OUT OF CONTROL! An Arizona judge hands her courtroom over to a convicted killer…





There is nothing “honorable” about the current debacle taking place in “Judge” Sherry Stephen’s courtroom. Rumor has it that her term is over in 2016 and she doesn’t care about her job. Other’s say she comes up for re-election in 2015, either way, if there is any sense of justice and honor left in the world, this outrage will insure that Stephens never handles a case of this magnitude again. She is completely out of her league and yes I will say it: She is deliberately helping the defense to disrupt this sentencing phase.

But then we all know that there is and never has been anything that even distantly resembles “justice” in Arizona, for Travis Alexander. The killer has continued to kill Travis for 7 years now, with the help of Judge Sherry Stephens.

From the moment Travis Alexander had the terrible misfortune to meet Jodi Arias, his destiny was sealed. It didn’t take him long to figure out that there was something terribly wrong with her.

Travis was stalked, tormented, harassed, bullied and then finally butchered in his own home by a woman who knew she wasn’t good enough for him.

How many people have encountered someone who seems like a nice person in the beginning, but soon you begin to realize that something’s not adding up? How many of us have gone on that first date or even said “hi” to a neighbor, and discovered that the “nice neighbor” was not so nice, and now you had to figure out how to sever the ties? How many have met a charming person, but then later found out that they were dealing with a predator or a psycho?

I would submit to you that each and every one of us has met someone who is not what they appear to be. Someone we have later discovered is nothing but a liar and a fraud, exactly as Travis did.

Travis didn’t want Jodi Arias anymore. He discovered what she really was, and said: “No thanks. See you later.”

And who wouldn’t?

Take Jodi Arias’s “art,” for instance.

It’s a lie, just like everything else about her. She doesn’t draw, she traces. That’s not art. That’s what children do in kindergarten class.

Travis found out that Jodi Arias was a FRUAD and wanted to get as far away from her as he possibly could.

Who wouldn’t?

Travis couldn’t stand to be around Jodi Arias anymore.

So Jodi Arias killed him, and she continues to do so at every opportunity to this day!

It is as plain as the nose on your face that this defendant has no mitigators. None. What the defense has done now is create yet more aggravators.

 JUDGE Sherry Weak

You see, Jodi Arias, convicted stalker and killer, has been given a chance to tell the lie of her life. Unlike other defendants we have seen in action, this defendant is a good liar. However Arias is so unredeemable, so beyond any salvation, so evil, that she has thrown that chance away in favor of further destroying Travis Alexander’s reputation. Jodi Arias refuses to show remorse, even if it means saving her own life.

She’s that evil.

Instead of saying the simplest and most straightforward thing:

“I’m so sorry. I must have lost my mind. I don’t know what happened. I loved him too much. I am a GOOD person. Please don’t kill me.”



This cold blooded monster has chosen to murder Travis Alexander all over again, for yet a third time and the judge is allowing it. This murderer can’t stop killing Travis Alexander. She is not fit for society.



You need but one brain cell to decide this monster’s fate, because the crime has already been deemed heinous and cruel and she has already been found guilty of it.  This trial would have been over years ago if Jodi Arias had been a man.

Sexism is running rampant in Stephen’s courtroom and she has given the defendant the keys to the court house. Stephens sits like a lump on a log, while the defendant and her minions turn the courtroom into a side show and use the system as an instrument of torture, against the victim’s family. This has not been a trial. It has been a campaign of sleaze and hate, aimed towards both the victim and the prosecutor, and the judge has allowed all of it.

With the exception of Judge Belvin Perry, in over 20 years of trial watching, I have never seen a judge collude with a defense team to help a killer escape justice. Both judges allowing novice defense attorneys to take over the system and their courtrooms amount to a cry for change.

judge Stephens


This entire sentencing fiasco has been a blatant attempt, by the defense, to retry the criminal case, waste time and spread as much slime all over Travis Alexander’s memory as they can. They are no doubt hoping that the jurors will drop out one by one, and the sentencing will be done by the killer’s best friend, Sherry Stephens.


In spite of their attempts to blame the prosecutor for the so called “slime-highway” that they themselves have created, Kurt Nurmi and Jennifer Willmott failed. They are still two of the most pathetic excuses for defense attorneys that I have ever seen.


