MONA NELSON GUILTY CAPITAL MURDER…The Forgotten Life of Jonathan Foster…


Meet Jonathan Foster.

I bet most of you don’t know the name and are not likely to learn of Jonathan and his ghastly murder, from HLN, or any news outlet for that matter.


HLN wants their ratings back and Jonathan Foster just doesn’t further that agenda for them and that includes Nancy Grace. Twitter has seen people pleading with Nancy Grace, Jane Velez Mitchell and all of the HLN staff to please, take note and make mention of Jonathan’s murder trial and nothing but crickets in return.


The media, especially the networks that claim to care the most, in fact, care the least. They say those things because they believe you want to hear them. The evidence, captured on video nightly, is that HLN wants to reward killers, by trying to turn them into “anti-celebrities”…setting them free to re-offend at any cost, because that agenda benefits them. It’s cheap. Killers are a dime a dozen and they are narcissistically flawed. Cable news can turn them into bargain basement anti-celebrities for practically nothing, stirring up hate and giving people ulcers and migraine headaches in the process. That’s why they entertain raging narcissists like Dr. Drew, any defense attorney you see on HLN or FOX, Jean Casarez and Jane Velez…all of them screeching their agendas in each other’s faces…trying to convince you to open the prison doors and set everyone free.

They want to turn the justice system into a freak show and try and sell it as “entertainment.”

It certainly doesn’t benefit the public and listening to defense attorneys slandering innocent people at the top of their voices, does nothing to repair the loss of faith in the justice system, but then, I haven’t turned on HLN since they lost Beth Karas (the voice of reason and logic) and opted for  Jean Casarez (the voice of the perpetrator), instead.

Anyone who “celebrates” THIS:

KC finger-3


and THIS…

Cheney Mason...exactly the kind of guy that would tamper with a jury.

Cheney Mason…exactly the kind of guy that would tamper with a jury.

with “them”

…is OFF the list of people I want to get my information from…thanks anyway.

No we have twitter and the internet now.

Seems HLN is full of defenders for causes such as rights for slashers, stalkers, child molesters and baby killers, giving them the freedom to murder at will, abuse the system and then helping them profit from their crimes, furthering abusing the victims, not to mention taxpaying citizens.


So while the “screaming Mimis” on HLN, howl and squawk about the “poor misunderstood defendants”, they will ignore the horrible murder of Jonathan Foster on Christmas Eve of 2010,  because it’s not a “money maker” for them.


It’s not a “money maker” for anyone. So Jonathan remains the forgotten victim. He doesn’t matter to those who claim to “care so much.” Indeed, there are so many missing and murdered children out there and they never even see a paragraph of text, or a minute of valuable on air time. Yet these same so called “journalists”  find precious minutes and hours, to discuss Miley Cyrus “twerking” or Lindsey Lohan, giving the judge the finger.

pig news

I remember when this terrible crime occurred and even though there was another trial going on at that time, Jonathan’s murder impacted my Christmas that year. I could not stop thinking about him.

All children should be looking forward to what they are going to get from Santa on Christmas Eve. Why is it this child, who should have been excited and happy all day, ended up in a losing battle, for his life?  How tragic to have the expectation of Santa and meet Mona Nelson instead.

What should have been the most exciting day of the year, turned out to be the worst thing that ever could have happened, to Jonathan Foster.

Mona Nelson 2

I have waited 3 years for this trial and not only has it been typically postponed for one reason or another, it has not been streamed and there is virtually nothing being written about it, with the exception of a few local, Houston news stations. It has been very difficult to find any information on the internet, about what has been happening in Jonathan’s trial.

Virtually every major network has ignored Jonathan’s trial and the terrible thing that happened to him on Christmas Eve, even though Houston police believe that Mona Nelson may be a serial killer.

