Looks like SOMEONE has been hitting the BOTTLE for a few weeks in a row!

Maxine Launches Her Most DERANGED Rant Yet ‘Trump Most Despicable, Deplorable Human Ever’


This Creature from the BLACK CAUCUS LAGOON…


Whatever the Hell this thing is…it looks a lot WORSE than it did a few weeks ago.

A few weeks ago…it looked EXACTLY like a fantasy-driven, psychopathic- Tranny. 

Now she looks like a haggard psychopathic Tranny.

The maniacal old windbag has more wrinkles than a California Dancing Raisin…

Go ahead…and take the challenge…

choose any ONE of the above Raisins…squint and imagine James Brown’s HAIR on top of it…

Above: The highest paid CLOWN in SHOW-BIZ…

Does anyone doubt for one second that this garish THUGGA-LINA…who looks like she literally went to the cemetery late one night (during a full moon) and actually dug UP poor old James Brown and stole his wig…

is ONLY upset because she’s AFRAID of getting thrown into GITMO (the MENS area) and everyone finding out what a FRAUD He-She is! 

Her job is to LIE AND STEAL…

and she was hoping to stay on her HIGH HORSE forever…looking down at the masses…without interruption!!!!

Get ready Bytch…

according to Q you are about to GO DOWN! 
























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4 Responses to 🇺🇸 👉TUESDAY 👉 APRIL 17, 2018 🇺🇸 Q ANON…MAD MAX…MAGA!

  1. the best~! joanie says:

    Dear Linda,

    for correspondence.

    Your work had me thinking about the fairytales we grew up on. Little did I know (62YR grandmother) the versions we read from the “Grimm” brothers were not even their stories, yet modified. Today I’m wondering, why did the stories continue with rewrites, becoming more sanitized as centuries went – was it because we’re more civilized and/or reminding us cannibalism, rape, incest etc., is still with us today and one must watch out for “evil”, (the opposite of “live”).

    I think it’ll help people accept the satanism, cannibalism, etc., of today as a reality if they research the original versions of the grim fairytales – eating people, blood, bones etc., as the common theme. I’ve gone into all of the evil because I must know. I must say, showing someone this drawing, he is now able to accept people could be engaging in cannibalism today. cain and abel = cannibal
    Also, IMO paypal = papal because all roads lead to Rome.

    I found this drawing (no date provided) that accompanies “Puss in Boots”. Notice all fresh “meat” for consumption.


    • LindaP says:

      Hi The Best Joanie!

      What a great idea! Funny you should mention this because I’ve ACTUALLY ALREADY done some research into some German children’s books, for a BOOK I was working on, when all of these “awakenings” started coming to light!

      I dropped the book project…because I learned that the publishing industry is controlled by the Rothschilds and, pretty much, always has been…

      AND because I began to make PLANS to sell my house and LEAVE the country!!!

      To make a long story short…the book was about a bizarre serial killer…who rode the rails during the Great Depression and committed terrible “Butcher-Murders…”

      and left all sorts of “scenes” behind…where he had arranged the “body parts” etc…very bizarre…wrote letters to some of the families of the victims and to the police and the newspapers…

      I linked all the murders to one suspect…and after 10 years of research…I could prove it.

      The research comes when researching HIS childhood etc…


      But a big part of the picture was the German culture and their attitude towards children in the decades before the war. Lots of children’s books written that told of stories of “thumb-suckers” getting their thumbs CUT OFF with gardening shears…as punishment for sucking their thumbs and kids who played with matches getting burned alive!

      These are children’s books (See “Shock-headed Peter”)

      Also…there was a Dr. Spock kind of guy for Europe (back in the late 1800s) who had kids wearing all kinds of restraints and contraptions to cure them of slouching etc! Cruel!

      Great Idea! Thanks so much The Best Joanie!

      PS I love your screen name!

  2. Patti Thompson says:

    Was there a Q post that mentioned April 20 as an important date?

    • LindaP says:

      Hi Patti!

      I think there WAS…but I’ve been so busy with the folders that I haven’t been keeping up lately…and I’d have to look and see…

      I SURE HOPE YOU’RE RIGHT!!!! Every day I pray that something will happen to remove the BLINDERS from these people who are under some kind of SPELL…

      I’ve never seen anything like this…friends I’ve known for years…not “stupid” people…just BLIND…willfully BLIND…

      I’ll say a prayer that we DO a something big happen on that day…seems I remember the same date too!

      (fingers crossed)

      ; )

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