(Thanks to Joanie!)


Let the SNARK continue…because there was no “rush” to the board on my part. I read Q Posts first thing, EVERY DAY:

(Warning! Extra-Snarky Post!) 

Let’s get one thing straight.

I don’t know WHAT shape the earth is because I don’t know what they are keeping from us!

Do I believe in “Flat Earth”?


Until I hover in space and get a GOOD LOOK at it FOR MYSELF…(ie: with my very own eyes)…then I do not know…

Meanwhile, I RESEARCH the subjects of flat and hollow earth, and share my research with others…because it is a PART OF HISTORY!




That being said…

NO ONE…and I mean NO ONE (especially a snowflake “anon”, who needs alternative opinions removed from the face of the (flat?) earth, while they HIDE behind their computer…)

(breathe, cough, spit, shoot)

Not even Q, is going to tell me to “shut up” about ANYTHING I choose to EXPLORE!!!

Seems like Joy Behar has found her way to the CHAN boards…and is DICTATING WHAT PEOPLE CAN THINK AND BE CURIOUS ABOUT!!!

(It could also be Miley Cyrus or Rosie)…

What happens when snowflake anon doesn’t “agree” with someone’s outfit…the one that they are wearing at the grocery store, where snowflake buys their Hot Pockets”?


Instead of simply NOT watching the videos…like MOST of us do…

they want “Flat Earthers” to “shut up” or…



They will do “something bad???” 


Since I have no idea who this person is…let’s pretend it’s Smelly Pants Clinton for a second. Here’s my response:

Hey Lil Hitler! THIS MEME MEANS “NO.”







If I want to LEARN about it, then GUESS WHAT?

Go screw yourself! That’s what! Oops…I mean…Merry Christmas! 

So, just exactly WHAT DOES this Q Post mean?


Question: “Q, Is the earth really flat?”

Answer “No.”

That would have been fine with me and I probably would have STOPPED exploring “Flat Earth” and dropped the subject altogether (at least for a while) if THAT had been the nature of the question.

There’s SEVERAL things about this post that both BOTHER and EXCITE me at the same time! Allow me to explain.

It’s the use of the phrase “shut up.” 




So basically all this post has done is peak my interest in flat earth research even further.


The first reason will be that NOBODY tells me WHAT TO THINK or RESEARCH…EVER! NO-ONE. ( I can’t stress this enough)

LISTEN UP! I do MY OWN THINKING! “Anons” not invited! 

The second reason is…that Q CHOSE this particular post that has the message “SHUT UP” about FLAT EARTH. The only question is why? Was it an insensitive and crass move on Q’s part, therfore insulting and contradictory?

Or was it purposeful?

The third reason is: “Disinformation is Necessary.”

The fourth reason is: So what is it Q?

Expand our thinking? Think for ourselves? Do our own research?

Or placate the whining, intolerant Anon, who wants people to “shut up” so they can live more like a snowflake princess…in a perfect world of THEIR design?

Should we IGNORE the Bible now? Or should we READ it?

Telling people (who are searching for the truth) to shut up about ANYTHING is not the way to get THOSE PARTICULAR results.

Telling ME to shut up about something is like handing me a MR. MICROPHONE!!!

I’m not sure WHY that particularly worded question was posted…when Q could have simply posed the QUESTION:

Is the earth flat?

instead of (paraphrasing):

ONLY to get people to shut up about it

See what I’m saying?



Shut “flat earthers up”??? Why?

And even though I am not a “Flat Earther” (I simply don’t have any answers…but love to explore all of the different theories)

THIS makes me wonder if they simply DON’T want people talking about it…


The bottom line here is this…

I’ll research whatever the fuck I want to and no Snowflake “Anon” is going to “shut me up” by WHINING like a little bitch!



On THAT note…

This morning I was furious over this. I was going to stop making videos for a few days and re-evaluate EVERYTHING.

I was ENRAGED by the wording of it. I was DISCOURAGED and insulted  by the idea of Q and “Anons” telling people to “shut up” about ANYTHING right now! Especially when we are all moving around in the dark, and being told TO EXPAND OUR THINKING!!!???

I was LOST. I was angry.  And though I believe in Q 100%…It was almost a breaking point for me.

I’ve been working so hard, trying to get to the TRUTH and exploring ALL possibilities along the way (expand your thinking), that sometimes I can’t sleep and I can’t eat, I’m so upset about what these people are doing…and what they’ve DONE!

It tears away at your soul and your spirit. It beats you down emotionally, and It’s FRUSTRATING & DISCOURAGING on a level that I normally don’t talk about, because my goal is to keep OTHER people in a GOOD MOOD and keep them LAUGHING at these creepy disgusting people!

