THE MISSION : To find Caylee Anthony’s dead body before the police

dominic casey blood money

I’ve always believed that one of the most shocking things I’ve ever seen in a murder investigation, was the image of Dominic Casey, poking around with a stick, in the exact spot where Caylee Anthony’s  body would eventually be found. Dominic Casey took along another “private investigator”,  James Hoover, in order to videotape the “expedition” so that no one could later come along and accuse Dominic Casey of murdering Caylee…a very real possibility, considering the type of people we are dealing with.

What does that tell you about Dominic Casey?

He knew exactly who he was dealing with and he knew exactly what he was doing out there, poking around with a stick for a dead child. He knew, because he’s just like they are.


Indeed, Dominic Casey was surrounded by vipers at the time this video was made and dealing with people who would literally throw their grandmother under the bus, because they thought they were going to get rich by cheating a two year old child of justice.

What was Dominic Casey doing out there, stabbing at garbage bags, on what would have otherwise been a sunny afternoon? What brought Dominic Casey to that particular spot, before anyone else in the world knew that Caylee’s body was there?

CindyandDominicCasey IN LOVE


This isn’t brain surgery. The killer, sitting in jail eating beef jerky and nacho cheese, was the only person who had that information. James Hoover stated in his deposition that if they found anything they were to “call Jose Baez, not the police.”


Cindy Anthony, who might be the second biggest liar on the planet, claimed she sent people out there to “walk” that area…even going so far as to say that psychics told her to look there.


Maybe it was Cindy Anthony or maybe it was her murdering daughter? The same person that the prosecution proved to the nation, killed Caylee Anthony in cold blood.  You can see from the video that Dominic Casey is talking on cell phones the entire time. I would be willing to bet a year’s salary that it’s not a psychic he talking with on that phone.



The bigger question is why this was never investigated by the Orange Co. Police? Why were charges never filed ?


How absolutely ghoulish to imagine that  as people drove to work, packed lunches for their children and went about their day…that this man was rummaging through the woods, looking for a child’s dead body. How much more horrible  to think, that as people ate dinner and shopped at the mall…Caylee’s killer drove around with her rotting corpse, decomposing in the trunk of her car? Birds of a feather.


And still, how outrageous that they still suck on Caylee’s bones.

A jury chose to ignore mountains of testimony, scientific evidence, circumstantial evidence such as I have never seen before in a trial and  betray not only society…but the thousands of people who searched for Caylee Anthony. The ultimate betrayal…breaking the rules of sequestration and bragging about it on TV all the way. They cheated, not only the victim , but every single person who invested in this case, studied the evidence and wanted to see justice for the victim.


How could the judge allow a defense attorney…who was not even qualified to try a death penalty case in the first place, to turn his courtroom into a joke? Why would he allow the defense witness to contaminate 50 jurors, with no repercussions? How could the judge force the prosecution to take a witness…just because she’s black…when she has stated categorically, that she will not judge another person? The questions grow with time.

money face baez

How could anyone put their face (and hands)  into a pile of decomposition, that used to be their grandchild and clean it up…for any reason? Why didn’t law enforcement charge Cindy Anthony with obstruction, like they do when hundreds of other parents cover up for their murdering children?

Is it any wonder that people have lost all faith in the justice system?

Is there any doubt, what so ever, in the minds of the public…who wrapped duct tape around Caylee Anthony’s s face and left her in the trunk of the car to die?


Dominic Casey is right there with all of them, doing the worst thing imaginable. Trying to find a child’s dead body before the police can. And who sent him there?  Jose Baez? Cindy Anthony? Cheney Mason? Geraldo? Jean Casarez? Dr. Phil? Roy Kronk?

Exactly why I wouldn’t believe a word Dominic Casey has to say.

Recently Dominic Casey wrote a “tell all” digital book, in which he followed the same tired pattern that they all have. Still  covering up for Jose Baez and Cindy Anthony. Still perpetrating the lies. Still insisting that psychics told Cindy Anthony to go to where Caylee would eventually be found…not the killer. Still underestimating the public.

bozo-the-clown nose

The Lifetime Movie has set the record straight.

Jose Baez plays dirty and the jury got it wrong.

The polls at the end of the prosecutions closing were overwhelming. All 98% in favor of first degree murder. The prosecution proved the case to everyone  and the defense, who’s main objective was to sell books, make TV movies, be talking heads and have their own TV shows… have gone home defeated in their purpose.

They lost.

It was Jeff Ashton who got the big TV deal and wrote the definitive book. That’s because Jeff Ashton proved the case to anyone who wasn’t on the scheme team’s payroll.

Even as they hold on for dear life, remembering how it “used to be” during the trial…hoping they can generate that type of interest once again…you can hear the anger in their voices. They are outraged  that the public…in massive numbers… weren’t quite as stupid as they had hoped. They might as well have done it all out of the “goodness of their hearts”…because none of them are ever going to get a  big payout… ever.



And what about  Dominic Casey and Cindy Anthony behaving “inappropriately” in front of James Hoover? So much so, that Hoover felt “uncomfortable?” Bet there’s nothing about that in Dominic Casey’s “tell all” book.

The party’s over. There’s a new psycho crawling out of the woodwork every day. Actually there’s about 15 new psychos crawling out of the woodwork every day, if you happen to read the Huffington Post.


Dominic Casey has answered none of the important questions and still perpetrates the same old lies. In a recent comment on this blog and in an effort to promote his new “book”, he left some gratuitous, cut and past messages. They can be found on the previous post under the “comment section.” I won’t give his comments any attention here, other than to say that he proved once and for all, that he is just another worthless leech. A con man, who has nothing better going on in his life then to try and suck more blood money from Caylee Anthony.

It didn’t work out the way any of them planned. Society has it’s own form of justice. You don’t get paid for helping killers murder children.


There’s no book here for any of these players. They will always be hated and despised. They are all lucky not to be in prison…and if it weren’t for the fact that they all live in the state of Florida…the most corrupt state in the country…they would be. Let them write their books and try and recoup their losses but they never will. Even if I wanted people to be kind to them…it’s not going to happen.

No one cares what Dominic Casey has to say about all of this.


Virtually everyone wants them all to go away and hide their faces. In the words of Rob Lowe…

“…crawl into a hole and pull the dirt in” after themselves.

There is only one face that continues to shine through…and that is the face of Caylee Anthony. Any book seeking to put more blood money into the hands of  the people who betrayed her is doomed to fail.

This isn’t brain surgery.

Caylee cute











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  1. Dinosaur says:

    inquiring-Hi!! What Zenaida’s & Kronk’s Attorney’s are saying is that under the Federal Bankrupcty rule, a defamation case is a personal injury case,therefore, it doesn’t fall under their jurisdiction of the Bankruptcy Court,but, rather in the State Court. So by them referring to the “core” they mean the personal injury doesn’t belong in Bankruptcy.

    They are saying under 28 U.S.C. 157 of the Federal Rule it doesn’t list personal injury, therefore, is exempt, and should be excluded from discharge.

    Under the Federal Rule 523 (a) (6) it limits discharge for debt for her willful and malicious conduct perpetrated upon Kronk & Gonzalez. They must prove she was in deed, willful and malicious when she accused them of having a part in Caylee’s disappearance and murder, of which we all know that now not to be true. She only did this to deflect blame away from herself. She clearly defamed Kronk & Zenaida, as well as lying to Tim Miller.

    • LindaP says:

      Hi Dino! Thanks for that explanation…I get lost in the legal language too sometimes…I have a question:

      If the judge finds that it IS part of the bankruptcy case can the attorneys appeal?

      Could that end up in a higher court or with a different judge?


      • inquiring2 says:

        Thank you Dinosaur and Linda!
        That is my question also Linda – what happens if the bankruptcy judge rules that the Zenaida, Kronk, and TES cases ARE part of the bankruptcy case and under his jurisdiction?

        What if the bankruptcy judge rules that Casey’s defamatory statements were NOT “willful and malicious”?

        In the judge’s RULINGS filed July 1, 2013, the judge says that he has jurisdiction and he can decide if Casey’s words against Zenaida and Kronk were “WILLFUL and MALICIOUS”.

        bankruptcy judge can “decide if Casey is ineligible to obtain a discharge or whether any claim is allowed against the estate, or whether any allowed claim is excepted from discharge.”

        bankruptcy judge would have to” conduct a second round of litigation to determine whether the statements made by Casey, or on her behalf, was a “willful and malicious” injury under the Bankruptcy Code.”

        bankruptcy judge said: “If the Zenaida and Kronk claims are found to be dischargeable, a state court jury trial would be meaningless in this “apparent no-asset case”.”

        Bankruptcy judge says he “needs to first determine the discharge issues, before any jury trial.”

        bankruptcy judge says “Zenaida and Kronk have not shown sufficient cause to justify a jury trial in state court BEFORE a determination of whether their claims are dischargeable.”

        Page 2 – The bankruptcy judge Incorrectly states in his Opinion, that Kronk “was defamed by in-court statements by debtor’s counsel during her murder trial” [Kronk filed docs stating that statements were made OUTSIDE of Court and on worldwide TV]

        Judge says that Kronk’s case was only in the beginning stages, and no progress has occurred in his case; a trial date never set; no discovery taken place; and Casey says she was not properly served [Kronk confirms that she was served via Secretary of State].

        Page 2 – bankruptcy judge says Zenaida defamation case had moved through Discovery and Summary Judgment, with a single allegation of defamation remaining for trial. Trial was originally set for January 2, 2013, but Zenaida asked to postpone the trial, over Casey’s objections [not true - both sides agreed to postponement], but no trial re-set date was made.



        Thursday, May 30, 2013

        Casey Anthony’s lawyers fight to get defamation cases thrown out
        “The only way the judge could keep the lawsuits alive is to find that the injury was not inadvertent, but that it was malicious,” said Sheaffer.



        May 30, 2013
        Judge delays decision in Casey Anthony civil suits
        Late Thursday afternoon a federal judge in Tampa delayed making a decision in two civil cases against Casey Anthony.

        VIDEO – Kathi Belich
        Kathi to Shuker – Can you imagine a situation where someone would accuse someone of kidnapping and possibly murder and it not be with malice?
        Shuker – I have no idea how it couldn’t be.

        Thursday, May 30, 2013
        Judge delays decision in Casey Anthony civil suits

        Sheaffer said the survival of the lawsuits hinges on whether Anthony’s accusations against innocent people were malicious.

        Posted: June 26, 2013
        Casey Anthony Destitute, Defamation Suit May Be Unwise, Judge Suggests

        However, overall, the judge seemed to feel that the defamation lawsuit could be a waste of time. The Orlando-Sentinel said that the judge openly “questioned the wisdom of spending time and effort on claims that may ultimately be discharged in bankruptcy.”


        Posted: 3:54 p.m. Tuesday, June 25, 2013
        Casey Anthony defamation lawsuits won’t proceed in Orange County

        The judge ruled Tuesday that Anthony’s two defamation suits will not proceed in Orange County. Rather, they will be decided in federal court in concert with her bankruptcy proceedings.
        The judge said Anthony is “destitute,” with no income or assets, therefore she wouldn’t be able to pay if she was found guilty.


