Happy FRIDAY Everyone!!!

Aa promised, I found time to draw a pretty picture of Jim Carrey and if I do say so myself…

(breaths on nails and shines fingernails on shoulder…)

I think I really captured him in all of his UNI-BOMBER, Homeless-looking glory and am so proud, especially for my first effort.

These “celebrity-type-things” that the CIA created to “tell us how to think” and to “be the ‘Gods’ of their “New World Order-Thing,”

have great ART ideas!

After the Wikileaks were released, I was feeling a little down and gloomy, and to be perfectly honest, I became disgusted and enraged when I saw Kathy Griffin had decapitated an effigy of our beloved GEOTUS’ HEAD…

and posed for pictures with it!

What was I thinking? 

Once I realized that it was actually a great idea (because what’s good for the goose is good for the gander in my world) I saw a door opening up and like MAGIC…

that crabby old attitude of:

“I can’t draw or paint anything right now because the government is trying to seize my property and my body parts (including my actual brain)-so I CAN’T make “Art” right now…

completely disappeared!

I realized in that one moment…

The problem isn’t Kathy Griffin…the problem was ME!

The Tranny and all her deranged, bug-eyed, sag-eyed, black-eyed, creepy “celebrity” (nothing to “celebrate”) backstabbing, baby-eating friends…

had instantly inspired me!

I thought: This could be fun! Putting their heads in trash mashers and stuff…

and now Jim Carrey is leading the “Pretty Picture” movement…

Because as much as these idiots perceive themselves as “artists and politicians…”

they are merely brain-sucked, no-talent puppets, who are so screwed up, their eyeballs don’t even know where they belong!

But I’ll steal their ideas anyway.

Maiming them and drawing “pretty pictures” of them is a great stress reliever!

Thanks Hollywood (you bag of irredeemable, Satan Sucking whores…)

Thanks for the ART ideas!


You might be wondering what the heck is she doing?

I’ll be working on video projects this weekend and into next week. Here’s what I hope to accomplish on Antarctica this week:

  1. Does the Illuminati own Antarctica? Why have they traveled there for over a century? Why did the Rockefellers continue to fund, these expeditions which sought to dig deeper and deeper into the earth, even to this day? What are they looking for?
  2. Are rituals of some sort being performed at the South Pole?
  3. The history of Hollow Earth and other theories of the North and South Poles
  4. What are they doing in Antarctica RIGHT NOW? What did the Buzz Aldrin tweet mean and what was John Kerry’s Election visit REALLY about?

Sometime in between the above videos (which require a lot more planning and gathering of resources…) I will be creating videos about:

  1. Walnut Sauce: THE HORRIBLE TRUTH BEHIND THE WIKILEAKS WALNUT SAUCE REFERENCES. In this video I will go over the mysterious Wikileaks communications, and consider the NEW INFORMATION, provided by Q, about what that reference means. (This one won’t be for everyone, especially if you’re sensitive in nature…) but it is derived from the memes (information) that Q-Anon has been putting in the MEGA DROP folders.
  2.  I’d like to create a short video and give props to the YT channels that cover QAnon and are my Go-to-Channels for QNews.

…and then, of course, I have a YORKIE to take care of:

Wish me luck! 



























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