitter trying to get “interest” in his “Part Two”

        • LindaP says:

          Inquiring…thanks for saying that and believe me…it was my pleasure to go off on that low life. I will never get over that.

          Don’t know which is worse…the image of the killer…driving around for days…with Caylee’s little body rotting away in the trunk…or DC poking around in the brush…looking for where the monster tossed her.

          Bet he won’t post here any more trying to get some interest drummed up.
          ; )

  67. Inquiring2 says:

    Dominic Casey ‏@Dominic_Casey_ 2h Nov 19, 2013
    #PrivilegeWaived Part 2 will be released in FIRST part of December 2013 BOOK … @ResearcherX @Donnacatherine4

    Linda’s great blog about P.I. Dominic Casey

    THE MISSION : To find Caylee Anthony’s dead body before the police


    I’ve always believed that one of the most shocking things I’ve ever seen in a murder investigation, was the image of Dominic Casey, poking around with a stick, in the exact spot where Caylee Anthony’s body would eventually be found.

    What was Dominic Casey doing out there, stabbing at garbage bags, on what would have otherwise been a sunny afternoon? What brought Dominic Casey to that particular spot, before anyone else in the world knew that Caylee’s body was there?

    How absolutely ghoulish to imagine that as people drove to work, packed lunches for their children and went about their day…that this man was rummaging through the woods, looking for a child’s dead body. How much more horrible to think, that as people ate dinner and shopped at the mall…Caylee’s killer drove around with her rotting corpse, decomposing in the trunk of her car? Birds of a feather.

    Dominic Casey is right there with all of them, doing the worst thing imaginable. Trying to find a child’s dead body before the police can. And who sent him there? Jose Baez? Cindy Anthony? Cheney Mason? Geraldo? Jean Casarez? Dr. Phil? Roy Kronk?

    Exactly why I wouldn’t believe a word Dominic Casey has to say.

    Recently Dominic Casey wrote a “tell all” digital book, in which he followed the same tired pattern that they all have. Still covering up for Jose Baez and Cindy Anthony. Still perpetrating the lies. Still insisting that psychics told Cindy Anthony to go to where Caylee would eventually be found…not the killer. Still underestimating the public.

    Dominic Casey has answered none of the important questions and still perpetrates the same old lies. In a recent comment on this blog and in an effort to promote his new “book”, he left some gratuitous, cut and past messages. They can be found on the previous post under the “comment section.” I won’t give his comments any attention here, other than to say that he proved once and for all, that he is just another worthless leech. A con man, who has nothing better going on in his life then to try and suck more blood money from Caylee Anthony.

    No one cares what Dominic Casey has to say about all of this.

  68. kat says:

    Deb, when googled Meister Hood, here is his/her fake facebook page. imo fake?
    Worked at Women pay me for sex, usually without their knowledge.Studied at Spike & Buster’s School of Bashing

  69. B says:


  70. LindaP says:

    Went to the website “FACEHOLE” this morning and it was so easy to create them…and I have so many photos of “Orlando’s circle of evil” I made a bunch…enjoy:

    I call this “Hungry Monkey”…

    The “monkey-thing” was too hard to resist, so I made another called “Monkey Girl”…

    Here’s some wishful thinking. The Anthonys flee to the former Soviet Union to get away from the death threats…

    I call this one “Bring me the AX”!

    My next piece is titled “Crazy George”…

    My last FACEHOLE piece is titled: “Will Skank for Food”

    • Deb says:

      Nicely done, Linda!

    • skbsoccermom says:

      I love the monkey face …. I’ve been looking for a pic like that because after seeing a documentary on Animal Planet about a bigfoot type creature that lives in the swamp, I decided to start calling her the SwampApe. It’s crazy how much she resembles one!

  71. kat says:

    Anything the Ants to makes us go hmmmm. i love coming here and getting info. You mean there actually are men supporting her? I am curious Meister and Lloyd? How can someone not make a mortgage payment since Jan 2011 and only now foreclosure. The new house being shown, is it G&C or L&M’s?