        Casey Anthony wins small victory in judge’s ruling
        By Amy Pavuk, Orlando Sentinel
        4:02 p.m. EDT, June 25, 2013

        During a brief hearing Tuesday, May said Anthony appears to be “destitute.”
        If the claims are dischargeable, May said, why use the resources and go through several-week trials in state court.
        May is giving Kronk and Gonzales 21 days to file their claims in his court.
        If the claims proceed in bankruptcy court, a federal jury could ultimately hear the case.

    • Deb says:

      Very good & concise explanation, Dino!

  2. inquiring2 says:

    Dinosaur, can you give me a kindergarden explanation of the “CORE” Motions, and what options the bankruptcy judge has on ruling on the “CORE” issues?

    The “CORE” Motions will be heard at the Hearing on Sept 17th, along with other motions.

    Can the bankruptcy judge use the “CORE” Motions to rule to throw out the Zenaida and Kronk cases?

    I do not understand what the judge has to determine about “CORE” and “NON CORE” issues in the Zenaida and Kronk cases?

    When TexasEquuSearch filed their original complaint [they have until Sept 4th to file their Amended Complaint], TES stated as fact that their case was “CORE”. TES did not ask the judge, by Motion, to determine what is “CORE” and what is “NON CORE”.

    Why is TES handling the “CORE” issue differently than Zenaida and Kronk?

    Motion to Determine Whether Proceeding Core
    Filed by Michael Nardella on behalf of Plaintiff Roy Kronk
    (Entered: 08/21/2013)

    Motion To Determine Non-Core Elements of Complaint
    Filed by R Scott Shuker on behalf of Plaintiff Zenaida Gonzalez.
    (Entered: 08/20/2013)
    TES original complaint says it is “CORE” – page 1

    Thank you

  3. Dinosaur says:

    Inquiring-Hi!! One of the reasons that Attorney Shuker filed the Motion for Default Judgement is to preserve/protect his side of the case, because CA’s Attorney were not in compliance of the Court’s orders. CA’s Attorney Ferwerda states in her Motion for Extension of time, that she did reach out to Zenaida’s Attorney but got no response. This, IMHO, is highly unlikely and doubtful, Zenaida has been pushing to get this resolved, but, if true, this is what she’ll base her argument on, as someone on the legal team had an unexpected medical emergency, therefore this is why they filed for the Extension. Sadly, I think Judge May will allow this Extension, if he doesn’t, he’ll look as though he’s not very sympathetic.He’s not someone that I have the best of confidences in, nor do I have any confidences in the Trustee, Steven Meninger.

    Even though Atty Shuker may not agree to this last minute filing by her Attorney, he just may be forced to accept it. There’s no saying that he can’t file a Motion to Objecting to this, but, don’t think it will work. Agree with you, she does have several Attorneys working pro bono for her ,and someone could’ve filed her answers as so required by the Court, they knew well in advance when the answers were due.

  4. Dinosaur says:

    Inquiring-Good Morning!! If all 3 of her Attorneys have filed appearances, then anyone of those 3 can submit the Motion. What will more than likely come next is an Assented Motion from both her team & Zenaida’s team. This is normally filed when both sides agree to the Extension of Time. The Bankruptcy Court only accepts electronic filings, no in hand delivery by an Attorney,only way they accept in hand is when a debtor is representing themselves.

    This is just another one of their stall tactics,and agree with you,someone else on her goon team could’ve done this Answer within the required time as so ordered by the Court.

    • inquiring2 says:

      Notice of Appearance and Request for Notice as Additional Counsel
      Filed by Debra Ferwerda on behalf of Debtor Casey Marie Anthony.
      (Ferwerda, Debra) (Entered: 02/25/2013)

      Casey’s bankruptcy attorney David L. Schrader filed her bankruptcy claim in January 2013 and has filed all documents after that, up until July 10, 2013.

      Casey’s bankruptcy attorney [and civil attorney] Debra Ferwerda filed a Notice of Appearance in the Bankruptcy case on Feb 25, 2013.

      Casey’s civil attorney Charles Greene never filed a Notice of Appearance in the bankruptcy case, but his address is used for Debtor’s mailing address, and his name and address are on notices of service of all documents in the bankruptcy case.

      Dinosaur, why would Zenaida’s attorney agree to the extension of time requested by Casey’s attorney? They do not agree — Zenaida has asked for a Default Judgment because Casey’s attorneys missed the deadline to file the ANSWER.

      Casey’s attorneys did not file an actual ANSWER(s) as they were supposed to do by August 21, 2013.

      Casey’s attorneys only filed a request for extension of time by August 21, 2013.
      Does the request for more time qualify as an “Answer” which was due?

      This is all so technical and legal, I do not understand.

  5. inquiring2 says:

    Since Casey attorney(s) failed to file their ANSWER by August 21, 2013, Zenaida’s attorney is asking for a DEFAULT JUDGMENT on her case.

    Now we will see if the bankruptcy judge [who sides with Casey] allow Casey’s attorneys to miss the DEADLINE and accept their excuses of the family medical emergency?

    I don’t believe the judge will grant Zenaida’s request for DEFAULT JUDGMENT, but I certainly admire their tenacity!

    Motion for Entry of Default against Casey Marie Anthony
    Filed by R Scott Shuker on behalf of Plaintiff Zenaida Gonzalez

    Zenaida asks for entry of default by the clerk against Casey Anthony for failure to serve an answer within thirty (30) days after the date of issuance of the summons and complaint [ANSWER DUE August 21, 2013].

    Complaint and Summons were served by FedEX overnight delivery on July 22, 2013 to Casey’s attorneys Debra Ferwerda, and Charles Greene, and David Schrader, and delivered on July 23, 2013, and signed for.

  6. inquiring2 says:

    Casey bankruptcy attorney asks for more time to file their ANSWERS to Zenaida and Kronk.

    I find it interesting that Casey’s bankruptcy attorneys David Schrader and Debra Ferwerda have signed all the recent bankruptcy documents they filed for Casey — but this Motion filed yesterday, was ONLY signed by attorney Debra Ferwerda — NO Schrader.
    The last document filed by Schrader was July 10th SECRET CHANGE OF ADDRESS. I wonder if another one bit the dust?!
    And Debra Ferwerda is now Casey Anthony’s attorney — and she used to be attorney for DOMINIC CASEY.

    And why does Ferwerda wait until the very very LAST second to file this Motion by the DEADLINE of August 21, 2013, asking for 30 more days? Why weren’t her slew of attorneys already working on this to have it ready BEFORE DEADLINE, and BEFORE the member of their team has a “family medical emergency”?

    Whichever attorney had the emergency … there was always ANOTHER attorney to handle it.
    Casey has never had a shortage of attorneys working on her case.

    8/22/2013 – DEADLINE to ANSWER was 8/21/2013
    Motion to Extend Time to Answer Plaintiff’s Complaints
    Filed by Debra Ferwerda on behalf of Debtor Casey Marie Anthony

    Reasons for Request for Extension of Time:

    - Ferwerda says a member of the Debtor’s legal team is unavailable due to a family medical emergency and requests an additional thirty (30) days to answer the Plaintiff’s [Zenaida and Kronk] complaints.

    - Ferwerda says no prejudice to any party as a result of this request.

    - Ferwerda attempted to confer with R. Scott Shuker – attorney for Zenaida, and
    Howard S. Marks – attorney for Kronk, for their positions on this Motion without response.

    Casey asks Judge to enter ORDER granting request of extension of time to answer Zenaida and Kronk Complaints and give (30) extra days.

    Ferwerda says she electronically filed this on August 21, 2013 [DEADLINE] with the Clerk of the Court and notice of electronic filing was sent to Howard Marks and R. Scott Shuker.

    FERWERDA is ONLY Casey Anthony attorney name on this Motion [no Schrader]

  7. inquiring2 says:

    KRONK filed a similar Motion as Zenaida’s, today Wednesday August 21, 2013.
    Here is the document on google docs.

    Also on google docs – the docket showing that Casey’s attorney [David L. Schrader] filed a “secret” CHANGE OF ADDRESS with the court – but there is no document attached for the public to see.
    Wonder where she moved to?

    July 10, 2013 – Casey filed secret CHANGE OF ADDRESS with Court
    CHANGE OF ADDRESS in TES Adversary Case
    CHANGE OF ADDRESS secret main case


    Motion to Determine Whether Proceeding Core
    Filed by Michael Nardella on behalf of Plaintiff Roy Kronk

    Kronk initiated adversary proceeding to determine the dischargeability of certain of Casey’s debts to Kronk pursuant to 11 U.S.C. 523(a) – Casey defamed Kronk.

    On July 23, 2013 ORDER entered scheduling next Hearing – instructing “any party objecting to the entry of final orders or judgments by this Court on any issue in this proceeding file Motion requesting that this Court determine whether this proceeding is a core proceeding or otherwise subject to the entry of final orders or judgments by this Court.
    The Order states that the failure of any party to file a motion on or before the deadline provided in this paragraph shall be deemed consent by such party to this Court entering all appropriate final orders and judgments in this proceeding …
    Kronk files this Motion in an abundance of caution only to ensure that Kronk is not waiving his right to a jury trial or his right to have his damages liquidated in another forum.

    Kronk asks Court to determine that liquidation of Kronk’s defamation claim be determined a non-core proceeding under 28 U.S.C. 157, and that such aspects of the case be reserved for the state court or district court, together with Plaintiff’s right to a trial by jury.

    The liquidation of personal injury torts are specifically excluded from bankruptcy court jurisdiction under 28 U.S.C. 157(b)(5), and defamation is a “personal injury tort” for purposes of 157(b)(5).
    … Kronk has not consented to their being adjudicated by this [bankruptcy] Court, but reserves his rights to adjudication of his damages in state or district court and to his rights to a jury trial.

  8. Kat says:

    B–that would finally be some accountability if trustee denies Bk, that would be so awesome, those so called lawyers will have their reputations tarnished even more! Yes, Caylee matters! She is the only victim, our innocent, helpless little Caylee!

  9. B says:

    FACT-baby-killer LIED to bk. court,saying she had NO offers….now,all these new “old articles” are being recycled.The bk. has NOT been “approved”.My hope is……bk. trustee takes skank’s 25,000….& DENIES bk……Justice for CAYLEE……CAYLEE matters!

  10. Dinosaur says:

    What Atty Shuker is trying to accomplish here is, personal injury torts do not belong in the Bankruptcy court, but, rather in the State Court where the original Complaint arose and was filed, which was Orlando. He’s asking the Court that it should be reversed to State Court as the elements of her Complaint are non-core issues within the Bankruptcy Court’s jurisdiction. Sure hope he prevails on this Motion.

  11. Dinosaur says:

    Hi Linda- Yes this offer was made to her back in August 2012 according to Richard Aaron. Something must be brewing to try to get her back in the news as it’s been very quiet from her team of goons.

    • LindaP says:

      Dino…I’ve seen where they have been trying to put stuff out there… here and there… but none of it is “sticking” and I’m sure it takes time and effort to come up with this stuff and then call all the people concerned… even to get the smallest mention.

      This case had “legs” when it first came out because her story was so absurd and the family was such a bunch of freaks…then Caylee was so beautiful…it enraged America.

      It’s played itself out already.

      Arias, Sneiderman and Baez’s book…all prove that the public wants to move on imo.