We all still have our eyes and ears. Most of us saw this same “technique” used in the criminal trial and from the beginning it’s been a slime highway paved by the defense and paid for by the taxpayers. We all remember. We have seen Jodi Arias’s naked vagina, anus and clitoris, spread wide, red and raw, projected onto the courthouse walls, in all of it’s weather-worn glory, as Kurt Nurmi drones on for hours over pop rocks and anal sex. We have heard the killer’s voice, filling the courtroom and egging Travis Alexander on, waking him up in the middle of the night to engage him in dirty phone conversations, so she can record them, and later blackmail him.

It’s really rather hard to forget and it isn’t brain surgery, although Nurmi and Willmott would like for you to believe it is.


Lawyering 101, I would think, goes a little like this…

Rule #1: Never expect the jury to get a sudden case of unexplained amnesia.

This defense team has done everything and anything they can to stop the process and jam the system up with utter nonsense, and none of it would be possible without the cooperation of this so called “judge.” The judge is supposed to be the one who controls the courtroom, but so far she has done absolutely nothing to that end. The result is a mockery of justice. It is a sad play, directed by a devious killer, who has found a judge she can manipulate exactly as she did Travis Alexander!



Much like their client, Nurmi and Willmott seem to have no moral compass what so ever. Sinking lower than the lowest layer of prehistoric frog shit on the planet, Nurmi and Willmott have desperately tried to point the finger at the prosecutor for being the slim-meister in this trial, when we all remember full well where the slime came from.




Arias was lucky enough to get two defense attorneys who just happened to slither out from under the same slimy rock that she did. It’s a small world isn’t it?



The “I’m rubber and your’e glue and everything you say bounces off me and sticks to you”-defense, came off like a group of angry fat kids on the playground. Comical relief, if it didn’t all revolve around the near decapitation of an innocent human being. Nurmi and Willmott’s only skill so far, has been to show their gills and demonstrate to the world just how deep into the frog shit they are willing to go.  The word repulsive comes to mind.



Our founding fathers are clawing at their graves right now, trying to get out and put a stop to this joke of a trial.  This is not at all what they intended when they crafted the constitution. This trial has stomped all over the rights of both Travis Alexander and an enraged public, who want to see justice for the victim in this case. The longer the system tortures the Alexander family, the longer the system continues the trashing of the victim’s memory, the worse the fall-out is going to be.

Something needs to change and it needs to change now. 



So did the defense manage to pay off one of these jurors? They have certainly proven to the world that they are “slimy” enough. 

Is there a stealth juror on this jury with an anti-death penalty agenda? Or is the defense just going to try to draw this thing out as long as they can, in the hopes that they lose enough jurors to cause a mistrial? That way dis-honorable “Judge” Stephens can jump in there, usurp the system and give this monster life, or horrors of all horrors life with the possibility of parole?

This case screams for the death penalty.

If Jodi Arias was a MAN…this would have been over years ago and HE would already be sitting on death row. There is no doubt who committed this crime and it is not the job of this jury to decide guilt or innocence. She is guilty.



So do we now allow women to stalk and butcher human beings for the simple act of  breaking up, but hold men to a much stricter standard?

As a taxpaying member of society I say hell no.

Not one thing the defense has presented has changed my opinion, quite the opposite. They have hi-lighted the cold nature of this defendant and shown that without a doubt, she will destroy lives and kill again. But then we don’t have to guess at that do we? We have the defendant’s own words to reference. The defense in this case has, in fact, given the jury yet more reasons to impose the death penalty on this convicted killer.

The same can be said for virtually every witness who has testified for the defense, both in the criminal trial and now in what is supposed to be the sentencing phase.



This defendant has shown NO remorse.

She is vicious and she is devious.

She planned this crime meticulously.

She stalked him.

She cornered him.

She shot him.

She stabbed him.

She covered up her crime.

She lied.

And after all of the above, she was found GUILTY of murder in the first degree with heinous and cruel circumstances.

This creature does not deserve to take another breath, much less be given the opportunity to destroy the only thing that Travis Alexander has left, his reputation. It is an outrage that Travis, who worked hard to improve his life and be a good person, now suffers the slander of his killer, and has no way to defend himself.

The judge has made sure that the killer has been protected and in the process has thrown the victim and his family to the wolves.

It is an outrage.



