🇺🇸 👉THURSDAY 👉 JUNE 7, 2018 🇺🇸 #WINNING !!!



So I’m working on a video today that is over an hour long…

which means I won’t be doing any snarky writing, however, here is a blog entry I made when I DID actually have time to be snarky…


MORNING NEWS: 👉 WEDNESDAY 👉August 9, 2017 🇺🇸
























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One Response to 🇺🇸 👉THURSDAY 👉 JUNE 7, 2018 🇺🇸 #WINNING !!!

  1. joanie says:


    The [kill box] you mentioned…. kills our spirit, unless one is able to to rise above it all.
    IMO, all societal institutions make up the “kill” box – we’ve been institutionalized,
    that is if one believes in and supports the made institutions people blindly support with their jobs –
    Education, religion, health care (LOL) sports, news, propaganda type entertainment, gooberment…

    As long as one (for the most part) is able to exercise their free spirit,
    then they’re able to rise above, not allowing to be chained down via the institutions.
    It’s about allowing someone to be what they may be without forcing the masses to accept them,
    or without allowing bad behavior, truly intrusive behavior.
    Case in point – I do not accept allowing people to freedom of religion.
    What if ones religion is sacrificing another human? What if it includes rape, or sodomy or?
    What if one chooses to be gay and overly acts disturbingly in your face – sick. Detailed experience below

    We know if someone says – “I must institutional (name family member) –
    it’s a bad thing. Yet if one is a slave to any of the societal institutions,
    then one is already institutionalized. Sadly, unless one barters for everything,
    we’re stuck using their money system that is meant to control via the value they give it.
    Right now they’re creating a depression because the dollar value is about 3 cents,
    compared to when it was created. Yet the manmade squeeze upon humanity is the means people have become more creative, maybe even more conservative, valuing what they have instead of what they don’t…

    Ya know what LARP is to me? everyday roles we play – especially a gay guy sales”man” LOL pouring it on when trying to get a potential buyer’s attention. As a woman, I want to vomit. He’s gets his made up role (he learned from TV the propaganda box), and I get to exercise mine! LOL “How are we today?” he says. You look like a woman on a mission – blah blah blah” … as i walk faster and faster and walk away. All the world is a stage – a cliche that holds true. We’re all actors because every act is an action one creates on the spot. The definition of “art” = to be. We are beings being, which is an art form at all times, while most times, someone is copying another. As they say, monkey see monkey do…

    We’ll continue to be born again and again, hopefully wiser the next time around.

    Linda, The best to you~!

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