Happy Tuesday everyone!

Today is TRASH DAY and that means they come tomorrow morning at 4am.

So…nuff said.

MEANWHILE…Here’s something Patriotic for you to think about: Your MAGA 4th outfit. 

I know what I’m wearing…

























About LindaP

Broadcast veteran. Over 20 years: CNN, MSNBC, LIFETIME, ESPN, NBC, ABC, CBS as Producer, Art Director, Animation Specialist and Graphic Designer. Over 16 years as a freelance writer: Jezebel Magazine, Atlanta Magazine, Creative Loafing, Southhampton Press. Currently writing a book about a bizarre series of unsolved murders, that began in 1931 and ended in 1970. I have linked all of the crimes to one forgotten suspect.
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3 Responses to 🇺🇸 👉TUESDAY 👉 MAY 8, 2018 🇺🇸TREASON!!! TRAITORS!!! JUSTICE!!!

  1. Livia says:

    sorry for this tardy response LP))
    so many scenarios with these ‘delites’)

    maybe just another Volcano God donation))

    I hope that your moving went smoothly!!
    hugz & special blessings to you!!
    ps would be nice to see a stellar arrest SOON!!

  2. Livia says:

    Hi Linda!! I watched your red shoes video last night (still catching up))
    Just thinking about the Viacom situation and Big Media
    Sure would be good if a rich Trumper would buy it out and make it a conservative network since we are surrounded on cable with liberalism.

    Also, the segment about the fellow who died at Bohemian Grove, maybe he planned it that way. He perhaps wanted to die there.

    • LindaP says:

      Hi Livia!!!

      I was thinking that the fellows at Bohemian Grove might have wanted him out of the way…in order to MAKE the Viacom Deal…because it seems to have been one of the FIRST in a SERIES of deals that started this monopoly…that these Satanic Bankers have going on NOW.

      I was thinking that he was impeding their progress by holding onto his OLD VALUES…and not making the changes they wanted…so they got him out there to “talk about it” and did away with him!

      But more than one person has suggested that he sacrificed HIMSELF as you just said…for the “Great Work!”

      I don’t know enough about it (trying t learn as much as I can) to know if people do that…Do they sacrifice themselves like that? I don’t know…but they MUST do it sometimes because lots of people suggested that he went there to sacrifice himself because he knew he was going to die.

      These people are so messed up.


      ; )

      But you could be right! He was OLD enough and

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