None. There has not been one mitigator presented. “Trash Travis” is all they can come up with, and the witnesses themselves, expose the defense as desperate and pathetic.





In a failing effort to try and make it appear that the prosecutor tampered with Travis Alexander’s computer, when Jodi Arias herself was the one who had been left alone with it, the defense team takes another stab at dirtying up prosecutor Juan Martinez with  witness Bryan Nuemiester, who claims to be a computer “expert.” From what I can see on his resume, there is not one word about “computers,” however it is clear from that same resume that he is an out of work helicopter news pilot, who might know a little something about audio-video equipment. The witness came off as an arrogant and angry child, who had a score to settle with the prosecutor. When he was through testifying, he approached the killer and had no problem shaking the hand that she murdered Travis Alexander with. I’m assuming it was another childish attempt to dirty the mean old prosecutor, but in effect Mr. Helicopter showed his juvenile side, along with his considerable ass, to a weary and disgusted public.

Twitter and social media responded:



Taking every opportunity he could to call the prosecutor slimy, he giggled at himself and how clever he thought he was, had temper tantrums, and like a kid you once knew in elementary school, could not stop saying the word “slimy.”

I wondered if he still lived with his mother.

Read Nuemiester’s resume here…

We all know where the slime came from and I don’t need someone who forgot to puff up their resume (to match their bullshit,) in order to remember…but thanks.

It has always come directly from the defense and this witness continued the tradition.

Which brings up an interesting point. Has Kurt Nurmi had a magnificent “revelation?”



Has Nurmi, the defender of pedophiles and their freedom to molest little children, now decided that pedophiles deserve being hacked to death? Nurmi wants this jury to believe that Travis Alexander “had it coming” because the Butcher caught him “looking at a photo?” Has Kurt Nurmi done a 360? Has he now decided that it’s OK to kill pedophiles and hack them to pieces if you happen to catch them looking at a picture of a child?

Of course everyone knows that Travis Alexander was NO PEDOPHILE.

Just like everyone knows that Kurt Nurmi is not to be trusted or believed.



It is the biggest lie of this entire trial and the biggest disgrace.

It is a lie told by a convicted killer to further demean her victim and it’s disgraceful that the court has allowed it with not one shred of proof.

There’s your slime highway.


Travis’s big crime was rejecting Jodi Arias and wanting her out of his life.

You don’t break up with Jodi Arias or she will kill you. You don’t do anything Jodi Arias doesn’t want, by her own words, or she will kill you.



More blatant lies from defense witness “Dr.” Miccio Fonseca, who was allowed to opine endlessly as to what Travis Alexander was thinking, feeling, doing, even going so far as to calling the victim, whom she had never even so much as spoken a word to, a “master manipulator!”



Fonseca took the jury down the rabbit hole to a world of her own design, where up was down and down was up. In Fonseca’s upside-down-world, clearly Travis was a demon from hell and Jodi was an innocent victim.

Even though the convicted murderer escaped without so much as a scratch, and Travis Alexander was shot and butchered like meat and oh yeah, once again, she’s already been convicted of  first degree murder.

Outrageous and galling for the victim’s family to have to listen to this hocus-pocus (more like unadulterated bullshit) being spewed around the courtroom as if it was fact, and worse, by this pre-historic quack!

Since Jodi Arias has already been convicted of first degree murder and everything Fonseca is saying has been REJECTED by the first jury…this  hashtag Liar4Hire is a little late to the dance.



Fonseca, who was roundly referred to as “Dr. Quack” on every social media site, and slammed unmercifully by trial watchers, was able to spin the victim into a monster during a hearing that is only supposed to demonstrate to the jury why the defendant should live.


This should have been stopped by the judge, who, as usual, sat there like the proverbial lump on a log and just simply breathed and collected dust. As Fonseca pretended to know exactly what Travis Alexander was thinking and feeling, she rambled on endlessly dumping buckets of hearsay on the courtroom floor. At the same time, the twitter world pounded her with insults, criticisms  and nicknames.

There’s nobody flying the plane folks!


Fonseca has been in trouble for fabricating testimony before, and was taken to task for it in 2008.

No surprise there.

I would say Fonseca flat out LIED on the stand. She did everything in her power to bend reality and twist the facts in the defendants favor. Why didn’t Judge Stephens just allow Fonseca to bust out her turban and her crystal ball, and hold a seance on the witness stand?

