OUTRAGE IN ARIZONA: Judge Sherry Stephens allows Arias defense team to run amok!



Does it get anymore f*cked up than this? Here is the crowning jewel example, of a courtroom that is out-of-control. In front of a nation no less. All this trial does is demonstrate just how corrupt and ineffective our very expensive court system has become.

What the heck is the matter with Judge Sherry Stephens and why does she seem so furiously Hell-bent on helping the defense team in the Jodi Arias trial, bleed Arizona taxpayers dry and undermine the system?

What kind of so-called judge allows this type of fiasco to take place in her courtroom, in front of the world?

Judge Sherry Stephens seems to believe that as a judge she actually has the power of the Queen. Dangerous my friends, very dangerous, and when we are talking about a case of this magnitude, to have a judge flat out help the defense undermine the system, in front of the entire country, is a pure outrage.

Since when is it ok for judges to treat the courtroom, as a place to further their own personal agendas?

We all need to now think about passing laws that restrict judges and their terms.  This is not only out of control, it’s a slap in the face to every single taxpayer in America.

Rumors of Sherry Stephens (will no longer refer to her as a “judge” in this article) having alcohol and drug issues are running rampant all over the internet, because of her behavior on the bench in this 2 year long, expensive fiasco. She seems oblivious to the laws and rules of the court, and her willingness to help the defense undermine the system, in the face of ever-growing public outrage, even to the point of depriving tax paying citizens of their constitutional rights with “secret witnesses,” has gone too far. Now people are questioning her sobriety. People, including myself.

Is she taking something that has clouded her judgement or is she just drunk with power?



The laws are not confusing. Jodi Arias qualifies for the death penalty and just because she is female, that does not give her a special pass, no matter how badly Sherry Stephens wants her to get one.

This trial that has cost the taxpayers of Arizona millions, and threatens to cost them even more, is another wake up call that JUDGES need to be closely monitored and held accountable or we might as well go back to Nazi Germany and live.

Perhaps this is a personal swan song before she leaves the bench?

Why does Stephens brazenly help the defendant (a sadistic sociopath) to further torture the victim and his family as shocked and horrified public helplessly looks on? This is a victim that could have been any of us! This monster could have slashed any one of Travis’s female friends just as well as she did to him! Is Queen Stephens trying to further her own personal agenda at any cost?  If true, how dare she play host to the tricks and stall tactics of a desperate defense and a sadistic killer, and force the good jurors of Arizona to drop from this penalty phase!

Sherry Stephens is acting like she’s above the law and the rules of the court. Laws that were passed by the people of Arizona, that carry the penalty of death, whether she likes it or not.

So what’s up with this judge? Is Sherry Stephens drunk or high on pills as she sits up there on the bench and allows anarchy in her court, or is she just a power hungry public servant who has a not-so-hidden agenda?

Well folks in this case you can be the judge because there’s one thing she has proven beyond all doubt,  Sherry Stephens doesn’t give a rat’s behind about the jurors, the taxpaying citizens of Arizona, the victim, the victim’s family or it appears justice in this case.

What she does seem to care about is taking the decision of life and death away from this jury!

Perhaps Stephens wants to teach the taxpayers (who pay HER salary by the way)  of Arizona a lesson, and punish them for voting to keep the death penalty, by racking up a giant bill for this trial on purpose?

I have been watching trials since Ted Bundy represented himself in Florida back in the 1970s, and Sherry Stephens is the worst, most biased, most ill equipped, most incompetent judge I have ever seen, bar none.

Not even Belvin Perry, who gave the defense team in the Caylee Anthony case permission to contaminate and tamper with the jury, tamper with evidence and tamper with witnesses, is as horrible as Stephens has shown herself to be.



This has, not surprisingly, reached the proportions of a national outrage and in my opinion this trial will be used in the future to change the laws as they stand now. We need laws to control and hold judges accountable, forcing them to come up for yearly reviews and be re-elected by the pubic. It’s coming, and this trial pushes citizens closer to finding a way to make that happen.

Imagine a judge that thinks she is so powerful that she can blatantly undermine the laws of the court, and help a defense team throw a verdict in a case with national attention such as this.


Queen Stephens.

Where are Sherry Stephen’s superiors as she stomps all over the victims, causing them years of further anguish, while coddling a defense team who’s strategy is clearly to wear the jury down, until they one by one have to go back to their lives? You don’t have to be a brain surgeon to see what is happening. The tactic is a simple one and requires limited to NO courtroom skills.

Perfect for this extremely slimy defense duo. They will walk out of this a laughing stock, as they already are sinking lower every second, and proving to the world with every frivolous motion, that their client is a danger to everyone around her.

At this point it is a safe bet to say that this is a conspiracy to help this defendant avoid the death penalty, and at the same time punish the citizens of Arizona for having the death penalty in the first place, and the judge is in on it. It is an outrage for every tax paying citizen to watch this disgrace unfold and will most likely be the platform for some major changes in the law in coming years, especially how it pertains to the very judges who’s job it is to keep defense attorneys like these in check.


Where is the JUSTICE for the victim? Where is the system “working” in all of this mayhem that Sherry Stephens has brazenly helped to facilitate?

This could be any of us! Any of us could have run into this monster and you don’t need a degree in psychiatry to see exactly what this sadistic creature is capable of. She is a narcissistic sociopath, who believes she is smarter than everyone else and also believes, by her own words, that she is justified in killing people who don’t bend to her whims.



DEATH PENALTY is what she has earned through her planning, sneaking through the dead of night, driving all over the countryside to create an alibi for herself, making her way like a snake towards her prey, seducing him into the shower and then butchering him like a pig.

She is a STALKER and a KILLER, plain and simple. She butchered him in 17 different ways and is still trying to kill him over and over and over again, this time, in front of his family…


…and none of it would be possible without the cooperation of Sherry Stephens.


Judge Sherry Stephens cost the tax payers over 2 million dollars in the Jodi Arias Trial

Judge Sherry Stephens cost the tax payers over 2 million dollars in the Jodi Arias Trial

Whoa be it unto the family who’s loved ones are murdered in Queen Stephens’  jurisdiction. Whoa be it unto you if you happen to lose your life by a sadistic monster who ends up in Queen Stephens’ courtroom. You will be the one put on trial. Your family will be the ones who are tortured and belittled while the killer laughs at them all, and there won’t be a thing you can do about it, because there’s no laws in place to make judges like Stephens do their very jobs.


This defendant has absolutely NO MITIGATORS. None.




JODI ARIAS  has more than earned the death penalty for her crimes, but if there was any doubt that this defendant deserves to die for what she did to Travis Alexander, this so-called mitigation phase has proven that this monster will continue to harvest and cause mass destruction where ever she goes. If I ever had a doubt about the death penalty before this, the mitigation phase of the Jodi Arias trial has erased all doubt. Some people will not be stopped any other way, and will abuse the system and be a risk to everyone around them as long as they live, and Jodi Arias, by her own words, is one of them.

We have laws. The death penalty is alive and well and this fiasco only proves one thing, and that is, that we need the death penalty now more than ever. Revise it. Change the threshold of the evidence so that we are sure that the right people are executed for their heinous and brutal crimes, but don’t let judges hold the entire country hostage over a worthless murdering tramp who never did anything but destroy lives and murder innocent people!

We, as a society, don’t allow people to sadistically butcher other human beings, because they are angry and didn’t get what they wanted, otherwise Sherry Stephens, Kurt Nurmi, Jennifer Willmott and whole lot of other people would be lying in a big pile of severed limbs and heads for all the world to throw stones and spit on.

Destroying lives…that’s what they are doing. No regard for the living victims and the society in which they live. They can put lipstick on it and claim that everyone needs a vigorous defense all they want, but it all boils down to one thing…


Nobody is wrecking havoc on the system for free and we are the ones who are paying for this outrage. Everyone of these subversives are being paid by the public to cause havoc in the system, help a cold blooded killer go free, and most importantly, pad their own bank accounts with thick stacks of green money.

Without money, none of them would be here.

It wouldn’t be so hard to swallow if statistics didn’t consistently show, that every single one of these hypocrites would do a 360 if one of their own family members was butchered like a pig and left to die, as this cold blooded, manipulating killer did to Travis Alexander.




Justice for Travis in 2015!

About LindaP

Broadcast veteran. Over 20 years: CNN, MSNBC, LIFETIME, ESPN. NBC. ABC, CBS as Producer, Art Director, Animation Specialist. Over 16 years as a freelance writer: Jezebel Magazine, Atlanta Magazine, Creative Loafing, Southhampton Press. Currently writing a book about a bizarre series of unsolved murders, that began in 1931 and ended in 1970, I have linked the crimes to one forgotten suspect.

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  1. Inquiring says:


    There is new activity in the Kronk case, so we can assume by that, the case has not been thrown out [yet]?

    Kronk’s attorney Howard Marks agreed to give Casey’s attorney Schrader more time to file his Motion for Summary Judgment, and the bankruptcy judge granted that Motion to give Casey’s attorney Schrader more time to file his Motion for Summary Judgment [to throw out the Kronk case], until April 3, 2015.

    Kronk’s attorney will have 21 days after that to file a Response.

    The new Hearing in the Kronk case is set for April 29, 2015 at 2:00 in Tampa, in the bankruptcy court.

    There is no new activity on Casey’s attorney Schrader’s Motions for Protective Order and to Strike Testimony of Dominic Casey, which he filed January 21st. He must file a Motion for a new Hearing on those two specific Motions.

    There is no new activity on the docket in the ZENAIDA case, since Sept 8, 2014…
    This case is waiting for the bankruptcy judge to make a ruling on Casey’s Motion for Summary Judgment to throw out the case …

  2. Inquiring says:



    Who’s in? BOYCOTT STRONG!

    The bankruptcy case is finished. We know that Casey and her scheme team will be pushing for a deal. All boycotter’s need to come together and fight to keep Casey from profiting off Caylee’s murder. It is important to make phone calls, email, write letters, post on Facebook & Twitter pages.

    We should start with Networks. There is a list with contact information posted on this page. Please share it with other groups that you are in and encourage them to join in. We all need to be targeting the same people to show how truly large the boycott is so they see that there will be a backlash to anyone paying Casey or her scheme team $$$.

