Crime This Week…The Jodi Arias Trial: My View From The Couch…by Margaret Garrett

Week Ending March 29, 2013

THIS WEEK March 30

Trial date 38.
After nearly three months of testimony, the trial seems to have been stalled by the defense, in a mind-numbing attempt, to brainwash the audience. If they can’t dazzle us with evidence and wit…they will sit on top of us until we cry, UNCLE!!
Dr Dick Samuels, proved to be a DISASTER for the defense, yet, he droned on, or testified, for six days…that is TWO WEEKS, in “couch juror” time!



We have heard SO much about Alyce LaViolette but to me, it sounds like a repeat of Dr Dick only Alyce didn’t need to refer to her notes… as she tooted her own horn.
I don’t doubt that she is a good counselor and has helped many abuse victims, both women AND men but as she shamelessly plugged her book and then went on to claim that her book is being used on islands that have yet to be DISCOVERED…I see her toppling just as easily as Dr Dick!!
Clearly she has another agenda. Promoting the needs and issues of those she claims to be “serving,” fails to move me.

I’m guessing the backlash from actual abuse victims, will be tremendous.



Global amnesia, PTSD, Dissociative Amnesia, Battered women’s syndrome…? The description of Jodi, by people who actually KNEW her are not ALLOWED…hearsay!! “Stalker… obsessed…psycho-stalker…fatal attraction…bunny boiler”…

yet, this “expert” is allowed to hypothesis that since Travis Alexander came from humble beginnings and had drug addicted parents…

that he MUST be an abuser and therefore HAD IT COMING?????



I don’t see that Juan Martinez will hesitate to turn everything she says and place the “symptoms” exactly where they belong…that JODI was the abuser and that when Travis FINALLY attempted to leave the situation…she MURDERED him. She plotted and planned and carried it out…GLEEFULLY.
There was no domestic violence, this was not an intimate partner situation. Every single thing she has claimed, as far as violence against her, she has ALSO refuted with her OWN WORDS in earlier testimony and in police interrogations.

There was no “RELATIONSHIP.”



Anyone please correct me if I have any part of this wrong…they met in Sept 2006. She pursued him and converted to the Mormon faith, two months later, in an attempt to be considered an eligible, dating partner. Only AFTER she converted did she attempt to learn about the Mormon faith!! They actually dated from Feb. to June 2007.


The whole time they dated it was a long-distance relationship. She lived in California, he in Arizona. She claimed that SHE ended it, but, his friends claimed that it was her hacking into his online accounts, and phone that ended the relationship. SHE responded by moving FROM California, TO Mesa!!!



She moved in with a “friend” that happened to live very close to Travis’ home. This “friend” actually had to forego, her original wedding plans, in attempt to get Jodi to move OUT! She then found a residence even CLOSER, to Travis’s home!!
The whole year that they were broken up, she REFUSED to let him go. She followed him, showed up at every event,that she knew that he would attend. She crashed parties, she interrupted his dinners out. Friends theorized that she slipped through the “doggie door” to enter his home. She was found by Travis, hiding in his closet, whenever he went out on dates. She peeped in his window, she followed him on dates. She slashed his tires…TWICE. She slashed his girlfriend’s tires and Travis had to spend the night, (platonically) because this girl was so afraid! She sent threatening e-mails!!



The thing that puzzles me, is the trip from her MOTHER, to Mesa, in April, two months before the murder. Why did her mother fly out? She claims that her mother arrived to help her “pack the truck.” Call me crazy…but if I have furniture to move, a younger sibling might be a better, HELPER, than a woman in her fifties!!! I think that TRAVIS called her mother, to convince her to MOVE OUT, and MOVE ON!!! She and her mother, “fought” and the truck didn’t get packed. She didn’t NEED her mother as she moved from one house to another, just months before!! That doesn’t make sense, no matter what you believe.



I think this LaViolette person WILL eventually be a better expert FOR the prosecution. There is NO WAY she can look at all the evidence and NOT see that Jodi was the aggressor and the stalker in this situation!!!!

Article written by Margaret Garrett

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Linda Paris

About LindaP

Broadcast veteran. Over 20 years: CNN, MSNBC, LIFETIME, ESPN. NBC. ABC, CBS as Producer, Art Director, Animation Specialist. Over 16 years as a freelance writer: Jezebel Magazine, Atlanta Magazine, Creative Loafing, Southhampton Press. Currently writing a book about a bizarre series of unsolved murders, that began in 1931 and ended in 1970, I have linked the crimes to one forgotten suspect.
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206 Responses to Crime This Week…The Jodi Arias Trial: My View From The Couch…by Margaret Garrett

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  2. Brigid A says:

    Hi Linda!

    It’s me, Brigid A , back from a reprieve. Suffered some burnout & heartache after posting at length last year on that, ahem, Florida trial. I don’t even want to use her name.

    Anyway, I have been drawn into the Travis Alexander murder trial & came back to find you’re covering it! It’s good to be among friends at times like this. Next week we will hear Juan Martinez’ (my dream man!) closing argument. I want to be here!

    Back to reading….


  3. Dinosaur says:

    This according to Graham Winch:

  4. LindaP says:

    Another great article! It really does make a difference seeing the questions all lined up in black and white print…

    • Deb Areizaga says:

      Linda, I researched Charles Thomas Stockton, PhD…the name of the psychologist who’s name Toilette was registered under as a …here’s a link:

      License revoked…Appeal Denied (and, according to a poster on Huff Post..for ‘inappropriate sexual behavior with a client’)…Guess not too many of the Defense’s experts have been able to stay within professional boundaries.

      • Deb Areizaga says:

        I read a comment on one of Tamara Tattles blogs that said Moosehead was an undergrad and her ‘assistant’ certification was cancelled because she did not renew, after graduation. That being said, I can add that her choice of her association with Charles Stockton seems not only to be poorly thought out, but that she may have been manipulated by someone she admired, as an impressionable student. In other words, her current opinions and gender bias may be very long-standing, brought about by her own negative experiences with men she had ‘relationships’ with in the past. Either way I look at it, this woman shouldn’t be giving counsel to “victims”…she should be receiving it!

  5. LindaP says:

    OMG Alyce LaViolette’s info from the CA board of Psychology!!!

    Is she even QUALIFIED to testify???$LCEV2.QueryView?P_LICENSE_NUMBER=10905&P_LTE_ID=724

    • Deb Areizaga says:

      I would love to buy a print of this pic! Maybe the artist could set up a website for sale of ‘artwork’, and send proceeds to Travis’ family, to help offset their expenses…to add to the donations on other sites! This would be so IN YOUR FACE, JA!

    • Deb Areizaga says:

      Just another “misspoken” statement by the Queen of Perjured Hearts, from Malyce in Wonderland!

  6. LindaP says:

    I hate it when you HALF wake up at 2:30 am and notice your living room and kitchen lights are still on.

    I knew for a fact if I got up and turned those lights off I would not be able to get back to sleep and I was right! GRRRR…..rrrr……grrr. Arf!


    So I’m poking around the internet waiting to get sleepy again…nosing around on twitter and someone tweeted info on this book about “Narcissistic Immunity”…no doubt the guy who wrote it.

    If you scroll down below the book there’s some info the guy has written about “Narcissistic Immunity” to hook you into buying it…


    This makes so much sense and I can see this behavior in so many people that I even know personally and have worked with. I’ve read of malignant narcissists and of course narcissism in sociopaths but not “narcissistic immunity” in particular.

    The guy has a series of books and I DO want to check one of them out…but just what is written on this page is riveting.

    (I also don’t have time to read a book right now lol)

    It’s describing her…it’s her to a T. It’s also skank. Its also all the “Petersons”…Scott, Drew…Michael…

    It’s Andrea Sneiderman and a zillion other people I have known in my life including my younger brother (who I no longer speak with because of his narcissism and am not sure what his big “abuse” story would be since he was the youngest and he was spoiled rotten…like to the core)…ANYWAY…lol…that’s another story for another day.

    Fascinating little read.

    • Deb Areizaga says:

      Linda, you have such a great way of getting your points across! I loved the comment about the younger brother…I have one of those, as well. Your comments are always a great read. Your use of humor, wit, pathos, compassion and passion…bring me back here several times a day, just for the joy and satisfaction of reading the comments; not to mention that I think you’re doing a great service by keeping us all aware of current issues of great importance. P.S.: you also let us vent and laugh, and act down right goofy sometimes!

    • Jersey says:

      I see I’m not alone in the ‘little brother’ department -
      Although my own is a sick psychopath.
      Perhaps it is why the Crazy Anthony case pulled me in.
      He is so similar to skank – the stealing, the narcissism, ‘everybody else did it’, and the LYING.
      And it goes all the way back to childhood, they just get shrewder and more spoiled as they get older.
      The lies are just phenomenal, they trot them out so easily that everyone believes them. And the stealing is constant – I found out too late that my brother stole from EVERYONE, from his landlady to ALL of his friends the second their backs were turned (his nickname was ‘Sticky Fingers’). He stole his landlady’s most expensive ring, one her dead husband had given her. She told me that she approached him about it & he simply fluffed it off saying that ‘it was another tenant’, this one or that one, she wasn’t concerned about the monetary value, but the fact that her husband was gone and it was irreplaceable.
      The really sickening part is how none of that touches the psychopath – I never realized just how unfazed they are about ANYTHING until I watched the skank’s LE interrogation tapes. There was not one second of concern about anything, it was very apparent that she couldn’t care less. It’s very difficult to believe how completely untroubled the psychopath is by any type of feeling whatsoever, except of course their own money situation or possessions. Then they go into a rage that you would have to see to believe.
      But the good news is that skank seems to be coming into a year of Justice! LOL

  7. Whoa…there s a rumor floating around that not only is the upcoming continuation of LaViolette’s testimony, is due to her approaching the Alexander family, but she did so, in the PAST and warned to stay AWAY from them…which she IGNORED!!! WHOA!!!!

    • LindaP says:

      Wow Margaret! Talk about “Narcissistic Immunity”!!! (see my comment below this one)…

      you know…

      everyone talks about what a sweet old lady she is but I don’t see that. I see anger and rage on her face a lot…especially when Martinez is questioning her.

      I really thought the days of the “man-hating lesbian” stereotype…were gone but apparently I’m wrong.

      I find her arrogant…bitter…egotistical…condescending…combative…defensive…ignorant…pompous…and an all round bilious TOXIC person.

      She comes across as someone who feels they don’t have to justify their opinion…that you just should accept it because she is so vastly superior and so much more knowledgable then anyone else in the room.

      She seemed “put out” that she had to explain the absurd things she was saying.

      The absolute fucking nerve of this rotten witch to walk over to those sisters who have been sitting there listening to her slander their brother’s name…with the worst…most vile accusations…completely unfounded…and tell them that…

      “It’s not personal.”

      Are you kidding me?

      It’s not personal?

      That psycho latched onto their brother…stalked him and butchered him like meat…and now she is on the stand DIRTYING up his MEMORY…in order to HELP this horror show of a human being (if you can even call her that)…get away with it??

      And you say its not personal?

      There is something WRONG with “Alyce LaViolet!”

      Something’s “not right.”

      As my girl Judge Judy would say…

      “There’s something WRONG with you Madam.”

      • paula says:

        Oh Linda, as usual you are so right. From the very beginning I could see this woman was not right even though so many were singing her praises. IMO she placed herself in a no-win corner. If she believed everything Jodi said then she would have to be incredibly stupid and naive! Her second choice is that she chose to destroy the memory and reputation of a murdered man for the money – making her a greedy, hateful unfeeling person (similar to Jodi). If she has to defend her actions she should opt for stupid and naive. I couldn’t get a handle on how she could look at the Alexander family, see their heartache, grief and tears, yet continue to trash him. All she could see were dollar signs and her own glory. She even brought her own cheering squad. She’s a despicable woman and I’m glad everyone sees it.

