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Grey’s Anatomy Star Declares ‘I Don’t Want Trump Supporters as Fans’

I bet Americans are very upset about this (NOT-at-all.)

Who is going to be able to sleep tonight? (SNARK)

Dear What’s-Your-Name…

I have no clue who you are, you raging Ego-Maniac, you, but I have a sneaking suspicion that there’s an empty POD at the Cloning Center right now, and your handlers are out looking for you, as I type this post.

First of all, I cancelled my cable this year, the sole purpose of which was to get you puffed-up, over-inflated, pedestrian blowhards out of my house.

Imagine how little I care what you do, since I’ve never heard of you. Ever.

Just think about it (if you’re programmed for that.)

I’ve never watched Grey’s Anatomy, you poor CLONE, ever. Not even once.

You know what that means? It means there’s millions and millions exactly like me out there…who don’t give a rat’s behind about a word you say. 

I promise you…

if you blew your brains out, tonight on a live stream, I still wouldn’t watch, because I still have no clue who the Hell you are.

You have my word…

you could wrap your head up in dry cleaning bags and suffocate yourself on Hollywood Blvd., in front of Grauman’s Chinese Theatre, and I wouldn’t even read the article…

you colossal, self-obsessed, poorly-programmed clone.

You need to be checked for faulty wiring and either taken back to “the center,” or carted off to the LA County Dump, if found to be faulty. Americans don’t need this kind of clone-harrasment. We have enough real worries.



Antifa Making Deadly Threats in Berkeley as Stores Board Up for Coming Clash


Why should this even be a concern?

If I was in charge…

(Warning:Whenever you see the words “if I was in charge” you are entering a “Danger Zone”)

If I was in charge…

We’d be testing gases on these little bytches…

while resurrecting the old Fire-Hose-Effect (as seen in many Prison Movies from the 1940s and 1950s.)

Once they were hugging the asphalt…it’s rubber bullet time! Just start shooting them in “safe places” like their calves and the bottoms of their feet.

You could also shoot their hands at close range, just for testing. They won’t be “throwing” anything for weeks after that.

Lemon juice squirted in the eyes is always good, and it’s my opinion that NOW would be a good time to test market any progress in the “Billy Club” department, because it’s not as if these morons were going to become Scientists or anything.

No harm / no foul.

There’s a new invention I’ve been working on, and now may be a good time to start testing it out.

It’s a special kind of tank, with a giant retractible windshield wiper…

except, the humongous wiper doesn’t emerge from the windshield, the wiper (made of high-grade industrial steel) comes out from underneath the vehicle, and wipes the road CLEAN of all traffic and people, exactly like the windshield wiper, cleans dirt off of glass.

If every American had one of these in their garage…

there would be no “Antifa.”

Note: I’ve bee working on this project for many years, as it keeps me from getting unnecessary road rage.

The project has been modified  to include an “oil sprayer” which will mounted on the rear and will create a “sliding effect,” for the traffic and people behind you!


That way you don’t get caught.

Some of my ideas are complicated, others are more simple, like low-flying helicopters dumping massive bags of toxic fertilizer on top of them all, until it starts to eat through their clothing, and seep into their face-masks OR until they simply go home.

Another idea is to literally form a circle around them and blast them with sleep-gas.

What happens after that, depends on Federal and State laws.

Ah! So many ideas…why won’t anyone listen to me?



So I chose this article because it validates my response to the previous article, and opens the door for discussion, sharing new and innovative ways to deal with The Antifa Fascists.

Wow! Antifa Professor Tells Tucker Carlson Antifa Has a Right to Beat Opponents (VIDEO)

First of all, I’d be remiss if I didn’t make note of his appearance.

Look at him.

Looks like he slept in the Train Station the night before, and every night before that.

Look at the hair.

Do you suppose he allows his Cat to walk around in it for a while, and calls it a “look?” Maybe he doesn’t have a mirror?

What made him think he was ready to go “out the door?”

This is his “TV Look.”

That, in and of it’s self, should scare the Hell out of everyone!

That reminds me…

I’d like to try my hand at some covert-operations, because it’s something I’ve never tried, but I feel I have something offer in that department.

For instance; the next time the Fascist Antifas meet, you could set up multiple food stands in advance (with the Antifa-Flag in the logo, of course) and all you have to do is poison the food.

This is one of my favorite ideas because it’s cheap, and since wreaking havoc on America is hard work you can bet these idiots will be broke, hungry and thirsty.

Free food!

Seems like funnel cakes and cotton candy sprinkled with powdered sugar and rat poison (just enough to make them sick for weeks) would be a good option.