Mona Nelson Blacked out

The story was strange, maddening and so very sad. The prosecution began it’s case and did not give a motive, which was the burning question.  Why did this woman murder this darling, little boy?

million dollar question

I have been digging around the internet, searching local news stories and reading comments for years now. I’ve visited chat rooms and discussions and seen posts from people who claim to know the participants, or are familiar with the neighborhood. I was looking for anything I could find, that would help me understand what happened to Jonathan that awful day.

no mona nelson trial twitter

Mona Nelson has given up her right to a trial by jury, so the judge will make the final determinations, in her case. It is not a death penalty case. Life in prison is the most the judge can give Nelson.

Screen Shot 2013-08-27 at 11.11.21 AM

This case reminds me so much of Zahra Baker and Shanyia Davis. They were in perfectly stable homes and through fate, and the hubris of parents that “thought” they had it “together” enough to handle a child, they suffered the worst kinds of deaths. Not only were their little lives snatched away from them, but they were placed in the worst kind of harm, by their parents. Parents who were not ready for the responsibility.


Little Shanyia was living with her Aunt and sent home to her mother, who sold her for a drug debt (and is currently out on bail by the way.) Her killer, Mario McNeill, was sentenced to death earlier this year. It was called the only appropriate punishment.


Zahra, A cancer survivor, was living in Australia, with her grandparents and her cancer was in remission. Somehow she ended up in the United States, living with her father and stepmother, in what turned out to be, a house of horrors. Zahra was murdered, dismembered and scatter around North Carolina. Zahra’s father has yet to suffer any consequences for his participation in Zahra’s torture and eventual murder. He was deported as a result of fraud charges. His second wife and Zahra’s stepmother, is serving 28 years in a North Carolina prison but Zahra has received little justice.

zahra baker


Jonathan had a safe and happy life. His Aunt and Uncle took care of him for years and afterwards he went to live with his grandmother. It was reported at the time of his murder:

“A birthday wish nearly two months ago – that he return to his mother – placed Jonathan into an orbit that included shady characters in an impoverished pocket of Garden Oaks in northwest Houston. There, the forces of his tiny transient life appeared to doom him.”

For some reason, probably because she thought she was ready for it,  his mother accepted this responsibility and within months he would be dead.  Jonathan’s mother, who’s  new room mate, was a “drinking buddy” of Mona Nelson’s, should have never taken Jonathan out of that safe environment to “see” if she could make it work this time. As in all of these cases, she was not ready to take care of him..lived in a bad neighborhood and placed him directly in the path of Nelson.

Jonathan Foster dump site

There is little doubt that Mona Nelson was responsible for a series of bizarre phone calls, made to Jonathan’s mother at work, but Jonathan’s mother later told police she had never met Mona Nelson.

There is much speculation on Nelson’s sexuality and in fact, many people mistook her for a man when the police questioned neighbors that day.

A former boxer, Nelson was hired as a maintenance worker for the apartment complex where Jonathan was living with his mother and her roommate.


There is little doubt that Mona Nelson went to that apartment on Christmas Eve, while Jonathan waited patiently for his mother to come home from work. Little doubt that Nelson made the series of strange phone calls to Jonathan’s mother. Little doubt, that Nelson took Jonathan back to her home and murdered him. A former welder, there is little doubt that Nelson torched Jonathan’s body, using a blowtorch she had at home. Little doubt she wrapped his body in  carpet and placed him in a plastic container.

mona nelson gay

There is no doubt what so ever, that Mona Nelson dumped Jonathan Foster’s dead body on the side of the road burned beyond recognition on Christmas Eve, 201o, because the whole thing was captured on a surveillance camera.


So that leaves the big question. Why?

At first I thought she may have wanted to break into the apartment to steal drugs. The mother and the step father have a sketchy history and the area is known for being heavily infested with drugs. The room mate was a “drinking buddy” of Nelson’s…but the “drinking” part could have easily been a metaphor for “drugs.”