    • Deb Areizaga says:

      Link, Margaret? I’d love to read all about this additional lack of professionalism and ethics..

  8. Popping in to say, I REALLY enjoyed the couple of days of live chat that I was able to participate in, this week! The other days I was not able to be around to watch live, so I had to tape ALL of HLN’s evening, line-up in order to watch the trail….to include, the After Dark, show…
    Well, I watch a couple of the episodes, back to back and noticed that they used some of the same ACTORS, to play in the jury, from one night to the next…but more importantly…..

    We had a discussion, recently, about photo, time stamped…5:30:30…HLN blew that photo up to life-sized and there was blood POURING down Travis’s chest, and in the fold, between his thigh and abdomen, and under his buttocks!!! The object that some of us, (me) thought might be a knife, appeared to be a PEN, in the hand of a person, HOLDING that photo!!!
    The topic was…or BOLD accusation was….Jodi lied about the camera…
    Why is this so CRITICAL?? He was ALREADY INJURED, BEFORE THE CAMERA ( her story) WAS DROPPED!!!!!

    • LindaP says:

      Margaret…I thought this all along…but I figured it must be something else because no one came out and said it was blood.

      There it is just as plain as day…and my first thought was…

      “Is that blood running down his chest and pooling under him or a shadow?”

      and I was positive that they must have examined it closely…blown it up and discovered it was a shadow since it was never mentioned.

      Clearly she MEANT to photograph the murder…before…during and after…and she DID.


      Has the prosecutor said anything about the whole thing being captured on film? I came into the trial late. I came in while she was on the stand.

      The big thing to prove is the premeditation…the fact that she photographed the whole thing…even AFTER…is pretty damning if you ask me.

      I won’t second guess Juan…but now I have to go look at the picture again.

      • Hi Linda! The thing that REALLY puzzled me about that episode,

        HLN, After Dark Bold Accusation: Jodi lied about the camera.

        The regulars on that show, SHOULD know the facts in this case, INSIDE and OUT!! The comment about this case and argue isolated POINTS about this case several nights a WEEK!! When that photo was held up…and they MENTIONED the blood pouring down his chest, around his abdomen and under his buttocks…and THEN said she dropped the camera….I fell off of my “couch” Whoa…whoa…WHOA!!!!! How on EARTH…did any members of that FAKE jury, NOT see the LIES when he was BLEEDING BEFORE “she dropped” the CAMERA!!!!

    • Jersey says:

      It was me that thought the object in the right hand corner of one of the photos appeared to be the tip of a knife -
      Is it a pen?
      I don’t get it, or why she would photograph all this -
      All that stabbing is horrific enough, for her to document it like this is just sick!

      • Hi Jersey…so glad that you responded!! That photo on that show, was truly a defining moment and I was SHOCKED that no one THERE, picked up on the significance!! PLEASE see if you can watch that episode…whether it be on demand or on line. I HAVE the episode, on my DVR recorder , but I’m not very computer savvy!! No QUESTION, he was bleeding PROFUSELY, BEFORE she “claimed ” the camera was dropped!!
        In this instance, you can’t be SURE that Martinez knows this,because you would THOUGHT he would have already mentioned this, in his cross examination…explain THIS!!!! The photos that Martinez displayed in court, aren’t clear and definitely didn’t show the BLOOD!!!
        I WISH I knew of a way of contacting, Martinez…it slipped by ALL of the pundits on HLN!! It’s freaking me out!!!
        Please, if any of you see can see this episode…let me know what you think.
        Her WHOLE defense, is based on the premise that she dropped the camera, which resulted in HIM attacking, HER.
        He was IN the shower and BLEEDING, before she claims she dropped the camera… I don’t think it could BE any clearer than THAT!!!

  9. Dinosaur says:

    Linda-Notice how ALV wavers from her notes,1st she says,JA told me she shot him in the closet,then backtracks and says,no she didn’t tell me that,I just wrote it down wrong. I was also glad to hear the jury question,if she’s lied before,how do you know she wasn’t lying to you? This jury is very astute,even picking up on the signals they are sending to each other from the witness stand to the defense table.

    What the jail officials should do now is,strip her of all her phone priveleges,then supervise the people that come and visit her in jail. She has no respect for human life nor authority. I, so hope this is Violette’s last hurrah,she earned it when she lied on the stand to protect this killer!!

  10. Dinosaur says:

    Snipped from cfnews13:
    Casey Anthony will have to head back to Civil Court after a Bankruptcy Judge ruled Tuesday that a jury needs to decide is she ruined the reputations of Zenaida Gonzalez and meter reader Roy Kronk.

    Attorneys for Zenaida Gonzalez said they ar now working to get a new trial date set.

    ha!ha! these goons thought they’d just waltz into Bankruptcy Court and everything would go away. They’ve gotten beat and their game of deceit. The Trustee is investigating “everything”starting with Bozo,whom they’ve just issued a Subpoena too!!

    • Deb Areizaga says:

      Dino, that’s so good to hear! Thank you for ferreting out all the delightful tidbits regarding this washed-up, has-been, trash bag and her sordid, deceitful supporters… :-)

  11. LindaP says:

    That Donavan “fellow” that’s tweeting short man jokes on twitter about Martinez for the stalker is hilarious.

    (BTW…I understand he claims to be female but I need more proof)

    OOOOOOOO Good one! A short joke. How long did it take you to think that one up stalker? Apparently the stalker’s WIT and ability to think on her toes is limited to lies covering her her stalking behaviors. As far as insults…eeeehhhh…

    not so much.

    You’re short! So take that!”


    I’m sure that THIS IS the very first time that Martinez has ever heard that comment and he probably cried all night because of it…

    BWWAAAAHHH ! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

    Any prosecutor in the country would be CELEBRATING AND DANCING A JIG if they were trying a DUMBASS defendant who was tweeting from jail!

    Even Mark Eiglarsh…
    who goes out of his way to critique Martinez every night…

    stated that it was the absolute worst thing this crazy Psychotic stalker could do.

    If I was on that jury… I would want to BE THERE when they stuck that needle in her arm. I would want to make sure that this murdering psycho was put down and buried so far into the ground that all traces of her were annihilated…and it was like she never existed in the first place.

    She is an animal and a monster…she’s not human….just ask any DOG.

    I’ve neve seen anyone so guilty.

  12. LindaP says:

    Just like people are viscerally repulsed and freaked out by Jodi Arias…so are DOGS! They KNOW when there’s something that’s “just not right about that girl!”

    • Deb Areizaga says:

      Savannah appears to have much better intuitive abilities and more common sense than Latoilette, the buck-toothed moose!

  13. LindaP says:

    Even DOGS know she’s a creepy stalker!

    • Deb Areizaga says:

      These videos sum it up for me! Her evilness projects thru the air waves and right into our homes….shudder, barf, choke! Put her away and take away her ability to tweet & lie thru some middle-aged, dopey, manipulated, cold sore bearing bf/gf!

  14. catbird says:

    JODI ARIAS DELETED TWEETS (including her “little man syndrome” tweet:

    WildAboutTrial ‏@WildAboutTrial 18m
    Anyone notice a few posts of @jodiannarias’ missing? Like the Nancy Grace post? Here’s the originals

    • Deb Areizaga says:

      Cat, did you see/hear Donavan on NG last night? She stated that any tweets that were posted were misinterpreted and weren’t meant to represent any person specifically…that is sooo bogus!

  15. Dinosaur says:

    ATTENTION-Please don’t go to the jodiariasisinnocent site. They’re tracking your IP and White Screening you if you stay to long!!!

  16. Dinosaur says:

    Catbird-Hi!! Donovan BEring is on NG and she said that she created the twitter acct for JA,and she speaks to her on a daily basis,it’s JA that gives her the quote for the day,then she in turns posts it. She goes on to say that JA has no other way of expressing herself,so this is how she gets her messages out there.

    • catbird says:

      Yes I watched that on NG. What a dumb broad trying to cover up that Jodi tweeted something about “little man syndrome” in reference to Juan Martinez. Apparently that tweet was deleted but too late, everyone knows about it! Here’s another lovely tweet from Hodi: “He who tries to establish his point by much yelling shows that his reasoning is weak.”

      Tonight she tweeted: Jodi Arias ‏@Jodiannarias 1h I hear my website is beautiful. Too bad I can’t see it.

      She’s advertising her art through tweeting and oh my gawd her tweets are SO condescending and arrogant. See them here:

      Then up in the left corner in the blue letter click on “FOLLOWING” to see who she follows, which includes Dr. $hill who says “Your comments and photo may be used by Dr. Phil and Peteski Productions, including being published on the Web or on television”

      Jodi STILL thinks she’s Einstein. The sooner she is convicted the sooner her making $$$ from prison will stop. I hope!

  17. Dinosaur says:

    Did miss most of today,but trying to catch up.If this was already posted,sorry:

  18. Dinosaur says:

    Not sure if this was put on the chat:

  19. catbird says:

    JODI’S TWITTER PAGE – go here to see her jail tweets:

    Click on the upper left in blue letters to see who Jodi follows on Twitter. One of them is Dr. Phil. He says “Dr. Phil ‏ Verified account @DrPhil
    Your comments and photo may be used by Dr. Phil and Peteski Productions, including being published on the Web or on television”

    Team JOdi trolls are working overtime – I’m blocked from following Jodi and I never even tried to go there. First time I saw her tweet page was like 10 min. ago.

    Defense was worried about Martinez becoming popular and wanted a mistrial because of it. WHY doesn’t Maricopa jail, sheriff, judge or somebody do something about this? They need to gag order Jodi or something!

  20. Jersey says:

    Page One of ‘Squirrely Stories’:

    “Once upon a time in Orlandoville lived a (wannabe) princess named Crazy.

    Born to a shrieking mother and shrinking violet father, she was crazy as a loon, therefore the name.

    Her first word was ‘Actually’, so she made a point of using it in every sentence thereafter. But never found out what it meant.

    To make up for being unable to even graduate high school, she took on the persona of a socialite complete with nanny and unlimited checking. Not to mention spend-as-you-go credit cards.

    She Actually thought she had a ‘growth’, but it turned out to be an Actual baby, which was fun for awhile until it cried and needed changing.

    And after all, a career is very time-consuming, so the baby was Actually brought up by the rest of the family and became a real Princess.”

    To Be Continued………

  21. Ria says:

    I just found your blog and I totally agree with you, there was NO relationship. The defense is now accusing Travis of leading a “double life”. Because a single 30 year old man was not a virgin, how does this constitute leading a double life? Because he didn’t openly discuss details of his sex life with his Church friends? I’m sure there are many, many single Mormon men who are having sex.

    I can understand if they had been married, or even living together, but the fact that he was having sex wasn’t proof of a double life. I don’t think Travis was afraid of losing anything if it had been revealed he wasn’t a virgin. Now that it’s out there, it hasn’t affected the huge amount of respect everyone who knew him had for him, and wouldn’t have affected it if it had come out while he was still alive. From the text messages, it sounded like Travis had a lot he could have potentially exposed about Jodi.

    At the end of ALV’s testimony today she stated Jodi was a “bad liar” and that if she was a good liar she would have told better stories. Jodi didn’t get caught because she was a bad liar, Jodi got caught because of all the physical evidence she left behind at the scene aka, the giant bloody palm print and hairs stuck in Travis’ blood.

