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Happy Labor Day Weekend! 

So CNN is now actively involved in “stroking violence as a side-gig” and CNN seems perfectly fine with that. No problem at CNN; the world’s most FAKE News Network EVER.

I feel the entire political atmosphere of…of…(it’s hard to find a word…)

oh yeah…TYRANNY, that’s the word “Tyranny,”is the fault of CNN, specifically Kathy Griffin and Chris Cuomo.

This is why I cancelled my cable and often fantasize that ISIS has stormed CNN’s building and is holding them hostage…

on camera.

It would be great if these ISIS-things snuck into this country under the Obama Administration, and were aided and abetted by CNN-Fake-CIA-News…

that way, it would be 100% their own fault, and I would be blameless for enjoying it.

As long as I’m fantasizing, I’d like for it to happen while Kathy Griffin is in the studio doing an interview with Anderson Cooper and Chris Cuomo.

If in any way they could threaten to decapitate Griffin, Cooper and Cuomo, repeatedly, on the air, with close-ups, until their demands were met…

that would be fantastic!


These idiots seem genuinely offended, that Americans did not buy their fat bag of happy, Christmas crap.

It’s not hard to think outside the box when dealing with these extremely psychologically damaged, mentally unstable and very fake…


Whether they’re constructed of poly-foam and liquid latex, mixed with black 3-d goo, goats blood and gopher shyte, or they came from the bones and skin of dead people mixed with CIA pig technology, doesn’t matter.

These things are self destructing before our eyes.




Here’s an article about it.


STUNNING! CNN Host Kamau Bell Leads Antifa Mob in Violent Anti-Prayer Protest (VIDEO)

Kamau Bell.

The best thing about this name is, that I’ve never heard of her.



So last night, while browsing the web for news, I somehow landed on twitter. This was both disturbing and unusual, because I loathe twitter and usually log on to read something, then leave immediately.

LAST NIGHT was one of those rare moments, that was fun to hang out on Twitter… so I made a video.

Gotta love Patriots with a sense of humor!


Here’s the ARIZONA ANTIFA YouTube Channel…





Of course once you find parodies on YouTube, you keep getting more and more of them…

Rucka Rucka Ali – “Im Obama” Thrift Shop Parody:


BRYLCREEME: Are you MAN enough to try it?



Tila Tequila “I’m a Super Soldier.” MK Ultra Illuminati Breakdown Continues…




Murder in New Hampshire: The Pamela Wojas Smart Story (1991)

LIFETIME MOVIE…with Helen Hunt (As Pamela Smart) 


STONE COLD GUILTY – The People v. Scott Lee Peterson



Have a great weekend!







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