🇺🇸 👉FRIDAY 👉 MAY 18, 2018 🇺🇸 IT’S HAPPENING…


Thank you GOD, for giving us AMERICA!!!

ALCOHOL and GUNS…my favorite combo! 


Speaking of EYES…


I created a video yesterday about Nicola Tesla’s invention called:

“The GIANT All-Seeing-Eye!”

Take a look…


I’m of a mind… that Tesla didn’t understand WHY he was receiving these messages…

but attributed them to GOD.

Just my opinion.

I’ll be working, later this afternoon, on a video about The Philadelphia Experiment…in which Tesla’s technology was used…to “bend light” and electricity was created (with mechanisms built into the USS Eldrige itself) to aid in making the War Ship, invisible, to both radar and the naked eye.

There are two camps, of people reporting what happened that day on October 28, 1943, but one group emerged from inside of the Military Complex and the other group, are LIVE witnesses, soldiers who were on the boat and saw what happened, and Secret Scientists, who worked on Black Projects, and have admitted what happened, and verified that it is true.

I don’t believe one word that came out of the military on this subject.

I believe it happened exactly as the scientists and victims say it did.

Stay tuned…


























Hope everyone has a great weekend!







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Broadcast veteran. Over 20 years: CNN, MSNBC, LIFETIME, ESPN, NBC, ABC, CBS as Producer, Art Director, Animation Specialist and Graphic Designer. Over 16 years as a freelance writer: Jezebel Magazine, Atlanta Magazine, Creative Loafing, Southhampton Press. Currently writing a book about a bizarre series of unsolved murders, that began in 1931 and ended in 1970. I have linked all of the crimes to one forgotten suspect.
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7 Responses to 🇺🇸 👉FRIDAY 👉 MAY 18, 2018 🇺🇸 IT’S HAPPENING…

  1. Stephen Gaal says:

    Hi Linda,
    it seems like your getting there and its a strange road and pretty dark.
    heres a link to a fellow truther whos channel will most likely get pulled cause he flies over the target a bit too much.Got some great music in it too.This guys a veteran and you are a novice heres his magnus opus signout cause he knows his shits getting deleted https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WEfQPVZoCJs,
    heres a quote from a meme in the vid,
    the majority believe that everything hard to comprehend must be very profound.That is incorrect.Whats hard to understand is often immature,unclear,and often false.THE HIGHEST WISDOM IS SIMPLE AND PASSES THROUGH THE BRAIN DIRECTLY TO THE HEART>

  2. Stephen Gaal says:

    Hi Linda i walked away from this post and sat down sucking back a brew.
    The words to that song are very much like the name of this site.
    Jewel: LIFE UNCOMMON: c’mon you unbelievers move out of the way ,there is a new ARMY coming and we are armed with FAITH.
    Lend your voices to only SOUNDS OF FREEDOM
    Set down your chains till only faith remains,

  3. Stephen Gaal says:

    Linda you restored my confidence doing that KURU vid,whether it was my links I sent,doesn’t matter.Saying a commentor turned me on to it is enough.I don’t want credit nor do i need a red dot on my mailbox.God grants people different talents,mine is making stuff out of metal.I wish i had the skill to make videos.However Moses was commaded by God,to address the egyptians and he argued with God that hes basically not qualified.
    Theres been a rash of infighting with the truther movement,its the hegelian thing,left vs right etc etc.Stick to the stuff that matters,and God will direct your path.Heres a lyric fron a song,”Go on you unbelievers ,move out of the way,there is a new army coming and we are armed with FAITHBTW you are deplorable!

  4. Stephen Gaal says:

    Hi linda its Friday not Wednesday,hope your well..You say your a history buff,
    well i watched several thousand of these type of vids.From flat earth to Illuminati,toyou name it.BUT this one is very well researched.i know your searching for truth,at least you say so.Some of these folks just get 100k subs and even if one percent sent a buck or a month thats pretty good.Heres the vid ,personally i don’t think you will even read this

  5. Drew Hogeland says:

    Hope you are well Linda, happy Friday!!!

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