This means so many things…










and it also means that ALEX JONES IS MOST LIKELY BILL HICKS!!!

Leave your comments below (since they’ve censored them on youtube…)



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Broadcast veteran. Over 20 years: CNN, MSNBC, LIFETIME, ESPN, NBC, ABC, CBS as Producer, Art Director, Animation Specialist and Graphic Designer. Over 16 years as a freelance writer: Jezebel Magazine, Atlanta Magazine, Creative Loafing, Southhampton Press. Currently writing a book about a bizarre series of unsolved murders, that began in 1931 and ended in 1970. I have linked all of the crimes to one forgotten suspect.
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  1. Sandy B. says:

    Linda, love your stuff…..here is a history of masonry, and the illuminati, which lead to Jacob Frank on to Sabatey Sevi, self described Judaic messiah, and inspiration of the reverse interpretation heresy promoting redemption through sin. In the chaos of 1666, 50% of Jews followed him. You can be redeemed by practicing the opposite of the Torah treachings. Forced to convert to Islam, followers eventually adopted the practice of being for example Christian by day and Sabatean by night. They made a cult of all perversions.



  2. Mark Spires says:

    Very interesting stuff going on in the Truther , Alt-Right , Patriot Movement , insert label , sector of the one place most people go to see videos : You Tube . Pilot to Bombardier ” Over target ” . There is a huge data base of names of U.S. Patriots who have submitted their personal info to infowars . They now have a calling ( or is it culling ? ) list .

  3. Kathy Purington says:

    Love your I don’t give a damn, I’m going to tell the truth attitude. Showing us the meme files, made the truths even clearer (to those who have the eyes to see, and ears to hear). You are most definitely over the target. Everyone is supposed to rally around AJ? That won’t happen, except for his sheep. I never really cared for him, or his the sky is folling stories. Hawking vitamins, survival gear …. Maybe he was a NWO plant, trying to get the people following him to accept the shit storm that was coming, The Fema camps, the UN police. That didn’t work out for him too well, Q changed the naritive destroyed him and Corsi – AJs lies. They had to take him off…make him a martyr for Alt. Media. I dismiss the talking head – he’s one of them. I was really surprised at the warnings on your Y.T video…especially since you don’t depend on sponsors. Perhaps this is ment as a distraction, We need to pay attention to what’s going dowm in Washington, with the justice department. Thank you A and Linda for verifying AJ is nothing more than a shill.

  4. steve says:

    Alex Jones?
    he reminds me of Hulk hogan and Randy Macho Man Savage.definately the WWF version of the truther movement.But why get rid of controlled opposition?is he taking one for the team like Weinstien did?Either way if theres anything important to anyone on YT you better archive it or download.Cause with the exception of TANNY videos YT is winding down.

    • Yosiah C says:

      Hello Dear Adorable u Deplorable Adorable U : BULLSEYE with the hicks vid now my hunches r correct they did not like that piece pie expoesed : BTW Alex or mr hicks has his very own iluminati game card : It’s title caption reads sym to disimformation or misinformasion agent

      • LindaP says:

        Hi Yosiah C!!!

        I found an old photo of AJ too and he looks JUST LIKE BILL HICKS…I’m not kidding…looks like an exact copy!

        Will check out the Illuminati card…I’m going to write an article about him soon…and I’ll use the Illuminati card in that…

        they are telling us he is CIA…HE is telling us he’s CIA…YOUTUBE is telling us he’s CIA…

        where did that 160 million dollars go?

        #FakeAltNews #FakeAltBan #FakeAlexJones #FakeInfoWars #CIAAlexJones #AlexJonesisBillHicks

        ; )

  5. OnyxSphere says:

    It’s about time u did this AJ shit… I kinda stopped following when you wouldn’t put out ur vid or answer In ur chat when I asked u personally a out AJ. Good for you… finally. Please Don’t Follow ANYONE blindly …. even Q

  6. Jbee says:


  7. Judy says:

    I love Alex Jones! I was 99% sure of him. His products are great, by the way. When I found out about Bill Hicks I went back and forth thinking for sure he was BH and then sure he was not. I learned a lot from AJ. But he’s ignoring Q and Q is real and the more Alex ignores Q the more I am starting to doubt Alex. That big $$ payout to ignore Q…looks real bad for Alex. I’m also starting to think he’s BH again. Someone needs to corner Kevin Booth (best friends and producers for both AJ and BH) and ask him. Not that he’d tell, but I want to see that. But then President Trump went on Infowars and thanked Alex!! This is so confusing. Is this all a big con? Someone is conning us and I’m sadly starting to think it’s Alex.

