NIGHTMARE IN ARIZONA: Judge Sherry Stephens Costing Tax Payers Millions…

Judge Sherry Stephens cost the tax payers over 2 million dollars in the Jodi Arias Trial

Judge Sherry Stephens cost the tax payers over 2 million dollars in the Jodi Arias Trial

How appropriate that the latest news out of Arizona is the scariest of all, just in time for Halloween.

Is Judge Sherry Stephens in love with Jodi Arias?

Is Judge Sherry Stephens in love with Jodi Arias?

Judge Sherry Stephens, the judge who has hosted the second biggest judicial joke of the 21st century, is treading on everyone’s rights in order to keep the citizens of Arizona out of her already, out-of-control courtroom. No surprising news since she has assisted Jodi Arias throughout this trial in tormenting, torturing and re-victimizing each member of the Alexander family at every opportunity.

As a result of their lack of experience, Kirk Nurmi and Jennifer Willmott have made hay with Judge Sherry’s willingness to allow virtually everything their sadistic client desires, no matter how demented.  Helping Jodi Arias fulfill her sick need to torture the remaining victims, Travis Alexander’s family any way she can, Judge Sherry Stephens has provided Arias with endless opportunities to do just that. The defense, having no legal skills or prowess, have used everything  from sex tapes to close ups of Jodi Arias’s considerable well-worn vagina and anus, all in order to distract from the horrific, premeditated crime that this sociopath has committed and further victimize the real victim Travis Alexander. Judge Sherry Stevens has allowed Arias and her family to giggle in open court as the real victims in this case, the Alexander family, are forced to endure graphic autopsy photos and heartbreaking testimony.



Although Nurmi and Willmott have offered comic relief throughout the trial with their constant objections and requests for mistrials, their shameless mimicking of Juan Martinez is flat out embarrassing and emphasizes the already obvious fact, that they are both inexperienced and their “strategy” all along has been to upset the system and the proceedings as much as possible. Their repeated use of effective phrases, phrases used effectively by Juan Martinez throughout the trial, are transparent and childish. There is nothing funny any longer however, about their lack of skill and willingness to upset the system. It is clear now that we have a judge who has given them the key to her courtroom and will continue to do so.



I could say both Nurmi and Willmott have all the legal prowess of a 10 cent crack whore (apologies to crack whores everywhere,) because isn’t that what Nurmi and Willmott have been doing all along? Milking the system, with their limited supply of legal knowledge, experience and resources, for as long as they can,  for as much of that tax payer money they can squeeze out of this fiasco?

All the makings for more wasting of tax payers money is there and none of it would work without Judge Sherry Stephens’ willingness to turn her courtroom into anything the defense team asks for, including a porn theatre, all to the delight of the sadistic defendant.



The guilt phase is over. The killer has been found guilty already of a heinous first degree murder. So why are we enduring another expensive freak show? Isn’t it the judge’s responsibility to let the jury know that the guilt phase has already been decided, and now their job is only to decide, by law, what the proper penalty is?

Hasn’t it been the judge’s responsibility this entire time to maintain control over her courtroom? 

Well since it’s only the taxpayers who are paying, cha ching, cha ching, let that tax payer cash register ring.

This should have never happened in the first trial. It’s outrageous for it to be repeated in the penalty phase.


It doesn’t take “Einstein” to know that if Jodi Arias was a man, this trial would have been over with in a matter of weeks. There is not one doubt who committed this terrible crime. There is not one doubt that she planned it, scheming for weeks maybe longer, collecting everything she would need, not only to murder Travis Alexander, but to cover her tracks completely and document the event in photos for future enjoyment.

All because he no longer wanted to date her, and who could blame him?

What happens to the next person who angers Jodi Arias?

There is no doubt that she has been and will manipulate, stall, deceive, blame the victim, show graphic photos of her overworked nether regions and play salacious sex tapes if the Judge will allow it. There’s no doubt that she will lie, lie some more and then lie again, in order to save her own skin. There is no doubt that she will use all of her terrifying character traits to strike out at someone in the future. There is no doubt that she will do everything in her power to escape prison, and there is nothing too low that she won’t do to save her own life.

Boy Jodi Arias really had a bang-up fun time in court thanks to Judge Sherry Stephens and the taxpayers of Arizona!

Boy Jodi Arias really had a bang-up fun time in court thanks to Judge Sherry Stephens and the taxpayers of Arizona!