Screen Shot 2013-08-27 at 10.53.28 AM

Perhaps she didn’t expect Jonathan to be there and killed him because he could ID her? However, over the years I have read other theories, that made sense as well, such as the one posted below on a chat board:


My son was jonathans 5th grade class mate. Devastated..i remember it being holiday break and phone announcement sent asking for help in sdesearch for him.i believe that mona was upset that jonathans mother was living with monas x girlfriend. Platonic or not. I think this enraged mona. And i think that so much so til she hurt that child out of jealousy and rage..i believe jonathan wa just a means to an end for mona.thats y she so stonefaced unremorseful..i think that this little boy was just the victim of his mothers circumstance as a whole.while i feel for her as a mother, i feel for young jonathan more..RIP.gone way too soon..may he rest in peace and his killer be punished by shed to fullest extent of the laws capabilities.


Connie Spence

 ABOVE: Connie Spence, prosecutor in the Mona Nelson murder trial.

After watching the Jodi Arias trial and seeing first hand,  how close some of Travis Alexander’s friends actually came, to being victims themselves, I did accept this theory as definitely something that was possible.

This…copied from a post online…adds to the creepy nature of what exactly happened on that day:


“But it was the ominous phone calls from a mysterious woman, initially to the meat market where she worked as a cashier, that provided Davis’ last contact with her son and a fleeting link to his abductor.

The woman, whom witnesses described as angry and using foul language, demanded Davis’ supervisors put her on the phone. The mysterious voice demanded the telephone number of the woman leasing the duplex where Davis and her son were staying.

Threatening message

One meat market supervisor, Lois Sims, testified about a particularly threatening message the unidentified woman left: “If you don’t get her (on the phone) now something’s going to happen. He (her son) won’t be here for long.”

Sims tried to comply with her request, but the woman hung up. Davis made repeated calls home and got no response until she was nearly at her back door. She didn’t recognize the voice of the strange woman who answered the phone. Davis asked, “Is Jonathan there? It’s his mother, Angela.” Davis heard the woman ask her son, “Is she your mom?

“Yes, ma’am,” he said, and the line went dead.”


Nelson and attorney

How heart wrenching, that little Jonathan addressed the woman who murdered him on Christmas Eve, as “Ma’am.” Jonathan was still respectful, having no idea that his life was in danger.

Connie Spence nelson

Now, in closing arguments, the prosecution shares a theory that they most likely have had all along and feel they have bolstered during the trial. Finally, the prosecution tells the court, what they believed happened that day.


Prosecutors Monday said Mona Nelson lost her temper and kidnapped, then killed a 12-year-old boy for not letting her in the door of the apartment where he was staying the afternoon of Christmas Eve 2010.

“Mona Nelson got drunk and when she gets drunk, she gets mean,” prosecutor Connie Spence said in closing arguments. “We’ll never know how she killed him. The mind reels at the possibilities.”



Makes absolute perfect sense to me. All you have to do is take a look at the crime page, over there on Huffington Post and you can see 100 other stories about people, murdering other people for a lot less, espceially in a drunken rage.

Mona Nelson was drunk on Christmas Eve, not at all hard to believe. She had been told by the room mate that she could wait in the apartment, but Jonathan had been told NOT to let anyone in. Since Jonathan didn’t know the defendant, he obeyed the rules and refused to let Mona Nelson into the apartment to wait for the room mate. This enraged Nelson and she “acted out”, exactly like all of the other psychos in the news over the past 5 years have. It explains the angry phone call and the contention by the police, that Mona Nelson has killed out of anger and rage before.

MONA NELSON HAS KILLED BEFORE…(See press conference)

The answer, to the question “why”,  is something so mundane and so simple, as a “drunken rage” (and I would bet drugs were added into the mix as well…) mixed with an unstable woman, who has no boundaries.

Mona Nelson blood on shirt

ABOVE: Jonathan’s shirt, with Mona Nelson’s blood on it.

toothy grin

Remind you of anyone…

sneiderman classic

or two…


or three?

Just a few of the  pathological, narcissistic psychos, who have been in the “news”, over the past 5 years.


Mona Nelson is extremely dangerous and I do believe that in order to kill a child, in a manner as calculated as this, you most likely have done it before and gotten away with it.

