Casey Anthony killed her daughter Caylee by wrapping duct tape around Caylee’s face and watching her suffocate to death. She then rode around Orlando to night clubs and parties for almost a week with Caylee’s decomposing body stuffed in a trash bag, rotting in the trunk of her car.



When the stench finally bothered her, Casey Anthony schlepped no further than the end of her street and threw Caylee’s rotting body and all of her possessions in the woods and went right back to partying.


Good riddance.



The evidence proved to millions of trial watchers that Casey Anthony hated Caylee Anthony and was jealous of her, murdered her in a rage and kept it a secret for 31 days, until her mother Cindy Anthony finally called 911 and declared:

“It smells like there’s been a dead body in the damn car!”

That’s because there was a dead body in that car. The prosecutor proved it to the over six million people who watched that trial. They proved it beyond all doubt. They proved it beyond any doubt.



Of course there was a “dead body in the damn car.” That’s why Casey Anthony never reported Caylee missing in the first place. Were it not for Cindy Anthony’s phone call…no one would have ever found out what really happened to Caylee.



This was a simple, stupid, sloppy, juvenile crime committed by someone who is simple, immature, sloppy, stupid and lazy.



The prosecution proved it to millions of trial watchers.  Casey Anthony and Casey Anthony alone killed Caylee. Simple minded, simple crime.



There was decomposition fluids, blow flies, hairs with death bands and grave wax still rotting inside of Casey Anthony’s trunk when it was recovered from a tow yard weeks later.




The prosecution presented more than enough evidence to convict Casey Anthony of first degree murder and the polls were overwhelmingly in favor of a first degree verdict.

Personally, I have never seen so much evidence against a defendant in all of my years of trial watching. There was no doubt in the minds of the public what happened at the end of that trial…none. I saw the polls and they were overwhelmingly in favor of first degree murder.

protest jury


The evidence proved to 98% of the population, across the boards, that Casey Anthony and only Casey Anthony murdered little Caylee.




But as the public watched the trial they also saw something else unfolding in front of their eyes.


What the cyber community and trial watchers were forced to witness beginning in 2008 was nothing short of evil.


A circle of corruption began to form around Caylee’s own family, along with defense attorneys Cheney Mason and  Jose Baez.

It was vicious, malevolent, immoral, reprehensible and despicable to watch.

Cheney Mason...exactly the kind of guy that would tamper with a jury.


It wouldn’t have been so hideous to see if Cheney Mason, Jose Baez and Caylee’s own family’s efforts to cheat, lie, tamper with witnesses, tamper with evidence, blame innocent people, tamper with the jury, break the law, break the rules of the court and even worse, if all of these egregious  offenses had been committed  with even a speck of secrecy…

but look no further than the internet and you will see it is all a matter of record.




If all of this activity had been clandestine it would not have been such an outrage…

but it wasn’t “clandestine” at all.

The whole dirty rotten illegal trial played out in front the American public and has been  waved in our faces for four full years.




The “not guilty” verdict, spawned in an atmosphere of sinister, diabolical, corruption will never be accepted by the over 6 million people who have already found Casey Anthony guilty of first degree murder. Those six million people were not PAID to ignore the evidence and twist the law. Those six million people watched the trial and saw all of the evidence for themselves.



The whole world still wants to know why defense attorney Jose Baez was dancing in the halls of the courthouse and acting like a cowboy in the wild west, right before the most important verdict of his life?




WHY would an attorney from one of the most immoral defense teams in the history of televised trials, a man who wore the expression of someone who was competing in a “death match” throughout the entire trial…suddenly be dancing with glee in the moments before the verdict was read?





WHY did jurors perform mental back flips, ignore evidence and twist and break the law, all in order to set a baby killer free?

HOW did some members of the jury come into large sums of money that allowed them to simply walk away from their jobs?

Over six million trial watchers still want to know why!




Some of the jurors  were able to retire after this despicable verdict, some paid off their mortgages and have lived the life of Riley ever since. Imagine that…all of this ‘good luck” landing in the laps of the most hated jurors of all time, after cheating a child and the entire country of justice.


This trial has left millions of Americans outraged. It was a vile experience that will never be erased from the minds of those who watched this defense team break the law, tamper with witnesses, tamper with evidence, cheat the system and all of it with virtually no repercussions.



That the public who found Casey Anthony guilty of first degree murder beyond any doubt,  was forced to watch one of the most corrupt trials in the history of this country play out, is a fact that the defense attorneys will have to learn to live with, along with everyone who helped this cold blooded child killer go free, to kill again.




There is not a doubt in my mind that Casey Anthony will kill again or someone is going to kill her. When that happens it will be laid at the doorstep of every single person who took part in this circle of evil, starting with Caylee’s family, Cheney Mason, Jose Baez and ending with that jury.

But there is another court at play here. It is the court that the defense team ignored throughout this trial and minimized it’s effect on all of their sleazy tricks and flat out lawbreaking.

It’s the court of public opinion.

With each project and each attempt to garner a financial reward for all of their offensive, immoral behavior, they have been met with those six million people, who all saw what they did.

The big “win” they destroyed their own careers over and sold out their reputations for, has cost them all and cost them dearly.

So caught up in their own lies and drowning in the truckloads of bullshit that they themselves spread all over their own futures… they behave exactly like their murdering  client…

stupid, sloppy and immature.

If the ignorance displayed by this family and so called “defense team” could be summed up in two words it would be greedy and reprehensible.

The curse began the day of the verdict and with all the finesse of a stupid, lazy baby killer, the defense team immediately began insulting the very public that they hoped to sell their books and movies too.

That tactic, needless to say, did not work in their favor.

Most 16 year olds would know better, but in an inebriated moment of hubris Cheney Mason, who now hopes someone will buy his book of more lies and contradictions, gave six million trial watchers who never bought a word out of his drunken mouth, the finger.


Cheney Mason...exactly the kind of guy that would tamper with a jury.

Cheney Mason…exactly the kind of guy that would tamper with a jury.

Good luck with that book.

We all saw it...we all joked about it...none of us could believe it...and now they want us to forget it...fat chance.

We all saw it…we all joked about it…none of us could believe it…and now they want us to forget it…fat chance.

Jose Baez, who has become a national joke, lost his house and any hope he had of ever being in the public eye again without a backlash. Dumped by his PR firm, Baez lost all hope of ever being on television again without at least some of those six million people boycotting and complaining.

“Some” of six million people is a hell of a lot of people.

The math is simple but yet they still are living under the spell of greed and hubris in spite of the overwhelming evidence that America wants to see all of them in prison.

Everything they hoped to gain from breaking the law, tampering with witnesses, tampering with the jury and perverting our system of justice, has been given to Jeff Ashton by those six million trial watchers and there’s nothing about that trend that is going to change in the near future.



They can bully and insult all they like, but the “Baby Killer’s Curse” is alive and well and each time they repeat this abhorrent behavior they slide further into their own pile of shit.



The defense team from Hell still remains unscathed and the public still wants to see action taken against these attorneys who are now perceived as criminals themselves.

Jose Baez and Cheney Mason had their chance to impress the American people with their legal skills and failed miserably. All they had to do was save the baby killer’s life but they chose to cheat in front of over six million trial watchers. They gambled a stupid bet  and lost.



In the end they failed to see that there was only one thing that mattered in this trial and that was justice for the only victim, Caylee Anthony.

All of the efforts made by Caylee’s very own family to erase her from this world have failed. All of the defense teams attempts to eradicate Caylee Anthony from this trial failed, because they forgot the most important thing.

Jose Baez and Cheny Mason are forever branded enemies to justice and truth. They have proven themselves incapable of trying a case without breaking the  law and perverting the system.




Write your book. Give your interview.



There are six million people out there who are just waiting for the police to knock on your doors and serve you all with warrants FOR EVIDENCE TAMPERING AND JURY TAMPERING.





and she always will.

In dedication to Caylee Anthony who showed us all how terribly broken our system of justice is... "Caylee by the Sea" by Barb McNally

In dedication to Caylee Anthony who showed us all how terribly broken our system of justice is… “Caylee by the Sea” by Barb McNally













About LindaP

Broadcast veteran. Over 20 years: CNN, MSNBC, LIFETIME, ESPN. NBC. ABC, CBS as Producer, Art Director, Animation Specialist. Over 16 years as a freelance writer: Jezebel Magazine, Atlanta Magazine, Creative Loafing, Southhampton Press. Currently writing a book about a bizarre series of unsolved murders, that began in 1931 and ended in 1970, I have linked the crimes to one forgotten suspect.

498 Responses to THE BABY KILLER’S CURSE…

  1. inquiring says:

    The Bankruptcy Trustee’s Attorney Allan Watkins has FINALLY issued SUBPOENAS for TMZ, Mark Lippmann as Manager of Caylee’s Fund Foundation, Inc., and E! Entertainment !!!!!

    The Trustee wants copies of “Records of all payments made to or on behalf of or for the use of Casey Anthony, including but not limited to, any agent, attorney, representative or family members”.

    The Trustee wants copies of “Transcripts/copies of all articles, stories, videos, and pictures in posession since July 10, 2011, of or about Casey Anthony and/or Caylee Anthony.” “Records of all payments made to any one for articles, stories, videos, pictures and the like of Casey Anthony and/or Caylee Anthony.” “Copies of all contracts for purchase, license for use or the like of any articles, stories, videos, pictures relating to Casey Anthony and/or Caylee Anthony.”


    Here are the 3 documents:

    Notice of 2004 Examination of Mark R. Lippman, Manager of Caylee’s Fund Foundation, Inc..
    Filed by Allan C Watkins on behalf of Trustee Stephen L Meininger.


    Notice of 2004 Examination of TMZ. Ducas Tecum
    Filed by Allan C Watkins on behalf of Trustee Stephen L Meininger.


    Notice of 2004 Examination of E! Entertainment Ducas Tecum.
    Filed by Allan C Watkins on behalf of Trustee Stephen L Meininger.

    • dancehappy says:

      WoW – that’s great news – so Lippman will held responsible and all has to match up with TMZ and E! Entertainment !!!

    • Deb says:

      inquiring, maybe a few thousand letters to Ms. Burnette is starting to bear fruit…dare we hope/pray/anticipate?! Thank you so much for lighting that fire under me to speak my mind to Ms. Burnette via the letter campaign. ‘IF’ the bk gets her bankruptcy petition denied, it will be in part because of the tenacity of people like yourself!
      I looked up the reasons a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Discharge would be denied, and was just DELIGHTED to see at least three reasons this petition could be denied (or revoked if it was granted in error)…Karma train is roaring down the tracks so fast now, I ‘m beginning to feel a little giddy and light-headed!!!

  2. inquiring says:

    CASEY ANTHONY parent’s house and George’s NEW “2014″ Chrysler 200 Touring car – new photos here

  3. Deb says:

    To any ‘juron’ who may now or in the future lurk here: Does this make sense NOW???

    look at this picture:

    read this fascinating and chilling article:

  4. Jersey says:

    From facebook:

    Valhall, owner of the former HINKY METER asked a doctor’s opinion of Caylee’s AUTOPSY REPORT and received a conclusion that CAYLEE WAS CHRONICALLY ABUSED. [January 10, 2010]
    The Dark Side of Caylee’s Life
    Posted on January 9th, 2010 by Valhall
    “Caylee’s life had a dark side. We have seen the numerous pictures of Caylee’s wounded face and the vacant eyes, with the dark circles beneath, that didn’t match the forced smile on Caylee’s face”
    “In the fragile scattered bones of Caylee’s completely skeletonized remains lay a secret.”
    “Contrary to what Cindy Anthony claims, Caylee appears to have been a neglected, and abused child.”

    • Jersey says:

      “The following article was written with the assistance of Dr. Christopher C. Green MD, PhD. Dr. Green is Assistant Dean, China/Asia-Pacific, for Wayne State School of Medicine. He is a Professor of Clinical Neuroimaging (MRI) at the Detroit Medical Center/Harper University Hospital, Departments of Diagnostic Radiology & Psychiatry and Behavioral Neurosciences. He is a Fellow of the American Academy of Forensic Sciences for his specialty in Clinical Neuroimaging. And he is a Professor at the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Dr. Green was instrumental in solving the murder of Bulgarian dissident Georgi Markov, as covered in the PBS Special Secrets of the Dead.
      For his assistance on this matter, I will be eternally grateful.”

      • Jersey says:

        Valhall said: “we have statements from Amy, Ricardo, Tony and others who place Caylee in Casey’s care while at parties where Amy states she slept through the whole party on the couch right in the middle of things (curious, isn’t it???), slept in Ricardo and Casey’s bed (when they most likely were having sex), and left with total strangers at a party in Tony’s apartment while Casey and Tony went and did the wild thing in the bedroom.”
        Tony’s roomate’s girlfriend said she knew Caylee was opening Tony’s door and greeting strange adults while Casey and Tony were busy in the boudoir.
        She also said she had found Caylee wandering alone on Tony’s balcony without any supervision. She told law enforcement that at the time she thought Casey was definitely a neglectful mom.

        CAYLEE CROOKED SMILE PHOTO [Casey in green shirt]
        Valhall said: “… a picture that has long disturbed me due to the crooked grin (that by itself could be attributed to Caylee “goofing” for the camera) in combination with detectable and significant differences in the size of her two eyes – as if something neurological was affecting one side of her face.

        • LindaP says:

          Jersey I know that photo! That photo is very disturbing and imo in ALL the photos of Caylee with the monster she looks like she doesn’t want to be with her. Caylee’s smile looks forced…not like a real smile. In other photos she looks scared and yes there are all kinds of marks etc on her.

          I can only imagine what life was like for Caylee with that lazy, brain dead skank hauling her around all day and night. She’s lazy! I believe everything the skank’s friends said and remember about the balcony!

          I have no doubt that Caylee’s little life was a nightmare of neglect, abuse and insanity. I have often wondered how many times the skank just chloroformed her and put her in the trunk to sleep because she couldn’t dump her on anyone else and I’m equally convinced she passed her off on anyone who would take her!

          Poor Caylee.

        • skbsoccermom says:

          Somebody posted a picture on facebook the other day of Caylee when she was very young, like maybe a year and a half, and at that time, she did not have the crooked smile or drooping eye. That tells me that this Dr is right, and that it was not a genetic issue she was born with .. it was something that developed over time. What he said makes perfect sense. And that’s why it makes me crazy when anyone says they believe the BS that she was a good mother.

          • LindaP says:

            Also skbsoccermom…a “good mother” reports her daughter missing! This murdering skank never reported Caylee missing and would have never reported it. SIN-D reported it. And the only reason SIN-D reported it was because she was hoping against hope that Caylee was still alive and trying to force the skank to produce her!

            In reality they already knew what had happened otherwise they would have never cleaned evidence out of that car. They knew the skank was not dead…they knew Caylee was missing and they knew what that smell was.

            SIN-D’s last effort to get the skank to produce Caylee was the 911 call and you can hear the desperation in her voice.

            The “great mom” was never going to report Caylee missing and was hoping to just leave town and start another life and make excuse after excuse. No one would have ever even known that Caylee was missing. But she’s too lazy. She’s too stupid. She doesn’t even have the brain power to leave town. Thirty one days passed, plenty of time for her to leave town and drive far away but the dumb mule just hung around and let Caylee rot in the trunk of that car.

            “Good mothers” report their children are missing the moment they find out.

            She’s the mother from HELL just for not reporting Caylee missing.

      • Jersey says:

        Valhall said: “… the opinion offered is based on additional indications (wounds, black eyes, unexplained dark purple cirlces under the eyes) of some form of abuse and hence the opinion the premature closure is not pathological in nature [not a birth defect].
        crooked smile in pink tutu – at 3:54-56 in video
        It is even more pronounced (the crooked grin and the difference in the eyes)
        picture showing her crooked smile and distorted eye.
        the picture is actually a composite of at least three pictures which have been retouched to make them blend in together.
        the facial source is not the one from her and Casey sitting in front of the window
        Fairy Picture I found the original on the imikimi site. All you do is insert your picture and flip it horizontal, so KC made that picture off their site.

      • Jersey says:

        BLACK EYE PHOTO…/caylee…
        When the sagittal suture grows closed prematurely it causes the skull to no longer expand from left to right but instead to begin to expand upward and front to back. One indication of this type of craniosynostosis is crowding of the teeth because the palate can no longer expand laterally to accomodate the teeth.
        the skeletal remains discovered included all teeth but one – the right incisor.

        [Antemortem trauma is any injury that occurs to the body before death. These events can leave permanent marks on bones.]

    • Jersey says:

      Dr. Green responded with the following:
      There is evidence that she was forced over some period of time, at least several months or longer, to often be forced to lie on her back, maybe with her head restrained, maybe under sedation, maybe because she was terrorized, and maybe because she was so tired she often fell asleep in an awkward, un-natural, and forced position.
      These are the scenarios Dr. Green could come up with. And any of those would be seen as abusive.
      The premature closure of the sagittal suture as indicated in the autopsy report does not point to a birth defect, but to what is called secondary sagittal synostosis.

      It is Dr. Green’s opinion that “Caylee was repeatedly drugged and/or restrained and made to lie asleep for extended periods of time in the last months of her life leading to premature closure of the posterior sagittal suture.”

  5. Deb says:

    What a mess of dysfunction, with no sense of right or wrong…it seems like the Scamthony’s have a very bad reputation for lying, deceit, in-fighting, covering up…start reading at ‘Monken’. This is another very informative link showing who & what Caylee was born into – so very sad – she never had a chance at normalcy in her little life.;wap2

  6. Deb says:

    Hey, finger…how’s that R- E- S- P- E- C- T working for you?! By the looks of this, not too good…

    • Deb says:

      You look the perfect fool…then, now, and in all probability…all days to come!

      • Deb says:

        Not exactly a group of elite attorneys & politicians, now – is it?
        In fact, if there were 75 people there, I’d be surprised…Tampa Bay…who????

    • Jersey says:

      ‘Hey Cheney – do you want to flip the bird to the media today?????’
      Thank you, Deb, for the biggest laugh of the day!!

  7. Deb says:

    My personal question to the foolish gas-bag who likes to hear himself drawl nonsense & lies – i.e.; that bankruptcy filing thing that just won’t go away:

    What’s she talking about?!

    • Deb says:

      I thought she was broke…indigent…had no dineros…owed money up her wazzoo…and you, dirty hands in the cookie jar…along with the brood of vultures in your club…had this to say:

      • Deb says:

        Even though it’s being borne out that you bought a ‘pig in a poke’, so to speak….was something like this your motivation to keep this mule in your home barnyard??!!

    • skbsoccermom says:

      Here’s a question for cousin Dana who obviously believed spindy’s LIES …. if Caylee drowned in the pool, WHY IS THE POOL STILL STANDING????? Can these people get any dumber?

      Hey Dana … cousin spindy had that car crushed, but to this day the pool is still up.

      Dana sounds like just another stupid idiot.

      • Deb says:

        Yes, she does, lol…but the point I was trying to make is that she kept reiterating that there were two book publishers on stand-by…just waiting for the verdict!!!
        She was told that the intention of all, including attorneys, was to make money. And that there is no way in hell that anyone representing the baby-killer in her bankruptcy filing went into it thinking that she just wanted to fade away into oblivion. I think they truly believed that this subhuman piece of crap was going to make a fortune by putting even more of a spin on her fairytale defense ‘story’ of ‘snapping’ from years of ‘sexual abuse’. That’s another reason why Finger decided, three-quarters of the way through the trial, that his killer client needed a competency evaluation to bolster that ‘cow plop’. It probably sounded like a big money maker to this bunch of non compos mentis retards! They have “obviously” never been in touch with anything even remotely based on reality. After all, how many “renowned attorneys” who haven’t lost their mind would take a former client into his home, talk about her ‘rack’, invest a personal fortune on the whim of making ‘millions’ repeating the lies of a hated baby killer, write a book about it…and put an entire lifetime career in the crapper?! THIS MAN, that’s who – the pullet surprise winner!

  8. inquiring says:


    Filed by David L Schrader on behalf of Defendant Casey Marie Anthony
    (Entered: 08/22/2014)

    here is the document:

    In the Kronk case, all Motions for Summary Judgment by either side, were due today.

    Casey’s attorney David Schrader asks for more time to file a Motion for Summary Judgment and more time for the next Hearing.

    Kronk’s attorney does not contest giving Casey’s attorney more time.

    Casey’s attorney Schrader, says he intends to file a Motion for Summary Judgment.
    He and Kronk’s attorney have been engaging in Discovery, including taking of Depositions of Casey by Kronk’s attorney, and Depositions of other people.

    Casey’s attorney Schrader says he needs the information from the Depositions to prepare the Motion for Summary Judgment, and the Responses.

    He wants the deadline to file the Motion for Summary Judgment extended to November 1, 2014, with Responses filed 21 days after that [November 21, 2014].

    He wants the next pre-trial HEARING moved to December 10, 2014 [instead of September 30, 2014].

  9. Deb says:

    This is something I wasn’t aware of…any thoughts, guys? It makes me wonder if that’s the angle the bk is going to pull during depo’s now…since she’s back to the “there really is a ‘zanny’ load of crap…she is STOOPID NUTZ, no doubt about it.

    • kat says:

      Deb, from your links, it seem Annie Dowling’s texts etc with bk were not allowed! too damaging? she is the bi friend, what were they up to!!

    • CanadaEve says:

      Deb, I had read about this either at Blink or Hinky, can’t remember which now, back in the early months of Caylee’s murder. I never will understand this “too inflamatory” bullchit of withholding information at trials. If there is info/evidence out there of direct relevance to the trial outcome, then, IMO, bring it in. If Annie Dowling’s depo would have been admissable, and if anyone with 1/2 a brain in OPD existed to connect the Annie-Zannie-Casey dots………no, it wouldn’t have mattered to this particular jury, this particular judge, and this particular defense team. The money talked and the money allowed the walk. When one worships the almighty dollar, before the truth of the Almighty, love and compassion is cast away, the soul is forfeit, and the heart shrivelled.

      • Deb says:

        I love the way you said that, CE (if I may call you that?)…” When one worships the almighty dollar, before the truth of the Almighty, love and compassion is cast away, the soul is forfeit, and the heart shrivelled.” There’s not one doubt in my mind that the baby killer isn’t clever enough to have made up all the specific details about “Zanny” and the “kidnapping”, and missing child sightings, and human trafficking tied to drug deals gone bad…and neither is her imbecilic family. They all take bits & pieces of reality from what’s going on around them, and weave an intricate web of lies so convoluted, that even they can’t keep track of all the crap. The whole idea of making up all the different stories they put out there – and I’m including her LEGAL team here – was to get that psychopath off the hook, with the intention of selling her “truth from her perspective” (thru book or movie or interview) that was so phantasmagorical it wouldn’t be disproven and it would appeal to people of juvenile mentalities. So many of the criminal profilers who describe what psychopaths do and how they think, describe the baby killer to a “T”. Watch this video for just one such evaluation of the baby killer.

        • CanadaEve says:

          Deb, CE works for me so by all means, I’m OK with that and thank you for your kind words about my saying. I had never seen that segment with Merideth Viera. Wow! That lady she was talking to sure had bk’s number. I loved how she says that she supports the DP for these types of people (psychopaths ala casey) because they find a way to have fun in prison and survive quite well. They have hours and hours to think of ways to manipulate and play headgames with other inmates. casey is the classic textbook psychopath.

          • Deb says:

            I agree, CE (thanks for letting me use initials ;-) …and that interview with Pat Brown, the criminal profiler, reminded me of stabby-einstein, as well as so many other creepy manipulators that think torture & murder are just another form of amusement to keep their evil & cruel mind from boredom. They are the ultimate narcissists.

  10. Jersey says:

    Excerpt from ‘Squirrely Stories’:

    Scene: Crazy Anthony’s bedroom @ Mumble’s house

    BABYKILLER: “WTF – Somebody’s been farting in my bed!”

    MUMBLES: “Don’t look @ me, I don’t wander into strange
    women’s bedrooms –”

    MRS MUMBLES: “Well WTF are you looking @ me for?? I’m not
    the windbag around here –”

    BABYKILLER: “And who the heck put starch in my BRA??”

    MRS MUMBLES: “Well geez, I mean, let’s face it – they’re drooping and –”

    MUMBLES: “- look who’s talking -”

    BABYKILLER, head in refrigerator: “What the heck is for lunch around here,
    I don’t see anything, but what’s this – it looks like rotting pizza?? –”

    MUMBLES: “- a lawyer always has to be prepared for anything -”

    MRS MUMBLES: “Oh we thought you were cooking today, killer -”

    MUMBLES to BABYKILLER, as she takes garbage out: “Where you goin’?
    I didn’t give you my order for lunch yet -”

    BABYKILLER: “I’m gonna take this stinking garbage bag out, and while I’m
    at it, check my trunk, and – oh – do you have a shovel having around?? And
    do you have any household weapons – uhhh utensils – handy??”

    MUMBLES: “Now I AM gonna fart in her bed -”

    MRS MUMBLES: “Come on, I’ll join you, I found some duct tape –”

    • Deb says:

      hahahaha! Jersey, do you have a source close to the finger residence?! I’m betting it’s the fly on the wall that hangs around because of the great STENCH!

    • kat says:

      Thank you for the laughter, Jersey! oh it is a good laugh thinking of them all living together, ha ha ha, they have to give her food and clean her clothes, give her gas and beer money!

    • LindaP says:

      Roflmao Jersey! Life in the Mumbles household! They all deserve each other!

  11. inquiring says:

    UPDATE on alleged bankruptcy fraud letters to US Trustee
    Casey Marie Anthony Bankruptcy Case # 8:13-bk-00922-KRM

    Several people who have written to the US Trustee in Tampa, have received this letter:

    “Thank you for your correspondence regarding the above-referenced bankruptcy case. We will review the information provided.

    Please be advised that it is United States Department of Justice policy that criminal investigations may not be disclosed. Therefore, the United States Trustee Program will neither confirm nor deny whether a matter may have been referred or whether it may or may not be under investigation.

    Thank you again for your correspondence.”

    Cynthia P. Burnette
    Asst. United State Trustee
    Region 21, Tampa Office
    501 E. Polk St. Suite 1200
    Tampa, FL 33602

    Thank you to EVERYONE who wrote to the US Trustee Burnette asking for an investigation into Casey Anthony’s alleged bankruptcy fraud!!

    Now, we know that someone in an office higher up than the Trustee Meininger and his attorney Watkins, are reading our mail that we sent to them. Many people from several different forums on the internet have provided information to Trustee Meininger for over a year. It seems that now US Trustee Cynthia Burnette is paying attention.

    We also know that the attorneys for Zenaida and Roy Kronk most likely have investigators working on uncovering any alleged bankruptcy fraud, which will be reported to the bankruptcy court.

    The Morgan & Morgan Law Firm has continued to fight hard in this battle against Casey Anthony, and they have gotten depositions out of her, and will continue to scrutinize all of her finances. If there is a Caylee HERO — it would be the Morgan & Morgan Law Firm.

    Now we just wait and hope and pray that the investigators will find evidence and charge her, and convict her.

    • Deb says:

      Thank you, inquiring! Your updates are what keep me from losing hope, and sustain the fighting mode we all have to constantly use against these defamers of justice, ethics, and morals. (((hearts & hugs)))

  12. Kat says:

    Another example of disrespect for the court and Mason being an ego maniac:

    Judge Stan Strickland signed court documents that would require Casey Anthony, who was acquitted of the murder of her daughter, to serve one year of supervised probation in her separate check-fraud case. He insisted that she return to Orlando immediately to comply with her probation, but yesterday morning, her lawyers showed up at the courthouse to say that she won’t be returning to Central Florida anytime soon.

    Cheney Mason and Jose Baez implored the judge to change the order, insisting that it would be beyond dangerous for their client to return to Orlando. It seems her lawyers have the same reverence for the systerm as their client does as Mr. Mason, upon exiting the courthouse told reporters they were “filing one motion to vacate that stupid order,” before implying that Casey “would not return” to Florida.

    Read more:

    • Deb says:

      Kat, thanks for another load of ammunition for the artillery we’re aiming at “finger”…he truly is his own worst enemy, yet he lives with a sociopathic toddler killer. I guess he can add ‘colossal imbecile’ to the “egomaniac” label!
      I’m laughing and compiling some great data!!!!

  13. LindaP says:

    My review on Amazon for Mason’s book…

     More sad transparent lies from someone who never fooled anyone to begin with…, August 15, 2014

    More lies. That’s what J Cheney Mason, disgraced lawyer and winner of a death sentence for Nelson Serrano, believes the public wants to hear from him. As you can see by checking the ranking for this stink bomb of a “book” (which should be sold under the fiction category) Mason has laid yet more colossal plops of cow poo under the guise of a book…hoping to salvage his now utterly disgraced “career.” Officially classified as a miserable failure, Mason is currently being accused of “ineffective counsel” by his last client, Nelson Serrano, who awaits execution on Florida’s death row. All courtesy of this world class wind bag. I would be hard put to find a bigger container of noxious gas on the planet. If you doubt me then just waste a dime on this piece of fiction and you will be convinced beyond all doubt that he is ready for assisted living. I watched the Nelson Serrano trial along with millions of others. Mason was both comical and ineffective. A sad, ham-handed vaudeville performer who dug a grave for his client every time he opened his condescending mouth. Daily, using his his “good-old-boy-Foghorn-Leghorn” array of bull waste, he assured Serrano would end up on a gurney. Just as he does in a courtroom he fails to persuade using the written word, in this thing that barely resembles a book. Further….he flat out lies just like he did repeatedly during this joke of a trial in front of an angry public. Over six million people tuned in to watch Casey Anthony finally receive the justice she so richly still deserves. At the end of the trial 98% of those six million people were convinced beyond any doubt that she was was guilty of the first degree murder of a child. Poll after poll demonstrated that J. Cheney Mason failed to convince his “book buying” public that Anthony was anything but a cold blooded baby murdering psycho. Poll after poll demonstrated that the prosecution made their case for first degree murder to 98% of the six million people who watched the trial. Those same six million people are sick to death of this gigantic egotistical clown blaming everyone but himself for his own humongous failures and trying to force heaping bowls of animal poop down their throats via the media and now the written word. Every single “project”, a transparent attempt to capitalize off the horrible murder of a small child. When Cheney Mason took this case on for “fun”…he threw away any integrity he had left and set the course for what is happening to him now. When the defense team so publicly perverted the system and so literally gave the public the finger…they insured that their own futures would hold no “special movie and book deals.” It was a cheater’s victory in a broken system and it was obtained with no honor…only disgrace. If Mason thought he was in control of what happened after giving everyone the finger and showing himself to be even more reprehensible then previously perceived, he was sadly mistaken. This book is nothing more than yet another sad attempt to manipulate the public by a man who never had that ability to begin with. Just another bag of lies from someone who has no credibility left and is trying desperately to find someone else to blame. The man who asked the question “Who cares if she is guilty or not?” is getting the answer to that question via the universe. The answer is “Everyone with a heart and a soul.” That leaves you totally out of the mix Cheney Mason and it looks like your rankings can be admitted as “exhibit # 1 in that argument. You are now working in the court of public opinion Mason. It isn’t run by the oh so defense biased Judge Belvin Perry. Lies lies and more lies. That’s what the name Cheney Mason means now. If you like to be lied to…then this is the book for you.