This is why the death penalty  most certainly is a deterrent and it is a powerful one. Just look at this cocky, self assured killer, who never thought she would be convicted, tap dancing as feverishly as she can, full of rage towards the real victims, that her own life is threatened. Do you think that she would have gone forward so happily with her savage plan had she thought for one second that there was a chance she would be sitting on death row for it? Absolutely not.

It’s one of the things that the sadistic, no-jury-will-ever-convict-me-girl, gave not a second’s thought to.

Had the stalker known then what she knows now, this story might have had a different ending because above all other things in her revenge-filled mind, her own life reigns supreme.

Much more important, it’s the only way anyone will ever be able to keep this raging sadistic narcissist from killing again.

She will kill again. It’s a no brainer. She has proven she will plot and plan from prison or anywhere else to get revenge for the situation she is in. She has proven herself not fit for society, on about 20 different levels. She will kill again. She will either kill one of the inmates in the prison or reach out to someone on the outside.

She will also plot and scheme to escape prison for the rest of her life.

The Jodi Arias Death Stare...

The Jodi Arias Death Stare…

There is a penalty in Arizona for what she did. It’s the death penalty. Any man who did this would already be on death row. There is no doubt what so ever that the right person has been found guilty of this heinous and cruel murder.


Jodi Arias is a terrible danger to anyone unfortunate enough to be around her. She knew full well that what she was doing was wrong, but she enjoyed doing it and had no fear of getting caught or convicted. The woman believes she is smarter than even the system, and with Judges like Sherry Stephens in charge, Arias is close to being correct.

Jodi Arias quipped and smirked her way through the first full day of cross challenging the Prosecutor Martinez to "Bring it!"

Jodi Arias quipped and smirked her way through the first full day of cross challenging the Prosecutor Martinez to “Bring it!”

Let’s get it right. Travis was butchered. He was almost decapitated. He was shot in the face, had defensive wounds and deep cuts all over his body. His neck was slashed down to the vertebrae. She chased him down the hallway with her knife, stabbing him all the way, and stood over him slicing his throat open as if he was a pig. There was no “fight” and this is not the result of a “mental illness.” This is the result of a sadistic narcissistic sociopath, who has no respect for human life and no remorse at all. This is someone who has demonstrated to the court time and again that she is, in fact, quite proud of what she has done, and if she doesn’t get her way, it will happen again.

Collage of the last moments in Travis Alexander's life

Collage of the last moments in Travis Alexander’s life


Judge Stephens helps Arias to torment the Alexander family as much as she can.


This trial should have been over with a year ago and Jodi Arias should already be on death row.

This trial should have been over with a year ago and Jodi Arias should already be on death row.

Arizona is a death penalty state.

For Judge Stephens to usurp the process and try to aid the defendant in avoiding what is clearly the punishment a male would have received for such a brutal and horrendous crime like this, is unacceptable.

And now we have a secret court,  for a convicted killer?

It just goes on and on and gets worse and worse.

So now, in a grand act of defiance against the very constitution of the United States, Judge Sherry Stephens has decided that Jodi Arias, convicted killer, can have “secret trials” and “secret witnesses.” In addition, these “secret witnesses” will also be allowed to dictate what goes on in her courtroom. All of this, in spite of the constitution.

Judge Sherry Stephens is the reason that a yearly review of judges should exist in every county and every state. I have never seen a judge so inept or biased, take your pick.

Death penalty defendants are tried and convicted every day in trials that are overseen by seasoned and unbiased judges.

This is not one of them. This is a joke.

Justice for Travis.



About LindaP

Broadcast veteran. Over 20 years: CNN, MSNBC, LIFETIME, ESPN. NBC. ABC, CBS as Producer, Art Director, Animation Specialist. Over 16 years as a freelance writer: Jezebel Magazine, Atlanta Magazine, Creative Loafing, Southhampton Press. Currently writing a book about a bizarre series of unsolved murders, that began in 1931 and ended in 1970, I have linked the crimes to one forgotten suspect.

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  1. Pauline says:

    I just hope the jss reads this and takes a hint??/
    Good work gals…God bless

  2. Inquiring says:

    Casey Anthony has NOT been held accountable, and boycotters are looking for justice!
    We will NOT give up and go away

    Casey Anthony to Plead the Fifth in Video Deposition from Undisclosed Location
    By CHRISTINA NG October 7, 2011 11:29 AM
    Good Morning America

    “Our plan really hasn’t changed at all,” Morgan said. “We’re still going to ask her all the tough questions that America wants answered.”

    “America is starved for justice, I believe,” Morgan said. “At the end of the day, they don’t believe she’s been held accountable and they’re looking for justice in whatever way, shape or form they can get it.”