Don’t wait for the media to look for the truth though.  Journalism is dead and in it’s place is a greed-driven industry, that has nothing to do with justice or the truth.



The media does not care about the victims, or they would find time to cover all of these cases.

This comment on another blog:


“I see almost no UPDATES on the actual trial. I see almost no actual current information.

I do not want to know every time Mona looks at someone, or every time anyone breathes funny in court.

I just wish ONE reporter was passionate about Justice for Jonathan.”


justice for Jonathan

Me too.














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  1. Dinosaur says:

    inquiring- Hi!! It excludes weekends and holidays for filings. Generally the Court will add a day, in this case, Monday was a holiday, so he would get the additional day!!

    • inquiring2 says:

      Thank you Dinosaur!

      If they did NOT count weekends or the Sept 2nd Labor Day holiday … then the DUE date for TES to file their Amended Complaint would be Sept 13th.

      If they did count the weekends, but not the holiday on Sept 2nd … then the DUE date would have been Sept 5, 2013. [nothing on docket]

      When Zenaida and Kronk filed their new Complaints and Summons on July 22, 2013 — the Summons said Casey had 30 days to file an ANSWER, and the court put on the docket that Casey’s ANSWER was due by August 21, 2013 [which did include weekends].

      So, TES’ DEADLINE is either Sept 5th or Sept 13th
      [that is with and without weekends and holiday]

      Then, Casey has 21 days after the day TES files their Amended Complaint, to file an ANSWER to that.

      So far, there is no RE-scheduling of the HEARING on Sept 17th, on the docket.
      But, Casey’s attorney(s) were given an extension to October 3rd to file an ANSWER to Zenaida and Kronk.

      How could there still be a HEARING on Sept 17th, when Casey has until October 3rd to ANSWER Zenaida and Kronk, and TES has not even filed their Amended Complaint yet — and Casey will get 21 days after the TES Amended Complaint is filed?

  2. inquiring2 says:


    Enty Lawyer ‏@entylawyer 1h Sept 5, 2013
    Casey Anthony offered $2M for porn video.


    [NOTE: Mr. bankruptcy Trustee -- are you seeing these big money offers? Doesn't your $ 25,000 compromise seem very small in comparison?]


    Ohio-based TV producer Jake Schalmo of Schalmo Productions offered Casey up to $5 million for interviews

    controversial publisher Larry Flynt was willing to pay her $500,000 to pose naked in his porn magazine “Hustler.”

    a $1 million proposal from Richard Aaron of Aaron Media Group to sit down for recorded interviews with a therapist.

    For a $1 million payday, TV producer Howard Schultz of Lighthearted Entertainment would have put Casey on the FOX game show “The Moment of Truth,” where contestants take lie detector tests and win money for telling the truth.

    • LindaP says:

      Inquiring…I think this is all planted by her senile thugs…jimho I remember some of these offers from a LONG TIME AGO…before the verdict or immediately after.

      I think this is them just putting all of those old offers out there trying to get the “bidding” up…total BS IMO

      It’s also funny that the only outlet they can get a story in these days is Enquirer. Even the Huff Post doesn’t run any stories on the skank and her poor dilapidated group of dwindling thugs.

      The longer these civil cases go on…the harder it’s going to be to generate any interest in her…looks like it’s impossible now. All their fake stories have backfired.

      Like OJ. It’s over. She got away with murdering a child and everyone despises her for it. That’s ALL she’s going to get.

      • Jersey says:

        If she was worth a dime, all these offers would have happened YEARS ago -
        Everywhere I look on the internet, whenever her name comes up, the nasty comments start all over again.
        And I have the feeling that if any money ever does come her way, the hatred towards this coward will end up with someone making sure she never enjoys it!
        Bozo’s stupid scribblings, now in paperback, are listed @ #51,901 on amazon. That’s a serious lack of interest!!

        • LindaP says:

          Hi Jersey! Thanks for the update on Bozo’s horrible book. Is anyone really surprised? It was a nothing book…horribly written, full of blatant lies that no one believes. What little I heard sounded like it was written by a 5 year old kid.

