SHE KNEW: Jonathan Richardson’s grandmother admits she knew there was a child in the shed with him…


 ABOVE: Straight from Hell…Jonathan Richardson trial reveals hellish details of what he admittedly did to little Teghan Skiba…

Teghan 4

ABOVE: Beautiful TEGHAN SKIBA and how she looked before 10 days of horror, alone in a shed, with Jonathan Richardson…

It’s hard to describe how I felt listening to District Attorney Paul Jackson give his powerful opening statement in the Teghan Skiba torture/murder trial. Jackson spoke to a panel of North Carolina jurors, composed of 7 women and 5 men. As Jackson described Teghan’s injuries I felt myself becoming a little dizzy.  I had to stop the video twice. It is  difficult to imagine the pain and sheer terror that  Teghan Skiba suffered at the hands of this monster.


As the story unfolded I listened in shock and disgust, realizing  that every single person in Teghan Skiba’s life failed her. I was becoming more and more enraged, not only at Richardson himself, who is clearly a pedophile and a sexual sadist, but the people around Teghan, who facilitated and allowed this to happen. Virtually everyone around this little girl turned a blind eye.

Paul Jackson opening 2

To my disbelief, I learned that Richardson had been living on his grandparents property, in a shed, with no running water, no bathroom and no electricity. Even more incredible,  Richardson’s  grandparents knew that Teghan was “living” in the shed (which was behind their home) and they allowed the situation! Truly unimaginable. It’s hard to wrap my brain around someone who knows that a 4 year old child is being forced to live in a shed and does nothing about it. It’s a shed. It has no running water and no bathroom.

How do you even allow that on your property without being held criminally responsible on some level?  While Teghan was being whipped, bitten and sexually molested by their grandson, his grandparents enjoyed a comfortable environment, complete with running water and toilets, never once bringing the child inside and insisting that Richardson and the mother do the humane thing.  It’s mind boggling and Helen Creech, who took the stand for the state this week, did nothing to explain or excuse any of it.  As the Creech’s enjoyed  all of the amenities  that life has to offer, Teghan was being slowly tortured in the shed behind their home. A 4 year old, in a shed, with someone who they admit they are afraid of. It’s outrageous.

wire whip

What chance did this child have?

injuries 1 teghan 7

Teghan’s body was covered with so many bite marks and other injuries that the nurses could not find a place to put an IV.

tweets 2

Although the judge has limited the public’s access to testimony by refusing to stream the trial, there is a camera in the courtroom and reporters Heather Moore and Kelli OHara are consistently tweeting for trial watchers who care about this important case. The testimony is bone chilling.

Even the tweets are harrowing.

As witness after witness testifies, the extent of Teghan’s ordeal becomes more vivid.

Screen Shot 2014-03-04 at 11.53.57 AM


From Kelli OHara, WRAL:

Screen Shot 2014-03-04 at 11.55.39 AMScreen Shot 2014-03-04 at 11.55.30 AMScreen Shot 2014-03-04 at 11.55.23 AMScreen Shot 2014-03-04 at 11.54.40 AMScreen Shot 2014-03-04 at 11.55.11 AM

And again…I ask, because it’s on everyone’s mind…WHERE WERE THE GRANDPARENTS DURING ALL OF THIS?

Finally, on Tuesday Richardson’s grandmother Helen Parish Creech took the stand and tried her best to offer excuse after excuse as to why she allowed this to happen on her property. She tried  to explain why she allowed a 4 year old child to live in a shed behind her house with a man she claimed to fear but it all fell woefully flat.


HELEN PARISH CREECH: Offered weak, inadequate excuses for turning her back on Teghan Skiba time after time and leaving her to suffer in a shed at the hands of her violent grandson…

As it turns out Richardson had a history of arrests and abuse. If you believe the comments on local websites, both he and his grandparents are well known in the area. Richardson  for causing a litany of havoc in his neighborhood growing up and Helen Creech for bailing him out, making excuses and looking the other way.