    • inquiring says:

      Mason takes ALL the credit for winning the case [Baez who???] now, in his book and interviews … but this is what Ashton thought of Mason during trial.

      Imperfect Justice by Jeff Ashton – page 293

      At one point in the middle of the trial Cheney had handed Frank a piece of paper with trivial information about the courtroom, how may ceiling tiles there were, how many recessed lights, and other minutiae.

      I think he was basically telegraphing his boredom, that he was not involved with the case, and that this was Baez’s case. Because he was not engaged, he had a lot of time to fill his mind with other factual nuggets. That became clear after one of our many sidebars with Judge Perry over admission of evidence. Cheney shrugged his shoulders and said in his southern drawl, “I keep trying to teach the boy (Jose Baez) the rules of evidence.
      When we asked him anything pertaining to the trial, he (Cheney Mason) would often answer, “I don’t know. This is Jose’s show”.

    • Kat says:

      Dignity and jose and cheney, NEVER.
      In response to a question about whether Anthony planned to cash in on her fame, her lead attorney Jose Baez told Fox News Channel late Sunday that she has “certain rights as an individual in this country.” Attorneys planned to handle Anthony’s affairs in a “dignified manner,” he said.

      “If she decides she wants to speak publicly about it, she’ll make that decision,” he said.
      Dignified they have ruined themselves for Caylee’s murderer! and some notoriety in the media! Well they did that, and we get to watch from her to eternity their on-going lies, just like their convicted client!

      • LindaP says:

        “Fame!” Bah ha ha ha ha ha!

        What “fame?”

        She’s an moron who murdered her baby that’s all.

        She should be in HIDING for the rest of her life.

        Fame is for people who accomplish something not destroy things.

        She doesn’t qualify.

  14. LindaP says:

    Hi everyone! Since Karma seems to be right around the corner and Gas Bag Mason seems determined to keep the hate alive I want to have an article composed of “Open letters to Cheney Mason” of which I am writing one myself.

    The article is going to be composed of all of the letters.

    So if you want to write a letter to Gas Bag and let him know how you feel about his efforts to continue to capitalize off of and ERASE Caylee’s life, just post on the blog that you want to and I will get in touch with you and tell you where to send it.

    I strongly encourage the amazing women (and man…lol) on this blog to use their incredible writing skills and let it all out. There’s no time limit. I haven’t written mine yet. I’ll wait for everyone who wants to write one to finish.


    RIP Caylee…

    • Deb says:

      Linda, thank you for this great opportunity to let the ‘finger’ know how much we think of him, his book, and his total lack of morals and integrity. It’s going to take me awhile to write something succinct, ’cause I really want to write an encyclopedia’s worth of words to show my disgust & repugnance for this laughable old goat and his pet mule, aka ‘the maid’, and everything they represent.

      • Kat says:

        Here is cheney’s words:
        After my book is published, I am going to start collaborating pretty quickly with a former medical examiner friend of mine on a series of novels based on actual cases we have handled. We have enough material to take us through the rest of our lives [Laughs] and if we are able to do that I will effectively retire from climbing in the ring as I have been doing for 43 years. It would be nice to sit here and look at the park and write books. I am 70 now, so I better get started. [Laughs]

        • Kat says:

          Thanks for the idea of the open letters…it will be “fun”

          • LindaP says:

            YW Kat…Roflmao…let’s hope it’s more “fun” than the kind of fun a certain wind bag is having right now with a giant psycho in his house.

            Everyone has their own style here so I think this is going to be very good.

            ; D

        • Deb says:

          Kat, do you have a link for this quote?

        • CanadaEve says:

          OMG! Could Spitz be the former ME friend? That would be hysterically funny. The Gas-bag and the Skull-cracker. Both so full of their own self-importance I doubt either one could get a word in edgewise to collaborate. I can just see Mrs. Mason saying, “now chinny dear, play nice with dr spitz. He knows how to use a rusty saw.

          • Deb says:

            I think you’re on to something with this one!

          • LindaP says:

            Bah ha ha ha ha! Spitz! Ha ha ha ha…I think you have to be right CanadaEve!

            Roflmao…I thought it might be Michael Baden when I first read it…but Spitz makes more sense.

            Well they better hurry up and write it then…I don’t know which of them has a lower life expectancy…Mumbles Mush-Mouth-Mason or the bumbling (broke Caylee’s skull with a tool he bought at K-mart) Spitz!

            My guess is Gas Bag will outlive Spitz…who looked like he was barely able to remember his name during the trial.

            Hilarious if THAT’S what he banking his retirement on. He says they can write books (after the rousing success of his current stink bomb) for the “rest of their lives…” Roflmao…With Spitz on board what are we talking about here? A year? Tops….lolol.

            Oh Dear.

            I think you’re right. Even more bad news for the finger-flipping fool!

            smiley icons

        • LindaP says:

          I wonder if they are collaborating right now…per the description “pretty quick” bah ha ha! Bet he’s still in disbelief that no one wants to read a word that flies from his finger-flipping hands.

          “We have enough material to take us through the rest of our lives [Laughs]…”

          Bah ha ha! Well he better hurry then…the clock is ticking. Bet he wakes up with a near heart attack every time he hears a noise in the night with that raging psycho in his house! That’s not even counting the fact that he has a raging psycho in his house that could shorten his “life expectancy” considerably if she thinks she can profit in any way from it or just if she gets mad enough.

          My favorite…

          “It would be nice to sit here and look at the park and write books.”

          It would be nice if he fell in a sink hole too but that’s about as likely as him “…looking at the park and writing books.” after this giant flop.

          He can do it all right…but no one’s going to pay him anything for it…roflamo

          Unreal. Talk about “imaginary friends”…he’s as bad as his new pet psycho.

          • inquiring says:

            April 10, 2014 – Cheney Mason says his retirement plan includes writing novels WITH his friend, a “FORMER” medical examiner…..

            [I believe his "former"/fired Medical Examiner friend is Dr. Shiping Bao.]

            Volusia County Assistant Medical Examiner Dr. Shiping Bao, who was recently FIRED ["former"] in September 2013, who did the Trayvon Martin autopsy, is WRITING A BOOK.

            Dr. Bao claims that Florida state prosecutors were biased against Trayvon Martin and purposely threw the case and is suing the State for $100 MILLION.

            May 15, 2014 – Dr. Bao says the book will be ready in the next 5 months

            Dr. Bao says the book will reveal major bombshells in regards to the case of #TrayvonMartin and #MarlonBrown

            Medical Examiner, Dr. Bao, who performed the #TrayvonMartin autopsy, just told me he is writing a book


            Medical Examiner In Zimmerman Trial Sues For $100M, Claims Prosecution Threw Case [VIDEO]

            Sep 11, 2013
            By Kirsten West Savali
            In a bombshell allegation, Florida medical examiner Dr. Shiping Bao (pictured) claims that Florida state prosecutors were biased against Trayvon Martin and purposely threw the case, and he is suing the state for $100 million, reports
            Bao’s allegations come swiftly on the heels of him being fired from his position as associate medical examiner.
            Volusia County released a letter on Tuesday, stating that Bao was fired last week


            Posted By Donna On 10 Apr 2014

            After my book is published, I am going to start collaborating pretty quickly with a former medical examiner friend of mine on a series of novels based on actual cases we have handled. We have enough material to take us through the rest of our lives [Laughs] and if we are able to do that I will effectively retire from climbing in the ring as I have been doing for 43 years. It would be nice to sit here and look at the park and write books. I am 70 now, so I better get started. [Laughs]

      • LindaP says:

        You’re welcome Deb…I really can’t wait to read what people write.

        It will be as much fun for me to read as it will everyone else!

    • Victoria says:

      ~Linda~ Applauding you for this as well as all else you have previously done!! I’ll be carefully composing mine. Thank You!!

      • LindaP says:

        Can’t wait V!

      • LindaP says:

        Victoria…I want to say that I love the way you write. I am excited to read your letter. I know it’s going to be outstanding.


        • Victoria says:

          ~Linda~ You are far too kind but I Thank You. In this instance, dealing with this injustice, it is not hard to find your voice and speak with the conviction of what one holds in their heart. I sent off my Open Letter To Cheney Mason this morning to your email. Once again Linda, thanks for this opportunity and all you do to keep the many Voices4Justice a place to be heard.

          • Kat says:

            Victoria and Linda–you both are amazing writers that includes wit! What about witness tampering, can this be something that can be proved and would it do anything? If a PI finds out there was, what can be done, petition the court? The jury did not deliberate properly they did not go through all of the evidence and testimony! Ten hours in the jury room is not suffiient for a trial lasting as long as this did. makes the public suspect and continue to be outraged!!!

  15. LindaP says:

    From Jennifer. I am copying and pasting this post from Jennifer on this article so everyone can see it:

    Johnathan Kasen who is running for Broward County Judge is defending Casey Anthony in this video

    Voting starts August 15, this Friday, please spread the words and voice our strong opposition to Jonathan Kasen winning this election to JUDGE!

    • inquiring says:

      YouTube video – Uploaded on Feb 8, 2009
      Kasen is defending Casey Anthony in this video

      BROWARD COUNTY: Show support for incumbent Judge Ian Richards.

      EARLY VOTING BEGINS NEXT WEEKEND Friday Aug 15, Saturday Aug 16, and Sunday Aug 17, 2014 (Vote at ANY of these locations – EARLY VOTING ONLY),0,6315122.story

      Re-elect Ian Richards, Ellen Feld to county court
      By Sun Sentinel Editorial Board
      August 13, 2014
      Re-elect Richards to county court

      Kasen was Casey’s civil attorney in the Zenaida case, in the beginning.

      His most notable client: Casey Anthony.
      Kasen represented Anthony in the criminal and civil defamation cases early on, getting facetime on CNN. He is close to Anthony’s lead attorney Jose Baez and they are scheduled to try a case together later this year [posted August 15, 2013].

      Jose Baez is on his election committee, and is a personal friend.

      A lawyer locked in a three-way race for Broward County Judge has gotten help from the best-known member of the Casey Anthony’s defense team – Jose Baez.

      Baez is listed as a member of the Committee To Elect Jonathan Kasen for County Court Judge.

      A fund raising letter distributed to lawyers this week contained Baez’s name along with many of the best-known members of the Broward criminal defense Bar.

      Kasen earlier told me that Baez, who has a law office in Kissimmee, is a personal friend. Kasen was also helping with Anthony’s defense early in her murder trial.

      My question is whether it is good to be associated with Anthony?

      I know and believe deeply that everybody is entitled to the best defense. Baez and Kasen helped provide Anthony that defense.


      But do average voters support a candidate who helped get the “most hated woman in America” acquitted of charges she killed her daughter, Caylee? Add to that having Casey Anthony’s most visible defender — Baez — raise money for your campaign.

      • LindaP says:

        Thanks Inquiring!!!

      • skbsoccermom says:

        I would hate to see any friend of baez be elected to a position of authority. We’ve already seen that baez will cross any line to “win”, and I wouldn’t put it past him to ask for special favors. This would corrupt Florida’s judicial process even more. I wish I knew people who lived in that county.

      • LindaP says:


        Copied from Facebook:

        EARLY VOTING BEGINS NEXT WEEKEND Friday Aug 15, Saturday Aug 16, and Sunday Aug 17, 2014 (Vote at ANY of these locations – EARLY VOTING ONLY)…See More

        Re-Elect Judge Ian Richards
        Judge Richards was in the top 5% of judges in Broward for the number of jury tri… See More
        Public Figure: 22,711 like this

    • Deb says:

      Great Linda! Thanks to Jennifer, you, and inquiring (((hearts))). Any personal friend of this dirt bag and his ‘client’ is just as big a dirt bag, in my opinion!

      Spread the word, folks! Those of us who have friends & relatives in this county, please forward them these links…maybe they don’t remember WHO and WHAT this POS “lawyer” (and I use that title loosely) represented. Please refresh their memories…

  16. inquiring says:


    7/31/2014 Notice of Filing [showed up on docket Aug 6, 2014]

    Nationstar Mortgage LLC – Notice of Filing of Affidavit In Response to Affirmative Defenses [which Cindy’s attorney filed June 13, 2014].

    Nationstar Assistant Secretary, Rachael Yoo says the NOTE was executed on May 10, 2005 by Cynthia M. Anthony, and the MORTGAGE was executed on May 10, 2005 by Cynthia M. Anthony, joined by George Anthony, and Nationstar is in possession of the original NOTE, and had possession prior to filing the Foreclosure complaint on November 4, 2013.

    On January 18, 2011 a Notice of DEFAULT was sent to Cindy, by Bank of America, but the DEFAULT was not cured. [copy is EXHIBIT A]
    Cindy owed $ 2,197.70 at that time.

    6/13/2014 Answer and affirmative defenses, Cynthia M and George A. Anthony

    Cindy says that NATIONSTAR has not proven they are the “NOTE HOLDER”, and that they are in physical possession of the original NOTE.
    Cindy says the NOTE defines the “Lender” as Bank of America, N.A.
    Cindy says the Loan Modification does not reference NATIONSTAR or Bank of America, N.A., as the Lender. Says that BAC Home Loans Servicing, LP is the Lender.
    Cindy says that the previous documents do not accurately reflect the meeting of the minds of the parties.
    Cindy says NATIONSTAR did not give them required Notices, as stated in paragraph 22 of the Mortgage, and an opportunity to cure the Default, before NATIONSTAR began Foreclosure action.
    Cindy says NATIONSTAR did not give them any Notices as required by the National Housing Act, and cannot maintain the Foreclosure lawsuit.
    Cindy wants the Judge to DISMISS the Foreclosure lawsuit and enter a Judgment in favor of Cindy, and for NATIONSTAR to pay her attorney fees and costs, because Cindy has hired Lippman and has agreed to pay reasonable attorney fees.

    • dancehappy says:

      I am sure Nationstar has proof in writing that they are the Note Holder and that they did give the Scamanthonys the required Notices.

      • inquiring says:

        Nationstar attached, as Exhibit A, the Notice of Default that Cindy was given in 2011 – proof that Cindy DID get Notices, and DID have a chance to cure the Default/PAY what she owed at that time.

  17. Kat says:

    Jose Bozo Juannie Cochran Baez “to paint CA as a slut, asa aparty girl, as a girl who lies, has nothing to do with how Caylee died” You would dishonor the law and Caylee’s memory if you were to base your verdict on anything but the evidence and to use your emotions to get you angry is improper” Calling the evidence, Fantasy Evidence. Is this now a catch phrase to be used in future criminal trials? The jurors did not read testimonies, did not request Any clarification of the law, ten hours and 40 minutes )after six week trial and over 300 pieces of evidence and thousands of case documents. Hey 12 village idiots–Reasonable doubt doesnt mean reason to doubt–you should use your thinking part of your brain and going over the evidence which they did Not). they gave no justice for an innocent murdered child. RIP Caylee

  18. inquiring says:

    CAYLEE was “chronically, savagely abused”

    Dr. Green responded with the following:
    There is evidence that she was forced over some period of time, at least several months or longer, to often be forced to lie on her back, maybe with her head restrained, maybe under sedation, maybe because she was terrorized, and maybe because she was so tired she often fell asleep in an awkward, un-natural, and forced position.
    These are the scenarios Dr. Green could come up with. And any of those would be seen as abusive.

    Dr. Green, that his opinion is, as he stated it – for several months prior to Caylee’s death she was made (in whatever form or fashion) to lie flat of her back for inexcusable amounts of time.

    more info at

  19. Victoria says:

    ~CanadaEve~ Good to see you here!! If the Baby Killer was an escort she was sadly pitiful at it. For one thing she had a problem even keeping gas in her car let alone the difficulty in finding the cash for her cell bill. A cell phone would be essential I would think for an escort. Even being an escort I imagine requires some ambition and that is a quality that Casey Anthony lacks in spades. Lanyards, lost cell phones, sim cards, addresses all seemed like an ongoing who’s on first routine meant to muddy the waters and confuse rather then to bring clarity. Just some thoughts…….

    • CanadaEve says:

      Hi Victoria!
      I’m not sure she was an “escort” per se for Universal either. I think she was peripherally involved though through her many aquaintances, and may have made a few bucks here and there serving drinks and/or posing in little clothing for “conventions” when she couldn’t steal from cindy. She did say Universal gave her a cell phone and it got “lost”. She did say her Universal lanyard was missing. The duct-tape bikini photo shows what definitely looks like a lanyard hanging off her hip. That and the decor in that photo. Very hotel looking. Maybe I’m putting 2 and 2 together and getting 5? I dunno, but very suspicious, and I just think there is more to this theory than we know.

      • Kat says:

        Hi CanandaEve, Welcome, it is good to have you..what an interesting and believable comment. I was on a research to look into the escort business she was dealing with. You make total sense.

      • Victoria says:

        ~CanadaEve~ Oh please don’t think I rule anything out when it comes to Casey or any of the other Anthony’s. I was just throwing some thoughts out there but with Casey I have learned that 2 and 2 often add up to five so you may well be onto something. Honestly nothing would surprise me. NOTHING!!

      • Deb says:

        CanadaEve, you made some very astute observations and I thank you! I’ve suspected all along that babykiller was and is still – just one baby step away from a street walking, drug using, prostitute. The only thing that kept her from having her name listed in the weekly crime-watch section of her local newspaper was spindy. That wouldn’t have fit in with the fairytales of the princess who concieved without intercourse!!! LMBO at that one! I think bk used to pimp herself and/or Caylee out when funds were low because people were watching her sticky fingers from time to time.

        • CanadaEve says:

          Yup, spindy and her “immaculate conception” theory. If she will not accept that her daughter is a killer then she definitely won’t see that her daughter is a big HO! What exactly was she doing with/to Caylee? Did she really drop her off at the Sawgrass apts where there was supposedly a little porno film company operating? casey’s case screwed up the investigation into this and they apparently pulled stakes and left. So what really went on there? The creepy breakfast with Caylee video……….

  20. inquiring says:

    Rick Namey, author of “Casey’s Ghost”, opinions on Casey Anthony’s guilt vs innocence:

    Rick Namey believes Casey Anthony has been involved in bankruptcy fraud … but that Casey is not guilty of murder.

    in his book Rick Namey said:
    - we don’t know who dumped Caylee
    - that what Casey was guilty of is something undetermined

    Rick Namey wrote in his book:
    “Regardless of the outcome of any trial or anyone’s guilt or innocence, this single fact remains true: Someone, and we may never know who; for some reason, and we may never know why; put that beautiful little child in a plastic bag and dumped her in a swamp like a piece of garbage. That’s the absolute truth and there’s no denying it.”

    “In a sense, I agreed with the verdict and still do. Not that I believe Casey was not guilty. I believe what she was guilty of is something undetermined.”

    “I found the theory of duct tape and chloroform lacking in credibility.”

    “Casey could have been prosecuted for a felony as a result of the accidental drowning of her child in the family pool. That’s what José said she was covering up – a felony! That’s why she went into hiding for thirty-one days. This is a reasonable explanation for all of her actions.”


    after foolproof suffocation searches revealed [November 2012]
    Rick quit Jan 2013

    Rick Namey wrote:
    “I concluded that no one will ever know the truth about what happened that day, except Casey and George, and they will most probably take that knowledge to their graves.”


    on Tricia’s radio show August 7th, Rick Namey said:

    - Casey was involved in it – but don’t know exactly what happened
    - don’t know what George’s role was – I think it was something
    - Rick said Casey was a “good mother”

  21. inquiring says:

    in his defamation case against LEONARD PADILLA
    July 31, 2014

    Casey Anthony’s bounty hunter may have to pay in lawsuit
    Meter reader Roy Kronk suing bounty hunter Leonard Padilla for defamation

    Author: Mike DeForest, Reporter,
    Published On: Aug 12 2014


    Orlando, FL – The bounty hunter who helped Casey Anthony get out of jail is facing new legal troubles and could be forced to pay money to another witness from the murder case.

    Padilla was later sued by Roy Kronk, the former Orange County meter reader who found Caylee’s body.
    Last month, the bounty hunter was supposed to fly from California to Orlando to attend mediation in that defamation case but he never showed up.
    Padilla tells Local 6 he was too sick to make the trip and was advised by his doctor not to travel.
    Padilla signed an affidavit in Feb. 2014 promising he would be at the July 18 mediation. In that affidavit, Padilla indicated he “will not ask for a further continuance” and agreed that if he did not show up for mediation a default judgement would be entered against him.

    Now, Kronk is formally asking a judge to issue that financial judgment against Padilla.

    The former meter reader’s lawsuit seeks “in excess of $15,000,” but he does not indicate a specific dollar amount.

    • CanadaEve says:

      Padilla inserted himself into this circus with that stupid “daisy chain” theory. He had his own agenda for doing so. IMO, he too wanted a TV show ala “Bounty Hunter”.

      • LindaP says:

        CanadaEve…he sure did. Even before that he thought that a hamburger and a pedicure would make this dumb psycho talk. Little did he know he was dealing with someone even more stupid than he is. Every single thing he said proved out to be wrong. “The baby”…as he was so fond of calling Caylee…was in Puerto Rico. “The baby” was in Blanchard Park. “The baby” was in the dumpster. The babykilling skank put duct tape over “the baby’s” airways to stop decomp from leaking out.

        As if the skank had a brain. Why not just get rid of Caylee’s body right away? There’s an idea! But no…Padilla wants us to believe she’s so lazy and stupid she drives around until the car reeks of death and then she decides to put duct tape on Caylee instead of just getting rid of the body? Like she would do all of that.

        He has tried everything he can to get his ugly greedy puss on TV and been WRONG at every turn!

        That “daisy chain” theory just being one of many he put out there like the baffoon he is.

        Maybe he and Gas Bag Mason can start working together after this. They both have equal credibility!

  22. inquiring says:

    BOYCOTT FOX & FRIENDS – for having J. Cheney Mason on their show Sunday, August 10, 2014 – to sell his BOOK

    Midpoint Trade Books @midpointnyc Aug 8 2014
    Check out Justice in America author Cheney Mason on @foxandfriends this morning @ 9 AM! #betterwithfriends

    also BOYCOTT Midpoint Trade Books – Mason’s PUBLISHER

    c. @prettyplusmore Aug 10
    I have just one question for #cheneyMason, a douche who uses air quotes-Why did CA’s trunk smell of decomposition? Mine never has.

    • Kat says:

      Kiomarie Torress Crus, the childhood friend gave LE and Jose Baez Casey told her she wanted to put Caylee up for adoption in spite of Cindy, even offered to adopt herself. Cruz never heard of any nanny. BUT most important Kiomarie told them the area they could find Caylee’s dead body, her and other middle school girls would hang out and vury their deceased pets. She and Casey would affix heart stickers to the pets’ wrapping.

      Makes me think, Casey killed pets before killing a selfless human too!

      • Kat says:

        Cindy and George would not have had such a voice without videos and photos of CAYLEE. The media a lot of money by licensing photos/pictures of Caylee. pictures/video of the victim put money in the pockets of the babykiller team of boys/and blood relatives. Disgusting lot

  23. inquiring says:


    Posted on August 11, 2014 by Brigid A

    Caylee Anthony, RIP August 9, 2005 – June 16, 2008
    Caylee Marie Anthony, We Will Never Forget You


    “… Anthony smirked, giggled, flirted, gave middle finger salutes, and bantered with her attorneys Jose Baez and J. Cheney Mason, otherwise known as her “boys.” It’s inconceivable, but Judge Perry allowed such behavior without even a single reprimand delivered to “Miss Anthony.”

    In the jury’s presence, she sobered up, and intermittently poked at her dry eyes with a tissue in an attempt to squeeze some water out which became a bizarre ritual. In the escalating courtroom drama, Jose Baez ensured that his client was portrayed as the only victim and a “great mom.”

    …Baez waited until his opening statement to deliver the bombshell that was guaranteed to instill doubt in the minds of a handpicked jury too mentally-challenged to grasp the calculated timing and theatrics.

    In a performance straight out of an actors’ workshop, Jose Baez announced that Caylee never was missing; she had drowned in the above-ground family swimming pool. The logical question then became why did HE allow his client to sit in jail for three years for an accidental drowning? To maximize the impact, Casey Anthony sat in her permanently lowered chair (to look more vulnerable) and did her best to cry.

    Baez shredded the dignity and reputation of George Anthony by accusing him of unverified vile sexual acts allegedly perpetrated upon his daughter well into her teenage years, Casey Anthony discarded — again — her murdered toddler to claim the title of victim.

    Sadly, Casey Anthony was set free by a jury so disconnected and disinterested they didn’t bother with notes and asked not a single question during deliberations.

    Dazzled by visions of book contracts and dollar signs — one juror, a chef, immediately shopped 6 figure book deals — the jury deliberated a mere 15 hours after six weeks of complicated forensic evidence.

    They were not to base their verdict on attorney opening statements yet all the jurors interviewed mentioned suspicion of George Anthony — formulated on the unsubstantiated opening remarks of Jose Baez. George Anthony was not on trial. All over the map in their interviews, they quickly went into hiding. I would, too.

    Cindy would threaten to kick Casey out for stealing from her and being a bad mother. Casey knew she could hurt Cindy by withholding access to Caylee.

    Despite the abundance of stuffed animals and a Winnie the Pooh themed bedroom, Caylee Anthony was an abused and neglected child. Her doting grandparents have used her as their ticket to wealth. Both quit their jobs, living on donations to various Caylee foundations, now defunct. Questions swirl about the legality of channeling charitable donations to fund vacations, new cars, home upgrades. Despite a reported $600,000 donation from Dr. Phil, the family residence is once again in a lengthy foreclosure process.

    She was quickly approaching age 3, talking more and possibly able to tell Grandma more about her mysterious days dragged around town by Mommie? It’s a theory that has merit.

    The duct tape wrapped around Caylee’s mouth came from the home as did the Winnie the Pooh blanket and laundry bag that served as her shroud. Casey’s car trunk became her temporary coffin for the few days prior to her body being dumped in the wooded area close to the house.

    Unable to raid Cindy’s accounts during her self-imposed exile, Casey was reduced to stealing cash and forging checks from the account of her best friend, Amy Huizenga. Amy is no longer friends with Casey, and testified for the prosecution during the trial. She pressed charges for the check fraud. Casey was found guilty and served jail time. The felony will always be on her record.

    • Deb says:

      Thanks for sharing this well-written article, inquiring. ((hugs)) It tells the story exactly the way it happened.

  24. CanadaEve says:

    Hi Linda, Long time reader of your fabulous blog but have never posted. I see many familiar names here, harleygirl, dino, victoriangarden, and many many other Caylee Warriors, (waves hello). Today, after seeing that duct tape bikini photo of the nasty skank I just had to comment. Did anyone else notice that it appears she has a lanyard hanging off the bikini bottom? Is that her missing lanyard from “Universal”? ‘Cause it looks like she is part of the entertainment at some hotel conference room not a house party. The chair beside her looks like one you would see in a hotel conference/meeting room. Wasn’t there a Universal Escort Services business that may have had the babykiller’s picture on their webpage?

    • LindaP says:

      I wouldn’t put anything past this miserable skank CanadaEve..even though it is my opinion that this lazy good for nothing leech would never be able to hold ANY job…not even a hooker!

      IMO she’s too dumb and too lazy. It would be hit or miss if she showed or not.

      If she was around people she could steal from she’d do that instead. IMO whatever’s easiest and the least effort is what she is going to do. She’s lazy, dumb and psycho.

      But again…as I said…nothing would surprise me!
      ; )

  25. Deb says:

    Duct tape?! I don’t know nothin’ about no duct tape…check with wee-pee lee or georgie marie…or obviously, mom would know…

  26. Deb says:

    No one will ever convince me that there isn’t a genetic link between the fugly baby-killer yoda look-alike and the original yoda:–Us6q_f8wzeiqbBnA5XXLLQ2a

    • skbsoccermom says:

      Every time some idiot on facebook says how “hot” she is, this is the picture I’d like to show them.

  27. inquiring says:


    ROY KRONK’s case against Casey Anthony is ongoing
    Adversary Proceeding Case # 8:13-ap-00629-KRM

    - July 14, 2014 – J. Cheney Mason filed Notice of Limited Appearance for Deposition
    - Motion for Summary Judgment is DUE by August 22, 2014
    - then the other side has 21 days to Respond to that Motion
    - next HEARING is set for September 30, 2014


    ROY KRONK’s case against The Examiner and Cindy Adams is ongoing

    7/7/2014 Notice of Hearing 09/10/14 @ 1:30 P.M.


    ROY KRONK’s case against Leonard Padilla is ongoing but may have reached a settlement

    7/18/2014 Mediation Report

    7/31/2014 Motion for Final Judgment


    ROY KRONK’s case against The National Enquirer is ongoing
    aka American Media Inc

    6/20/2014 Notice of Hearing AMERICAN MEDIA, INC

    7/16/2014 Notice of Taking Deposition(s)

    7/31/2014 Notice of Filing

  28. inquiring says:

    Casey Anthony: Still Hiding Three Years Later
    Posted on August 3, 2014 by CaliDeeva


    “Also broken were hearts of strangers who had come to embrace this little girl as our own, while her “mother” — more accurately described as her egg donor — had tossed this precious child’s body in a swamp.”