          Anyone who wasn’t protecting a killer would have sued Bozo by now for slander…(Hello…George the child molester..are you there?)

          But in the end…no one cares. No one cares what he says happened, no one cares what will happen, no one cares what happens to any of them. Just like OJ everyone is waiting for something BAD to happen to them all.

          His attorneys told OJ to leave the country and lay low. Mark Geragos stated in an interview they begged him to quit trying to change the public’s perception! Geragos told OJ…it’s not going to happen. But OJ thought he could change everyone’s mind because he’s a socio like horseface. Geragos said in his interview…that he told OJ…

          “You have your freedom, now go somewhere quiet and live out the rest of your life with your children.”

          Did he listen? NO.

          I agree…it’s going to go worse for her IMO. The thing is…that her attorneys are NOT giving her good advice because they want to get paid and are hanging on to their last hope that they might get a dime!

          She has nothing to sell. She IS nothing. She’s actually LESS than nothing. People hate the sight of her and want her dead.

          They are doing what they’ve been doing for the last 2 years…trying desperately to keep her name in the news and trick people into believing that one person would buy any trash this retard puts on paper. She is brain damaged. She’s sick and she has maybe one brain cell…and thats “iffy”

          No one wants to be anywhere NEAR this dirty child killer. No sponsor. No reputable TV Show. No producer. Everyone has moved on. Jodi Arias has a permanent link at the top of the Huffington Post Crime page (watch that slowly become dead after her sentencing.) Horsey’s has been gone for 3 years. She has nothing and IS nothing. No mention hardly at all and if they do it’s gone in an afternoon…doesn’t even last a day. I noticed the last mention of her…had 40 comments. Nothing.

          If I hear something on FOX or CBS…one of the major news outlets…about some kind of “deal”…I’ll be the first to boycott.

          But even if she writes something…who’s going to buy it?


          Jean Casarez? Foghorn? Bozo? Trolls?

          The people who still talk about this trial…know for a fact that she killed Caylee.

          The others don’t care about her and never did.

          Where’s the interest?

          Now if someone pays her to fight someone in the ring…a BOXING MATCH….I WOULD PAY TO SEE HER HORSE FACE PUNCHED…and would expect to get my money’s worth.

          Other than that. The fact that she’s writing a book is hilarious! All of that work and that $25,000 for nothing!

          I can’t wait for someone to beat the crap out of her…and IMO all she has to do for that to happen is start showing her mule face around her “hood” whereever that might be. Sooner or later the wrong people will see it and plan to victimize her…


          Because they know no one cares about her anymore…and they will probably never get caught! Can’t wait.

        • dancehappy says:

          I checked Bozo’s 3 paperbacks in Barnes & Noble, they are still turned upside down, as I left them a few weeks ago. No one even looks at them, let alone buys them.

  3. Dinosaur says:

    inquiring-Good Morning!! Bankruptcy Documents are filed electronically, so I’m guessing that TES may have filed around 5:00pm yesterday 09/4/13 and it hasn’t gotten on the docket yet.

    • inquiring2 says:

      Thanks Dinosaur

      If TES has “21 days” from the date the ORDER was filed on August 14, 2013 — doesn’t that mean a DEADLINE of Sept 4th?

      Exactly how is the “21 days” calculated?
      Does it count weekends and holidays?

  4. inquiring2 says:

    TexasEquuSearch had a DEADLINE of Sept 4th to file their AMENDED Complaint.
    Nothing on the docket as of 9:30am on Thursday Sept 5, 2013.
    Either there is a delay in posting it to the docket … or TES did not file it ….

  5. inquiring2 says:

    Published on: September 5, 2013


    “Offering money to Casey Anthony for any reason represents a major degradation of our society,” The Rev. Anthony Evans of the National Black Church Initiative, told The ENQUIRER. “It glamorizes the killing of innocent children as well as violence against the human race.