    Media has spoke in the past about their fear of the backlash. Time has passed and the boycotters have been quietly waiting. It is now time to let our voices be heard again. We need to be loud and we need to be clear, and we need to be consistent with the boycott. This might be our last chance to bring Caylee some justice.




    We are a voice for Caylee Marie Anthony who was an innocent child who was killed by her own mother in June 2008.

    The murder trial is over and done, but the buying public will never stop boycotting Casey Anthony and trying to prevent her from making any money off of Caylee’s murder!

    It is public knowledge that Casey Anthony has desperately tried to negotiate big money deals with networks and book publishers and anyone who will pay her. The only thing holding her back has been her bankruptcy case which she filed in January 2013 which include civil defamation lawsuits, and a very strong BOYCOTT EFFORT.

    The Judge in her murder trial, Judge Belvin Perry, has gone on national tv and announced that he was shocked at the not-guilty verdict, and that he believes there was enough evidence presented to convict her.

    “Offering money to Casey Anthony for any reason represents a major degradation of our society,”
    The Rev. Anthony Evans of the National Black Church Initiative, told The ENQUIRER.
    “It glamorizes the killing of innocent children as well as violence against the human race.

    “Anyone who stands to profit from Casey Anthony should be ashamed – and we will call for a boycott of their products, services, sponsors and advertisers!”

    Casey Anthony is a convicted LIAR and THIEF. She lied to law enforcement when they were trying to help her find her “missing” child and hindered their investigation. Her family also lied for her. Casey Anthony stole money from her best friend and from her elderly grandfather’s nursing home funds. Casey partied for 31 days while her child was “missing” and never did call police for help – her mother Cindy called 9-1-1.

    Casey Anthony is responsible for her precious daughter Caylee being killed, then dumped in trash bags and the family laundry bag, and tossed into the swamp for animals and insects to ravage, and left to rot so that no evidence of how she was killed could be determined by what was left of Caylee’s remains.

    We strongly believe that Casey Anthony should never be financially rewarded for what she did. It is totally disrespectful to victim Caylee to allow Casey or anyone else to profit from her death in any way. Caylee’s grandparents have already profited from Caylee’s murder after their Dr. Phil Show appearances, and it is disgusting.

    Many people, such as myself, stand ready to boycott any advertising sponsors of any media outlet or book publisher or writer who provides a platform for Casey Anthony to tell more lies and to make any money off of her lies and Caylee’s death.

    Why would any media outlet pay Casey Anthony to lie and to avoid hard questions?
    It is an insult to the public. It sends the message that it PAYS to murder and lie.
    There will be an extremely strong BOYCOTT backlash on anyone who pays Casey Anthony.

    For Caylee’s sake, please do not have anything to do with Casey Anthony.


    Remember…..YOU are the only voice that Caylee has. Make her voice LOUD!

  3. Inquiring says:

    Rick Namey, author of “Casey’s Ghost” has passed away.
    His daughter Elizabeth posted the news on Facebook.
    He died of a heart attack Monday, January 26, 2015
    We offer our sympathies to his family and friends.


  4. dancehappy says:

    OMG, I had no idea this letter was soooo long. What a conniving bitch! And to think she actually sent this vomit to his family. I am beyond disturbed by all of it. TG Juan got to disclose it.