Who, out of any of us, would allow a child to sleep in a shed for one night much less weeks?

What kind of person wouldn’t go out there and remove the child, and demand that other arrangements be made and vow to call social services?

Interestingly, the comment sections under articles written locally seem to have posters providing clues as to the dynamics in that household.

You ask yourself…how can people who claim to go to church and be christians, turn their back on a 4 year old little girl, who is being forced to live in a shed on their property…with someone they know is dangerous?

The answer is…that there is no excuse. In no language, in no culture and in no way is it ever all right to keep a child in a shed!

BELOW: Comments from posters who claim to know the family…

“He was mean as a teenager and he’s still mean! He was staying the holidays at his grandparents house, snuck into the woods to hunt, crossed over into my mom’s neighbors property while my husband and brother were hunting and they had my stepdad’s bulldog with them. Well MR. KILLER there shot the dog in cold blood and then claimed to the sherrif that the dog was chasing him when the dog was following the guys. That dog wouldn’t hurt a flea, but this monster would. If he will kill a dog any such way then its no wonder what he did to that poor innocent child. She did not deserve anything he did to her. And the grandparents have taken up for and covered for him too much. It’s time he pay for his crimes! They should take him to the woods with the meanest criminal they can find and let them torture & beat him, then leave him until no help can save him. And to know that he is actually being defended is just discusting!


and another post…

“The neighbors out there say this guy was a problem child growing up, bullying others, even going so far once as to kill a neighbor’s dog when that dog was still on that neighbor’s property and wasn’t hassling him at all.

The grandparents bailed him out of mess after mess through the years, basically enabling him and making him.”


I found only one person defending the grandparents and as it turned out this poster was mis-informed. Helen Creech set the record straight on Tuesday when she testified…

Screen Shot 2014-03-01 at 8.48.14 AM


Helen Creech DID KNOW that there was a child living in that shed. She knew because she testified that she knew. She also testified that she went out there to “invite them to lunch,” and knocked on the wall of the shed. She got no answer. When asked why she didn’t knock on the door she told the court that she saw excrement on the front step. What did she do when she encountered this alarming  array of red flags?  Nothing.

She went back to her nice home and ate her lunch.

What must Teghan have thought when she heard that knock on the wall?

Did she think someone was coming to save her?

Helen Creech did nothing of the sort, even though she noticed diarrhea on the front doorstep. Did she show one second of concern for the child who was living in the shed, with the grandson she was frightened of? Not at all. By her own testimonynot at all.

As a matter of fact she spoke as if she was more worried about dirtying her shoes and complained on the stand that she is a victim too because she has been through three years of Hell, as a direct result of her failure to do the right thing.

Helen Creech is no victim.


 The shed where the Creech’s allowed 4 year old Teghan to live with their grandson. Helen Creech never even bothered to check on the 4 year old who was tortured and murdered by Jonathan Richardson over a period of 10 full days.

She knew. Helen Creech knew that Teghan was living in that shed.

She was Teghan’s last hope. Her last lifeline and she walked away from that shed and ignored the diarrhea on those steps and the silence from within and went back to her comfortable home and ate her lunch. Unimaginable to anyone with a heart.

After a parade of red flags Helen Creech takes the stand and plays a symphony of denials.

Just the fact that a  4 year old child is being kept in your shed with your permission…makes you a big part of the problem. In no way do I believe that there weren’t signs of this kind of behavior before.

This is what happens when people do nothing. Doing nothing can be just as horrible as aggressively causing harm.

Helen Creech could have been a hero…but the fact of the matter is that she cared only about her lunch. Red flags flying all over the place. Richardson’s criminal history, the child, the shed, all of it waving frantically in the air around that house. Helen Creech knew that Richardson was explosive and dangerous.

She just plain old couldn’t be bothered.