  72. Deb says:

    I was just looking up information about Cindy Anthony and I found a couple of things that made me go “hmmm”…
    On the ACandyRose website I found out that Cindy had nursing licenses in two States:

    Cindy Anthony registered with State of Florida as RN ( CYNTHIA MARIE PLESEA ANTHONY – LICENSE NUMBER: RN2087282 – Profession REGISTERED NURSE License/Activity Status – License Original Issue Date: 02/12/1990 – License Expiration Date: 4/30/2009 – Address of Record: 1375 S Semoran Blvd, Bldg 5 Suite 1311, Winter Park, FL 32792
    ( CYNTHIA M ANTHONY – RN.163136- Registered Nurse – Original Issue: 09/07/1979 – Issue Date: 06/17/1993 – Expiration Date: 08/31/1995 Status: INACTIVE – How issued: Examination

    The link below is the obituary for Cindy’s mother, Shirley; where it lists Shirley’s survivors, it lists one son, Rick (A.) Plesea of Murfreesboro, TN

    So, there is some link to Cindy Anthony and TN., through her brother, Rick (Richard) Plesea…
    then I found this – LOOK AT PGS. 9 & 10:

    hmmm……middle initial is different, but with this name, I gotta wonder….

  73. Inquiring2 says:

    possible UNreported income to bankruptcy court???

    Casey Anthony fan club – love or hate her

    Meister Hood
    If someone held a dinner in honor of Casey, how much would you pay to get in?
    $10 to enter, and get a meal, while everyone meets Casey. I propose a gathering in Tampa to honor her. Proceeds to to Casey’s college fund.
    November 10 at 9:20am 2013

    Lloyd Walsh
    Maybe one day. There would have to be security. Casey isnt hated as some lead people to believe but there are still nuts out there
    November 10 at 10:55am via mobile

  74. Inquiring2 says:

    George Anthony has not worked at QUINCO since before summer.
    He is at home all day working in the garage, and refurbishing toy wagons and cars which he sells on EBAY or from his home.

    And their attorney Mark Lippman says they have not been served with the Foreclosure suit yet, and he may get it dismissed.
    The docket says six “Summons have been issued electronically”, as of Nov 5th.

    The Anthonys have not paid their mortgage payments since January 2011 – yet they continue to do expensive remodeling inside and out their home on Hopespring Dr., and they drive new vehicles, and lease a condo for Casey…

    they did a $ 15,625 bathroom remodel in December 2011.
    Building permit

    It has been observed that:

    The Anthonys have recently planted new sod in the front yard

    put in a new cement sidewalk around the pool [where Caylee "drowned" according to Casey and Baez]

    put in new stainless Steel appliances

    put in new fence

    put in new lighting around the shrubs, trees, fence and pool

    put on a new side door to the garage



    Case No. 2013-CA-013266-O
    Orange County Clerk site


    Attorney Mark Lippman comments to ABC

  75. Inquiring2 says:

    Linda – what happened to the karma4caylee link?
    says This domain registration expired on 11/11/2013.

    Interesting side note [may turn out to be the MAIN issue though] , regarding the Anthony’s SECOND FORECLOSURE.

    Glenn and Donna Cox, the Anthony’s church friends/cruise buddies/realtor friends, have an interesting sales history on their own home.
    854 Mendoza

    their realtor friend’s own home on Mendoza
    sale history

    08/14/1991 $100
    QuitClaim Deed – realtor Donna Cox took house out of her former married name of Donna G. Bertram – put in new married name of Donna G. Cox, with new husband Glenn Cox.

    08/01/1983 $14,000
    QuitClaim Deed – realtor Donna Bertram divorced Bertram husband in 1982 – Bertram husband granted house to realtor Donna

    12/01/1977 $55,000
    Warranty Deed – realtor Donna Bertram and her Bertram husband paid construction company

    06/01/1975 $7,100
    Warranty Deed – construction company

    • LindaP says:

      Hi Inquiring!

      I didn’t renew the WEB ADDRESS…ie: the actual name this year…but the blog is still there.

      It’s called crimegalsblog on wordpress

      Here’s the link:

      The reason I didn’t renew again…is because I already pay for the name voices4justice now…and didn’t want to pay for 2 web addresses.