    “Astonishingly, three years have not dimmed the public’s love for a child abused and abandoned by the very people who should have protected her.”

    “With Caylee securely enshrined in hearts and memory, the injustice that set her killer free haunts those who witnessed the travesty that unfolded in that Orlando courtroom presided over by Judge Belvin Perry, Jr.”

    “Last month, Mr. Mason was busy promoting his new book, Justice in America: How the Prosecutors and the Media Conspire Against the Accused. Although not scheduled for official release until this month, the pre-orders and preliminary reviews do not look promising. Reduced by 30% on Amazon, ranked at #137,874, the less-than-lacklustre reception by the public is set to rival the abysmal sales of the book published by Jose Baez back in 2012.”

    “Cheney Mason may need to supplement his income with the extra mouth to feed. It’s hard to fathom any other reason for defying public sentiment by writing a book portraying his client as the victim.”

    “The ego of Anthony’s defense team has clouded their judgment. We aren’t interested in what you have to say, Mr. Mason. We hope your client shows more restraint than you have demonstrated. The public has spoken. No-Blood-Money.”

    • Kat says:

      Thanks Inquiring! They are an American disgrace and they still will not admit it, they have egos bigger than a giant.

  29. Kat says:

    fistoffury answered
    Well she does have killer looks. HAHAHAHA. Honestly, men see her as a skank. That does not mean we see her as attractive, just bangable. Ya dig?

  30. inquiring says:

    Rick Namey, author of “Casey’s Ghost” is going to be on
    True Crime Radio Show on Thursday, August 7th @8:00pm Eastern.

    live link –

    There is a Chat that goes along with the radio show and opens 30 minutes before the show.

    If you would like to contact Host Tricia Griffith, please email
    send your questions for Rick Namey now

    Rick Namey says:
    “I will be answering ALL questions — will not duck anything! If you have any questions – now is the time, this is the place! I want to put ALL doubts to rest so that we can get on with what we must do!”

    • B says:

      He is a member of …..”Justice Delayed is not Justice Denied” group for …CAYLEE……just recently joined…..

    • skbsoccermom says:

      I might write in and ask him why he initially thought she was innocent and why he thinks Kronk may have been involved. I want to know how he thinks Caylee died, and why he doesn’t think she was suffocated with duct tape.

    • Deb says:

      inquiring..I listened and I wasn’t sorry ;-)
      Now, I’m realistically optimistic – and glad I sent that letter to the Fed Bankruptcy agent!

  31. LindaP says:

    Here’s what life is like inside Mumbles Mush Mouth Mason’s house these days…roflmao!
    Looks like a dead crow landed on the back of someone’s head in this video…

    • Deb says:

      Linda, I think they were arguing over the standing price for a BJ…I could be wrong, but I thought I lip-read Dorothy (“We’re not in Kansas, anymore…”) Simms saying, “But Casey, that IS the price you formerly quoted; you can’t change it NOW!!!”

  32. LindaP says:


    • dancehappy says:

      OMG, the things people put together are astounding !!!

      • Kat says:

        Cindy Anthony’s mother interviewed: Investigators talked to Shirley Plesea, who is Cindy Anthony’s mother on Aug. 21. Plesea said Cindy Anthony would give her life for Caylee. But Plesea agreed that Cindy Anthony changed her story during the investigation. Plesea said, “If she doesn’t believe Casey then Caylee’s dead. Honest to God that’s my feeling.” She also said about Casey, “I just wonder if she hated her mom more than she loved Caylee.” Plesea said she got goose bumps when Cindy Anthony informed her Casey was in jail and Caylee had been missing for a month. Plesea said that, in June, Cindy Anthony made it clear that she wanted custody of Caylee. Then, she said, Casey Anthony promised day after day to bring Caylee home, but never did. Plesea said she thinks Casey Anthony did that to torment her mother. Pleasea said she believes the unemployed 22-year-old may have stolen as much as $45,000 from her parents, possibly by taking out credit cards in Cindy Anthony’s name. The mounting bills forced Cindy Anthony to tap into her 401K, and nearly cost the Anthonys their home on Hopespring Drive. The grandmother said she first learned of Casey Anthony’s thievery when she discovered she had stolen one of her checks and spent $54 to buy a cake and party favors for Caylee’s 2nd birthday and then wrote another check from Plesea’s account for $354 to pay her cell phone bill. Investigators talked with Plesea on the same day Casey Anthony bonded out of jail. Her grandmother told investigators she wasn’t happy about that. In fact, to get to the truth, she suggested it might do Casey Anthony some good to get “beat up” behind bars. She said her last words to Casey Anthony were, “I love you, but I don’t like you.”

        PDF: Plesea Transcript

        Read more:

        • Kat says:

          For Casey is the very definition of a walking sociopath. Casey Anthony cares only for herself.

          As she rose to leave the courtroom, the girl who knows no empathy and even less shame did something that astonished even me. She reached into her pocket quickly.

          And she retrieved a tiny tube of lipstick. Then, as if she thought no one was watching, she proceeded to dab it quickly on her well-worn lips.

      • Kat says:

        College students dresses as skank for White trash mixer
        Villanova Delta Gamma Dressed as Casey Anthony at White Trash Mixer and People Found That Offensive


        • Kat says:

          Dom Mazzetti vs. Casey Anthony

          He would pick a Rabid hunting badger, or a lying pack of shit, before CA is soulless monster…

          Dear Casey great surprise to me, studying criminal justice, when I get my degree I am going to bring the heat on you…you are a crazy bi***.

    • Deb says:

      The people who put this video together should get a medal…I nominate it & them for “Best Original Artists/Song Without a Screenplay” …

    • skbsoccermom says:

      That was hysterical! Just when you think you’ve seen everything there is to see about that narcassistic killer, something like this pops up. It sounds like it was written by someone who followed the case …. “stolen hoodies on arrest day” …. “CMA” ….. “mother’s who lie”. So funny! Thanks for posting this.

      • Kat says:

        Cheney Mason should be charged and made to do a video for the FL bk court! Not all states are Floriduh court system.

        SIOUX CITY, Iowa (AP) – A federal judge in Iowa meted out an unusual punishment to a lawyer for repeatedly raising objections and interrupting depositions: She must produce a training video showing why such tactics are inappropriate.

        Perhaps unsurprisingly, her law firm objected to the ruling.

        U.S. District Judge Mark Bennett issued the “outside-the-box sanction” last week to Chicago-based attorney June Ghezzi, a partner at the international law firm Jones Day.

        Bennett criticized Ghezzi’s pretrial conduct in a case in which she successfully defended Abbott Laboratories against a lawsuit alleging that its infant formula contained dangerous bacteria that caused a baby to suffer brain damage. He wrote that during depositions, Ghezzi “proliferated hundreds of unnecessary objections and interruptions” that appeared to coach witnesses on how to answer questions and delayed the proceedings.

        Bennett said that rather than issuing a monetary fine against Ghezzi, he wanted to take a stand against “obstructive deposition practices” that are common and that some litigators are even taught to use.

        With that goal in mind, Bennett ordered Ghezzi to write and produce a training video that “provides specific steps lawyers must take to comply” with the rationale of his opinion. He said the video must address the impropriety of lawyers vaguely objecting to the form of questions, coaching witnesses and excessively interrupting. Bennett noted that some jurisdictions specifically allow “form objections” and the video could explain where those are located.

        • Deb says:

          Kat, that was wonderful reading! It’s probably too moral and too logical for any judge in the florida jurisdiction to follow, though. Thanks for sharing ;-)

          • Kat says:

            Deb, Thank you for those youtube links, i have a good morning LOL

            • Kat says:

              What troubled me was the constant portraying of Casey as a good mother. I mean, seriously? She knew she was not and had admitted to her brother and a friend that she was a lousy mother. It was repeated by Lee Anthony at trial; she said her mother was right to call her an unfit mother.

              ….Cindy had told numerous people that her daughter was an unfit mother. Who brings her child to share the same bed as a new boyfriend? Who pretends to go to work with daughter in tow? Who lies to a good friend about working to get rid of her daughter? Who dumps her child on her parents all the time and ignores her welfare? Certainly not a great mother…..

              • Kat says:

                from: All Things Crimeblog

                • Kat says:

                  An alternate juror on the Casey Anthony trial on Wednesday called the defendant a good mother, a day after the jury acquitted Anthony of first degree murder, manslaughter and child abuse, while convicting her of lying to police.

                  The first numbers of witnesses were Casey’s friend and every time that they said they saw Casey with Caylee, it was a loving relationship and no one provided evidence to the contrary, alternate juror Russell Huekler told Good Morning America.

                  Huekler, one of five alternate jurors, said Anthony’s behavior, including heavy partying and lying in the days after Caylee went missing, was bizarre. However, he said Casey’s lying had been part of a long-term trend.

                  Yeah, the behavior was bizarre, but what I took from that is that the family was very dysfunctional. Because they were so dysfunctional, that was the norm for them. Casey didn’t just start lying for the first 31 days [after Caylee was not seen]. She had been lying for the past two years … I felt it was the norm for her, he said.

                  Huekler said that prosecutors failed to prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt because they did not show how Caylee died and did not show a motive. He said he was shocked by public outrage over the verdict.

                • Kat says:


                  Hensley is the supporter, this interview he says Casey released the youtube videos. And it was the same day Baez got Fired, he states.

  33. LindaP says:

    Bozo Baez…

  34. LindaP says:


  35. inquiring says:

    WRITE LETTERS, FAX, PHONE, TWITTER, the PUBLISHER of this HORRIBLE book which says Casey is innocent and her family killed Caylee!

    This Publisher says it is a “Christian, family-based” company!

    “Tate Publishing & Enterprises, LLC, is a Christian-based, family-owned, mainline publishing organization with a mission to discover unknown authors.”

    They should be ASHAMED for publishing this trash which is a horrible INSULT to Caylee Marie Anthony – an innocent child, and trying to convince the reader that Caylee’s murderer is innocent and a victim herself !!

    Tate Publishing
    127 East Trade Center Terrace
    Mustang, OK 73064

    (888) 361-9473 (toll-free)
    (405) 376-4900 (direct)
    (405) 376-4401 (fax)

    Tate Publishing

    Ryan Tate – President & CEO
    Richard Tate – Founder & Chairman of the Board

    The author, Michelle Thompson/Lelia Thompson-Miller, is a registered nurse in Oklahoma City, OK.
    The author says she “believed Casey’s claims of abuse from the beginning.”
    The author believes the “verdict was correct”.

    Cracking the Casey Code
    A logical hypothesis on how the Anthony family lied the truth.
    by Lelia Thompson-Miller

    “Within the pages of Cracking the Casey Code is an alternate point of view: What if all the members of the suspect’s family were involved, each with a different role? One member directed it, another committed the murder, yet another cleaned it up, and the last took the blame. Is our desire to know what happened to that poor child stronger than our hatred of her mother?
    Throughout the evidence lies a code that Casey alluded to; but in order to unlock the code, we must be willing to take a leap of faith. We must be willing to do the unthinkable. We must be willing to believe Casey is telling the truth. And with that belief comes the harsh realization that her daughter was always destined to die.
    I think the death of her daughter was planned out over a two-year period. The home environment she lived in was a stage, in which the daughter was the star. The purpose of this stage was to sell the American public on the idea that she was loved by a normal family. To these people, death was no more than an event in their quest to achieve the ultimate goal…”

    • inquiring says:


      Tate Publishing
      Ryan Tate – President & CEO
      Richard Tate – Founder & Chairman of the Board
      127 East Trade Center Terrace
      Mustang, OK 73064

      RE: “Cracking the Casey Code”
      A logical hypothesis on how the Anthony family lied [hid?] the truth.
      by Lelia Thompson-Miller

      I am shocked and horrified that a “CHRISTIAN-based”, “family-owned” company such as Tate Publishing, would publish such a HORRIBLE INSULT to a child victim Caylee Marie Anthony, who was murdered by her own mother!

      The book you published by author Lelia Thompson-Miller, claims that Caylee’s murderer is innocent and is a victim herself, and that Caylee’s grandparents were complicit in her murder!!!!!

      Casey Anthony was CONVICTED of lying to law enforcement, and the JUDGE in the case, Judge Belvin Perry, said on national tv that he was shocked at the “not guilty” verdict, and that he believed the prosecutors presented enough evidence at trial to convict Caylee’s mother of MURDER.

      The prosecutor Linda Drane Burdick said of Casey Anthony that she is “the most well documented liar ever” and the Judge in the case Judge Stan Strickland said about Casey Anthony that “Ms Anthony and the truth are strangers”.
      Yet, the author of this trash book states that the “not guilty” verdict was correct, and the author believed Casey Anthony from the beginning.

      If Caylee Marie Anthony were YOUR 2-year old daughter, or granddaughter, or niece, who was MURDERED, would you still publish a book by an unknown author who portrays Caylee’s murderer as innocent?

      I am outraged that your Christian-based publishing company would publish this book! This book will surely NOT be blessed by God, and your publishing company will not reap financial success with this book.

      I would hope that your company would NOT promote this author or her book, and certainly would never consider publishing a book written by Casey Anthony!

      Attached is a list of reasons that Casey Anthony, ALONE, is guilty of MURDER of her own daughter, Caylee Marie Anthony.


      • inquiring says:

        Cracking the Casey Code
        A logical hypothesis on how the Anthony family lied the truth.
        by Lelia Thompson-Miller

        “Despite all of the evidence, I still don’t know the truth about Casey. Ninety-four percent of Americans believe Casey Anthony murdered her two-year-old daughter and got away with it, but I do not. ”

        $21.99 (paperback)

        • skbsoccermom says:

          OMG. And yet ANOTHER loser publishes a book trying to cash in on an innocent toddler’s MURDER. WTH is wrong with people? Are they really that stupid? All the other ‘casey is innocent’ books tanked, so why would this author think we give a rats a** about her opinion? I’m so tired of these money hungry morons underestimating the public. We aren’t stupid. We already know who murdered Caylee. We didn’t change our minds because Ablow wrote a book, we didn’t change our minds because baeez wrote a book, and we’re not going to change our minds now because some other nitwit wrote a book.

          • Kat says:

            Recent experience with Tate Publishing company out of Oklahoma
            I am a senior citizen and self employed business person who has been writing poetry for a hobby for over twenty years. I started going back to college recently and have been encouraged by individuals with PhD\\\\\\\’s to publish my poetry. I started my search on the net which has proved to be interesting.

            Recently I came across Tate Publishing out of Oklahoma on the net. I was fairly impressed with the site (even thought I am a practicing Christian I did find a little too much \\\\\\\”We are a wonderful God-fearing company\\\\\\\” which is generally a \\\\\\\”red flag to me\\\\\\\”. Have you ever noticed \\\\\\\”crooks\\\\\\\” are the first to tell you what great Christians they are?\\\\\\\”) On my dime I took time to make a phone call and spoke with Janey the manuscript managers whom I was very impressed with. We spoke over the phone for twenty minutes. Based on the conversation, I forwarded my manuscript. I received numerous e-mails encouaging me from that point on to read about the company. I downloaded their brochure which was mainly a picture book with little meat in addressing specific questions. I was aware they reguired a $4000 investment on the part of a \\\\\\\”selected author\\\\\\\” since they spent in little Oklahoma about $16000 to $21000 thousand (so they claimed) of their money to promote a book they selected).
            I sent an e-mail to the founder of the company which asked simply \\\\\\\”how many authors had they actually refunded the $4000 to and could they verify that information with a CPA firm? They claimed that they refunded these books when 5,000 books were sold. Since I have been in Marketing and Sales Training for over forty years, I felt my question was a reasonable one. The response I received from the President of the company was both insulting and completedlhy \\\\\\\”off the wall\\\\\\\” indicating this is a \\\\\\\”racket being operated out of Oklahoma\\\\\\\”. Run, do not walk away from these folks.

            [Please Note: Ryan Tate, President of Tate Publishing, rejects Mr Rigo's description of the contact between himself and Mr Rigo and would like that to be known. (Hamish - WritersNet)]

            I wanted to share a client of Tate’s, i will go back and copy/paste the link below.

  36. inquiring says:

    Rick Namey, author of “Casey’s Ghost” is going to be on
    True Crime Radio Show on Thursday, August 7th @8:00pm Eastern.

    live link –

    There is a Chat that goes along with the radio show and opens 30 minutes before the show.

    If you would like to contact Host Tricia Griffith, please email

    - she would love to hear your suggestions

    send your questions for Rick Namey now :

    • Kat says:

      I wanted to share a comment from today on the Casey Anthony Boycott Information the authorities – the Trustee and his attorney, and the U.S. Trustee Burnette, and the US Attorney in Miami have been given all the information regarding possible bankruptcy fraud, and have acknowledged receipt of it. No further information will be given on any investigation.
      The Trustee’s attorney Watkins did confirm that Casey Anthony’s every move is being scrutinized.

      • inquiring says:

        also …

        “There is a lot going on behind the scenes. Media is going to wait till there is something more definite before publishing anything.
        The US Attorney is now interested.”


        If the authorities start an investigation, the public will not know about it.
        They will not confirm nor deny if a matter is under investigation.
        They will contact author Rick Namey if they need more info.

        “Please be advised that it is U.S. Department of Justice policy that criminal investigations may not be disclosed.

        Therefore, the USTP will neither confirm nor deny whether a matter may have been referred or whether it may or may not be under investigation.

        This means that you will only be contacted if it is necessary to obtain further information; otherwise, the USTP will not respond to your hotline submission.”

  37. Deb says:

    Gil Cabot, a/k/a Todd Black, linked to pornography (small time perp with big dreams),
    WHOA!!!!! Am I surprised!!!! (NOT):

    BK and her derelict crew have been linked to, and with, small-time crooks & losers who latched onto big-time scammers & losers…the only difference being that the small-time losers got jail time sooner than the bigger fish…with a little help from the Florida Bar
    Association – in my very humble opinion!

    Oh, excuse me!!! He (Gil Cabot) was WRONGLY IMPRISONED TWICE, bhahbhbhbhahah!

  38. Deb says:

    It seems that FRAUD & MONEY not reported are, and have long been, part of this legal MESS that the Florida Bar Association has overlooked. My question is, WHY???

    • Deb says:

      Timothy Chinaris, past chairman of Florida Bar Professional Ethics Board Review Employee…
      and legal counsel for Jose Baez…
      conflicted, much??!!

      And, to top it all off, Gil Cabot/Todd Black was outed on Nancy Grace…hahahahahahah!!!! She may be annoying, but she does serve a purpose, ;-)

    • Deb says:

      In my humble opinion, Timothy P. Chinaris is the reason WHY?!!! How can you represent the likes of Blozo and his authorized-not authorized “spokesperson” Todd Black/Gil Cabot/Press Corps Media/Arrested Media???

      Excerpt from the following link:

      “…served as Ethics Director of The Florida Bar from 1989 to 1997, is a member and past chair of the Bar’s Professional Ethics Committee, teaches legal ethics at an ABA-approved law school, and consults with and represents lawyers on advertising matters.”

    • Kat says:

      Deb, wow you have put things together. I love when that happens. I have found so many before trial stories/comments that i am shocked with what they got by with on TV in front American audience! And i want all that to bite them back. You dont get a babykiller off and be proud and then want $. I think Baez was looking for the Mark Gregors’ gig spouting meaningless opinions on tv (spelling on his name? and i cant pronounce his name either). Heck i remember him saying he met with Bozo after trial but he was not going to say what they talked about. I remember thinking, Who the hell do these guys think you are, Famed-whore attorneys. PS: i sent the ToddBlack comment to M&M along time ago where he states the child was dead on his PR campaign. What total mess and when they get found out, they are on the merry way to the next gig, SMH, forever! RIP Caylee

      • Kat says:

        I picked up the book From Crime Scene to Courtroom (includes chapters on MJ, CA, Drew Peterson, and Brian Jones) It states clearly from George/Lee’s own words about the big fight and Sind was strangling her, etc. Interesting Jesse’s father states how Skank hung out at their house, a lot and the Grunds were caregivers to Caylee, but he worked from home and toddler/Caylee made too much noise and he told the skank that she needed to get a babysitter. (now the nanny bs starts).

        • Kat says:

          correction, Baby–Caylee was just a baby, and the skank told jesse she was his! Seems he found out she had a new bf when he met Tony in May. Tony’s friends said he was really NOT that into her, this makes me think Susan Smith/child killer, but he got her a job at Fusion where he worked, where she could dance with customers in skanky clothes.

          What makes me very mad is the way these scums scam the justice system in front of all (paid media interviews) and want us to just believe their BS no matter how much they try to change it. What the public are all morons and have no memories?

          • KAT says:

            another exerpt “from crime scene to court room”…pg 56 WDBO Radio Nikki Pierce in early Jan 09, when she learned that in addition to the Google searches already linked to the Anthony family computer in March 08, other keywords were typed in at approximately the same time. One search was for the 100th episode of the populat young adult drama One Tree Hill, in which a little girl is kidnapped by a nanny…. And Yahoo!” contributor Lori Lane added that keywords including peroxide, shovel, inhalation, and death were listed at the same time as the word chloraform were typed…

            • KAT says:

              cont… couldnt help but speculate what her final minutes would have been like, or the terror she must have felt as she looked into the eyes of her killer—and it would be very challenging for the defense team to argue that the demise was from sort of accident…

              Many reporters commented that only a monster parent would kill a child in such a way (duct tape causing death by asphyxiation)

  39. Victoria says:

    I don’t know what to laugh at first. According to Foghorn the Baby Killer is a Jane of all trades. She is capable of typing up and filing paperwork before she empty’s your waste basket and dusts off your desk. After that she runs to the gourmet market to shop for those delectable items she will whip up for the seven course meal she will serve you. In between courses she belly dances the seven veils for your entertainment pleasure. (*subject to Baby Killer having to nix her performance due to a nasty Herpes outbreak*) After she clears the table and loads the dishwasher she will hurry to turn down your bed, fluff your pillow and leave a refreshing mint on top of the freshly laundered and crisp pillow case. The one drawback being that soothed, sated and lulled toward sleep you still must keep one eye open. After all you have Casey Anthony in the house and you forgot to do your usual duct tape sweep of the premises. Nighty Night!

    • Deb says:

      That was just hilarious, “V”! I loved it and hope you come up with more ;-)

      • KAT says:
        This is lol, Baez silly, criminal? says on facebook, see link
        She is a loser, too. I think Baez had her on the case when aka Todd Black was around. I am thinking Mason’s fun is has now started, Finally, She is like cancer!

        • KAT says:

          Linda Kenny Baden–i didnt know this–goes to show what non lawyer she is: *The defense team wants the prosecutors removed from the case because of suspected media leaks and alleged improprieties involving The Florida Bar inquiry. On Thursday, prosecutor Linda Drane Burdick filed a two-page response, stating Linda Kenney Baden — the defense attorney who wrote that particular motion — wrote the wrong kind of motion and that no prosecutors assigned to the case filed any complaint with The Florida Bar. She also stated that Baden’s request was based on news reports, which should never be a legal source.
          FAKE LIKE TODD BLACK—what a circus

          • KAT says:

            Question: why would a Conneticut family pay for Babykillers’ PR?

            Baez’s new spokeswoman is Marti Mackenzie(pictured), author of the book Courting the Media, and spokeswoman in the high-profile Lisa Nowak case.

            “What I do is I help free lawyers in high-profile cases to spend the time that’s necessary to represent their clients,” Mackenzie said.

            She would not comment on Baez’s previous relationship with Press Corps Media, but said moving forward she is the “only person” handling media relations for the firm.

            Press Corps Media came under scrutiny after is was revealed that founder of the company, Gil Cabot, had been convicted of trying to extort money from a Los Angeles television news anchor.

            Cabot said it doesn’t matter that the Baez law firm hired a new spokeswoman.

            “Jose Baez has no authority to fire Press Corps Media,” he said.

            Sabrina Cane, spokeswoman for Press Corps, said the firm is being paid by a Connecticut family to handle media relations for the Casey Anthony case. While Press Corps has suspended media services, their specialists continue to monitor and research the case. Cane says they’ll be prepared to offer their services to lawyers and experts for the defense team as the case moves to trial.
            - See more at:

            • KAT says:

              more on Baden, i had no idea this was all going on., I am very happy to say, I watched the trial and not all this media mess going on with defense team.. Wow they were ridiculous Always, and who makes lol when a toddler is claimed to be missing but dead?

              • KAT says:

                Jose Baez and Linda Kenney Baden made the comments on the “Today” show, with Baden saying Anthony was similar to Dr. Richard Kimble, the character who was convicted of murder and went on the lam before being vindicated. “The Fugitive” was based on the murder trial of Sam Sheppard.

                • LindaP says:

                  I think she meant the skank LOOKS like Richard Kimbell’s horse…not that the skank was “like” Richard Kimbell…unless she was talking about Richard Kimbell’s zit covered back…bah ha ha…

                  If Linda Kenny Baden was shot tonight while sleeping in her bed…the world would be a better place tomorrow…and they should give whoever puts that cow down a medal!

                  Linda Kenny Baden is a world class sack of shit.

              • LindaP says:

                Kat…I rest my case. LKB is nothing but the female version of Gas Bag Mason…grotesque to look at…and full of so much BS you can see it coming out of her EYES.

                I really would laugh my head off if she became a crime victim.

                Even better would be if LKB and Jane Whine-trap were driving to the courthouse together and they got car-jacked.

                Later the car could be found burning in an abandoned field…unfortunately with them in the trunk.

                The perpetrator was never caught or charged…

                I can dream can’t I?

            • Deb says:

              This is part of your answer, Kat:

              I’ll post another comment, giving more info on the deep, deep, well of iniquity that surrounds this fiasco of a trial, later.

              It seems that several bloggers have had the foresight to look into this mind-boggling web of corruption a long time ago. I take my hat off to them (I need to go find one first, ’cause I don’t do hats, lol!)

            • Deb says:

              Kat, my dear, you gave me a bonanza of info with that link!!! Now, so much more is making sense…Gil Cabot, a/k/a Todd Black, was known for trying to do what Finger and Blowzo have attempted (and miserably failed) to do:

              “However, research into his past shows that he is not just a Hollywood predator. He has worked, with no success, at selling real-life stories to television. And an actress on a once well-known television situation comedy, who requested anonymity, said he “did as many good things as bad things” for her.”

              However, research into his past shows that he is not just a Hollywood predator. He has worked, with no success, at selling real-life stories to television. And an actress on a once well-known television situation comedy, who requested anonymity, said he “did as many good things as bad things” for her.

          • LindaP says:

            You do know the animal rights people are all over her because it is suspected she is the product of an Indiana experiment involving interbreeding with cows? That’s right. Most people don’t know that her mother was a prostitute and her father was a Gurney. Literally.

            They force the cows to have repeated sexual contact with humans in an abandoned barn until they conceive. They’ve also gotten into trouble for selling ticket’s to the event at the barber shop over there and it’s reportedly been a favorite for the local farmers for decades. I do believe radaronline has gotten ahold of an old 16mm farm movie of Baden’s parents going at it as the crowed cheers on.

            Nine months later a healthy hairy girl-cow was born.

            On a full moon you can milk her too…

            BAH HA HA …Can’t help it…hate her. lololol

    • LindaP says:

      Bah ha ha Victoria! LOL! My thoughts exactly! That baboon is good for exactly nothing!

      “I don’t know what to laugh at first. According to Foghorn the Baby Killer is a HORSE of all trades. She is capable of typing up NOTHING and SUCKING THE AIR FROM THE ROOM before she empty’s your BANK ACCOUNT and dusts off your LIQUOR.”

      Roflmao…they tell so many LIES it is laughable!

      • Kat says:

        Rick Namey–sorry this dude seems to far out there, for me. His son’s band playing song to bk and then becomes ghost writer–I will not buy this guys’s story to tell:

        Rock-band manager: Bounty hunter Leonard Padilla swatted mic stand
        Amy L. Edwards | Sentinel Staff Writer
        12:51 PM EDT, August 26, 2008

        Bounty hunter Leonard Padilla swatted a mic stand into a local musician while he was playing with his rock band outside Casey Anthony’s home earlier this week.

        A video of the Sunday afternoon incident, involving four members of the band Biteboy, has surfaced on YouTube.

        The band was riding on a flatbed trailer — with their guitars, drums, amplifiers and a portable generator — when they began playing in front of the Anthony family home.

        Rick Namey Sr., manager of Biteboy and father of member Rick Namey, said the band was playing a song written by his son: “Casey’s Song (Wine Sick Mind).”
        “He wrote it for Casey basically to tell her the world’s onto her,” Namey said.

        The lyrics include: So don’t bring me your pain You’re the only one to blame You’re the only one to blame You’re stuck on the outside Got nowhere left to hide

        Padilla, a bounty hunter from California and uncle of the bondsman who posted Anthony’s bail, came outside and confronted the loud band.

        “Leonard says, ‘Move it, move it. You’ve got to move it,’” Namey said.

        At one point, Padilla hits the mic stand.

        On Tuesday morning, Padilla told the Orlando Sentinel he did swat the stand.

        “I was pissed,” he said.

        “I felt sorry for the parents. I’m just glad they weren’t there.”

        Namey said Leonard was “totally out of line.”

        His son, who wasn’t available to comment Tuesday morning, wants to file a complaint against Padilla with the Orange County Sheriff’s Office. Namey said his son was cut by the mic stand.,0,965917.story

        • Kat says:

          Last week, the Nameys contacted Real Radio 104.1’s Monsters in the Morning show to try to secure a gig for the band at the June 20 Miss Monster 2008 contest. Turns out the show was more interested in Rick Sr. securing some tape of Pearlman reciting the jail’s lunch menu to play on the air than actually booking the band at the show. Pearlman, ever the showman, dutifully reported that Orange County inmates had goulash to look forward to that afternoon. The Monsters aired it, then told Biteboy to get lost.

          And, in the interest of full disclosure, it should be noted that this publication has not been a friend to Biteboy. Our May 22 edition of Happytown™ described the band as “a gurgling pool of awful,” and our May 29 cover story, “Our Dumb State III,” lampooned the band’s association with Pearlman.

