MONDAY November 6, 2017 : A Shooting in Texas…

Today I’ve decided there won’t be any funny, snarky, over-the-top remarks about the “Deep State,” Illuminati Bloodlines, Hollywood or the NFL.


Today I’d like to pay homage to the people who were murdered in Sutherland Springs, Texas, by a psychotic, Antifa-associated, far left henchman, who walked into a church and killed 26 innocent people, so that desperate Democratic lawmakers could once again, try to take away our guns…

Democrat Senator Calls for Gun Control After TX Shooting – Before Shooter Even Identified!

Wasting no time Democrats lunged into action, like wolves feasting on fresh meat, and they continued to demonstrate to clear-thinking Americans, that they are oblivious to what is happening outside of their incredible shrinking bubble of shame.

FAKE NEWS STATIONS (CNN, NBC, MSNBC, ABC, CBS) all followed suit, foaming at the mouth like rabid animals starving for food.

Anything to distract from the impending tidal wave of TRUTH.

Anything to take our guns from us before the hammer comes crashing down on them…even orchestrating the death of children who are innocently praying in church.  

Yes these pedophiles and satanic scum have polluted our government and the system to an unimaginable extent and they seem to have convinced themselves that We the People were just too dog-gone dumb to notice.

And why would normal, mentally healthy people suspect that our government was saturated with pedophiles? Why should we be burdened with crawling down into the cesspool, in order to relate to gutter-minded people?

Why would good people imagine that our leaders are all raping children, selling body parts and worshipping Satan?

We aren’t the stupid ones my friends, that I can tell you.

These idiots, in all of their failed attempts to brainwash the public, have accidentally brainwashed themselves so completely, that they are now going “all in.”

Not only are these people rotten to their very core, but they are terrified and enraged that their perpetual plan for world domination and bondage of America, has been snatched from their evil hands!

They are furious.

While both parties are involved in this, the Democrats have become immunized to the horrific behavior of their own party, and I must say that it has been a nauseating thing to behold.

If the Democratic Party imploded today…it would be a blessing to this country moving forward, because they have literally transformed themselves into a “Death Cult” and are utterly clueless to the fact that they are being manipulated.


This shooting was yet another phase, in the death throes, of the doomed “Purple Movement.”

It was aimed directly at Patriotic Americans who roundly rejected the “Deep State’s” morally contaminated candidate, and in their rage, the Democratic donors of Hillary Clinton’s campaign are trying to beat and scare people into submission. 

Can you imagine if she had successfully stolen the election?

They are scaring people all right. Scaring people into voting Republican for the next 8 years!

The Democrat’s have done literally nothing to distance themselves from the events of the past 2 years.  Pedophiles, rapists, Cannibals, Satanists, human traffickers and general, incomprehensible examples of pure human filth, are values they now seem to embrace.

Most people are awake, and yet the Democrats still sleep.

The censorship, the shutting down of free speech…it all goes uncontested by the Democrats. The lack of any message other than “HATE TRUMP,” the perverse morals, the violence inflicted on Trump supporters, it all points to the failure of the Democratic party to keep their leaders in check. 

HIS NAME WAS SETH RICH…but Democrats don’t care about him at all! 

They continue to scream and chant the LIES that were programmed into their brains, by constantly sucking on CIA funded networks like CNN and MSNBC.

Whatever the Democrats were hoping for, they were treated to ridicule and mocking, as Trump supporters openly scoffed at their candidate, their thinly veiled “Trojan Horse,” in the form of hundreds of thousands of dangerous and diseased “refugees,” (while taking away our health insurance at the same time,) the mass immigration that “we the people” were expected to pay for, along with a host of other flat-out betrayals.

Most normal-thinkng people would reject everything about their DOOMED campaign, simply on the basis of common sense.

That these crusty old Alinsky-spewing dinosaurs have been trotting out propaganda techniques not seen since the end of World War 2 and achieving success within the Democratic party…is sad and infuriating at the same time.

When are these people going to wake up and what happened to their discernment?

That they used these same ham-handed tricks to try to force the rest of America to accept their grotesque agenda is an abomination.

God Bless the people who lost their lives and their loved ones yesterday.

God Bless our President…

and God Bless our beautiful AMERICA.



It will be business as usual tomorrow…but we will never forget.





















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