  3. Kat says:

    I wanted to share Joe’s comments on civil unrest in our Midwest (this was in the bostonherald_ by Joe Fitzgerald

    Did you, too, flinch when you saw recent TV footage of merchants in Ferguson, Mo., placing plywood panels over their storefront windows?

    It’s a scene we see all the time up here, whenever a Nor’easter is about to blow through a community; those plywood sheets are a defense against nature’s fury.

    But the plywood being nailed by businessmen in Ferguson is a defense against the expected fury of a lawless mob, ready to riot if a grand jury does not deliver officer Darren Wilson’s head on a platter.

    Of course no one in that crowd knows the specifics of what went down when Wilson fatally shot Michael Brown. All it knows, and all that seems to matter, is that Wilson is a white cop and Brown was a black kid, meaning The Man must be guilty, ipso facto.

    The violence triggered by that shooting three months ago was like a spontaneous combustion, erupting in the heat of the moment, putting it in some context, not unlike the furious reaction to George Zimmerman’s acquittal in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin 16 months ago.

    But what we’re now seeing is premeditated anarchy. It’s almost like watching a weather forecast as so-called community leaders warn of similarly violent consequences if the legal system does not give the insurrectionists the pound of flesh they demand, pertinent facts notwithstanding.

    Since when is lawlessness trumpeted like a coming attraction?

    The word for that is extortion, and it’s repugnant.

    It’s also a great opportunity for hooligans to ride the coattails of the crowd, expressing their own notion of fairness by swiping a TV set.

    What those sheets of plywood tell us is that rabble-rousers are now licking their chops for another confrontation with authority, clamoring for justice by behaving unjustly, as if civil disobedience glorifies their cause.

    Is this what we should now expect every time a verdict ruffles someone’s feathers, which is what happens every time a verdict is rendered; someone’s always disappointed.

    It’s our system. It’s certainly not perfect, and it’s not always right.

    But it sure beats the frontier justice of a vigilante mob hungering to avenge its unhappiness, hell-bent on imposing what it considers appropriate punishment.

    Gangs operate that way. Criminals function that way.

    Civil societies do not.

  4. Inquiring says:

    Is there a SETTLEMENT being negotiated in the ZENAIDA and KRONK cases?

    On October 31, 2014, Casey’s attorney filed a Motion stating that “SETTLEMENT NEGOTIATIONS” are continuing in the KRONK case.

    This is what happened in the TexasEquuSearch SETTLEMENT.

    There was a long, suspicious delay like this before TexasEquuSearch filed their “settlement” papers, ending their case against her.
    TES walked away with no money at all, and no promise of any money in the future.


    - from July 2, 2013 to final SETTLEMENT Order filed on Nov 26, 2013
    there was a long delay and the public was wondering what was happening in the TES case – turned out to be a SETTLEMENT

    - in the TES case there was a Hearing on July 2, 2013 — then a very long delay of (42) days until the bankruptcy judge finally filed his Order on August 14, 2013, giving TES (21) days to RE-file their Amended Complaint by Sept. 4, 2013, stating how Casey benefited from TES services. [the original due date for the TES Amended Complaint was July 23, 2013].

    - The last thing TIM MILLER said after the July 2nd HEARING:
    Tim Miller said he is not backing away from anything
    TES case not thrown out at Hearing on July 2, 2013.

    - the public was waiting, and waiting, and waiting for the Judge’s official Order … we waited (42) days and finally got it on
    August 14, 2013.

    - side note – on June 10, 2013 – Casey filed a Motion and it said that “She will be forced to find new accommodations, or just disappear and say it is not worth the fight anymore.”
    This document is in response to Zenaida and Kronk’s Motions for Relief from Stay and their documents with supporting case law.

    - interesting that on July 3, 2013 – Casey AND Trustee reached a Compromise for her to pay $ 25,000 for rights to her story – Bankruptcy Judge granted July 31, 2013.

    - on July 10, 2013 – Casey filed secret CHANGE OF ADDRESS with Court

    - on July 29, 2013 – Trustee withdraws Motion to Turn Over Computer

    - on July 17, 2013 – all depositions cancelled by TES, for Cindy, George, Casey – pending rescheduling – were set for
    July 22/23, 2013

    - then … on Sept 13, 2013 – TES Agreed Motion to Continue/Reschedule On Pretrial Conference – talks about a SETTLEMENT
    both sides asked for 60 more days to finalize the SETTLEMENT – gives terms of settlement
    “The parties have come to a consensual resolution … and are in the process of finalizing and executing the settlement agreement.”