      That karma4caylee blog is still there though…It just has a wordpress address now…instead of a dot com.

      ; )

      Hope that makes sense.

  76. Lou says:

    Oops! There is the apologies Linda…

    • LindaP says:

      LOL No problem Lou…glad you said something…even though I caught it earlier because the spam filter fills up very fast and I might not have seen it!

  77. Lou says:

    I think my last post got lost..or your troll trap got me coz I wrote my name as louL..typo and sorry about that.

  78. Lou says:

    Geez..can’t even get my name

  79. Lou says:

    Hello everyone..Hope all is well with you all…I miss everyone but life keeps tugging on my ear. Great weekly post Linda.As for skank and family “you reap what you sew.” I couldn’t be happier about the shiny train called “Karma” pulling into the station….it’s about damn time.Worth the wait tho. Wonder if they will be at a homeless shelter in the near future. Or move in with Lee and his family…lol.
    Anyway have a great day all….hugs all around.

  80. Kat says:

    Linda, bravo on another great article! I cant thank you enough for keeping us all in touch! such wonderful chatters with so much information to share. Dino and Inq–you have been legal document experts!!!! I appreciate everyone, sharing links and common sense. Linda you have been the leader of common sense with the $camthonies. For me, reading your comments have always kept my faith of the karma cho cho train was coming, not if but when! PS: my husband asked me why i am so involved in murder cases? The trial of Notmom was the first trial i watched, mostly streamed online. Just to note, i was not a nancy grace watcher. Then finding Linda blog, i have been hooked ever since. I did not “comment” on any site (terrified i would be hacked, like the Briley stories). Linda gives a safe haven to chat with others that are interested/hooked.

    • LindaP says:

      Hi Kat!

      Well thank you very much for your kind words. I think all of that Briley stuff happened when BOZO the chubby clown…had enough blood money to hire internet trolls.

      Since BAEZ is basically a troll himself…without the computer…he fits right in with that mentality.

      “FAKE THEM ALL OUT anyway you can.”

      He thought he could intimidate people into backing off…and “forgetting” by using professional TROLLS (ie: losers with criminal records and no real job skills)

      There’s no money for trolls anymore.

      Those days are over.

      The only trolls that are interested in this case are just that…random trolls that will attach themselves to anything where they can build an identity for themselves and get negative attention.

      Maybe the Anthony family should think about trolling for their next career move…after their blood money runs out?

      It’s right up their alley!

  81. Dinosaur says:

    Real Estate Tax Information on Cynthia Anthony from 4907 Horror Dr:
    paid 0040-00784977-$1,245.55, paid on 11/22/12

    tax account # 0342470-2
    escrow code #296
    parcel/tangible number 13-23-30-1296-00500
    tax year 2013- $1,263.75 pay now )apparently not paid
    total assessed value $93,082
    total value $68,083
    gross tax amount $1,316.41

    legal description:Chichasaw Oak Phase 313/101 Lot 50
    location/address-4937 Hopespring dr 32829
    loan #870489192 00124 (this is mortgage company)

    gross tax amount $1.316.41

    • LindaP says:

      Thanks Dino and thank you Inquiring!

      I think it is important that all of this information stays as public as possible because they have NO visible means of support and no chance really…of ever working again unless they start some sort of business online that can’t be traced back to them.

      Everything any of them touch is doomed to turn to mud.

      Baez’s book is just a foreshadowing of any project connected to that murdering mule.

      I watched ID last night…the story of the Alice Crimmins case from the 1960s.

      I read on Wiki that skank was compared to her. I can see why they say that because the witch never stopped partying…but that’s where the difference ends.

      This skank is going to have a much worse life then Alice Crimmins. Everybody knows she did it.
      Alice Crimmins didn’t have her dead children in the trunk of her car… the stench of decomposition getting so bad that she had to trash the car! Alice Crimmins didn’t come up with imaginary nannys and stall as ling as she could so that the evidence would disappear. There was some doubt in the alice Crimmins case…there is none in skank’s case.

      There was no duct tape in the Alice Crimmins case. No silly compulsive lying that made NO SENSE (nd I still wondeer why the police didn’t start throwing the book at her right away.)