But when I read something like that…and I am trying to expand my thinking and research things outside of my knowledge to find out MORE…and I read a message like that…


it made me want to stop making videos altogether for a while, and fix my spirit.


In my deplorablemcallister email account…I read all of the AMAZING emails and remembered the emails I read yesterday, and how great it made me feel, that people took the time to write their appreciation.

There were notes that said, “I look forward to all of your videos!”

Then I went ICE SKATING…(not really.)


I still do as I please, and apparently I am doing a good job, judging from my email messages, and when I opened my regular email there were 3 donations with AMAZING NOTES attached…and everything shifted.

Therefore, I gained my composure and screamed out loud…


The entire mammouth Q presentation ended with this…

Well I feel like I’ve been put through a “stress test” and I FAILED because I got VERY ANGRY (enraged is a better word)  at those three words:

“shut them up!” 

But then I started thinking, that the wording was WEIRD wording, because it said  “JUST to shut them up” indicating that Snowflake Anon already KNOWS that the answer is going to be NO!

“Just to shut them up”, unfortunately, peaks my interest. 

To be honest, I’m leaving it alone for a while, because it was the WORDING not the information that bothered me so much.

In NO WAY am I convinced, by that post, that Flat Earth is not worth exploring.

I listen to NO man or woman.

I never have.

I will decide for myself whether flat earth is worth researching. The PUSH to tell people to “shut up” only intrigues me further.

I’m still upset at the wording, and my visceral reaction is to buy a Mr. Microphone on Ebay and drive through towns and villages in a 197o Pontiac Convertable, shouting “RESEARCH FLAT EARTH!”

I’m not sure how the “JFK Jr and Seth Rich are Alive”- people feel about the Anon / Q/ “debunking”… because I’m not investigating those theories, but I am open to just about anything at this point.

I ENJOY investigating and learning about Flat & Hollow Earth…because THESE THEORIES ARE PART OF HISTORY!!!

Does it really matter whether Flat Earth or Hollow Earth…which was NOT “debunked” by Q in the Q and A… by the way… are REAL or not in the end?

They are theories that have been around for centuries! Why not LEARN about them?

(And, by the way, disinformation is necessary…)

However I did NOTICE that “Hollow Earth” was NOT mentioned (debunked.)

BOTH of these theories have HISTORICAL SIGNIFICANCE…one of them being mentioned in the bible.

This Q Post confused me, because it seemed to be scornful of people researching Flat Earth for themselves, and seemed to indicate that people should shut up about it, which I don’t like that kind of talk.

I still believe in Q…

but Q doesn’t tell me what to think. 

I’ll need a little MORE information than “NO”, but thank you.

Meanwhile, I’ll research whatever I want to, because telling me to shut up, in order to appease the Snowflake Anon, has backfired.

What comes next?

Stop investigating Hollow Earth and Vril Energy too?

I repeat:



I’m going to work on something relevant and FUN, such as ELITE, OCCULT, GENDER INVERSIONS or something like that…

that is…

if it’s ok with the Snowflake Anon???






About LindaP

Broadcast veteran. Over 20 years: CNN, MSNBC, LIFETIME, ESPN, NBC, ABC, CBS as Producer, Art Director, Animation Specialist and Graphic Designer. Over 16 years as a freelance writer: Jezebel Magazine, Atlanta Magazine, Creative Loafing, Southhampton Press. Currently writing a book about a bizarre series of unsolved murders, that began in 1931 and ended in 1970. I have linked all of the crimes to one forgotten suspect.
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  1. Heidi says:

    I’m grateful I found this site tonight! I really like your honesty. With so much obfuscation of the truth in today’s media, you honestly have given me hope! I hope you had a Merry Christmas!

  2. Pam says:

    Hi, Linda! Might I point out the TIMING of the Q & As was immediately after post #2604 which said:
    Responses To #4278980
    HUBER will bring SEVERE PAIN TO DC.
    SESSIONS’ forced release of name [HUBER] to House created another variable.
    Use Logic.
    Why would we tell you the plan if in doing so also alerts those who we are actively engaged in HUNTING?
    You are witnessing, first-hand, the demise of those in power [OLD GUARD].
    Those who push simply have no grasp of reality.
    Those who push simply do not understand warfare tactics.
    Emotions cloud judgement.
    Emotions cloud logic.
    You have more than you know.
    Securing the SENATE meant EVERYTHING.
    Securing the SC meant EVERYTHING.
    [Avoided Z]
    We, the PEOPLE.
    Do you think all these attacks on ‘Q’ (We, the People) is simply for a person on the internet who they label as a conspiracy?
    Think for yourself.
    Trust yourself.
    Research for yourself.
    Be in control of yourself.
    NEVER let someone else DRIVE YOU.
    Those who try to DRIVE YOU are not your friend.