  5. Inquiring says:


    Letter sent from Jodi Arias to Travis’ family on July 28, 2008

    To Travis’s family,
    Of all the letters I must write, this is one of the most difficult, second only to the one I must write my own parents. I thought at length of the things I should tell you all, but after talking with Detective Flores and Blaney, they convinced me of the importance of telling you all that I know, that you deserve to know. Now, I think that they told me this not primarily out of principle, but to build their own case. That is their job, it’s what they do. I knew that. Nevertheless, there please have stayed with me since I last spoke with them 12 days ago. And the more I have pondered it, the more I have come to agree with that 100%, for if it were my own brother, I want every detail that could be had. And if an
    arrest was made, I have 1 million questions for the person in custody, first and foremost: why? I don’t have all of the answers that you seek, but as I sit here today and put pen to paper, even on Travis’ birthday, I’m going to try to answer as many as I can. Because this is not a Q and A forum, I don’t know what questions you have precisely, but I do presume that you gathered enough of everyone else’s opinions to form your own notions of the kind of person that I am, and the kind of relationship that Travis and I had. Since things up call me in this way, and since Detective have already made it clear that
    my case is hopeless and theirs is rock-solid, I have no reason to hold anything back at this point, nor do I want to got to my grave having withheld anything that might help you piece some things together. It is no longer about me and the things I don’t want you all to know. You deserve to know.
    Besides that, Detective Flores said anything I might reveal about Travis would never and could never change your opinion of him, and since my fear that was the only thing holding me back, I feel like I can now shed a little light on what was our situation. I have a tendency to ramble but I will keep most trivialities to a minimum. However, I do feel that starting from the very beginning would be the best so that you will
    have a brief synopsis of our history from beginning until now. This may or may not clear up some of your questions, but to me, it’s worth trying.
    I met Travis at the rain Forest Café at the MGM Grand in September 2006. We later marveled amused at the irony of meeting in such a place, as we later discovered our mutual passion for a healthy planet and the environment in general. He confidently walked right up to me, stuck out his hand and said, “Hi, I’m Travis.” I cordially responded with the usual niceties and figured that would be it, since in that moment,
    kiss was just another of the many new name I was trying not to forget. I continue to meet other people as we walk through the casino, but Travis made it a point to walk by my side and keep a running conversation. There wasn’t any kind of magnetic attraction that I could feel, but in that short time we discover just a few of the things that we had in common: traveling, the UFC, the 49ers, and the drive to create an amazing life. After that weekend, I didn’t expect to hear from him again. But surprisingly, he called the very next day. A few days later he invited me to accompany him and some friends to church in
    Murrieta. That following Wednesday, he gave me a copy of the Book of Mormon. On November 26, 2006, Travis baptized me at the church in Palm Desert, where I was living at the time. He said he never met anyone more prepared to receive the gospel. Joining the church with one of the best decisions I’ve ever made and has been one of the greatest experiences of my life. I know that Travis will be richly rewarded for the role he played in bringing me into the fold.
    Our relationship during that time was ambiguous and defined there was no doubt a mutual attraction but we were in no way officially dating by Christmas of 2006, Travis and ground to mean a lot to me. He was determined to “Mormonize” me further, so I received a generous lot of gifts at Christmas to serve that very purpose, everything from a CTR ring & scriptures with my name engraved on them, and a copy of a painting of Jesus Christ, the proclamation of families, and a biography of Gordon B. Hinckley. His generosity never wavered the entire time that I knew him, not once.
    It wasn’t until February 2, 2007 that we decided to make things official. Things went really well despite one small hang out: Deanna Reid. I had no hostility toward her, from what Travis said, she seems like a very nice girl. But he made it clear that she could under no circumstances ever know about us because if she found out she would freak out and he was tired of dealing with her every time he tried to date someone. I was very understanding of this, as I had dealt with a similar situation in the past.
    We began to progress to the point where the talk of marriage became more and more frequent.
    We often talked about family structure, baby names, how many children we wanted, boys, girls, etc.
    Each time he referenced the future, he included me in it. To me, this was a natural progression. In May 2007, I have to move out of my home in Palm Desert because I could no longer handle the mortgage.
    Travis insisted that I move closer to him so that we can have a more “normal relationship,” although he expressed concern for Deanna’s reaction, saying that if she found out it would be “World War III.” As great as things were going, something just seemed off about the Deanna thing. I knew that he still loved and cared for her very much, and I thought that was admirable, but I didn’t understand why he couldn’t
    just tell her to back off. So in a snap decision I decided to move to Big Sur, CA instead. Travis was upset and hurt. I assured him it was temporary and that things would work out, but he wasn’t happy that I live even farther. So we began to make arrangements for me to move to Mesa. We had to keep it top-secret from Deanna. It was then I realized that if Deanna was happy, Travis was happy, and then Jodi was happy.
    Sometimes things happen that seem like they’re not part of the plan, but that is pure
    No matter how painful it is, we must trust that the hand of God is at work in our lives.
    After Travis and I returned from a fun trip to Daniel’s Summit, UT in June 2007, I acted on impulse and a gut feeling doing something completely dishonest. You see, I have been in a few relationships before when my partner was not being completely faithful, and there is a distinct feeling that comes with it.
    Travis had been interacting with some girls in my presence that gave me cause for concern. I knew he was the flirtatious type, and I had witnessed it on countless occasions prior to that point. I am not a jealous person, but something about the way he conducted himself that time cause me to question his level of commitment to our relationship and to me. The dishonest deed which I had mentioned was that I looked at the text messages in his phone. I thought to myself, he said he has nothing to hide, so why not? A flawed logic, I know. I fully expected to find a few miles flirtations w/ other girls, as this was his
    MO anyway, and he was not secretive about it. What I found, however, was far more, including several references made of the many, separate, intimate rendezvous he’d
    had with other girls including plans in the making for further associations of the same kind. I check the dates to make sure I wasn’t getting worked up over nothing, but as I feared, they were well within the range of when we began dating “exclusively.” I didn’t freak out, I didn’t even tell him. I didn’t know what to do. We had another trip
    planned to Niagara Falls, the Sacred Grove and Huntington Beach, so I decided to sit on it, get through that and then make a decision. It ate at me, and as soon as we got home from Huntington Beach, it all came out. He was very apologetic. He said it was wrong. There was no way I could forgive him. Despite his shortcomings, he has been very good to me. However, there was also no way that I could trust him any longer. I decided we should just be friends on June 29, 2007. This was a very difficult decision for me
    because I loved him very much.
    It was especially difficult because he begged me to marry him that same day. He said things would be different. Up to that point, a proposal was expected any time, but once the trust is gone, it is hopeless. I’m not perfect either. I violated his trust by reading text messages that perhaps should have remained private. My justification was I had the right to know, I’m not saying it was okay. Fast forward three weeks to July 2007. I hesitated to follow through with plan I already made to move to Mesa, but Travis is a very persuasive man, and at the hand of his persuasion, I folded and decided to go. I used to wonder what it would have been like if I’d accepted his proposal. But I don’t think things would have changed. Here’s why: about a month before I moved back to CA, March 2008
    we decided to have a “come clean” conversation about everything, everything, everything. He confessed that most of the time I’d been living there he been dating someone (Lisa Andrews). The subject of dating other people had come up all of 4 times between us while I lived in AZ, three of which he brought it up, and he stated that he wasn’t dating anyone. I never had any reason not to believe him, because there’d
    be no reason for him to hide that from me. I’m not the type to have a crying emotional meltdown over something like that the way Deanna has in the past. In fact, I would have been happy for him. So the shock came not in the fact that he lied again, and cheated on yet another girlfriend, but that this time I was the “other girl.”
    I felt very ashamed. My first thought was for Lisa, I should tell her everything. But
    they’d long since broken up and Travis had taken a decided interest in Mimi Hall. Besides, talking to Lisa not only would have destroyed our friendship (mine & Travis), but it would have cause a lot of unnecessary drama and pain. After listening silently for a few minutes while he continued gushing about Mimi, I could see in his eyes that he was very happy. I asked him how she felt about him, and he jokingly responded by saying that he doesn’t think she even knows he’s male. We both laughed and I reminded him of the charmer that he is and that it’s only a matter of time. He rolled his eyes and said, “Please,
    whatever you do, don’t give me any dating advice. I get enough of that crap from Sky Hughes, I’m sick of it, I can handle this.” I didn’t say another word. If anyone knew how to win over a lady, it was Travis. So we left it at that.
    But when it was my turn to come clean, his attitude change 180 degrees. All hell seemed
    to break loose.
    He lost his temper completely and flew into a rage. He began punching himself in the head so hard that he injured his neck and his back and could barely turn his head from side to side. I was afraid to get near him, but I wanted him to stop. Travis never hit me in the face, but he bruised other parts of my body. It was easy to shrug off a few visible bruises with my friends. I could blame it on work or clumsiness. That only happened on two occasions. The second time was on a Tuesday, in early April 2008. Two men at
    the Tempe business briefing actually joked, “What is Travis beating you now?” We just laughed. Playing along with their joke was the only way to protect his reputation. I know it is common behavior for women in abusive relationships to protect their partner by covering for him (or her) and by making excuses, but I didn’t see it so much like that. Travis and I were not in any kind of committed relationship at that point, he was not my “partner” any longer, and it was only a matter of days before I rolled out of
    town in a U-Haul truck. By putting several hundred miles between us, any further opportunities for abuse (not to mention immoral conduct on both of our parts) would be prevented. But even when I moved away, he didn’t let up. I stopped to sleep in Hollister, still hundreds of miles from my destination in Yreka, and Travis call me in the middle of the night, angry that I’d moved, angry that I’d dated other guys. It was so confusing to me because I thought we were on the same page about me moving, and I knew how much he like Mimi. We both knew we were never getting back together, but it was like he was determined not to let me off that easily. I really cared for him. His cruelty and abuse never knew it made me angry. It only invoked pity and remorse. And shame as well. For he acted that way out of pain, and the last thing I ever wanted to do was hurt him. I know you all probably hate me even more then before you started reading this letter. Well hang on, because the plot thickens, and by the time you’re done reading this, you most likely won’t consider me worthy of your own spit. Travis told me that I’d hurt him more than the death of his father. He is not one to dramatize things, so I knew he’d been sincere when he said that. I didn’t fully understand why he felt that way. How was it that he can date and have relationships but if I did so he branded me a whore? I knew he was hurting, but I didn’t get it.
    Especially since he liked Mimi Hall so much.
    Tanisha had made mention online that I was obsessed with Travis. Of session would not be an accurate way to term it. But it’s obsessed means that I cry every day since his death, then maybe there is some accuracy there is obsessed means that I couldn’t stay away, then there is a bit of truth in that. I could not say no to Travis. He would not let me an escape his influential grass. He called me at all hours of the night. The reason I was at his house so frequently was because he invited me over. Most of the time it was in the late evenings when the “coast was clear”. He would send me sweet text messages in the
    middle of the night, beckoning me to get out of bed and sneak over to his house. It was too hard to resist most times. If I didn’t respond to his solicitations, they would be followed by a heavy and relentless onslaught of the ultimate guilt trip. I know I should’ve been stronger, for his own spiritual well-being and mine. Naturally, I was flattered that he was so attracted to me and wanted to spend time with me. Usually, the feeling was quite mutual. But it became obvious, especially after our behavior continued even after he met Mimi, that neither of us was going to be strong enough as long as we live in such a convenient proximity. I’ve never regretted my decision to move back to CA. There are, however, some decisions that I do regret, and I cannot tell you how remorseful that I am for my inaction. Let me clarify by saying the following: I had a trip planned to Southern California and Utah the week of June 2-6, 2008. Travis found out and tried persuading me to come to AZ instead to visit him. I told him I just didn’t have enough time. He acted sad and hurt and try to guilt me into coming. I stood my ground though and said no, but I’ve played up all of the positives, like his impending trip to Northern California.
    We were we were going to check off 3 more things on the list of 1000 places to see before you die, which were Crater Lake (although he been there when he was very young, he wanted to re-experience it), the Oregon coast, and the Shakespeare Festival in Ashland, OR. But he refused to be consoled and just said, “Ok, whatever, I see how it is, you don’t love me,” just his usual rhetoric, guilt trip lingo, etc.
    We hung up the phone, and I could feel my heart once again being pulled in his direction. I knew that if I went we would have fun. By the time I arrived in Pasadena, I made the decision to go to his house. I arrived in Mesa around 4 AM on Wednesday, June 4, 2008. He was already expecting me and was very happy to see me. So was Naps. I miss them both so much, it had been months since I’d seen either of them. Travis was awake when I arrived. He waited up all night for me. He and Nance ran his office and he was watching some silly video on YouTube.com, some kind of dancing robot girls or something. I was
    exhausted from driving, so after a few more YouTube videos, we went to sleep as the sun was rising. We slept until about 1 PM. When we woke up, among other things, we tried looking at photos from past church history trips, they were on three CDs that I had made a year prior, that but they were pretty badly scratched, not to mention Travis’ laptop had recently contracted a virus and it was difficult to bring up the disk drive. He had instant Quaker oatmeal for lunch. I remember him a clear as daylight see in his office chair, feet kicked out, in his pajamas eating oatmeal, waiting for his computer to accomplish a simple task, but having no luck. I sat on the floor next to him, petting Napoleon, looking around the room. The pollen I written back in February was still on his whiteboard: roses are red violets are blue, T-dogg the best, forget all the rest, Napoleon’s pretty great, too.” Anyway, when we realized we weren’t getting anywhere w/the pictures, we went back upstairs. I took pictures of him in the shower, but they were tasteful pictures. We were going for a sort of Calvin Klein advertisement kind of look. Travis and I and the rest of the Pre-Paid world new about the Cancun trip a year prior when it was announced, but
    those who were eligible weren’t announced until early in 2008. When he found out he was going, he began working double overtime on his body and by May & June was feeling very confident in his own skin. If it weren’t for that fact he might have not agreed to do those shots, who knows? From this point on, things are blurred and confusing. I was sitting/kneeling on the floor next to the shower, going through the pictures I ‘d taken when I heard a really loud pop. I must of been hit on the back of the head because the next thing I knew I was lying next to the bathtub. My ears were ringing and Travis was
    screaming, but he sounded so far away although he was right next to me. I’m really sorry for this. I know you’re going to hate me even more than you already do, but as hard as this is, I keep telling myself that if it were my brother, I want to know. When I came to, I thought to individuals standing near the bathroom in the bedroom right where the carpet and in the tile begins. They both began walking toward us my only thought was to run into the closet, possibly by-passing them so I could get out of the room, via the other door to his closet. But as I reached the other door. I was stopped by a male pointing a gun
    directly at my four head. I was made to get on my knees near the Armoire and was told not to move. By this time I surmise that the other perpetrator, now standing over Travis, was female, but both people were wearing black ski masks, black gloves and dark clothing, with the exception of the male who was wearing blue jeans. He left the room, and without much thought I charged the female who was standing over Travis. I shoved her hard enough that she fail over Travis, who was conscious but quiet at this point on all fours w/his right hand holding his head. The girl had fallen near the left seat, close to the trashcan in the corner. I pulled on Travis saying, “come on, come on!” He came forward lethargically but wouldn’t stand up, and he kept saying, “I can’t.” I only got him about halfway down the hallway of his bathroom, I kept urging him but he said, “go get help, go to my neighbors,” I didn’t want to leave him, I felt like I was going to pass out, my whole body was tingling painfully all over, I just kept pulling on him. At that point I
    was crying and kept pleading, “come on, please!” and he said, “I can’t, I can’t feel my legs.” The girl came at me w/ a knife but I was able to grab her wrists. I was already weak and I felt like I could hardly breathe. She tried kicking me repeatedly in the knees. I tried blocking her and holding her hands but she was making repeated attempts to stop on my feet, landing her target a few times. I was at an unfair advantage because she had shoes and I was in my bare feet. At the time I didn’t notice the pain, maybe it was adrenaline, but my left foot was later throbbing and bruised so I know she got me at least once, probably more on that foot, and she had caused two of the toenails on my other foot to bleed, which I didn’t discover until later as well. Again, probably adrenaline. We struggled and I was able to throw her off of me again, but out of fear I ran as she was about to double back and come after me. Again I was stopped by the male perpetrator who had come back into the room. He yelled at her to stop. He said that’s not what they are here for. (I’m sorry about my handwriting, I’m shaking as I write this). She
    argued with him, saying they should “do me, too. But he said no. He asked who I was but before I could respond (I could barely breath by then, let alone speak), he grabbed my purse and began to go through it. I was on my knees in the bedroom, Travis was still midway in the hall of the bathroom, the female standing over him, yelling at the mail. He got out my wallet and look at my drivers license. He took the cash that was in it and be
    sides gas receipts I’d accumulated up to that point of my trip, I had the registration to my car (which I no longer kept in my glove compartment because it was going back to the
    bank any day). The registration has the address of my parents’ house printed clearly on it. He said to me as he began to stuff things back into my purse, I know who you are and know where you live. I know exactly how to find you, and I can find your family. Unless you want them all to die, you keep silent or I will silence you. I agreed, but the woman kept shouting and arguing with him. She was “shouting” as quietly as possible. He kept telling her to shut up, that that’s not what they were “here for.” He finally gave under the pressure because he held the gun to my head and tried to fire but nothing happened,
    just a click. I shoved past him with my purse which was then on the floor next to me. He seemed to make no effort to stop me, but as I flew down the stairs I swear I could hear footsteps behind me. I ran out front door leaving behind my shoes, and slamming the door as some last-ditch effort to create any kind of obstacle to slow down whoever was pursuing me. My rental car was parked in the driveway. I was shaking and hyperventilating and crying. I kept my eye on the front door as I backed out and drove
    away (awful, I know. I didn’t look as I backed out. I probably should’ve never been driving in that kind of state. It wasn’t heightened awareness, it was blind confusion). The front door never open. I don’t know what time it was when I left, but I’m guessing it was sometime between 4:30 and 6:30 PM, just don’t know. There were two young girls outside playing. I don’t know if they noticed me. One was maybe 9 or 10 years old, the other look maybe 13 or 14, I’m not good at guessing ages, they both had blonde hair
    and they were running west down Queensborough Ave. on the north side of the street. That is one of the last details that I remember of Travis’ neighborhood. When I left, Travis was alive, although he was hurt. My phone was dead, and as cowardly as this is, I probably wouldn’t have called for help if I could’ve. I was racked with fear. I knew that if they were capable of doing what I’d seen them do, then they were capable of carrying out their threats.
    I did not harm Travis. I did not take his life. But looking back on the way that I acted, I might as well be held equally responsible for his death. I have two brothers, two sisters, and two parents, but all I kept seeing was my dad and my youngest brother, and all I could think of was their safety.
    A huge part of me regrets my last minute decision to go to Travis’ house that week. Part of me has faith in the notion that all things happen for a reason. I wish I could give you more. I did not commit a murder that day, nor would I ever harm Travis. The evidence against me was presented to me by Detective Flores. There is a lot. The only explanation I have for that is this: I was there that day. I never committed a crime, therefore it never occurred to me that I would need to cover my tracks. Whoever did this came prepared.
    All I can say now is that I am deeply remorseful for the pain you have been experiencing. If I could give my life in exchange for Travis’ life so that he could live here again amongst the people that love him, I would do so w/out a shadow of hesitation. What happened that day was horrible. I’m so sorry that I didn’t have more courage to stop it, or more power. My heart has ached to no end during this entire traumatic experience. Putting on a smile and pretending things were fine for my family didn’t work out so well. I felt like I was a danger living near them and began to make preparations to move
    back to Monterey, where I’d lived 4 years ago.
    I loved Travis very much as a friend. We had our fair share of arguments, but I would never intentionally hurt him. I did hurt him emotionally, and for that I am very sorry, too. But above all, I hope you can find peace. I know that his killers are still at large, and each and every day I’ve been praying not so much that they are brought to justice, but for my family’s safety and protection. At the end of the day I have to give it all to God. God is fair and just. And regardless of what the world believes, I am so grateful that it is ultimately His opinion that counts.
    Again, I would never hurt Travis. He has shown me very little other than kindness and generosity. He would give me the world if he could. He assisted me in moving (to & from AZ), he let me store my books and artwork at his house when I had no room for them, he was constantly doing little things for me, just always full of thoughtfulness. We traveled to many places together, each determined to conquer the book 1000 Places to See Before You Die. I hesitate even mentioning all of the little knick-knacks he’d
    accumulated that adorn his house as a result of our travel together or through gifts from me that he treasured and proudly displayed for fear it would taint your opinion of those same items, which are no doubt now in your possession.
    I know this letter may only raise more questions, but I hope it also answers others. Again, I know that God is just and fair. Ultimately, whoever did this will be held accountable. I think we can all agree on that much. Like I said, what prompted this letter is that I know you all deserve to know what ever information I have. I also feel like I should explain the following: there have been many comments made about my smile in my mug shot, which I was fully expecting. It was cocky, I know, but so was Travis. And anyone who knew Travis well enough know he was cocky also knew of his happy and positive outlook on
    life. I know of my own innocence, and so does our Father in Heaven. For this reason I cannot be sad. I also asked myself, what would Travis do? Barring the fact that he would likely not find himself and such an unfortunate set of circumstances, he would, no doubt, be flashing that smile of his that he always did.
    Like you, I wish that I knew why all of this happened. Forensics can tell us what, but not always who, and nobody seems to know why. Detective Flores suggested a few possible motives, but to me they don’t make sense. He said maybe I was angry or jealous. Travis has never done anything that would incite that kind of anger. As far as the physical way he retaliated during two arguments that we had, my own father has done worse to me as a means of discipline. The only other thing Travis has ever done to upset me was be unfaithful in our relationship, but nobody would expect me to be thrilled over it. I’d forgiven him long-ago. Either way, he’d have to get in the back of a line of ex-boyfriend who are guilty of those same folly in relationships with me. The detective said that perhaps I was jealous that he was going to Cancun.
    As I mentioned, I’d known about that trip since last year. There is no way I could break up with a guy and then expect him to take me on a trip of that magnitude. The idea of accompanying Travis on a trip to Cancun was as short-lived as a snowflake in Mesa during the month of July. There was never any question or discussion of us going together.
    I just don’t harbor any hostility toward Travis, and I never have. I know that we both struggled to move on, but we both wanted the other to be happy. Travis was a good man. Our relationship was never perfect, but it taught me so much. Knowing Travis has been one of the greatest blessings of my life.
    I know it would bring you a great sense of closure to know that his killers were brought to justice. Ultimately, the persons responsible will be held accountable. I, however, w
    ill not serve one day in prison for a heinous crime in which I had no part.
    Travis lives. He is not far, and it won’t be long before you can see him again. One day all of our questions will be answered. I just hope you can all find peace. My prayers are with you and have been since the inception of this nightmare, and so are the prayers of many.
    With deepest sympathy and humble sincerity,
    Jodi Ann Arias
    “…and your sorrow shall be turned into joy.” – John 16:20