      No bumbling policeman that refused to investigate the report of a body.

      No dead squirrels.

      We all watched the trial and even the judge has come out and stated that there was plenty evidence to convict…like everyone doesn’t know that already.

      There was strong doubt in the Crimmins case…there is NO doubt in the skank’s case…NONE.

      I’ve never seen so much evidence against anyone as there was against that murdering horse faced psycho. They had nothing against Crimmins and the jury found her guilty.

      There is no debate. The mule did it.

      The only debate is whether the jury is hopelessly mentally disable…brain dead…so dumb that they can’t tie their own shoes or feed themselves…
      … did they get paid to throw this trial…because “certain people” saw dollar signs if they could get a not guilty verdict?

      I’ve made my position clear. They don’t make people that dumb imo…

      but they do make them that rotten and that greedy.

      These people have to be monitored forever. They should never escape people sharing their financial information all over the internet and everyone knowing what they are doing.

      They have gotten away with enough in front of everyone’s face.

      • Jersey says:

        ‘No dead squirrels’!!
        ‘The mule did it’!!
        I’m still laughing!!
        And I don’t believe that 12 people in any one room anywhere could be that dumb -
        Doesn’t wash!!
        Something happened there.
        Supposedly there were a few who wanted to go for manslaughter, and they caved in.
        I don’t get that either. I would never have given in, little Caylee’s life mattered.

  82. Inquiring2 says:

    While a lot of Americans are struggling to pay bills and not lose their homes, the Anthonys appear to have a large supply of $$$$$ to spend on home remodeling!

    It has been observed that in the last month, Cindy and George have added new lighting in their yard, put on a new garage side door, and replaced their fence.
    And it looks like they are preparing to paint the house.

    Things they never could have done without their new wealth off of Caylee’s murder.

    • LindaP says:

      Inquiring…interesting that it comes on the heels of the Pleasa home sale.

      I don’t trust them at all…wonder how the rest of the family feels about them after all of this?

  83. Jersey says:

    Excerpt from ‘Squirrely Stories’:

    “This just in from ABC News -

    Hollywood is doing a remake of ‘One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest’ -

    They will be using the Anthony family as the cast, and will be shooting @ Looney Tunes Mental Hospital in downtown Timbuktu, Florida.

    Sindy has been cast as Nurse Ratchet, the sadistic nutty head nurse, who ends up as a patient herself @ the end of the movie.

    Lee is going to be Billy the stutterer, the one who is a mama’s boy……..need I say more??

    George will star as Charley Cheswick, the patient who throws constant temper tantrums over his cigarettes and card gambling -

    And last but not least, Crazy will be Randy McMurphy, the slut who has to be put in a straitjacket to stop her from jumping the other nuts for a little, or trying to drown them -

    Should be fun!’

  84. Inquiring2 says:

    Cindy SOLD her mother’s house in Mt. Dora.


    Sept 6, 2012
    Shirley Plesea passed away

    JULY 9, 2013

    OCTOBER 12, 2013

    July 19 2013 – HOUSE LISTED FOR SALE [by their church lady friend who went to Hearings with Cindy]

    Property sold on Oct 03, 2013 for $85,000

  85. Dinosaur says:

    Inquiring- Hi!! Even if this foreclosure goes forward and they auction it off for less than what they owe, they can still come after them for the deficiency. This would be reported to the IRS. Also, Florida is a Judicial Foreclosure State, meaning, they will go thru the Courts to foreclose. We all know the Scamanthony’s track record, they will drag this out for as long as they can, all the while, laughing at everyone thinking they got something for free. IMHO, I don’t think that they will be able to get caught up on these delinquent mortgage payments, nor do I think they’ll be able to get re-financing either.

    According to the Lake County Public Records, her mother’s house at Palmetto Rd was sold in October. But, IIRC, her father is still alive and in the nursing home in Mt. Dora, so the proceeds from that sale is more than likely going to go for his care. So, the grandollar won’t benefit from that either.

    • Inquiring2 says:

      Great Dino! love it!
      and while they are dragging the foreclosure case out …. their attorney Mark Lippman is working for them for FREE — with no real hope of ever being paid. Doubt there is another Dr. Phil engagement in the future.