    • Deb Areizaga says:

      Ria, well said and welcome!

    • Hi Ria!
      This has been driving me CRAZY, the way they spoke of their “relationship” throughout the trial!! I’m not as old as LaViolette, but COME ON….neither is Wilmont!!! We ONLY have Arias’s word that they were EVER seriously dating…or in a committed relationship. The time frame that Arias claims that they were a couple, it was a long-distance relationship at BEST!! In my day, we called it, “playing the field.” For LaViolette and Wilmont to deduce that he was cheating on ANYONE, by seeing more than one woman at a time…have things changed THAT much? In my time, if a guy you didn’t know THAT well, asked you out, the only concern was…is he MARRIED? With the ONE date under your belt, it didn’t really matter if he was seeing someone else the next week…or having sex, with them, as well. It can only be considered CHEATING if you’re in a COMMITTED relationship. I have my doubts that THEY, ever were.

  22. Dinosaur says:

    Deb-Hi!! How true!! Money is the root of all evil,and this group are as evil as they come!!

  23. Dinosaur says:

    Snipped from
    Judge delays decision on Casey Anthony “life story” sale. Attorneys trying to block sale of story.
    April 9,2013
    Excerpt: Also,the bankruptcy trustt and his attorney said they are now following the paper trail to see if there were any fraduklent transfers of money and misstatements of Anthony’s assets when she testified last month.

    Though the bankruptcy judge denied requests from attorneys for Zenaida Gonzalez and Roy Kronk to ask those questions,they said they are glad to know the trustee is issuing a subpoena to Jose Baez to ask about potential hidden assets like some payment for some 2011 tabloid photos Anthony said were set-up by Baez.
    Let the investigations begin!!!

    • Deb Areizaga says:

      Dino, it’s about time! The lies can be hidden for only so long, and when money is involved they will turn on each other in a heartbeat!

    • Jersey says:

      I am SO glad to hear it – thank you for making my day, Dino!!

  24. LindaP says:

    I HONESTLY BELIEVE that all this NONSENSE that has come out today is a DIRECT result of the defense team trying to DERAIL this trial…and use “public opinion” that their client is 100% guilty…to try and say they somehow can’t get a fair trial. JIMO all these stories were PLANTED last night by Arias “friends” and the “entertainment” group they just hired…all jimho.

    I hope all of it is IGNORED by the court.

  25. Deb Areizaga says:

    Bombshell!!!! Defense team has gotten the okay to use Jodi hodi’s artwork to PROVE beyond any reasonable doubt that the DV perpetrator, Travis Alexander, did indeed knock her down, kick her and broke her finger!!!!!! Genuine Depiction link is below:

  26. Deb Areizaga says:

    Dino, this hasn’t been “officially authenticated” by Donavan and it doesn’t have a ja thumbprint…but I think it was the drawing moosehead was going to use in court to show that ja really, truly, with all her heart and mind, believed that Travis tore her heart out by destroying this ‘fairytale dream’!!!

  27. Dinosaur says:

    Her Twitter:

  28. Dinosaur says:

    She also has an art auction site:

  29. Dinosaur says:

    O/T: CA’s Bankruptcy-
    The Orange County Sheriff’s Office has filed a proof of claim with the Bankruptcy Court
    The Rural Medical Ambulance/Quantum3/CF Medical has filed a proof of claim for $921.15 regarding her fall in the elevator.
    CA’s Attorney has filed an Objection to the Ambulance Claim her lawyer Schrader claims she didn’t request an ambulance on 6/1/10 and claimed she was indigent at that time.
    Blaiss@Blaiss@TheRealJeffRuby-Did you hear CA’s dedication for her book? “My beloved Caylee,you were taken from me too soon”. Publisher’s being contacted.
    SteveHelling@SteveHelling(People Magazine)@blaiss-I heard the same thing.
    Blaiss@Blaiss-CA book proposal is done. What does this mean? She has completed several chapters to go to publishers in hopes of securing a deal & $$$$$
    Blaiss@Blaiss@BobKealing-Hopes to get something on the deal Baez made with Casey Anthony. 15% of all book sales/appearances fees in exghange for signing off.

    We must keep any eye and ear to the ground,time to refuel the boycotts!!!

    • LindaP says:

      LOL Dino…anything she “writes” (and I use the term loosely) will be completely worthless…just like she is.

      Same thing for her “story.”

      Jimo the creditors are NOT getting a good “deal” by asking for it.

      They’d all be better off asking Geraldo to donate Al Capone’s Vault to sell for $$$ to pay Zenaida if you ask me.

      I honestly don’t care if she writes a “book”…it’s doomed to fail and it probably cost the scammers money to hire someone to write it for her…and I am serious about that.

      She’s is far too lazy and stupid to be able to do something like that on her own.

      Anything she writes will be a non event imo…not even on the radar.

      • Deb Areizaga says:

        Linda, I agree…there are coupon ads that would hold my attention more!

        • LindaP says:


          A “Carnival for Muscular Dystrophy”…

          (remember those?)

          a carnival for MD… held in the back yard at Hopespring Drive would net a bigger profit! lol

    • Jersey says:

      Dinosaur, you are so excellent with all your research!!
      I cannot imagine how they feel she has ANY marketable worth whatsoever.
      Why should the public have to be enraged once again by hearing about MORE nonexistent people, nannies, friends, jobs, and more suspicions of just WHO might have tossed Caylee’s body in HER OWN TRUNK (after Duct-Taping her of course!), with an innocent imbecile driving the car, stench and all, and somehow-or-other Caylee’s body ends up dumped by the roadside, with IT never noticing the body in the trunk.
      And more oh-poor-poor-molested-me – will she drag George, Lee and who-knows-who else into her mess?
      Oh please, this self-important idiot needs to take one too many Xanax herself -
      Sorry, I just cannot stand the thought of IT anymore!
      And this has all been pushed by Bozo and the old geezer, who have been dangling this ‘book’ of ITs in every interview or appearance for years, I guess this is ALL they have left to sell -
      They need to dump this Dead Loss if you ask me!

    • Jersey says:

      THAT’S the thing that really kills me in this whole case -
      Dingbat ACKNOWLEDGED the death stench in her own car.
      She even told friends that there were ‘squirrels plastered to the frame’ of the car.
      And that GEORGE (of course she had to drag him into it, clearly she was planning that from the outset) had ‘hit some squirrels’ when he borrowed the car.
      And impossibility as she had left the A’s house & no one could locate her (or her car) -
      Guess the idiot forgot that.
      To ignore that alone – as the infamous jury did – is ridiculous.
      She implicated herself in Caylee’s murder with her own words.

  30. Brandy says:

    Linda, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this review! Thank you so much for sharing! I agree everthing you said about these idiot HLN defense attornies. I cannot listen to them either, they make my head spin and blood boil! Weintraub is a pig, pure and simple. I go back and forth with Eiglarsh. I like him in general, but annoys me when he puts JM down and thinks he can do better! Loved your post as well, you had me cracking up!

  31. LindaP says:

    BEST 5 STAR REVIEW…on the Amazon page for LaViolette’s book. It sits right at the top with all the “one star” reviews! Had to share this…BRAVO to the author whoever they may be! ^5!

    Alyce Laviolette Puts A New Perspective on Domestic Violence!, April 5, 2013
    By dodge1616
    This review is from: It Could Happen To Anyone: Why Battered Women Stay (Paperback)
    THANK YOU SO MUCH ALYCE LAVIOLETTE! It’s so reassuring to know that I can stab someone 29 times, shoot them in their head, drag their body around their house a bit and you will testify on my behalf at my criminal trial with your expertise! I don’t have to worry that I’ve slashed their tires not once but twice and stalked them repeatedly by peering in their windows at night, hacking into their facebook accounts, bank accounts, my space accounts and cellphone. I was so worried that I’d be in trouble when I snuck through a doggy door numerous times because I really thought someone might think I was “crossing some lines”.

    Thanks to you Alyce Laviolette I no longer have to worry — you’ve got my back! It’s very reassuring! I only wish that I would have purchased your book sooner because all those other mean boyfriends I had in the past should have been dealt with as well! How dare any man call me a psycho and tell me that I’m crazy! I knew those were abusive words but you actually confirmed it for me! Thank you for seeing that I am the true victim here!!! You’ve taught me and any other woman who reads your book that only men are perpetrators and if they argue, raise their voice, get mad or try to withdraw from a relationship they are abusers! If they lie and ever manipulate any situation they are perpetrating domestic violence- Even though I never lived with the man I killed, only dated him 4+ months, maintained my own job and residence apart from his and actually drove over 1000 miles on our “last date” to visit him — of course it’s still domestic violence! People like me need your voice of reasoning!

    For any WOMAN who wants to attempt to get away with murder for all the reasons I’ve stated above, Alyce Laviolette’s book will be extremely helpful to you. If you can’t afford an attorney for your trial one will be appointed to you. If you can’t afford Alyce LaViolette’s expert testimony to assist your case, no problem, the taxpayers of your state will gladly fork out her $300.00 per hour fee. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU ALYCE LAVIOLETTE! Your book, values and beliefs have put a whole new face on Domestic Violence – Much Love

  32. Kat says:

    oops if this is a 2nd post

    Hey everyone, I miss being part of your group. Life has been on fast-forward for the last couple weeks. Linda , again, thanks for your blog!!!!!! Everyone, especially Dino–thanks so much for your comments, links and photos. How does this system keep working for the offenders?…Juan is so right on claiming she is only for the defendent!!!!!!!! Look at that picture of the “girls’ lunch. Seems violet is the type, I always Win, even if I have to disrespect the prosecutor and judge. Just be honest, tell the truth, answer yes/no when asked.

    Honestly, i dont even know what to think of the Skank notmom life story being bid/sold. i was hoping to see it go for $10K, and be done with her…Really, i want her, spindy, & Georgie in prison for lying/corrupting in the police investigation, perjury and laundering $ from fraud donations. it is unbelievable this family has gotten away with everything (not that i really believe, no one i know would chance places with them–losing a precious little girl). Is there some kind of Good Boys Club in Fl? Lawyers become judges and judges are lawyers, are they taking care of themselves???? Are they above the law and who would convict a judge? Not another judge and they have immunity from being sued. I am so sick of the FL justice system that has no regards for justice!!!!!!!!!!!! What about an American girl named Caylee, she should have mattered!!!!!

    • Jersey says:

      I truly cannot believe that NO ONE is coming after them -
      Not the federal government for Caylee’s civil rights, not the IRS for all this fraud (and isn’t all the money skank is getting taxable income??), they all lied and lied and that seems to be ok with Florida as well.
      And reportedly skank makes money on pictures doesn’t she?
      Meanwhile a little girl is dead and gone, those jurors didn’t want to give her another thought.

  33. Kat says:

    Hey everyone, I miss being part of your group. Life has been on fast-forward for the last couple weeks. Linda , again, thanks for your blog!!!!!! Everyone, especially Dino–thanks so much for your comments, links and photos. How does this system keep working for the offenders?…Juan is so right on claiming she is only for the defendent!!!!!!!! Look at that picture of the “girls’ lunch. Seems violet is the type, I always Win, even if I have to disrespect the prosecutor and judge. Just be honest, tell the truth, answer yes/no when asked.

