“Been Planned For Years…” Wed. 9:40 PM…

Who are these incredible patriots who have been planning this unbelievable…


information…financial…institutional…judicial…educational…social…musical…mind-altering…disease…germ…substance…drug…programming…infiltration of our minds…our beliefs and our society…on just about every level…


Who are these epic patriots who have been working behind the scenes on this “plan”

that is taking form and shape right before our eyes…

while at the same time, offering US, the average American Joe, a chance to be a part of it?

“Trust the plan. Been planning for years.”

I’m paraphrasing.

I’ve been researching many of the massive Q Drops today…

but also notice that Q continues to post.

I believe this is part of the plan.

As I have also noticed that lots of internet doorways are being opened right now…such as ThreadReaderApp.com and the MEGA Server Website and many other SUPPORT websites…specifically designed for people who are following Q Anon.

Oh…I just know this is part of their plan, because this is an information war, and we have NEVER seen anything like this in the history of the world as we know it.

It’s 10 pm. I’m tired, but excited at the same time.

I really think this is the big “Intel Drop” that Q has been talking about. There are going to be links to share…new NEWS SOURCES popping up…there is going to be an overthrow of the internet and INFORMATION SOURCES…

that even David Brock’s PEDO trolls won’t be prepared to handle.

I have a feeling that this plan started taking shape after a group of  “Admirals and Generals,” who were going to charge 44 with treason, were assassinated.

God Bless the men and women who have been a part of “the plan” and who are working on “the plan” right now.

To all of those people who want instant results…

realize that no one has been able to DO ANYTHING until NOW…

most of all YOU! 

Instead of sitting at home on your sofa, getting in the way…you should be cheering the ONLY HOPE WE HAVE…and kissing their feet…for coming up with a plan…

and having the balls to put it into action, knowing full well they were going to come up against jerk-wads like you, whining that the plan wasn’t working fast enough! Gah! 

Guess what?

It’s working a HELL of a lot faster than YOUR plan! (Which is NO plan…)

In conclusion…it’s late…

I’ve discovered a lot of information, but it seems minuscule in comparison to the massive drops…memes…websites…”threads”…etc…etc…that are exploding onto the scene…

and all appear to be part of the “plan.”

I am SO enjoying the show.





About LindaP

Broadcast veteran. Over 20 years: CNN, MSNBC, LIFETIME, ESPN, NBC, ABC, CBS as Producer, Art Director, Animation Specialist and Graphic Designer. Over 16 years as a freelance writer: Jezebel Magazine, Atlanta Magazine, Creative Loafing, Southhampton Press. Currently writing a book about a bizarre series of unsolved murders, that began in 1931 and ended in 1970. I have linked all of the crimes to one forgotten suspect.
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8 Responses to “Been Planned For Years…” Wed. 9:40 PM…

  1. JoLetta Hatfield says:

    Hi Linda! I love your blog and YT videos! I do have a question however. Who were the 44 assassinated hero’s? Where can I find out their stories? I haven’t been on your site long. Did you do a video on them? I really want to know because of their sacrifice. My heart breaks for their families. I have been awake since 9-11. I’ve lost so many people in my life due to my ‘conspiracies’. Sigh……..

    • LindaP says:

      Hi JoLetta!

      I want to compile a list of them! I may just post the document / info-graphic on my blog…so everyone can see who they are!!!

      I’m 100% convinced that THEIR ASSASSINATIONS…

      are the REASON for this AMAZING PLAN!

      We owe these men our lives!

      Thank you for asking about this…I am going to try and find the info this weekend…very important!



  2. joanie says:

    For me, before there was Q, there was Drake, about 10 yrs ago…
    a former military guy helping prep the public for the Republic restoration.
    It was so nice finally finding a group discussing what was wrong with the world.
    So many more wonderful choices today, and with entertainment.
    It’s been so serious sifting through the false history,
    humor is a must with the continuous red-pilling.

    And that’s why we love our Linda so –
    The best part of waking up is Deplorable Mcallister~! :”)

  3. Dan T says:

    My wife and I could not agree more, Linda! The plan thats being played out is a LOT BETTER than the “nothing” plan which would have happened otherwise! I believe this all happened because Christians in the U.S. and around the world had finally had enough – were scared to death – and dropped to their knees and started praying. I believe it was the church (Catholic, Protestant) that STOPPED PRAYING that got us in to this mess to begin with – allowing the dark forces of SATAN to take hold. Well, thats all being dealt with now – and thank GOD for it! We would ask that everyone pray for POTUS and his family and all those who in government who are FAITHFUL to the plan; for God’s guidance and protection – and for all Patriots EVERYWHERE (worldwide) who are ALIGNED with the mission.

  4. Liz Bennett says:

    Hey Linda great article keep up the good work. I’m 9 years into woke up still going down rabbit hole. Canadian, realizing same issue world wide not just US…we’re stuck with Trudope hoping for our Trump. All I can say is were eyeball deep in pedos need to see them gone. My idea is shoot to kill that’s all they deserve. God Bless keep it up.

    Liz from Canada

  5. Ariel says:

    And just look at me! Lil ole me–I get to be a part of the plan. I’m the run silent, run deep part, lol. I listen, am awake, so grateful and humbled by Q and team. Joe and Jill America. There are no people on earth like the American, who puts things in proper order, God, Country and guns. Hussein is going to eat those mocking words he said. I can’t do much, but what I can do, I will. Praying for you Linda, and the others I follow who follow Q. I love what you wrote.

    • Marv Moskwa says:

      We are Q.

      How do I know?

      I was part of Operation Mayflower, where me and lots of friends started a War. Not a single bullet was fired.
      We dropped Truth Meme Tweets in waves that even Twitter couldn’t handle.
      We started with Kanye West, and it was a Miracle. The change in the black community was happening real-time and it was swift. I told my wife that night that we just watched something that will be talked about in the history books for ever.

      We attacked others, (NoName, Kerry, The Pope and more), and we dropped love memes on (Melania SHS and more) using military tactics, and literally broke Twitter. They had to change everything. All was great until we attacked an out and proud pedophile.
      Twitter banned us all for life. Thousands of us. We have the Analytics of every battle, ever stat, and it aint pretty, says our lawyer.

      Everything you do in the name of making this country a better place for all Americans should remind that you, yes, you too are Q!


      • Gayle Dailey says:

        THANK YOU, MARY, THANK YOU TO THE HORDE OF MEME’ERs. I do what I can watching vids, reading documentation, posting in comment sections, sharpening up my knowledge and expressive skills. When any opportunity arises with friends, family, strangers… I’m ready with a polished line, meme, or web-site to direct them to. Good luck in court… I hope they pay you all millions!! WWG1WGA indeed!!!

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