          For the record, Rick Namey, who wears the band name tattooed on his arm and refers to himself as “Biteboy,” compares his group to other Florida bands like Lynyrd Skynyrd and the Outlaws. “We’re kick-ass rock & roll with a twist of Southern rock,” he says. Musical criticism is beyond the purview of this section of the paper, so we’ll withhold judgment here on the quality of Biteboy’s work.

          If Jailhouse Rock is a go, Rick Sr. says a $5 million advance is not out of the question. That kind of exposure would propel the band to headlining tours on the House of Blues/Hard Rock Live–size venue circuit, which would add another $1 million a month to the coffers, he reckons. Doing the math, that means that if all goes well the band could be $17 million richer by this time next year. If Pearlman got half of that, he’d have shaved off eight and one-half months of his 200-month sentence.

            • Kat says:

              Rick Namey, former manager for The Tourist…
              November 5, 1990
              TUNED IN. Rick Namey, former manager for The Tourist Channel, has bounced back with a new information service for conventioneers. Namey hopes to sell Orlando-area hotels on the idea of Visitel Inc., a Las Vegas-based network that provides daily coverage of conventions and general tourist information. Namey’s brother, Charles, founded The Tourist Channel.
              Former Tourist Manager Charged In Illegal Taping
              By Lawrence J. Lebowitz of The Sentinel Staff, March 30, 1990
              The former general manager of The Tourist Channel station has been arrested on charges of illegally taping conversations with former City Commissioner Bill McMullan and other principals in Kissimmee’s only television station.Richard E. Namey, 41, of Maitland, is free after posting $1,000 bond earlier this month. Namey is charged with a felony count of unlawful interception of oral communication.Namey was arrested on a state warrant on March 13 by Orange County deputies.The arrest is the latest in a series of legal skirmishes over control of The Tourist Channel.

              • Kat says:

                ourist Tv Focuses On New Player Entering Market Channel 19 Plans To Liquidate
                By Susan G. Strother Of The Sentinel Staff, December 8, 1990
                The Tourist Channel Inc., which once beamed information about Orlando attractions, weather and traffic into 50,000 hotel rooms, has filed for liquidation under Chapter 7 of the Federal Bankruptcy Act.The filing, which occurred late Thursday, made official what the station’s founder has known for several weeks: The Kissimmee TV station has run out of money, in part because of lawsuits that have bedeviled it since signing on the air in March 1989.”I’m licking my wounds and getting back into the insurance business,” said Charles Namey, 39, the Kissimmee businessman who owns the Federal Communications Commission license for WTTC-Channel 19.(Charles Namey’s brother, Rick, who was general manager of WTTC, recently began a new Orlando TV service affiliated with the Visitel Network of Las Vegas, Nev.)

                • Kat says:

                  So how could he thought she was ever not guilty–this seems to be talking out of both sides of his mouth, just like Cheney Mason, esq!

                  Rick Namey Sr., manager of Biteboy and father of member Rick Namey, said the band was playing a song written by his son: “Casey’s Song (Wine Sick Mind).”
                  “He wrote it for Casey basically to tell her the world’s onto her,” Namey said.

                  The lyrics include: So don’t bring me your pain You’re the only one to blame You’re the only one to blame You’re stuck on the outside Got nowhere left to hide

  40. Kat says:

    So, what happened during those final moments when the infamous attorney said goodbye to his client, and what advice did he give her?

    He told her to make peace with God and mourn, then to move on with her life.

    • Kat says:

      snip from Piers interview,,,here CMason says: Asked about selling her story, Anthony insisted she doesn’t care about money. “I may have in the past,” she said. “I was stupid kid. I am 26 now. I have gone through hell.” Her lawyer quickly stepped in to clarify his client’s statement, assuring Morgan that “when the time comes she will have her story to tell.”

      Mason is a cheat a liar—he says She will have her story to tell (in time)…BK FRAUD and what an idiot, nobody has respect for JCheney Mason, the middle finger lying SOB, and now his family is living amongst a bkiller! he really is a stupid old man

      • LindaP says:

        I think that’s a misquote:

        Anthony said. “I AM stupid. I THINK I am 26 now. I CAME FROM hell.”

        (Indulge me. I’m having fun…lol)

    • LindaP says:

      Another misquote…here’s the correct quote

      “He told her to buy a set of kneepads and get ready to BLOW BLOWZO.” Then he said “…and when you’re done with that…you can do it again!”


      • Kat says:

        :) does feel good to lol at all of them, they can never feel embarrassment, what kind of pscho is that? One more thing–Sindy is quoted saying her spawn a Sociopath!

    • Kat says:

      LE incident report—the biteboy band vs Padilla. (I should not be surprised by the characters involved with with case-SMH, forever)

      • Kat says:

        Last post, i swear: Interesting the incident happened on 8/24/08 and in the report Padilla says: Suspect Padilla first approached the driver’s door and witness Richard E. Namey rolled down the window.
        Suspect Padilla looked very angry and demanded witness Richard
        E. Namey to leave. Suspect Padilla then
        placed both of his hands on the door, thus blocking
        the window from being rolled up by witness Richard E.
        Namey. Suspect Padilla then said their presence was “interfering with an active murder investigation”.

  41. inquiring says:

    Write to Nancy Grace

    tell her that the public would love for Nancy Grace to cover the breaking story of Casey Anthony and alleged bankruptcy fraud.

    We would love to see Nancy Grace put WFTV Orlando reporter KATHI BELICH on her show to discuss this.


  42. inquiring says:

    Casey Anthony 3 Years Later Working As Live In Maid For Former Attorney May Be Facing New Legal Troubles!

    July 23, 2014 by Catherine Strearns


    “Anthony’s every movement is being constantly monitored by ‘Justice For Caylee’ advocates. Sources report that Anthony has been reported to the bankruptcy court for fraud and failure to report earnings. Allen Watkins an attorney that is handling Anthony’s bankruptcy filing, told the Enquirer, he is aware of the fact that her bankruptcy is currently being scrutinized for fraud.”

  43. inquiring says:

    Casey’s bankruptcy attorney David Schrader filed a Change of Address for Casey, and she signed it under penalty of perjury.

    No longer office of Charles M. Greene.

    Now her address is: c/o J. Cheney Mason, 250 Park Ave South, Suite 200, Winter Park, FL.

    Casey’s attorney sent this Notice to the Trustee Stephen Meininger, his attorney Allan Watkins, the office of the US Trustee Burnette, Casey Anthony c/o Cheney Mason by email, and to the following CREDITORS who filed a CLAIM:

    (1) Quantum3 Group LLC – ambulance company – $ 921.15 FILED CLAIM #1

    (2) Orange County Sheriff’s Office – $ 145,660.21 FILED CLAIM #2
    [judgment for Inv Fees & Costs - Court Ordered by Judge Perry]

    (3) Internal Revenue Service – she said $ 68,540 – -$ 80,855.11 FILED CLAIM #3

    (4) State of Florida – Office of the State Attorney – $ 50.00 FILED CLAIM #4 – Filed by Linda Drane Burdick – Chief Assistant State Attorney
    [Ofc State Atty - judgment for Inv Fees & Costs]
    Court Ordered Costs of Prosecution

    (5) Texas Equusearch – Attorney Peter D. Russin – FILED CLAIM #5 – exceed $ 100,000 – reached “Settlement” and TES agreed to get no money

    (6) Zenaida Gonzalez – Attorney Scott Shuker – FILED CLAIM #6- no amount claimed

    (7) Jose Baez – $ 500,000/ $ 397, 431.78 FILED CLAIM #7

    (8) Roy Kronk – Attorney Howard S. Marks – FILED CLAIM #8- no amount claimed

    here is the document:

  44. inquiring says:

    Casey Anthony: Her Strange Life 3 Years Later
    07/22/2014 at 06:30 PM EDT


    Three years ago this week, hundreds of protestors jeered outside the Orange County jail in Florida as Casey Anthony walked out the front door as a free woman.

    They, like many across America, were outraged at Anthony’s acquittal of murder charges in the death of her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee.

    Over the past three years, there have been many questions about the now 28-year-old’s life. Here, PEOPLE answers some of them:
    Is She Broke?
    Her lawyer says so. Cheney Mason tells CNN that Anthony stays at home and works as a “housekeeper, clerk, secretary and stuff like that.”

    In her 2013 bankruptcy petition, Anthony claimed to be unemployed with no discernible income.

    She had hoped to cash in on her notoriety by writing a book, and even met with agents and publishers in New York last year, but was unable to close a deal. “She’s toxic,” says a publishing source who met with her. “No one wants to publish her book and be boycotted.”

    Sources in the bankruptcy court tell PEOPLE they continue to investigate Anthony’s finances as new information emerges. One of their questions concerns whether she received money for paparazzi photos published shortly after her release.

    more story at link …


    Published on: July 23, 2014
    Photography by: Splash

    INSIDE acquitted murder mom’s shocking new life as a live-in housekeeper for lawyer who got her off.

    more story at link …


    Casey Anthony Is Cleaning House! Working As Attorney Cheney Mason’s Live-In Maid — But Failed To Claim Income In Bankruptcy Filing

    Posted on Jul 23, 2014 @ 4:30AM

    While Casey Anthony remains a virtual recluse, the acquitted ‘Tot Mom’ is working as a live-in nanny for her attorney, Cheney Mason!

    After Anthony’s legal team negotiated a failed book deal for her, The National ENQUIRER reports she disappeared from the public eye and has been living the life of a hermit inside Mason’s Florida mansion.

    more story at link …

    • LindaP says:

      Roflmao @ “maid”!!!!!

      Their house must be filthy!

      LOL…she’s the laziest, dirtiest skank on the face of the earth…”maid” indeed! This filthy baby murdering skank was so lazy…she even left Caylee’s body decomposing in the trunk of her own car for so long…the dumb twit had to trash the freaking car…omg!

      I don’t believe that he lets her poke around his house in any way…pretending to be a maid…even Mush Mouth knows she’d steal him blind and is too lazy to do any actual work.

      Hilarious what they want you to believe…she’s there all right…but IMO they don’t let that reptile sniff around in their rooms and pretend to clean while she goes through all their stuff…I just can’t believe that part.

      IMO she’s WORTHLESS!!!!

      And he can’t say that in an interview so he comes up with this fairy story.

      Maid my ass. lol

  45. inquiring says:

    Did Cheney Mason and Casey Anthony Commit Bankruptcy Fraud Over Book Deal?

    Posted on July 21st, 2014
    by Jan Barrett


    Rick Namey has been working on a new project now. He is no longer a ghostwriter, in fact he ended up writing his own book labeled as “Casey’s Ghost” and he also is pursuing action against Anthony’s alleged bankruptcy fraud.

    Bankruptcy Fraud? Now that got my attention the minute I heard about this so called book deal that they had been working on. You can go here to read what Namey posted on the Chelsea Hoffman: Case to Case page on July 16, 2014

    • Kat says:

      Inquiring–THANK YOU for keeping us posted. Whenever I see you posted, I am hoping for good news, like this. One person can make a big difference, to many. Rick Namey should be commended. He realized this was not a team to be on, the Casey Anthony Ghoul team. Mason is really a fool. Nobody believes him or his client, they are the same. He tries to make us think she is good little girl, No Way she is a monster that lies, Steals and cheats everyone she comes in contact with…she is a user. But finally, we see karma train on the nonstop trip, Finally! To see them go to prison for their deeds is Justice served!!

    • Kat says:

      Jersey: There were searches on her computer for escort services – and “escorts” are typically prostitutes. IMO, she was probably one of the escorts looking for customers.

      • skbsoccermom says:

        Remember that porn picture that was going around about a year ago …. of either her or someone that looks exactly like her in a compromising position, wearing a skimpy black nighty? People were saying it wasn’t her, but that it was some porn star. Did anyone ever confirm for sure that it wasn’t her? Someone did a side by side comparison, and the moles even matched up to the killer’s face. IDK, but I thought it looked exactly like her, and always wondered if the hired trolls were the ones telling everyone it wasn’t her.

        • Kat says:

          Hi! Linda has that photo! Yes, I remember coming out it was some porn not bk…Imo it is bk!

          • Kat says:

            This is from a story in 2011 after acquital and VIVID X entertainment offered her a job through her attorney (later withdrew). Here is part of the story:
            ..But while there’s nothing, we’re confident, more depressing than the prospect of one of the worst human beings in recent memory — whether she really murdered her daughter or not, she’s incredibly awful — having sex for legions of anonymous perverts, it’s not as if the offer is without precedent. …

            • LindaP says:

              I think this quote sounds about right…lol…

              Thanks Kat…that was fun.

              The tide has shifted. It’s so much damn fun to laugh at these miserable creeps now…all of them. They richly deserve it.

              • B says:

                I’m lovin’ it…lovin’ it,…LOVIN’….IT !!!!!!!….Carry on,Lady Justice/Karma…..carry on…….make that VILE babykiller miserable,slowly…….taunting…… she did CAYLEE………Beautiful,sweet,innocent ,BABY CAYLEE……TOSSED in a SWAMP!!!!…O …M …G…….nough said!!!

    • LindaP says:

      Inquiring…apparently Kathy Belich is asking for any information or leads that people have to the bankruptcy fraud. I was thinking that you may have some valuable information and leads to send her…and that maybe you should contact her?

      Don’t know how to do that…but here’s a link that eva posted on the chat to Kathy Belich’s page.

      I hope Kathy gets involved in this…she is someone I trust!

    • Kat says:

      on his website talking both sides of his dirty mouth, bragging about media coverage, what a loser:
      He has received national news coverage on ABC’s Nightline, Public Eye With Bryant Gumbel, NBC’s Today Show, NBC’s Dateline, CBS’ 48 Hours and Court TV. Cheney has tried several criminal jury trials that were televised by national and local news media.

  46. Inquiring says:


    July 19, 2014

    Email Citizen Complaints to:


    Southern District of Florida
    U.S. Attorney
    99 N.E. 4th St
    Miami, FL 33132

    RE: Case 8:13-bk-00922 – Debtor Casey Marie Anthony – Tampa, FL

    When someone who has filed for bankruptcy or any other person conceals assets, makes false statements under penalty of perjury (orally or in writing), files a false claim, destroys or conceals financial records relevant to the case, or gives or takes a bribe, that person has committed criminal bankruptcy fraud, a federal crime.

    The public is extremely interested in the EVIDENCE in the book by Rick Namey, “Casey’s Ghost”, which appears to show bankruptcy fraud by Casey Anthony and others.

    Trustee Stephen Meininger and his attorney Allan Watkins met with Rick Namey, on July 15, 2014, to view his evidence, including the CONTRACT with TitleTown Publishing, and to listen to his recordings of attorney J. Cheney Mason’s voice.

    In addition to the Rick Namey evidence, many people have provided evidence of many FALSE statements by Casey Anthony in her bankruptcy proceedings, to Trustee Meininger and his attorney Watkins, from January 26, 2013 until the current time, for a period of more than a YEAR. Everything we have sent has resulted in no action from the Trustee and his attorney, except for Mr. Watkins making a few phone calls to people who are named in the allegations. NO subpoena of people or records issued.

    In fact, Trustee Meininger and his attorney Watkins just submitted their BILL to be paid for their work on the Casey Anthony bankruptcy case, on July 8, 2014, and they are in the process of CLOSING the case.

    The public is asking that the allegations of BANKRUPTCY FRAUD be thoroughly investigated, to include subpoena of people and records, and a serious investigation be done.

    If BANKRUPTCY FRAUD is proven, Bankruptcy Code 11 USC § 727 – Discharge – dictates that a revocation of the discharge can be requested. Casey Anthony’s bankruptcy was DISCHARGED on December 17, 2013. The public is asking that Casey Anthony’s bankruptcy discharge be REVOKED and the entire bankruptcy filing be VACATED.

    The Trustee must file a Motion to REVOKE the Casey Anthony Discharge and to VACATE the entire bankruptcy, due to numerous false statements and claims.

    Bankruptcy Code 11 USC § 727 (a) (4) (A) (B) The court shall grant the debtor a discharge, UNLESS … the debtor knowingly and fraudulently, in or in connection with the case … make a false oath or account; presented or used a false claim.

    (12) (B) (c) (2) (d) On request of the trustee, a creditor, or the United States trustee, and after notice and a hearing, the court shall REVOKE A DISCHARGE granted under subsection (a) of this section if …
    (1) such discharge was obtained through the fraud of the debtor, and the requesting party did not know of such fraud until after the granting of such discharge; …

    The way the bankruptcy case of Casey Anthony is being handled, it is sending the message to the public that nothing will be done if a person LIES on documents filed in a Federal bankruptcy court, even when they sign the documents under penalty of perjury.

    The public is outraged at the arrogance, and the attitude that rules do not apply to Casey Anthony and her team. We are waiting to see that the appropriate authorities demonstrate that the rules are enforced, without partiality or favoritism.

    A very large group of concerned citizens are watching how this unfolds, and many letters are being sent up the chain of command, all the way to the U.S. Trustee, the U.S. Attorney, and the U.S. Attorney General if need be.

    A thorough investigation and full prosecution along with VACATING the bankruptcy is a MUST. The public will accept NOTHING LESS!

    If BANKRUPTCY FRAUD is proven, PROSECUTION to the fullest extent of the law is the only acceptable result. Laws have been broken numerous times in this bankruptcy case. There must be consequences for breaking the law.

    Thank you for your time.

  47. Deb says:

    Jim Greer, former Republican Party Chairperson, one of his attorneys -> J Cheney Mason <-, Greer's co-author, Peter Golenbeck, Charlie Crist (former Rep/now Dem) Governor who was accused of accepting free plane rides from Pete Benevides….
    Do any of these names sound familiar to you?!

    Well, then….how surprised should I be about William Rivera and Peter Benevides being officers of the now defunct Never Lose Hope Foundation (NLHF)

    • kat says:

      sharing comment from a link posted recently on chat a youtube,” KC got shot and killed in a bar today”: BallzYou
      3 years ago


    • skbsoccermom says:

      I don’t understand the first paragraph you wrote. Is Mason mentioned in one of these articles as one of Greer’s attorneys? Did Mason do something illegal?

      Also does anyone know if the Never Lose Hope Foundation was the one selling those bricks that people bought? I think they were sold to build some sort of Caylee memorial, and it never happened. The people who bought those bricks were scammed.

  48. Deb says:

    OK!!! Pete Benevides copped a plea of guilty to get a possible maximum 30 yr. sentence in FED prison plus the following – excerpt from the linked article -

    Pedro “Pete” Benevides, 44, of Astatula, also agreed to forfeit $44,059,565, including several bank accounts holding approximately $40 million in cash, and three exotic sports cars: a 2008 Lamborghini Murcielago; a 2009 Audi R8; and a 2009 Lamborghini Gallardo. Benevides also agreed to pay full restitution to the financial institutions that were the victims of his offense.

    “Criminals can be creative in how they steal,” said Susan L. McCormick, special agent in charge for HSI Tampa. “This guilty plea and the financial restitution to the victims underscore the consequences that await those who participate in these types of schemes.”

    Now maybe things will move forward a little faster in bringing down any other ‘creative criminals’…keeping my fingers crossed!!!

    • kat says:

      Deb, thanks for “being on it” omg! No more millionaire to put money in the pockets of other criminals, like babykillers and her ghouls!

    • kat says:

      Did never lose hope pay roy kronk for finding Caylee? Probably not, how interesting, georgie contacting the public via telemarketing to raise money for smoother’s bond of 500k. No wonder the anthony’s thought they were winners, they had the biggest crocks to their rescue! cheney mason the not reputable attorney, even if kc never existed (nice thought) he is dishonarable, and talks from both sides of his mouth. Attorney Charles Greene is part of the club…wonder if he is thinking how to make her disappear?

      • Deb says:

        kat, she can’t “disappear” soon enough for me…I’ve had more than a lifetime’s worth of seeing references to this reprehensible, baby-killing whore to last me the rest of my life! And as for finger, he’s done – someone, please stick a fork (a big pitch-fork) in him!!!

  49. inquiring says:

    UPDATE July 19, 2014

    We need to keep sending letters/emails out!!!
    Keep the pressure on!
    There is a lot of work being done behind the scenes, going through the proper channels, to try to get some justice for CAYLEE. We will not give up.


    RE: Bankruptcy Case 8:13-bk-00922 – Debtor Casey Marie Anthony – Tampa, FL

    We say THANK YOU to the Trustees and attorneys who met with Rick Namey, on July 15, 2014, to view his evidence, including the CONTRACT with TitleTown Publishing, and to listen to his recordings of attorney J. Cheney Mason’s voice.

    Thank you for taking the allegations of BANKRUPTCY FRAUD seriously, in the Casey Anthony bankruptcy case. This matter cannot be overlooked.

    The public is asking that the allegations of BANKRUPTCY FRAUD be thoroughly investigated, to include subpoena of people and records.

    If BANKRUPTCY FRAUD is proven, Bankruptcy Code 11 USC § 727 – Discharge – dictates that a revocation of the discharge can be requested. Casey Anthony’s bankruptcy was DISCHARGED on December 17, 2013. The public is asking that Casey Anthony’s bankruptcy discharge be REVOKED and the entire bankruptcy filing be VACATED.

    The Trustee must file a Motion to REVOKE the Casey Anthony Discharge and to VACATE the entire bankruptcy, due to numerous false statements and claims.

    Bankruptcy Code 11 USC § 727 (a) (4) (A) (B) The court shall grant the debtor a discharge, UNLESS … the debtor knowingly and fraudulently, in or in connection with the case … make a false oath or account; presented or used a false claim.

    (12) (B) (c) (2) (d) On request of the trustee, a creditor, or the United States trustee, and after notice and a hearing, the court shall REVOKE A DISCHARGE granted under subsection (a) of this section if … (1) such discharge was obtained through the fraud of the debtor, and the requesting party did not know of such fraud until after the granting of such discharge; …

    The public is outraged at the arrogance, and the attitude that rules do not apply to Casey Anthony and her team. We are waiting to see that the appropriate authorities demonstrate that the rules are enforced, without partiality or favoritism.

    A very large group of concerned citizens are watching how this unfolds, and many letters are being sent up the chain of command, all the way to the U.S. Attorney, and the U.S. Attorney General if need be.

    A thorough investigation and full prosecution along with VACATING the bankruptcy is a MUST. The public will accept NOTHING LESS!

    If BANKRUPTCY FRAUD is proven, PROSECUTION to the fullest extent of the law is the only acceptable result. Laws have been broken numerous times in this bankruptcy case. There must be consequences for breaking the law.

    Thank you for your time.



    EMAIL –

    Viewer hotline: 1-877-NANCY-01


    Allan C. Watkins, Esquire
    Attorney for Trustee Stephen L. Meininger
    707 N. Franklin St Suite 750
    Tampa, FL 33602

    EMAIL –

    PHONE – (813) 226-2215

    FAX – (813) 226-2038


    Stephen L. Meininger, Trustee
    707 N. Franklin St Suite 850
    Tampa, FL 33602

    EMAIL –

    PHONE – (813) 301-1025

    FAX – (813) 301-0879


    Cynthia Burnette, Assistant U.S. Trustee
    501 East Polk Street, Suite 1200
    Tampa, FL 33602

    Phone: 813-228-2000

    Fax: 813-228-2303

    EMAIL –

  50. Kat says:

    SMH–here is another book and the one and only most conceited attorney on this planet, Mark Geragos. (remembering him and bozo baez meeting and hln interviewed him about it and he said he was not going to repeat their conversation) No need to a brass attorney wearing expensive suite to represent disgusting criminals. He should be dead by now of a horrible case of the fleas!

    Cover image for Who is Casey Anthony? : understanding the motherly motivation to murder / Dr. Leslie Seppinni ; foreword by Mark Geragos.
    Personal Author:
    Seppinni, Leslie.
    Who is Casey Anthony? : understanding the motherly motivation to murder / Dr. Leslie Seppinni ; foreword by Mark Geragos.
    Who is Casey Anthony? : understanding the motherly motivation to murder / Dr. Leslie Seppinni ; foreword by Mark Geragos.

  51. Kat says:

    Wanted to share, sorry for any repeat for some: Casey Anthony Boycott Information Rick Namey said:
    Yesterday at 10:26pm

    “So, I just spent the afternoon with Stephen Meininger and Alan Watkins, Casey Anthony’s bankruptcy trustee and the trustee’s attorney respectively, at their offices on Franklin Street in Tampa. I was not allowed to record it, though I would have liked to. Without trying to write an afternoon’s conversations, I’ll just try to give you my impression. Bottom line, they seemed inclined to pursue the bankruptcy fraud, though we may have to continue to encourage them. They asked a lot of questions about the lengthy contract with TitleTown Publishing, which is reprinted in its entirety in my book. I played them an actual recording of Cheney’s voice from the original digital masters. They asked for copies of several documents, which we either provided (I went with my attorney) or agreed to provide. They asked my help in locating specific individuals involved in some of the alleged payoffs. Altogether, a very good meeting. If you decide to write, please feel free to thank them for meeting with us. However, the most important thing to remember, is that this is not the end of anything. Instead, it is the beginning of something big,”

    • dancehappy says:

      WoW Fantastic !!!

      • Kat says:

        BabyKiller Casey Anthony song–Excellent he wants her to be reminded of the needless act she committed killer her own baby! ….sings Your a pig…KC killed her baby…You are a babykiller, yes your are! You a bi*tch!…You must be related to the jurors, how did you get off?

        • Kat says:

          The singer/song writer’s comments:
          Lamont Johnson:
          5 months ago

          This is a song called Babykiller about (casey anthony)
          she should always be reminded, how she committed such
          a senseless murder!

          LamontJohnsonMusic via Google+

          • Kat says:

            LaMont Johnson (October 1, 1941 – October 21, 1999) was an American jazz pianist who played in the hard bop and post-bop genres.[1] He recorded extensively with Jackie McLean during the 1960s as well as with Ornette Coleman, Kenny Burrell, Bud Shank, Paul Beaver, and Bernie Krause, among others.[2].
            The world knows and wants her to be reminded she is a babykiller…baby can’t be bought, you should only date OJ! Her attorneys have ruined their reputations! Thinking the public forgets easily, NOT in 21st century with www!

  52. inquiring says:

    UPDATE by Rick Namey on Boycott Info page

    July 16, 2014

    RE: Case 8:13-bk-00922 – Debtor Casey Marie Anthony – Tampa, FL

    see sample letter and contact info at

    • Deb says:

      This is wonderful news, inquiring! Your up-to-the-minute postings are what keep me from totally giving up hope that our justice system can be redeemed.

      Let’s pray that the secrecy and treachery these criminals have used for so long, will finally be exposed – my opinion is that it takes a crook to expose a crook.

      So be it, then ;-)

    • Kat says:

      Not sure why i feel leery of him? How did he think she was every innocent? BUT only those speaking out to expose their fraud– he has to come from an inside source…he seems to have been on the inside of the story? Read something that his son is in a band and he took his son’s band to perform in front of the Anthony’s hopeless drive before the trial? WTH, seems bizzarre.

    • Kat says:

      Quote from Namey:
      “In the beginning I signed on saying I didn’t want to write it if I didn’t believe in her not guilty status. And when I asked Cheney about it I got a very curious answer from him. When I asked whether or not he believed she was guilty he said, ‘I don’t care.’”

  53. inquiring says:

    Can someone please explain to me [in kindergarden terms] how to add an avatar, or change an avatar on this forum?

    I have forgotten how I originally got my avatar on here.

    Thank you

  54. inquiring says:

    how to post an avatar?

  55. inquiring says:

    testing avatar

  56. inquiring says:

    Still representing Casey Anthony
    Mason filed a “Limited Notice of Appearance” in the ROY KRONK case, July 14, 2014, stating that he wants to be “additional counsel” for Casey Anthony for the purposes of DEPOSITION … ONLY.

    HOW is it ethical for an attorney to be actively SELLING A BOOK about the client, who he is STILL representing?
    How can Cheney Mason attend a DEPOSITION in a bankruptcy proceeding, when his motivation is to SELL HIS BOOK?

    Here is the document:

    • Kat says:

      article vindictive Cheney Mason—God what freak show Mason putting on!

      • Kat says:

        Had to share comment from above article: Mason’s fifth grade teacher remembers Mason: Thanks for putting this together, I bought the Ashton book but cannot in good consciience by the Mason…a funny story for you that speakes to character. My good friend Connie (99 years old yestreday) taught Cheney Mason in her 5th grade class. she recalled to me that he was a very troubled youth,,a smart aleck, and a notorious liar. Seemslike not much has changed.This retired teacher is the essence of truth, and does not have a vindictive bone in her body. Seems like everyone in our community is connected to the death of Caylee. What a trial, and what a verdict. Glad to see you posting again.

  57. inquiring says:

    We must get the evidence of BANKRUPTCY FRAUD to the proper authorities in the Bankruptcy courts.

    It is a FACT that many people, from many groups and forums, have sent numerous letters and emails, with documented evidence, to the Trustee and his attorney on Casey’s bankruptcy case, for a solid YEAR, and absolutely nothing has been done.

    In fact, the Trustee and his attorney just submitted their BILL to be paid for their work on the Casey Anthony bankruptcy case, and they are in the process of CLOSING the case.

    It is also a FACT that the authorities cannot sweep this bankruptcy fraud investigation under the rug if there is strong, consistent pressure from the public.

    We know that if anything ever gets done about this, it will be because of public pressure on the authorities, by the public, through the media such as Nancy Grace and other media.

    We must keep public attention on this matter of a bankruptcy fraud investigation. The authorities must DO SOMETHING!

  58. inquiring says:

    We need to send EMAILS to the Senior Producer of the Nancy Grace show. Please post this everywhere. We need to send EMAILS out now, and continue to email to make sure that Nancy Grace keeps the story going on her show.

    The authorities cannot sweep this bankruptcy investigation under the rug if there is strong, consistent pressure from the public!

    The public will not have any way to learn what is happening with the Rick Namey evidence, unless the media covers it.
    Nancy Grace will cover it well, if the public lets her know this is what we want to see on her show.
    The U.S. Trustee’s office will not release any information to the public.