    - on Oct 18, 2013 – Final Motion for Approval of Compromise Settlement
    TES only Party to issue a press release about settlement for 9 months

    - the final SETTLEMENT Order filed – Nov 26, 2013 – Hearing in Tampa – ORDER granting settlement
    Casey Anthony under no obligation to pay anything.
    Texas Equusearch does not foresee ever receiving any funds from Ms. Anthony.
    Texas Equusearch’s Tim Miller says that he and his lawyers decided to cut their losses and move on from the ca
    The attorney’s fees, court costs, and cost of possible appeals wouldn’t have been worth the fight.
    “It’s one of those things where if we continued fighting it would cost us more money than we would ever get back,” says Miller

  5. Inquiring says:


    Wonder what site he “looked it up” on?

    baby killer could not have any property in her name as long as her Bankruptcy case is still open — and it is still open and active

    Anthony Cynthia M

    Mailing Address On File
    4937 Hopespring Dr
    Orlando, FL 32829-8646

  6. inquiring says:

    new ROY KRONK document filed by Casey’s attorney Schrader

    Response to Plaintiffs First Request For Production
    Filed by David L Schrader on behalf of Defendant Casey Marie Anthony.
    (Entered: 11/06/2014)

    here is the document:

    Casey’s attorney Schrader filed his RESPONSE to Kronk’s First Request for Production.

    Schrader says that Discovery is still continuing, and there may be more independent investigation, and more documents and facts, and new legal contentions.

    Schrader says Casey objects to everything – to definitions, instructions, and Requests, which require Casey to compile or produce information from sources not readily available to her, or produce documents beyond those required by the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, which would require Case to disclose information “protected from discovery”.

    Casey also objects to producing sensitive, confidential, business information without an appropriate confidentiality stipulation and ORDER governing the disclosure and use of the information.

    Casey objects to each Request which seeks to elicit documents subject to and protected by the attorney-client privilege, work-product or other privilege and protection.

    Casey objects to setting a time and place of the document production.
    They will copy and provide the appropriate documents to Kronk’s attorney by mail or other delivery.

    Casey objects to # 1 Request by Kronk:
    1. Any and all representation agreements, engagement letters, contracts or other documents stating the terms of or otherwise relating to the terms of the representation of you by any of your Defense Counsel in or related to the Criminal Proceeding.
    [NOTE: Kronk wants a copy of all of Casey’s attorney’s contracts with her related to the murder trial]

    Schrader RESPONSE:
    Casey says that she has no such document in her “current” possession or control.
    But Casey is continuing to search, and if she finds the documents, she will produce all documents in her possession, custody or control, in response to Kronk’s Request.

    • LindaP says:

      Wow “Casey” sounds like she really knows her way around a civil courtroom if you read Schrader’s language ROFLMAO!

      “Casey” must have been really working hard finishing up, learning how to read and trying to remember the alphabet, in order to work on her “paralegal” skills, because “Casey” is blooming into quite the sophisticated attorney! LOL!

      Maybe Greenjeans will keep her on as his paralegal?

      Clearly she’ll never be able to get a job anywhere doing anything now. Oh wait a minute! that’s exactly like it was before she killed Caylee! She was too stupid get a job then too! Now add baby killer, convicted felon and pathological liar to her resume and she’s sure to wallow in poverty for the rest of her life, unless of course Green Jeans wants to hire her…because she’s (cough cough) such a GREAT paralegal…roflmao…lololololol.

      You couldn’t write this stuff. It’s too comical.

      I see they are letting the public sit under the delusion that “Casey” had anything to do with any of these filings…so hilarious!

      Oops! I mean wow that’s great! They must be tutoring the giant brainless freak for her “paralegal” career…and making some headway huh?

      Looks like “Casey” will be opening her own law office soon! Right next to BOZO’S? Maybe he’ll find her a garage apartment near his “rental” and they can open a new practice “Ca-Jo Legal Services: We’ll get you off if we have to pay the jury!”

      BAH HA HA HA HA! …roflmao.

      Imagine “Casey” helping to craft all of those objections without once using the word “absolutely” or having to use the phrase “my daughter.”

      It always slays me when they say “Casey” is asking for this and that.

      She can’t even speak without butchering the English language (just like a certain other raging psycho I know.)

      They want people to believe that “Casey,” the High School drop out, too stupid to keep up in school, too dumb to hold a job no matter how simple, and so stupid that she drove around with a human corpse in her car for nearly a week,is suddenly a paralegal! Voila! From shit4brains to just plain brainy, and all she had to do was kill Caylee to become a brilliant paralegal mind!