    “Anyone who stands to profit from Casey Anthony should be ashamed – and we will call for a boycott of their products, services, sponsors and advertisers!”

  6. NancyB says:


    I just found this article on Jonathan.

    The Mona Nelson Blow-Torch Murder Case
    In April 2010, 44-year-old Angela, the mother of an 11-year-old boy from a previous relationship, married David Davis. Angela’s son, a red-headed fifth-grader named Jonathan Foster, lived with his paternal grandmother. In November 2010 the child moved into the Huston Texas duplex with his mother and new stepfather.

    When he drank, David Davis became violent. One of his assaults sent Angela to the hospital. On December 14, 2010, after he slapped his stepson in the face, Angela and Jonathan moved a hundred feet away into the apartment of a woman who had befriended Angela.

    In the early afternoon of December 24, 2010, a woman who referred to herself as Jonathan’s babysitter, spoke on the telephone to one of Angela’s co-workers at a meat market where she was employed as a cashier. The woman said she wanted to speak to Angela. The co-worker passed the message on to Angela who said she didn’t have a babysitter. Angela called the number and a woman answered the phone. Just before the line went dead, Angela heard her son’s voice. She rushed home to check on Jonathan. He was not in the apartment. Fearing foul play, Angela called 911 and reported her son missing.

    Detectives with the Houston Police Department, from the beginning, treated the case as a possible kidnapping. The police, suspecting Angela’s estranged husband David, questioned him closely. David Davis said he had checked on Jonathan just 25 minutes before Angela came home to find him missing. At that time the boy was playing a video game. “There’s no doubt in my mind that he’s been snatched,” the stepfather said. “I think a pedophile took him.”

    As investigators questioned other family members and neighbors, and volunteers handed out fliers, Angela faced a television camera and said to the abductor, “Don’t hurt my baby.” On the possibility that Jonathan had been kidnapped by a stranger, detectives questioned fifty registered sex offenders in the northwest Houston area.

    On December 28, 2010, four days after Jonathan went missing, a Houston Police Department’s K-9 unit recovery dog detected what turned out to be his badly charred remains. (He had to be identified by dental records.) The body had been dumped in a ditch from miles from his residence. The body was bound with twine. Near the corpse detectives found a welder’s torch.

    Surveillance camera footage from a building near Jonathan’s body showed a silver Ford pickup truck pulling up to the site at six o’clock that Christmas eve. A black woman got out of the vehicle, reached into the bed, took out what appeared to be a body, and placed it into the ditch.

    Detectives quickly identified the woman in the truck as 44-year-old Mona Yvette Nelson, an acquaintance of the woman who had been sharing her apartment with Angela and Jonathan. Two weeks earlier Mona had met David Davis, the boy’s stepfather. According to witnesses, Mona Nelson had been seen recently in the vicinity of the murdered child’s home.

    As a maintenance employee, Nelson had worked with acetylene torches and various types of welding equipment. A former boxer, Nelson had been convicted in 1984 of aggravated robbery which brought her a ten-year probated sentence. She had since been arrested for various drug charges and for making terroristic threats against another woman. Nelson owned a truck that looked like the silver Ford driven by the woman seen on surveillance tapes dumping the body into the ditch.

    On December 30, 2011, at a press conference, a spokesperson for the Houston Police Department announced that Mona Nelson, charged with capital murder, had been arrested for Jonathan Foster’s death. Having been denied bond, the suspect was incarcerated in the Harris County Jail. In a search of her northwest Houston residence, detectives found twine similar to the cordage found on Jonathan’s body. Officers also recovered an acetylene tank used in welding. Sections of Nelson’s carpet had been recently burned.

    According to the police spokesperson, Nelson, under police questioning, had admitted dumping Jonathan’s body in the ditch. The suspect had not, however, confessed to murdering the boy.