This story literally makes me sick to my stomach and it also causes me to fear for the future. A third world mud shack would have been more merciful then the shed behind the Creech’s home. The testimony only gets worse as the trial goes on, but this case is extremely important in my opinion.

If you believe a child is being abused it is your duty as a human being to report it, not only because they are helpless to do anything themselves but because the consequences are too horrific. This case is a grotesque example of what happens when people do nothing.

Yes there are monsters in this world.

You can read about the case on the WRAL archive below.

The trial of Jonathan richardson is expected to last from 4-6 weeks.



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24 Responses to SHE KNEW: Jonathan Richardson’s grandmother admits she knew there was a child in the shed with him…

  1. Kat says:

    I want to share a babykiller article, it is filed under ICY ICTY, POO, and Sick (please see below) It is
    Casey Anthony Refuses To Do WHAT Under Oath?? Really?!
    2/27/2014 4:29 PM ET | Filed under: Icky Icky Poo • Legal Matters • Sick

  2. Victoria says:

    ~Deb, “B” and Linda~ What I would like to know is why Richardson didn’t make the mother of Teghan’s skin crawl. She is complicit in her daughters torture and death because you can’t tell me she lived with him and did not see what lay beneath the mask by the behaviors she herself saw him exhibit. Richardson is moved out of the home and into a shed because he frightened those in the residence. WTF??? This is who she left her daughter with??? She should be pilloried in a public square and have all the abuse she so deserves heaped upon her for days on end and even that would not bring home the nightmare her daughter suffered but perhaps she would begin to get the drift. How it feels when all those around you add to your suffering and you can look to none to step in to make your pain cease.

    • B says:

      Victoria,I suppose your answer lies in the idea they are ..’kindred spirits”….BOTH evil & putrid!!…..her arrest warrant states she knew OF & participated IN abuse of TEGHAN ….before she left.Also rumors/reports of love letters from NON-mom.. to Richardson, even after arrest,IIRC……

      • Victoria says:

        ~B~ Thanks for that information and I’m off to read her arrest report. Both evil and putrid, two serpents slithering out from under the same rock. I had seen different reports that she participated in giving Teghan alcohol and was there when Richardson physically abused her daughter and she herself joined in. Was she accused of being aware of the sexual abuse??? Was she there when he inserted wires into her four year old daughters vagina among the other things he stuffed in there??? A bytch that whelps a pup takes better care of their offspring. I need to take another shower as my skin is crawling again. I can’t even imagine having to sit on that jury and not be covered in scratches from the constant crawling of their skin when they look at Richardson, hear the testimony, see the evidence and view the photographs of his handiwork. I have sympathy for them as what they have heard and seen will forever leave an imprint on their lives.

        • LindaP says:

          Someone needs to beat the hell out of her and throw her in hot shed to die!

        • barb says:

          I don’t actually have a comment at this time, I’m still trying to wrap my brain around what I have been reading…my heart physically aches over this case, and i just want to hold my 4 yr old grandbaby so close right now….does anyone know if the the public is allowed to read the case file and if so, where would you have to go to do so…Johnson county courthouse??? I live outside of NC and I don’t think this case had gotten much coverage…

      • LindaP says:

        Yes Bettie you are right…and Victoria…she was known to bite Teghan too! Richardson’s defense attorney states in opening statement that he has the mother’s PERMISSION to abuse Teghan and that she had bitten and whipped Teghan too!

        Believe me…I am going to write an article about the mother, the grandfather and the father’s relatives too.

        Not ONE of them could be bothered to show up in court for her.

        If you go onto her memorial page they all write how much they loved her but NOT ONE of them are in court to see that she gets justice.

        They all deserted her in life and in death and now they write things like…

        “You are happy now in heaven…” blah blah blah as if NOTHING happened to her. As if she fell asleep and never woke up…as if this is the most natural thing in the world…

        …Oh she’s in heven now…so we know she’s fine.

        Life goes on…it’s BEYOND SAD!

        Someone should be in that courtroom for this child!