You would have thought Fonseca was speaking to Travis from the grave.


This could only happen in a system that desperately needs changing.

Fonseca’s only goal was to make it appear that Travis Alexander deserved to be butchered like meat. It was a joke.


Nothing this quack said should ever be admitted in any trial. Not only did she try to “talk to the dead” on the stand and convince the jury that she had some sort of unearthly power to enter Travis Alexander’s mind postmortem, but she  came off as yet another childish witness, who couldn’t control herself and loved to use the word slime.

A fabricator, who wanted the jury to believe that Travis Alexander “had it coming.” 

Her performance did nothing to help the defense and everything to prove how devious this killer really is.


No surprise it was a major fail and hopefully the end of Fonseca’s career as a paid witness.

It was revolting to watch.



Clearly, it’s the defense team who has taken America down the mother of all sludge tunnels, in what can only be described as a national embarrassment.



Clearly it was Fonseca herself, who was the one willing to go down the “Sleaze Highway” at any opportunity when questioned by the defense.

Jodi Arias has been found guilty of murdering Travis Alexander in cold blood, with heinous and cruel circumstances. The trial is over.

So why are Arizona taxpayers and the victims of this heinous crime being further tortured by this defense with assistance from Sherry Stephens? Why is Sherry Stephens allowing the defense team to re-try the criminal case, when the criminal case has already been decided and we are now in the penalty phase?  Why is the judge allowing witnesses to refuse to answer questions posed by prosecutor Juan Martinez? Why is she allowing people to “imagine” what Travis Alexander was thinking and feeling, and tarnish his image with allegations that are coming from a stalker, a killer and a pathological liar?



Sherry Stephens has consistently helped the defendant re-victimize Travis Alexander, soil his reputation and torment the family.

Even after his brutal murder (of which she has already been found guilty) this defendant continues to be given unlimited opportunities to destroy the victim’s reputation and wreck havoc on the family.



This is not justice. This is an expensive joke and a slap in the face, to every citizen living in Arizona along with taxpayers everywhere.

Every single person who is forced to be around this killer in the future is in danger. That is by her own words, in a television interview that she held.  It was an interview that should have come into evidence at this sentencing phase, but true to form, the judge is keeping the killer’s threats from this jury.

This convicted killer is, and always will be, a dangerous threat to everyone around her.

If there ever was a shadow of a doubt about it, this trial has eliminated it.

Since most of us are not dangerous stalkers, and we don’t plot the murder and decapitation of someone we claim to love, most of us live in fear of encountering someone like Jodi Arias.

Is this how the system would treat one of us or one of our family members, should we have the misfortune of meeting someone just like this remorseless killer?

Since most of us, besides paying taxes, live in fear of people like Jodi Arias, we are looking at this trial and asking:

Where is the justice for the victim?

Where is the justice forTravis?










About LindaP

Broadcast veteran. Over 20 years: CNN, MSNBC, LIFETIME, ESPN. NBC. ABC, CBS as Producer, Art Director, Animation Specialist. Over 16 years as a freelance writer: Jezebel Magazine, Atlanta Magazine, Creative Loafing, Southhampton Press. Currently writing a book about a bizarre series of unsolved murders, that began in 1931 and ended in 1970, I have linked the crimes to one forgotten suspect.

28 Responses to OUT OF CONTROL! An Arizona judge hands her courtroom over to a convicted killer…

  1. Judy Sexton Biddle says:

    Linda, I am so glad I found this site! I’m new here, but been reading and reading! Everything said here is right on target. I expect to be here for a long time. But for tonight, I guess I’d better be gettin’ off here. Hopefully, I’ll have a trial to watch tomorrow on 1/8/2015. I doubt that it will end up being an all day trial with the Jury present, but I guess I never outgrew fairy tales and ‘living happily ever after.’ So, I can’t help hoping.

    • LindaP says:

      Welcome Judy! Than you for your kind words. I can’t watch anymore of this trial unless, of course, the great Juan is up at bat. I have had enough of this nonsense to last a lifetime and again, here is another trial that I will never forget. I will never forget how this judge flat out conspired with this terrible, and I do mean awful, defense team and the ENTIRE SYSTEM has tortured this innocent family, at the whim of this sadistic sociopath.

