Q says we’re not alone…


Hope everyone is having a great Thursday! Still unpacking and organizing but the end is near…



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2 Responses to Q ANON: WE ARE NOT ALONE…

  1. cobceo says:

    Thank goodness I found a way to reach you! I am muted on the youtube channel and I don’t know why. I have been following you for months and donating via paypal. I realized no one could see my comments and found out that means I am muted, either by the channel owner or youtube maybe? Please help me be able to talk to the others in the comments.

    ps the email on the paypal isn’t working. I got it returned mailerdaemon

    • LindaP says:

      Hi cobceo!

      I saw your email today and responded!

      I think they are putting certain people in the “waiting for approval” area…because I haven’t “muted” anyone!

      I don’t know how! LOL…

      I’ll check through some of my videos tonight if I get a chance and look at the “waiting for approvals”…they keep doing it …wish I could turn that off!

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