        • MissB says:

          Teghans paternal grandparents, the Skiba’s have been in court. From reports this has been very hard on them, causing them to break down and leave the court room. They wanted custody over Teghan but NC gives no rights to grandparents.

          • Marilynn says:

            The laws in NC need to change concerning this. Grandparents should have the same right. The Skba’s did want custody, tried, and Helen kept Teghan away after that. The last Mr Skiba saw Teghan was Easter weekend April 2010. How do you change the laws in this state?

            • LindaP says:

              Hi Marilyn!

              I noticed you used your first and last name for your screen name and I removed your last name because I didn’t think you meant for it to be seen by everyone.

              As far as the law in NC…it is my suspicion that this case will be an important tool as far as getting laws on the books in every state making it illegal to leave your child to live in a SHED or any other horrible condition when there are places with running water and relatives. This so called mother should also be prosecuted as an accessory to first degree murder as far as I am concerned. How dare anyone leave their child in a shed. I just cannot wrap my brain around it.

  3. Victoria says:

    Watching Richardson at the defense table as witness after witness gave their harrowing testimony as to the condition Teghan was in when she arrived at the emergency room. Wound upon wound, one more egregious then the last, bite mark on top of old bite mark as if he had run out of room, only so much skin on a four year old I guess. He looks on at those testifying as if he is far removed from the horror of what he inflicted. His expression and demeanor not owning the immense shame as his hellish acts of depravity are exposed. Good God he makes my skin crawl.

    • B says:

      Oh Victoria….I know just what you mean!…..I (we) expect this kind of putrid beast to ..”look the part”….bared fangs,apparent horns,claws,etc. …..NOT a smiling….SMILING….normal-on-the-outside-only POS!!!!….Continued prayers for TEGHAN….the only one shown to be deserving……SHAME on her family for NOT being in court,DEMANDING …..Justice for TEGHAN!!!

    • Deb says:

      Mine too, “V”…

    • LindaP says:

      “Good God he makes my skin crawl.”

      Me too Victoria…

      What’s really creepy is that this jury and this courtroom is going to get a chance to see the BEAST that is HIDING inside of him… when they watch that videotape.

      Not only that…but they are going to get to see that beast and how he interacted with TEGHAN!

      I believe Paul Jackson when he says that none of them will ever be the same.

      If you want to see what HELL looks like…

      I bet you have to look no further then that videotape.

      I am still blown away by the EVIL that masquerades as human and they are ALL part of this story…

      all of them swirling around this DEMON…from HELL.

      Good God he makes my skin crawl….is exactly how I feel!

  4. Dinosaur says:

    Linda- Great article!! Such a tragic case, Teghan deserved better. I’m upset with the f act that nobody is there in that Courtroom in support of her. This case is the worst of the worst, and all that had knowledge, including the grandmother should be charged with her murder as well. When you have Doctor’s, Police Detectives, Crime Scene Investigator’s all saying how badly beaten her body was when she arrived at the hospital, and the Doctor almost vomited, the Detective crying on the stand asked the Doctor to stop as he couldn’t continue with the photos of Teghan’s body, the Crime Scene Investigator also breaks down on the stand, her body had to have been such a mess, these seasoned professionals are usually desensitized to these types of crimes, but, this is over the top.

    Listening to Websleuths, Trish Griffin interviewing Heather Moore who is given her insight from inside the Courtroom, she’s gone on to say that the grandmother while waiting to testify was doing crossword puzzles, Richardson’s mother was there one day, but, supposedly isn’t supporting him. Heather Moore has not seen any of Teghan’s side of the family, guess they have totally abandoned her as well.

    Wish I could go down there and sit in that Courtroom in support of Teghan. May this pos be found guilty and sentenced to death!!

    • LindaP says:

      Dino…I agree…this story is NOT just about Richardson and what he did…but IMO it’s even more about all the people who facilitated this horrendous situation fro which this child had NO ESCAPE.