    Beth Carey
    Beth Carey Niebuhr
    Editorial Producer, HLN/Nancy Grace

    EMAIL –

    office: (212) 275-8005
    blackberry: (917) 991-5916

    Twitter – @tvprodbeth


    Beth Carey Niebuhr
    Turner Broadcasting
    Senior Editorial Producer, HLN’s Nancy Grace · New York, New York · Jun 2008 to present

    Beth Carey, Show Producer
    Time Warner Inc.
    1 Time Warner Ctr
    New York, NY 10019
    Company Phone: 212-484-8000
    Direct Phone: 212-275-7800


    Beth Carey Niebuhr,

    The public is extremely interested in the recent developments in the Casey Anthony story. There is a new book out. We want very much to hear what author Rick Namey, “Casey’s Ghost”, has to say about the evidence he has which appears to show bankruptcy fraud by Casey Anthony and her attorney J. Cheney Mason and others.

    We want Nancy Grace to ask Rick Namey about his book and the tape recordings he has.
    We want to know if Rick Namey has taken his evidence to the U.S. Bankruptcy Trustee, and we want to know what happens after that.

    We want to learn by watching your shows in the following months, if there will be an investigation, and if any indictments follow, and if there will be a trial.
    This is an explosive, ongoing story, and the public wants to watch it unfold on your show.

    Thank you for your devotion to victim Caylee Marie Anthony.

  59. inquiring says:


    EMAIL –

    Phone: 813-228-2000
    Fax: 813-228-2303

    TAMPA, FL 33602

    RE: Case 8:13-bk-00922 – Debtor Casey Marie Anthony – Tampa, FL
    Attorney J. Cheney Mason – Orlando, FL

    Thank you for taking the allegations of BANKRUPTCY FRAUD seriously, in the Casey Anthony bankruptcy case. This matter cannot be overlooked.

    The public is asking that the allegations of BANKRUPTCY FRAUD be thoroughly investigated, to include subpoena of people and records.

    If BANKRUPTCY FRAUD is proven, Bankruptcy Code 11 USC § 727 – Discharge – dictates that a revocation of the discharge can be requested. Casey Anthony’s bankruptcy was DISCHARGED on December 17, 2013.

    The public is outraged at the arrogance, and the attitude that rules do not apply to Casey Anthony and her team. We are waiting to see that the appropriate authorities demonstrate that the rules are enforced, without partiality or favoritism.

    If BANKRUPTCY FRAUD is proven, PROSECUTION to the full extent of the law is the only acceptable result.

    Thank you for your time.

    • Kat says:

      Done! These fraud attorneys are going down, all for a mean babykiller! The public is very hungry for revenge. John Morgan has got to be all over this??????

  60. inquiring says:

    CONTACT FORM for Nancy Grace show – to let her know that the public wants to see author Rick Namey on her show, and to let her know about Casey Anthony’s RICH living, while claiming bankruptcy.

  61. inquiring says:

    Casey Anthony is NOT living an isolated life while in bankruptcy proceedings.

    “Casey Anthony through her ‘benefactors’ has signed a contract for an existing home near the beach on one of the Keys around Sarasota Fl.”
    At $ 4,000/month rent!

    Casey Anthony sighting in Morton’s Gourmet Market – seen with P.I. Pat McKenna – May and June 2014] Sarasota FL and rumors that she parties and frequents bars on Siesta Key, and seen laying on Siesta beach. Seen at “Daiquiri Deck” bar.
    She parties and frequents bars on Siesta Key within walking distance to her rental house. Rental houses on Siesta Key do not come cheap. It is a resort area.

    Casey Anthony in BANKRUPTCY is living a very high class and expensive lifestyle.

    WHO is paying Casey Anthony’s rent at a $ 4,000/month rental home, utilities, food bills, fuel bills, clothes, furniture, entertainment, etc?
    She is in bankruptcy claiming she has no job, no money and no plans for any media deals.
    How would she repay the person who is paying for all of this?
    Have these “gifts” been reported to the bankruptcy Trustee?

    Attorney Cheney Mason tells Jean Casarez that he spent more than a million on Casey Anthony, and says she lives like a hermit in fear of going out in public. Total LIES.
    She has been seen numerous places in public. No fear whatsoever.
    She was seen at Flanagan’s with P.I. Pat McKenna Dec. 2012.

  62. inquiring says:

    Why Sarasota Area is a Good Choice For Tot Mom Casey Anthony While She Wrangles Her Book Deal and Litigates her Legal Problems.

    Saturday, July 12, 2014

    From information from a local contractor, I have discovered that Casey Anthony may be staying in a beach rental house ($4,000 per month) on one of the ‘Keys’ west of Sarasota, she may have already signed a contract for the beach rental property from the construction company who own the rental but there are no legal transfers of the property in the County Property Appraisers records and until her book deal is finalized she obviously is not footing the bill.

    • inquiring says:

      Anyone with information on exactly where she is in Sarasota can
      EMAIL P.I. Bill Warner at

      A local TV station wants him to find her!

      Maybe he can get some photos of her, and her car, that she will not like, and she will not make money off of.

  63. inquiring says:

    info added to article – July 12, 2014


    “Sources tell me that Casey Anthony through her ‘benefactors’ has signed a contract for an existing home near the beach on one of the Keys around Sarasota Fl not necessarily Siesta Key as we also have Lido Key, Casey Key, Longboat Key and Bird Key, not giving out too much info at this point, but I strongly feel it is a crime for Casey Anthony to capitalize on the death of her daughter Caylee. Casey Anthony supposed sighting in Morton’s Grocery Store Sarasota FL and rumors that she parties and frequents bars on Siesta Key.”


    I wonder if the bankruptcy Trustee would be interested in this new info — and the attorneys for Zenaida and Kronk!!

    • inquiring says:

      Casey Anthony is BUYING A HOUSE!!!
      that screams BANKRUPTCY FRAUD! and flaunting it!

      Casey Anthony supposed sighting in Morton’s Grocery Store Sarasota FL [Morton’s Gourmet Market – Casey seen WITH P.I. Pat McKenna – May and June 2014] and rumors that she parties and frequents bars on Siesta Key. [and seen laying on Siesta beach]

      [NOTE: possibly "Daiquiri Deck" bar]

      • dancehappy says:

        This is good, once we know where the house is we can get the address out to everyone, and someone will torch it or throw a bomb thru her windows!

  64. inquiring says:

    Things are moving forward due to the attention we have brought to Rick Namey”s book, “Casey’s Ghost”, which was the much needed “smoking gun”.

    The Boycott needs to bring as much attention as possible to this book.
    The more that read the book and are infuriated over the fraud perpetrated on the Bankruptcy Court by Casey Anthony and Cheney Mason, the more pressure is put on the court to thoroughly investigate the allegations and prosecute to the fullest extent of the law.

    KEEP WRITING to US Trustee Burnette – don’t stop the letters!

    Rick Namey’s book is bringing the Karma train and Justice for Caylee closer.



    TAMPA, FL 33602

    Phone: 813-228-2000
    Fax: 813-228-2303

    EMAIL –

    RE: Case 8:13-bk-00922 – Debtor Casey Marie Anthony – Tampa, FL
    Attorney J. Cheney Mason – Orlando, FL

    Thank you for taking the allegations of BANKRUPTCY FRAUD seriously, in the Casey Anthony bankruptcy case. This matter cannot not be overlooked.

    The public is asking that the allegations of BANKRUPTCY FRAUD be thoroughly investigated, to include subpoena of people and records.

    If BANKRUPTCY FRAUD is proven, Bankruptcy Code 11 USC § 727 – Discharge – dictates that a revocation of the discharge can be requested. Casey Anthony’s bankruptcy was DISCHARGED on December 17, 2013.

    The public is outraged at the arrogance, and the attitude that rules do not apply to Casey Anthony and her team. We are waiting to see that the appropriate authorities demonstrate that the rules are enforced, without partiality or favoritism.

    Thank you for your time.

    • inquiring says:

      THANK YOU to everyone who is writing to the US Trustee Burnette and asking for an investigation into bankruptcy fraud.
      A “REAL” investigation — not merely a few phone calls, to the very people who are alleged to have committed bankruptcy fraud!
      They are not likely to admit over a simple phone call, that, “yes, I committed fraud”.
      SUBPOENAS must be issued for people to come in and give sworn depositions, and subpoenas must be issued for their records.

      It is important to also tell the Trustee that the public will accept nothing less than full PROSECUTION of any crimes that are proven.

      The other Trustee has been willing to look the other way, when people have sent him information.
      That must not happen again!
      The Trustees must not let them off lightly, and let them amend their blatantly FALSE bankruptcy filing, or try to excuse away all the many false statements in Casey Anthony’s bankruptcy proceedings.

      • inquiring says:

        Keep up the phenomenal work!
        Thanks to Rick Namey for having the courage & integrity to bring the Bankruptcy Fraud to light. Rick had the “smoking gun” and everyone participating in the boycott helped to bring attention and get the KARMA train rolling!

        Justice WILL be her’s if we keep those letters flowing and keep pressure on the Bankruptcy Court to do the right thing….Prosecute Bankruptcy Fraud! No do over (revisions)…NOTHING short of PROSECUTION!

        Thank you all, from the bottom of my heart, for your tireless work and for walking together for Caylee!

        We have walked the path of Justice for Caylee for a very long time, often putting our personal obligations on hold in search of Justice for a baby who was murdered and thrown in a swamp to rot like trash!

        You are to be commended for your dedication.
        YOU have helped give the KARMA train a push and it is gaining speed.
        God bless each and every one of you!!
        Keep up the good work!!!

    • dancehappy says:

      This is GREAT NEWS !!!!

  65. inquiring says:

    RadarOnline read these documents, which were filed in the bankruptcy case, and got their report all wrong!
    R.O. is calling the TRUSTEE and his ATTORNEY WATKINS, attorneys for Casey Anthony.


    Application for Compensation for Stephen L Meininger, Trustee Chapter 7, Fee: $3,250.00, Expenses: $91.95. Filed by Trustee Stephen L Meininger. (Meininger, Stephen) (Entered: 07/08/2014)


    Application for Compensation for Allan C. Watkins, Trustee’s Attorney, Fee: $29,860.00, Expenses: $184.50. Filed by Trustee Stephen L Meininger. (Meininger, Stephen) (Entered: 07/08/2014)


    Court Documents Reveal Casey Anthony Was In Discussions For A Book Deal With NYC Publisher

    Posted on Jul 9, 2014 @ 16:48PM

    ERRORS in RadarOnline report:

    - “attorneys are now coming after Casey Anthony for nearly $ 30,000 in legal fees they are owed”
    NOT CORRECT – The Trustee and his attorney are asking the State of Florida to pay their bills. This is what is done in every bankruptcy case, the Trustee is paid first. Nobody is asking Casey Anthony to pay those bills.

    - “In the claim by Watkins Law Firm with the Tampa Division of Bankruptcy Court in Florida on July 8, a detailed log of the counsel’s hourly services rendered to Anthony, 28, shows much time devoted to conference calls with the New York City publishing firm regarding the “sale of rights” for Anthony’s story.
    NOT CORRECT – Attorney Allan Watkins is the attorney for the TRUSTEE – not for Casey Anthony.
    The calls to St. Martin’s Press were not about the sale of rights – they were to investigate allegations that Casey already had a BOOK and was searching for a Publisher – but St. Martin’s turned her down

    - “According to the paperwork, Anthony “received an offer to buy the rights for $ 10,000” and “one other bid for $ 12,000” but turned them both down.
    NOT CORRECT – The TRUSTEE received the offers – not Casey Anthony.
    The TRUSTEE was going to sell the rights, but changed his mind and stopped the bidding.

    - “Beginning on March 19, 2013, Anthony’s legal team logged a total of five calls with St. Martin’s through April 2.”
    NOT CORRECT – The TRUSTEE’s ATTORNEY – not “Anthony’s legal team” – called St. Martin’s Press five times.

    - “But although the calls to St. Martin’s stop, the negotiations for a book deal did not – as Anthony’s legal team logged calls to various people all the way through May of that year”.
    NOT CORRECT – The TRUSTEE’s ATTORNEY made phone calls to other people – not “Anthony’s legal team”, in the investigation of the bankruptcy case.

    - “The attorney logs also reveal that after filing a Revised Motion to turn over her computer on May 16, 2013, her lawyers had a conference call regarding the sale of her computer just four days later.”
    NOT CORRECT – The TRUSTEE’s ATTORNEY – not “her lawyers” – had a conference call about the Motion to make her turn over her computer – not “regarding the sale of her computer”.

    - “there was no draft of a story on the computer,” the document from her attorney reads.”
    NOT CORRECT – the document is from the TRUSTEE’s ATTORNEY Watkins – not “her attorney”.

    - “All in all, Watkins Law Firm is asking for $ 29,680 for the 74.2 hours (at $00/hour!) of service rendered to Anthony”
    NOT CORRECT – the service by the TRUSTEE’s ATTORNEY Watkins, was not “rendered to Anthony” – services were part of the TRUSTEE and his ATTORNEY Watkins job on the bankruptcy case.

  66. Deb says:

    This is a copy of the letter I’m faxing and then mailing to Ms. Burnette:
    Cynthia Burnette, Assistant U.S. Trustee
    Office of the United States Trustee
    501 East Polk Street
    Room 1200
    Tampa, FL 33602
    Phone: (813) 228-2000
    Facsimile: (813) 228-2303

    RE: Case 8: 13 bk 00922
    Debtor Casey Marie Anthony
    Tampa, FL
    Attorney J. Cheney Mason
    Orlando, FL

    Dear Ms. Burnette:
    Please do everything you are able to do, in order to restore the faith in the judicial system that so many of us have lost. Bankruptcy is not a trivial matter and must not be used to circumvent the letter of the law, established to protect and preserve the rights of citizens who, for justifiable reasons, have become unable to pay the just debts they have accrued.
    Attorneys and their clients who obfuscate the bankruptcy proceedings in order to ensure a potential financial gain through misrepresentation are undermining society’s perception of a just and reliable course of action that should only be undertaken with all seriousness and respect for our legal system.
    Casey Anthony and her legal team have taken every imaginable opportunity to both use and malign the media and the court system on an ad hoc basis, in my opinion. I do not believe I am alone in holding this opinion. The American people who feel very strongly opposed to the misuse of power and authority will be paying close attention to see if apparent fraud is being perpetrated in Ms. Anthony’s bankruptcy proceedings.
    Respectfully submitted,
    Debora Garzione-Areizaga
    (resident of NYS)

  67. inquiring says:

    The Trustee Cynthia Burnett has called author Rick Namey, and in his words “they are now paying attention”

    look at the posts by “Sissy Miller”
    she called Trustee Stephen Meininger, then Trustee Cynthia Burnett.
    Burnett wanted author Rick Namey to call her, so he did.
    Trustee Cynthia Burnett [who we have all been writing to] wants ALL OF author Rick Namey’s evidence of fraud!!

    Sissy posted her chat with author Rick Namey on the Facebook page also

    author Rick Namey said to Sissy, and it is also in his book, that he thinks the murder Motive was the fight Cindy and Casey had over Cindy hiring an attorney to terminate Casey’s parental rights and seek custody of Caylee.
    The “If I can’t have her, no one can” RAGE motive

    author Rick Namey told Sissy that he is not profiting from the book and will be lucky if the income meets the legal expenses. He is just trying to get the word out. If he were in it for the money, he would have stayed on team Casey. Namey says they are probably going to make $ 10 MILLION EACH from the pay-per-view deal, unless this stops them.

    Sissy asked Namey why he wrote the book and coming out with this evidence and info now, and not a lot sooner, after he quit writing for Mason.
    Namey said it has taken him this long to document and write it.

    Namey said the reason he only put $ 6 bucks on the book in digital form, is to answer a lot of the questions.

    • dancehappy says:

      Why would anyone watch a pay-per-view of baby killer?

      • inquiring says:

        supposed to be a “session” with Dr Keith Ablow — or 5 sessions, recorded separately, to make more money …

        I guess some people would pay $ 5.00 bucks to tune in and watch from the privacy of their own home, with nobody knowing they were doing it?

        • dancehappy says:

          But still, why would anyone want to watch anything by Keith Ablow? Certainly not enough people to make ten million or anything close to that.

          • inquiring says:

            excerpt from the Rick Namey book:

            One day, when we were just tossing ideas around, I suggested a pay-per-view.
            I had explored the possibilities and suggested a streaming video event or series of events, live on the Internet, at a very low price, probably around five dollars. We ran the math and agreed that it would gross at least ten million dollars, a conservative number, based on the gross revenues of other pay-per-view projects.

            At such a low price, it would be a guilty pleasure for millions of people. While she was known as America’s most hated woman, the haters were mostly women. Many men found her attractive and were curious about her. At five dollars, they would watch.

            The Internet is worldwide and Casey is world famous. There are billions of people on the Internet. The Internet is accessible on personal computers and smart phones, generally not the living room TV, making it easy to avoid the peer group pressure from anyone knowing that you’re watching.

            As previously mentioned, everything Casey does receives worldwide publicity, so it would be easy to promote. The failure of all previous efforts, such as book and movie deals, even the porn idea, were a result of the efforts of pressure groups and those who threatened boycotts.

            Finding an audience of a couple of million would not be impossible. Since we were doing it ourselves, we needed no one’s permission: no publisher; no cable channel; no distributor – nobody. There would be no way to stop us.


            One day Cheney handed me a letter from Dr. Keith Ablow.


            Ablow is a Boston Psychiatrist who is a former syndicated TV host and a frequent contributor to Fox News.
            Most notably for our purposes, he wrote the best seller “Inside the mind of Scott Peterson,” about the famous convicted murderer in the Laci Peterson murder case.


            Ablow came under fire from many in his own profession for writing a book that analyzed a person with whom he had never met. Nonetheless, the book became a New York Times best seller.

            Not so for his more recent entry in the series, “Inside the mind of Casey Anthony,” the sales of which had been somewhat under-whelming. This was probably because Ablow took Casey’s side, accepting the “abuse excuse.” that Baez proffered in his opening statement. Ablow wrote that Casey’s circumstances and behavior fit the symptomology of an abuse victim.
            As a result of Ablow’s position on Casey, and the fact that he was very publicly committed to it, Ablow seemed to be our man.

            I contacted him and he was enthusiastic about the project, offering up several ideas of his own. He suggested that it could be a live, unrehearsed, clinical psychiatric session, or a series of five sessions to maximize the revenue.

            We agreed the potential would be huge.

            We were ready to start exchanging preliminary agreements, but Cheney was adamant. He was not going to “…let John Morgan get a dime out of this case.”
            He said that we could not have any documents signed or agreements made until after the bankruptcy filing, because he did not want to have to disclose any value for Casey’s most valuable asset – her story and inherent publicity value.

            So, we put Dr. Ablow on hold, where I assume he remains.

            However, it should be noted that we left the subject with a clear understanding that the pay-per-view deal would yield millions of dollars for all concerned, and was something Cheney intended to pursue.

      • LindaP says:

        dancehappy…IMO they wouldn’t…and they won’t…lol

  68. Deb says:

    here are two videos with music that express the outrage so many of us still feel…
    as far as rick namey, jr& sr go…I’m thinking the common thread/bond tie to finger was and still is…undeserved fame and undeserved fortune (wishful thinking, much?!).

  69. LindaP says:

    Email I sent to CNN and will copy and paste and send every chance I get to make sure they get it. I also may talk to some of my freinds at CNN and find out who to directly contact about this…


    Why do you throw your viewers away by supporting anything that Casey Anthony and her attorneys do to try and cash in on the murder of Caylee Anthony?

    The country is so sick of hearing about this KILLER. The only thing I want to hear about her is that she is dead.

    Over 4,000,000 people watched that trial and 98% felt the prosecution proved their case beyond all doubt. Instead of rewarding killers and their sleazy amoral defense attorneys for PERVERTING our system of justice and killing children and getting away with it right in front of the entire country…why don’t you investigate all of the illegal activity that we ALL witnessed from the defense team during this trial?

    You have no ratings because you are perceived as TRAITORS to justice and traitors to crime victims everywhere. Every time you try and help Casey Anthony make money off murdering her child…you will LOSE more viewers.

    Once again I will BLOCK you from my television.

    Ashleigh Banfield and Jean Casarez are grotesque, UNTRUSTWORTHY, agenda-filled LIARS and will also cost you ratings every time you show their disgusting faces and let them bastardize the news and help child killers get away with murder and profit off their crimes.

    You are all traitors at CNN and HLN…you prove that Journalism is LONG DEAD.

    Find out who PAID THAT JURY Instead of rewarding Casey Anthony for murdering her child and you just MIGHT get your ratings back.

    Keep supporting these VILE killers and trying to make them rich…and you’ll be out of business before long.

    When viewers take the time to write to you and ask you to STOP doing something they find OFFENSIVE or they will stop watching you…

    it is the ultimate insult to your viewers to spit in their faces which is what you do every time you try and help that KILLER make money.

    Looks like it will be another 2 years of IGNORING CNN yet again.

    No loss to me. You people are awful!


    • Deb says:

      Linda, it looks like your prediction that someone would start talking and start the Karma train rolling into the station has finally begun!!! I think I see some feet sticking out from under the engine already ;-) !

    • inquiring says:

      Great letter Linda!!!!
      Thanks for sharing it!!!!

  70. Inquiring says:

    Positive REVIEW of Rick Namey’s book “Casey’s Ghost”, on Amazon

    Valuable info in book! July 7 2014
    By CayleeMatters
    Kudos to the author for the courage to publish this book and exposing the FRAUD!
    I agree with the author when he wrote that Casey Anthony should not “profit from the crime, regardless of who committed it”.
    The book provides valuable information which may help to prevent Casey Anthony from making money off of Caylee’s murder.
    The book contains facts and documents which prove bankruptcy fraud, which only an insider could obtain.
    The reader learns of the many attempts by Cheney Mason and Casey Anthony to get MILLIONS from different media outlets to include Oprah and CNN, and Dr. Keith Ablow, and Beaufort Books/Titletown Publishing, while lying to the bankruptcy court about such negotiations and potential big money deals.
    The author demonstrated integrity by refusing to continue with the contract to be the ghost writer of books for both Cheney Mason and Casey Anthony, when the author no longer had confidence in Casey’s innocence, even after a New York Agent had been hired and already put much time and effort into the project.
    The author refused to be a “a competent writer to help them sell lies to the public”.
    The book does more than merely serve as entertainment, it serves an important purpose to bring to light alleged criminal activity. The proof of fraud provided in this book, cannot be denied. The reader is armed with documents and information to report bankruptcy fraud to the appropriate authorities.

  71. inquiring says:

    SAMPLE LETTER to mail to US Bankruptcy Trustee is posted here:

    SAMPLE LETTER to mail or FAX
    Each person should put the letter in their own words – but this is the basic information

    TAMPA, FL 33602

    RE: Case 8:13-bk-00922 – Debtor Casey Marie Anthony – Tampa, FL
    Attorney J. Cheney Mason – Orlando, FL

    The author, Rick Namey, has documented PROOF of bankruptcy fraud in the Casey Anthony bankruptcy filing.

    I am writing to ask that your office conduct a serious investigation into the allegations of bankruptcy fraud.

    Casey’s Ghost: The story of the man who decided not to be Casey Anthony’s Ghost Writer.
    Rick Namey (Author)

    more at link…

    • Deb says:

      Inquiring, thank you again for links regarding bk and finger. I have to wonder, though, does this guy, Rick Namey, Sr. have anything to do with this ghostwriter?! Are they one & the same? If so, why do criminals who commit felonies because of money laundering always seem to surround that damn little whore and her corrupt attorneys??? And then you add Leonard Padilla, who’s son came up with the bond money for the baby killer, to the mix…things that make me shake my head and wonder how deep does this cesspool really is.

      • inquiring says:

        very interesting reading! THANKS for the links!

        And Pearlman is in prison partially for making false statements in a bankruptcy proceeding…. [look out Casey!!]

        a 25-year sentence in May [2008] for conspiracy, money laundering and making false statements in a bankruptcy proceeding….

        He’s on the hook to the government for $200 million.

        The audacity of his crimes is staggering: lying to banks to secure millions of dollars in loans, running a Ponzi scheme involving employee investment accounts in his Trans Continental Airlines companies, filing false tax returns to cover it all up, then fleeing to Indonesia and living under the name A. Incognito Johnson when it all collapsed.

        Rick Sr. met Pearlman 20 years ago, back when Lou was trying to make his fortune in the blimp industry.

        This is what is written in Rick Namey book about Lou Pearlman:

        “The old timers from Orlando’s early days are an elite club. There are not many of us. We come from a time when everybody knew everybody in this town. Therefore, we tend to stick together.”

        “I next ran into Cheney when we were both working with Lou Pearlman. You may remember Lou. He was the Orlando Pop Impresario known for the creation of the Back Street Boys, *Nsync and he had some involvement with Britney Spears. Lou was convicted of a $300 million Ponzi scheme and is currently serving a 25-year sentence in Federal prison, with no chance of parole. He still sends me emails from prison. At over sixty, 25 years is probably a life sentence.”

        “Lou had previously run up a multi million dollar legal bill with Cheney in the course of a bitter lawsuit in which the pop group *Nsync sought to separate themselves from Lou and Lou’s company, Trans Continental Records, represented by Cheney. A plethora of Gold and Platinum Records still adorn Cheney’s wall. After Lou lost a motion for a preliminary injunction based on ownership of the group’s name, Lou settled the case, but not with the outcome he wanted. By the time of the Ponzi trial, Lou was represented by a public defender and Cheney was merely a creditor, not even a friend.”

        • Deb says:

          Wow, inquiring…you really do have all the answers!!! ;-)
          I appreciate all the sharing of links & info you provide; it makes for very interesting reading and helps me to see how the “good, old boys” networks operate – and how they all have the same religion/god (scamming/money).

      • Deb says:

        Well, I guess it’s going to be a pay-per-view video soon now…the band stinks, anyway, lol ;-)

  72. inquiring says:

    Explosive new info on how Cheney Mason has schemes to make Casey MULTI MILLIONAIRE!

    BOYCOTTERS need to write to the Bankruptcy Trustee and his attorney in large numbers, and ask for a serious INVESTIGATION into BANKRUPTCY FRAUD. Must do it now — before the bankruptcy case is closed.

    more info here:

    • inquiring says:

      WRITE TO US TRUSTEE – ask for INVESTIGATION into bankruptcy fraud by Cheney Mason and Casey Anthony – as documented in Rick Namey BOOK – Casey’s Ghost.

      501 EAST POLK STREET, SUITE 1200
      TAMPA, FL 33602

      Phone: 813-228-2000
      Fax: 813-228-2303

      • dancehappy says:

        excerpts from Namey’s book:
        - author says: if you are among the vast army of people seeking justice for Caylee, then rejoice, by buying this inexpensive little book, you may have thwarted what is probably Casey’s last chance to profit from this tragedy, and may yet see her punished.
        - This book contains information on how Casey Anthony and Cheney Mason plan to make millions from this tragedy
        - author believes that Cheney Mason is harboring and supporting Casey Anthony with the expectation of deriving millions of dollars from the sale of her story, circumventing Florida bar rules specifically prohibiting such practices
        - Cheney’s plan to exploit Casey’s story and inside information was against the rules of the Florida Bar
        - author believes that Casey Anthony is or has been living at Cheney Mason’s house and that he is currently the one supporting her
        - Mason told author “I have no where else to put her.”
        - author had CONTRACT to be ghost writer for Casey and Cheney Mason books – with Title Town Publishing – Beaufort Books – Eric Kampmann – Tracy Ertl – July/August 2012 – bankruptcy was filed Jan 26, 2013
        - copy of Foreword in Mason’s book – written by Casey Anthony
        - The day after author was released as Cheney/Casey’s ghostwriter, lawyers filed Casey’s bankruptcy case – Jan 26, 2013
        - author’s job was writing a book for Casey Anthony – telling her side of the story
        - Cheney was insisting on a million dollar advance
        - New York Agent Judith Ehrlich had whittled Cheney’s monetary expectations down to around $50,000
        - Mason was constructing a scheme to make millions of dollars to support the world’s most hated woman for the rest of her life
        - Mason was calling upon the author’s expertise in media to help figure out how Casey could make enough money to be set for life
        - goal was to make Casey financially independent in order to make Casey no longer dependent on Cheney Mason. He frequently made statements such as, “I can’t support her forever.”
        - Cheney might see his book as an end-run around the boycotts and around the idea of Casey writing a book herself
        - author wrote a scathing, inside account of the lies and deceit surrounding Tot-Mom
        - author is a “whistle blower” on Mason and Casey Anthony
        - author cannot stand by while lies, mistruths and half-truths are being told
        - author’s opinions are that chargeable offenses have been and are being committed by “Team Casey”
        - Casey represented to the bankruptcy court, in her filing, and to the public, through her attorney in the interview with CBS-5 in Phoenix, that she had no prospects of a book or movie deal
        - author has hours upon hours of transcripts of recorded interviews and conversations obtained when author was the so-called ghost writer for Cheney Mason and Casey Anthony
        - Bankruptcy Fraud – to prevent Casey Anthony’s creditors and the bankruptcy court from knowing the true value and plans by Casey Anthony and/or Cheney Mason to exploit and profit from her life story to the tune of millions of dollars
        - Casey would be committing bankruptcy fraud by failing to disclose the potential value of her support and her story and image rights
        - they lied to the bankruptcy court when they said that there was no plan to write a book or profit from Casey’s story
        - Mason planned the bankruptcy in advance, to protect the proceeds of any kind of story deal
        - they would be declaring a zero value to Casey’s story in the bankruptcy filing
        - filed document in bankruptcy case states [Jan 2013] – “In this case, Ms. Anthony has not made any book deal, movie deal, or any other sort of arrangement to sell her life story or any of her thoughts and memories.” [while the author had a book CONTRACT July 2012]
        - Mason said after probation, bankruptcy, civil suits – “she will probably start with a multi-million dollar interview”
        - The court was persuaded that it was accepting $25,000 for an almost certainly worthless asset
        - Casey was living on a well orchestrated plan by Cheney Mason to invest in and sustain the value of her life story for his personal enrichment, in violation of the rules of the Bankruptcy Court and the rules and canons of ethics of the Florida Bar
        - Casey Anthony wants to move to BELIZE – can’t be extradited
        - author’s brother works for Jeff Ashton – attorney in charge of the felony division in the Orange County State attorney’s office. He’s one of the top administrative and prosecutorial lawyers under prosecutor Jeff Ashton
        - Mason supporting Casey Anthony – housing – food
        - Cheney motivation- expected to make money on this case, in excess of the six hundred thousand dollars he claimed he was owed in legal fees for his time expended on the case
        - Pay-per-view deal in the works with Dr. Keith Ablow – gross at least ten million dollars
        Ablow suggested that it could be a live, unrehearsed, clinical psychiatric session, or a series of five sessions to maximize the revenue.
        - Mason said they could not have any documents signed or agreements made until after the bankruptcy filing, because he did not want to have to disclose any value for Casey’s most valuable asset – her story and inherent publicity value
        - they wanted 3 million from Oprah and CNN Piers Morgan
        - Mason describing Casey – “And, I didn’t even notice her t–s! She’s got a rack!”
        - Mason had to dispose of the various lawsuits first. The most troublesome was the defamation suit brought by Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzalez
        - the case was problematic because it could force Casey to testify, thereby diminishing the cash value of whatever revelations she had to offer.
        - Mason would file a strategically timed bankruptcy filing for Casey “…and stop the whole X thing…” – discharge all such debts
        - Mason said: The problem was that if we made a book, TV or movie deal for Casey’s story before the cases were disposed or dismissed, he might have to settle out of court, to prevent Casey from being forced to testify, as he ended up doing with Equusearch
        - after “foolproof suffocation” searches revealed – the author has questions, and realized that there was no way he could write the story in corroboration with Cheney and Casey without answering these questions in a way that would exonerate Casey
        - author did not want to be known, for the rest of his career and the rest of his life, as “Casey Anthony’s Ghost Writer.”
        - author realized that he was negotiating story rights with a man [Cheney Mason] who had no legal right to do so, and was aiding in a plot to commit bankruptcy fraud

        • B says:

          Oh,shittzers!!!…….IF ….ANY …is true….KARMA…has arrived!!!……states has recordings of this…well,GET IT OUT THERE!!!!……WHY—write “book” for MONEY???…… part?….mumbles saying….”I have no where else to put her”……..Bahabbbahhhaaaa……& bahhhhaaaaaa…..TRUE or not…FUNNY as hell!!!… sure do dream big,mumbles!!!!…guess its all you got left………..CAYLEE …matters!!!…….

