MICHAEL AQUINO Part One: Michael Aquino’s “SATANIC PANIC???”

Between the years 1964-1975 the surfer / beatnik crowd, morphed into the “love generation”  and Beat poetry, coffee houses and guitars were replaced with hippies drugs and guitars. While the hippies strutted up and down Sunset Blvd., in all of their home-made regalia, fringes flying, hair swinging, peace symbols everywhere…a little north, something sinister was happening.

Satan was gaining ground in California, and it wouldn’t be long before he would enter the military.

The story of Michael Aquino’s toxic marriage to the military is ongoing. Although retired, there are too many questions left unanswered for Aquino to be able to enjoy peace and quiet.

This video is the first, in a series of videos, that explore the charges made against Lt. Col. Michael Aquino over the course of his career. If any of these accusations are even somewhat true, then there needs to be a proper inquiry.

This video, shows old newspaper articles about the case, and discusses what the timeline reveals. It was the Presidio Day Care scandal that kept Michael Aquino’s name in the news from 1987-1989, and the charges of satanic ritual abuse, which the children had been making since 1982, that brought Michael Aquino’s existence to light.



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