These people probably haven’t had a good meal in years!

The best part about this idea is the fact that the people who run the stands can cover their faces, you know, to make it more fun, but also to hide their identities in case one of these GOONS actually dies.

Again, no harm/no foul.



OK. HERE is a situation when my gigantic “windshield wiper-tank” would come in sooo handy!

Weapons Arrest at UC Berkeley Outside of Ben Shapiro Event (PHOTOS)


They wouldn’t need to pay all of those Fake California police, if they had my amazing Giant Windshield Wiper, now would they?


They could simply fire it up, get all the normal citizens out of the area, and then roll on through!

Here’s the beauty of it (hard for me not to get excited when talking about this…):

The beauty of it is that The Antifas will be shoved off to the side, before the tank actually rolls over that part of the road…

so the Giant Windshield Wiper, actually saves lives.

Sure, they might have to collect a few body parts, but why do these people need to have all of their body parts, when all they do is tear shyte up with them?

See what I mean? It’s a win/win!

If, by chance, one of these creeps actually does check out…ask yourself this question:

How much longer would a loser like this have lived anyway? I mean, what’s the life-expectancy on these creeps?

Where’s the “loss?”

I’m not feeling it.

I’d like to take my plans to the White House and see if my Giant Windshield Wiper is anything President Trump would be interested in using.

I feel like it could be just the thing to help: Make America Great Again.

It would come in handy at the border wall too!



Ok…Shame on me.

Yesterday I posted a movie called “Smash Up” with Susan Hayward, and it wasn’t at all the movie I was thinking of.

Not at all.

I watched it last night and thought: “What the hell is this?”

It wasn’t terrible or anything, just sappy and full of syrupy-sweet songs, that I had to fast forward through.

I began to realize that it was because Susan Hayward has literally built a career around playing an out-of-control drunk!

It was a logical mistake.

Youtube has deleted the movie I meant to post, because they stream it now for a fee, which I’d rather slice my eyelids off than pay these scumbags a fee…and can’t wait until the day I can dump youtube.

However, here’s the trailer for the movie I meant to post and, as you can see, this movie is more my style:


Here’s a few more trailers for OTHER Susan Hayward movies where she plays an out-of-control drunk…


Ladies and gentlemen of the Jury…I rest my case and ask that you find a verdict of NOT Guilty!

It could have happened to anyone! Dear God, every movie the woman ever made, she plays a raging alcoholic…

it wasn’t my fault!





They are deleting old movies from YOUTUBE faster than you and say Nazi!

Better watch these while you can.

Seduced by Madness: The Diane Borchardt Story (TV Movie 1996)

Remember that school teacher (not Pamela Smart but the OTHER one) who made her students feel sorry for her, because she (deviously) gave them liquor and drugs and then poured out buckets of lies about her husband (who was a perfectly nice guy) abusing her constantly and making her life a living Hell?

The Lifetime Movie: starring Ann Margaret???

Well that one’s been deleted too! 

So I found this one:

FATAL VISION (Originally an “ABC Movie of the Week”) about Psychopath Jeffrey McDonald, and how he killed his family according to the evidence. This is also the story of  how he was finally brought to justice…. 



Boris Karloff’s THRILLER…”What Beckoning Ghost?”

Directed by Ida Lupino…


Hope everyone has a great weekend! 












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2 Responses to TODAY’S NEWS: 👉 FRIDAY 👉September 15, 2017 🇺🇸

  1. dancehappy says:

    Well I do watch TV and get movies from Netflix. It’s upsetting when a show that I have been watching since it began, 14 years ago, has it’s main character come out and dis Trump. Same as when singers and actors who I like do it. Now, I’d be surprised if Ellen Pomeo has any fans. Patrick Dempsey has fans, but not her, and he is surely missed on the show. Grey’s Anatomy is going to lose many viewers and it could be the end to the show … she’s so dumb to come out with that!

    • LindaP says:

      Dance…I really think MORE than half of these celebrities sign a contract agreeing to all sorts of mind control!!!

      The one’s who don’t live up to it…their careers are ruined or they are actually killed.

      I know I make fun of the IDEA of cloning…but I really DO believe they are trying to clone these celebrities, so they can tell people how to think… for their New World Order…

      the ONLY celebs I can watch anymore are the celebs that have kept their mouths shut!

      But I’ve canceled my cable and don’t miss it one bit…so I’ll NEVER have “cable” again.

      Whether they are programmed…just plain evil…or actual clones…

      I really can’t stand to LOOK at the ones who have come out against President Trump.

      I don’t care what they are…I never want to see their faces again!

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