      Something needs to change. This is a nightmare and if this is what our system has become it’s time for a big change.

      Welcome to the blog! so glad to have you!

  2. inquiring says:



    I am cautiously optimistic that the higher up U.S. Trustee is truly working on investigating all of the info that has been sent to them, by so many people. I know there IS evidence of bankruptcy fraud on several levels, it just depends on how much the Trustee office can confirm and document with witnesses and paperwork.

    As far as I know, there is NO “cutoff date of Dec 19th” — but time will tell. I do not believe there is any time limit on investigating bankruptcy fraud.

    Also, many many many people have turned over info to the
    Trustee regarding bankruptcy fraud, and the Trustee office is supposedly investigating all info.
    The Trustee office keeps their investigations totally secret.

    Nobody, including Namey, would be given any info on the progress of any bankruptcy investigations.
    Her bankruptcy was “discharged” on December 17, 2013.

    I don’t know about any “one year period to protest”???
    Many many people have been protesting her bankruptcy from the first day she filed it in January 2013. Long before Namey came out with his book he is promoting.

    We know that the bankruptcy trustee issued (3) SUBPOENAS regarding money given to Casey Anthony, on August 28, 2014.
    To TMZ; E! Entertainment; and Atty Lippman re: CayleeFund charity. So, we can surmise from that, the Trustee is conducting some type of “investigation” into bankruptcy fraud.

    Nothing new is on the bankruptcy docket as of January 1, 2015.

    It appearing that the debtor is entitled to a discharge,
    The debtor is granted a discharge under section 727 of title 11, United States Code
    signed by Judge K. Rodney May
    December 17, 2013

    We know that the US Trustee Burnette [higher up than the Trustee Meininger on the Casey Anthony bankruptcy case] received info from the public, because this official mailed out acknowledgment letters.

    US Trustee’s letter: August 19, 2014
    Thank you for your correspondence regarding the above-referenced bankruptcy case. We will review the information provided. Please be advised that it is United States Department of Justice policy that criminal investigations may not be disclosed. Therefore, the United States Trustee Program will neither confirm nor deny whether a matter may have been referred or whether it may or may not be under investigation.Thank you again for your correspondence.

    Cynthia P. Burnette
    Asst. United State Trustee
    Region 21, Tampa Office
    501 E. Polk St. Suite 1200
    Tampa, FL 33602


    guy on Twitter had random sighting of Casey Anthony at the TAMPA airport on December 30, 2014

    Justin King @captiannaked Dec 30, 2014
    I’m like 95% sure I just saw Casey Anthony at the Tampa airport

    Info Seeker @Inquizzativ
    @captiannaked photo?


    Cindy Anthony’s Christmas 2014 decorations –
    It is reported that Cindy and George have white trees and reindeer in the yard.
    They apparently have no concern that their house is in foreclosure …

    And a guy on twitter says he just saw Casey at Target — he lives in Sanford, FL.
    That is 25 miles north of Orlando [near the Hopespring home and near Lee's home].

    No doubt Caylee’s murderer is enjoying holidays with the family that Caylee was so violently removed from.

    • LindaP says:

      Thanks Inquiring!

      I am cautiously optimistic too!

      Quote: “No doubt Caylee’s murderer is enjoying holidays with the family that Caylee was so violently removed from.”

      They hated each other before she killed Caylee, out of spite towards her trashy egg donor. Now they are in the Horror House for the Holidays and supposedly “enjoying” Christmas around each other? I doubt it. Like I said…nothing that’s happened has made their relationship better. The resentment must be growing as they get closer to financial devastation.


      That’s ALL these useless leeches care about.

      I don’t think any of them cared anything about Caylee, but they sure do care about money.

      How long before the Gruesome Granny points her finger into the baby killer’s face and blames her so-called “acquittal” for costing her her book deal and her Lifetime movie deal? How long before the finger pointing? How long before George the Child Molester loses it and screams at his mule-faced POS spawn and the blaming begins? There was apparently plenty of blaming and “I’m a victim”-talk, throat grabbing, STEALING and things we didn’t know anything about, all bad, going on before the Mule-Faced Killer wrapped duct tape around Caylee’s face and threw her in the trunk to decompose.

      You watch.