    The day after Nelson’s arrest, a local television reporter interviewed her at the Harris County Jail. Nelson told the correspondent that one of Jonathan’s family members, on Christmas eve, had asked her to dump the contents of a garbage container. The unnamed relative paid her twenty dollars for the job. She had been drunk on vodka and had no idea what was in the plastic container. “I didn’t know what was in it until they were showing me pictures in the interrogation room. I’m not a monster,” she said, “I have five grandkids and I love kids.”

    Houston homicide detective Mike Miller, in response to Nelson’s statements to the TV reporter, pointed out that Jonathan’s body had not been found in a container. In describing the murder suspect, Detective Miller said, “She is a cold soul-less murderer who showed an absolute lack of remorse in taking the life of Jonathan Foster. There’s only been one or two people I’ve ever talked to that had eyes like she did. It was really cold.” Detective Miller said that all of the victim’s family members, including his stepfather David Davis, had solid alibis. Mona Nelson had acted on her own, he said.

    On Monday, January 3, 2011, Mona Nelson appeared before a judge who asked her if she understood her rights. She said that she did. The judge appointed Nelson an attorney, informed her of the charge, and sent her back to jail. A month later, Harris County prosecutor Connie Spence presented the case to a grand jury that returned a true bill of capital murder.

    The Nelson murder trial got underway on Monday, August 12, 2013 before district judge Jeannine Barr. The defendant had waived her right to a jury trial, putting her fate entirely in the hands of this judge. Nelson’s attorney, Alan Tanner, before the opening statements and presentation of witnesses, asked Judge Barr to quash five recorded statements his client had made to detectives over a stretch of seventeen hours at her home and at the police station. According to the defense attorney, the interrogators continued to question Nelson after she complained a dozen times of being ill. The officers did not address Nelson’s health complaints until after the interrogation. (Detectives took her to a nearby hospital where doctors found nothing wrong with her.)

    On Tuesday, August 13, Mona Nelson, pursuant to the procedural law question regarding the admissibility of her police statements, testified how her interrogators had worn her down. Although she asked to consult with an attorney a dozen times, the questioning continued. Attorney Tanner argued that the interrogating officers had violated his client’s Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination. He also asserted that her statements had not been given voluntarily and were therefore inadmissible in court.

    Judge Barr, later that afternoon, made her evidentiary ruling. She excluded the statements Nelson made after she had requested to see a lawyer. Since these requests came late in the interrogation session, most of her statements were admissible.

    In her opening remarks before Judge Barr, prosecutor Spence admitted that the state would not be establishing a motive for Jonathan’s murder. (While a prosecutor likes to have motive evidence, it is not a legal requirement for a murder conviction. All the state has to prove is criminal intent. In law, the why is not relevant.) The prosecutor promised the judge that she would prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Mona Nelson, sometime between 2:15 and 6:08 PM on December 24, 2010, tortured and killed the 11-year-old Foster boy with a blowtorch at her home, then dumped his charred remains in a ditch. Spence said that one of the key pieces of evidence she would introduce involved Jonathan’s sweat shirt found in a trash can near the defendant’s house. The garment bore traces of Nelson’s blood.

    Defense attorney Tanner reminded the judge that just because his client had dumped the boy’s body in the ditch didn’t necessary mean that she had killed him. In foreshadowing the thrust of his defense, Tanner cast suspicion on the victim’s stepdad, David Davis. According to the defense attorney, the boy had come between Davis and his estranged wife which may have been the motive behind the murder. All Mona Nelson did was dispose of the contents of a garbage can that had been given to her.

    The victim’s mother took the strand as the state’s first witness. She was followed by several detectives who testified about the physical evidence they had recovered from Nelson’s home, and how it related to the evidence found near Jonathan Foster’s charred corpse. David Davis, the stepfather, took the stand and admitted that he had hit the victim’s mother. He said he had never harmed to boy. Through direct examination, prosecutor Spence established the witness’ whereabouts at the time of the abduction and the murder.

    Lois Sims, the supervisor at the meat market who took the phone call for Angela Davis on the afternoon of December 24, 2010, described the caller as an angry, foul-mouthed woman. The caller wanted the telephone number of the woman leasing the duplex where Davis and her son were staying. “If you don’t get her on the phone now, something’s going to happen. He [Jonathan] won’t be here for long.”