    I think Q was just giving many sbort-sighted individuals something to go in a tizzy about. I think you are really in touch with the Q reality, and your expressions are exactly how Q encourages us to think. Today, my husband and I were like, “what if the answers to all of the questions were the OPPOSITE of how Q answered!? …BECAUSE DISINFORMATION IS NECESSARY, and, THINK FOR OURSELVES.
    Q didn’t agree with the “shut up” guy by quoting bim, he just quoted him. We still have to go back to post #2604!
    BTW, when I was growing up, our family wasn’t allowed to say “shut up.” It was like a dirty word, and stiff penalties were delved out!

    Go on, Linda! Keep on thinking and making FANTASTIC VIDEOS!

  3. Bluesky7 says:

    Ahhh, is it safe to come out now? Or should I stay in the alligator house a little longer, where I feel safe? Er…. The AI was/is training by interaction the ways and rates at which it could affect and control or divert conversations from various platforms and locations. Of the 1,000 questions that could have been addressed in the QA, it was chosen for multiple tactical and strategic reasons. The broader community has been greatly distracted and diverted by this specific discussion which is really a legacy program of the ‘deep state’ at this point. It may be that it is also a glaring indication of just how wide a spectrum of life experiences, cognative and educational maturity and exposure our community is composed of. Your insights and those of your followers is ESPECIALLY valuable because some of us are so long in the tooth we forget what a red pill BUZZZ feels like, we need you and your friends to help us keep perspective. There was an earlier fail of a similar nature when the picture of the Hitler sistervclones was posted. Message received, after a proper evaluation we will approved to return to the flight line; but not with that bird, it’s grounded, to many burn marks and holed large enough to poke your hand through!

  4. Julie says:

    Look at the answer to is JFK Jr alive. Only the JFK is underlined with the answer no. So . . .

  5. Bluesky7 says:

    If it were possible I would have added a picture of my first car, a 68 GTO convertible, med. met. Blue. Or my current 68 Firebird Convert. Maroon to show I’m on the same page. Probably wouldn’t have helped much, my skin is still tingling from the whack a noggin episode, what a page turner!

  6. KTbug says:

    Dear Linda, Don’t stress yourself so much so soon after oral surgery and the pain meds associated with it, dear girl. Your body has suffered a trauma and needs time to recover. Be kind to yourself, rest, nourish, recharge your body and you will have a better perspective. The mental and emotional stress of your research is not to be dismissed lightly. Perhaps a gentle walk, some peaceful music and restful break from research are just what you deserve. I’m sure Truman would be willing to help you relax by allowing you to pat and cuddle him. (Crying is also therapeutic, if you need the release.)

    Sage advice from a faithful follower and nurturing grandmother who has been through the mill a few time and survived to fight on.

    • LindaP says:

      Hi KTBug! Thank you so much…and you are exactly right. Happily…I only needed to take 2 advil for the pain…but it’s still sore, and I can’t eat solid food yet…maybe tomorrow.
      ; )
      Salt water rinses help too.
      I made some awesome roasted tomato soup yesterday (so tasty)…but will be so glad when this is over…not long now…but thank you for your wonderful comment…and Truman and I
      are going to sit up in the bed together tonight. Can’t go wrong there, and I can do some research on my laptop like a movie star!
      : D

    • Steve Summar says:

      Extremely sage advice and counsel…

      My dear cousin KTBug…truly is the most nurturing, level headed, common sensical Texas grandmother I know…though my sweet Sybilla is a close second…

      Everything is bigger and better in Texas…

      Cyberbubba…and the Rotties

  7. joanie says:

    I’m thankful for snarky Linda –
    because “NO” isn’t a deterrent!

    S – sincere
    N – natural
    A – altogether a joy!
    R – Responsible
    K – Confident – me too! *grin
    Y – Y not!

    Are we having fun yet!?