      That won’t stop them from trying because they literally have nothing else to hang their hat on. I say good…they will throw good money after bad trying to launch that dud…that’s when things are gonna get sticky for camp babykiller imo.

      • Deb says:

        When you deprive evil fools of an audience, you rob them of the ability to entertain and support themselves; you take away their raison d’etre. I’m so proud to be among the majority of people who do this on a daily basis to the “goons” (thanks, dino, for that perfect word) involved in the cover-up and murder of an angelic toddler.

        • Deb says:

          P.S. Yes, I said “murder” and yes, I said “cover-up”. The medical examiner testified in court that this was a “homicide”…so, sindy anthony & baby-killer & your band of “goons”…put that in your friggin’ pipe and smoke it!

  12. inquiring2 says:

    Zenaida filed a new Motion today.
    They still want the Zenaida case moved back to State Court or federal district court [ in Orlando ].

    Motion To Determine Non-Core Elements of Complaint
    Filed by R Scott Shuker on behalf of Plaintiff Zenaida Gonzalez.
    (Entered: 08/20/2013)

    … requests the Court determine that all aspects of this adversary proceeding related to liquidation of any debt owed to Plaintiff [Zenaida] by Casey Marie Anthony [the Debtor] are non-core under 28 U.S.C. 157.

    … Plaintiff [Zenaida] requests the Court determine that the liquidation of Plaintiff’s defamation claim be determined a non-core proceeding under 28 U.S.C. 157, and that such aspects of the case be reserved for the State Court or district court.

    Section 157(b)(2) sets forth a list of proceedings deemed to be core proceedings over which the bankruptcy court has jurisdiction. Personal injury torts are not included on this list, and instead are specifically excluded from bankruptcy court jurisdiction under
    28 U.S.C. 157(b)(5).
    Defamation is a “personal injury tort” for purposes of 157(b)(5).
    Section 157(b)(5) states: “The district court shall order that personal injury tort and wrongful death claims shall be tried in the district court in which the bankruptcy case is pending, or in the district court in the district in which the claim arose, as determined by the district court in which the bankruptcy case is pending.”
    Thus, the bankruptcy court may not hear the liquidation aspects of the Complaint because they are grounded in the Defamation Claim.

    Because Plaintiff [Zenaida] does not consent to this Court resolving the Defamation Claim, only the State Court or the district court may resolve the liquidation aspects of the Defamation Claim. Plaintiff consents only to the bankruptcy court determining the core aspects of its 523(a)(6) complaint.

    … requests this Court enter an Order (ii) determining that the liquidation aspects of the Complaint are non-core under 28 U.S.C. 157(b)(2);
    (ii) reserving for determination by the State Court or federal district court such liquidation aspects of Plaintiff’s [Zenaida's] defamation claim raised in the Complaint;
    (iii) providing such further relief as this Court deems fair and equitable.

    • Deb says:

      thanks for the update, inquiring! I’m not sure I know what all that means, but I think the attorney for Zenaida does – and that’s all tha really matters! :-)

    • LindaP says:

      Thanks Inquiring! I’m sure they have a good reason for doing this…maybe they are fighting fire with fire and just keeping the thing tied up as long as possible…whatever it is…I am sure they have a strategy.

      Would love to see this go forward just because it would piss them all off so badly and really start to hammer home the point that they are out of luck. They NEED to run out of luck and fall flat on their greedy faces…soon.

  13. Dinosaur says:

    What a joke this is:
    Snipped from the Orlando Sentinel:
    Producers say they made up-to 1 million offers to Casey Anthony for her story. Producers spoke to the Orlando Sentinel and say they’ve already offered 1 million for Anthony’s account.

    Producer Howard Schultz of Lighthearted Entertainment says he made an offer for Anthony to appear on a special edition of “The Moment of Truth” runs on Fox,participants take a lie detector test while being asked uncomfortable questions,usually in front of family members and win money for truthful answers.

    Richard Aaron told the Sentinel he discussed his offer with Michael Wright, a publicist for Atty Jose Baez. Schukz said he reached out to Greene,but never received a response aultnd also talked to Baez. Aaron says he offered $50,000.00 to be paid when Anthony arrived for a recorded interview at a therapist office, and $450,000.00 upon completion of the filmed interview and $500,000.00 from any network deal to present the interview.

    The only thing Howard Schultz will be paying for is a new lie detector machine as she’ll blow it up with all her lies.

    • LindaP says:

      Dino…ha ha…yeah right…it’s what they don’t tell you that’s important…

      it was probably before the trial…and I would bet it was part of the contract that she take a lie detector test!

      So of course she couldn’t take any of those deals…that is if they are even real.

      She’s worth nothing now imo….they are just trying to make it sound like she is to get people interested but IMO no amount of “stories” is going to get people interested in her. No one cares anymore. Everyone is pissed off at the jury and wants to see her go away and reap whatever karma is coming her way.

      She’s just not “news” anymore. Too many psychos out there…like the dancing queen!

  14. inquiring2 says:

    There is new activity in the bankruptcy case!
    I put the ORDER on google docs and typed up this summary of the latest activity.
    Feel free to share the info I compiled.

    Bankruptcy Court filed an ORDER yesterday, August 14, 2013.
    Casey Anthony has wanted the Zenaida, Kronk, and TexasEquuSearch cases thrown out by the bankruptcy judge, since she filed bankruptcy in January 2013, but all three cases are still active and ongoing by ORDER of the judge filed on August 14, 2013.
    Next HEARING set for Sept 17, 2013.

    June 10, 2013 – Casey atty files document stating she might “disappear”
    She wants the Zenaida, Kronk, and TexasEquuSearch cases thrown out
    see page 6

    June 25, 2013 – HEARING for Zenaida and Kronk – cases not thrown out
    Judge gave them 21 days to RE-file their cases, done on July 22, 2013

    July 2, 2013 – HEARING for TexasEquuSearch – case not thrown out
    Judge gave TES until Sept 4, 2013 to file an AMENDED Complaint
    ORDER filed August 14, 2013

    July 10, 2013 – Casey filed secret CHANGE OF ADDRESS with Court

    August 21, 2013 – DEADLINE for Casey to file Answer to Zenaida and Kronk
    new case filings

    August 14, 2013 – ORDER filed on TexasEquuSearch case from July 2nd HEARING
    Deadlines for filing do not start until ORDER is filed.

    Order Granting in Part and Denying in Part and Continuing Pretrial Conference.

    Casey asked the judge to DISMISS the TexasEquuSearch Complaint which objected to Casey’s dischargeability of debt, and Casey also objected to TES’ Discovery Requests
    [which were TES's First Request For Admissions and First Set of Interrogatories].

    - The judge said that Casey’s Motion to Dismiss is granted in part, and requires TES to amend their Complaint to state what benefit Casey got from TES’ services.

    TES has 21 days from ORDER on August 14, 2013 – to Amend their Complaint
    due by Sept 4, 2013

    After TES files their Amended Complaint – Casey has 21 days from that date to
    file her Answer/Response

    - The judge said that Casey’s Motion to Dismiss is denied in part as to all other aspects of her Motion to Dismiss, and Casey cannot re-file a Motion to Dismiss as to the remaining allegations in TES’s Complaint.

    - The judge set the next HEARING for Sept 17, 2013 at 2:00pm in Tampa

    - The judge said that Casey’s Objection to TES’ pending Discovery Requests is sustained in part, meaning that neither Casey nor TES shall begin Discovery until after TES files
    their Amended Complaint.

    - The judge said that Casey and TES must have a Discovery Conference as soon as possible to determine the Discovery Schedule.

    - The judge said the depositions of Casey, George and Cindy are cancelled, PENDING RESCHEDULING – after they set up their Discovery Schedule and Conditions.

    - The judge said all Discovery Requests by TES are suspended until after TES files its Amended Complaint. Then Casey can file her Responses and Objections to the TES
    Request for Admission and Interrogatories, according to the Discovery Schedule and Conditions that have been agreed upon by Casey and TES.

    • LindaP says:

      Hi Inquiring! I was hoping Dino would see this and explain exactly what it means…as far as I am concerned the longer it takes…the more it punishes THEM.

      No book while these things are going on.

      No interviews.

      No talking to anyone about anything while this is ongoing…and the fools just threw $25,000 away on a worthless life and a worthless story. We all…already know all the answers to all of the questions and don’t need the world’s dumbest liar to spew more verbal vomit.

      Let the civil suits drain them all just by existing…that being said…I would still like to see them go forth and still like to see the whole lot of them locked up in a federal prison.

      Not sure what it all means except that they are still ongoing and that is good for Caylee IMO.

      • inquiring2 says:

        I agree — it means that the 3 civil suits are still alive and ongoing within the bankruptcy case. Which is not at all what killer wants!

        In my opinion – if killer’s PRO BONO/FREE attorney(s) keep working for her, and preparing and filing documents, and attending Hearings, and scheduling Discovery and depositions, with NO PAY …. that can only mean that the attorneys KNOW she has a lucrative deal just waiting for the bankruptcy case to finally be finished and closed.

        The bankruptcy judge and the Trustee have said, more than once, that poor thing “has no money”. Well, what about slapping a judgment on her for Zenaida, Kronk, and TES – which they can collect on, after the bankruptcy case is closed and she makes her big money? Just like the Goldmans got on OJ. He tried to hide his assets, but they got a judgment against him, and tracked his every money-move.

        Where do her attorneys draw the line and give up representing her in the bankruptcy case, without being paid?

        There is no end in near sight ….

        August 21st – killer’s attorney must file an answer to Zenaida and Kronk

        Sept 4th – TES must file their Amended complaint – then 21 days later, killer must file an Answer

        Then there is a Hearing on Sept 17th ….

        then TES can start requesting interrogatories and scheduling depositions ….

        all of this puts her into October at least ….

        and what happens with the Creditors who did file a Proof of Claim in the bankruptcy case?
        when does that get resolved?
        her attorneys have to file documents related to all of that also — more work for FREE

        Matt Morgan on his Facebook

        Denise M. Ward
        Thanks a lot Matt you still didn’t answer our questions under see all about Z.

        Matt Morgan
        We are currently sifting our way through the bankruptcy hearings.
        Aug 13, 2013

        Matt Morgan
        We have filed a formal complaint within the bankruptcy hearings to ensure our claim is not discharged. We are staying the course. Hopefully, we will be out of bankruptcy court soon!

        Wilma Morrison
        Hi Matt I hope you are still working on Zeniada case she deserves something for all the lies Casey said about her and others
        August 5 at 9:38am

        Matt Morgan
        We are!!
        August 13, 2013

        • LindaP says:

          Inquiring I disagree about the “lucrative deal” I have worked in television for over 20 years and she has nothing to sell.

          IMO they are NOT working for the skank “pro bono”…IMO they are not working to keep the civil trials from going forward for her benefit at all…they are doing it to protect people who have a LOT more to loose than she does now. People who want that money trail to STAY HIDDEN. it took a “conspiracy” to make this happen.

          They may HOPE that she will get a lucrative deal…but IMO it’s never going to happen.

          She has nothing to offer and the media knows it. She is Box Office poison…the public has spoken there is NO MARKET for what she is selling.


          Bozo even had a bigger market than she does.

