If Dr. Seuss covered the Jodi Arias trial…




THIS POST WAS WRITTEN IN RESPONSE TO A POEM BY EJ Montini, columnist FOR AZ Central…(link to the original at the bottom of this post)


Her name means blood and death…

poison and Macbeth.

In fact she is nefarious,

the monster known as Arias.

Jodi Arias middle finger

Her position is self obsessed.

If we doubt her she’ll spew and scream threats.

She’ll torture those near her and make sure they fear her,

then slice a big gash in their neck.



Her reasons are quite various.

From media whore to nefarious.

Her ‘fans’ are agenda filled trolls…

who reside in the most shallow holes.

Gropey, Grungy and Flippy...the Baez troll team has dwindled down to these three.

Gropey, Grungy and Flippy…the Arias troll team has dwindled

For the trolls who’ve got, not a clue,

she’d just as soon slice up on you!

laughing arias

She hides in her hair and her lies

and schemes with her shark-dead eyes.

The mind and the heart of a snake…

she’s a classic murdering fake.

Nowhere to hide...

Nowhere to hide…

But if the world is fair,

a jury will declare,

that the butcher with a knife,

has given up her own right to life!

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Original article by EJ Montini:





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16 Responses to If Dr. Seuss covered the Jodi Arias trial…

  1. Deb says:

    This is an interesting link to a young murderer – much like stabby-e and a fake “mental illness” excuse for “doing what I want to do”…thought you guys might find it enlightening. Also, the ending may also be prophetic with regard to stabby-e.

  2. dancehappy says:

    Cannot post on blog Linda – 10/28/14 11:15 Hi time

  3. Kat says:

    Linda, Thanks for putting into words what the masses would say!

  4. Kat says:

    When Jodi Arias was a child and claimed abuse with a spoon, there was a behavior problem. She also mentions her Dad pushing her around. She tries to group the other children in, but Jodi closest sibling is at least 7 years younger. So it was Jodi Arias who had problems early! She mentions the dog, and kicking him. She claims the dog ran away. Everyone knows, dogs will hang around or come back for food, even if kicked! I believe the dog is dead at the hands of Jodi Arias! That’s the first indication of psychopathy! The killing or torturing of animals and/or children. She also hit her brother in the head with a baseball bat. I saw the back of his head, and there is a long patch of hair missing. Her brother was a very young child, under 5, when this happened! If Jodi was 7 when she did this, then he was a toddler! That’s even worse! http://christibri10blog.wordpress.com/2013/05/20/jodi-arias-parents-failed-her/

  5. Nancy B says:

    Here’s a link to the sparse info I could find about the jurors. Even from these so very brief comments, a few red flags, imo.


  6. Nancy B says:


    Very apropa. Boy, do I wish that Juan would use these trial pics of JA during this penalty trial. Especially the one where she is giving the FU finger, not so subtly! Even though Nurmi’s opening statement continuously referred to the depth of her remorse, these photos tell the real story. Very well done.

  7. Dinosaur says:

    Linda- Great poem, like yours better than ej montini, he certainly has an agenda, as well as, Michael Kiefer, another anti-death penalty foe, he has a strong dislike for Juan Martinez. He wrote an article about the Maricopa DA’s, don’t think either of them are on the side of justice, but, rather, in their minds the injustice to the criminal!!

  8. Kittylove says:

    LOVE IT Linda…… you should be a writer! LOL

  9. LindaP says:

    I think we should let the butcher out of prison and send her to live with him and his family…then there will be a STACK of autopsy photos to write POEMS about and one less dirty smelly hypocrite preaching “do what I say not what I do”

  10. Deb says:

    Good one, Linda! Better than the other Dr. Seuss cartoon I saw today ;-)

    • LindaP says:

      Deb…the most hilarious thing of all is…that he slams the MEDIA for covering the trial…and that’s exactly WHAT HE IS DOING!!!

      What a freaking hypocrite!

      OMG bitches about the media being so interested in this trial and then has the utter NERVE to post a poem scolding and pontificating on how all of us should REALLY feel about this murdering monster.

      Speak for yourself hypocrite!

      God this made me angry…what a self-serving POS!

      • Kat says:

        Self serving! Reminds me of Jose Baez, Mr and Mrs Baden, Cheney Mason, Geraldo, and OJ Simpson (all in the same group of liars and scammers)

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