  6. Inquiring says:

    (3) New documents filed in Roy Kronk case
    They want more time to file documents and to stop P.I. Dominic Casey from talking in Depositions


    Third Motion to Extend Time To File Motions For Summary Judgment, Responses Thereto, and To Reschedule Pre-trial Filed by David L Schrader on behalf of Defendant Casey Marie Anthony (Entered: 01/21/2015)


    Casey’s attorney Schrader is asking for a THIRD time for more time to file their Motion for Summary Judgment, and to reschedule the pretrial Hearing that was set for February 10, 2015.
    They want to use the Hearing on Feb 10, 2015 for the Judge to rule on their new “Discovery Motions”, which include Casey’s Motion to Strike Dominic Casey’s testimony from his deposition, and a Motion for a Protective Order to prevent Dominic Casey from testifying in the future due to to private eye/client privilege and due to work product exception.
    Roy Kronk’s attorney may filed a Motion to Compel Dominic Casey to testify at a rescheduled deposition.

    Roy Kronk’s attorney is continuing to take depositions of Casey Anthony and non-parties [people other than Casey Anthony and Roy Kronk].

    The Hearing on Feb 10, 2015 will be for the Judge to rule on these Motions, then Casey’s attorney will have 45/30 days from that Ruling, to file their Motion for Summary Judgment [to throw out the Kronk case].

    Casey’s attorney says SETTLEMENT NEGOTIATIONS are continuing.


    Motion for Protective Order as to discovery related to Debtor/Defendant’s previous private investigators, including Dominic Casey and/or D & A Investigations Filed by David L Schrader on behalf of Defendant Casey Marie Anthony
    (Entered: 01/21/2015)


    Casey’s attorney wants the Judge to grant a Protective Order preventing P.I. Dominic Casey from giving information in a deposition which violates P.I./client privilege and/or work product exception.
    They say that Baez, Cindy and George, and Casey have not waived these privileges, and that there must be written consent to do so.

    [NOTE: Dominic Casey’s BOOK says they all waived privilege – the name of his BOOK is “Privilege Waived”]


    Motion to Strike all or part of the testimony of Dominic Casey and/or D & A Investigations taken by Plaintiff on September 18, 2014 Filed by David L Schrader on behalf of Defendant Casey Marie Anthony (Entered: 01/21/2015)


    Casey’s attorney wants the Judge to STRIKE the testimony of P.I. Dominic Casey from his Deposition which was taken
    September 18, 2014, and was terminated after disputes arose.