    • Rita Maye says:

      hi Judy..!! i am thinking that in this “war” (spiritual) we have to learn to rely on our inner sense and pray to God for His Guidance in all things…when we feel something, we have to pray and ask how to interpret it…. i am NOT a Bible Thumper… i am not a member of any church…. BUT i am awake at 3AM every morning and i wrestle and beg with the best of them….for Peace and Protection and Joy above all…

      i don’t know why AJ is acting the way he is… but i know i can’t listen to him anymore… i used to…and i even bought his vitamins…but he is like a load of fingernails screeching across the blackboard of my sensibilities…

      …so i say…good-bye….

  8. Lynn Perrotta says:

    I heard a theory that sounded very plausible. Last week when the lamestream lost their gourd over Q. Well it seems that those articles had the Streisand effect (oh shit), so they ripped Alex off the platforms to take the attention away from Q. But here’s a sweet kicker….his app is now the hottest thing. So he’s still out there spewing but since this smells like a psy op I am not so pissed about his breach of free speech. Even though I disagree with 99.9% of his ranting I still will defend anyone’s right to speak freely. Those stupid Marxist out there think they can shout us into submission, think again you twerps! Tell them to take their participation trophy & get a real job.

    We who are interested in the political climate are immersed (thanks to you) in all the legs of the millipede. Over the months we have gathered a traincar load of material (some so hard to believe because children are involved) to digest & somewhat accept. We know it’s real & that’s what makes it horrible. We are pawns to psychopaths (seen & unseen), we love our Country, our POTUS &FLOTUS who have taken a literal beating daily to help us. Please keep them in your prayers. My point after all that blabbing is that I was watching a rally last week. Some one with a camera asked an attendee who was Q, then he answered……….it sounded bonkers. ……but we all know it’s true.

    Thank you I’m always happy to see that you’ve uploaded. The memes are (is there really a word) so informative, funny & ironic. Humor is the greatest facilitator of truth.

    Stay snarky (that would b a great Tee Shirt: Snarky Deplorable). Enjoy your new place, so happy you improved your community.

    ls wallace

  9. Madeline says:

    I also see Jack Prosobiac, Scott Adams, Lee Stranahan to name just a few. Sad.

  10. Bruce says:

    Well lets see now You or AJ, You or AJ ? Just kidding Its “YOU Linda” You won me over when I heard you say one time. ” I go around and unplug all my electrical appliance after I use them. I thought Damn.! I do the same thing.! I go as far to turn them off the electrical box. Never thought I would ever hear someone else doing the same thing. No TV either. Thanks I don’t feel so out of it now.
    Stay Deplorable and I will do the same.

  11. Christine says:

    I was a huge Bill Hicks fan back in the day (not of the sophomoric stuff, but the anti-Bush/Hollywood/suckers-of-satan’s-cock material) and was convinced he had been knocked off by the DS when he died in ’94. After we moved to Austin TX in 2000, I saw Alex Jones for the first time on Public Access, and I immediately recognized it was Bill Hicks with a nose job. Showed it to my husband and my best friend, and they both agreed. Same voice, mannerisms, expressions, everything except the nose was narrower and he was faking that gruff-sounding voice. Once in a while he would slip into his Bill voice. I thought naively that he faked his own death because he was a target, and re-emerged as a freedom-fighter (yeah, I clearly didn’t think that through at the time). I was giving him the benefit of doubt. But after a few years of unrelenting fear-porn fueled nightmares about the world ending, we stopped watching. It went downhill from there, esp after he lost it on Piers Morgan and pissed off his followers for acting deranged. I knew then he was comped.
    It was funny, I knew some producers at the public access station who knew AJ, and I would make a comment that AJ reminded me of BH (just to see how they would react). EVERY time they would interrupt and say, “oh, but he’s much younger…”, and I would just nod and agree, even though it was obvious he was lying about his age, because I didn’t want to be a target if my suspicions were true. I also saw a public access host (The Show With No Name) hang up on a caller without comment because they asked, “Is Alex Jones really Bill Hicks?” The host then side-eyed the camera as if to say, “That is the stupidest fucking question ever and it doesn’t deserve an answer.” I can think of at least two other producers whom I strongly suspect knew that AJ and BH were the same person. I did sometimes get the feeling that these dudes were plants. They’re all into Alice Bailey occult-type shit, every one of them.