      Wonder if they anticipate Casey rolling in the dough to help them out of their bind?

    • Jersey says:

      Great Thanks to our wonderful Dinosaur & Inquiring!!
      I too have been wondering if they’re all waiting for a nonexistent Jackpot from this Killer -
      Here’s hoping we all get to laugh last & laugh best!!

  86. Inquiring2 says:

    Under Investigation: Nationstar Mortgage
    April 28, 2013 in Class Action Investigations


    About Nationstar Mortgage
    Nationstar Mortgage, LLC is a mortgage servicing company headquartered in Lewisville, TX. A “mortgage servicer” is a debt collector by another name. Nationstar recently acquired numerous Bank of America home loans. Bank of America N.A. transferred the servicing of thousands of loans to Nationstar Mortgage LLC effective
    January 31st, 2013.

    The Nationstar Mortgage Modification Class Action
    Burton v. Nationstar
    In March, 2013 the law firm EDELSON MCGUIRE, LLP filed a class action lawsuit against Nationstar.
    The complaint ([PDF]) was brought on on behalf of a class of homeowners across the nation to challenge Nationstar Mortgage, LLC’s allegedly intentional and systematic failure to provide permanent loan modifications to borrowers who signed Permanent Modification Agreements (“PMAs”) under the Home Affordable Modification Program (“HAMP”).

  87. Inquiring2 says:

    I tend to think the foreclosure, and not paying their mortgage, is just a strategic move of some kind, to allow them to walk away from a DEATH HOUSE that they owe too much on, and could never sell anyway. It’s all a calculated move, in my opinion.

    The Pleasea home has been on the market for a while now.
    Their church friend lady is also a realtor and she has the listing.

    • LindaP says:

      I tend to agree Inquiring…a way for them to save what little they can from a bad situation.

      Still…they are not rolling in dough…it is starting to get tight around the Anthony home…and it is much more likely to get worse before it gets any better.

      As we know…justice moves slow in this case, but I still believe it is headed their way…

  88. B says:

    ….”.Its a goooooood day in the neighborhood!”………

    • LindaP says:

      B I knew this day would come but it has been a lesson in patience waiting for it. Once the attorneys all take a hike…the gags will be off of these fools and they will get themselves into trouble again…you can take it to the bank.

      They are the stupidest people alive.

    • dancehappy says:

      I wonder if they are planning to move into the Pleasea house and just letting this one go.

  89. Jersey says:

    Comforting to know the A’s are broke! LOL!!
    And even better – they can’t sell a thing – NO ONE is going to buy any book, or give them any interview deal, NOTHING.
    NO WONDER they were selling all Caylee’s toys and personal items @ that garage sale a few months ago.
    And just where are they going to move, is skank going to go with them??
    LOL – skank is up a creek without a paddle, facing Life In Debt, now the A’s will be penniless -
    Wonder if the murders will start up, no one will be around for the skank to rob??

  90. Dinosaur says:

    dancehappy- Hi!! Probably all that Dr. Fool money went to Attorney fees and they’ve finally met their end, ha!ha!

  91. Inquiring2 says:

    The NATIONSTAR MORTGAGE LLC who filed the FORECLOSURE case on them, should be asking about the Dr. Phil money!!

    NOTE: What did they do with the $ 600,000 from Dr. Phil???
    $125K went for legal expenses [to Atty Lippman],
    $100K was dispersed to charities when the fund closed down,
    and the remaining $375K was in the Anthonys hands [alleged portion went to Casey]

    • LindaP says:

      Hi Inquiring!

      Thanks for the excellent news. Some of that money went to the so called “church” that housed the monster when she was first released. I think I read $80,000…plus the rent they spent on the child killer in Cape Canaveral. There’s body guards, a car for the monster to drive, $25,000 for the rights to her own lies, Georges toy car collection and any other money he has managed to squander…a bag of wigs…and a floppy hat…lol.

      Good. It’s about time they started reaping the consequences of their actions.