      Wow! Maybe everyone should kill their own children, so that they can have instant success and paralegal skills like “Casey” does now!

      That dumbass couldn’t even forge one of Amy’s checks without signing her OWN signature!

      Yeah…Casey wants this and Casey wants that…is that right Schrader?

      Save your legal skills Schrader.

      They are a waste…a total waste.

      Just let the monkey out of her cage why don’t you?

      The public is waiting to bully, menace, rip, pick, jeer, follow, tear, destroy, pick, punch, rob, mock, chase, threaten, abuse, blackmail, spit on, slap, terrorize, hurt and CRUSH her. The public will descend on her and pull her apart piece by piece until there is nothing left of her.

      Little does she know that she got something far worse than the death penalty and she will feel it for the rest of her life, however long that is.

      She will NOT survive the public’s wrath.

      There’s not one person out that who wants Caylee’s killer to live a “normal life” and because of that…she never will!

      • Kat says:

        Linda–love your way of putting things in place with your words. Casey this and that..LOL. Thank you! And the chat about DP advocates what a wonderful idea–put them on a mountain with the knife slaughtering killer (take their family too)!

      • dancehappy says:

        Linda you said exactly what I was thinking when I read the “Casey Objects” document. Only you said it so much better than I ever could. CA is too dumb to object to anything !!!

  7. Inquiring says:

    someone saved the video of Hodi’s parents begging for money and saying she got a wrongful conviction

  8. NancyB says:

    JA’s family is vile.

    And more -

    Lastly, why would appellate funds be going to Aunt Sue’s PayPal account instead of directly into the bank account of the trust?

  9. NancyB says:

    I agree with every word of what this former prosecutor says in this article about JSS. I was appalled at how poorly she was in controlling her courtroom during the 1st trial. I only watched small segments of the trial of Conrad Murray, who was convicted in the death of Michael Jackson, but that Superior Court Judge, Michael Pastor was stellar in preventing a 3 ring circus. First article that I’ve seen that places the blame where it belongs.

  10. NancyB says:

    Here’s the video from earlier today – Court of Appeals Hearing

  11. NancyB says:

    Look at this

    And Aunt Sue is blaming the leak on the Alexander family – just unbelievable the cruelty and crassness of her supporters and family.

  12. Inquiring says:


    DOMINIC CASEY (36 photos)

    Dominic was poking in the woods November 15th and 16th 2008.
    Dominic was at a KidFinders event the same day WITH Cindy, George, Lee, and the Milsteads, and Hoover.
    Lee testified that CINDY told Dominic to go look in the woods.
    Dominic is still trying to protect Cindy by saying that CINDY did not tell him to go look in the woods, but says that Baez did.
    Cindy herself, told detectives that SHE “had people walk the area” in NOVEMBER – same time Dominic was out there.
    Dominic filed a FL BAR COMPLAINT against Baez saying he was told not to call police when he found Caylee’s remains.
    Now, Dominic says that BAEZ told him to go look in the woods, in August 2008.

    • LindaP says:

      Inquiring thanks for that info. SOMEONE needs to investigate this whole little episode and charges need to be filed. This was tampering with evidence in a first degree murder case and abuse of a corpse at least!

      When will Florida realize that these questions are NEVER going to go away! Ne-ver!

  13. Child Advocate says:

    Brilliant as always, Linda.

    Troy Hayden believes the super secret, fearful witness is Jodi. Suddenly she’s afraid of the public.

    If it is Jodi, I believe she’s going to come up with a new version of why she was forced to cruelly butcher Travis. I’m not naive enough to think she’ll tell the truth, just version 4.0 on what happened.

    JSS is making a mockery of the courtroom so she’s not overturned on appeal. Disgusting.

  14. NancyB says:

    So glad for this site so that I have a place of like minds. Beth Karas has said that yesterday at the hearing that the court was mostly empty. That the court had not notified the media and that the only reason that she knew about the hearing was that she was on the phone with the assistant of the atty who filed the Petition to the Court of Appeals seeking a reversal of JSS’s closure order. Beth said that she now believes that the secret witness must be Arias because what the judge did was so extremely rare that she can’t imagine that she would do this for any other witness. She also said that she is going on the record saying that she believes that the Court of Appeals will over rule JSS and open the courtroom and mandate that the transcript of the secret witness testimony be released to the media along with the court’s video of her testimony. She said that the C of A could rule as early as Monday morning or within the next 10 days as the media atty did file for an expedited hearing before 5PM yesterday.