  7. Inquiring says:

    Stephens RULING – January 14, 2015

    Gold Patrol

    Jen Trial Diaries

    RULING – January 14, 2015

    The Court has considered:

    - defendant’s Motion to Dismiss the State’s Notice of Intent to Seek the Death Penalty Due to Defendant’s Inability to Present a Complete Case for Life filed September 26, 2014 (with attachments) – DENIED

    - defendant’s Motion to Dismiss State’s Notice of Intent to Seek the Death Penalty Due to Continued Misconduct filed October 1, 2014 – DENIED

    - State’s Objection to Motion to Dismiss State’s Notice of Intent to Seek the Death Penalty Due to Defendant’s Inability to Present a Complete Case for Life filed October 6, 2014

    - State’s Objection to Defendant’s Motion to Dismiss Notice to Intent to Seek Death Penalty Due to Continue State Misconduct filed October 10, 2014

    - Motion to Dismiss State’s Notice of Intent to Seek the Death Penalty Due to Continue State Misconduct Supplement #1 filed October 24, 2014 – DENIED

    - defendant’s Motion to Dismiss All Charges with Prejudice and/or in the Alternative to Dismiss the State’s Notice of Intent to Seek the Death Penalty due to Recently Discovered Purposeful and Egregious Prosecutorial Misconduct and Supplemental Containing Exhibit “A”, both filed on November 10, 2014 – DENIED

    - State’s Motion for Discover (Compaq Presario Computer) filed November 13, 2014

    - State’s Motion for Sanctions (Compaq Presario Computer) filed November 16, 2014 – DENIED

    - State’s Motion to Strike (Compaq Presario Computer) filed November 18, 2014

    - State’s Objection to Defendant’s Motion to Dismiss All Charges with Prejudice and/or in the Alternative to Dismiss the State’s Notice of Intent to Seek the Death Penalty Due to Recently Discovered Purposeful and Egregious Prosecutorial Misconduct filed on November 20, 2014

    - defendant’s Response to State’s Motion for Sanctions and State’s Motion to Strike filed Nov 20, 2014

    - defendant’s Motion for Reconsideration: Motion to Dismiss State’s Notice of Intent to Seek the Death Penalty Due to Defendant’s Inability to Present a Complete Case for Life filed November 26, 2014 – DENIED

    - Objection to Defendant’s Motion for Reconsideration: Motion to Dismiss State’s Notice of Intent to Seek the Death Penalty Due to Defendant’s Inability to Present a Complete Case for Life filed December 1, 2014

    - defendant’s Supplemental Motion to Dismiss all Charges with Prejudice and/or in the Alternative to Dismiss the State’s Notice of Intent to Seek the Death Penalty Due to Recently Discovered Purposeful and Egregious Prosecutorial Misconduct filed December 14, 2014 – DENIED

    - the evidence presented at the evidentiary hearings conducted on November 21, 2014 and December 11, 2014, the exhibits admitted at the evidentiary hearing (Exhibits 1,2,3,4,6,7,8,9,10,11, and 12), the oral argument conducted on December 11, 2014

    - Objection to Defendant’s Supplemental Motion to Dismiss All Charges with Prejudice and/or in the Alternative to Dismiss the State’s Notice of Intent to Seek the Death Penalty Due to Recently Discovered Purposeful and Egregious Prosecutorial Misconduct filed on December 22, 2014

    - the supplemental exhibit to the Defendant’s Motion for Reconsideration: Motion to Dismiss State’s Notice of Intent to Seek the Death Penalty Due to Defendant’s Inability to Present a Complete Case for Life filed November 26, 2014 (filed under seal on January 5, 2015)

    - the Supplement to State’s Objection to Defendant’s Motion for Reconsideration: Motion to Dismiss State’s Notice of Intent to Seek the Death Penalty Due to Defendant’s Inability to Present a Complete Case for Life (with attachment) filed January 7, 2015

    - the Reporter’s Transcript of Proceedings for Testimony of Lonnie Dworkin dated February 4, 2013

    - testimony of John Smith at the penalty phase retrial on January 8, 2015 and January 14, 2015

    - testimony of Detective Esteban Flores at the penalty phase retrial on January 12, 2015

    - oral argument conducted on January 9, 2015

    page 12
    The relevance of the victim’s computer at the penalty phase retrial, according to the defendant, is to corroborate the defendant’s claim that she saw the victim viewing pornography in January 2008.

  8. LindaP says:

    Wow! I notice a lot of new posters here. I would like to welcome everyone and thank them for their comments!

    I can’t take listening to what the defense is doing anymore.

    Call me when someone of HONOR steps into the room and unfortunately I am not talking about the judge. At this point, any cashier at McDonalds would be preferable over this sadistic, cold, unfeeling judge, who seems to have no problem tormenting the victim’s family as if THEY did something wrong and handing the courtroom over to a savage narcissistic psycho, allowing her to destroy everything this victim had built over his life, all based on the word of a pathological liar!

    This could be any of us!

    I hope she loses her pension over this. If I was an Arizona citizen, I would want her impeached, thrown off the bench, no pension, no more taxpayer money, get out and hope I don’t ever see her face again.

    This is the lowest of the low. The bottom of the well. This is underneath the lowest layer of prehistoric pond scum that exists. Sub-human is what this defense team has become. Inhumane. Unconscionable. Vile. Reprehensible.

    How dare Sherry Stephens allow her courtroom to be used as a TOOL to torture the victim’s family and destroy the only thing this victim had left, after this monster from hell was through with him.

    He led a good life and now they want to take that away from him too? For this BEAST OF PREY?

    And “secret witnesses?” Really? Too far! this has gone way too far!

    I am beyond enraged.

    This so-calle “judge” is out of control and stomping all over everyone for this raging sadist. She is not only unqualified to handle this trial, she is biased and brazenly helping the defense to undermine the system and that makes her unqualified to be a judge!

    OK, well I usually have my morning rant on the chat…lol…but I wanted to welcome all the news posters and say thank you!


    Here’s your place to RANT!
    ; D

  9. dott arnold says:

    BRILLIANT is all I have to offer …a poster by the name of Kc Ashole from JMPS page posted the link…ICAM with the ENTIRE article…Thank You sooo much!!!

  10. Edie Morse says:

    Excellent analysis. TY for telling the truth about this nightmarish farce. Judge Sherry Stephens is a bloody disgrace to the bench. Too add to what is a truthful statement of the incompetence & corruption by this foolish judge, who has “ex-partied” with JA & Co., numerous times, in violation of the AZ Judicial Code of Conduct– JSS has protected this venal convicted murderer, who has been allowed to shill for money (via selling crap & asking for donations from the brain-dead) over the past year-and-seven-months, since the hung jury, in May 2013… And her attorneys have said that they do not want her ill-gotten gains to be made public.

    All of JA’s ill-gotten gains should have been frozen by the Court, and held in trust to pay back the victims, the Alexanders, and/or the State of AZ. JA enjoys “indigent” status under false pretenses, and is defrauding the taxpayers. JSS should have put a stop to this a long time ago… but instead, JSS seems to be covering-up the convicted murderer’s financial status, and this is why the AZ taxpayers are being swindled. JSS should be replaced with a competent & ethical judge, for her motive seems to be to have maneuvered Skank, via engineering delay after delay after delay, to get to the Feb 2015 Omnibus Hearing, in which another judge (Judge Kreamer) will decide whether or not to take the DP “off-the-table”. If this was JSS’s reasoning for her “gaming the system” alongside JA & Co. to aide-and-abet JA, that is unethical, and probably illegal too. JSS wants another judge to do the “dirty deed”. By the way, Jodi Arias is the only defendant in the Omnibus Hearing who has been convicted of 1st degree premeditated murder. Why is a convicted killer allowed to join in it, anyway, at this point??? Ask JSS, or better yet, the public might find out if and when the over 120 sealed documents & the contents of the many inappropriate “ex-parte” meetings are ever revealed.

  11. Justice for Travis says:

    I wonder if JSS is going to have a job by the end of the week ? It’s about time someone pays attention on what is going on in the court room. JSS you need to get your court room back on track.
    WOW the Ho is getting uglier by the minute…………….

  12. Lady Justice says:

    Alice Ann Kulek posted the link to this site and I am sooo glad she did! Great blog and spot on about JSS! That woman should be deeply ashamed what she’s doing to the Alexander family and to the citizens of Arizona. She’s useless! I’ve never seen any judge like this & hopefully never will again. Justice 4 Travis! Thanks Linda!

    • yukonbear says:

      all these people complaining about JSS should write to their congressman or directly to the DA and let them know their feelings about JSS. In order to get some action they need to address their complaints to the boss of JSS. As Judges are elected in your state surely if enough complaints are sent in…someone will have to respond. If not, then remember this come election day.

  13. dancehappy says:

    a very good read from the JMSP

    The Jodi Arias Retrial: A Juror’s Perspective
    DAY 20

    I opened my mail to find a letter that reads:
    “Today I really need to hear your “Juror’s” take on things….You, more than most, should be able to tell us what would be going on in a Juror’s mind…Your life has been (basically) put on hold, since September…You are cut off from watching the nightly news…God forbid that you should pass a newsstand; you force yourself not to let your eyes focus on a newspaper…And then, the Great Judge Sherry, grants you (bless her heart) EIGHTEEN glorious days of “time off”!
    During this time off, you can spend time with your family (don’t talk about the trial)…You can, perhaps, go back to work (don’t talk about the trial)…You can watch TV (don’t watch the news)….You can check your email (watch out for the news)…..And FINALLY, it’s January 5th – and you are back in the courthouse, as you were instructed to be…Only to be told – “never mind” – “go back home” “remember the admonition”….
    But seriously, Paul- what do you think is going on in the minds of those Jurors? The last testimony they heard was that of Dr. (Goofy) Geffner…Those Jurors’ heads must be spinning! As a former Juror, of a capital murder trial, what’s going on in your mind? Are you starting to resent the defense team at this point? Are you starting to wonder what the hell is wrong with this Judge? Are you considering doing something to get you’re a** off this Jury panel so that you can get back to your OWN life?…..I’m sorry…just trying to pick your brain… – Love you and all that you do for those of us that rely upon you and the other respectable courtroom journalists, that try to share with us, what Judge Stevens has cut the public out of.” Kim Damey Knutson
    Sixteen Jurors made their way to the Juror Parking Garage in anticipation of Day 20 of the Jodi Arias Death Penalty Retrial. They were well rested after eighteen days of court recess for the Christmas holiday. The Jurors enter the garage at the security gate. Some drive alone while many have learned to carpool since many live great distances from the Courthouse. They tell the guard they are here for Jury Service and the guard tells them to park on the fifth floor or above. The first five floors are reserved for critical city personnel. Most Jurors do not know that they share the garage with the Forensic Examiner’s Office. They don’t notice the unmarked white Coroner’s vans that go in and out of the same garage.
    Some Jurors may question why they have to park on the highest floors. That question is quickly diffused when they realize it is only a minor inconvenience if they were to look at the big picture.
    There are Jurors that will take the stairs to the ground floor while others will take the elevator. When they reach the bottom floor and walk outside, they see the Juror bus waiting for them with Phillip, the casual but professionally dressed coach driver, standing at the luxury bus’ opened door. He cordially greets each and asks to see their Juror notice upon entry to the bus.
    The bus is almost full of Jurors as they find their seats. Mondays are busy at the Maricopa County Courthouse as thousands of potential Jurors are called to do their service daily. It was the Monday after a Holiday and the Court System was expected to be laden with trials.
    The chauffeured ride to the Courthouse is only eight blocks but takes ten minutes due to the heavy volume of downtown traffic. The Juror looks out the window and remembers that the Court has not finished with the questioning of the last witness, Dr. Geffner. It was not testimony any Juror really looked forward to especially after the interminable testimony of the prior Psychological witness, Dr. Fonseca. The good thing was that each Juror was rested and ready to seek resolution in this State of Arizona versus Arias matter.
    The Jurors are dropped off in the early morning sunlight in front of the Courthouse. Phillip always gives a parting greeting when each person exits the bus and extends his hand to each female Juror as they step off the bus. He smiles and makes each Juror feel welcome and honored to be part of the system.
    They make their way past security and head to fifth floor Jury room, sometimes referred to as the “Little Room” or “The Island” as we referred to it on our Jury. Entering the Jury room is like a family reunion with friendly greetings to each other. At this point in time, entering their third month of being together, they will make their way to their self-assigned seats. Each will catch up on the events of the Holidays.
    Janet and Randy, the Judicial Assistant and Bailiff, will check on them periodically to make sure all sixteen are accounted for. The energy in the room is high as they wait to be brought into the Courtroom.
    At 9:30 AM, Janet will appear and inform them that there will be a delay in getting started as the attorneys are meeting with Judge Stevens. They will not be surprised.
    There is an interesting tradition that many Judges do for Juries on long term trials. They cannot speak to the Jury but recognize their efforts by stocking snacks at the beginning of each week. Judges pay for this out of their own pocket and not with Taxpayer monies. Mondays usually feature a vast array of new snacks that the Judge will have preset in the little room for them. Many will indulge commenting that their diets can wait another day. There will be peanut butter stuffed pretzels, fresh pastries, Twizzler Ropes, hard candies and even chocolate (which every Juror loves).
    Jurors will have their snacks and some will look at their notes from the testimony of eighteen days ago. It will not take them long to get up to speed as to where they had left off. Each was sure it would be Dr. Geffner on the stand again. None would show that they looked forward to it with any great anticipation.
    The morning delays are probably the most frustrating for Jurors. Each goes to great lengths and avoidance of a plethora of possible catastrophes in preparing to be to Court on time. Are the kids ready for school? Where are my car keys? Is the baby sitter ready for the afternoon? Are there any work issues that need to be taken care of? Do I have to park of the eighth floor in the Jury garage every time I get here?
    Each goes to super human lengths to avoid being late and when Court does not start on time, it is somewhat irritating. But, in the big picture of things to a Juror on a death penalty trial, it is only a minor inconvenience.
    When Judge Stevens and the attorneys walked into the little room at 10:20 in the morning, where the Jury waited patiently, each knew today was for naught before she began apologizing for sending them home for the day.
    I dressed for Court with an air of anticipation. It had been a long eighteen days and I, like the Jury, felt refreshed. It occurred to me as I was tying my Garcia tie that January marked the forty second week out of the fifty two weeks that I was preparing to go to the Superior Court Building. It was one year ago that I had been selected to be a Juror on the remarkably similar case of Marissa DeVault and the premeditated murder of her husband, Dale Harrell. The book, “Brain Damage: A Juror’s Tale – The Hammer Killing Trial” (available on Amazon.com) was born fifty two weeks ago.
    There is a remarkable difference between my attending the trial as a Juror and attending it with a view from The Gallery, the public seating area of the Courtroom. The difference is in the weight of moral responsibility. As a Juror, I never wanted to do anything less than the best job I could do in that very unfamiliar role. I was responsible to a system that has been in place for over two hundred years. It was my job, along with fifteen others, to do as instructed and behave as reasonable human beings should behave. And, it is a responsibility to something greater than me and that is to find the path to Justice with the tools I have been given by God through my experiences and the relationships with my fellow Jurors.
    I no longer carry that weight of responsibility in the pit of my stomach when I go to Court. It is still amazing to me that I can speak comfortably walking down the hallways of the Courthouse or in the confines of an elevator. I no longer carry the “Scarlet Letter” of being a Juror and wearing a badge. I still respect the freedom of being able to have lunch where ever I want without fear of being overheard.
    I walked the steps to the Courthouse and saw my friend, Kathy Brown, who had been out with the flu the last week of trial before the Holiday. We hugged in friendship. I also saw Mikal-Ann, the self-proclaimed “Crazy Lady” whom I hugged as well. She had been coming to this trial every day and was one who attended the Marissa DeVault Trial as well.
    We used to see her from the Jury box when she would trial watch from the Gallery. We called her the lady with the “Scrunchy Face”. We could not figure out if she was part of the family of Dale Harrell or that of Marissa DeVault because she would change sides daily. Since most us were rookie Jurors, we did not know of the commitment of Trial Watchers. She also stuck out to us because she had an interesting and unique sense of fashion acumen. I think she is the reason this Jury calls us, “Gypsies”. She has a good heart and would do anything to show her support for the Travis Alexander family.
    We entered the Courthouse and made our way to the public seating room on the first floor. It was like a quiet reunion as we met with the other various people in the room, catching up on our holiday activities.
    It was 9:20 and we told each other to quiet down as Janet always enters at the same time and none of us wanted to start the day with a firm admonishment that “this room is to be treated like a Courtroom with complete silence”.
    Fifteen minutes later, she had not arrived. The projection screen that commanded the center of the room showed the muted actions of Judge Stevens and her Courtroom. One could see convicted inmates accompanied by their lawyers as the Judge rendered sentences. I assumed this delay was because of the multiplicity of Defendants that were put in front of her and this is why things were running behind.
    Janet showed up and led us to the Courtroom after explaining the rules of which I knew by heart. There was to be no eating, drinking or talking in the Courtroom. Judicial Conferences were not an opportunity for us to break out in conversation although they are a good time to use the restroom.
    We were just about to get into the elevator when someone introduced themselves to me. Once she said her Twitter name, it was like two old friends getting together who only knew each other through 140 characters at a time.
    “Simma Dunn Naw?” I asked in a whisper in the elevator.
    “The 13th Juror?” she asked.
    “Paul,” I said as I shook her hand.
    “Deb,” she answered smiling.
    I often call this trial experience, “Trial by Twitter”, because of the heavily sanctioned media. No live filming of the trial can be shown until after the verdict so communications and relationships have been built in the Twitter world. Hence, running into Deb was like seeing an old and well-known friend, created one hundred and forty characters at a time. I appointed myself as the Court tour guide.
    We got to the fifth floor and Janet went into the Courtroom to survey the situation before letting us in. Deb introduced her friend from Wisconsin, Allison, who wanted to attend the trial on one of her vacation days. She was a dark haired soft spoken girl who really wanted to see Juan Martinez as well as show her support for the family of Travis Alexander. We immediately got along.
    Janet returned swiftly and guided us into the Courtroom to our designated rows behind the family of the Defendant. I sat next to Deb and put a finger over my lips to signal silence. She nodded in agreement.
    I waited until Janet was looking away and started showing her the usual suspects in the Courtroom in front of us. I whispered ever so softly in her ear as I gave her direction out of people’s sight. I kept my eyes on Janet and would halt speaking the moment she turned around. In that, play by play I showed her everyone.
    Juan Martinez, Kirk Nurmi and Jennifer Willmott were having a long bench conference with Judge Stevens and we could only see their backs as “white noise” buzzed over our heads. I directed Deb’s attention to Maria de la Rosa, the State appointed Mitigator for Arias. We watched as she went over to Arias and gave her a sheet of paper. Moments later, Maria de la Rosa came up to the family of the Defendant seated in the first row and shook hands with each and offering pleasantries in a whispered voice.
    I pointed toward the Prosecution table and noticed that Juan’s boss was sitting in the seat that Juan Martinez always sat in. I think I knew then that something was wrong.
    Janet was leaning over and talking to Randy, the Bailiff, who was seated in the front on the right side of the Courtroom. He was always an animated and friendly Court person usually being seen with a smile on his face or walking with authority as he would go get the Jury. He had a funny nuance being a tall man like me. It seemed that is long sleeve shirt and accompanying sweater fit tightly but was a size too small in length. Just a funny nuance…
    “Who’s that?” she whispered to me, pointing toward the table behind the prosecution table?”
    I had to look twice to see. It took me a moment to realize that it was David Bodney, the attorney. I remembered him from last October as the attorney who represented the media and the public when Judge Stevens had sanctioned all of us for the secret testimony given by whom we now know as being from Arias herself. This attorney looks a lot like Juan Martinez in many ways being sharply dressed and well-manicured. He carries himself confidently and was a master orator in his appearance before the Appellate Court in defense of our interests in this trial.
    Looking back, I realized that this was the second thing out of place while the attorneys were buried in a bench conference with the Judge.
    Suddenly, Judge Stevens recessed the Court for five minutes. The Jury had still not been called to their seats.
    Kathy Brown tapped me on my shoulder from behind me. She whispered, “The State’s Website just announced that Court is recessed for the day!”
    It is amazing how fast this went around the Courtroom seats in almost complete silence. I do not think there was one of us who were truly surprised that this would happen. This trial seemed to have featured every delay possible. None of us knew that, at 8:30 AM, Kirk Nurmi had filed a motion with the Supreme Court preventing the release of the Arias secret testimony.
    This legal maneuver had halted the Court proceedings.
    I pictured Judge Stevens telling the Jury in the little room. They had known something was off as well as I did. The morning delays were usually ten or fifteen minutes. This delay was almost an hour. When she entered their room, they knew they were being excused for the day. I am sure there were some faint sighs that could be heard and maybe even a look of consternation and irritation from some but it would only be momentary.
    The Juror on a case that comprises less than two percent of all Judicial cases knows from the beginning that these cases will have delays. They learn quickly that it is pointless to ask questions. They are lambs to the law of Justice. They are to listen and they are to follow the direction of the Court. They have each made a moral commitment in their hearts to complete the process no matter how long it takes. The have made a verbal commitment to the Court that they would do as asked. They did not know the depth of their sacrifice when they began on this Jury but for each day that passes, their commitment becomes greater.
    This is a minor inconvenience to the Juror because it is nothing in comparison to the task they have at hand.
    There is a statue that one may see in conversations of law. Her Greek name is Themis, many of us know her as Lady Justice. Her head is slightly raised and her blindfolded eyes look toward a distant horizon. She stands tall and carries a sword in her left hand, ready for battle. I liken this sword to that of Juan Martinez and the prosecution. In her other hand, she lifts a chained dual scale, their balance not quite horizontal.
    That scale is held by the hand of the Jury and its weight on either side may change balance throughout a Trial and its walk of Justice.
    If the Jury were to look at that scale at this stage of the trial, they understand this: On one side are the interests of the convicted murderer who has qualified to be on Death Row. They know they will one day decide whether she lives or dies. For now, it is of minor consequence.
    There is not one Juror who goes to bed at night or wakes up in the morning without seeing a picture of Travis Alexander in their mind’s eye. They may forget some of the one hundred and fifty two pictures that Juan Martinez presented on the second day of this retrial but they won’t forget all of them. Some may only see a few yet each will remember the face of Travis Alexander in death.
    It is the other side of the scale that is most important to this Jury and it is that of Justice for Travis Alexander and his family. They see the family every day seated in the front row of the Courtroom and they cannot ignore those interests. It is unique that a Jury only decide the third phase of a trial. They did not have the benefit of walking the road through mountains of evidence to determine premeditation. They did not get to reach a verdict that determined that this crime was cruel and heinous. They have also figured out that this is the most difficult phase of a capital murder trial and the responsibility is of the greatest importance.
    They certainly want to be rid of the burden of responsibility that weighs in their hearts and minds. They know that their minds don’t stop working just because Court is in recess. It never leaves the mind and thoughts always end up unresolved. They crave to talk about it but they will not.
    All of the inconveniences and sacrifices of a trial are a minor inconvenience to the Juror because in the big picture, somebody undeservedly lost their life in a cruel and heinous manner by premeditation.
    Many will choose to walk back to the Jury Parking Garage instead of taking the Jury Coach. It will give them time to think. It will slowly come clear to many on the Jury that this phase of the trial is more about Justice for Travis Alexander and his family than the sentencing of his convicted killer.
    This Jury is committed and only an Act of God can change that…
    The Jury of sixteen will be back on Thursday at 10:00 AM (MST) lined up in an ordered queue along the aisle of the “Green Mile”.
    Once again, they will be ready to walk the path of Justice for Travis Alexander…
    I hope I answered your question, Kim Damey Knutson…
    “Every good relationship that develops as a result of this Trial is the manifestation of the Spirit of Travis Alexander.”
    Justice 4 Travis Alexander…
    Justice for Dale…
    Paul A. Sanders, Jr.
    The 13th Juror @The13thJurorMD (Twitter)

