⭐️ HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!! ⭐️ 👉 THURSDAY 👉November 23, 2017 🇺🇸

I’ll be doing the same thing everyone else is doing today…

but I wanted to stop by and post my wishes for a fantastic, ALL AMERICAN, (getting ready to say “Merry Christmas!”) -kind of day…

and take this opportunity to salute AMERICAN KNOW-HOW!


Consider this a Thanksgiving Day Survival Kit…

Now here’s a creepy card you can download and send to all of your leftist relatives, (the ones who get offended by virtually EVERYTHING)  before they arrive at your house…


See how the corn has eyes and a mouth? This is going to really mess them up.

See how the corn is using it’s husks as HANDS?

Hopefully this image (mixed with the GMOs they snarf down daily) will dance around in their mentally disturbed heads and ignite all kinds of questions as to their sexual identity (which is far more important to them than Thanksgiving.)

See the little arms on the basket and the face that seems to be pushing it’s way out of the side and inviting you to become a…


Once your  sexually confused, idiotic, massively stupid relative sees this e-card, they’ll be sexually identifying with the corn and the basket in no time flat.

This is where you want them on Thanksgiving…

locked in their OWN  bathroom, identifying sexually with baskets and corn.

You’re Welcome.

(What the Hell happened to their EYES?) 

Here’s some MORE stuff to help you enjoy the day…





Boston Pops…






Here are 2 versions of “A Christmas Carol”  from “HOOKTUBE,” (which captures and STORES videos from YouTube so they cannot be deleted.)

A Christmas Carol with Patrick Stewart:



A Christmas Carol (1999): A Carol of the Bells…


Here’s a little Christmas Picture to go with the above links…


One more from Vincent Price (for good measure…)

Vincent Price: Charles Dickens’ The Christmas Carol (1949) [Complete Film]


Remember to set up a room with crayons, clay and dolls for your Libtard relatives and laugh at their meltdowns.

Videotape and share if you can!

Here’s one more movie for them to watch in the “Time Out Area:” 

Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer 1964




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