There’s too many Q posts to cover in one video, so I’ve been breaking them down.

Above: Since I’m obsessed with the “necklace” seen in the “Mother Dearest” photos, (where Mummy is with the “boys…”)

I had to TRY and figure out what was on that necklace!

It LOOKS like it’s a Tanit Necklace…and there IS such a thing as a “Carthaginian Chain” and the “Chain of Tanit.”

Of course, I’m NOT going to stop looking for one just like it!

Who knows? Maybe an autist will find it???

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  1. stevieg says:

    Deplorable Choir!,
    three hot blonds

  2. Gayle Dailey says:

    I’m thinking of a millstone for her necklace when she walks the plank at the Mariana Trench. I don’t want a drop of her blood to touch dry land.

    I was watching a YT vid by Dauntless Dialogue and followed a link in comments to an astonishing article, a speech given at a parenting conference about “The History of Child Abuse.” Article here:

    The YT Dauntless Dialogue vid titled “#12 John Paul Rice | Mainstream Silence on the Child Trafficking Epidemic” here:

    I like this one because they discuss how to counter the damages, now that it’s obvious how we have been brainwashed, manipulated etc. At last… good guys with a plan to begin to reclaim decency for our culture, within their areas of competency. I’ve been very concerned about how to go about healing victims…. seeing it has taken me decades, and my experience was nowhere near the horror of what I’ve learned about what so many have suffered since. Even so, it was fracturing to my young mind….. and I had to work my ass off in a variety of healing modalities to reclaim sense of self and of boundaries. I have a strong sense of the sacrosanct nature of every living thing because of it all. I don’t think of myself as a victim. By the Grace of God, I am stronger for having done the work.

    • Julie Grisham says:

      Tried to read the article but I could only get so far and had to quit. Will have to listen to the video a couple of times to take it all in.

      People who say they don’t want to know the details are selfish. How can we come together to fight this and reclaim our rightful lives if people are not seeing and listening to what has gone on? Several years ago I talked about abuse on Live Journal and that opened the floodgates! So many women told of their experiences when they were children! I was so surprised. Now we are learning this is the norm. We have to open our eyes to see and open our ears to listen so we are equiped to forcefully take back what is ours.

  3. Julie Grisham says:

    When regular people start looking for info, I think your videos will be the most useful in understanding how everything came about in history, not just from in today’s time or our lifetime. Is that a run on sentence? Thanks for your digging.

    • Gayle Dailey says:

      Julie Grisham… LOL… I think emotional issues make us speak in run-on sentences. At last, having a place to vent, I just type in my run-on-and-on thoughts. That said, I agree with you about Linda’s awesome productions. She does the important work of digging up bits and pieces of history that has been denied to or hidden from us; knits the bits and pieces together and shows us a full picture. The snarky sense of humor she delivers it with helps make the horror digestible for me.

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