          • inquiring says:

            The author, Rick Namey, tried to show his PROOF of documents and recordings to the trustee on Casey’s specific bankruptcy case, but they didn’t want to look at it.

            Boycotters have been sending this trustee proof of fraud since the beginning of the filing in January 2013, and the trustee has done NOTHING.

            So, the author Rick Namey, put all of his proof in a book and published it, so everyone could see it, and it cannot be kept a secret any longer.

            Now people can write to the US Trustee in Florida and ask for an investigation of bankruptcy based on the evidence in this book. More pressure to actually DO something.

            He will surely come under fire from team Casey and may have to deal with a lawsuit, which would eat up any profits from the sale of the book.

  73. inquiring says:

    Casey Anthony Supposed Sighting in Morton’s Grocery Store Sarasota FL and Rumors That She Parties and Frequents Bars on Siesta Key.
    Posted: July 4, 2014

    • LindaP says:

      Good! Now she’ll get nice and comfy and someone is going to beat the fucking liver right out of her.

      Can’t wait. It is only a matter of time now!

      • Deb says:

        The only time in the future that I’ll spend the energy taking my finger and clicking on any “news” regarding the bk…is to find out how she died (hope it will be painful)…how they identified the bones (not all of them could be found – fingers x’d)…and how long she was in jail, before they let her out and she was reported “missing”…and Finger can go give himself that one-finger salute up his you-know-what, if he can loosen that diaper he ‘depends’ on, if & when he misses the baby killing, fake front-tooth smiling goon/slut/housekeeper/clerk/and future corpse!

  74. inquiring says:

    Mason and his “girl” last summer 2013


    • inquiring says:

      in Jean Casarez’ interview – Mason says “she can’t go out to a restaurant” … LIARS!!!

      the photo shows Casey OUT AT Flanagan’s restaurant with Pat McKenna and Jerry Lyons!!!!

      and when he says she is “living as “a housekeeper, clerk, secretary and stuff like that.” … sounds like what she is doing for her sugar daddy Pat McKenna
      she has been seen several times in Sarasota with McKenna – OUT IN PUBLIC at a gourmet market and on the beach

      “Anthony now lives in an undisclosed location in Florida and doesn’t go out of the home she is living in because of the public hate and continued threats to her life, Mason said.
      “She has to live constantly on guard. She can’t go out in public,” Mason said.
      By her own choice, she works inside the home, Mason said, and is living as “a housekeeper, clerk, secretary and stuff like that.”
      “I think Casey has a lot of world left to have to deal with. She hasn’t been freed from her incarceration yet ’cause she can’t go out. She can’t go to a beauty parlor, she can’t go shopping to a department store, she can’t go to a restaurant, she can’t even go to McDonald’s. She can’t do anything,” he said.”

      • B says:

        …she can’t do anything……..NEITHER can CAYLEE!!!….EVER!!!!……..BABYKILLER ..made her choice….CAYLEE had no choice!!….

      • skbsoccermom says:

        Oh, Boo-freakin-hoo, Mason. Surely, he doesn’t expect us to feel sorry for her, right? Nevermind .. I know the answer. Of course he does, because that its how he thinks he’ll sell books.

        I still find it hysterical that the same public he and baez chastised and insulted is the same public he now wants to buy his stupid book. No Thanks! We’ll Pass.

      • skbsoccermom says:

        Is it possible for someone to copy the entire article so we know what it said without having to click on it? I don’t want to give HLN, CNN or anyone else hits because I don’t want them to think we’re still interested. I never click on the articles.

        I’ve been on the HLN facebook page reading all the comments, replying to some of them and ‘like’ing the negative ones. People are still very outraged! My facebook name is Daisy Mae.

        • inquiring says:

          What life is like for Casey Anthony
          By Jean Casarez, CNN
          updated 8:09 AM EDT, Thu July 3, 2014

          Editor’s note: Watch “The Legal View” at 12 p.m. ET on CNN to see exclusive pictures of Casey Anthony and hear what her life is like today.

          (CNN) — It was three years ago that people across the nation and around the world held their breath.
          After a two-month trial, the jury in the Casey Anthony murder trial announced they had arrived at a verdict.
          Anthony was found not guilty of first-degree murder and the other most serious charges against her in the 2008 death of her 2-year-old daughter.
          The nation was first introduced to Casey Anthony in July 2008. The country fell in love with her precious daughter, Caylee, who had gone missing in Orlando, Florida.
          A massive missing persons search for the little girl ensued.
          Police were suspicious of what Anthony, then 22, was telling them. She lied about her nanny taking the child. She lied about working at Universal Studios.
          Anthony suddenly became the most hated woman in America.
          On July 16, 2008, Anthony was arrested on suspicion of child neglect. Her attorney was an unknown Florida lawyer named Jose Baez. A Florida grand jury indicted Anthony on capital murder charges October 14, 2008. A utility worker found Caylee’s skeletal remains in a wooded area near the Anthony home in December 2008, and several months later, prosecutors announced they would seek the death penalty.
          Florida v. Casey Anthony: A look back at evidence and testimony
          Watching in the wings was another Florida lawyer, Cheney Mason. A former president of the Florida Association of Criminal Lawyers, Mason, who just that year had been selected by Florida Monthly magazine as one of Florida’s top lawyers, was disgusted with the local media coverage about the relatively inexperienced Baez.
          “I was offended by it. I was offended by the fact that he wasn’t being treated fairly. I didn’t know Baez. I had never met him,” Mason said.
          Baez started asking Mason, a Florida death penalty qualified attorney, for advice. That propelled Mason to want to meet Anthony. He remembers going to the Orange County jail to introduce himself.
          “They brought her to the room, and I have to tell you I was really surprised to see how small she is … how tiny she is. I stood looking at a child herself. I said this can’t be,” he said.
          I sat down with Mason exclusively to talk with him about his new book, “Justice in America.” In it, he insists that the jury got it right, and the rest of the country had it wrong.
          “Could she look you in the eye?” I asked.
          “Oh yes,” Mason responded, describing her demeanor as quiet, afraid and unsure.
          After that meeting, with Anthony’s approval, Mason decided to join the team pro bono. He said the unpaid time he spent on the case “was well over a million dollars” and cost him tens of thousands of dollars out-of-pocket.
          Mason said in the years before trial, he normally met with Anthony in a lunch room at the jail. The jail would clear everyone out before Anthony came in. A stationary video camera in the room was positioned on their conversations, so he and Anthony would cover their mouths and speak in low tones to each other, Mason said.
          Shortly before jury selection was to begin, Mason got word that Anthony’s handwritten letters describing sexual abuse at the hands of her father were going to be made public under Florida’s open records law.
          He believed it was only right that Anthony’s parents, George and Cindy, were warned. He called them to his office late on a Friday afternoon.
          “We had them one at a time come into my personal office and made the announcement: ‘Monday’s going to be a bad day for you George. I felt man to man I would tell you in advance.”"
          Mason said George Anthony’s reaction was “basically none.” “He looked at me … I turned sideways a little bit, he clapped his hands down on his thighs — let out a big sigh but didn’t say anything,” Mason said.
          “He never admitted doing anything,” Mason said. “All we had were the letters and (separately) the statements Casey had made to the psychiatrist.”
          Next it was Cindy Anthony’s turn. “We called Mom in, Cindy, and told her and she immediately welled up with emotion, cried, was very upset,” Mason said.
          Once a jury was selected it was time for the evidentiary portion of the trial. Baez gave the opening statements. In the midst of telling the jury what the evidence would show, he delivered a bombshell that turned the case on its head by telling the jury that his client was a victim of sexual abuse by her father.
          The country was stunned and so was Mason, who was sitting next to Anthony in the courtroom.
          “I didn’t know that he was going to say that. We had talked about all aspects of it, and I did not know. I don’t know if anybody knew that he was going to say that other than himself,” Mason recalled.
          I asked Mason if he was concerned the defense would not be able to establish this with evidence as promised during the opening statement. Mason said he was.
          “Yes, I was concerned about that because I knew we didn’t have the ability to prove that unless George got on the stand and confessed,” he said.
          The prosecution responded by making George Anthony its first witness. The first question Assistant State Attorney Jeff Ashton asked him was whether he had sexually abused his daughter. George Anthony responded with a definitive no.
          The trial went on for weeks. Witness after witness took the stand for the prosecution in the largely circumstantial case. They finally rested their case on June 15, 2011. Then it was the defense’s turn.
          Anthony’s defense attorneys maintained that Caylee was not murdered at all. They said the child drowned in the Anthony’s above-ground pool, and that Casey Anthony and her father panicked upon finding her there and covered up the death. George Anthony denied that in his testimony.
          Casey Anthony: ‘I didn’t kill my daughter’
          In the midst of the defense case, Mason described how out-of-court conversations with the prosecution suddenly turned to possible plea discussions. Anthony was approached with the possibility.
          “Casey got very angry about that. She got very angry to hear talk about it. She didn’t want to hear it.” Mason said. “Casey would fight it ’til her last breath. She didn’t kill her daughter.”
          Mason said he believes it took a lot of courage and strength for Anthony to end any talk of a plea agreement. She knew what was at stake in this death penalty trial.
          So, plea discussions were stopped in their tracks, Mason said, and the trial went on.
          Then, on July 5, 2011, after deliberating for 10 hours, jurors announced they had reached a verdict.
          “She was holding her breath like a deep sea diver, waiting as we all were,” Mason said.
          Anthony was acquitted by the 12-person jury on the most serious charges, including first-degree murder, aggravated child abuse and aggravated manslaughter of a child. But the jury convicted her on four misdemeanors of providing false information to law enforcement officers.
          Anthony now lives in an undisclosed location in Florida and doesn’t go out of the home she is living in because of the public hate and continued threats to her life, Mason said.
          “She has to live constantly on guard. She can’t go out in public,” Mason said.
          By her own choice, she works inside the home, Mason said, and is living as “a housekeeper, clerk, secretary and stuff like that.”
          “I think Casey has a lot of world left to have to deal with. She hasn’t been freed from her incarceration yet ’cause she can’t go out. She can’t go to a beauty parlor, she can’t go shopping to a department store, she can’t go to a restaurant, she can’t even go to McDonald’s. She can’t do anything,” he said.
          Mason and his wife, Shirley, have continued a relationship with Anthony. Now three years after being acquitted, Mason said Anthony still distrusts the outside world.
          “Casey is aloof,” Mason said. “She is kind of, I think, afraid of people … she’s not real close to. We’ve had a couple of occasions to have social gatherings that can include her — close friends, the (legal) team. She still likes to back away from the middle.”
          2012: Anthony’s ‘video diary’ surfaces
          Anthony “does not have any blood family anymore,” Mason said. The family she has is the residual of the defense team, Dorothy Clay Sims, Lisabeth Fryer and Mason’s wife.
          Mason said although there may have been a few conversations between Anthony and her mother in recent years, there is no relationship.
          And as for a relationship with her father? “None,” Mason said emphatically.
          Shirley Mason has also gotten to know Anthony over the past three years.
          “I’m a cross between a friend, a mother, but not a mother — only someone who is older who has had experience in the world she has not had,” she said.
          Mason gives Anthony advice, but also listens to her when they talk.
          “My hope for her is it gets better for her and the world or the people who have been so hateful can let that go and they can move on,” she said.
          Anthony “tries to make her life work,” Shirley Mason said. She takes care of herself and stays physically fit by working out in the house.
          “I do think she wants to speak out,” Mason said. Anthony declined CNN’s request for an interview.
          “I have never asked her that, but I know she has very strong feelings for what has happened to her. I also know she’s very saddened by her loss and she will never forget her daughter Caylee, ever.”


          • B says:

            did ….Team Casey ……PUKE!!!…..forget we…THE PUBLIC….read transcripts from the bk. case?….her THREATS!!…..her ATTITUDE!!!….Please!!!!,this …..SKANK….is a BABYKILLER!!… a skank …is a BABYKILLER!!!…..All she is..all she knows all she will EVER be!!!……..Not buyin’ the CRAP you sellin’,mumbles!!…..or mrs.mumbles…..CAYLEE…….matters!

    • LindaP says:

      Inquiring I worked there for 17 years…one thing I CAN say as fact: CNN DOES NOT PAY FOR ANYTHING!

      Not photos. Not “interviews” NOTHING.

      Piers Morgan paid for that thing he did out of his OWN pocket because it has long been CNN’s policy NOT to pay.

      Not that I care if people think she did get paid…because I hope people hate them even more thinking that they ARE getting paid.

      However I know for a fact CNN is NOT paying for any photos…they don’t do that.

      • inquiring says:

        Thank you Linda – good to know!!
        Good to know that Mason was not paving the way for baby killer to follow him onto CNN for a paid interview or money for photos of her own.

        Do you think Mason just gave CNN the “new photos”, and interview, to try to sell his book?

        Makes sense.
        Pathetic that even he does not have any confidence that his book would sell on it’s own merits, without a gimmick of adding “new photos” to lure in readers/book buyers.

        • LindaP says:

          Inquiring I DO think that he tried to pass these photos off as being “new” even though they have been on the internet for years…in order to hawk his poor doomed little book…lol

          I also think that he PAYS “Radar Online” to print stories about the skank in the hopes that other news outlets will pick up the story. Poor old goat hasn’t got much left to spend if you believe his own words…

          but here’s the funny part…

          Any money he spent for all of that to happen YESTERDAY was for naught.

          The Justin Harris case was all over the news with the most despicable “bombshells” ever heard in a courtroom. It was riveting. I couldn’t believe it.

          Nancy Grace and the whole world is devoting full time to this Cooper Harris Car Murder…because as bad as it was yesterday…(a day that FOGHORN was hoping would be a SLOW news day)… the prosecutor let everyone know it was going to get worse! We haven’t heard everything yet in the Cooper Harris case and it’s probably going to be a DP case.


          Any little mention he hoped to get was squashed and quickly overshadowed by the Justin Harris preliminary hearing!

          The ONLY reason the media made a big deal out of the skank was because it was a DP case. They get all of the attention.

          Like a force of nature someone who people were tweeting yesterday was actually WORSE than the baby killer popped on the scene and wiped MUMBLES off of the map! I love it. Looks like we’ll be talking about this case until it goes to trial.

          Prosecution indicated there was MORE to come.

          The tide has turned against them…

          I am convinced that this is the beginning of the end for them all.

          There is one thing that he said that I believe…I believe FINGERS MASON is going broke!

          ; )

          • dancehappy says:

            Nancy Grace bombshells were fantastic yesterday, I was mesmerized by all that came out. Too bad Foghorn, karma hitting you now, you really lost out Just wait’ll we all ban your book next week!

            • LindaP says:

              Bah ha dancehappy!

              Too bad so sad. More money down the drain for the drunken FINGER-FLIPPER!

          • inquiring says:

            one question Linda — does CNN also NOT do the paying for “licensing” of photos to get around out right paying for photos or an interview?

            also – there were only (3) “new” photos of Casey with Mason and his wife, from summer 2013, which have not been seen before.

            would CNN have paid for “licensing” on these (3) photos, to be able to show them on the CNN Ashleigh Banfield show on July 3rd?
            There is an imprint of “Courtesy of Cheney Mason” on the photos.

            • LindaP says:


              CNN refuses to “pay” and it’s for a host of reasons.

              1) They are SUPER CHEAP

              2) It compromises the appearance of “integrity” if they are paying for photos and interviews…and gives them the appearance of being biased…and they pride themselves on calling themselves UN-biased.

              3) If they start paying people for photos and interviews…which they now get for FREE without having to pay…they will end up paying EVERYONE and they are NOT going to do that!

              4) People don’t EXPECT to be paid for being on CNN…CNN is a vehicle for people to USE to promote what they are doing…things like writing a book. CNN is providing these people with a SERVICE…a way to get the word out about their book, movie, television special, concert…etc…they expect the interview-ee to provide any visuals that they think will ENHANCE their presentation. It’s like offering someone the chance to do a 20 minute INFO-MERCIAL on an INTERNATIONAL platform…It’s millions of dollars of advertising time for FREE…You don’t bring photos to show…it’s YOUR LOSS…not the loss of CNN!!!!

              5) CNN has a whole staff of graphic designers and TONS of photos and video of the SKANK!!! if they want to use an image they don’t HAVE to pay for it…they already have a virtual plethora of material to show while that GAS-BAG is spewing off at the mouth…if MUMBLES wants something different than what CNN would use he’s going to have to bring it in himself!

              6) The “imprint” is there so that no one else…(as if anyone cares enough to do this…NOT)…but the imprint is there so no one else can steal it off CNN’s air and use it…(like Enquirer or some other TV show etc) and you can bet the old gas bag himself put it on there so he could squeeze every nickel of blood money he can get out it.

              I bet they net just about enough money for him to buy a bag of diapers and a box of wine.

              CNN doesn’t pay…they never have. They simply don’t have to.

              • LindaP says:

                CNN is also in trouble.

                They are laying people off now and they have NO ratings to speak of. They have no money to spend on a nobody skank who murdered her baby.

                Jinkasaurus may still be trying to shove that shit down people’s throats…

                but everyone else has moved on and we are all just waiting for her to DIE.

                • Deb says:

                  That’s music to my ears…CNN/Finger are hemorrhaging money, bk is non-marketable, and jenky is outta time/luck!

  75. inquiring says:

    NEW PHOTOS OF CASEY on CNN tomorrow

    Christina Ginn – Executive Producer for CNN’s Legal View with Ashleigh Banfield is posting on twitter about the new photos of Casey, coming out tomorrow.
    Says “via Jean Casarez” – who is a correspondent and fill-in anchor for CNN in New York.

    Christina Ginn @ChristinaCNN July 2, 2014
    THIS JUST IN: Brand new pics of #CaseyAnthony to be released Thursday on #LegalView with @CNNAshleigh at noon ET on @CNN via @JeanCasarezCNN


    interesting timing of new photos coming out — with Cheney Mason’s book coming out now too!!!
    and Mason already had a “deal” with Piers Morgan on CNN before…. see info on NETWORKS contact list – under CNN

    BOYCOTT CNN strong!!!

    • B says:

      only one question—-HOW FAT IS …..the murdering,lying,lazy skank???…Nevermind—-I DON’T CARE!!!!!!!….CAYLEE…..ONLY Caylee,matters!!!….

      • LindaP says:

        You got that right Bettie…

        WHO CARES??????????

        I don’t care what that dirty filthy baby killing, horse-faced, psycho skank looks like!

        She’s UGLY…and she always will be…I could care LESS what she looks like now and CNN should get even LOWER rating for airing that trash.


        The only picture I want to see of that skank is DEAD in a COFFIN!

  76. inquiring says:


    6/23/2014 Mediation Report

    present on June 20, 2014:
    - NATIONSTAR rep Karina Medina [via telephone]
    - NATIONSTAR attorney Kari Martin
    - Cynthia Anthony and her attorney Mark Lippman

    The parties did not settle.

    [apparently, George did not even bother to attend the Mediation meeting]

    • dancehappy says:

      Inquiring, so what does this mean?
      The bank did not settle with Sindy or
      Sindy did not settle with the bank?

      • inquiring says:

        The Mediator did her part and listened to both sides in the Mediation meeting on June 20, 2014 — but Cindy did not accept whatever Nationstar put on the table — and Nationstar did not accept whatever Cindy put on the table. The actual details of the Mediation meeting, and what each side said, is not made public.

        Now Nationstar will move forward with the foreclosure action, unless Cindy comes up with the amount owed, and pays it.

        Whatever documents are filed next, in the foreclosure case, will let us know what is happening ….

    • Deb says:

      Thanks, inquiring…your updates give me the hope that justice will prevail!
      With regard to spindy-sindy, I’m going to paraphrase P. G. Wodehouse, here:
      “(S)he had just about enough intelligence to open [her] mouth when (s)he wanted to eat, but certainly no more.”

  77. inquiring says:


    Bankruptcy judge has granted Casey’s attorney Schrader’s Motion for more time for a Hearing in the ZENAIDA case.

    The Hearing is re-scheduled for September 8, 2014 at 10:00am in Tampa.


    KRONK case Motions for Summary Judgment are due by August 22, 2014, with 21 days after to file a Response.

    KRONK Hearing is set for September 30, 2014 at 1:30pm in Tampa.

  78. inquiring says:

    No ZENAIDA case Hearing on Monday, June 30th.
    New Motion filed by Casey’s attorney, asking for more time.

    AGREED Motion to Continue/Reschedule Hearing On JUNE 30, 2014
    Filed by David L Schrader on behalf of Defendant Casey Marie Anthony
    (Entered: 06/27/2014)

    Both sides agree that Casey’s attorney Schrader, should have more time before a Hearing on the Motion for Summary Judgment [to throw out the Zenaida case], because Zenaida’s attorney Shuker, filed so many pages of Exhibits, which come from the Zenaida civil case before Casey’s current attorney Schrader was representing her, and Schrader needs more time to consult with Casey’s previous criminal [Baez & Mason], and civil counsel [Greene, Ferwerda, etc.] and to prepare for a Hearing.
    He will not be ready for the scheduled June 30, 2014 Hearing.
    Zenaida’s attorneys have agreed to the continuance of the Hearing.

    No new date has been set for the Hearing.

    • LindaP says:

      Thanks so much Inquiring!

      I hope it’s costing all of them immeasurable bill-able hours!!!!

      I hope they are losing money left and right on this despicable skank!

  79. inquiring says:

    Cheney Mason: No regrets about Casey Anthony trial
    By Jackie Brockington, Anchor/Reporter
    Last Updated: Saturday, June 28, 2014, 3:01 PM


    “He stood tall, but he says the trial did contribute to him having a stroke on Veterans Day almost three years ago. Now, he has a personal trainer and works out several days a week.”

    “You’ll always know where you stand with Cheney Mason, and he makes no apologies or excuses for why he thinks the way he does. He says he has no regrets about the Casey Anthony trial except that he spent many tens of thousands of dollars out of pocket for the pro bono case incurring over a million dollars in billable hours from which he collected not one dime.”

    • LindaP says:

      Well we all know he’s a lying sack of shit so…

      I’ll take that for what it’s worth…nothing.

      SURE he regrets it! All the diaper photos of his fat ass all over the internet. He’s nothing but a big fat joke now.

      A laughing stock.

      He regrets it all right…he just doesn’t want anyone to know he regrets it.

      There really is no fool like an old fool!

      • Kat says:


        If Cheney Mason thinks Casey is bright and intelligent, then his standards for intelligence and brightness must be very low in my view.

        How bright is it to lie to law enforcement and send them on a wild goose chase?

        How bright is it to not tell anyone Caylee was gone and to party during those 31 days?

        How bright is she that she dropped out of high school and lied about having a job?

        How bright was she to forge a friend’s check?

        • Kat says:


          When people name call it is usually because people have no other words to use in a loosing battle. It clearly reflects their frustration. They have nothing intelligent or significant to say, so like an immature child they retort by name calling .
          more from Lillian Glass blog:
          Cheney states “ I don’t care what the prognosticators and the idiot bloggers have to say or what the idiot bloggers will say about this.”

          Why would a professional attorney call anyone an idiot unless they were so threatened by what the blogger had to say? Maybe Cheney lashed out because so much of what was said in the blogs hit him too close to home.

          • Deb says:

            Kat, your comments cut right to the heart & soul of this mess! You summed up that deceitful, old, joke of a has-been attorney in very few words…and you didn’t need the media to help you do it! Hearts to you, and I agree with everything you’ve said!! He will never live down the shame and scorn he so richly deserves…his “writing” is just another fantasy, generated by a mind that stopped functioning on a productive level, a long time ago. He should do himself a favor, and fade away before he digs himself another hole from which he can’t escape.

          • Deb says:


            This one picture sums up “finger” mason…and he has the audacity to call anyone an “idiot”!?!

            • Kat says:

              Deb, Hi and hugs! and this old dirty fool is coming out with a book! Seems no one is afraid of accountability in the 21st century, UnBelievable what criminals and their attorneys get by with it!

        • LindaP says:

          Hi Kat! I think it’s pretty much been exposed that Cheney Mason is…not only a foul old wino who can’t control himself in public…but it will take a long time for him to get his foot out of his mouth after everything he’s done and said in relation to this trial. Talk about “biting the hand that feeds you”…lol…there goes his “audience.” The old fool doesn’t get it that the only people who would have been interested in his book are the people he calls “bloggers”…just shows how much he knows about the internet and what market he is shooting for. IDIOT is being nice when describing this washed up old drunk. LOL…ie: LOT’S OF LUCK…BAH HA HA! What a complete old GAS bag! Can’t wait for his “book” to eat up the rest of his cash-stash!

      • Kat says:

        Caylee paid with her life for this character tries to make money for the mother that killed her, suffocating her with heavy duty duct tape! He has the time to take interviews and boo hoo about Money! i give him the finger salute Back!

        • B says:

          passing on a …….2 -hand-1 finger SALUTE!!!!!…………………………………CAYLEE….matters

  80. inquiring says:

    Cindy Anthony CAPITAL ONE Credit Card settlement agreement documents from 2011 – 2012

    links for actual docs posted on “Casey Anthony Boycott Information” Facebook page –

    Looks like Cindy got over on Capital One and the Judge, by MISrepresenting her true financial situation.

    1 – COMPLAINT – filed Sept 23, 2011 – Breach of Credit Card Agreement
    Capital One said she owed $ 10,855.30 since April 15, 2011.

    2 – ANSWER – filed Oct 31, 2011 by Cindy – letter to Judge
    Cindy says her CC acct was current until fall of 2008.
    Her ” life was in turmoil and she was no longer able to work”
    Cindy says she was “placed on PERMANENT MEDICAL DISABILITY”
    Cindy says George was “prevented from securing gainful employment”
    Cindy says George finally got employment for the first time in 3 years on Oct 1, 2011 [Deese/QUINCO]
    Cindy got summons for credit card civil lawsuit on Oct 13, 2011

    Cindy says she and George “could not work” from 2008 on … but they could sure be on national television, with no problem!!!

    – December 11, 2008 – Cindy & George on CNN LARRY KING LIVE
    and dining on crabcakes at the Ritz courtesy of ABC Good Morning
    America Producer from Dec 11 – Dec 14, 2008

    – Oct 17, 2009 – Cindy & George on CBS 48 Hours show – paid $ 20,000

    – Oct 19, 2009 – Cindy, George, Lee, Mallory, church friends went on CRUISE

    – June 15, 2010 – Cindy & George on ABC GOOD MORNING AMERICA

    – Jan 17, 2011 – George gets NEW RED JEEP

    – July 2011 – Cindy & George on DR PHIL Show – paid $ 600,000
    Cindy saw a well known financial advisor
    “Charity” was created which they took money out of

    – July 22, 2011 – Cindy & George swim with the dolphins pad by Deese

    – Aug 1, 2011 – FIRST CLASS plane ride for vacation

    – Sept 23, 2011 – Cindy Credit Card breach of contract – $ 10,855
    [had not made payments in THREE YEARS]

    – Oct 1, 2011 – George and Lee working for QUINCO/Deese
    [George QUIT summer of 2013]

    – Oct 31, 2011 – Cindy sob story letter to Judge in Credit Card case

    – Dec 8, 2011 – Cindy & George do an EXPENSIVE bathroom remodel
    $ 15,625

    3 – April 26, 2012 – DISMISSAL of Capital One credit card lawsuit
    [settlement offer was $ 5,599.95 out of a $ 10,855 PLUS debt]

  81. inquiring says:

    ZENAIDA’s Response to Casey Anthony’s Motion for Summary Judgment [to throw out the Zenaida civil case] was due, and was filed today, June 20, 2014.