  8. Blusky says:

    Linda, on mornings like this, the help usually sees to it that I get a pre-wake up I V with a dose of caffeine. While Q-Team is nearly clairvoyant, perfect or omniscient, they are not. The choice of annon questions to respond to was made based on an attempt at rapid fire Q and A. Like speed dating, it is a concept that may sound interesting in concept in order to sift from a larger pool, in reality, it may need to go back to the dust bin. Your response reinforces the ‘FAIL’ conclusion. Complex questions cannot be satisfactorily answered tritely. As an omage’ to your wisdom in reacting so strongly allow an offering of humble pie if you will…in a 2D world (see book ‘flatland’) and a 4D world (time is not a dimension but for those who think it is, they would say 5D) the earth IS flat but for very, very different reasons Picasso upon learning how a person would be viewed in 4D/5D tried to simulate that perspective in his art since you would see all sides of a person similultaneously; that would be a Divine or God perspective. So a flat earth ‘could’ be argued to be a merely a matter of perspective. The frustration from a different direction probably is more closely related to an overly militarized perspective on current events and conversations. Currently the project is focused largely on the concept of ‘time on target’. Cumulatively, it takes (arguably) about 10,000 total man hours of effort/logistics to get 1 hour over the target; some say that is still a very low number. When you do get there, it’s important not to miss. We know that there was a speculifically funded program to test the deployment of a specific concept within a specific group of communities in order to test a specific AI’s operational ability to assist via live interaction in promoting and spreading a specific concept. The soak time and saturation levels were being rated and measured in preparation for other concepts (useful to the sheep herders) to be disseminated later. In the end, very dangerous stuff. That operation is still in play. Countering it is also still relevant. Christ himself was patient enough that he stood still as Thomas placed his hand in the wounds to verify that the person he had walked and talked with for many a mile was actually there before him…alive…the trauma that his mind had gone through in the days preceding that moment are lightly dismissed by a casual reader at this distant time but his experiences could not be lightly dismissed. In order to transit his mental and learned barriers mere visuals and conversations were not enough…the decision to demand another test was not wrong. His stance has helped untold numbers in the intervening centuries. In conclusion I think Reagan (and Linda) had it right, “Trust but verify’.

    • LindaP says:

      Hi Bluesky!

      Are you telling me that “Snowflake Anon” is an AI? lol

      I should maybe change my blog post to read: “No stinking “Snowflake AI” tells me what to think!”???

      Word is spreading fast about the stress test!

      Still…I feel the need to leave my post up as a warning to others…
      ; )

      Thanks Bluesky! That really got me going this morning! I read Q Posts first thing!

  9. Timothy Aguirre says:

    Either it was not Q or Q did a cognitive dissonance, controlled opposition on 50% of the Q-N-A of the truth!

  10. Steve Summar says:


    Please keep an eye on Blondie today…she may have ingested some fugu with her tofu…

    Keeping an open mind is wonderful…unless your brains fallout…

    Having drilled hundreds of wells…thousands of feet I can assure you the earth is not hollow and is hard as sandstone, limestone and eventually basement granite in most places…the deepest wells on the planet are in western Oklahoma in the ultra deep Anadarko basin, some in excess of 30,000 feet encountered molton sulphur at total depth…of course there are exceptions…limetone caverens resulting from eons of subterranean aquifer erosion, lave tubes along the ring of fire in the pacific…

    Speaking of high strangeness…where are the photos of that gator in Truman’s pool…inquiring deplorables wanna know…

    Hope your on feeling better and healing from your oral surgery…

    45,960 subscribers this morning…averaging about 300 new folks a day…not bad for a blonde babe who thinks the earth ain’t round…and every skirt has a penis…

    Good bless you and Truman…and thanks for making this blog /chat available…

    Cyberbubba…and the Rotties

    • LindaP says:

      Hey Steve!

      Your notification was one of the things that made me feel better this morning!

      There might be people who believe that there is an entire layer of hollow earth beneath the surface of the entire planet…but I subscribe to the other school of thought…that the earth is hollow in certain places…like Antartica…like a huge sponge…is the best way I can describe it!

      I have a lot of drudgery and logistics to work out…but I hope to make more use of the blog…as I get things accomplished…so the two work together more and i can do more writing.

      My pleasure! I check in to see what the BUZZZ is every chance I get…


  11. Derek James Heagy says:

    You Rock Linda!!!! So glad I found you I am a yyyuuugggeee fan.
    Keep it up, I wish more American women were like you. I guess there was many before these sick cucks got in control.

  12. Ingrid Bond says:

    you are a breath OF FRESH AIR — TRUTH 1st and foremost, always

  13. dnafreq says:

    I agree, Linda, 100%, disinformation is necessary. We could definitely do without rude questions and snowflake anons. Keep up the brilliant work! Merry Christmas to you and that handsome Truman. P.S. Santa sent you a present…

  14. Sarah Farbman says:

    This was great info! Thanks for sharing your feelings.
    You are not alone with your thoughts and now I know I’m not alone.
    Your snarky responses come from a healthy place!

    Thanks for all you do! Your service is so valuable!
    God bless!

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