Are Bannon, Sessions and Trump TROLLING all of us?

Above: A meme I found in the Q-Crumbs drop. It was in a folder labeled “Bannon,” along with 5 or 6 other graphics…(see video below.) 

Take a look at this Q Post…

Put this old Q Post together with what I found over the weekend, inside one of the dozens of Q Folders ( filled with memes and graphics…that the Q-Team has asked Patriots to spread around social media as much as possible…)

and it looks like that’s exactly what they have been doing.

Trolling the MSM!!! Trolling ALL of us! 

Over the weekend, I looked at the Memes from the Bannon folder and couldn’t believe what I was seeing…but then…I always consider “trolling”when discussing President  Trump’s strategy (for obvious reasons.)

Then I went back to the MEGA Q CRUMB DROP and looked for a folder on Sessions.

The video showcases what I found.

Who would be surprised if this turns out to be the case?

Why would the Q Team ask Americans to spread memes and information?

Perhaps it has something to do with the massive propaganda and censorship taking place and a few big “BOOMS?”

They (the Q-group) knew the censorship on the internet was about to be ramped up and the Chan Boards were already being disrupted. They made the drop so the graphics and memes could be circulating slightly BEFORE the information comes out…

to do what?


To get the “sleepers” USED to seeing it! Repetition is KEY. 

The people who are still asleep are able to be manipulated using these tactics. We already know this. Repetition WILL WORK.

If you keep repeating something enough times these people’s brains will pick up on it.

Especially THESE people (asleep.) 


I’ve started going through these folders one by one, because there is new information in them. Pieces are starting to form pictures.

This has been one of the most exciting and yet one of the most frightening times…

but this idea of creating a “Q-Team” is one of the most brilliant (promotion…branding…execution…) ideas I’ve ever watched come to life!

What imagination!


This experience assures me that we have some of the most brilliant thinkers in the world working on our side.

There was a day (back in 2016,) when I looked up at the ceiling and cried out, in utter despair, to GOD:

“Are there NO PATRIOTS God? Where are all the PATRIOTS? Where have they GONE? Are there NO patriots left God? Oh my God…there are no Patriots…they are all in on it!” 

Shortly after that I made arrangements to leave the country, if Hillary Clinton had won the election, and join some ex-pats in South America. Didn’t know what I was going to do after that. I just knew there would be a target on America if she won and it would only be a matter of time before the 3am kicking in the door and then…


Thank you God,  for this magical President that I love so much…

and thank you for the Q-Group.

The patriots were there all along.


TOMORROW: I’m thinking of drawing some pretty ART pictures of Jim Carey. We’ll see what happens with that.













Here’s something for fun. It has “Perry Mason” in it. 


More fun stuff…









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  1. Sam I am ... says:

    I just wanted to say thank you Linda! I’ve kinda given up hope that things would change in this country. Finding your YouTube and website has given me a new outlook. I appreciate all your hard work! Not only are you most beautiful on the outside, your inner beauty shines even brigher. Thank you!

    • LindaP says:

      Thank you so much Sam I Am!!!

      That really is the whole point of this blog…we are winning. We HAVE been winning and we hold all the cards now.

      The Propaganda Machine will do anything to make the public think poorly of this amazing man…but don’t let them fool you.

      When I voted for Donald Trump I voted for him 1000%. I’ve never, in my entire life, had the confidence in any man or woman in office than I do this President.

      Don’t give up! He told us we would NEVER figure out what he was doing (because if WE can figure it out the enemy can figure it out) and so far he hasn’t let us down!!!

      He’s smarter than all of them put together and he has a team of equally brilliant patriots working tirelessly to protect him and our country.

      Remember…when you feel that way (discouraged and down) THEY ARE DOING THAT TO YOU.

      They are using every trick in the book and probably putting their hoo-doo voo-doo crappy spells on us too!

      They really manipulate your feelings through the TV…computer and cell phone with their “frequencies” and “EMPs” etc…

      They do it through their articles and the language they use. Pictures. Art. Radio. Music. They own it all.

      Try getting RID of some of that stuff…if you notice you start to feel crappy while reading an article or watching TV… and watch your whole spirit lift up a little more daily.

      That’s why I post those videos at the end of each blog…to encourage people to cut the cord. Those frequencies are damaging and I feel 100% better after canceling cable.

      I am so glad that this blog is doing what I WANT it to do! ENCOURAGE PEOPLE…spread information and keep people’s spirits up!

      Thank you so much for this comment Sam I am!!!



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