          JIMO…but as I say…I worked for CNN for over 17 years and a whole bunch of TV networks in between.

          IF she ever had a chance of writing one…(and that’s a big if)…it’s long OVER…done…gone after that verdict.

          She is worthless in any market imo…evn more so than Bozo the clown. People have moved on. There’s no story to tell…the Lifetime Movie told it all. She did it…98% agree…who’s going t buy this “book” or want to ever see her face again?

          You have to be in the news to write a book and people have to be interested. The marketing research speaks for itself….there IS no one to buy her “book”

          I guess what I’m saying is that I believe “someone” (or even more than one person) is worried about what might come out in that civil trial…via the money trail…and IMO that’s who’s paying those attorneys.

          I don’t think it has anything to do with her anymore…it’s all CYA. JMO

  15. inquiring2 says:

    This publicist, Rick French, for the CHEF juror who wanted money for an interview, says that the MEDIA was giving letters to the jurors WIFE – a full SIX WEEKS BEFORE the VERDICT was handed down … and way BEFORE the juror’s names were UNSEALED — and while the jurors were SEQUESTERED!

    So, if the media had their names and were already camped out at their homes and contacting their families BEFORE the jury went into deliberations — it is common sense that the goons working for the DEFENSE TEAM also had access to all of the jurors and their families and most likely had influence over the jurors BEFORE they made their decision on the VERDICT.

    That smells like JURY TAMPERING to me!

    The VERDICT came down July 5, 2011.
    Juror names were not released until October 25, 2011.

    The CHEF juror’s WIFE contacted the publicist SIX WEEKS BEFORE the VERDICT!

    Also, interesting that this publicist has headquarters in RALEIGH, NC and an office in TAMPA …. two places that killer Casey is rumored to be in recently.
    Quinco Electric/Deese also has an office in RALEIGH, NC.
    killer Casey’s bankruptcy attorney Schrader lives and works in the St. Petersburg/Tampa area.
    Juror Chef Brian Berling lives in St. Petersburg.
    parent company is CBS

    Full interview: Raleigh publicist of Casey Anthony juror
    Rick French, chief executive of French, West and Vaughn, represents one of the Casey Anthony jurors.
    Jul 7, 2011 – 9:51pm

    excerpts from VIDEO
    Rick French

    we have an office down in Tampa and we were approached by the wife of one of the jurors, about six week ago because media had descended upon her home

    her husband was sequestered with the jury in Orlando and she felt like she needed some help – at that time we declined to take the assignment on

    she called back the day that the verdict was coming down and said we really need help, we think the media swarm is going to be more than we know what to do with and can handle, and would you guys reconsider and take this on
    and I consulted with the head of our Tampa office and said yeah we would go ahead and do that – they sounded almost desperate, not knowing what to do, with soooo many people wanting this particular juror’s time

    and the fact is that networks have been approaching him, giving letters to his wife, saying that they were willing to pay him for his time to do this
    so he asked us to explore this – we said what are you thinking – and somehow that figure ends up – I never spoke to the New York Times, I didn’t speak to any other media outlet about that figure and so that’s fallicy

    the jurors in that trial – their names were sealed
    there were profiles that were released of the 12 jurors and the alternate jurors that told a little bit about their backgrounds
    but their names were supposed to be sealed
    what that means is that they are sealed from the PUBLIC knowing who they are
    it doesn’t necessarily mean that the media doesn’t know who they are
    and therefore enterprising reporters have been camped outside of his house before this making overtures about when a verdict came down what they would be willing to do

    so what he said, look, these are letters given to my WIFE
    there are people who have — he has had to change his phone number since yesterday [VERDICT and Casey got out of jail July 5, 2011] to give you some perspective
    and who are making offers, will you talk to them and see what they are thinking
    plain and simple – so we did that

    reporter – you all refused at first – why?

    at the time there were several reasons
    one we’re a national firm, with a national footprint and I just didn’t feel we hadn’t any time or capacity to take this on
    second reason is I also am very familiar with the laws associated with this, so it made me very uncomfortable that media outlets were approaching this juror’s wife, when their names were sealed – and that bothered me – so we did not want to be part of the conduit to talking to these media outlets who aren’t supposed to be talking to her
    so that was the other reason

    I think at some point he’ll talk – I just think that, what he told me, is that the jury knew when, before they were released, they were given a package of information from the courts and a list of every media outlet that had requested they do an interview
    and you know that the media was hoping that the jury would speak on the verdict after and none of them did, that’s because they all received a package with phone numbers and emails and information, and that package, quite frankly, synched up with some of the overtures that were made before that jury verdict was ever handed down

    reporter – harrassment?

    yeah, call it what you want – I don’t think anybody felt like it was threatening or harrassment – but you can coin it whatever you choose – but the fact is that they were given a package and said that they would like to talk to you
    and each juror – I mean there were jurors, as I understand it, of course I wasn’t in that room, but what I’ve been told, that immediately were talking about engaging legal counsel, engaging public relations counsel, to deal with exactly what this particular juror did
    and so I guess we’ll see

    reporter – is this the first juror you have represented?

    yeah it is – it is not a client segment that we go out seeking
    we did it as a favor – and I would do it again as a favor
    they were a family that felt completely overwhelmed
    and as I said, it was a friend of a friend down there

    • LindaP says:

      Thanks Inquiring….What a bunch of greedy cows!!!

      I hope THEY ALL CHOKE on any money they made off of Caylee’s MURDER and setting her killer free and I hope they are haunted forever.

      Seems if they could PROVE jury tampering then the Feds could come in and re-try her!

      Besides Bozo the Clown and that SOT Mason…there are members of the MEDIA involved in this…along with others in Florida that need to be TAKEN DOWN…

      Oh how I wish this would snowball into something. It could take YEARS…but I hope each and every one of them is waiting for that knock on the door where they are charged with BRIBERY and JURY TAMPERING…all of them!

      It gets more disgusting with time!

      • inquiring2 says:

        Didn’t the juror(s) have the obligation to notify the JUDGE that their families were being contacted by the media SIX WEEKS BEFORE the deliberations and verdict?

        Look what happened when stupid Jean Casares said on air that prosecutor Juan Martinez was talking to “fans” outside of the courthouse, and jurors “might” have seen him. The judge was notified and Jean was sworn in to testify to what she saw. The media messing with a jury is a serious issue.

        The fact that this DID take place, and none of the jurors reported the violation of LAW about tampering with a jury, leads me to believe that the jurors were only thinking about how much money they could make, and not the laws and not a just verdict. Before the jurors left the deliberation room, they were talking about hiring publicists!

        Why didn’t this publicist advise the CHEF juror’s wife to notify the JUDGE about this, instead of simply talking to them about whether any money they could make would be worth it, because the public was so angry with the jury? The publicist said he KNEW the laws and that what the media was doing was NOT RIGHT.

        • Deb says:

          Wow, inquiring!!!! You hit the nail right on the head with this one…this is so ‘in your face’, blatant, disregard for the law and justice – I don’t see how the State of Florida can continue to let this group of pigs flaunt the fact that justice and the life of an innocent toddler were trampled under their feet! It makes me sick to my stomach. If the pundits want to continue to say that their only concern was giving the ‘public’ what they wanted, then let’s see the State of Florida drag all the smug perpetrators into the light of day, rip away the undeserved protection they’ve been availing themselves of – and make a national example of them all, so that the criminally minded crazies in this country will be forewarned….MURDER (ESPECIALLY OF A CHILD) WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.

  16. kat says:

    Hi Margaret,,,and is Cindy still thinking/imaging she was going to be the world’s best mother award and her book was going to be NY best seller, lol. She lied under oath and tampered with evidence, never caring about Caylee’s civil rights, you are part of the evil more sympathy for any of you! We are waiting for justice for Caylee. your family didnt own her, she was an American citizen.

  17. Dinosaur says:

    What a disturbing story. When will all the abused,murdered,neglected children have a voice in getting them justice?

  18. Dinosaur says:

    Some of these damn Judges should let these pedophiles sex-offenders live in their homes for awhile. Bet they’d throw them out real quick once they did something to one of their own.

  19. B says:

    reading your comment,Linda….I stopped @ “picking her bones”…….TRUTH is….poor CAYLEE’S bones are hanging around the necks of those who sent her to heaven!!!……they didn’t have a burial/gravesite for CAYLEE… know why?……..couldn’t be bothered!!!……..a gravesite would require maintenance!…..AND,Lord forbid!!…..all the flowers CAYLEE would get…& continue to get,FOREVER,….well! can’t have that!!…A constant,in-your-face reminder!…every day!….FOREVER…..nope,best we just burn her to ashes!…make jewelry to wear…..& DARE anyone to ever speak her name!…yep,that’s what they did & why they did it!!!………,no bones to pick,but they ARE still trying to seek money,through CAYLEE’S name…..cause they know that’s ALL ….we,the public…..strangers to Caylee ….care about…….Vile,EVIL,……every single one who had a hand in the GROSS injustice of Caylee’s murder,cover-up,and taunting of that poor baby’s soul….HELL awaits……..Caylee’s SAFE,LOVED & happy in heaven……

    • LindaP says:

      It’s kind of unbelievable isn’t it B? It’s hard to believe that people this shameless and disgusting exist…it’s just all so horrible and worse that the state of Florida allowed all of these crimes to go unpunished!

      Of course I was speaking figuratively about everyone…not just her own family…”Picking her bones” by still trying to find ways to make money off of her murder. Caylee has no peace in death and it is her own family that has done this.

      But your point is well taken. The whole family has treated her with such disrespect in death. They have shown that they didn’t care for Caylee anymore. She was easily dismissed.

      IMO they wanted to destroy her body (by cremating it) to keep any evidence of chloroform from every being discovered…because I believe she was constantly being given doses of it when she was with that psycho.
      They were afraid of the technology imo.

      I also believe that there is something worse in their past than what happened to Caylee…would love for that to come out in the open one day.

      I do believe that something else will happen in that family…we have not heard the last of them. they will pick u where they left off…all of them so sick and twisted.

      Sick…just the sickest thing I’ve ever heard of all of them…and that’s saying a lot! Pure evil.

    • Deb says:

      Well said, B…couldn’t agree more.

  20. Another wonderful one, Linda! As gut-wrenching as EVER, for me. Just when I think I can let it go, take a deep breath, and wait for the inevitable finger-pointing to begin…thanks,for slapping it BACK. at me.
    We simply CAN’T let this go and wait for the “ship to right itself.” That is why this Florida system is so corrupt. No challenges, or the sentiment that,” we’ll get ‘em next time “or perhaps, everyone is content, to wait for Karma or some other mystical force to step in.
    From top to bottom, this whole case stinks and everyone INVOLVED, bears the responsibility, for how this played out.
    Although most of “their” efforts have failed to bring home the big bucks, they NEVER stop trying and if any of us has ever “clicked” on one of their bogus “news stories” about someone being pregnant, or that the Skank is going to be a paralegal or one of their phony, staged, photos shoots…you have directly contributed to her “nacho fund.” If you have done it more than ONCE…make it EXTRA CHEESE!
    I don’t EVER believe the stories, that she is living on her own, out walking her little dog, shopping at a mall or going to the gym. Unless she is living in “a village ” along side M. Knight Shyamalan, people have cellphones and a need to RECORD EVERYTHING. She is under tighter security , NOW, than if she WERE on death row, where she belongs!
    She paid $25, 000 to have “the rights” to her own story? There is only ONE story, that she can TELL…Caylee drowned. Any deviation from THAT story, will result in the OJ effect.
    “If I did it” bought OJ, a first class ticket to prison. Was he set up, by the Feds? Who CARES? He is where he belongs, and he will STAY there, until he is carted off, in pine box.
    A book from HER…she lacks discipline and a little thing called… a lack of touch with reality. No books. An interview? Perhaps. I heard that Amy Fisher and Mary Jo Buttafuoco and Tanya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan, had SOME little face-to-face, or MAYBE it was mud-wrestling…I don’t know, I didn’t watch, don’t know anyone ELSE, who did, either.

