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So I’ve been trying  to NOT hate Democrats

and I’ve been working very hard at it.  I’ve been experimenting with various ways to feel sorry for them instead… 

but it doesn’t seem to be working.

This is largely due to Democrats revealing themselves to be colossal dumbasses, as opposed to just regular dumbasses.

Gargantuan even.

The way I see it they have 3 choices:

  1. Take lots of walks into oncoming traffic.
  2. LEAVE
  3. Wait for us to start beating the crap out of them…until they LEAVE. Note:A pair of crushed legs goes a long way towards making your points, when attempting to converse with people who suffer from chronic dumbass-ness.

Dear Democrats,

You are too dumb to pity, so go to another country and bitch…

that way we can Make America Great Again.

PS: Since we know you hate America…you’re not getting back in.



These aren’t Carnival level idiots either…

this is Cirque De Soleil level Dumbassery these stupid Dems are engaging in…

the type rarely seen on humans who can feed themselves and are able to speak. 

I’ve love to watch Democrats wrestle Chimpanzies for money…

(crowd applauds organically) 

count me in.

Are Democrat Mental Health Failures to Blame for Another Mass Shooting on US Soil?


We simply ban DEMOCRATS from owning guns.

Problem solved.

“The Party of the Mentally Unstable, Hypocritical Dumbasses.”

All the shooter’s are unhinged Dems!

It’s because their brain tissue has been severely hardened  by drinking Starbucks Coffee and watching “The View.” 

It’s very hard not to hate them…but I’m dedicated to finding the solution.

The stupid flows from their dumbass lips like toxic rain.

In the wacky world of the unstable, easily-manipulated, Hillary-Loving, dumbass Democrat…

it was the FORK that made them fatguns have hands…and you invite the enemy over for breakfast, and in the morning you hand them your gun (because you don’t want to accidentally shoot them.)

Technically we should consider banning such people from voting altogether, until we can re-hydrate all the dried-up brain matter and get some blood flowing back in there…

I’m just saying.
































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