    ZENAIDA’s attorney, Scott Shuker, filed all the necessary documents today – the Main Response with 7 Exhibits attached – total of 154 pages filed today.

    Response to Defendant’s Motion for Summary Judgment
    Filed by R Scott Shuker on behalf of Plaintiff Zenaida Gonzalez

    Zenaida’s Response Main Document – 16 pages


    # 1 Exhibit A – Notice of Filing DVD 911 Calls made by Cindy filed March 6, 2012 – 1 page

    # 2 Exhibit B – Arrest Affidavit – Casey arrest July 15, 2008 – 6 pages

    # 3 Exhibit C – Transcript of Taped Interview – Casey & Melich July 16, 2008 – 17 pgs

    # 4 Exhibit D – Transcript of Deposition of Casey Anthony –Jan 23, 2014 – 107 pages

    # 5 Exhibit E – Notice of Filing Excerpt of Opening Statement – 2 pages

    # 6 Exhibit F – Notice of Filing Cindy Anthony Deposition – April 9, 2009 – 1 page

    # 7 Exhibit G – Order on Motion for Summary Judgment) filed March 23, 2012 – 4 pages

    The next ZENAIDA case HEARING is set for June 30, 2014 at 10:30am in Tampa, FL.

    • Deb says:

      inquiring, even though my blood pressure rose sharply after reading your links, I feel a need to say a sincere “thank you”. You always give up-to-date information before I can even find it on-line; that’s quite a track record ;-)

      I can’t wait until the day this human pus-pocket and her henchmen/women are finally out of the media due to a total lack of relevance – and relegated to the dung heap of cow-plop (quoting Victoria, here), from whence they slithered.

      Your time and effort in keeping us all informed is time-consuming, I’m sure…but so much appreciated. Here I am tonight, raising my wine glass and raising a toast: that I live to see this corrupt bunch of scum fade away into obscurity and scorn – forever penniless !

    • inquiring says:

      Zenaida has filed more Exhibits that go with their Response to Casey’s Motion for Summary Judgment [to throw out the Zenaida case].

      Zenaida said in 154-page Response filed June 20, 2014:
      ”Exhibit “A”, as well as Exhibits E, and F are notice of filing in respect of discovery filed and considered in the action styled “Zenaida Gonzalez v. Casey Anthony, Case No. 08-CA-24573”, pending in the Circuit Court of the Ninth Judicial Circuit, Orange County, Florida (hereafter “State Court Action”). Due to the volume of the documents, and the form of many such documents (i.e. videotape), the underlying documents will be separately filed prior to the June 30, 2014 hearing on this matter.”

      Notice of Filing Exhibits
      Filed by R Scott Shuker on behalf of Plaintiff Zenaida Gonzalez
      June 24, 2014

      # 1 Exhibit A – Sworn Statement [Casey Anthony July 16, 2008]

      [Exhibit A on Original Response was DVDs of 911 calls – substituted Casey’s Sworn Statement to police and transcript of 911 calls in place of the DVDs]

      # 2 Exhibit E – Jury Trial Excerpt [Defense Opening Statement by Mr Baez]

      # 3 Disclosure of Compensation of Attorney for Debtor
      F – Video Depo of Cindy Anthony) taken April 9, 2009 at Morgan & Morgan [transcript is filed]

  82. inquiring says:

    The Bankruptcy Trustee wanted to Strike Casey’s Amended Objection to the Claim by the Ambulance company [when she fell in the elevator, while in leg chains and busted her mouth].

    Casey filed an Objection to the Ambulance company’s CLAIM # 1, saying she should not have to pay the bill of $921.15 to the Ambulance company because she was in custody at the time, and Casey has no money [“insolvent”], and the State of Florida, Orange County should pay the bill.
    The Ambulance company had until May 11, 2013 to file a Response to Casey’s objection, but did not do so.

    The Trustee says he is now in the process of closing the bankruptcy case and this unresolved Objection to the Ambulance CLAIM is hindering and delaying the closing of the bankruptcy case.

    - June 17, 2014 – 11:30am Tampa, FL – Bankruptcy Trustee wants to Strike Casey Anthony’s Objection to the CLAIM of the ambulance company, so the Trustee can finish up and CLOSE the bankruptcy case

    - June 17, 2014 – HEARING held – Judge ruled against the Bankruptcy Trustee and will not allow him to Strike Casey Anthony’s Objection to the ambulance company claim

    This is the ORDER denying the Trustee’s Motion

  83. Kat says:

    Comments I wanted to share:
    1) Jerry Springer: he would never interview Anthony, not even if he were paid to do it.

    “Absolutely, unequivocally not true” is how Springer described the early report about doing a show with Anthony.

    He then went on to say that she should not profit from the death of her daughter, regardless whether she killed her or not. He wanted to do his part to make sure that didn’t happen, so he would not even consider doing an interview.

    2) comments from the public to KC –the babykiller:
    The world knows all about you. You will have a dark cloud wherever you go. People Hate You and will spit in your food! And You cant fix it.

  84. Kat says:

    White Trash Casey Anthony:

    Linda, here is another video I came across.

  85. inquiring says:



    6/11/2014 Notice of Mediation

    Had been set for June 11, 2014, then amended to June 16, 2014 – now set for

    June 20, 2014
    Mediator – Viktoria Collins


    6/13/2014 Answer and affirmative defenses, Cynthia M and George A Anthony

    Cindy says that NATIONSTAR has not proven they are the “NOTE HOLDER”, and that they are in physical possession of the original NOTE.
    Cindy says the NOTE defines the “Lender” as Bank of America, N.A.
    Cindy says the Loan Modification does not reference NATIONSTAR or Bank of America, N.A., as the Lender. Says that BAC Home Loans Servicing, LP is the Lender.
    Cindy says that the previous documents do not accurately reflect the meeting of the minds of the parties.
    Cindy says NATIONSTAR did not give them required Notices, as stated in paragraph 22 of the Mortgage, and an opportunity to cure the Default, before NATIONSTAR began Foreclosure action.
    Cindy says NATIONSTAR did not give them any Notices as required by the National Housing Act, and cannot maintain the Foreclosure lawsuit.
    Cindy wants the Judge to DISMISS the Foreclosure lawsuit and enter a Judgment in favor of Cindy, and for NATIONSTAR to pay her attorney fees and costs, because Cindy has hired Lippman and has agreed to pay reasonable attorney fees.


    6/13/2014 Certification Settlement Authority, Amended

    The listed people have full authority to modify the existing loan and mortgage, to settle the foreclosure casey by utilizing other workout options [i.e. short sale, deed in lieu of mortgage foreclosure], and with authority to sign a settlement agreement on behalf of NATIONSTAR [Plaintiff/Lender].

    Does NOT include Defendants – Cindy and George

    • B says:

      SinD wants……….SinD says….nothing’s changed!!….& nothing EVER will,unless……someone STOPS it!!……@ this point,the ants…(sinD)….is doing what has WORKED!!!…..screwing the system!…the courts!…the law!!…& thumbing their nose to the public!!…..STILL. & ALWAYS..makes me sick!!!….

    • inquiring says:

      my take on the newest Foreclosure documents filed:

      - NATIONSTAR filed the Certification Settlement Authority, Amended – stating that they have the authority to do certain things, IF IF IF there is an agreement made during the MEDIATION meetings – they have the authority to modify the existing loan and mortgage, to settle the foreclosure case by utilizing other workout options [i.e. short sale, deed in lieu of mortgage foreclosure], and with authority to sign a settlement agreement on behalf of NATIONSTAR [Plaintiff/Lender].
      NATIONSTAR is just stating in ADVANCE of the Mediation meetings, that they have this specific authority, so the Mediation meeting would not be held up, while they try to find a person with the legal authority to make such final decisions.

      - the MEDIATION meeting was moved to June 20, 2014 at 3:30pm in Orlando.

      - Cindy filed Answers and Defenses, using the same legal technicality “tricks” that LIPPMAN used for her in 2010. He said the same thing back then – that Cindy did not get proper Notices.

      - they are trying to weasel out of not paying their Mortgage for THREE YEARS, by using some kind of lame legal technicalities — but the Judge already DENIED their Motion to Dismiss the Foreclosure case – where they said that NATIONSTAR did not prove they are the legal NOTE HOLDER.

      4/23/2014 Order Denying DEFENDANTS MOTION TO DISMISS
      Motion to Dismiss is denied as MOOT [Motion was filed Jan 17, 2014, and darker copy of NOTE was filed April 18, 2014.
      Cindy Anthony has already Answered the Foreclosure Complaint, as of April 23, 2014.

      - the thing is … Cindy and George have had attorney LIPPMAN working for them, helping them with alllll kinds of legal issues, since way back in February 2010. Lippman has never stopped working for them, for the past FOUR YEARS.

      - If they did not really agree with the terms in the Loan Modification, which Lippman says now, their ATTORNEY Lippman, should have fixed any problems back in July 2010, when the Loan Mod was finalized and Cindy SIGNED in agreement to it.

      - If Cindy had ANY questions about any of the Mortgage stuff — she has had attorney LIPPMAN constantly by her side, to help her understand it, or file necessary papers. None of that was done, in the past FOUR YEARS. Cindy simply stopped making payments.

      - They are acting now, like Cindy just recently hired LIPPMAN for this second Foreclosure case. That is a bold faced MISrepresentation.
      Lippman has worked for Cindy and George since Attorney Brad Conway QUIT, and since the first Foreclosure was filed by Bank of America in February 2010, and he got them the Loan Modification. And he has worked for them through the murder case when they were witnesses, and took plane trips with them, and set up the “charity” for them, and handled Mrs. Plesea’s estate for Cindy, etc…..

  86. inquiring says:

    where is Casey Anthony now?
    from twitter:

    Ruthellen @skywayruth June 16, 2014
    she ‘a living w/sugar Daddy on Siesta Key, FL -hanging in Sarasota. Seen her at Morton’s Market.

    [NOTE: "sugar Daddy" = P.I. Pat McKenna]

    • dancehappy says:

      Well Siesta Key is way way down South,
      and Sarasota is way up North, so I don’t believe it.

    • inquiring says:

      Siesta Key Beach in Sarasota County, FL
      Siesta Key Beach is central Sarasota’s gateway to the sparkling waters of the Gulf of Mexico, an island with luxurious amenities and a relaxed vibe.


      May 17, 2014

      Ruthellen ‏@skywayruth
      she taints Sarasota Florida with her very being! Shops at Morton’s and lays on the Siesta beach with no regrets. She is trash!

      Ruthellen ‏@skywayruth
      my daughter spotted her at the markets with her old man sugar daddy!


      • Kat says:

        Casey Anthony will never be accountable for Caylee, Never, she has no remorse, only thinks of her infamy and nothing in her life is her fault–that will stay with her whole life. She is using the PI, and he is using her, IMHO! that will get OLD, no doubt!!

        • Kat says:

          McKenna reflected on both verdicts saying, “I was more surprised by Casey’s acquittal than OJ’s because I had more confidence in OJ’s jury.

    • dancehappy says:

      It says Fiesta Key, which is South of Key Largo, in the Florida Keys.
      I’ve been there. Also been to Sarasota, N. Fl, my cousin lives there.
      But now I see there is a Siesta Key Beach in Sarasota County, N. Florida
      Sorry, my mistake

      • Kat says:

        Quote from Defense attorney (lol) Jose Baez, “This thing is over and done,” he told NBC’s “Today” show. “And for some reason, things seem to keep coming up again for no apparent reason.”

        this is after her release for charges of lying to LE, that’s all, just a big fat liar is set free, 12 village idiots and a clown cheater Judge Belvin Perry, and Caylee’s body found dead, never missing to the family, just the gullible kindness of strangers.

  87. inquiring says:

    To quote Prosecutor Jeff Ashton from his book.

    “Even now I have difficulty describing what I felt looking down at that sight. She was so small. For so long we had known that one day we would find Caylee Anthony but I was still not prepared for this moment. I have seen adult skeletons many times but this was my first time seeing a child’s. How could anyone just throw Caylee away like that, with a laundry bag for her coffin. For a moment, I allowed myself to hate Casey Anthony. I pushed the hatred away but I will never forget what I felt in that moment. Just as now there was no doubt in my mind that Casey killed this beautiful little girl.”

    • Kat says:

      Inq. Very interesting articles. There is so much showing how Caylee’s murder was a $ frenzy on this little baby’s dead body.

      Ann Finnell, Here she states how it was her contribution, pro bono. LIE, PLEASE SEE ARTICLE I WILL POST NEXT!


      When asked about the legal fees involved in the case, Finnell said it’s her understanding that lead defense attorney Jose Baez “brokered the sale” of some photographs of Caylee Anthony to the news media for $200,000 early in the case.

      “That was gone by the time I got there,” said Finnell.

      The Orlando Sentinel reported July 20 that the defense has presented bills to the Justice Administrative Commission totaling $147,018 for expert witnesses, mental health evaluations and court-reporting services. The bill is likely to be paid by taxpayers.

      As for Finnell’s professional fees, she said her law firm, Finnell, McGuinness & Nezami, paid her travel and lodging expenses for the months she worked on the case.

      Beyond that, “the Florida Bar encourages pro bono work. This is my contribution,” she said. (WHAT A BULL SHITTER)..NEXT….

      • Kat says:

        NEXT: Ann Finnell has slimy as the rest of them (JAX)

        Ann Finnell, herself, and JAC, have outed her to be just as just as slimy as the rest of Casey Anthony’s defense team, but JAC ain’t buying their crap!

        Quickly on the heels of the glowing accolades being offered up about her lawyering skills, the public was treated to and shocked that her first order of business was to file MOTION TO DETERMINE REASONABLE BUDGET FOR DUE PROCESS COSTS IN A CAPITAL CASE AND MOTION TO INCUR CERTAIN SPECIFIED COSTS in which Finnell lets Judge Perry know her expenses in preparing for a possible penalty phase in the case could cost taxpayers $20,000 or more!

        Luckily, the Justice Administrative Commission, JAC, said, wait just a minute!

        A few of some of the more questionable items are:

        - costs for: a private investigator not to exceed $5,000

        What the heck are Mort Smith and Jeremiah Lyons? Didn’t we just see a bunch of, IMHO, bogus billing for wrong addresses so no statements obtained for the case, etc? JAC would like to know how the heck Finnell arrived at $5k!

        - a psychiatrist or psychologist at a “reasonable hourly rate” not to exceed $7,500

        JAC wants to know if these folks are out-of-state and indicates psychological evaluations have a flat per-exam maximum rate of $350. Haven’t we already had some of these?

        - costs for copying medical and school records not to exceed $1,000

        Say, doesn’t Baez already have a record copying budget established by JAC and didn’t this stuff get copied and paid for already?

        - additional 100 hours for a mitigation specialist at a “previously approved rate.”

        JAC notes the court previously approved a “cap” of 384 hours for mitigation specialist Jeanene Barrett. How many are we up to?

        Finnell’s estimates her travel expenses and lodging to be $4,000

        JAC objects to reimbursement of travel expenses for any attorney in this case as lead counsel is privately retained. Such travel expenses are overhead expenses that should be paid for through counsel’s fee.”

        Despite having been caught on numerous occasions filing bogus motions, it seems the new ‘golden girl’ is just as slimy as the rest of the group! Glad someone at JAC has the ‘brass ones’ to call them out on it.

        • Deb says:

          Kat, thanks for these lovely reminders of how disgusting and self-serving the ghoul patrol were…I, for one, will NEVER forget! Carry on, Caylee Warrior Kat :-) ((hearts & hugs)) !

    • Deb says:

      Inquiring, as usual, you have my utmost respect & admiration for your diligence in keeping Caylee in the forefront & your continued postings that remind us of how low these sub-humans stooped, in order to gain a few extra bucks in their coffers and a few mentions by the media freaks (May they all die penniless & defamed!).

  88. inquiring says:


    - June 16, 2014 – 9:30am Orlando, FL – CINDY & GEORGE ANTHONY MEDIATION in Foreclosure case with NATIONSTAR MORTGAGE

    - June 17, 2014 – 11:30am Tampa, FL – Bankruptcy Trustee wants to Strike Casey Anthony’s Objection to the CLAIM of the ambulance company, so the Trustee can finish up and CLOSE the bankruptcy case

    - June 20, 2014 – Zenaida’s Response to Casey’s Motion for Summary Judgment is DUE

    - June 30, 2014 – 10:30am – Tampa, FL – Hearing on Casey’s Motion for Summary Judgment in the Zenaida case, and Zenaida’s Response to that

    - August 22, 2014 – any Motions for Summary Judgment due in the Roy Kronk case

    - September 30, 2014 – 1:30pm Tampa, FL – Hearing in the Roy Kronk case

    • LindaP says:

      Thank you so much for this Inquiring!

      Loving this one…

      “Bankruptcy Trustee wants to Strike Casey Anthony’s Objection to the CLAIM of the ambulance company, so the Trustee can finish up and CLOSE the bankruptcy case…”

      Roflmao…awwwww…looks like “Casey” LOST again!

  89. Missypach says:

    I can never understand all the constant delays and changes in court dates. I don’t think there’s always a reason for it other than using it as a self serving strategy. Justice delayed is Justice denied……Smh

    • Kat says:

      June 2014–At a luncheon Tuesday afternoon, Oneida County District Attorney Scott McNamara praised law enforcement for their work to get justice.

      McNamara drew parallels between the case of baby Levon, and the 2011 case involving deceased toddler Caylee Anthony and her accused murderer, her mother Casey, out of Florida.

      He said both instances involved a young parent who had custody of their infant child. In both cases, the child disappeared and their remains were found months later.

      In a release to CNYCentral, McNamara pointed out the main difference:

      “…Unlike Casey Anthony, Jevon Wameling was held responsible for the death of his child. It is truly my honor to recognize each of you who helped deliver justice in this case.”

      Members of the Utica Police Department, FBI, State Police, and Oneida District Attorney’s Office all received the 2013 Oneida County District Attorney Distinguished Law Enforcement Officer Award.

      • Kat says:

        please note from above! the WORLD knows Caylee did not receive justice for her murder and her mother is free only with the help of deceivers of the court!
        “…Unlike Casey Anthony, Jevon Wameling was held responsible for the death of his child. It is truly my honor to recognize each of you who helped deliver justice in this case.”

        • Kat says:

          This piece of garbage only received 7 1/2 to 15 years for murdering his child. I am going to read more on this case, why 7.5 years OMG!

        • Kat says:

          the World knows her and her family are always ready to capitalize on her infamy than demonstrate that she loved her deceased toddler. This mother laughed when read the verdict, not guilty! Unbelievable and still hard to stomach by the public who see all the indications that she’s the notmom/woman who knows she got away with murder. The hate continues because we know this family and their team of lawyers want more of Caylee’s blood money!

        • B says:

          Kat!…..YES!…YES!!….YES!!!……thank you for posting…..The….WORLD…knows….CAYLEE was murdered….by her smother…who is “free” to screw the system further!…..JUSTICE matters!….CAYLEE matters!…

        • Deb says:

          Kat, every word you said in this comment and the ones following – and “B”‘s comment…
          I agree 110% and I’m clapping my hands, too! Great expressions of outrage – RIGHTEOUS outrage, indeed!!!

          • Kat not Kat M says:

            Aug 26 hundreds of documents are released into Caylee’s disappearance. The documents reveal Cindy Anthony called her daughter, Casey, a sociopath and a “mooch” And a boyfriend Morales states that KC joked about giving Caylee baby medicine to put her to sleep”

  90. inquiring says:

    Under the Foreclosure post … photo Jim Lichtenstein and his BFF Baez!
    ENEMIES of Caylee Marie Anthony

  91. inquiring says:


    Mediation had been scheduled for June 11, 2014 — but has been changed to:

    June 16, 2014
    Orlando, FL

    5/28/2014 Notice of Mediation AMENDED
    page 1
    page 2

  92. kat says:

    When thinking jury consultant I think of D*Fool. When Oprah was hauled into court by the Texas Cattlemen’s Association after airing her show on the dangers of mad cow disease in American slaughterhouses, Dr. Phil was her jury consultant.

    IMO he is as sociopath and narcissist a person can get.

    • Deb says:

      Kat, thanks so much for this link!!! This link you posted is what I’m going to add to the Amazon website comment section for “Gabriel the goon”‘s blood-money endeavor…if you don’t mind? Let me know what you think, ok?

      • kat says:

        Deb, Hi and hugs to you. Of course, I drop links here because there is so much I see and want to share, love it here. I will see you there :) It is so unbelievable that he would think people would want to read about cheating the system. These trials have taught average Americans (meaning non lawyers) what criminals and their defense can get by with. It hardens my heart to think that a little girl suffered and paid the ultimate price (her life) for this blood-money. Jose in his book gave the fool-proof suffocation right before Caylee disappeared into the mom’s trunk. It is unbeleivable and they still think the public wants to spend their money on them!

        PS: you have found some very interesting connections, it makes sense now that a drug dealer would be involved with $ to keep their business quiet. LE imo very lazy!

  93. kat says:

    Wanted to share this website bout the nuts on team killer mom:
    Brad “I’m not making any money from this and, yes, we did sell a bunch of pics for a licensing fee and I did get a cut, but that’s not the same as making money” Conway.

    Or Todd “I swear this $70+ grand I am ‘donating’ to the cause is totally legit and not the money I embezzled from my clients and got disbarred over cause it wasn’t me, a STRANGER did it” Macaluso.

    Or even Linda “Skype isn’t free enough” Kenney Baden. Some will say she is not nuts, but I have seen the guy she married…

    How about Dr. “I talk on NG, I work for Jose Baez, my opinion sways with the paycheck” Kowbalaski (I can’t remember how to spell his name)?

  94. Dinosaur says:

    Posted this today but seems all of today’s comments are gone from the open chat.

    Publisher for Richard Gabriel’s book is: Penguin Group USA- owned by Pearson PLC- Tel# 212-366-2000

    I suggest that everyone that does facebook to post this all over so that many people lnow about it. Also, Barnes and Noble has a comment section open, unlike Amazon, so, whoever wants to post their thoughts about this book by this jerk feel free.

  95. inquiring says:

    ANOTHER BOOK is coming out … this one done by jury consultant Richard Gabriel … who brags about how he got NOT GUILTY VERDICTS for OJ Simpson, Phil Spector, and CASEY ANTHONY.



    The man who got OJ, Casey Anthony and Phil Spector off
    By Larry Getlen
    May 31, 2014


    There was shock across the country in 2011 when 25-year-old Orlando mom Casey Anthony was found not guilty of the murder of her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee.
    But there was one person who saw it coming.
    Richard Gabriel is one of the country’s top trial consultants, working with defendants in high-profile cases to help steer the trial toward acquittal.

    Having worked on more than a thousand trials, including those of Anthony, O.J. Simpson and Phil Spector, his expertise comes in helping defense teams learn which factors will most strongly influence jurors, and this begins with the all-important jury selection.
    In his new book, “Acquittal,” Gabriel shows how he picked the juries that would say “not guilty.”

    Gabriel arranged for a mock jury — paid for by CBS, which wanted to feature it on “48 Hours” — that helped him understand which aspects of the prosecution’s case were weakest, including their lack of DNA evidence and questions about the science of the air sampling they planned to use to prove that Anthony had kept her daughter’s body in the trunk of her car.
    At the beginning, all 12 mock jurors thought Anthony was guilty. By the end, only three said they would convict her of first-degree murder. Asked for their version of the crime, most believed, after being presented with the likely evidence for both sides, that Caylee Anthony died of an accidental drowning and that the cover-up that followed had “snowballed out of control” due to a bizarre family dynamic.

    …While much of the nation watched in stunned fury as Anthony was found not guilty on all charges expect for lying to the police …



    …this DISGUSTING book is already for sale on Amazon – ready for pre-order, and release date of June 3rd

    Acquittal: An Insider Reveals the Stories and Strategies Behind Today’s Most Infamous Verdicts Hardcover
    by Richard Gabriel (Author)

    · Hardcover: 336 pages
    · Publisher: Berkley Hardcover (June 3, 2014)

    Shelley Carroll wrote: “He is correct when he says this was an anger born of deep hurt and that it was personal. That is how it felt to me, as though it had been my own child or grandchild. I felt it so deeply and I still do. I can’t believe CBS paid for this man to have a mock trial. And now he is going to make even more money from this book, boasting about how he gets murderers off. It never ends.”

    Stella Keller wrote: “It is akin to false advertising and good marketing – both dishonest. Too bad ‘winning’ is the GOAL not truth; honesty or justice. Society will regret their ways or drown in continued ugliness like these murderers getting off with no consequences for their actions.”

    • dancehappy says:

      Time to go to Amazon and boycott. Why would anyone want to read this trash?

    • kat says:

      Thank you very much for your post. Both comments are said beautifully. I am hoping it ends with people going to prison (including jury foremean)!

  96. inquiring says:

    Here is a nauseatingly sympathetic article about Casey Anthony – “the OTHER lost young girl”…..

    It infuriates me when anyone calls Casey Anthony a “girl”!
    The author of this article berates people who they say made excuses for Casey Anthony — then this author does the exact same thing.

    Casey Anthony and the Liar’s Club Joined by the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants
    On May 28, 2014

    by Lise LaSalle

    This case, like a toxic fume, was floating in the air and had become hard to avoid. It was on the lips of people from all walks of life and most of the comments were harsh – either that or sanctimonious ranting and raving. All in the name of a poor little innocent 2-year old girl. No one seemed to care, however, about the other lost young girl in this story: her mother, Casey Anthony.

    • inquiring says:

      COMMENT under the sympathetic article:

      Eileen Diamond says:
      May 30, 2014 at 12:59 pm

      “If it is sanctimonious to still feel sorrow over the murder of this beautiful little child, and to express disgust with the woman who killed her and got away with it, who wrapped her nose and mouth in duct tape, dumped her in a swamp, then partied for a month while lying about the last days of her child’s life- then sat in jail for 3 yrs before coming up with the ‘accidental death’ story- then sign me as Sanctimonious, and long will I continue to be- I care about Caylee Anthony, not the hideous excuse for a mother who murdered her.
      You mentioned the absence of a plan – she actually had a plan, as we can tell from her googling – foolproof suffocation was one,( she went straight from ‘suffication’ (sic) to her Facebook page; neck breaking was another, and of course the infamous search for chloroform.”

      • inquiring says:

        Tata Bocks wrote: “This Lise Lasalle character is a huge Jodi Arias apologist so I’m not surprised in the least that she would also be an apologist for CA. According to her FB page, she belongs to a group called Free Diane Downs, so I guess she has a thing for women who kill their children.”
        May 31, 2014

      • kat says:

        No one should ever feel sorry for Casey Anthony. She is lol at the world. She is:
        1. No remorse or conscience – they don’t feel bad about what they do, only getting caught
        2. Glibness/superficial charm – when they want to, and it benefits them, they act as they need to – they are chameleon like & superficially interesting
        3. Aggressively narcissistic – everything has to be their way, if you don’t agree with them, you are a hindrance and an obstacle
        4. They believe themselves above the law which for them are formalities to bend or break
        5. Grandiose sense of self-worth – they over value themselves and their needs and devalue the needs or worth of others.
        6. They are pathological liars; lying even when they don’t have to and doing so with great facility
        7. Cunning/manipulative – extremely versatile from a very early age
        8. Lack of guilt – a key feature of psychopathy. While others are being destroyed physically or emotionally, they don’t feel a thing
        9. Emotionally shallow – their emotions are lacking or blunted, or at times inappropriate
        10. Callous/lack of empathy – don’t really care about the feeling of others only themselves
        11. Failure to accept responsibility for own actions – always someone else’s fault never their own.
        12. High need for stimulation/proneness to boredom – they would rather play than work which is routine and boring
        13. Parasitic lifestyle – would rather let others work – better to leech money off of other than earn money
        14. Poor behavioral control – irresponsible behavior is a large factor as is putting others in danger
        15. Promiscuous sexual behavior – what some would call “slutty” behavior
        16. Lack of realistic, long-term goals – they live for the moment without planning for the future
        17. Impulsiveness – doing what they want when they want as they want
        18. Criminal versatility – the ability to commit crimes and lie with ease
        19. Criminal behavior – they routinely steal, cheat, lie, or fail to comply with laws
        20. Use people – people are to be used or manipulated, not cared for

        And so this is why, I think, so many reacted as they did to Casey Anthony pretrial and post verdict. Knowing that a person such as this, with so many pathological traits, is about to be set free makes us reel back in horror. What we must never be surprised by is how cruel and inhuman individuals like this can be, when they chose to, sometimes on a whim.

        Have I mentioned already Caylee was thrown in a swamp-like area in a garbage bag along with duct tape around her face? Now, who would do such a thing?

    • Victoria says:

      ~inquiring~ The other lost girl??? Sometimes I can’t help but be outright furious when I read such as this ploy to garner sympathy for the black hearted and soulless entity. Caylee was never lost and the one that is responsible for her heinous, atrocious and cruel murder was neither lost nor a girl by any stretch. Really??? Harsh? Oh my, what tender sensibilities the author of the piece has and I wonder if the author thinks we should put a pillow around our words to soften them. What flowery words should we thread our comments with in speaking of the abominably harsh and hellish act of murdering one’s own child? Since when has it become sanctimonious to call a spade for the spade it is? There is more than enough to lend a strong voice to the fact that a Baby Killer was awarded a get out of jail free card due to a rushed jury selection and those selected failing to follow jury instructions. Most egregious of all, their failure to recognize that circumstantial evidence IS EVIDENCE!!! Of course if anyone on that jury weren’t clear on jury instructions as to what could or could not be considered during deliberations they asked not one question of the court for clarification. Not one! What went down in that courtroom and the jury’s failure to factor in and deliberate on ALL the evidence I think deserve a few rants and raves all things considered in my opinion. They will continue because Caylee mattered. They will continue because just as John Morgan pointed out, people are still so hungry for justice in this case that they will take it in whatever form it comes. They will continue until the sky opens up and rains down justice.