      As the money disappears…all those old feelings will come back in spades and I wouldn’t be surprised if someone doesn’t end up in the bone yard.

      • dancehappy says:

        I doubt CA spent the holidays with her parents. Just my opinion.
        First, she would have been seen there. And second, George and Cindy don’t even visit her.

        • LindaP says:

          dance…you’re probably right. I don’t believe much I read until it’s proven. Her gorillas have put a lot of stuff out there to keep people talking about her…to no avail. I was in the grocery store up here and saw someone who looked very much like the skank the other day. So much so that it shocked me and I stared at her to get a better look and make sure it wasn’t. There are women all over the place who look a lot like that skank because there’s nothing special about the way she looks. IMO people think they see her but it’s not her. If it was me I’d be terrified to leave the house. My dad used to tell me that when it’s a stranger on stranger crime, those almost never get solved and anyone who would beat the crap out of her probably knows that they could get away with it. She is a walking target for some angry misfit and there are plenty of those in Florida. JIMHO her little “out-ings” have not been good. She has gotten stares and whispers and can feel the hatred from people. She looked miserable in that restaurant photo. She was just staring at her plate and people HAD to be whispering and LEAVING the restaurant…not to mention the fact that I wouldn’t eat the food in any restaurant if I was any of them…including the Scammers! If they are dumb enough to eat out in public, then I can only imagine the crap that has been put in their food!

  3. inquiring says:

    Judge Stephens will hear Oral argument from News Organizations about unsealing the transcript on 1/5/15 at 9:30 a.m.


    Page 4

    IT IS ORDERED setting Oral Argument on News Organizations Request for Order Unsealing Transcript of October 30, 2014 Witness Testimony and Related Proceedings motion filed 12/16/14 on 1/5/15 at 9:30a.m. in this division.

  4. inquiring says:

    STATUS of ROY KRONK (4) lawsuits:

    (1) National Enquirer/American Media – PENDING – waiting on Ruling on Motion for Summary Judgment filed by National Enquirer – asking to throw out Kronk case – Hearing was on December 8, 2014
    see Hearing info at:

    (2) Leonard Padilla – PENDING – waiting on Ruling on Motion for Final Judgment filed by Roy Kronk – which was filed July 31, 2014 – because Leonard Padilla never showed up for MEDIATION.

    7/18/2014 Mediation Report

    on August 12, 2014 – WFTV article: “Last month [July 2014], the bounty hunter was supposed to fly from California to Orlando to attend mediation in that defamation case but he never showed up.
    Padilla tells Local 6 he was too sick to make the trip and was advised by his doctor not to travel.
    Padilla signed an affidavit in Feb. 2014 promising he would be at the July 18 mediation. In that affidavit, Padilla indicated he “will not ask for a further continuance” and agreed that if he did not show up for mediation a default judgement would be entered against him.”
    ”Now, Kronk is formally asking a judge to issue that financial judgment against Padilla. The former meter reader’s lawsuit seeks “in excess of $15,000,” but he does not indicate a specific dollar amount.

    (3) Casey Anthony – PENDING in Bankruptcy court – settlement negotiations ongoing – Depositions being taken
    Motions for Summary Judgment due January 19, 2015 – next Hearing February 10, 2015 at 2:00 in Tampa

    (4) EXAMINER/Clarity Digital Group and Cindy Adams – ON APPEAL as of December 2, 2014
    Acknowledgment of Appeal [by Cindy Adams] 5D14-4320

    10/31/2014 Order Denying Defendants[Examiner/Cindy Adams] Motion TO DISMISS COMPLAINT FOR LACK OF JURISDICTION



  5. Constance says:

    You said everything brilliantly. This trial is as sickening as OJ’s.

  6. Kittylove says:

    Great article Linda!! Thanks for your dedication to Justice. Keeping my fingers crossed that Travis and his family get the justice they so deserve, despite this circus of a trial.

  7. dancehappy says:


    • Kat says:

      Dance, you took the words right out of my mouth. Excellent, admire and bow to the talent of Linda, classy, right to the point writer. The pictures are totally awesome displays the characters for who they really are.

    • LindaP says:

      Thank you Kat and Dance!