  15. Inquiring says:


    Second Motion to Extend Time Agreed Second Joint Motion For Extension of Time To File Motions For Summary Judgment, Responses Thereto, and To Reschedule Pre-trial

    Filed by David L Schrader on behalf of Defendant Casey Marie Anthony
    (Entered: 10/31/2014)

    here is the document:


    Casey’s attorney David Schrader and Roy Kronk’s attorneys have filed a JOINT Motion asking for more time to file their Motions for Summary Judgement. They were DUE on November 1 [or 3rd], 2014.
    They want 45 more days which would be about December 17, 2014. Responses due 21 days after that.

    The attorneys also state in this filing that they want this extension of time to “complete SETTLEMENT NEGOTIATIONS which are continuing in this matter.”

    They say they are taking Depositions of several people and have taken a Deposition from Dominic Casey, which was terminated after a dispute.
    Casey Anthony’s attorney will file a Motion to Strike and for Protective Order, while Roy Kronk’s attorney will file a Motion to Compel, within 7 days [by November 7, 2014]

  16. Good timing and great job with this article, Linda!! I gave JSS a lot of latitude the first go-round, thinking that she was just dotting i’s and crossing t’s. I HATE what she has done to this retrial of the penalty phase…H-A-T-E!!! There simply is no rhyme or reasoning to her rulings. Arias in civilian clothes, no shackles! No cameras, no sequestering of the jury, even though they are dropping like flies!! “Secret” testimony? What NEXT, Sherry? Weekend passes and vacations for Arias? I’m surprised someone hasn’t spotted Arias bee-bopping through the courthouse cafeteria or sunning herself on the courthouse steps!!!
    I remember being one of the few here, so, so, LONG ago, that watched some of the trial on HLN. During a lull in the trial, they showed a bit of of OJ’s attempt at freedom.(FAT chance!) OJ was in prison garb and shackled from head to toe!! Even though he wasn’t able to move his hands more than a couple of inches apart, he STILL was able to pour himself a cup of water and didn’t spill a drop….GEFFNER!! (Tommee Tippee) God, I miss those days, stopping in here for some comic relief!! JSS has taken that away from us!! I suppose if it is ever broadcast, we will all gravitate here, around the same time. Staring at the back of Arias’s head for hours at time, though, what kind of FUN is that? My eyesight is terrible, I’ll probably NEVER be able to spot the 666 that is surely emblazoned on the back of her scalp!
    As it is, HLN is down to skeletal staff. In the mornings, the trial is discussed by “experts” Lil Miss Sunshine and Bob-the -weather-guy. Afternoons, you MIGHT see Joey Jackson, imparting his wisdom, even if it is from the defense perspective. Then there is Nancy. I don’t mind her, but my hubby recoils from her voice like a demon dodging holy water. Twitter eludes me. Trying to decide “good tweets,” from erroneous bullsh*t…I haven’t figured it out yet, either.
    Whenever I get TOO discouraged, I remind myself there was once an out of control courtroom. It was compared to a circus and the public was furious. The defendant attempted to represent himself, was able to cross examine a HORRIFIED witness, his only living victim. He was able to legally MARRY himself to one of his groupies and pitched fits that revealed to the public, a glimpse of the MONSTER he truly was. One day the judge just snapped and took back his courtroom. One day, as Ted Bundy flounced out of the courtroom, and threaten to not come back, until he got his way, the judge said FINE, we’ll just precede WITHOUT you.
    I wish I could grow a spine FOR JSS, instead of wondering if she hasn’t fallen under the Arias “spell,” too. I don’t know how much more the Alexander family can reasonably endure. Seeing Arias prepare for a colonoscopy on a JUMBOTRON? How does that AID the defense? As long as ONE of the jurors feels he or she could HIT THAT, she lives!
    To ME this case boils down to aggravators versus mitigators. Nothing more! Does her existence and what she can accomplish outweigh the horrific and grisly murder she committed? She has done NONE of the things she swore, SUDDENLY, she would do if the first jury, would allow her to live. Martinez is not ALLOWED to point this out.
    She can grow hair. NURMI grew hair and lost weight. Are we suppose to be impressed? If you cut a turd in half and throw hair on it, in the end, it’s still just a hairy turd.

    • LindaP says:

      Exactly my feelings Margaret!

      Why doesn’t Judge Stephens just give her some KNIVES to play with at the defense table since she likes them so much, and would LOVE to have them there to intimate and remind the Alexander family just what she did to their brother!

      She is by far the worst judge I’ve ever seen. Worse than Perry and that’s saying a lot!

      This is a judge who is tying to CONTROL THE OUTCOME OF THIS TRIAL IMO…and she is using her decisions to AID Arias in torturing this family even further.