  14. Lowetta Miller says:

    I applaud to who ever wrote this article, as it states the full truth to this particular court case and judge sherry k stephens from hell it self. And in how this so called judge has completed her self in an UNLAWFUL MANNER. No other judge IN the history of OUR NATION has ever acted in this manner, ever. So, why are her superior,s letting her get away with these unlawful behaviour,s in a courtroom that belongs to the tax paying citizens of Arizona? This court bench, not throne, belongs to WE THE PEOPLE, not to queen stephens . Get this bitcxx off this bench that WE PAID FOR!!!!!…… :•|

  15. Susan says:

    Great Blog BTW! All of my thought EXACTLY!!!

  16. Susan says:

    I have been watching this trial since the beginning and I have NEVER seen a “judge” allow the kind of shenanigans go on that this “judge” has. The Penalty Retrial has been nothing short of an appeals case that the Defense has been allowed to put on. JSS has allowed the defense witnesses to belittle and completely DISRESPECT the Prosecutor and to date, none of the witnesses have even been allowed to be crossed- including the “secret” witness who was allowed to testify in secret because they felt their life was in danger- THE SECRET WITNESS WAS THE DEFENDANT HERSELF!!!!! She has a Twitter, FB and blog accounts where she discusses the trial…..she’s done interviews, including one 15 minutes after her guilty verdict and all of a sudden she wants to hide her testimony and the “judge” allowed it. JSS has NO CONTROL over this courtroom and she has ZERO regard for the Jury who’s lives are on hold while she allows the Defense to blatantly disregard all the protocols, processes and legal guidelines/laws of proper courtroom procedures and practices. Not to mention the torture she is putting this family through over and over and over again!!!!!!!! Use your power the way you are supposed to JSS and tell the Defense team to present their Penalty Phase Case NOW. They should have had it ready to go a year ago when the conviction came down, they should have had it ready 5 months ago when you allowed them to put it off for a year and they should definitely have had it ready when they had almost the entire month of December off from court!!!!! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!! BTW- 2 & 3 days in court per week is NOT right! It’s disgraceful, despicable and it’s costing the taxpayers of Arizona millions in tax money. GET A GRIP SHERRY STEPHENS!!!!!

  17. Kat Zapp says:

    This trial is a mockery of how the public believes the justice system works, and therein lies the problem and the source of trial watcher disappointment and anger.
    Reality is, the ‘justice’ system does not mean a victim or perpetrator will ever ‘get’ what is perceived as justice by the public in general. In reality, justice is not an objective result, it is subjective to each individual. What would constitute justice in your minds eye sites not equal justice in another’s. And judges don’t care about the emotional component inherent to the parties involved.
    I am not privy to #judgesherrystephens private life so I don’t know if she has any substance abuse issues (an egregious and slanderous accusation it’s not true) or if she has voiced a personal objections to the death penalty. I do know that she has gone out of her way to try and prevent this case being rehabbed on appeal by the defense. This is where I personally take issue with her mishandling of this case.
    She has violated the rules of criminal procedure in almost every way possible. She has a duty to the citizens of Arizona to run her court judiciously and economically. She fails miserably on all counts.
    As for Nurmi and Wilmott (sp?) they will probably be on every talk show as ‘pseudo-experts’ if she only gets LWP/LWOP just like Jose Baez. They are taking full advantage of Stephens ineptitude. That is considered very good legal defense work in legal profession. Their motions and delays may be tedious and time & money consuming, but Stephens is the responsible party for allowing them, holding hearings taking testimony on them instead of denying the redundant and unsupported or legally baseless ones.
    Stephens is not a queen but rather a pleb, judicially inadequate and IMO only qualified to be a magistrate of the court (a lesser judge designation for small claims and traffic court level matters).
    Apparently the courts in Maricopa County have a limited judge pool and that is why she was appointed to hear this case (and perhaps other more qualified judges wanted no part in this destined to be high profile circus).
    That is my take on this case. I’m not angry but I am disappointed. I feel sympathy for the Alexander family and jurors whose lives and emotional well being have been ignored and abused.

    • Merri says:

      Maybe Stephens was given the case in that it should have been a slam dunk with all the evidence of guilt and premeditation.

  18. Sherri T says:

    Here is the name and number of the Judge that Sherry Stephens reports to. He is the Presiding Sr. Judge. WELTY, Joseph C. Presiding Criminal Judge – Telephone Number 602.372.2537. Also Judge Welty’s address is: Central Court Building 12A, 201 W Jefferson, Pho. AZ 85003……..I don’t know if it would do any good, but maybe if Judge Welty were to get enough complaints, he might step in and do something! At the very least, take Sherry’s bottle of booze away from her.

  19. M says:

    No regard for the victim, his family and the jury…..what the heck ??? Thank you for your post

  20. Nore says:

    Linda, all I can say is THANK YOU! You have said what needed to be said. Someone does need to do something . Please someone in Az. step up .

    • Guest says:

      Apparently those in HIGH PLACES in AZ don’t care either!

      The Boston bomber, the one who planted explosives at the marathon run, HE will be sentenced & in prison in LESS TIME than jodi and maybe even BEFORE jodi if stephens & jodi’s scheme team get their way!

      I don’t know what makes the “butcher of Yreka” more important than anyone else, but other Judges that have been put on notice of these facts have done NOTHING!

      Even if stephens was REMOVED from this case, at THIS point in time, another Death Penalty qualified Judge could EASILY sit down on judge stephens’ *throne* and the case would be completed by the end of January 2015 I believe.

      stephens has this case going well into February, maybe even LONGER!

      If she is allowed to continue on this, jurors will fall out one by one, which is her goal, and she will give jodi life with parole, which means jodi could be free in about 19 years or so, with time already served.

      This judge needs to be FINED, and BIG, then removed from this case. She also needs to be tested for drugs & alcohol because when I look at her, sitting on her *throne*, she looks stoned out of her mind!

      Never a full week of court, at best, 2-3 days out of the week, court is always starting late, probably cuz she’s got a hangover.

      Clearly, this judge is NOT qualified, and when *I* called to complain, I was told she WAS qualified.

      So either ALL judges in AZ are like her & see nothing wrong with her behavior or else no one but the taxpayers care.

      Let’s not gloss over how she has allowed jodi’s *sexpert witnesses* to be extremely disrespectful to Juan Martinez, laugh & giggle on the stand, talk directly to the judge….she has failed to keep order & allowed that booger-picking nurmi to do as he pleases!

      she says NO MORE DELAYS and all she has done is ALLOWED them!

  21. dancehappy says:

    I wish there was SOMETHING we could do about JSS. Sign a petition, something.
    She’s another one who should be watching her back. Many crazies out there.