  12. Dawn says:

    Wow! You certainly did hit a nerve. And for that I say God bless you. You are the only YouTuber, that I know of, thats got AJ’s number. They are all so concerned about his right to free speech that they can’t see the game being played. Free speech is vital, I understand that, but so is identifing the shills and money grubbing traitors. Also, WHY ? Why AJ? And why now right after Q dropped his/their last few posts.
    Is it to incite anger, push our buttons? Do they think AJ is so vital to our Awakening that we will flaunder and die out if we can’t see him have a hissy fit on YouTube?
    I think the GreatAwaking is better off without him. Let’s rally and defend the free speech of people like you and other Truthers. And thise on Twitter who are being physically harrassed and having their accounts closed.
    Keep up the awesome and snarky work, you are over the target !
    Love to you and Truman

  13. Dennis Godaire says:

    Hello Linda,

    Since finding you on YouTube, I have enjoyed all of your presentations. I’m a tough audience member to keep. I need my information presented immediately and with purpose … and you do that with style and grace; along with your Snarky which maintains my need to laugh function.

    Now, Alex Jones … I first noticed this person about 10 years ago, after being nudged by one of my co-workers. My immediate reaction was not positive and he had been relegated to the ‘Nothing Left To See’ time slot … his programming never failed to get me to turn off my computer and go to bed. He always came across as bold and braggadocious.

    Nothing new as far as news. Zero sincerity. But he does have concern for others … ‘because, I’m selling supplements that you need’.

    As I have stated, he’s the late, late night view and usually allowed to mutter only a few words before turning off the lights. The absolute end of my Alex Jones viewing came when he and Corsi introduced ZAK (supposedly, a competitor to Q). That was when I saw him wearing the fully sanctioned Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey official clown uniform, complete with honking nose.

    Prior to listening to the introduction, by Corsi and Jones, of the existence of ZAK and because, I rarely listened to his programming … when I saw their program which concerned ZAK, I heard their words say, that they consider their audience to be complete buffoons. “Don’t worry if you didn’t buy a balloon when you entered the tent, there are more for sale, on the inside”.

    So, now you know how I really feel about this character.

    Now you, I enjoy completely. And I look for your latest presentations, daily.

    I would like to know if you will be researching and writing about any type of connection with Mueller, Whitey Bolger and the Catholic church. ????

    OK, I’ll stop writing and leave some space for others to write.

    Thank you for your kind efforts, Linda. Dennis Godaire

  14. Frances longwood says:

    My gut told me not to trust him a long time ago. Now, for sure, he is SEEP STATE!
    So tired of these people!

  15. dnafreq says:

    BTW, that censorship on your video happened at lightening speed! Have to protect that ASSet!

  16. dnafreq says:

    The Austin community (AJ’s home town) dumped AJ around 2012 when he rudely interrupted a patriot rally at Austin Police Department. He called a woman the “C “word besides being extremely rude. Around that same time the info came out he was connected to Stratfor think tank in Austin. The locals just dumped him, he couldn’t get a crowd to show up for him at SXSW in 2013 after requesting people to meet him downtown.

    He is designed to make the rest of look really bad!

  17. Rita Maye says:

    ….OMG. LINDA…!!! i watched this vid last nite before bed and it has been on my mind ever since…my pineal is resonating BIGG TIME…!!! and now that YT has done this, it is Supreme Confirmation to me that you are right over the mark…even our esteemed Fellow Patriot, Bernie S., has fallen under the spell of AJ and has sung the praises of AJ in his last couple vid’s…. you can check them out if you want…i know you sub his channel….

    …anyhoo…. i admire you SO much, and i don’t admire many….you are wise and courageous and i want to be YOU in my next lifetime…. !!!! <3

  18. Steve Summar says:

    I agree…it sure looks like INFO wars is a deep state disinfomercial…I stopped watching his bombastic bullshit awhile back…I like Steve Pieceznik commentary…but as a fellow Texan I am offended by his rude interuptions, abusive behavior and theatrics. Older Texans were taught better manners than that…

    At 70…I still remember admonishments from my parents and grandparents…to be courteous, polite and mannerily even when you disagree…

    I like this blog and especially the fine folks I have met in the chat room…thank you for caring, preparing and sharing…may God bless you, Truman and our beautiful Nation…

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