      IMO she should be thrown off the bench NOW…but I hope at election time…she is OUT!

      This has been a horror show and a nightmare from day one and it all falls to rest at Stephen’s feet!

      Sickening to watch our system abused in this way…not only by a sadistic psycho but by the judge herself!

      • Couldn’t agree you MORE, Linda. I’ve had my FILL with JSS and today’s ruling was certainly a victory!!! Before I could complete a happy dance, my mind had to go THERE and there was no dancing in my house tonight. Why on EARTH did JSS allow her to testify this way, to begin with? Under what premise of the law? Intimidation? Death threats? Those were the grounds and they’re TRUE! Juan Martinez is VERY intimidating and Arias HAS been receiving “death threats,” all day, every day for the last six years! Threats of the death p-e-n-a-l-t-y!!! Did the defense just manage to pull off a coup…a Zimmerman? Did she just get “her side in,” without having to undergo cross-examination by Martinez? How could JSS FORCE her to get back up on the stand? Throw her in jail under solitary confinement? Meanwhile, Nurmi and Willmott are managing to convey to the jury that THEY are receiving death threats for defending the witch!! I have no idea if Juan is objecting to their bullshit claims of death threats, but in this age, any credible threat would result in an arrest. Being criticized or slammed, that is NOT a threat!!
        Then I had another thought. Arias was changing her story…AGAIN. Certainly not out of the realm of possibility, they did it, WHAT, six times in the last trial? Nurmi “borrowed” from Juan, the dramatic effect of ticking off time, Arias could have attacked Travis with his back turned in the shower.
        The “abuse excuse.” Would Arias now claim SEXUAL abuse from her father? Brother?? ***Lather, rinse, repeat, Florida*** No doubt that it may have worked in Florida, and her father HAS been conspicuously absent this time around. Really, poor health, supposedly…I saw him in a video with his BRIDE tonight, looking BETTER than we’ve EVER seen him!!! Soliciting funds for their “wrongfully convicted, ” daughter! You HAVE to check it out! The “myths,” regarding their daughter is a HOOT!!

        Then another thought hit me. There have been rumors circulating through the Jodi Arias fan club, ( Bill “the WANG,” Zervakos, charter member) The rumors of a Mormon church conspiracy. Let me spare anyone of going down THAT rabbit hole and their beliefs. The Arias cult believes, basically, that the Mormon church is a front for devil worshipers. I won’t dissect ANYONE’S religion or their beliefs, but suffice it to say, they provide, “proof” that Travis was in the inner circle and that he revealed secrets to Arias and the punishment for THAT was having your throat cut, ear-to-ear.
        Is Arias going BACK to the NINJA defense? That there were TWO people there, to avenge his church transgressions and she is lucky to be alive? Before you dismiss that possibility, I’ll remind you of that BIZARRE exhibit that Nurmi INSISTING on presenting in the last trial with an “expert” who said that he could detect multiple people reflected in Travis’s EYE???? That would certainly satisfy the threats and intimidation…taking on the MORMON CHURCH!!!!
        My thoughts are really with the Alexander family at this point. I don’t know HOW they do this! As we reel and gag from the audacity of Arias and her followers, their nightmare is NEVER going to end. Not with Arias’s death, not as long as her fan club BREATHES. They’ve taken up the torch of torture, and proceed on her behalf. Aunt Sue wants an apology, from the Alexander family for all that Travis put JODI THROUGH!!! Nurmi calls Travis, BELOVED and tells the jury that the STATE has asked them to put to death, the woman that Travis, LOVED!!!

        I can’t STAND it!! The “rumor leaker,” is on Team Jodi and WHY are we surprised that they can be BOUGHT? Where is the victim advocate? Why are THEY(the Alexanders) under a gag order and the Arias family is NOT?

    • dancehappy says:

      Love that Margaret:
      ” If you cut a turd in half and throw hair on it, in the end,
      it’s still just a hairy turd !!!”

  17. NancyB says:

    So if it isn’t Karp then either Patty Womack, one of her boyfriends or as others are saying, Jodi herself. But, I can’t imagine her not wanting an audience. This judge is as incompetent as the defense.

  18. Kat says:

    Protection of witness. The court may, in its discretion,
    exclude all spectators except representatives of the press during the
    testimony of a witness whenever reasonably necessary to prevent
    embarrassment or emotional disturbance of the witness.”
    – Arizona Revised Statutes, Rules of Criminal Procedure, Rules of Evidence,

  19. Brandy says:

    Linda, Excellent job! You said it all so beautifully! What is going on in Arizona and that courtroom is beyond SCARY AND ILLEGAL! I have never witnessed anything like this in all my years! Bless you for all you do Linda, for SHINING a SPOTLIGHT on what has got to be the worst Judge ever, and 2 so called defense attorneys that have and continue to make a MOCKERY out of our JUSTICE SYSTEM!
    Prayers for the Alexander family!