  22. Again, PERFECT timing, Linda! I was trying to pinpoint when, exactly this case began to go astray. I know that some would say with the appointment of …ooops!! I don’t believe she deserves the title of–rhymes with fudge, either. I’m going to call her, Sidebar Sherry!! Never in the history of ANY trial, have there been so many sidebars, WHY? Why the intense need for secrecy in this case, from the onset? Secret meeting, secret hearings. The press has been going CRAZY, trying to secure the transcript of the “secret, surprise witness.” Why aren’t they indignant that so much of this trial has been kept from the public, from day ONE? I want the transcript of EVERY sidebar, and every secret hearing!! What the HELL?
    “Dr” Samuels crossed professional lines when he developed a crush on Arias and began sending her greeting cards and self-help books. Malice crossed the lines of DECENCY when she too, developed a crush on Arias and snapped at Martinez like a jealous lover, when he suggested that Arias ENJOYED having sex with Alexander! Oh, and lets not forget those half a dozen instances where she PERJURED herself, under oath. Then, there’s Geffner–AKA “Tomme Tippee.” He defied the laws of GRAVITY when he manged to spill his water THREE times, without even coming NEAR his cup. This year, he has mastered control of his cup, but his testimony is so boring he is knocking out half the jurors and much of the gallery, with unscheduled nap time. I’m going to be taking bets NOW, that when we EVER get back around to Tommee, that he’s going to pull a Houdini and be, “unavailable,” for cross examination by Martinez. Scheduling conflicts–you know, because of all the DELAYS!!!
    Then we have NEUMEISTER. Nurmi’s brother-by-another-mother. The EYE BALL “expert,” from last year. A few, short weeks ago, in one of those RARE days where we actually heard testimony, he nearly took up an ENTIRE day, tooting his own horn and padding his resume. He referred to HIMSELF as a “computer expert.” One minute into his interview, with Martinez ( see Martinez’s latest motion) he is CRYING like a little girl!! He doesn’t know nuttin’ ’bout birthin’ no babies…sorry…he said he was NOT a computer expert, “He’s just an Audio/Visual guy!” A forever geek, his “glory days,” behind him, when he got to push the cart with the video projector, from classroom to classroom. They became extinct when VHS became readily available. Yuppers!! He cried and blamed EVERYTHING on a guy that Martinez calls, “Pseudonym.” I’m going to make it easy on MYSELF, and call him, “a boy named Sue.” Now, Nurmi, Neumeister and Sue seemed to be all about impact and don’t give a thought to consequences. Much like their Mistress of the Darkness, Jodi Arias. Sue probably had an uncontrollable fit of the giggles, when his unscheduled appearance, put a halt to the day’s proceeding. He probably thought he was going to spend ANOTHER paid day, siting in Nurmi’s mother’s basement watching, “Back to the Future Part II”, and pointing out all the inaccuracies. What he DIDN’T see coming was Martinez snatching him up by his pocket protector and dragging him back to HIS chambers, for that LONG, overdue interview. I wonder how soon into that interview, did he start whining and pointing the finger, at NURMI?
    As far as Sidebar Sherry? Most people consider that a person has a problem, when the drinking interferes with their ability to perform every day tasks. So far, Sidebar Sherry lets NOTHING interfere with her ability to imbibe. Several 15-minute-breaks and at least an hour and half for her to drink her lunch? Sounds like she has it all under control, to ME. Even last year, when we were “proceeding forward,” it was still only a part-time gig, her to HER! Rarely, did we ever see more than three full days of testimony a week and NEVER in a row–and NEVER on Friday.
    It’s easy to see why Arias wants to stall the inevitable, “life,” at Perryville, is tough. Things just “happen” to difficult prisoners, there. Whether they “accidentally” leave her out to bake, in the Arizona, desert sun, or if a highly toxic substance falls into her gruel, the authorities can’t be EVERYWHERE!!! I’m still trying to figure out why ANYONE would think that if Arias doesn’t get the death penalty, she has WON?

    • B says:

      Linda,thank you again for a great article…..& Margaret for your comments.I can’t imagine how any of this continued BS could in ANY way be helping the convicted murderer.Jurors must be tired of delays & wasting their time/lives.Court on Thurs.,but none on Friday,of course.The Alexanders must feel like they can’t breathe,choking on lies & more lies.They certainly have strength beyond MY understanding!….I do believe in JUAN & his expertise,& feel he will get the DP for this EVIL,VILE,PUTRID killer…….Here’s to justice in 2015……

      • B, the Alexander’s AMAZE me! Where do they find their STRENGTH? I couldn’t do it. Sit there, day after day, listening to all of those lies and not want to jump up and hurt someone! I sure hope one of them is working on a book. Imagine, getting to know what all of those secret meetings, hearings and nonsense delays were REALLY about? I wish and pray that they find continued strength–that’s really all we can do!

    • LindaP says:

      Excellent Margaret!

      …”“Dr” Samuels crossed professional lines when he developed a crush on Arias and began sending her greeting cards and self-help books. Malice crossed the lines of DECENCY when she too, developed a crush on Arias and snapped at Martinez like a jealous lover…”

      …and they don’t even see how ridiculous they looked doing it! Alyce who’s full of Malice is right on the ferris wheel with Fonseca where they think that chastising the prosecutor makes them look authoritative, when in actuality it makes them look like bitter man-haters and childish NITS. Nothing any of her witnesses have stated on the stand has made any sense because each witness has based their testimony on the FLASE statements of a stalker, killer and pathological liar!

      They have ALL, each and every one of her so-called witnesses, made themselves look like angry children on a playground who despise Juan Martinez MORE than they sympathize with Arias! Simply stated, none of them have the finesse to pull it off! Not one. They all look exactly like what they are: Two-bit-hacks, who are also quacks who behave like CHILDREN with chips on each shoulder’s the size of Mount Rushmore. Not to mention that each witness has gotten up there and blatantly been caught in lies JUST LIKE THE DEFENDANT.

      Yes I will call Alyce La-Toilette a LIAR. Flat out liar. Fonseca is a LIAR. Nuemeister is a LIAR and I also believe he had someone else tamper with that computer. Oh! and let’s ad FRAUD to that description.

      The list goes on. All of them summarily discredited by Juan Martinez and dismissed by the public has hacks, the sole purpose for them being there is to stall for time so the jurors will drop out one by one, and the ultimate decision will be made by JSS.

      The reason I believe that Jodi Arias, stalker, slasher, sadist and sociopath, will win if she gets LWOP and ends up in Perryville is because she will try everything in her power, to not only ESCAPE (and she’s a snake and a sneak, it’s all she knows how to do, She might just pull it off!) but she will also do everything in her powoer to reach out from prison and try to put hit’s out on Juan, the Alexanders, and I’m sure the sick, twisted beast from Hell has a whole long list of people who have “wronged her’ that she’d like to retaliate against, even if she knows she is never getting out.

      At least if she was on Death Row she would be focusing on her appeals and at the end…

      Goodnight Irene!

      Everyone is safe from this evil sadist and she will never be able to escape after that.

      JIMHO, the ONLY punishment for this killer is death. It’s the only thing that is going to stop this savage. She has proven that, proven it beyond all doubt in this mitigation phase, to my complete satisfaction.

      • Linda, I wish that the DP really MEANT the the death penalty. As we BOTH remember, Ted Bundy, it took nine years, for Florida to carry out his execution and people were OUTRAGED that it took that LONG! The death penalty in Arizona means NOTHING more than isolation. She will STILL find a way to be a threat to society, she IS that dangerous. I really don’t care whether they carry this trial out in secret, hold court in a cardboard box, behind the courthouse, with, “No boyz allowed.” Let’s just get this shit OVER with! Debra Milke on death row, 27 years and set FREE? The only way to put an END to her, is let the REAL criminal justice system get a hold of her. A trial by her REAL peers. Inmates at Perryville!! Plus, too many criminal activities are going unpunished. Nurmi should be sitting in jail for contempt. ALL of their witnesses should be held on perjury charges. MDLR should have been jailed the FIRST time she smuggled “tracings” outside. Why is she allowed to MANAGE Arias’ money and brag about thwarting the IRS? The only ones kicking up dust, is the media and only then about the secret testimony. How is the press NOT outraged that the MAJORITY of this phase has been dealt with in secret hearings? Is it Martinez? Is he allowing all these criminal activities to go unpunished, in the interest of keeping this trial moving FORWARD? I really need a voice of REASON here. I thought NO trial would ever top that Florida trial, with Bozo and remember he had some bitch on the stand, with a DIVINING ROD!!?? I expect that ONE of the witnesses that Nurmi will put on the stand is a psychic who will testify that Travis wanted to die and that he is grateful that Arias ended his life–it has become THAT absurd!!!

    • Guest says:

      Yeah, neumeister is an expert that keeps referring questions be asked of “pseudonym” because he would know better.

      When someone else has to answer questions because “they know better”, that only means YOU DON’T KNOW and are NOT an expert!

    • Kat says:

      Margaret, I Love your post!

      • Hi Kat!
        I’m SO hoping that we’ll get to see the verdict read, together! Even trials that weren’t televised, the VERDICT was!! I’ll be HERE!! We held hands through the first phase, it’s only RIGHT that we see this through. Do you think it will be THIS year? Is that TOO much to ask?

  23. Kittylove says:

    Mirriam Webster definition of outrageous:

    1a : exceeding the limits of what is usual b : not conventional or matter-of-fact : fantastic
    2: violent, unrestrained
    3a : going beyond all standards of what is right or decent b : deficient in propriety or good taste

  24. Missy says:

    EXCELLENT Linda!!!!

  25. Kittylove says:

    Another fantastic article Linda and I LOVE the graphics. You hit the nail on the head with every valid and true point that you made. Stephens is a shameful and corrupt “judge”. She is almost as guilty as stabby, the killer herself, by allowing Travis’ honor and reputation to be sliced and diced over and over, and over.

    If this were not happening right in front of our eyes, I would have a hard time believing the insanity of it all. The citizens of Maricopa County need to take some action. They are being robbed of hard earned tax dollars by a “judge” with obviously her own agenda. All of it makes me sick with disgust. Please, someone take charge of this incredible joke of a courtroom and trial. It is time for justice, time for peace and time for stabby to GO AWAY.

  26. Tina L Carr says:

    Great work! Thanks for putting it out there. Something needs to be down about this fiasco of a judge & trial. JSS & the defense are shameless. Manipulators of the justice system with no regard for the victim, Travis Alexander & his family. This case should have been resolved years ago; but 6 years after this savage murder, there is still no justice for Travis Alexander. I am sickened by this misuse of justice. It just goes to show that the victim has less rights than the accused & in this case, the convicted. This is not what our forefathers had in mind when they wrote the Constitution. Their words were not meant to be manipulated in a way to profit judges, counsel, and above all else criminals. Let’s wrap this up! Thank you for being the voice of many.

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