Happy Wednesday to the Patriots of the United States of America!


Q ANON was posting this morning. 

Here’s a short video I made about it:

“Q” >>> DOWN SHE GOES!!! <<<“Q”


I subscribe to “Truth and Art TV” (with Bernie,) and his video was on my “subscriptions” page when I woke up this morning.

Here’s Bernie’s excellent video…

Bernie stays on top of the Q Posts, and I enjoy his straight forward presentations.

Once I watch someone else’s video, I like to go directly to the “Q” page and read the posts for myself.


ABOVE: One of the memes that came from the Q-CRUMBS MEGA DROP. The drop can be found by clicking on the link below:



These people are going INSANE over their massive FAILURE.

You remember the giant FAIL?

It was the culmination of a whole bunch of smaller FAILS, as our amazing and NIMBLE #GEOTUS (God Emperor of the United Staes) foiled their attempts to defeat him at every turn, thereby pasting that “STUPID LOOK” onto their actual faces…

where they have left it intact for how long now???

Aren’t we going on two full years of these dumbasses trying to make OUR President Trump look “bad…”

all while trying to shove that brain-eating WITCH into the White House…

so they go FORWARD can SEIZE all of our assets…



Saddle up folks! According to Q this is going to be a REAL extravaganza!

My father (a policeman) used to say:

“When you’re a cop and you go to a crime scene, you have to take careful notes and pay strict attention to all of the testimony and evidence…but in the back of your mind you ALWAYS have to ask yourself “What if…?”

In this case, however (since these people are such incredible dumbasses,) we’ll re-word it to say:

“They’re PROBABLY…”

instead of…

“What if…”

They’re PROBABLY practicing their big FAKE UFO production right now…

because we are so very very stupid, and they are VERY sure that this will be the thing that causes people across the globe to stand in line…

just so they can sign up for that “New World Order…thing”

because we have to “protect our WORLD from the big, bad Aliens..together as one!” 

It’s getting close to the time they will need to use their “master weapon…”

Usually something like that works a lot better when everyone doesn’t KNOW about it in advance.

As “Q” says…

“Enjoy the Show…”











Lifetime Movies are always good for when you have OTHER things to do but you just want a movie on in the BACKGROUND…

It’s because you don’t have to pay close attention to them to know what’s going on and if you MISS  some of the movie it doesn’t make any difference…

you can still pick it up and figure out what happened.

There’s a NEED for that sometimes…


1990. It was a good year.

Below is the story of Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka, the Canadian serial killers…



Here’s a couple of great episodes of “City Confidential” to round out your day!







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