    Honestly, i dont even know what to think of the Skank notmom life story being bid/sold. i was hoping to see it go for $10K, and be done with her…Really, i want her, spindy, & Georgie in prison for lying/corrupting in the police investigation, perjury and laundering $ from fraud donations. it is unbelievable this family has gotten away with everything (not that i really believe, no one i know would chance places with them–losing a precious little girl). Is there some kind of Good Boys Club in Fl? Lawyers become judges and judges are lawyers, are they taking care of themselves???? Are they above the law and who would convict a judge? Not another judge and they have immunity from being sued. I am so sick of the FL justice system that has no regards for justice!!!!!!!!!!!! What about an American girl named Caylee, she should have mattered!!!!!

  34. LindaP says:

    Michael Futch ‏@FO_Futch 39m
    Seven jurors chosen in #ShaniyaDavis case.

  35. Dinosaur says:

    What a cozy Team-Defense Team Girls @Lunch:

  36. Dinosaur says:

    When asked if Travis was abusive,she said,”I never felt my life was in danger”

  37. Dinosaur says:

    Don’t know why these 2 idiots think they had a great and laughing it up:

    • Deb Areizaga says:

      Dino, they’re probably saying, “How the hell can Alyce be so dumb that she never caught on to our clever ruse? Ha, ha…we’re so much smarter than the experts we hired!”

  38. Dinosaur says:

    O/T: Video-Attorneys Argue Over Casey Anthony’s Life Story
    Bankruptcy Judge K.Rodney May said he was skeptical about the property rights argument and would issue a ruling in 30 days.

  39. Deb Areizaga says:

    Just imho, HLN should dump Holly Hughes, and fast! I will not even put the volume up when she is blathering that Juan Martinez is “too personal”…her catch-all statement for every response when asked her opinion of the trial proceedings. She sounds like a redundant, silly, full of herself, idiot! She needs to change up her wrap, or come up with something that shows a thought process! (just in case you couldn’t tell, I can’t stand her)… :-)

    • LindaP says:

      Hey Deb…How about JANE WEINTRAUB????

      Literally I could smash her face with a coal shovel!

      And last night…Mark Eiglarsh…who is so INSANELY JEALOUS of JUAN MARTINEZ…kept talking about how HE could do SO MUCH BETTER then Juan on Dr. Drew…and I kept wanting Dr. Drew to say:

      “We understand you want us to know that you think you would do so much better…but no one ASKED you that did they Mr. Eiglarsh? Did anyone ask you if you thought you could do better?”


      I flat out refuse to watch that RIDICULOUS show HLN After Dark.

      They need to get rid of at least HALF of the DEFENSE ATTORNEYS on those shows…WE DON’T NEED THEM…all they do is make me TURN the channel!

      I am actually FINE…with just the feed…the chat and twitter…I really don’t use HLN to watch the trial anymore…and there’s one reason for that…DEFENSE ATTORNEYS…

      I am NOT interested at all in what JASON LAM thinks of JUAN MARTINEZ performance (another defense attorney who is INSANELY JEALOUS of Juan Martinez and it shows every time he opens his snaggle-toothed mouth and speaks)…

      I don’t care if jason lam THINKS he could do better…quite frankly…the way Mark Eiglarsh and Jason Lam TURN ME OFF with their hysterical tones and their BARKING voices…

      why would I care…what an attorney who is so INEFFECTIVE on television thinks of HIMSELF???

      IMO Juan is doing an EXCELLENT job and unlike any of THEM…I ENJOY listening to juan present his case!

      So JUAN is already heads and shoulders over HOLLY…JASON…MARK…AND HATCHET FACE (WHINE-TRAP)

      I am sick of Defense attorneys who bark like dogs and sound like NAILS on a chalkboard critiquing JUAN MARTINEZ…because their EGOS are telling them that they THINK they could do so much of a better job!!!!

      I THINK they would not!

      • paula says:

        I agree – you are absolutely right! By all accounts the jurors wake up when Juan is cross examining. I think he’s terrific and he’s exposing ALV for the money hungry fraud that she is. She is also mean spirited and cruel. How she can look at the Alexander grief stricken family and lie about him puts her in the same sociopathic category as Arias, IMO. And, she’s doing it for an amount of money that’s not worth selling your soul for. Terrible woman.

      • Deb Areizaga says:

        Linda, I laughed throughout your whole comment!!! Jason Lam (I can’t get my lips to cover my teeth) =snaggle-toothed mouth; Mark Eiglarsh(over-tanned, speed-talking, egomaniac)=insanely jealous of Juan; and Jane Weintraub (aka: hatchet-face/whine-trap) pictured with a coal shovel sticking out of her forehead! Love it and couldn’t agree more!!!

      • Jersey says:

        I love Mark Eiglarsh, I think he is just too funny and has a great take and unique perspective.
        But I mean this on his comments on all cases in general.
        Just my point of view, but he calls it as he sees it.
        As for Weintraub, simply just a shrieker!

  40. Dinosaur says:

    Margaret-Good Morning!! That CA Bankruptcy hearing is today,4/9/13 @2:00pm-it will be covering the Trustee’s Motion to sell her rights to her story,which,as usual,her Attys have filed an Opposition Motion. The other Motion is for the Court to allow Zenaida’s Atty to be able to depose her,as she wasn’t forthcoming at the Creditor’s hearing on 3/4/13,Greenjeans constantly interrupted Atty Shuker(Zenaida’s Bankruptcy Atty),Greenjeans wouldn’t let her answer his questions.

    Nurmi’s Motion for a Mistrial is him crying that he can’t represent his client,that Martinez is interfering with it,by demonstrating unprofessional conduct. This Judge,IMHO,should take back the control of “her” Courtroom and tell Nurmi,their will be no more frivolous Motions filed by you. This trial has had more unnecessary delays,caused by the defense. If I were a juror,I’d be so ticked-off, that I’ve spent the last 3 months, tied up with trial that should’ve ended weeks ago.

    • Thanks Dinosaur!! At 2 PM this afternoon, the nation will be sitting around wondering… will the Arias trial, EVER start on time!!??
      I don’t have high expectations for this motion, HOWEVER, just KNOWING that that Anthony is SOMEWHERE, sweating THIS, much more than she EVER sweated the first degree murder charge…priceless.
      It also makes a nice birthday present…. : )

      • Jersey says:


        • LindaP says:

          Is today your birthday Margaret??? Yours is a day after mine!!!!

          Happy Birthday!

          • Jersey says:

            HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LINDA!! :)
            Both you and Margaret are Aries people, who have a mind of their own and like to use it!
            Most Aries also have a great sense of humor as well, and I see that in your great articles.

          • No…my birthday rolls around when we are stuffing our faces with turkey and punkie-pie!!
            Kind of funny…yesterday on Facebook, a NEW feature!! Every time I logged in, there was a drop-down reminder…”Hey…it’s Linda’s birthday!! Why don’t you send her some Flowers…give her some movies tickets… snag her a gift card…grab her something at Starbucks…”
            It was kind of ANNOYING, but I didn’t FORGET!!
            I wasn’t sure that you wanted birthday wishes here, but as Facebook kept NAGGING me to not forget your birthday, I guess I was “paying it forward” and reminding OTHERS that it was SOMEBODY’S birthday… I caved under all the PRESSURE!!!
            EWWW!!! When you think about it, I was kinda sending you virtual SKANK sweat…or conjuring up the image of it. Bet BOZO wishes he would have thought of that, FIRST!!!( A new fragrance, by Coty…Eau de Skank)

          • Jersey says:

            ‘Eau de Skank’!! LOLOL!
            Priceless, Margaret!!

          • LindaP says:

            Thanks Jersey! It was a great week.

            Margaret…I turned that “birthday thing” off on Facebook…I would sit there all the time wishing people Happy Birthday if I had that on and never get anything done! people probably think I’m rude because I never wish people HB…I also turned my news feed off. So I only see MY PAGE when I log on…I don’t see everyone’s “status”…otherwise I’d never leave FB!

  41. Jersey says:

    Excerpt from ‘Squirrely Stories’:
    Ring Ring
    CRAZY: “Murder Inc, May I help you?”
    CALLER: “This is Screwball Magazine calling back again, sorry but we have to cancel your centerfold deal. We’re being threatened with boycotts.”
    CRAZY: “BOYcotts?? But it was a GIRL I murdered, not a BOY!”
    CALLER: “In any case, we’re canceling your deal due to lack of interest.”
    CRAZY: “But I don’t have a bank account (well, one in Switzerland, but let’s not go into that!), so how can I get interest??”
    CALLER, groaning: “Listen, there’s no deal, so goodbye!”
    CRAZY: “Hmmpphh! Well I never! And I was counting on that money too, I need a better bodyguard than old geezer’s armpit.”
    “Well I guess I’d better change careers – I could always go back to shot-girling, or hot-bodying, or -
    HEY, Lee-boy’s having a baby, maybe I can be a NANNY, perfect timing!!”

  42. Dinosaur says:

    Linda-Good Morning!!- That’s what I’ve been saying all along,that her weight wouldn’t hold those shelves,they would’ve collapsed,also,there is nothing disturbed in that closet to indicate a struggle took place. This,Nurmi knows,and,IMHO,feels threatened by it,thus,his reason to have it precluded.

    Agree with you about the Judge,she never starts on time,has too many interruptions,i.e. sidebars,quitting at 4:30pm,as,the shark has requested it.

    Was so glad that Martinez got LaViolette to admit that 90% of the emails,textmsgs,ims were non-verbal communications,so how could she base and opinion on the tone. All this expert seems to so is read other’s written opinions,and can’t formulate one of her own after sitting with a client,in this case,44 hours with the shark. All her opinion was based on her lies and her journals,which,I read on another blog,all 600 will be released to the public.That’s going to be an interesting read when that does get released.

    But on another funny note:

    • Good point, Dino!! Those shelves are REALLY making Nurmi nervous!! I have to say, has anyone EVER seen an attorney file an “ineffective assistance of council” on THEMSELVES???? This case keeps getting better and better!! CAN we tie her up and toss her in the river and see if she FLOATS, Nurmi???
      Ohhhh…speaking of things getting GOOD…the Orlando Sentinel is reporting that the bankruptcy trustee, handling the case of Casey Anthony, Stephen Meininger will be filing a motion, next week, to argue for the rights to “sell her life story” in order to pay off her debts!!! A sort of preemptive…”If I did it”…strike, to prevent Anthony from profiting from the murder of her daughter!!
      Where EVER Anthony IS…whether it’s some seaside villa or more aptly, the room over Cheney’s garage, she won’t want to answer ANY knock on her door!!

      KNOCK-KNOCK…it’s KARMA!!!

  43. Dinosaur says:

    Is this why JA thinks her manifesto will make her famous:

  44. Dinosaur says:

    Nurmi’s recent Motion to Preclude:

    • LindaP says:

      Right Dino….Yeah! I BET he wants to “preclude” the shelf info! It blows her story to smitherines…FOG or NO FOG!

      She can’t even use her FOG excuse to explain that shelf! I was wondering why it wasn’t a larger part of the prosecution’s case and wish they could build a replica and let the jurors take it back into deliberations with them. It is a giant silver bullet.

      She can say she doesn’t remember all she wants to…but when it proves to be physically impossible…the jury is left with one conclusion.

      I’ll stick my neck out and state they are probably ALREADY there…but any stray jurors that might be sucked into any of this…can’t argue the shelf. it COULDN’T have happened the way she says it did.

      I worry about this judge. She does NOT seem to have a good grasp of her courtroom imo and has already let the DT get away with far too much BS.

      I guess we’ll see what happens today. Really looking forward to it.

  45. Dinosaur says:

    Nurmi’s most recent Motion for a mistrial:

  46. catbird says:

    Linda I went back & read your BRILLIANT comments on the 5-star amazon review. Here’s the link if anyone else wants to enjoy it!