  8. Jennifer says:

    Thanks for the good read. I hope the jury saw through the farce of the sexpert and computer guy. If nothing else I hope they realized these “experts” acted anything but professional on the stand. Mr. Martinez and his aggressive style in no way tarnishes his professionalism (imo), because he knows what he is talking about, and that is his brand. I pray the Alexander family can enjoy the holiday season despite the stalling tactics of the defense. God Bless.

  9. Victoria says:

    ~Linda~ Once again, Thank You for shining a light into the darkness and exposing the defense as the furtive and foul creatures that dug and lay every inch of the Slime Highway that Judge Stephen’s has allowed to OOZE through her courtroom making all observers feel that they have been SLIMED! So busy they have been spreading their slimy ooze that we have yet to see what is so blatantly missing in, (in case the defense have forgotten), The Penalty Phase, is the mitigating factors on why their convicted BUTCHER should be spared from the death penalty. NADA!!!!

    • LindaP says:

      ~V~…Thank you…I really hope this sentencing phase moves forward and the jury sees right through this so called defense and gives her the penalty that she deserves!


  10. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU, Linda!!! From the moment the “doctor-in-California- only” took the stand, my thought was GET HER, Linda!!! You GOT her, you got them all!!!

    “… spread wide, red and raw, projected onto the courthouse walls, in all of it’s weather-worn glory…”
    “Judge Stephens might as well have allowed Fonseca to bust out a turban and a crystal ball on the witness stand.”
    “…the defender of pedophiles and their freedom to molest little children…”

    One of the hazards of not being able “see” this debacle unfold for myself, is that it leaves too much time, for my mind to WANDER. My thoughts start to “go there.” It’s always comforting to know, when I “go there,” you’re already standing there, waiting on me!! I’m thinking of the poor sap that has to don the hazmat gear, to do the cavity search on Arias,( to make sure she isn’t smuggling anything or ANYONE, in or out of court) and who is the poor sap that has to hold the ROPE, while her cavity is being searched? All of this “free time” has allowed me to do a little research. I thought “Cha-Cha’s” only responsibility was to spring up and hold Arias DOWN while Nurmi and Willmott raid JSS’s bench, for leftover Halloween candy, at the -all-you-can-eat, sideBAR!! I find out that Cha-cha Delarosa is the one responsible for visiting the sewage wastewater treatment facility and snagging these floaters, such as Fonseca, Laviolette and Samuels. She has the skillz and expertize,” to anticipate Arias’ NEEDS and who would best represent these needs, at trial.” I’ve been giving Nurmi credit for these walking-talking- turds and it’s been Cha-cha trolling the septic tanks, all along!!
    I have to say that finding out that Fonseca isn’t LICENSED in Arizona, therefore can’t practice in Arizona, was priceless. Considering that Nurmi is operating with a blank check, from the taxpayers, I don’t think it’s too big a leap, to assume the reason that she isn’t licensed, is because she was denied(?) an Arizona license–could be those pesky, pending OTHER hits to her license. “Watching,” Martinez torture, torment and double-dog-dare her to step over the line was –well, I can’t wait to see him in action, for REAL. No, Juan wasn’t parsing or mincing the words, diagnosis or assessment, he was flat-out having FUN with this almost doctor. Mischaracterize or slimey–doctor or NOT, you’d think as their *star-witness* she’d have a few more vocabulary words and zingers lined up. Did Martinez REALLY call Laviolette, LavioLENCE to Fonseca? I never could figure out if it was really SAID, or if someone was having fun with the tweets? I noticed that it really knocked out her rolling ‘rrrrrrrrrrrrz, after he MAY have, mocked her summer camp, bunk buddy. Stocking up on the popcorn for THAT portion of the testimony.
    What’s his name–Numi? The eyeball expert, turned computer expert? I’m thinking, Martinez’s REAL computer expert will not only wipe the floor with this creep, but expose who REALLY did the tampering. Weeks and weeks of delays, so when we find out that it WAS the defense who tampered and falsely accused the prosecution, JSS can do WHAT? Shake her head and say, ‘proach?
    I’m gearing up for the worst. With fourteen more witnesses, all of whom appear camera shy and refuse to testify under oath,(let alone, put their hooves near a bible) I’m thinking MAY, at the earliest. If this jury doesn’t reward us with the death penalty, I’m expecting JSS to really try to deliver a shocker!!! Not only the possibility of parole, but those little “judgy” calculations–cut twenty five years in HALF, time served and add back “good behavior,” days. I wouldn’t put it past her, to try and send send her “little darlin” HOME!! Of course, neither Arias OR Stephens would make it NEAR the door, alive. I’m just thinking, JSS appears to have lost her damned, MIND. If I prepare for the worst, ANYTHING short of that, will be satisfying.