    Dominic Casey was HERE? On your BLOG…really?

    I can’t say I’ m sorry, that I MISSED it. I’m pretty sure that I missed, NOTHING! I hadn’t heard that …that DC and $indy were “bumping uglies” Ewww!!
    Seriously, I could have lived and DIED and be grateful that I DIDN’T have THAT image in my brain.
    I’ve never understood who HIRED him! In a case that had the attention of the WORLD… The local Sheriff’s department, the FBI, multiple search and rescue agencies and every private citizen and tourists flying in, to HELP…and THROWING cash at the Anthony’s… all pitching in and EAGER to help, find Caylee. Why would they NEED, a private detective?
    Another thing that disturbs me…
    When JFK was assassinated, back in ’63, under a general National Archives policy that applied to all federal investigations by the executive branch of government, the records were SEALED for 75 years. Under the Freedom of Information Act(1966) and the JFK Records Act, (1992,) the Warren Commission records, were released to the public .
    How IS IT…that a little nobody, whore and baby killer, has records, that have been sealed for as long as 99 YEARS???????

    • LindaP says:

      Margaret…wonderful post as always. It’s beyond belief the gall and stupidity of this group of thugs. They are without a doubt the most monstrous group of ghouls I have ever seen. IMO Caylee won’t ever rest in peace with them all lying through their teeth…trying to profit and picking over her bones.

      They are stupid beyond words if they think that the public is interested in anything this pack of liars has to say.

      I don’t think time helps…IMO it gets worse with time. I want more than ever to see all of them taken down once and for all…and the more they open their mouths and lie and try to make money…the more I want to see the jury and the whole trial investigated.

      I still believe someone will say something eventually.

      Meanwhile I don’t believe any of those “sighting stories either…all trying to get people to talk about her…when the only thing people want to hear about her is that she’s in the hospital with a broken face or finally someone took her out.

      • No, Linda, time isn’t helping and as much as I wish I could WILL a sinkhole to open up beneath them and put them out of MY misery…not happening fast enough!
        I’m wondering, is there a statute of limitations on these civil claims? The way the wheels of justice are dragging their heels, …what ? Are they thinking that the injured parties, are just going to GIVE UP?
        As damaging as revisiting all the lies SHE told and all the lies told on HER behalf, could be to her, we SAW her wearing the “Find Caylee” t-shirts and Hi-Fiving Lee-Marie!
        The Zenaida Gonzales case will unfold just as easily. Didn’t the Skank exhaust all her appeals? What a VICTORY the reversal of the “lying ” conviction, was. The judge basically said…”You can’t separate each individual lie, and charge them separately, every time this bitch opens her mouth, until she closes it again…is one BIG LIE!! Woo-Hoo!!! Where was your, rootin’- tootin’- happy-dance, THEN, Bozo???
        Why are there MORE delays?
        “I’m sorry your honor, I plead the addendum, to the FIFTH…anything I say, can seriously reduce my potential earnings!!”
        I think you are spot-on with the reason that Caylee was cremated, Linda! No need to wait around until science catches up and it could be proven that, poor little Caylee was drugged every time the Skank, had an itch to scratch!
        I’m willing to bet that Shirley Plesea, is six feet under, in the CHEAPEST coffin that her daughter … still can’t afford!
        $indy and George are unable to work, due to all the publicity, and death threats. I’m wondering, do they hire armed, body guards and get police protection, with their yard sales?

  21. David Cook says:

    WOW, Linda this was excellent, and when I see this time and time again it still shocks me to my core. A precious little girl who would be celebrating her Birthday today. Forever gone…..and what for? What reason? Was she that expendable? Did she not matter? Was her life not important? Or was it the fact that she was born into a family of Monsters….I still feel that grip in my heart when I see those photos, the lies, the pain, and the blood money they continue to try and suck out of Caylee Marie’s bones. That grinch pie hole Cindy Anthony, knows exactly how this story unfolded, and she has done everything in her power to free Caylee’s killer. She went into a court of law and committed the most brutal act of perjury to save the murderer who killed Caylee. They all participated, it was more important to them to hide Caylee’s body, to tell their lies repeatedly, to ensure that NO one would be held accountable for Caylee’s murder it was for sure a conspiracy like no other. A conspiracy the State of Florida will forever be held accountable for. I think about Caylee Marie every single day, I think about parents in Florida who were punished severely for doing much less. I will never abandon the search for Justice, I will always believe in my heart that one day the truth will come out. From where I do not know because there is only one person that knows for sure, and she is lounging on the beach somewhere, hanging out with the Rich and Famous. Still trying to maintain her lying ass story. She hopes to profit off a book, and bleed her daughter for more blood. The truth be told never from this family. She will never be held accountable for the murder of Caylee. However, Karma may tell a different story.
    Been hoping for a break in the case, I know I can never hold my breath, but as each year passes and Caylee misses another birthday it brings it all back again. I know she is in a much better place. I know she is safe and out of harms way. There was a reason she was taken that day, God himself had seen enough. Happy Birthday Caylee Marie, We will Never forget you, Rest in Peace, Angel. Thanks my dear friend for keeping Caylee’s memory alive. For never ever giving up that pursuit of justice, for calling out those who were involved and holding them accountable if not only with your very important words. It has been a long journey that much I know, One I fought with every part of my soul. A little girl who went missing one day, and never ever got to come home the same way. R.I.P. Caylee Marie, The fight for justice continues…………………and I do believe one day, the truth will set all of your warriors free.

    • LindaP says:

      David…what a wonderful comment.

      Beautifully written…thank you.

      You really have summed it up…without all of the rage and anger that we all still feel.

      I still trust that Karma is at work here too and they are all headed towards a bigger disaster than Caylee’s murder.

      They just don’t know when to shut up and go away.

      The whole world is waiting for them to self destruct…jimo…it WILL happen…they are begging for disaster.

      They just don’t get it…the dumbest most disgusting family that ever lived.

  22. dancehappy says:

    old Nancy Grace video with Bozo
    might be the last time he was ever on the her show

  23. kat says:

    I wanted to share: Color us NOT surprised… THIS WHOLE SITUATION MAKES US SICK.

    Acquitted child murderer Casey Anthony is planning on writing a tell-all book based off of the journal she’s kept ever since her daughter Caylee went ‘missing.’

    One insider has revealed:

    “Make no mistake, Casey will absolutely be releasing a book, it’s just a matter of time. Casey feels this is the only way that she can get her story out and she feels that the public wants to hear from her. It’s unlikely that Casey will have to submit a book proposal and her lawyer, Cheney Mason, has been in discussions with several different publishers, although the response from most has been lukewarm at best.”

    Yay publishers!!

    We don’t want a book from you Casey. In fact, we’d rather not hear from you EVER AGAIN.

    Why don’t you slither off to Costa Rica like we heard you were planning? Just like a good guilty person. Or have you truly convinced yourself of your innocence?

    Your day will come Casey, we still don’t understand HOW you got off when evidence against you was OVERWHELMING, but we truly believe that one day, you will get EXACTLY what you deserve.
    - See more at:

    • LindaP says:



      “she feels that the public wants to hear from her”

      “She feels”

      Yeah…but she’s as dumb as a bag of cement…bwah!

      They are just feeling out the market trying to put the bait out there…spreading more lies about themselves.

      She’s 100% WORTHLESS…

      she’s lucky someone hasn’t cut her tongue out of her head and left her by the side of the road.


      “she feels that” huh?…roflmao! No one will touch it.

  24. kat says:

    reading about nullification?
    Quote from above article:
    It’s time now for other news organizations to join the fight for full disclosure of all the evidence, not only on behalf of a little girl who cannot speak for herself but also for the millions of people who came to care about justice for Caylee Anthony, and who believe that the truth about how and why she died matters.

    Wendy Murphy is a leading victims rights advocate and nationally recognized television legal analyst. She is an adjunct professor at New England Law in Boston. She can be reached at Read more of her columns at The Daily Beast .

    I opened and read the link.
    I learned there is something refered to as “Jury Nullification”…..
    hmmmmm……I have to research that!
    It is something that can be implemented when there was an acquittal though the jury really thought the defendant was guilty….
    I remember someone on that jury, later said, handing down that verdict was gut wrenching. …. duh!

  25. Dinosaur says:

    This was posted on Mallory Anthony’s FB page,you know the one that said Casey was an “amazing mother”. The new heir to the Anthony throne(so they think)

    This poor child has no idea what misfits he’s being born into. Hopefully Leemarie got an invite to this baby shower!!!

    • LindaP says:

      Dino….I can’t open the link…but I’ll take your word for it. Wonder how long the kid will LIVE?

      The whole family thinks killing a child is NO BIG DEAL.

      Wonder if they will leave that kid with the “Aunt”…since she’s such a “great mom.”

      They all make me sick to my stomach. Two years have done nothing to change my disgust and hatred for all of them. I expect 10 years down the line I will still feel the same.

      If they were all dumped into a pit and covered with dirt… the world would be a better place but then there’s 100,000 other freaks just like them out there ready to move into their place.

      Sick sick family.

  26. kat says:

    I dont think anyone is going to pick up the BPerry show. Why do these ppl think they are famous from this case? i had some respect for BP at the beginning but it shrank ever so fast, letting the DT get by with their lies in HIS court of law. Recently, see other murder cases, i now realize BP has a part in making justice for Caylee, a tv entertainment showing us a circus trial.

    Simple Justice:
    “Judge Belvin Perry: I’m Still Ready For My Close-Up

    One of the hardest things for a lawyer to get over following the conclusion of a high-profile case is the realization that the media doesn’t really love you and you aren’t a star. Some lawyers try to circumvent this painful epiphany by becoming a source of constantly outrageous and intellectually vapid commentary, usually to their embarrassment and notoriety. They don’t care, as long as they can keep a bit of the spotlight on them.

    And what are judges if not lawyers with curious psychological needs? Well, not all, but some. As it turns out, the judge who basked in the klieg lights of the Casey Anthony reality show couldn’t bear the lack of attention after the verdict was read. “

  27. Jersey says:

    Excerpt from ‘Squirrely Stories’:

    SINDY, shrieking: “I see someone one the page says you’re going to end up with peanuts!! Like you’re some kind of squirrel or something!!!”

    CRAZY, moaning: “Oh I just don’t know why I have to be tried in the court of public opinion, didn’t they all see me crying & eye-poking & making horn-faces @ the trial??”