    • LindaP says:

      Ha ha Thank you catbird! I usually don’t waste my time getting into arguments with people but I couldn’t resist this and i wanted to make sure I especially commented on that one!

  47. Jersey says:

    Excerpt from ‘Squirrely Stories’:
    “Ring Ring
    CRAZY: “Murder Inc, May I help you?”
    CALLER: “This is Screwball Magazine calling for Crazy Anthony. We are doing a piece on Caylee’s murder and would like your input.”
    CRAZY: “Well, actually, like ya know, what’s it worth to ya??”
    CALLER: “Are you trying to ask if you’ll be paid for the interview?”
    CRAZY: “Actually, like yeah.”
    CALLER: “Well there’s a base rate which we pay, for a one-hour interview. It’s a small sum.”
    CRAZY: “What?? Ya mean y’all want my blood and guts story for peanuts?? No way babe!”
    CALLER: “But just think of the exposure you’ll get from Screwball Magazine’s great readership, it might lead to bigger and better things for you.”
    CRAZY: “Exposure?? Oh, well if you’re thinking about a centerfold piece, now you’re talkin’! I’m available right after work, in fact we could get the shots done during my lunch hour. Talkin’ about shots, did I ever tell you about my shot girl career??”

  48. dancehappy says:

    I’d like to follow the George Zimmerman/Travon Martin case. Not sure if it’s this year.

    • Brandy says:

      hey dance, the zimmerman trial does start this year. I believe on June 6th or 8th. I will be watching that one too. GZ is soo guilty! IMHO

    • LindaP says:

      Hey dancehappy!

      In Session is supposed to be covering the Zimmerman Trial too!

      In Session’s trial schedule looks extremely interesting this year. For a while I thought they were going to get rid of live trials altogether and to be honest…the Anthony verdict has left such a foul taste in my mouth that for a long time I didn’t care whether they got rid of live trials or not.

      I vowed never to watch another live trial after that and am actually surprised that I got back into it again. I have watched lived trials on Court TV since they began in 1991 and been HYPNOTIZED by them…but that was a disgrace that I still can’t believe isn’t being investigated and am still waiting for the whole thing to blow!

      They seem to be trying to get their audience back at HLN…the new people in charge seem to be listening now.

      I still keep the volume of HLN and In Session OFF and only watch them after the trial has ended because I literally can’t stand the defense attorneys they have on. Still can’t stand JVM…I don’t know why they let her screech and scream like that but I can’t take it. Only watch Nancy every now and again. She has taken on a “Tammy Faye Baker” quality that I find hard to take sometimes…although I still love Nancy.

      Nancy kind of lost me during the Duke LaCross case and the RONALD CUMMINGS case….and then she did it again by having Billie Jean Dunne on her show buying into her bag of lies…but I watched her last night.

      I really have become one of Dr. DREWS biggest fans during this trial…and I never watched him before this…but he is so freaked out by Jodi Arias that it’s fun to watch him…lol

      All in all I am gradually watching again…In Session has all the inside dope on which trials allow cameras…and of course they are the trials they usually choose from…so I guess I’ll go along for the ride this year.

      Zimmerman is in the que!

  49. Jersey says:

    SHANIYA DAVIS murder trial starting today apparently:

    Mario McNeill will face the Death Penalty in this trial -
    Linda, I hope you cover this one!
    I’m sick about this poor little 5 year old girl, who was handed over to a drug dealer to be raped and murdered, by her own mother – Antoinette Davis.

    • LindaP says:

      Really Jersey? Bet it’s not streamed…I’ll check…they are on my same time zone…would love to hear pros opening!

      • LindaP says:

        Jury selection is in progress…here is a photo tweeted of Mario McNeill outside of the courtroom this morning. His appeal to avoid the DP was DENIED earlier in the year. The judge has forbidden tweeting during the trial…(actually I’m GLAD)…but reporters can tweet at breaks.

        It’s just in the jury selection phase now and I am 100% sure if no tweeting is allowed that no cameras will be allowed.

        They need to bring back the BROKEN ELECTRIC CHAIR (the one that is cruel and unusual but does finally work) for Mario McNeill…he is everyone’s worst nightmare all rolled into one person!

        • Jersey says:

          I’m working so not able to keep up with everything, but apparently it is not going to be televised -
          What a shame, because I am dying to see the look on McNeill’s face when he is sentenced to death!
          It will take that smirk off that monster’s face -
          Even in his mug shot, he was smirking.
          Thank God his trial is not happening in Florida, I couldn’t take another one of those!

    • LindaP says:

      Here is the judge (I’m pretty sure)…hope he is good! Mario McNeill is a MONSTER.

  50. Dinosaur says:

    I do believe this poster from Websleuths,she’s been a courtroom observer since the Arias trial started:
    Joey Jackson Facebook: Dear Fans: It is being reported that the rebuttal witness list is released. It includes:Cancun PPL,Dr.Demarte,Gas Station in SLC(Salt Lake City),Walmart,Det.Brown
    I’m still confirming this:Patty?admin

  51. What a SNAKE!! “He” didn’t approach the family…his PRODUCER did…what an ASS!!!

  52. Deb Areizaga says: article regarding Dr. Phil’s denial of payment to Arias family…excerpt in copied/pasted below:
    “Excuse: paying MOM Sandra for her daily NOTES she writes while the trial testimony takes place. Dr Phil paid license fee for photos and video of Arias Family Dr. Phil producer visited Jodi 2 times in jail so far per jailhouse visitor log,” Stark continued. “Dr Phil paid Cindy Anthony $600,000 for her interview after the trial.”

    While Sandra Arias could not be reached for comment, Bill Arias, Jodi’s father, denied that the family has worked out any sort of arrangement with McGraw or taken anything from him.

    “He asked and we refused. We do not want to deal with him,” Bill tells PEOPLE, explaining that he never actually talked with Dr. Phil. A producer approached the family, gave them a card, and said the show would like to do an interview.

  53. dancehappy says:

    from catbird ………….
    Dr Phil – dismisses rumours that his show is housing the Arias family for the duration of the trial… “Been reading some rumors that we are paying for Arias family housing etc… Absolutely untrue. I have never met the Arias family, and neither I — nor my production company — has paid or promised them anything. Robin and I are praying for the Alexander family.”

    • Deb Areizaga says:

      thanks for this…hope it’s really true and not some hogwash, like, “I did not pay for the (Sc)Amthony interview”…when we all know that those two murder- accessories after the fact came away $600M richer on the dead back of their granddollar. Humph!!!

      • dancehappy says:

        I don’t trust Dr. Philthy at all, you watch, the Arias family will be on soon.

        • LindaP says:

          Hi dancehappy…I don’t trust him either…check this out from FB…

          Bill Arias, Jodi’s father, has denied that the family worked out any sort of arrangement with Dr Phil or taken anything from him.
          “He asked and we refused. We do not want to deal with him,” Arias told PEOPLE, explaining that he never actually talked with Dr. Phil. A producer approached the family, gave them a card, and said the show would like to do an interview.

          He’s LYING again IMO…God I hate him.

  54. JHJ99 says:

    Whoops, sorry Linda, I didn’t notice that you’d already posted an Amazon link. :)

  55. I’m so upset!! I’ve spent the last THREE HOURS, trying to write a review on Amazon!!! I jumped through HOOPS and when I FINALLY got it to work…I was met with a message that told me that I couldn’t write a review, on a product that hasn’t been released!!! I don’t know what they were so AFRAID of?? You be the judge……

    It is sorely disappointing that a counselor with nearly thirty-five years of experience, in dealing with domestic abuse, neglected to familiarize herself with the facts in the case of The State of Arizona v. Jodi Arias. As she hastily referred to Jodi Arias, as the VICTIM, in this matter, we can only hope that she will attempt to redeem herself and her reputation, with further testimony. Reviewing, cherry-picked e-mails, Im’s and other information that ONLY shows Arias in a favorable light, we can only hope that when she is presented with EVIDENCE, that refutes her hastily, drawn conclusion, she will concede that she lent her expertise to a self-serving, client. Travis Alexander was a young man, who didn’t deserve to die. If she steadfastly maintains that position, I can’t in good conscience, recommend her book. Travis Alexander, attempted, repeatedly to extricate himself from a stalker situation, for over a year. Obviously, HE underestimated her propensity for violence…she MURDERED him! Alice LaViolette is all too familiar with THIS pattern of abuse. Her reputation, her legacy and the future of ALL victims of domestic violence, DEPEND on her “doing the right thing.”

    • LindaP says:

      Here’s where you can go and leave a comment Margaret…she RE-RELEASED…a previous book as soon as she took this case…AND she has a NEW book coming out…

      so they won’t let you comment on the book that isn’t out yet.

      But you can leave one actual rating and review…and then comment on other people’s ratings and reviews… to your heart’s content… on the old page that’s selling the OLD book.

      I’m sure you’ll see MY NAME in a scathing review…and in some of those “conversations” if you visit…the comments are GREAT!

      • LindaP says:

        You can also click on whether you find someone’s comments and review HELPFUL…or if it’s NOT helpful!

      • Thanks, Linda!!
        I wasn’t aware that she was promoting ANOTHER book(on the stand)…I thought it was a re-release of the same book. For HER sake, I hope that rumor about approaching Travis’s family isn’t true!!! I can’t imagine that she would be THAT stupid!! Assuaging her guilt? Man,
        she should have taken a clue from her “client” and sent FLOWERS, instead…Irises? Cheap and in season…geez…unreal!!!

      • No, Linda…apparently, Amazon won’t even let me comment on a comment!! If ANYONE has the ability to comment on Amazon, please copy and paste my words!! I just want this “woman” to hear what I have to say!! She would read it!!! It;’s all about the money to HER!!!

        I had no REAL issue with Ms LaViolette, until today! I understand PERFECTLY that Jodi Arias has the right to a defense. That is our system. If the defense employs less than honorable tactics, in delivering that defense, it will CERTAINLY bring about public outrage.The only defense that Arias HAS, is to make it APPEAR, that Travis Alexander deserved to die. The defense has presented NO evidence that Travis Alexander was anything less than an admirable, man. Even the women that the defense has TRIED to present as women, he has been “unkind” to, don’t agree with the defense’s assessment, of themselves. None of his ex-girlfriends have issues with him. I understand that Ms LaViolette was given, “cherry-picked” excerpts of information and that she is being PAID to render a favorable assessment, of Jodi’s “relationship” with Travis Alexander. There is no evidence to corroborate ANY of Jodi’s assertions or allegations…NONE. Today, Ms LaViolette read the words from Travis Alexander, himself…”I have a stalker…I am afraid of her!” She read those words and her commentary was “I don’t BELIEVE HIM!” This is unconscionable!! He is DEAD because HE and everyone he KNEW, didn’t take Jodi Arias and her stalker behavior, SERIOUSLY!!! Every person who has died at the hands of their stalker, did so, because SOMEONE didn’t take the stalking, seriously!! Today, we learned that Ms LaViolette attempted contact, with a member of Travis Alexanders family, last week. What did she say? It really doesn’t matter. The Victim’s Bill of Rights assures that this type of behavior, SHOULDN’T happen. Ms. LaViolette has been a “professional” in nineteen court cases, to date. THIS will be her last. She is well aware of how she SHOULD conduct herself in court. Ms Laviolette accepted this case because she IDENTIFIES with Jodi Arias. Just like Jodi Arias, she lacks impulse control. Did it matter to her that “courtroom decorum” dictates that she not approach the family? Did it matter to HER, that the law dictates that she NOT have contact with the victim’s family? Did it matter to Ms Laviolette that the LAST person, on EARTH, that ANYONE in Travis Alexander’s family, wanted to hear from, was HER? NOT AT ALL!!! She did what SHE wanted, regardless of the impact that it would have on others, despite of the IMPACT it would have on the victim, despite of what the LAW, dictates. Birds of a feather!! No harsh words spoken HERE or ANYWHERE can be more damaging to Ms LaViolette, than her own words…or actions.