      It’s the reason child abuse is able to exist the way it does in this country… in so many cases people turn a blind eye!

      I wonder how Helen Creech would have felt if she was abducted by gun point and locked in the trunk of a car or in someone’s basement…and help was but FEET away and yet no one cared enough to investigate her cries for help?

      It’s almost as monstrous as what happened to leave a child in a situation that you KNOW is not right.

      She expressed that he flew off the handle and she didn’t want to upset him…that shows me she was afraid of him. She even said he had anger and rage issues and they didn’t want him in the house. She was too scared of him to say anything but not so scared for Teghan!

      I’ll never understand allowing a child to live in a shed like that on your property. If I live to be 1000…I’ll never understand when you know what a CREEP your grandson is…he has a criminal record for abuse and violence…he’s got so many issues that you can’t even handle having him in your own home…

      yet you leave a child out there with him in a shed and don’t check on her for weeks.

      It’s sickening. I thought Heather was much too kind when talking about the grandmom.

      After seeing Helen Creech’s demeanor on the stand I was appalled!

      Just excuse after excuse as to why she walked away from that child and didn’t report it in the first place…sick.

      • Marilynn says:

        I am appalled at what happened to Teghan. I believe ego and fear killed this poor child. The mother whose ego was sooo big she couldn’t allow her mother to watch Teghan, and Helen Creech, her fear of Jonathon stopped her from contacting the police. She lived her life just as if no one was in that shed.Helen Creech turned her back on Teghan, her last hope, and walked away. My heart breaks for this child who endured more pain in ten days than any of us could ever imagine. It surely takes a village to raise a child.

  5. Deb says:

    Linda, “B”, & Kat…I’m with you and in total agreement. That ghoul of a maternal genetic donor deserves to be jailed for the rest of her life…with no toilet in her cell…let her walk among the other inmates to get to a bathroom. I can’t believe she isn’t in jail right now!

  6. Child Advocate says:

    Heartbreaking. I’m sick reading this. I would do anything in my power for my children and grandchildren, they would not be living in a shed. I’m certainly not perfect, nor am I a perfect parent, I live my life trying to do the right thing. There is nothing remotely right with this horror story. There will never be an excuse good enough to excuse her culpability in Teghan’s death.

    RIP little one. No one can ever hurt you again.

  7. Kat says:

    Linda, Again thanks for your wisdom in writing this article. I have been following Teghan’s murder trial only by comments by justice seekers on your site. It is the sad truth, our children are abused and unwanted. These things happen Only as a result of adult choices made! This case has been on my mind everyday since the trial. This case has been hard to fathom. To have to think that a child was treated with no remorse of pain inflicted, it is worse than an animal. An animal can try to protect itself, but not a helpless child, toddler! it is challenging to know who to be suspicious of because I stereotype the world into “good” people and “bad” people. I think I will be able to see the potential risk because the person will look “creepy” Naive thinking! I have a 16-mo grandchild and my thinking has changed! Adult’s responsibilities to prevent child abuse.

  8. LindaP says:

    Bettie…I can’t remember when I’ve heard of a case this horrible.

    This should have never happened.

    The whole thing blows my mind. The grandmother living a nice life inside of that house. It makes me sick. What kind of idiot doesn’t know that a child does not belong in a SHED?

    The Creech’s moved the beast out there because they didn’t want him in their house anymore…he was too dangerous! And yet they leave that child in that shed with him?

    They are just as guilty for making it so easy for him and now trying to play stupid.

    I can’t believe that they are not being charged with something!

    • B says:

      Linda they deserve as much consideration as they gave TEGHAN….NONE!!!…..nada….zilch….they SHOULD have the book thrown @ them!!!

  9. B says:

    tears…..deep sorrow….many prayers to TEGHAN!!!!!……I can barely read/hear the demonic details that IS this beast…….that baby ….LIVED it!!!……Soar with the angels,Teghan….

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