    GEORGE: “Well they must have seen you giving the finger to the camera in the courtroom – But never you mind, Precious, Geezer did it for you after the trial was over – LOL!”

    CRAZY: “Yeah, but did you see how he yanked my head on that last appearance, I almost lost my teeth, thank goodness I only lost my pantyhose!!”

    GEORGE: “Oh I think he was just trying to cover up those zits, errrrr, ummmmm, I mean face, uhhhhh, hairdo -”

    SINDY: “Good Grief, such a big deal about 31 Days! Lots of kids go off to play for awhile, maybe she just wandered down the road & got lost, and ended up in those woods becoming a shell!”

    CRAZY: “Yeah she was always wandering around, look how she ended up on that balcony when I was trying to have some fun, she just couldn’t behave!!”

    SINDY: “GD it – It’s all them people’s fault anyway – just cuz you lost your kid for awhile – I told them all to get off their a** and look for my granddaughter!”

  28. inquiring2 says:

    on Twitter
    Lisa ‏@lnj99 2h Aug 5, 2013
    When the sleuths get sued! #TriciaGriffith of #Websleuths slapped with major lawsuit!

    “According to a filing made in Texas, Griffith is accused of diverting income to her personal finances…”


    Lawsuit filed in Texas.

    Case # 201344862
    WEBSLEUTHS.COM [Susan Pruitt] vs.

    filed 8/1/2013
    Harris County District Clerk

    excerpts from the Plaintiff’s Original Petition:

    The Sale and Purchase Agreement by and between Patricia Griffith d/b/a and Susan Pruitt was negotiated and executed on May 1, 2011. …Pruitt was to pay $ 11,000.00 to Griffith, and Griffith was to provide a bill of sale for 1/2 of all assets of the business operation …

    Pruitt paid $ 11,000 but Griffith never signed and provided to Pruitt the bill of sale… has never assigned her interest to, LLC, and has never relinquished personal control and operation of all assets critical to the operation of the business.

    Specifically, Griffith has removed assets from the company in excess of $ 58,000.00.
    At the same time, no funds from the company have been paid to Pruitt, and Pruitt has not been refunded or reimbursed any of the funds she has put into the business to keep it in operation. In fact, while Griffith has withdrawn over $ 58,000.00 from the company account, Pruitt has had to expend additional funds and pay expenses on behalf of the company to keep the operation going. These funds were in excess of $ 10,000.00 which included, but were not limited to an acquisition of trademark, background checks on all staff, filing fees, and web service fees.

    In addition to improperly removing funds from the company account, Griffith has also acted improperly and to the detriment of Plaintiffs by sucking funds from persons that volunteer their time in support of, LLC and the website. Specifically, Griffith has obtained loans and donations from a number of volunteers and members.

    …. Griffith has repeatedly pocketed the money and used it for her own personal purposes and interests. Several volunteers have complained about such action by Griffith, and Griffith’s wrongful action and intentional misrepresentations now jeopardize the business interests of the company and Pruitt. Pruitt has also been informed that Griffith has promised various volunteers that the funds will be repaid, and has requested the volunteers to not report these transactions and activities to the company or Pruitt.

    …Griffith has also used the proprietary and licensed name of “Websleuths” to advance her own interests. … using the Websleuths name on radio broadcasts that are transmitted throughout the country…

    Griffith has fifty (50) days to provide/disclose the information or material described in Rule 194.2 to the Plaintiff’s attorney in Houston, Texas.

    The Plaintiff is asking for:
    - the entire amount of the actual damages sustained by Plaintiffs
    - punitive damages
    - pre-judgment and post-judgment interest
    - costs of court
    - the reasonable and necessary attorneys’ fees and expenses incurred by Plaintiffs in pursuing their claims against Defendant
    - such other and further relief, partial or general, at law or in equity, to which they are shown to be justly entitled

    • inquiring2 says:

      copy of the actual filing

      Plaintiffs’ Original Petition, LLC, and Susan Pruitt
      Patricia Arrington Griffith

      • ceci says:

        “Pruitt paid $ 11,000 but Griffith never signed and provided to Pruitt the bill of sale… has never assigned her interest to, LLC, and has never relinquished personal control and operation of all assets critical to the operation of the business.”

        I don’t see where SoSuMe/Susan has a leg to stand on here let alone post about the lawsuit on websleuths. If she didn’t get a signed contract, she’s not a very good business person.

  29. inquiring2 says:

    They don’t seem to get it — the public wants to see real criminal trials on tv, where a judge has control of their courtroom, and justice is done — NOT staged for tv civil trials like Judge Judy.

    His term as Chief Judge does not end in 2015 — it ended June 30, 2013, in spite of his protests.
    He was re-elected in 2012 for 6 years as a Circuit Judge which would continue until 2018, unless he retires early.

    He even admits that his number one goal in doing the judge show is “ENTERTAINMENT”!
    The public does NOT want to be “entertained” by Belvin Perry.

    If he does not get the show — he will be an ambulance chaser like Baez – in personal injury.

    And just how exactly does Belvin Perry “nurture children”???

    Monday, Aug. 5, 2013
    Judge Belvin Perry could be next TV judge


    Cameras in the courtroom made him a star during the Casey Anthony trial.

    Now, Judge Belvin Perry could be headed to syndicated television.

    Producer Jim Lichtenstein said he’s working with Perry to put together a show in a format similar to the “Judge Judy” show, where Perry would oversee a small-claims courtroom in Los Angeles.

    Lichtenstein said interest in TV judges was waning until the Jodi Arias and George Zimmerman trials.

    The producer said as of now, no production firm has agreed to buy the rights to a “Judge Perry” television show, but serious talks continue.

    He said he plans to retire in July of 2015 when his term as chief judge expires.

    A show would require roughly 40 days of production per year.

    Like the trial he presided over, Perry appreciates the audience and opportunity to educate those who tune it.

    That education, he said, would be, “To provide 1) entertainment and 2) to provide the same insight as to how the law operates,” Perry said.

    If he’s as successful as other TV judges, his salary would be in the millions.

    The judge hasn’t signed a contract.

    After he leaves the bench, Perry said if he doesn’t pursue a television show, he’ll practice personal injury law or continue his passion of nurturing children.

    • LindaP says:

      Inquiring you said it all…

      “The public does NOT want to be “entertained” by Belvin Perry.”

      I’ve already SEEN his ACT! NOT INTERESTED…

      As far as educating the public…what a LAUGH!

      How about EXPLAINING why you allowed the defense to tamper with evidence…tamper with witnesses…tamper with the jury…and take over your court?

      How about explaining why you allowed this jury to break the LAW and the rules of sequestration over and over.

      How about explaining how the most FOUL verdict ever to be rendered in a courtroom has never been investigated?

      “The producer said as of now, no production firm has agreed to buy the rights to a “Judge Perry” television show, but serious talks continue.”

      That says it all.

      Judge Judy rules because she has the RESPECT of the public. Belvin Perry does not have that.

      And who else do we have?

      Judge Joe Brown
      Judge Jeanine Pirro
      Judge Mathis
      The People’s Court
      Nancy Grace

      and the list goes on…

      He can’t compete in any way with these people…IMO all because of that verdict.

      Had the verdict been different…IMO he could have had his TV show and it MIGHT have succeeded.

      Even with a just verdict it would be hard…

      but with the STINK that is following Perry around…NO WAY JOSE!

  30. B says:

    the only time I will listen to any of these vultures utter CAYLEE MARIE ANTHONY….is IF connected to some sort of JUSTICE!….NOT riding the coattails of a MURDERED baby….sickening…the whole lot!…….

  31. inquiring says:,0,1509684.story

    Aug 5, 2013
    Judge Belvin Perry: Is TV stardom on his docket?

    By Hal Boedeker, Staff writer
    2:52 p.m. EDT, August 5, 2013

    “There’s high interest in the man,” Lichtenstein said. “A year ago, we tried and it didn’t work.”
    At that time, syndicators thought interest in the Anthony trial might be a fluke, Lichtenstein said. What changed? The Jodi Arias and George Zimmerman trials and the sentencing of Ariel Castro suggest there is a big daytime audience for court shows.


    Shane Ladd at 1:02 PM August 5, 2013
    Bumptious, bilious, biased Belvin Perry always loved him some face-time. His preening & obvious prejudice during the Casey Anthony trial were disgraceful & disgusting.

    oldbones at 2:54 PM August 5, 2013
    Perry reminds me of the mentally slow kids in some institutions. I don’t think the public will react to someone with that facade as a judge making decisions….But of he does decide to run his own show, he must resign his position as judge…

    oldbones at 2:46 PM August 5, 2013
    Perry should be defrocked and removed from the position because all along he has been using the position to move up and make money, a very unethical thing to do for a judge. He screewed the pooch when he made a statement regarding Casey Anthony in national TV, but I guess his agent was testing the water to see what type of reacting they would get and determine if the show would be watched or not.
    To me Perry is a poor judge, and he doesn’t look like TV material, he looks like he has some sort of mental retardation issue. But if you like to watch people like that, go for it. Just because he is colored doesn’t mean he has TV material on him
    Discretion and respect, preservation of human dignity but firm value and application of the law…not in Perry’s description…

  32. inquiring2 says:

    Casey Anthony Judge Belvin Perry is getting his own TV show
    Orange-Osceola County Chief Judge Belvin Perry Jr., who presided over the Casey Anthony trial in 2011, is slated to star in his own TV court show, according to TV and film producer Jim Lichtenstein. (FILE)

    The chief judge of Orange and Osceola counties is working with producers to be the start of his own court show.
    I spoke with the show’s producer, Jim Lichtenstein, who confirmed he’s been working with Judge Perry since last year on the project.
    He also said Perry has plenty of personality for a show like this, and now TV executives want to cash in on it.
    Lichtenstein uploaded a “sizzle reel” video to YouTube on Monday, showing a preview of the concept of the “Judge Belvin Perry Show.”
    The show even has a website and social media accounts set up on Facebook and Twitter, though nothing has been posted on any of the accounts as of Monday afternoon besides a title card for the show that simply reads “Judge Belvin Perry.”

    sizzle reel – says “coming fall of 2013 [not 2014]




    Being a TV judge isn’t too much work; Judge Perry would only work about 50 to 60 days a year in Los Angeles. He could shoot a bunch of cases in one day and then, theoretically, fly back to Orlando and continue to keep his job here.

    A pilot has not been shot, but Lichtenstein said it won’t be hard to sell, since Judge Belvin Perry has become a household name after the Casey Anthony trial.

    • LindaP says:

      I wouldn’t watch him on TV if he was the ONLY thing on TV.

      What a fool!

      I bet it fails miserably Inquiring!

      • inquiring says:

        I agree Linda … FAIL!

        This “entertainment” show by the JUDGE in Caylee’s case, is so distasteful on so many levels for people who care about the injustice done to CAYLEE MARIE ANTHONY.

        And even as a general rule … I do not see Belvin Perry as an “entertaining” type person and would be bored watching him do “tv staged” cases.

        I hope Perry and Lichtenstein lose money on this venture.

        • LindaP says:

          I hope they lose money too Inquiring. He is NOT entertaining and if he is looking to the people who watched the trial to be his audience IMO he’s in for a big shock. He’s not cute. He’s not funny and IMO more people blame him for that verdict than he realizes.