  56. Dinosaur says:

    There’s 2 versions of Snow White:

  57. Dinosaur says:

    From the Dr.Phil Production Comapny-He is paying for #JodiArias Family living expenses,hotel,food & travel for the last 94 days in Arizona. Paying Mom,Sandra Arias for her daily notes she writes while trial takes place. Dr.Phil paid for license fee for photos and video of the Arias family.Dr.Phil producer visited Jodi 2xs while in jail so far,per jailhouse visitors log.
    So,Dr.Filthy is at it again,paying for criminals to spew their lies.Oprah should’ve kicked him to the curb a long time ago!!
    Thanks Deb!!!

  58. Deb Areizaga says:

    Dino, as usual, thanks so much for the feedback & links…you’re topnotch!

  59. Dinosaur says:

    Alyce LaViolette is a Professional Victim:
    the comments are not very flattering,hope she becomes “internet saavy” and enters into the 21st century,so she can really see what people really think of her!!!

  60. Dinosaur says:

    Deb:Hi!! Here is her Twitter:

  61. Dinosaur says:

    Deb@3:52pm-Hi!! No they are not the same. katiecoolady is Kathy Monkman,who had a sister(Cindy) murdered,so she’s made it her lifes passion to follow and help true crime victims.

    She posts her observations of the jury,and other things she feels is important,on websleuths,she also on Twitter.

  62. Deb Areizaga says:

    I don’t know if this is true or not, but I just read on another blog that Dr. Phil is paying for ja’s family to be in court every day, by accepting the skank’s mom’s daily court notes! I knew he was an evil imposter-doctor, but I didn’t think he could surpass his Sindy/Georgette interview blood money deal. Guess I was wrong, he did!

    • LindaP says:

      The above is a twitter conversation about Alyce going up to Travis’ SISTERS and saying something to them! According to the websleuths poster LaViolette threw her hands up in the air as if to say…

      “What am I to do?”

      The colossal EGO and NERVE of this woman is apparently boundless!

      After trivializing all domestic violence victims…and setting up a future so that people can now say:

      “Yeah right! Sure your boyfriend abused you! Just like Travis supposedly ‘abused’ Jodi Arias?”

      As she sits up there and victimizes Travis…I guess the colossal egotistical whore suddenly realized that she was victimizing his sisters as well. How many times did she feel like a traitor to women looking at them sitting in the gallery…the real victims in all of this?

      To make herself feel better she torments them even further by PUSHING herself on them???

      Oh my God! Does this woman not have a brother? A dear male friend? A FATHER?

      She is so horrible…so much more so then I thought she was going to be. I hope Martinez makes a BIG DEAL out of this on cross Monday.

      If I was that sister I would have stared at her so hard she would have wished she was dead…and if she had touched me in any way I would have pushed her off of me!

      I am dying to know what the sister did.

      Terrible woman! She is the female version of Nurmi! No SHAME!

  63. Dinosaur says:

    Maylce approaches Samantha Alexander after getting of stand:

    • paula says:

      “Juan is taking care of it!” What a horrible woman.

    • Deb Areizaga says:

      I wonder if “katiecoolaid” is the Dr. Drew in-house juror, Katie Wick? I thought her websleuth comment was amazing and I applaud her, whoever she is!!!

    • Deb Areizaga says:

      Dino, thanks so much for this link; I signed petition, and sent this along with it:

      I have been the victim of DV and I also have four sons. I do not think what Jodi Arias CLAIMS to be abuse can actually be deemed as evidence of abuse. She is making a mockery of this subject, and at the same time is making this so-called expert appear as gender-biased and foolish. She does not present herself well, in support of women’s rights, if she can only do this by downgrading and demonizing men in general. I had the opportunity to view one of her seminars that was presented on 10/16/08 as “Gender Fairytales and Domestic Violence. She is not at all neutral in her opinions, in my opinion.

  64. dancehappy says:

    From Dr. Drew
    I thought this was a good explanation ………….

    EIGLARSH: So, why`s she [La Toilette] doing it, Drew, other than the money and I don`t think she`s motivated by that? Why is she really –


    PINSKY: I`ll tell you what.

    EIGLARSH: Tell me.

    PINSKY: Because if you`re not around psychopaths and criminals, you`re not used to evaluating that way. You`re used to evaluating the way you evaluate people who are sort of regular folks that don`t have that problem. I got to go to my jurors, Katie Wick and Stacie Fairrington — well, that`s right.

    • paula says:

      I am not around sociopaths and criminals but I know that testimony based on someone’s lies, day after day, should be a crime in itself.

  65. Dinosaur says:

    Hope this is checked into:
    Arias Prosecutor Juan Martinez target in YouTube Video

  66. Deb Areizaga says:

    If you want to risk your ears bleeding and your eyes spinning around, listen to this (I did need more than one barf bag and I am still happy I’m the mother of four sons)…sounds like latoilette is pretty sure the fall of society can be directly related to how men are and have always been perceived (sounds like she also would also fault Jesus for taking the form of a gentle man & not a strong woman): P.S.: her little story of a woman in labor who pulls on a rope attached to the father’s genitals, made me shudder…she sounds quite sadistic, imho!

  67. GREAT…the ONE time throughout this trial, when I had to miss it, when I WASN’T at the dentist, Wilma not ONLY wraps it up, but leaves it to Martinez, to brew, over the weekend!! I’ll get caught up, but left to my own imagination, and devices…this is how I imagined it went down…..

    Wilma: So, Ms LaViolette as we turn to exhibit, 12,678…is this important to you?
    Malyce: …uh…yes!
    Wilma: Would you characterize it as VERY important, to you?
    Malyce: …uh, yes!
    Wilma: WHY is this very important to you?
    Malyce: Because it’s important…
    Wilma: What ABOUT it, is important?
    Malyce: Because Jodi wrote it!!

    Wilma displays the following history of instant messages…

    3:56 am, June 4…
    Jodi: SURPRISE, assh*le…I changed my mind! I’ll be there in an hour…my bags are packed for Cancun, if you don’t take me, there will be HELL to pay!!
    3:58am, June 4…
    I’m not kidding, I’m packing heat and the knife I slashed you tires with…it’s itching in my HAND!!
    4:00am, June 4…
    ANSWER me, you **********…, if I have to crawl through your doggie door ONE MORE TIME…you are going to DIE!!

    Wilma: What about these instant messages is important to you…based on your thirty-five years of experience?
    Malyce: Well, based on my experience….Mr Alexander is CLEARLY the one in the power position at this point. When he refused to ANSWER her IM’s , he OBVIOUSLY, was telling her…kill or BE killed!!!
    Wilma: So when Jodi stabbed him …a few times…and shot him,,,she had no OTHER choice…right??
    Malyce: Obviously…he was welding a penis…she HAD to defend herself!! By the way, in my group, we don’t call them STABS…we call them SHARP, HUGS!!!
    Wilma: Thank you for correcting me…so the fact that Travis REFUSED to answer her IM’s in the middle of the night…does that TELL you ANYTHING about Mr Alexander?
    Malyce: Why YES, …his passive-aggressive, refusal to answer her IM’s, CLEARLY demonstrates that he WANTED to die!!!
    Wilma: So, he had it coming?
    Malyce:…um, YES!!
    Wilma: Does Mr Alexander CONTINUE to CONTROL Jodi to this day?
    Malyce: um…YES!!
    Wilma: Jodi text messages Mr Alexander…every day, NOW and he refuses to answer?
    Malyce:…um, yes…and in my experience, his refusal to answer her messages, CLEARLY demonstrates, he is STILL in the power position!! Jodi STILL receives NO response from Mr Alexander, to this day!!! Passive- aggressive…he will NOT let her GO!!
    Wilma: Holds up hundreds of blank pieces of papers…”I would like to enter this in to evidence….

    • Deb Areizaga says:

      Margaret, you are priceless! That was the funniest thing I’ve read so far…do you mind if I share?

    • paula says:

      So funny – so clever. Can’t stand this man-hating, lying, money-hungry woman. How can she live with herself? Someone was saying that she went over and hugged TA’s sister!!!!!

  68. Dinosaur says:

    Wildabouttrial Twitter 7mins ago:
    Nurmi continues to lurch around courtroom waiting for other cases to finish.

  69. If Bozo had ANYTHING to do with this trial, he’ll make damn SURE that we hear about it!!
    Court postponed, AGAIN, because LaViolette becomes ill?? ILL PREPARED, maybe…something was brewing there. You that know the idiom about leading a horse to water? Wilma was practically DROWNING LaViolette, at times and for SOME reason, yesterday, she wasn’t cooperating. It was very strange…she said no, when she was SUPPOSE to yes and she acted like she was unfamiliar with, “articles” written by Jodi, that she claimed to have read. Anyone who thinks this witness is HELPING the defense, is dreaming!!! She is melting under pressure from her OWN “team.” If Wilma ever finishes her FILIBUSTER…we might get to see it!!!

    • LindaP says:

      Hi Margaret!


      That’s exactly what Wilma is doing…lololol

      Is court cancelled again today???

      i wonder if LaViolette got a load of her Amazon feedback and other feedback all over the internet and got SICK realizing that she has thrown her whole career away for this psycho murdering stalker and will now forever be known as a “man-hater” and as someone who betrayed TRUE victims for what she’s done?

  70. Dinosaur says:

    Here’s another Attorneys thoughts on the Arias trial,must say,I totally agree:
    Boytwnmom(verified attorney)
    The Judge should take back the control of her Courtroom,starting 1st by cutting back the lunchour to 45 minutes,2nd,by starting promptly @9:30am,and last but not least,telling the defense to stop going over and over and over the same questions!!

    • LindaP says:

      Dino I totally agree with this except I am NOT so “be-fuddled” by it…as you and I have discussed…this has BOZO BAEZ written ALL OVER IT…

      STALL STALL STALL STALL… GET RID OF JURORS (IE: Tamper with the jury even though they have ALREADY been chosen and have heard all of the evidence) and hope hope hope to cause a MISTRIAL.

      I SWEAR…

      with the volume muted…

      the judge actually looks as if she is looking to WILMA to TELL her what to do!

      It’s disturbing body language to me…and if this poster is right…then they are looking for a mistrial…and guess where that kind of “advice” woukd come from in the 11th hour???

      I stated that Bozo could never give them the advice that won him the trial…because he tampered with the jury imo.

      Well there you go! The only thing Baez is good for is CIRCUMVENTING the LAW and the RULES of the court!

      I so hope he sticks his neck out there far enough one day and gets his greasy head cut off!

    • Deb Areizaga says:


  71. catbird says:

    Thank you one & all for replying to part of what I posted earlier about my own personal abuse experience. In the end it’s not about only me – it’s about thousands and thousands of battered women AND men – it’s about our children, it’s about bullying & abuse going on everywhere whether it be male or female..whether it be in the home, the workplace or at school.

    The one thing good for me about this trial is that it has sickened my heart so much to the point that I finally had to add my own review on I feel that maybe for me personally the circle has come around and that I may speak out finally – I have had to go through name changes because to this very day I am afraid of my batterer. I’m a sleuth..I know where he lives. – my kids (the oldest is 40 now) don’t know where he lives and I will never tell them because they will kill him & I don’t want them to go to prison. My review is under my real name yes C. Gibson (catbird Gibson to you lol).