      • Jersey says:

        LOL – you mean the ufo hat??
        I think it’s hysterical that they’ve been throwing money out the window supporting that skank -
        Which brings up an interesting point – just what is skank going to do now??

        • LindaP says:

          Oh Jersey…don’t you love it? Easy come…easy go I guess.

          Looks like they’ll have to commit another MURDER in order to make more money…since these LOSER’S have only ONE source of income…BABY KILLING!

          This was bound to happen…knowing these psycho losers the way I do now…I’m surprised it took so long. I still maintain that because other people got swept away by greed…and are protecting themselves…that these ghouls have benefitted.

          There is only ONE THING in their future…FRAUD.

          Insurance fraud…Welfare fraud…embezzlement…charity fraud…theft…take your pic.

          When they realize that their pet skank is as worthless now as she was the day she killed Caylee…that’s when the fun is really going to start. She’s LESS then worthless…she is a LEECH…a TAKER…A financial BLACK HOLE.

          She sucks all of the air out of a room and then demands more…it won’t be long before someone beats the crap out of this useless worthless mule. First time she steals from the wrong person.

          I do believe that you reap what you sow…and in that case…the best is yet to come.

  92. B says:

    *\O/*…..Happy Dance!!!

  93. dancehappy says:

    Oh goody, foreclosure again, so where did all that Dr. Filthy money go?

  94. Inquiring2 says:

    Anthony’s home in FORECLOSURE AGAIN

    Case No. 2013-CA-013266-O

    Nationstar Mortgage LLC has filed a Foreclosure Complaint on Cynthia M. Anthony and George and the Homeowners Assoc and their Insurance company, filed on Nov 4, 2013

    owes between $ 50,001 – $ 249,999


    The Anthony’s last foreclosure was Feb 22, 2010 by Bank of America.
    Records show that the Anthonys bought the house in 1989 for $90,900.
    Documents show the couple owes between $50,001 and $249,999.
    Anthonys had not made a mortgage payment in nine months. [June 2009]
    The Anthonys have owned the Hopespring Drive property since 1989, but four years ago [2006] they refinanced their home for $121,000. According to the filing, they still owe nearly all of that money.
    Bank of America said that since June 2009, the Anthonys have failed to make their $785 monthly payments.
    Casey’s Parents Saved Home From Foreclosure
    Posted: 5:44 pm EDT July 28, 2010

    ORLANDO, Fla. — Casey Anthony’s parents saved their home from foreclosure Wednesday, and it only took them a few months to obtain the same loan modification that other homeowners have pursued for years.

    The Anthonys’ attorney said he thinks it’s because both parties wanted to keep the case out of court. If it went to court, it would have created a media frenzy.

    Bank of America modified their loan.

    “This foreclosure was one of the fastest ones I handled,” said Attorney Mark Lippman.

    Lippman, who represents the Anthonys, said it only took four months to settle the issue. They qualified for the federal program called Making Homes Affordable

  95. NancyB says:

    Great article & links! While I am greatly relieved that Judge Stephens denied Arias 2nd attempt to dump Nurmi in her 12 page delusional letter (motion) filled with tripe, I am not at all convinced that once the sentencing portion of trial resumes that she will at last, be in control of her courtroom. I surely do hope that I am wrong but I do not see her conducting the business of the trial any differently then during round one. Last June Arias requested the judge allow her new counsel and Stephens denied that motion for the 1st time.

  96. Deb says:

    Linda, can you hear me cheering? (I’ll continue to cheer you for at least another two hours ;-) )

  97. B says:

    Bravo,Linda!!..another great,…just-the-facts,-in-your-face article…….

    • LindaP says:

      Thank you B! wish I had more time to actually write…but I have an article (with graphics) due Friday for the Southampton Press.

      Just opening up the discussion and sharing some links basically but I do believe that this trial…being the flagrant slap in the face that it was…hi-lighted the corruption that exists in Florida. IMO without the corruption this would have never happened…JUSTICE would have been served.

      Until there’s some resolution…the TRAVESTY that set a child killer free… will always be known as the day justice died for me.

      We still need to get to the bottom of WHY this happened and WHO is responsible IMO.

      I for one, won’t rest until I get some answers.

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