          So many TV Judges…he doesn’t stand a chance of being popular.

          Too many bad feelings about that trial…he’ll never escape it imo.

          None of them ever will…it will follow them all where ever they go.

  33. inquiring2 says:

    ClickOrlando WKMG local 6

    Casey Anthony judge may get own TV show
    Agent for Judge Belvin Perry in discussion with networks about court show
    Published On: Aug 05 2013

    ORLANDO, Fla. – The judge in the Casey Anthony trial may be getting his own court TV show in fall 2014.
    Local 6 has confirmed an agent for Judge Belvin Perry is in discussion with networks about having a judge show, but no deal has been made yet.
    He is being represented by an agent at the William Morris Endeavor talent agency.
    Similar to “Judge Judy,” the show would tape in Los Angeles …

  34. inquiring2 says:

    NBC Producer Jim Lichtenstein got Judge Perry a syndicated show for 2014, if it is picked up.

    Twitter today
    bob kealing ‏@bobkealing 1m TV producer @JimLichtenstein confirms he’s partnering with #CaseyAnthony judge Belvin Perry for syndicated show. To air in ’14 if picked up.

    No wonder why Lichtenstein was pushing Judge Perry being on NBC TODAY SHOW on May 6th

    Twitter by Lichtenstein:
    Jim Lichtenstein ‏@JimLichtenstein 50m May 5, 2013
    Tomorrow, for the 1st time #JudgeBelvinPerry will talk about the #CaseyAnthony case to @SavannahGuthrie . Only on @todayshow. pre-#jodiarias

    Jim Lichtenstein ‏@JimLichtenstein 7m May 3, 2013
    The one person from the #CaseyAnthony trial you NEVER thought you’d hear from… Monday, only on @TodayShow. Pre- #jodiarias

    Jim Lichtenstein ‏@JimLichtenstein 3 May At LAX taking off to get another @todayshow exclusive in the #CaseyAnthony case… I’ll tell u more this weekend, but be watching Monday!

    october moon ‏@octobermoon2 Scoop: THE TODAY SHOW on NBC – Week of May 6, 2013 – BWWTVWorld … #JUDGEPERRY!

    Scoop: THE TODAY SHOW on NBC – Week of May 6, 2013
    Monday, May 6(7-9 a.m.):
    An interview with the judge in the Casey Anthony case.

    June 30, 2013 – Perry no longer Chief Judge
    2012 – Perry re-elected for 6 years
    2018 – Perry RETIRE

    April 2, 2011Order in His CourtThere was a time when Perry might have viewed a sensational case like this as an opportunity that could lead to a loftier bench, such as the 5th District Court of Appeals or even the Florida Supreme Court. But at 61, he isn’t looking any further into the future than presiding over the Anthony trial and running for re-election in 2012. After another six-year term, there’s retirement, and Perry says he looks forward to playing golf.

    What he did was have an affair with a courthouse employee.It came to light in 1998 when a deputy court administrator who had been let go by another judge filed a discrimination complaint. In the suit she claimed that her firing stemmed from an affair she’d had with Perry dating back to the 1990s.Perry contends he could have saved face by interceding with his colleague on the woman’s behalf, but opted to “do the right thing” by admitting the affair and facing the consequences. The ensuing scandal almost ruined his career and, most likely, cost him a chance at advancement to the 5th District Court of Appeals. The case ultimately was settled for $65,000.

    “It was a shock,” says Jill Gay, Perry’s assistant since his earliest days as a prosecutor. “We look at people like Judge Perry as gods. When you find out they’re human, it’s hard.”Disgraced¸ Perry considered quitting. He took two years off from his chief judge duties to work on rebuilding his marriage and his reputation.“There were two things I could have done,” he says. “I could have just disappeared from the face of the earth and not tried to contribute. That was not the way that I was raised. I was raised to give something back to my community and leave the place a little better than when I found it, because that’s the rent we pay for being here.”Perry’s wife, LaDrean, stayed by his side— this year they will celebrate their 37th wedding anniversary. In 2001, Perry’s colleagues re-elected him chief judge, a position he has held since.

    Perry calls that chapter of his life “humiliating,” and though it will always be an asterisk on an otherwise glowing biography, he says he hopes that if people remember him years from now it will be for his contributions to the community, not that one mistake.


    Casey Anthony ‘manipulative,’ Belvin Perry says
    By Hal Boedeker Staff writer 8:08 a.m. EDT, May 6, 2013

    Could the interview have been a trial run to see how Perry might play on television?
    In a recent interview with Jackie Brockington of Central Florida News 13, Perry said he might consider doing a talk show after he retires [2018].
    How did Perry come across? Could he be a TV host?

  35. Jersey says:

    George Anthony filed for dissolution of marriage from Sindy in 2005, then rescinded that in 2007:
    Seven months later, Caylee was murdered.
    But only a few months after George returned, KC was internet searching all those death-related items.
    Something happened when George came back to the family, the dynamics changed somehow & prompted Babykiller to spring into action.

    • Jersey says:

      Just seems to me that there was a series of events leading to Caylee’s murder -
      Another fact is that just a few months after Caylee’s birth, George filed for divorce, then a few months after he returns, Caylee is murdered.
      Just coincidence?

  36. kat says:

    It is difficult not to keep wanting to see our justice system to care that little Caylee had Civil Rights! This circus of a trial i can’t stop thinking about. How can so many ppl be ghouls? How scary life was for Caylee, after her mom met Tony, another new bf. Most outrageous, in hindsight, the grandparents, wow, it is unbelievable. Tonight, i remembered Cindy during Trial with her notebook in hand (and prob her bible in tow, along with chewing gum, and water bottle) and imo She thought she was going to be a writer, with best seller bc She is the best mom in the world for what she went through for her daughter. honestly, now i know they are all pschos, and vultures as B said. also thinking everyone its all about Casey bc she is the one that can rat everyone out. I could never come up with an answer why all the attorneys? really for PR? media interviews? ???? so many willing to be on the ghoul team, reputations all tarnished??? it has to be the skank everyone involved is worried about. All the Anthonys will continue to believe they are the winners. who has a daughter that can sell photos of her baby to media/ABC for 200k, and parents get boats, cruises, home out of hock,Dr. Phil series, etc. etc. the list is mind boggling, all on Caylee’s dead body. i wonder if one of those threats her lawyers like to tell the media about…it will be an inside job? they all have connections to bad ppl. TodayI laughed– they think they fooled the world. Thanks Linda for keeping us a place to come to and keeping us in reality, your comments above does say it all–they are all losers and examples of people ugly on the inside and ugly on the outside, that will never change. it isnt going to have the ending they have been planning and they deserve everything they get.

  37. LindaP says:

    Here’s what I predict we will read about Spindy in about 10 years…without the “crack”…she doesn’t need it.

    Instead of the granddaughter…it will be the skank. This is exactly the type of “people” they are…this is where it’s headed IMO…

  38. B says:

    Sweet,beautiful,precious,INNOCENT CAYLEE…..never was “the beloved granddaughter” as they portrayed…..she was a PAWN—from day 1 when they acknowledged the tumor was really a pregnancy,she was nothing more than a pawn for their sick family!!!….You’re correct,Linda….there are not words VILE enough to describe that scum crew!….Dance on Caylee….Gone too soon,but never forgotten….SO,so very sorry your “family” turned out to be vultures!!

  39. dancehappy says:

    Sickening that video of DC stabbing around for Caylee, cutting open trash bags, I had not seen that before.
    Sickening that the Ants knew she was there, dead, as they continued their charade of a live Caylee for 6 months.
    Sickening, that NO ONE was ever held accountable for anything …………
    Sick, sick, sick, and it’s making me sick all over again!

    • LindaP says:

      dance…that’s exactly what I have been RANTING about now for years!

      I saw it when it was first posted and it made me sick to my stomach. That’s why I constantly refer to them as GHOULS.

      They were looking for Caylee’s body and they were going to DESTROY it!

      They were going to get rid of it altogether. IMO that’s why it is so easy for them to wear her ashes around their necks and clean up her decomp as if her life DOESN’T MATTER.

      The whole bunch of them needs to be corralled into a pit…doused with gasoline and set on fire…and …put the one who started this whole thing on top!

      So easy for all of them.

      Driving around with Caylee’s body in the trunk of her car rotting while she went to clubs and partied with her friends.

      It’s worse than disgusting…it’s vile, dirty, filthy and revolting…there’s not enough adjectives to describe how awful they are.

      Who knew people this disgusting even existed???

      ANIMALS wouldn’t do what these SICKOS have done. I hope some gang of girls gets ahold of her just when she least expects it…just when she thinks it’s safe to go out…

      and beat the f8ck out her…leaving her with a shaved head…and with the words “Baby killer” carved into her GIANT forehead.

      So easy for Cindy Anthony to stick her face down into the trunk of the car and clean Caylee up with a vacume cleaner and then lie under oath. They are the most revolting, dirty, disgusting creatures who ever lived.

      I DO believe that something bad is going to happen to all of them. They are just too VILE and repulsive to live in society without someone going off on them all.

      They are WORSE than monsters…they are not HUMAN.

      • Hilde says:

        Linda, I agree with You, the Skank and her supporting Gang in this Crime against precious Caylee are vile People put it mildly! I can’t wait till that Day comes when it all finally catches up with them. It can’t come soon enough! Every time I hear their Names mentioned I get infuriated once again! How can any one be that ignorant to not have seen All the Evidence against this Murderer and let her walk free, it’s beyond me. So many things went wrong in this Case, unbelievable, that’s all I have to say. Cindy Anthony lied on the Stand and it was proven she did, she got away with it. Baez wasn’t a Death Penalty qualified Attorney, yet he was allowed to take and finish this High Profile Case. This Skank got lucky more than once, I would think it’s about time her Luck will run out. BTW No Way she is penny less, only Idiots would believe that! I would bet she is doing better than some of us, remember she and her supporting Gang are know Liars, can’t believe a Word coming out of their Mouth!

        • B says:

          25,100,100 google results for………..Murderer casey anthony…………can’t HIDE from that!!…….Happy Heavenly Birthday week to CAYLEE….the ONLY one that ever mattered!!

    • Jersey says:

      What kind of a psycho would DRIVE AROUND with your daughter’s dead body in your trunk??
      And with friends no less, driving around town, going partying @ night, with a reeking body -
      What if she got a FLAT TIRE and had to go into the trunk??
      What if LE had pulled her over for some reason??
      And they’re STILL trying to pass THIS THING off as innocent.
      It just defies any kind of logic whatsoever!
      Dead Body In Trunk + Death Stench + Duct Tape = FIRST DEGREE MURDER

  40. ka says:

    Chiney Mason was on Piers Morgan– weeks ago. I am following comments and Skank is now living in Ohio, I say-I dont care where her hole is as long as she shows up at civil trials—-please see comment below:

    Esther Lee commented on J. Cheney Mason on Casey Anthony: “[She's] still having to live in isolation”.

    in response to elisabethbrubaker:

    n Tuesday evening “Piers Morgan Live” welcomed a man all too familiar with the glare of the spotlight that comes with trying a case ripe with national scrutiny and obsessive pressure. Two years ago J. Cheney Mason served as co-counsel in […]

    Casey is in Columbus Ohio area. She has been spotted at a gym, several times, working out!