    Just wanna say I love you Linda and everyone here & thank you for a place to speak!

    • LindaP says:

      catbird…what a sweet post! I love all of you guys and learn new things every day from each and every one of you!

      I was so angry yesterday catbird!!! FURIOUS!

      I was trying to watch it and log in to chat…but I was so outraged at this…this…so called “person” up there RE-VICTIMIZING Travis the way she was…and ENABLING this monster/BUTCHER/ stalker/ psycho/ ABUSER…that I had to walk away from it.

      I was going to write an article about Alyce LaViolet…but instead I decided to hurt her where it would do the most good HER WALLET…

      and I too left a scathing comment on her Amazon page….”liked” all of the comments that I agreed with and responded to the 5 or 6 posters that dared to try and defend this turncoat!

      IF TRAVIS HAD BEEN A WOMAN…there is NO WAY she would have gotten on their and TRASHED a FEMALE MURDER VICTIM AFTER DEATH…

      especially based on the word of a liar and a KILLER.

      I was hoping that Martinez would just ask her one or two questions…walk away…and shoot her down in one feld swoop and be done with it!

      But after only the BRIEF moments I could tolerate her on the stand and knowing that she has been on that stand trashing Travis Alexander after EVERYTHING ELSE has been taken from him…I hope Martinez DESTROYS her! Just like she has tried to do to TRAVIS’S REPUTATION.

      I made it clear that IMO she has become just another of Travis’s ABUSERS and she would NEVER DARE to do this to a female victim!

      When I went to comment on Amazon yesterday there was 89 comments…by the time I finished composing my outrage there was 100…this morning at 6am when I logged on there was 200 negative comments…2X the comments as yesterday evening…and growing…

      bet it’s climbing up towards 300 the longer she testifies the HIGHER it is going to go!

      I took every opportunity to respond to anyone who dared to try and defend this hypocrite to make my feelings known.

      FAR MORE EFFECTIVE then any “post” or article I may write.

      She is a disgrace…just like Samuels her career is OVER!

      These Doctors that think they are GOD…need to learn that they don’t have CONTROL over people’s brains…and if they get up in court… in a first degree murder trial and try to bullshit a NATION…it is going to backfire on them!

      people are sick and tired of watching these hired guns come into our court system for BIG BUCKS…and twist and bastardize information and facts to set these monsters BACK out into society!

      OOOOOOO I’m so angry!

      Bring on Martinez!

      catbird….I LOVE what you bring to the conversation and have to tell you that yesterday I had the volume OFF and the chat UP next to the trial…and I relied on your “tweets” to get me through the day!


      Those were the hi-light of the day!

      You also have the BEST sense of humor!

      IDK if Wilma will shut her giant yap and put this puppy down…but probably this witch will continue to torture us all for the rest of the last day of court for this week!

      But as soon as I see MARTINEZ up there…

      I’m back in the chat!!!!

      Meanwhile…I’ll lurk and read what you guys are saying and keep the MUTE on today…enjoy your tweets…and wait….

      tick tock tick tock…Ms Alyce LaViolette…

      you may be just figuring out now…that you have done the WRONG THING and bitten off far more then you can chew.

      Can’t wait for Martinez to get a hold of this turncoat.

      • Deb Areizaga says:

        Linda, you have managed to put a smile on my face…there’s been a frown there for the whole time that latoilette’s testiphony has been ongoing (and going and going)…I love reading the chats and the comments of all my cohorts here! Linda, you make it happen with your dedication to this blog and supporting the rights of all victims – you’re a gem :-)

      • catbird says:

        Linda we LOVE YOU! Deb & I played so much last night in the chat “playpen” – we had our own pajama party thank you to YOU! So whoever reads this, yes the chat window is open 24/7 thanks to Linda! Some people did not realize that.

        Deb has the most awesome sense of humor which I so appreciate you providing us the platform for it – it helps us get through the day in such an ugly thing as this crime is. Either we laugh or cry – actually we do both!

        Deb posted a review on Amazon which I replied to

        All of you are so awesome. Before I found this chat room I was in another one. People liked my posts but some of the ops had major sticks up their butts. They always tried to control the chat & their main major thing was “it’s morally wrong if you think Jodi should get the death penalty because we are against death penalty”. I left that group & checked in one day..they asked me to please come back. I tried to but it was hard chatting here & both there & having a stupid mod picking apart every single word I said & being challenged about it.

        This is home & I love it as far as this trial goes. Juanderful ladies on here. I will continue to be the messenger and I like doing it.

        I have a question LInda..what trial next are you eyeing? I think I’m getting hooked on your blog & want to brush up.

        Love, Colleen aka catbird

        • LindaP says:

          Hey catbird! I am SO GLAD you guys used the chat!!!

          I posted that it would be open all the time but I posted it on the chat…lol.

          Then the chat filled with comments…and I just lurked with the sound off because I couldn’t stand listening to LaViolette anymore…I can only imagine how horrible it was for that jury!

          So yes yes and yes…the chat is open 24/7 365 days.

          The only reason I closed it before was because I was afraid it would fill with trolls…but I accidentally left it open a few nights and that never happened…so I decided why not just leave it…so people can come in and chat all the time if they want to? A good Dr. Drew may be on and people may want to slip in to chat about it or something like that.

          catbird…I’ve been a part of a few blogs and websites…one website in particular (who shall remain nameless but who’s initials are TCD…lol) and thought I had somehow stumbled into a “way back” machine and ended up in a Kindergarden class somewhere from my past!


          Of course in my life…and I’m sure this has happened to everyone…I have met fast food cashiers that try to CONTROL people…intimidate…etc…etc…etc…

          Some people just can’t help it. It’s in their nature.

          Fun fact: When I started my blog…I was promoting other blogs and websites in an effort to create ONE VOICE in the Anthony debacle and to thwart Bozo Baez’s attempts to break everyone up.

          I posted some great comments from TCD on MY BLOG in an article I wrote about people being enraged…and I recommended people go to TCD and check it out.

          Do you know that crazy bitch…BLOCKED me from TCD and sent me email telling me that she did not approved of the photos and the language on MY BLOG!!!

          She wanted me to change the way MY blog was or she wasn’t going to let me comment on TCD!!!!!

          So she banned me from TCD…I guess until I clean up my act…ROFLMAO!

          She also sent me an email that said (paraphrasing)


          and I wrote her back…

          ” I hear-by tell you NO! I will write about WHAT I want…HOW…I want…WHEN I want and quote ANY discussion that I want to that’s out there on the internet…and there’s nothing that you can do about it! If you think you own the comments made by others on your website you are not only sadly mistaken but ignorant as well. What a disappointment you turned out to be.”

          And that was that.

          Can you imagine? she thought she would ban me from TCD…after 2 years of steady posting…and if I wanted to “get back in” I would have to clean up MY BLOG…so that SHE APPROVED IT!

          Unreal. I can’t stop laughing about it now!

          No…I like seeing how people express themselves…everybody has their own way. I am non partisan politically but you won’t meet too many people more liberal then I am when it comes to free speech.

          First Amendment is extremely important to me.

          I have made it quite clear the purpose of this blog…so the only people I take issue with are the trolls who would come in and start to argue that Jodi is innocent etc…etc…etc…

          because we are like “Women with Cats”(LOL) …we have purpose. We are not here to debate Jodi’s innocence. We are here to see if the system will work this time. We are here to troubleshoot the media. We are here because the Anthony case…along with a few other cases… have provided us with wake up calls and the beauty of it is…we are all different and all of us bring something of our own to the table.

          This is not a website for wrongly prosecuted people or innocent people on trial. By the time you get to this blog…you are 100% convinced they got the right person and scared to death hat the system is going to create another expensive joke out of it like what happened in Florida.

          PLUS…we LIKE each other and like to talk about other things besides CRIME sometimes!

          I have no problem with any of it. I AM NOT A CONTROL FREAK…I am a HIPPIE!

          ; D

          I would never want to have a blog that was anything but a place for people to come and express themselves the way they FEEL.

          As far as new trials…

          I am waiting to see what you guys are interested in…but I think it’s a good idea to stay neck and neck with In Session as much as possible…since all of those trials will be streamed.

          ANDREA SNEIDERMAN is the trial I am most looking forward to right now. In Session is covering it. Sneiderman is the PERFECT DEFENDANT when it comes to a live trial IMO.

          She is BIZARRE and INAPPROPRIATE…she showboats, manipulates and can’t keep her lying mouth shut. She is just like Arias only much more animated and unpredictable and maybe even more dangerous.

          She started an affair with her boss and talked him into killing her husband so she could collect the insurance and run off with someone else.

          She testified in the trial of her boss and the judge ordered her removed from the courtroom and banned from the courthouse because of her antics.

          I’m just sayin…this should be good!

          There’s a bunch of trials coming up on In Session this year. Another one is that guy who won the lottery down in Fla. He was homeless and he won a 30 million dollar lottery!

          As soon as he won the lottery he DISAPPEARED…and a woman (Doris DeeDee Moore) he was hanging around with was spending all HIS money…can’t remember if they found his body in her back yard or what…but I think she’s a white trash loudmouth liar who causes all kinds of disturbances and outbursts in court too! Another one to watch out for.

          Don’t know if they are being streamed but IMPORTANT to me this year…

          Shaniya Davis…her killer goes on trial this year.

          Jonathan Foster from Texas…I HAVE to find out what happened to this poor little boy. He was taken from his apartment on Christmas Eve and murdered and set on fire by Mona Nelson…left on the side of the road. I think drugs were involved…but this woman could be a serial killer according to police.

          Somethings WEIRD about this whole story. This women is a monster.

          I’m sure there are more…but there are going to be some good trials this year for sure! That’s why I wanted to get this chat up…I love to have a chat up during live trials!

          ; )

          I am so glad you are enjoying the blog and the chat. I do too!


      • catbird says:

        Looks like yes. oh yes. thousands are hurting fake dr. moosehead in her wallet. LOL it’s an inside joke between me & Deb…Laviolette with her pleather jacket is a moosehead without a wall….I love it!

  72. Dinosaur says:

    Linda-Good Morning!!! I’ve been saying that all along,Nemo has been in contact with Bozo,too many similarities in the 2 cases. I sure would like to see those interrogation tapes of her parents be played in open court,this,IMHO,also speaks volumes of her temper.

    • LindaP says:

      Good morning Dino…

      This “juror trick” really reeks of Bozo-ism at it’s finest.

      It’s the reason that no REAL attorneys respect him. You are right…the wardrobe choices…the stall tactics…failure to disclose…not much ACTUAL LAWYERING at all!

      Smells like Bozo to me.

      The only people who would call him would be novices with no moral compass.

      Nurmi’s behaviors in court show his lack of awareness as to what is “appropriate” and what is not. he seems to literally have no shame and no class what so ever.

      Makes perfect sense that he would consult Bozo the clown Baez.

      Even Baez knows that Nurmi doesn’t have a chance because he didn’t get to the jury BEFORE the trial…he waited too long.

      Going back and “tampering with the jury” in RETROSPECT….sounds EXACTLY like advice that the Bozo would give since it’s literally the only way he knows to win a case.

      JIMHO Dino…her performance on the stand and in court will be the thing that seals her fate.

      The evidence is overwhelming that it was premeditated…she may not get the DP (which she richly deserves)…but she’s not walking…no way Jose.

      Had Nurmi consulted his clown friend earlier though…I wonder if he would have shared any of his REAL trial secrets???

