So I was reading that Q POST (just checking to see if Q had come back), and I began to realize that this LONG SILENCE from Q Anon could be a clue.


I’m thinking the time is here and “Stealth Jeff” has been “Activated.”

If so, it would explain the FRENZIED, EVER-GROWING, “Caravan” RUSHING towards the US BORDER, with ISIS hiding in their midst, in order to start A REAL WAR…

just sayin…








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  1. Jonella Moore says:

    Linda, you were right all along! Please watch this video about the sexual identity smoke and mirrors of the Satanic cabal. Great video, except I disagree about Melania Trump being transgender.

  2. Steve Summar says:

    Good morning…Truman…Blondie…

    As noted last night in the chat room, the indictments continue to increase, averaging about 1,500 per week. Obviously, the Huber/Horowitz/Sessions, grand juries are working overtime in Utah.

    The self perpetuating evil corruption of our nation/world, has evolved over centuries, eliminating it’s corrosive influence may take decades… Battle lines are clearly drawn, as we near the end of the beginning…vanquishing evil from our beautiful planet.

    On a lighter note…please update us on Truman’s vet check…you and Truman, are in our thoughts and prayers…


  3. joanie says:


    The bestest, (sic) most wonderfulest (sic) POTUS ever!!!
    -with a super sidekick FLOTUS and more amazing,
    we’ve a worldwide TEAM that recognizes it!

    ……Are we haven’ fun yet!

    Thanks for all you do~!

  4. Pam says:

    Hi, Linda. Thanks for putting President Trump’s promise on your vlog! It’s one of my favorite Memes! Every time I start to freak out, I hear him say, “Oh, and tell the Americans they are safe!” Somehow, I believe him and I thank God for him!

    My husband and I just went to his rally in Mesa; it was hot and the line was long, and we couldn’t get into the building, but we’re so glad we went anyway. This is history in the making, and you don’t want to miss it! Seeing all the people, from all walks of life, showing their support, brought up such emotions inside me I cried with joy!

  5. John Bates says:

    So looking forward to Sessions getting the “go ahead” and begin dismantling the evil ones that infest the DOJ, and all over the country, from all those sealed indictments. It will be nice to be able to relax, and not feel so stressed from all of the back and forth …

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