    • Deb says:

      She’s like the proverbial ‘hot potato’…getting passed around and around until ‘it’ cools off…stick a fork in ‘it’…it’s done!

    • inquiring2 says:

      Very interesting ka!

      It seems possible that she would be in Columbus, Ohio [AGAIN].
      The TMZ/Radar staged photos of her walking the sidewalk and Old Navy store was in Columbus, Ohio.
      Schalmo Productions offered her $ 5million and he lives and works in Columbus, Ohio.
      Her Aunt Kathy lives nearby, and she is the Aunt who wrote nice letters to her when she was in jail.

      Wonder if she has skipped off to Columbus, Ohio, and “disappeared” like her bankruptcy attorney wrote in his filing on June 10th?
      The judge DID allow Zenaida and Kronk to RE-file their complaints, which they did on July 22nd, so those two civil cases were not thrown out [yet], as killer Casey wants.

      That would be funny if she flew the coop and left allllllllll of her attorneys hanging, and UNPAID!

      Supplemental Memorandum Concerning Motions To Lift Stay
      Filed by David L Schrader on behalf of Debtor Casey Marie Anthony.

      page 6 – Casey Anthony will suffer. She will either defend the cases or be forced to default because she has no money. She will be lampooned in the press.
      The death threats will increase again.
      She will be forced to find new accommodations, or just disappear and say it is not worth the fight anymore.

  41. kat says:

    *Dominic Casey has nothing to offer other than to answer one question. Who was he really on the phone with when videotaped in the woods?

    The Brits have a delightful term ‘Tosser’, there is another ‘Thats a load of bolloks’. So I would join them together, Dominic Casey is a Tosser who is selling a load of Bollocks. Of course that is just my thoughts. Simon Barrett

  42. kat says:

    Jersey, you are so right and right in front of all to see and get by with it. This case of misconduct needs to be exposed!!! Media needs to not be involved, paying $200k for photos of the Victim that only helped make them more greedy.

    Hoping the”professionals” in our justice system, the ones that no longer want the tarnished reputation as SCUM will finally get resentful of actions that brought discredit on their professional/offices by Casey Anthony’s many, many lawyers. And still being done, right in front of all eyes in America to witness We the public will have to step up and make them realize it is too scary for our world to have babykillers on the lose and those that want to protect the killer and not the victim! We the public want ACCOUNTABILITY. We want to believe in our system, again. And as the brave young girl, Michelle Knight.said there is more good than evil. We need to demand accountability for all the nonprofessionals in this case!

    “tip of the iceberg”
    USA TODAY identified were so serious that, in each case, judges threw out charges, overturned convictions or rebuked prosecutors for misconduct. And each has the potential to tarnish the reputation of the prosecutors who do their jobs honorably.”

    ….With help from legal experts and former prosecutors, USA TODAY spent six months examining federal prosecutors’ work, reviewing legal databases, department records and tens of thousands of pages of court filings. Although the true extent of misconduct by prosecutors will likely never be known, the assessment is the most complete yet of the scope and impact of those violations. USA TODAY found a pattern of “serious, glaring misconduct,” said Pace University law professor Bennett Gershman, an expert on misconduct by prosecutors. “It’s systemic now, and … the system is not able to control this type of behavior. There is no accountability.” He and Alexander Bunin, the chief federal public defender in Albany, N.Y., called the newspaper’s findings “the tip of the iceberg” because many more cases are tainted by misconduct than are found.

  43. skbsoccermom says:

    I just heard that the BR trustee reached an agreement with the killer and her team of scammers to accept $25,000 so the killer can sell her story. I knew the State of Fl was under her thumb, but the Feds too? They didn’t even make baez prove his claim of being owed over 300 grand. Really? And the judge believes that she is “destitute”, but doesn’t bat an eye that she quickly came up with $25,000 to keep HER rights? I have never despised someone so much in my life as I do the babykiller and her team of sleezy, greedy, enablers.
    I really think she does have a deal with the devil.

    • Jersey says:

      If only LE had come up with that ‘FOOL-PROOF SUFFOCATION’ internet search on the day that Caylee was murdered with that Duct Tape -
      - If only the impound lot had used their brains & called LE about the death reek coming from that tramp’s car before George ran home with it
      - If only Bozo had not become her ‘attorney’ (publicity agent is more like it!) in record time
      - If only Sindy had been charged with OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE for scrubbing evidence, washing decomp pants, and PERJURY for lying on the stand and continually throughout the years
      - If only George had been charged with molestation (perhaps then some truth would finally come out)
      - If only Lee had been charged with molestation (after all the tramp herself accused them IN COURT!)
      - If only Judge Perry had put his foot down from the very first day (as did Strickland!) and refused to allow Bozo to move his defense table around the room so that tramp could be seen sobbing (lol) away whenever she felt like it
      - If only Perry had not allowed tramp’s seat to be lowered down to kiddie level, making it appear that a CHILD was facing the Death Penalty, instead of a GROWN WOMAN
      - If only Perry had not allowed all that sealed evidence (‘too prejudicial’?? What does that have to do with anything, anyway??)
      - If only tramp was not given EVERY ADVANTAGE – Perry rushed through the jury selection like an out-of-control train
      - If only Judge Strickland had been able to keep control of the trial, he would have slammed Bozo @ every opportunity (‘Ms Anthony and the truth are strangers’), he was no fool and knew exactly what he was dealing with – Remember he ORDERED Bozo to get tramp out of bed @ the county jail to appear @ EVERY SINGLE COURT HEARING??
      - If only Perry had put his foot down hard on Bozo’s bs opening, that was all that dumb jury needed to hear, they saw & heard nothing after that
      And now RIGHT BEFORE OUR EYES, this tramp is getting away from Justice again. None of this makes any sense, other women with the same murder charges & way less evidence have been convicted and are spending life in prison.
      The only hope left is that she is enraging the public to such an extent that she gets stoned @ every public appearance.
      And I thought it was $500,000 Bozo claims the idiot owes him, and she stated that she owes him nothing?

    • LindaP says:

      The more I think about this the funnier it is. Like I say…ANYONE can write about her. You don’t need her “permission” to write a book about her “life’s story”…

      (what life?)


      and anyone can write their opinion about her guilt since it was a PUBLIC trial and we all saw the evidence and believe the jury was tampered with.

      So the only one buying those “life’s story” rights will be HER.

      They are so desperate and stupid it is hilarious. Talk about throwing your money away.

  44. Deb says:

    Linda, all I can say is “Excellent”!!! The sentiments of the majority of the people in this country already know the “truth”…not one of us with a brain needs any BS artist/liar/opportunist/scam artist/ghoul/blood sucker to put a spin on what has always been so obvious. Slutmom et al have gone above and beyond depravity to try & dupe the public; fortunately the majority of the public isn’t so easily duped! Let them all go around for the rest of their lives with their greedy palms out, trying to eek out a little more blood money from the death of this poor baby…they won’t succeed. The difference between the other murderers and the scum that represent them is this: the killers of children and the manipulators defending them eventually fade into oblivion; these despicable con artists & their leading slut just refuse to back down. Well I say, ok! Keep it up; you’re all digging yourselves deeper and deeper into the hole which will eventually swallow you all up – this is what you warrant & this is what you will eventually reap. The truth always comes out eventually, even if it takes many years; and when it does, no one is going to be any too surprised.

    • LindaP says:

      Deb…you said it all!

      “…these despicable con artists & their leading slut just refuse to back down. Well I say, ok! Keep it up; you’re all digging yourselves deeper and deeper into the hole which will eventually swallow you all up.”

      You are so right.

      They have been in “diminishing return” mode now since the verdict and can’t see it. No matter what they do now it will work AGAINST them.

      Even when they “win.”

      Who REALLY got “screwed” here? Who’s really getting cheated?

      $25,000 for something that’s not worth 2 cents!

      Their greed knows no bounds and will be the thing that destroys them all.

      “…you’re all digging yourselves deeper and deeper into the hole which will eventually swallow you all up.”

      Truer words were never spoken. It’s already happening.

      No clients banging at Baez’s door. No big money deal. It’s over. It’s been over.

      They are chumps to pay $25,000 for it…but don’t expect me to get upset about it.

      Like you said…they just won’t give up and imo that is going to be the thing that causes the TRUTH to come out and takes them ALL DOWN.

      Excellent post! sums up my feelings exactly!

      • Laurie says:

        Linda – I love your blog. You’re always spot-on with your assessments of this disgusting group. It is my firm belief (and it has been since the verdict), that one or all of those sorry excuses for jurors were either paid, or promised payment, fame, fortune, etc. for a not guilty verdict. It’s the only thing that makes any sense. 98% of the public knew she was guilty. What are the odds of finding 12 people at random that could be so clueless and disinterested? I’d say it would be pretty impossible. Mark my words….some day down the road, it will come out that that this jury was tainted. I hope they all rot in hell for their part in this. They had Caylee’s justice in their hands and they sold her out for themselves. Disgusting all of them.

        • LindaP says:

          Thank you Laurie…what a wonderful post. Certainly I agree with every word. Especially about finding the 12 dumbest people on the planet for that jury…all in Pinellas County…all ending up on that jury. Not possible.

          Add in Jose Baez doing a “victory dance” in the halls…when he should have been scared to death…it still smells to this day…maybe even more than it did then.

          Like you, I believe the truth will come out one day…too many people know what really happened.

          “They had Caylee’s justice in their hands and they sold her out for themselves. Disgusting all of them.”

          So well put.

          They sold out the entire country too. I will never have faith in the system ever again after this. They stole everyone’s trust in the system away.

          Makes me sick too Laurie. They can’t disappear enough for me…all of them.

          Such a great comment… right to the point.

          No one in Florida…really cared at all about Caylee. All of them just cared about themselves.

  45. kat says:

    I am sure the monster mom would hate her parents more, if that is possible, knowing they are being on smoozed by ABC, paying for dinners, Ritz hotel rooms, hanging out by the pool, like being on a vacation. all of them on poor Caylee’s tragic death. Poor killer is sitting in jail, all she had and has is her dream of being rich, her own reality show, like Paris, and not sharing and of it, its hers, she deserves…i hope karma comes hitting hard, soon.

  46. kat says:

    Thanks so much, Awesome!!!

    jim hoover’s reveals inside information

    OMG, all of them eating crab cakes at the Ritz,,,wth

  47. Jersey says:

    And just exactly WHAT were they planning to do with Caylee’s remains if DC had indeed discovered them??
    Was George getting another 27 bags of cement ready to go??

  48. Jersey says:

    Thank You for another Great Article, Linda!!
    True, all of it – and I agree with ‘B’ above, nightmare-inducing photos -
    The MOST TOUCHING PHOTO is of Caylee’s ‘hair mat’.
    It breaks me up every time, looking @ the filth and crud and dirt and plant matter that cover those beautiful waves which once framed her beautiful little face.
    I think it is the MOST heartbreaking photo of Caylee’s remains!
    And that photo of the Monster of Orlando herself as a child is CHILLING to say the least!
    Look @ the evil and craziness in those eyes!!

  49. B says:

    Great article,Linda……….nightmare-inducing photos…….Justice 4 CAYLEE

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