      Poor Bozo Baez…cheated his little heart out to win…but still knows nothing about being a real attorney or how to win a case in a real court of law. if he doesn’t get to the young attorneys before the trial begins…he really doesn’t have much to offer.

      Jimo all this FAKE cutesy outfits she’s wearing are too obvious next to the photos of her BUTT and PUSSY in my face! lol

      There was only the skank dancing at Fusion while Caylee rotted in the trunk of her car…but no open crotch shots shown in court…

      so the “Holly Hobby” look…while stupid and ugly…had a little bit more a chance of working on some level for BOZO then it does here.

      Pretty useless advice imo.

      She burned the whole thing down when she testified under cross imo.

      If I was on the jury I would be FURIOUS at the defense right now. It’s sickening what they are doing…and I doubt if Nurmi even had the IDEA to try and “get” to any of them when he could.

      Do you know if they used a jury consultant?

      Without flat out breaking the law and the rules of the court Bozo’s rather USELESS to them isn’t he? Bwah! He can advise them how to break the law…and the rules of the court as it pertains to his private skank…

      but that’s about it.

      This “juror thing” just has Bozo smell all over it! lol

  73. Dinosaur says:

    Apparently this came from a Courtroom observer:

    • LindaP says:

      Very interesting Dino…it came from a “courtroom observer” OR someone connected to THE DEFENSE!

      People who speculate that Nurmi and Wilma could be conferencing with BOZO THE CLOWN…could be spot on…

      Getting rid of a juror any which way they can sounds like it’s right up BOZO’S ally…since he can’t give them any actual LEGAL advice…dirty tricks is all he is good for.

      Very interesting!

  74. Dinosaur says:

    Arias’ father LE Interrogation:

  75. Dinosaur says:

    Arias’ mother LE Interrogation:

  76. inquiringmind2 says:

    Zenaida’s bankruptcy attorney filed an Objection to Casey’s claim of exemptions on personal property, and says she has assets that value over $4,000 [there is already a bid on her "property"/rights to her story for $ 10,000], and that she has funds and/or bank accounts held by her attorneys and unnamed friends [hidden money?]. He said the bankruptcy Trustee has already filed Notice that he recovered her assets [and wants to sell them to pay creditors].

  77. inquiringmind2 says:

    Roy Kronk’s bankruptcy attorney has filed a Motion asking to be able to take a deposition of Casey Anthony and says his civil suit should be exempted from discharge in bankruptcy.

  78. inquiringmind2 says:

    Casey Anthony RE-APPEAL DENIED!!!!!
    Her request to have the APPEAL RE-HEARD in Appeals Court, to try to get the remaining two counts of lying to law enforcement dismissed, was DENIED March 25, 2013.

    Florida Fifth District Court of Appeal
    DocketCase Number: 5D11-2357
    Final Criminal Judgment and Sentence Notice from Orange County
    Lower Tribunal Case(s): 08-CF-15606-A

    01/25/2013 Affirmed in Part/Reversed in Part – Per Curiam Opinion[two of the four lying convictions were thrown out]

    02/11/2013 Motion For Rehearing

    02/11/2013 Motion To File Supplemental Record

    02/22/2013 RESPONSE – Attorney General – Appellee

    02/25/2013 Order Granting Motion to Supplement the Record – 03/12/2013

    03/06/2013 Notice of Change of Address – Appellant [Casey Anthony]

    03/15/2013 Supplemental Records

    03/25/2013 Order Deny Rehearing

  79. Brandy says:

    Hi Linda, There is no court today, but will resume tomorrow at 9:30 am. That would be 12:30 pm for those on the East Coast. Hope everyone had a nice Easter!

  80. Dinosaur says:

    Happy Easter All!!
    Found this to be an interesting read:

    • Jersey says:

      VERY interesting, Dino!
      That poor man had to escape by moving away, and even then the stalker tried to find out where he was -
      Thank God he had the foresight to file a restraining order and call the stalker’s mother -
      If only Travis had done this.
      I suppose it’s hard to believe that anyone can be so frightening, and then cover their real identity with a different personality!

    • Deb Areizaga says:

      dino, yes very interesting and downright scary how similar the situations are with psychopaths! thanks again, for the links.. :0-)

    • Wow, Dino!! This guy is lucky to be alive!!
      I can’t imagine for a second, that any juror would find Jodi’s story believable. That they would attempt to hang this jury, because they found any part of her story, true.
      If that HAPPENS, we need to find out about this juror!! Anyone who would be willing to put Jodi Arias, back on the streets again, needs to be WATCHED!! They could every BIT as dangerous, as Arias, herself!!!

    • LindaP says:

      Really fascinating read Dino!

  81. Jersey says:

    Always love your articles, Margaret!
    Great point about Arias’ mother coming out, you may be right that she was called by Travis – he was probably at his wits’ end to know what to do with this twit!
    I was watching one of the shows this week, I think it was Dr Drew (ONLY to get an update on the trial, have missed it due to work), and a woman who knew Travis came on -
    She was a friend of his, and Jodi CORNERED her in the ladies’ room to let her know that she and Travis were an item – she was shaking and clearly out of control, then someone else came into the ladies’ room and that was the end of it.
    Makes you wonder what might have happened if Jodi had let loose on her. She sounds like one SCARY psychopath who obviously shouldn’t be out in public -
    And Travis seemingly put up with her sick behavior for a LONG time, he should have reported all this to the police and perhaps would have saved his own life!
    And WHY didn’t Jodi’s mother do something??

    • Thank you, Jersey!!
      I HEARD about that! I also heard that the girlfriend, who had her tires slashed and asked Travis to stay with her, overnight, because she was so afraid…had an ALARM on her front door and it kept going OFF, (JODI) on the days preceding the tire slashing, event!!
      I’m starting record it ALL…even though I swore off all of the talking heads when they made their flip-flop, after the Skanky trial. They do have the most interesting guests. Guest who SHOULD have been on the witness stand! A woman cornered and threatened by Jodi?? THAT’S not hearsay!!
      I’m with YOU…I don’t understand, AT ALL, why any of these people didn’t involve the POLICE with any of her antics?? Did they really not take her seriously? Didn’t anyone realize how dangerous she was?
      If you think back, to her moving out at age FIFTEEN, in with a man who was EIGHTEEN? How easily THAT could have been fixed with police involvement!! Any parent in their right mind wouldn’t have settled for that!! I’m guessing that life around the Arias household got a little more normal and maybe they all BREATHED a little EASIER, when she moved out!!
      I have a lot of faith in Juan Martinez, but I don’t have a CLUE, as to how this coming week is going to play out. I have a feeling that Wilmott is going to drag LaViolette through every nuance of every conversation, text, the “sex tape, ” the 48 Hour interview, Jodi’s journals, every letter she ever wrote to all her EX boyfriends…and THEN take a couple of days to RECAP it all!!
      Weeks…LaViolette could be on the stand for WEEKS!!!

      • Jersey says:

        That’s exactly what I’ve been wondering, just WHY these first-hand witnesses to Jodi’s psychotic and threatening behavior have not testified, they are IMPORTANT to show her state of mind, I don’t recall Dr Drew asking any of his guests just why they have not been on that stand!
        Jodi’s mother sounds exactly like skank’s look-the-other-way mother, Sindy. I haven’t heard anything at all about the mother, but anyone who allows her 15 year old daughter to move out to an 18 year old man (wow – I hadn’t heard about that!) is clearly happy to get rid of her and didn’t have any control.
        And this shy little-girl act, frail and soft-spoken appearance, is disgusting when you consider the way she slaughtered Travis!
        The other prison inmates should be happy that knives aren’t allowed in prison, even at meals, because this is one knife-happy woman, ready to slash and stab her way through life!!

  82. Hilde says:

    “HAPPY EASTER” Every One!
    Great Post!
    Yes, I too hope this Jury will get it right and will serve Justice for the Victim Travis Alexander and his family.
    I still have a bitter Taste when I think of the disgraceful Pinellas County Jurors who let a Baby Killer walk free in spite of All the Evidence available to them showing the Skank was responsible for Caylee’s Murder.

    • Jersey says:

      I agree Hilde, and I think judging by all the questions they have been asking, that this jury can actually think and are intelligent.
      I for one found that ‘Jennifer Ford’ juror on the Anthony trial to be very insulting in the comments she made, how she ‘was going to sleep just fine’, and she ‘applied the law’, and similar dimwit nonsense -
      She sounded just like the Frump to me!

  83. LindaP says:

    Excellent article Margaret…and thank you for letting me post this! If the jury is a clear thinking honest panel…unlike the disgraceful 12 of Pinellas County…we should have a verdict that speaks the truth!

    I am so sick of watching psychos and their conniving attorneys trash victims and their families and get away with it…alongside Doctors who sell their reputations for a price in order to help society’s worst offenders go free and kill again!

    • Thank YOU, Linda! It’s always my pleasure…thank you, for giving me a voice! I’m wondering if the jury is feeling what we ALL seem to be feeling? Everyone that I speak to about this case, seems to be tuning the defense out, waiting for the days that Martinez is cross examining, instead. For ME, it’s not just that he is more interesting, animated and passionate, but it’s exhausting, watching Wilmott trying to take anything and everything she can find about Travis Alexander and twist it so that it appears that HE’S the cad, or the ass in EVERY situation!!?? In the last hour of Laviolette’s testimony, Thursday, she managed to refer to Jodi Arias…in her “hypotheticals,” as the VICTIM, several times!!! “Likable witness” be damned! That is crossing the LINE, when you consider the CRIME, this “victim” is on trial for!! It makes me wonder if she know ANYTHING about this case, other than the carefully screened, items the defense has tossed her way, for her “expert” perusal!!!!

      • Deb Areizaga says:

        I so agree, Margaret!

      • DonP says:

        Thank you for making this blog, I know how much work that it is… Unfortunately or fortunately I have not followed this trial from the beginning, I was and still am disappointed in the amount of commercials that HLN plays during trial days so I am only now catching up through YouTube videos, some people have done a great job posting the trial minus commercials and side bars which makes it a much more interesting experience. My question is do you know if there is any prior trial testimony from anyone bringing to light the slashed tires and the stalking etc, I mean has any of Mr. Alexanders friends been able to testify to let the jury know about all of this very important information? What is your opinion on how Jodi is getting away with checking Twitter on her attorneys phone and also how is she getting away with selling those drawings she has traced from copyrighted advertisements in magazines? Do you think she will be given the death penalty or will she be given sympathy because she is a woman? Do you think that the jury is grasping all the times Jodi is being a smart ass and purposely answering questions in a smart assed tone? Do you think the jury can see that Jodi hasnt accepted responsibility for killing Travis? All she has done is block it out of her mind all for self serving reasons, and then she still victimizes Travis making up those lies about pedophilia! I wish the state would have done forensics on Travis’s computer, they would be able to find out every picture thats ever been on it… To bad Jodi will never get was she deserves for cold bloodily, premeditatingly slaughtering Travis Alexander in a fit of psychopathic evil jealousy and for costing the Arizona tax payers more than 1.7 million dollars in putting on a defense for her. Jodi Arias shows know respect for anything but herself and that strikes me as being very evil, remember the first arrest video right before she was going to be taken to jail she was crying and she said “I know this will show how really shallow I am but can I please clean myself up before being booked into jail?” meaning she wanted to have a good looking booking photo! Jodi Arias is the sickest most demented psychopathically evil female murder I have ever seen in my 51 years… I pray for the Alexander family and hope that Travis is resting in peace… Sincerely, DonP.

      • DonP says:

        Also, have you seen this yet? I was laughing so hard when I watched it… I am sure that others on this blog would get a kick out of it…

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