  97. Kat says:
    CNN interview with juror: We didnt buy the drowning story!

  98. Jersey says:

    Excerpt from ‘Squirrely Stories’:

    GEEZER: “Only a couple weeks till I’m on the NY Times bestseller list and –”

    CRAZY: “Hey, you’re getting called ‘gasbag’ and ‘windbag’ over here, is that because of your gas problem, they must know you –”

    BOZO: “Listen, it’ll only cost you a few thousand, I’ll get you on that bestseller list by hook or by crook -”

    GEORGE: “Well I don’t wanna be mentioned in THIS book –”

    SINDY: “Nevermind that, am I IN IT?? And what do you have me wearing, anyway??”

    CRAZY: “Oh, don’t forget my debutante appearance @ trial that time, anyone ever find those pantyhose??”

    BOZO: “If you want me to write the forward for the book, I’m pretty cheap -”

    CRAZY: “Oooh – did I give you my price list for book-signing appearances?? Only you can’t stick me under your arm again, I almost passed out -”

    SINDY: “You better NOT be using that photo of me with a hammer in one hand and a baseball bat in the other –”

    CRAZY: “I insist on approval of any photos you use of me, especially if they show my hairdos or face or feet –”

    GEORGE: “Am I the murderer in this one too, because if I am –”

    SINDY: “Oh do shut up George! Hey windbag – I mean geezer – can we all appear on Dr Fool again?? I thought up some new diseases for Crazy – how about ‘Alice In Wonderland Syndrome’, and if that one don’t work, how about ‘Mad Horse uhhhh Cow Disease’………”

  99. Kat says:

    Great video, a classic from the Bubba Show, hilarious. He keeps asking Cheney you going to give the media the one finger salute; you dont like the media/first amendment?; you gonnal show some birds today? The title is CHENEY MASON, THE HYPOCRITE!

    • Deb says:

      Kat…I sooo enjoyed watching that old windbag reduced to being speechless and non-communicative with his hands…or any other part of his shriveled-up anatomy…that reporter should have asked him if he needed a straight bourbon before commenting with his fingers…LOL, LOL,
      Hypocrisy, thine name is Cheney (the one-finger salute) Mason!
      ((((hearts)))), Kat ;-)

    • Jersey says:

      Oh, I CAN’T WAIT till the Old Fart’s book tanks!!!
      After that we’ll never hear from the boring old blabbermouth again!


  100. Jersey says:

    Here’s a photo I had not seen before, skank under the arm of Bozo, but he’s a shrimp like her, so they’re practically nose to nose! lol

    I’ve never seen anyone with such MESSY hair in my life!!

  101. Kat says:

    recent story on finger mason…does NOT seem he was such a good ole lawyer, what a fool
    On Monday, Black asked Mason why the defense team didn’t attempt to re-create that timeline. Mason said he didn’t know, adding he relied on the opinions of others who said there wasn’t enough time for Serrano to squeeze those events into 10 hours.

    “I find that improbable and unbelievable,” Mason said Monday.

    Last week, Mason’s co-counsel, Bartow lawyer Robert Norgard, testified the timeline was tight, but he thought it was “doable.”

    After the 2006 trial, Mason was quoted saying he’d give $1 million to anyone who could make the timeline work, though Monday he said he was misquoted.

    One man said he made it work, and he filed a lawsuit against Mason for refusing to pay the $1 million.

    In that lawsuit, which is still pending on appeal in the federal 11th Circuit Court of Appeals in Atlanta, Mason hired an aviation expert to test the timeline just in Atlanta.

    (I hope this man wins the $million that would be peachy..he will have no home, no wife, no murdering gf or granddaughter :)

    • Deb says:

      Thanks for that info, Kat (((hugs)))! It just goes to prove…anyone who has touched the baby killer (literally & figuratively) is doomed to be cursed, right along with her.

  102. Kat says:

    IMO i believe Caylee’s dad is the Ohio cousin: Quote

    Sassy2 Weeks Ago
    No, Caylee’s Dad is her first cousin from Ohio. He and his family came to visit around Thanksgiving and Casey went out with him to some clubs and so forth to show him Orlando. Casey got pregnant and Caylee was born in August. She was not a month early as Cindy asserts.

    Get pics of Casey’s first cousin from Ohio and you will see the striking resemblance. In fact, somewhere on the ‘net is a pic of him holding Caylee at the Anthony home. The pic was taken outside in the back.

    This is the real truth, folks, and why Casey, Cindy, and the rest of the Anthony’s never wanted anyone to know. Appearances are very important to them.

    Believe it?

  103. Jersey says:

    And about that Duct Tape -

    Who ELSE in the A’s household was going to wrap Caylee’s head in Duct Tape
    brought from Ohio, but Crazy herself??
    George knew he bought that in Ohio & wasn’t going to point to himself by using
    As crazy as Sindy is, she wasn’t going to use that, especially not three long pieces,
    and then more pieces which were found near Caylee’s remains.
    No – it was Crazy, she even used her ‘heart sticker’ signature.
    Good grief, where ARE those jurors, I’d love to hear them try and weasel their
    way out of what they did now!

  104. Jersey says:

    It is so truly sickening to look back & read the statements made by Bozo & company back in 2008 -

    “Baez is undaunted by the lies of his client or the claims by her mother of the smell of death in a 911 call.

    “I think that’s somebody’s spin. I really do. I think the point is it stinks in that car. Okay. She’s(Cindy) not a cadaver dog,” Baez said.”

    “Is it safe to say you believe the babysitter story?” WFTV reporter Steve Barrett asked attorney Jose Baez.

    “Absolutely,” he said.

    “It was pizza. They looked in there and it smelled bad because of the pizza,” he told Barrett.

    “I would like the opportunity to have my client take me to where she says she took the police. I would like to have my client take me to everywhere she has been over the last several weeks,” Baez said. (Fusion?? Lazzaro’s bed??? Target???? Under her car with the dead squirrels?? The ‘hot bod’ contest? Over to the neighbor’s place to beg a shovel?? The Amscot parking lot where she dumped ‘the death car’?? And finally, over to the empty Sawgrass Village apartment?????)

    • Deb says:

      Jersey, you spoke the absolute truth & you did it with your inimitable, sarcastic, wit…loved it!!!

      • B says:

        One more HUGE point….screaming known guilt…IMO….ANY parent who truly believes their child is accused of a murder they had NOTHING to do with,would move heaven & earth to get them out…..both SinD & George had large extended family….OR SinD would have raised it herself,going door-to-door,begging….they would have FOUND a way!!….IF …they believed her innocent….they did not…..ever….& still….

  105. Kat says:

    nevermind above comment, I just went back and found this comment at the bottom his post was written by Juvenal Delinquent

    Juvenal Delinquent – who has written 21 posts on

    Never fair or balanced. Read more @

  106. Kat says:

    I have not heard this before, is this fake? If correct, jurors wanted to charge with manslaughter, but was up to judge perry?????? any thoughts.

    • skbsoccermom says:

      I can’t open the link, or the glossynews site at all for some reason. But, if has to do with the jurors leaving anything up to Judge Perry, that is false. THEY are the ones who acquitted her of ALL murder/manslaughter charges. If they wanted to take it back after the verdict was signed and read, it can’t be done. Judges are powerless to overturn any type of a not guilty. The P12 should of taken their time and gone through the evidence. If they now have buyers remorse, it’s their own fault for not caring about Caylee when they had the chance. Shame on each and every one of them.

      • Victoria says:

        ~skbsoccermom~ One juror said they had nothing concrete to convict her on. Absolutely showed that they had no understanding that circumstantial evidence is evidence. Either that or they played dumb and really, who is that dumb? Oh, I forgot. This jury was so smart that they had not one question of the court during deliberations, didn’t need their jury notebooks and in fact came in with their verdict in record time. That’s that, clap of the hands and what’s for lunch!!!

      • B says:

        IMO….hoax site…..verdict can NOT be changed,as skb stated…..

  107. Kat says:

    Casey Anthony is the devil in disguise Jose Baez and all her team of attorneys are her foot soldiers. RIP Caylee Marie

    • Deb says:

      ITA, Kat!!! ((hugs))

    • B says:

      that’s NO disguise,Kat!!……CAYLEE matters!

      • Kat says:
        CA jury violated rules? Did the judge?

        • Kat says:

          The jury claimed they didn’t understand the chloroform. Then why didn’t they ask for the experts testimony & discuss it? They did not ask to look at one single piece of evidence nor did they ask for any transcripts.

          • Jersey says:

            OMG -
            I’d like to know just what they DID understand in this case -
            Seems the only thing that mattered to that jury was Bozo’s opening bs -
            That grabbed their attention, and after that they didn’t hear, see or understand another word.

            • B says:

              Caylee forgotten….Justice forgotten….common sense forgotten….DUTY forgotten…..evidence forgotten… they remember movies watched & desserts eaten…oh yeah…and THAT opening statement with follow-up descriptions of mouse/milk/LIES of a lying babykiller……O M G ….sounds even MORE pathetic & outrageous every time you think about it!!……CAYLEE….Matters!

  108. Kat says:

    I copied this from a link on the chat:

    Above the State Attorney’s Office in Orange County, FL reads the message:

    “Seek Truth, the Cornerstone of Justice”

    “Justice for Caylee” starts by seeking the truth. And the truth is always in the evidence.

  109. Dinosaur says:

    Linda- Great article, right on point with the facts that never should’ve been ignored. There is no nee for a 3point turn, it still brings you back the one that killed Caylee, the skank. Hope they all suffer miserably for the rest of their rotten lives for doing what they did in obstructing justice for the real victim, Caylee, RIP little one, nobody can hurt you anymore. We here on earth will see to it that someway, somehow they pay the price for the lies they told.

  110. Jersey says:

    I hope the creeps are all reading here and get a chill when they read this:



  111. Deb says:

    Out of his own mouth…”Chucky” states that Finger sought him out to defend bk while her criminal case was ‘still pending; I was involved before most people realized it…’…and that he “ultimately” made his decision to represent her after he talked to an unnamed “close friend…who is associated with the bench…”

    • kat says:

      Deb, Excellent find :) Wow, finger mason was planning all along for bk to screw everyone by claiming bankruptcy, they had a plan! I cant stand Chucky, he is arrogant.what a liar–he is so principled he will be there to the end–well, he is gone and its not over! He is so full of himself. And sorry for him because he will always be associated with Casey Anthony just like josebozo.

      PS: I agree with the retiring comment!

  112. Kat says:

    can i lol, i just read a d0cument that says Domink Casey offered Lee an internship, paperwork was drawn up But he did not take it. He thinks he was such a sluth covering for his babykilling, sexing sister. Tampered with evidence. He was not smart enough to realize Tony was taping him for LE.

    • Deb says:

      You’re so right, Kat! Well said, friend. What’s that Forrest Gump line? “Stupid is as stupid does, Mama always said.”

  113. Kat says:

    This is the reason why i believe she smoothered Caylee without choloform:
    Cindy confronts Casey with the pictures of her at the “Anything But Clothes” party, when she had claimed to be at work. Cindy is pissed and the argument becomes violent, to the point that she attempts to strangle her own flesh and blood…

    • Jersey says:

      Or did Sindy discover something was up with what she was doing to Caylee??
      Did Sindy recognize the smell of Chloroform??
      And wanted to know just what she was doing Chloroforming her baby??
      Did Sindy discover some forms of abuse on Caylee and confront the creep??
      Chloroform is a very peculiar thing to be using, no one ever seems to bring that up, there has to be some reason for it -
      I recall that skank admitted to someone that she was using some type of medication on Caylee to make her sleep -
      But of all the drugs I’ve heard making the rounds, Chloroform has never been mentioned -
      Xanax was mentioned many times in this case, and I know that Ricardo Morales was into Chloroform supposedly.
      But this woman is just creepy…………….

  114. Kat says:

    Well-known Florida defense consultant Rosalie Bolin sat at the defense table. In 1996, Bolin married convicted serial killer Oscar Ray Bolin Jr. (imo-what a circus from the beginning–and how does a marriage doable when one person is in prison? another nut fallen close to all the other rotten nuts in Team Anthony).

    Potential jurors were asked by an Anthony attorney if they would consider a dysfunctional family, brain development and “a lack of maturity” as mitigating circumstances against the death penalty, if the trial reached that stage.

    • Jersey says:

      I remember that Kat!
      As if a ‘lack of maturity’ could explain Duct Taping and Chloroforming your baby -
      For heaven’s sakes, she was 22 years old when she murdered Caylee, not 12!
      She had a driver’s license and had been engaged –
      I guess Any Excuse will do to get away with murdering your own baby.

      • kat says:

        Jersey, remembering the skank went crazy when her attorneys wanted her to take a plea. It is so weird that even at closing of trial her attorneys thought she would be guilty of 1st degree, ugly skank did her terror attack (sad this ugly thing Caylee last seen with her beautiful big brown eyes ):

  115. Deb says:

    Another home run, Linda…you keep hitting them outta the park!

  116. Linda,
    You made me cry and you made me reignite( not that it’s ever flickered) that burning core of hatred for all the ‘ maleficent’ characters who made this Greek tragedy, into a farce and so outraged the world that I’m sure this case will be studied by future law students, as the most blatant case of greed, corruption and stupidity, ever to be played out in front of millions of people who saw so clearly the truth, all but the cartoon watching 12 and a gutless judge. Who were too busy lining up TV appearances and a TV show for the ‘Judge’.

    Your article was wonderful and all the loser players I’m sure are gritting their teeth ala C A, and hissing like serpents…

    I think for most of these players KARMA HAS ARRIVED! The sweetest part is:THEY DID TO THEMSELVES….HO HO HO…

    Please send this article to the FBI…They could Do Something…! How can they stand being so, got over on? The whole world saw the FBI and law enforcement GIVE A PASS completely to ‘THE GRIEVING GRANDMA’ I will never look at the Justice system with any respect until we start to stop allowing the whole system to be hijacked by a bunch of: “players on a stage full of sound and fury; signifying nothing…” To paraphrase Shakespeare.

    I just wonder what repercussions the entire law community has dealt with, since Joso Boso, turned the Fla court into his own personal unreality show… All the inmates demanding Snot notmom, privileges. Witnesses perjuring themselves without fear of consequences…?Does, Anybody, not hiding under a rock, at the bottom of the world, still have any respect for the Florida legal system? If so I suggest all 3 of you belly up to the Fla BAR; do a couple of shots of Bourbon and get over it…what is the saying about: ” All a person really has is their reputation”…

    Thank you for all the video links, also good to refresh why we will never get over the outrage until there is some reciprocity to come from all the atrocity.

    • Deb says:

      Phoenix, what a wonderful comment! I take my hat off to you (in a manner of speaking, ’cause I don’t wear a hat, lol ;-)

  117. Jersey says:

    B says:
    May 19, 2014 at 5:11 pm

    AND……IF…IF sinD believed pizza smells like death…..WHY use the word “death”?……..why not just say car smells like rotten pizza/food?…..why did HER mind come up with…..death?…….Nevermind…..we ALL know the answer!!!!!!!……

    • B says:

      & Jersey…..not “dead animal”…Oh NO!!!!…..SHE said…..DEAD BODY!!!……..sinD knew @ THAT infamous 911 call…..we probably all did….just so hard to believe ……..THAT SMELL…..was dear sweet CAYLEE…….SMDH…..such horror!!!….

      • B says:

        the pathetic excuse—-”I said that for a quicker response”…..BS…BS….BS….BS…BS…..I call BS….sinD said it cause she could NOT hold it back!!……a baby missing 31 days will get the QUICKEST of all responses,IMO……….sinD knew….ga knew….lee knew……THAT smell was….CAYLEE……

      • Deb says:

        “B”…you pointed out yet another very disturbing fact…I hadn’t picked up on it…but it sure does look like Sindy ‘misspoke’ once again! Good Catch!!!

  118. Jersey says:

    Oh that Duct Tape!!
    That is the one thing that makes Caylee’s murder so heinous, so brutal, so horrifying -
    And the reason I will NEVER let this go.

    • B says:

      YES!!!……Duct tape!!…on YOUR baby’s mouth & nose!… her HAIR!!!……3 pieces!….3 pieces…3 deliberate tears….3 deliberate placing……NEVER to be removed…….Duct tape on a baby’s face screams ….MURDER…..the FACT they were put there by her own lying,stealing,whoring smother…..screams —DEATH PENALTY—–but,No,not to be…….justice is needed….justice is DEMANDED!!!!!!!!………CAYLEE…..only Caylee….matters….

      • Jersey says:

        How those attorneys and the Babykiller ITself can POSSIBLY even imagine that we will all forget those pieces of Duct Tape is beyond our wildest nightmares -
        I know one thing for sure – George didn’t put that Duct Tape on Caylee’s mouth and nose, he truly loved little Caylee, and for IT to put the blame for Caylee’s murder squarely on George is evil.
        First – it was The Nanny Did It
        Then Amy was the suspected Nanny
        Then Grund was the suspected Nanny
        Then it became some stranger who kidnapped Caylee
        Then there were ‘sightings’ of Caylee nationwide
        Then it became ‘an accident that spun out of control’
        Then the PI was digging around in those woods looking for Caylee’s remains
        Then Caylee’s remains were found
        Then it was Mr Kronk
        Which finally became ‘a drowning’
        And that’s just the stories we KNOW, heaven only knows how many other stories they went through, and even then IT told the jailhouse doctors that George molested Caylee.
        And after all that, she wants to write her ‘book’.
        There are no words.

        • Kat says:

          “Right On, Jersey” No Words and why would any one of them think the public wants to read a convicted horrendous evil spiteful lying biotch? Never! And Mason wants to shove more BS at us, NEVER. Reminder, a beautiful precious life, Caylee was murdered by her own mother and family.

  119. dancehappy says:

    An in depth synopsis “Casey Anthony trial: closing arguments, facts, data, conclusions, outcomes, deliberations,verdict,-facts,-data,-conclusions,-outcomes.php

    and …………….

    Keeping Up With The Klowns – Cheney Mason and Jose Baez

    • Jersey says:

      I saw this over on The Caylee Daily – absolutely riveting reading, especially Judge Lee Sarokin’s comments on the GUILT of the ‘mother’:

      “Judge Sorokin speculates there was sufficient circumstantial evidence to tie Casey Anthony to the murder of her daughter. Unfortunately, the judge in that case did not specifiy that circumstantial evidence has value and may be critical in helping a jury to reach a proper verdict. What was that circumstantial evidence that Sorokin points out?

      - Casey Anthony was the last person to have custody of her daughter
      - Casey Anthony failed to report her daughter missing (or dead) for 31 days
      - She consistently lied when confronted after the child was found dead and hidden
      - She failed to disclose to disclose what really happened to her family, friends or law enforcement despite repeated opportunities and even when faced with the death penalty.

      Judge Sorokin believes that these trial facts were sufficient to find Casey Anthony guilty, not primarily of premeditated murder, but certainly the lesser charges. Other forensic evidence, including the duct tape, provided additional useful evidence for a conviction which did not happen.”

      Sarokin saw the facts so plainly and clearly, the fact that she lied consistently, over and over again, and flat-out refused to give LE even one fact to go on, spells out her Guilt.

      And the ‘Fool-Proof Suffocation’ search was the worst search of all, and the one that seals her Guilt of First Degree Premeditated Murder.

    • Kat says:

      Just watched Teri Thomas, inmate with smoother. She says skank’s eyes are especially dark, looking straight through you, very piercing. quote: “If she had been Satan, I would equate her demeaner of that of someone evil”

      • Jersey says:

        Remember Nancy Grace’s comment -
        She attended the trial and called skank
        ‘The Snake Charmer’.

        • kat says:

          Jersey, today, i started listening to HS friends interviews (Anne D) they all lived at Sawgrass–didnt skank’s depo she said she was not at sawgrass for years–Well that is a big fat lie-LOL, she said in HS they never hung out away from school until skank started dating her friend Brad, then on to Ricardo, etc. etc. etc.
          PS: seems people/friends were “on to” her lying to make herself seem superior person.

          • kat says:

            …just like her mother SinD. I bet her ex sister in law is glad she didnt get a baby casey. Remembering the ex S.I.L said $pindy rubbing it in that she needs to have a baby girl just like her baby Casey. I am sure she is happy to be divorced from that family.

          • Jersey says:

            Kat, the skank wanted to be perceived as a funded ‘socialite’ or ‘debutante’ living The Good Life -
            A ‘nanny’
            A ‘job’ where she made her own hours
            A car that wasn’t even hers, in which she ran out of gas constantly
            An afterthought of a baby who she chloroformed & stuck in the abandoned house when it got in the way of her ‘good life’
            Remember how she bragged to Tony L that she had $15,000 in her ‘bank account’?? (Tony right away picked up on that, his dealer had just been robbed of $15,000 cash)
            JMO she was into some major stuff -
            And that stuff was probably some high-end drugs like heroin, etc.
            Where else does this kind of money disappear to??

  120. Kat says:

    OMG, this jury did not deliberate as per their own interviews. I am patiently waiting for this news to be released, a juror getting divorced, waiting for someone to “spill the beans” and remembering being smashed down for not being American. Cow is juror #2 “We didn’t know how she died, we didn’t know when she died,” said Juror No. 2, who was one of the 10. “Technically, we didn’t even know where she died.

    • Kat says:

      …But Caylee was dead, you were suppose to be there for the victim, Caylee. Bozo Baez made them think his stinky skank was a victim, so WTF what about the dead baby girl. SMH

  121. Kat says:

    Linda—great article, Again! hey are sent between April to June of 2008. Reports claim that Anthony sent 553 text message to friend Amy Huizenga that span before and after Caylee’s disappearance, and of those, only two mention Caylee.

    MAY 13: “My mom is taking the kid for the weekend for part of her vacation (with a smiley face).”

    “Caylee just pooped in her potty for the first time. Sorry, proud mama.”

    (Casey would not mention Caylee ever again in texts to Huizenga.)

    “Leaving for work in a few. I’ll call you on my way to the house.” RIP Caylee!!!

    • Jersey says:

      I agree, Kat – GREAT article, Linda!!
      She spelled it all out – and the Guilt is OVERWHELMING.
      And this woman had the ballz to call ITself a ‘proud mama’??
      I’m speechless.

      • Kat says:

        Jersey, Unbelievable and Speechless! As Juror #2 QUOTED “She is not a good person in my opinion,” he said, his voice again overcome by emotion.

        • Jersey says:

          Well Juror #2 is A FOOL, just like all the rest of them, A Bunch Of Fools -
          Letting a Babykiller (of all the Murderers, Babykillers are among the worst, murdering the helpless and innocent) go free -
          As far as I’m concerned, Juror #2 (and all the rest of them) can rent IT a room @ their houses and wait for the Chloroform to come out.
          Either that or they will get robbed of every dime they ever made.
          Or schnookered with Lie after Lie after Lie…….
          Those jurors all have Caylee’s Blood on their hands and are Responsible for this Thing living among us and breathing our air……….

        • skbsoccermom says:

          Exactly … she is NOT a good person. And who murders a child so she can have her own ‘Bella Vita’? NOT a good person! But I guess the foreman’s ability to “read people” overrode all of their instincts, and therefore, they all believed George was responsible. Morons.

          It still baffles me that they all listened to that idiot when he said they couldn’t convict her of child neglect because they didn’t know who was responsible for Caylee. Didn’t a single one of them have an ounce of common sense? The parent is always responsible!

          I hope Mr. foreman is happy that he got his way. Seems to me the other jurors wanted to please him. Well, they won’t be receiving daily pats on the back from their ‘leader’, but they do have to live with themselves, live with the knowledge that they denied justice to a murdered child, and live with public disdain for the rest of their lives. Hope it was worth it.

          • Jersey says:

            I hope the foreman loses his house as well -
            Wasn’t he the one whose house was in foreclosure when the trial started?
            And then suddenly he was out of foreclosure -
            Go figure!
            All this on the back of a murdered child, whose mother was set free.
            Well I hope they’re all happy with what they’ve done.

            • kat says:

              Jersey, yes his house was in foreclosure. he had calls with his wife and she told him media was there and hounding for an interview. he wanted five figures ): Really people? JP is so to blame! how could he be “in on it” he was on Today saying more than enough evidence to convict…I am glad he came forward but it was his court room. he threatened and got upset with attorneys but did nothing! perry was giving bozo trial lessons, and the taxpayers paid for this! smh

  122. inquiring says:

    Great article and photos Linda! Thank you!

    In regard to the jury panel — it is interesting to look at the back history and timeline of DEFENSE WITNESS Patricia Young, and how she contaminated a jury pool of FIFTY potential jurors in Pinellas county during jury selection for the Casey Anthony trial.
    All of the Defense attorneys and their private investigators had the names of all potential jurors who were called to the Pinellas courthouse for possible jury duty, BEFORE the potential jurors were selected for Interviews for the Casey Anthony trial. Therefore, the Defense team would have known right away that one of their DEFENSE WITNESSES had been called in for possible jury duty.

    Patricia Young
    DOB 7/28/43 67 yrs old
    Address on battery report – 9/7/08
    4336 26th Ave
    St. Petersburg, FL 33713
    (727) 366-8225
    Pinellas County property appraiser – same address, same owner as of March 26, 2011

    - September 7, 2008 – Patricia Young attended the candlelight vigil at the Anthony’s Hopespring home, and Patricia was one of the screaming protestors, and George shoved her to get her off of his property. She filed battery charges, along with Sharon Cadieux.
    Defense voluntarily strikes Cadieux from Defense Witness list due to no cooperation to set deposition.

    - November-December 2008 – Patricia Young says she searched with TexasEquuSearch three weeks before Caylee’s bones were found on December 11, 2008, and says she was 10 feet from where her remains were found.

    March 22, 2011 – Patricia Young become “NECESSARY” Defense Witness

    March 29, 2011 – the State Prosecutors took a Deposition from Patricia Young – the Transcript was filed April 26, 2011

    May 10, 2011 – Patricia Young contaminated a jury pool of FIFTY potential jurors

    • LindaP says:

      Thanks Inquiring!!!

      I will always be convinced that Patricia Young’s blatant jury contamination was done purposefully at the behest of the defense…and by contaminating the 50 jurors she made way for the filthy 12!

      Patricia Young is KEY in all of this IMO…and what remains even more curious is…

      WHERE WAS JUDGE PERRY during all of this???

      Asleep at the wheel or purposely looking the other way?

      Still stinks so bad it’s hard to write about!

      • Kat says:

        the public never to forget Perry’s meaness towards the mentally ill woman, omg he put her in jail! i want accountability. I always thought the law wins, it is to keep spoiled baby killing freaks away from society. Team of lawyers for anthonys screwed our justice system…and all of them should not get away with it. Pat Young fined and giving jail punishment! Thinking last night DCasey, what a douche, and dumb believing a band of liars and thieves (himself included) to get a big pay day/interview for his dealings in hiding a missing baby girl body rotting in the woods, ignored by her entire Anthony family..

      • Kat says:

        Linda, Snipped from your earlier blog–(imo–the work of Pat McKenna, getting dirt on all involved to use for the defense ($ making deals in the down low) -is this how the jurors were approached by PM, hmmmm):

        While looking for information on Patricia young I found this:

        Sentinel exclusive: Letter from potential Casey Anthony juror who
        was dismissed from case.
        “I can tell you that in spite of the Chief Judge’s video clip shown to all jurors
        prior to the random selection of those 50 of us who were asked to return in
        the afternoon, and even when all of us were standing in front of Courtroom 1
        waiting to be ushered in, there was much speculative chit-chat amongst
        jurors about whether we were there for the Casey Anthony trial. It was at that
        point that I happened to be standing near the woman who was involved in the
        search and rescue of the victim in this case, and she voiced the opinion that
        she wouldn’t be chosen because of her involvement. I can also tell you that
        there were MANY speculative comments flying around after some potential
        jurors started to be ushered into Courtroom 1, only to be ushered out again
        because of a “legal matter that needed to be addressed” outside of our
        presence. Following that, the “buzz” in the hallway outside the Courtroom
        increased dramatically, as several of those who had entered into the
        courtroom for a few seconds before came out “boasting” with the
        information that “she” was in there.

  123. Lou says:

    great article Linda.It says it all and with straight forward truth..Karma does seem to be busy at work slowly but surely taking the evil ones down. old finger Mason is so dilusional in thinking his book will make people believe anything he writes in it .Just another book for the bin at the dollar store. Wonder how many he will have to buy himself to make the ratings good? justice for Caylee!!! And to all my friends here have a great Monday!

  124. B says:

    Thank you Linda…..for this & all you do…for CAYLEE….AND…JUSTICE….I see a ……shit storm comin’…….swirling & gathering the vile,putrid remnants of ANYONE responsible for injustice in the MURDER ,cover-up,…of CAYLEE…..WE,the public….are here to stay!!!!!…..FOR CAYLEE…..

    • B says:

      AND……IF…IF sinD believed pizza smells like death…..WHY use the word “death”?……..why not just say car smells like rotten pizza/food?…..why did HER mind come up with…..death?…….Nevermind…..we ALL know the answer!!!!!!!……

      • LindaP says:

        Hey Bettie! It was just smells like “death”…SIND said that “It smells like there’s been a dead body in the damn car!”

        That’s WAY more specific and couldn’t be the furthest thing from the smell of PIZZA!

      • Victoria says:

        ~B~ Yes, we all know the answer to that. I wonder at what point exactly did the Anthony’s choose to so utterly betray Caylee and at exactly what point did their greed drive them to suck every last drop of blood money marrow from her tiny naked bones? The Anthony’s cannibalized “that little girl” and did it in front of an entire nation who were repulsed and repelled by them.

    • LindaP says:

      <3 :) <3

      It will be another 20 years and I will still remember this outrage...everyone will imo. All 6 million people who watched it!

  125. Hilde says:

    Great Article Linda! Thank You for keeping the Injustice of this Trial in People’s Mind..
    it should never be forgotten what we had to witness for 4 Years. This Trial played out in front of us with All the Lies, coverups and Disregard of our Legal System by the Defense and then came the Verdict..UNBELIEVABLE.. to this Day it angers me that that Baby Killer was allowed to walk free! I am still waiting for Karma and Justice to catch up with the Killer and ALL the Beings who helped her by lying and cheating the System to let her get away with murdering her own Child! May they All rot in Hell!

  126. paula says:

    Still shocking. Still unbelievable. They probably thought that, in time, people would forget but that’s not happening.

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