  20. dancehappy says:

    Excellent Linda, can’t wait to read what the media is doing about this latest fiasco.

  21. NancyB says:

    I just heard that a hearing has just been scheduled for 3 pm in Stephens’s courtroom to deal with a media request to stay the trial until the Court of Appeals decides the action filed last night.

  22. dancehappy says:

    Hi Linda, do you mean “her” lack of experience?
    “As a result of their lack of experience”

    • dancehappy says:

      and “all along as been”
      I think you mean “has been”

      • LindaP says:

        dance it took me all morning to edit and write this and find the photos and create the graphics and delete parts I didn’t like and re-word sentences and tag the photos then tag the articles…

        you’re going to have to be more specific where this is…

        I really can’t look at it anymore.


        • dancehappy says:

          I understand, sooo much work you put into these articles! I just a automatically edit when I read something. That line is in the paragraph right under the pic “Havin’ a good ole time” [Arias family laughing].

          Although Nurmi and Willmott have offered comic relief throughout the trial with their constant objections and requests for mistrials, their shameless mimicking of Juan Martinez is flat out embarrassing and emphasizes the already obvious fact, that they are both inexperienced and their “strategy” all along as been to upset the system and the proceedings as much as possible.

          And thank you so much Linda for all that you do!

          • LindaP says:

            Thanks Dancehappy…that helped a lot!


            I want the articles to be the best they can be…but when I get angry and passionate I miss a lot of things.

            I have to keep checking it and checking it and then I get sick of looking at it! lol

            You’re welcome!


    • LindaP says:

      No dance…I mean THEIR lack of experience:

      “As a result of their lack of experience, Kirk Nurmi and Jennifer Willmott have made hay with Judge Sherry’s willingness to allow virtually everything their sadistic client desires, no matter how demented.”

      Nurmi’s and Willmott’s lack of experience force them to show Jodi’s JUNK on the big screen and call Travis a PERVERT and Judge Stephens allows it!

      • dancehappy says:

        Oh OK, I just feel JSS has MORE lack of experience than they do, isn’t this her 1st death penalty trial? Maybe even her 1st murder trial. But I understand your meaning too. I think the defense is trying to get away with everything they can, and they will just push push push. Then JSS bends over backwards for them. Disgusting!

        • LindaP says:

          Dance I think they ALL have no experience with the exception of Juan!

          Plus I wanted to bring out the fact that it’s obvious they are playing all these cheap and filthy tricks BECAUSE they don’t have any experience!

          I also wanted to hi-light how they COPY JUAN…all the time!!!!!

          It’s ridiculous! They take his very words when cross examining their witnesses and then use them to cross examine the state’s witnesses…it’s comical! They copy him word for word.

  23. NancyB says:

    If JA’s “secret witness” turns out to be Dr. Cheryl L. Karp, the Vice-Chairperson for the State of Arizona Board of Psychologist Examiners, then the fix is complete. She was the 1st psychologist who examined JA and then dropped out. I can’t remember why. DeMarte said she reviewed an evaluation of Arias by Dr. Cheryl L. Karp. DeMarte said Arias indicated more episodes of alleged abuse to Dr. Karp than she did to herself and the other defense experts.

    From Huffington Post:

    “She told me there were four distinct episodes of alleged abuse,” Demarte said of her evaluation of Arias.

    Martinez then asked DeMarte how many incidents of alleged abuse Arias recounted to Dr. Karp.

    “I can’t even count [them] … there was numerous reports of frequent abuse and threatening behavior,” DeMarte said.

    DeMarte said she diagnosed Arias with borderline personality disorder. She also testified she found no evidence to believe Arias’ claims about her memory problems or that she was a victim of domestic violence and suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder.

    “There wasn’t symptoms that were consistent with that diagnosis,” she said of the PTSD.

    From Minutes:
    Court Minute Entry for 10-21-14
    IT IS ORDERED granting the motions in limine re smuggling contraband, changing counsel and threats against trial participants and lacking remorse. So defense asked in their motion to prevent Juan from introducing any of the above and judge granted! WTF? Why??? These bad acts of hers were proven to be true in the 1st trial, so why can’t Juan introduce again? Anybody know of some legal reason?

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