    • B says:

      oh Margaret!!!…how delightful to read your “thoughts”!!!….You got a few belly laughs from me…..Still waiting on JUSTICE for TRAVIS……

    • Kat says:

      Linda and Margaret, thank you and thanks for your writing. You both have are spot on with writing! Excellent, BRAVO article. Margaret, that thought came across my mind too, due to the fact JSS is letting her courtroom hijacked, she will be let out, AND JSS will have more blood on her hands! JSS knows all the facts of this case, she knows she was going on the hunt with gun and knives hidden in her get away car!!!! she is dangerous, has no remorse for human life (other than hers). Rope comment :)

      • Kat says:

        The prosecuting attorney and witnesses and jury members will be threatened with death by Hodi the butcher! she has friends in low places! JSS better get her job on the bench back, do your damn job!

    • LindaP says:

      Excellent post Margaret! Thank you! Yet again we are forced to watch our system of justice pander to a psycho and their equally as twisted attorneys.


      That’s what we need. Serious change!

      We need a system that works and this isn’t it!

      • margaret says:

        Hi Linda, Kat and “B.”
        I’m wondering if not being able to watch this trial, and interpret it for ourselves, is skewing our perception of the trial? I don’t really believe that JSS will allow JA to prance out the door, that’s the frustration talking. Watching the trial last year, many times with you guys, I was really confident with the process, no matter what Nurmi and all her other minions, tried to pull. I wasn’t sure of the VERDICT– Florida traumatized us all. Literally watching the breath getting knocked out of JA, with the guilty verdict, that was a priceless moment and I’m so happy I was there to share it all with you. Notice this week, as JSS allowed Nurmi to get it all out of his system, the accusation of prosecutorial misconduct riding on the coattails of the Mielke decision, as HE is the one sitting around, waiting–we’re back on track. TESTIMONY, even if it’s only Geffner, ( Tommee Tippee.) Juan will take care of him, just like he did last year. Did he plant some seeds, with the “secret witness,” testimony? The, “dissociation as a coping mechanism,” and the :blanking out of the years , ” between 12-14 , is highly suggestive of ,”dissociative disorder,” formally known as multiple personality disorder. Did Arias get on the stand and TRY to perform as a multiple? Or did she add a NEW abuse defense? Incest, rape. Whatever bullshit she tried to pull, we’ll get to SEE it soon. Another thought. Cameras are suppose to be excluded until AFTER the verdict. Yet, even trials that allow no cameras, allow cameras in, for the verdict. Will Nurmi stall for days, weeks, months, with a verdict in, but that SHE doesn’t want recorded?

  11. Deb says:

    Linda, I couldn’t agree with you more. My guess is that the worm-meister thought that he’d throw Juan off his game by throwing out another one of his blatantly crazy motions – saying that the prosecution had engaged in “misconduct” (something that the nerd-meister bryan echoed repeatedly on the stand). You outlined the nationwide outrage engulfing this trial really well. Let’s all hope & pray that the COA will actually come down with a speedy ruling – forget about recommendations for slap-shot sherry (she obviously isn’t aiming at being called ‘honorable’ any longer). She’s just slamming the puck around with worm-meister et al, stalling for their self-perceived ‘power play’ to be over & a mistrial be declared. Or maybe it’s just slap-shot & wormi’s Christmas wish list fantasy of being regarded as renowned fighters against the DP bringing them glory that is keeping this travesty going. Either way I look at it, the defense players are all starting to slip in their own slime…this fiasco will tragically become a no-win situation for justice for Travis…BUT the ho’bag is going to spend the rest of her convicted-felon life spinning the wheels of the appellate court from the ‘comfort’ of a state prison. She is delusional to think any of her “team” gives a rat’s ass where she ends up or for how long, once the theater lights are finally dimmed.

  12. B says:

    Linda,another great,powerful article…..Thank you for all you do for VICTIMS. I admire your passion & talent.

  13. Debbie Young says:

    EXCELLENT! I’ve never seen such a debacle!

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