    Defense attorney Tanner pointed out that the two meat market supervisors had described the caller as a white woman. (The defendant was black.)

    On August 19, 2013, two Houston Police Department K-9 officers testified that three cadaver dogs had reacted strongly to a box of burned carpeting at Nelson’s house. One of the witnesses said, “There was a strong odor of human remains there. An arborist (tree expert) testified that leaves at the dump site had come from post oak trees. There were no such trees where Jonathan’s body had been recovered, but around Nelson’s house, there were seven trees of this kind.

    The prosecutor played a videotaped statement from Nelson in which she admitted being at the place where Jonathan’s body had been dumped. She said she had emptied a garbage container at the site. She said she didn’t know the contents of the plastic container.

    The following day, a forensic scientist from the FBI Crime Laboratory testified that a Looney Tunes sweatshirt that belonged to Jonathan, recovered from the defendants trash can, contained Nelson’s blood and DNA. Two other DNA experts agreed with this analysis. The presence of this trace evidence on the sweatshirt suggested that the victim had put up a fight.

    On Friday morning, August 23, the prosecution rested its case. Allen Tanner launched his client’s defense with the testimony of a woman who gave Mona Nelson an alibi. Following the testimony of two other witnesses, the defense rested its case. Mona Nelson did not take the stand on her own behalf.

    The next day, defense attorney Allen Tanner delivered his closing argument to the judge. “Mona Nelson,” he said, “had absolutely no motive to kill Jonathan Foster. They searched and searched for a motive and there’s no reason why she would have killed that boy.” In referring to David Davis, the estranged husband, Tanner said, “He wanted to get her back and he told people at work that Jonathan is the root of all his problems….The [prosecution's] case got weaker and weaker….There are more and more unanswered questions now than there were at the beginning. The evidence is clear there could be people who committed this crime and we have no idea at this time who they are.”

    When it came her turn to address the judge, prosecutor Spence said, “This defendant took Jonathan Foster back to her house and killed him. We’ll never know how she killed him because she burned his body to the point where you can’t tell.”

    On Monday morning, August 26, 2013, Judge Jeannine Barr found Mona Nelson guilty as charged. She imposed the automatic sentence of life without parole. After hearing the verdict, Nelson said, “I’m innocent, and I maintain my innocence. I wouldn’t harm anybody.”

    Defense attorney Allen Tanner told reporters he would file an appeal on the grounds of insufficient evidence. “We believe someone else kidnapped this child and someone else killed this child.”

    • LindaP says:

      Nancy…thanks for posting this…

      This is exactly what I am talking about. The ONLY real articles that can be found on the internet are from local stations, Facebook or bloggers.

      Even some of the local stations are avoiding the story or just giving it a small mention.

      There’s a bunch of murdered children right now on the Huff Post that won’t get any coverage at all…here today…gone tomorrow…but I bet you can find something on Facebook, a blog or a comment section on a blog…about each and every one of them.

      I will say the Huffington Post keeps up with these stories fairly well…but it’s the bloggers and discussion groups that keep these stories alive.

      Part of it is sad…because mainstream media doesn’t care about anything but $$$…but then part of it is good because people like this guy (Jim Fisher) and other bloggers are out there to keep the focus where it belongs.

      • LindaP says:

        I do believe that people are looking more and more to blogs and online resources…such as Wild About Trial, Websleuths, Trial Divas…etc…etc…etc

        instead of HLN and any of the other Tv networks.

        I much prefer a live stream…unless they are interviewing friends and relatives of the victims.

        I do think that HLN has got it all wrong. They are going “Bad Girl’s Club” with these cases…rewarding BAD behavior and giving people like BAEZ…who is a DISGRACE…face time. Trying to turn these common killers into “mysterious psychological creatures”…when they are just simple, stupid, dirty, rotten, stinking thugs.

        It’s the reason Nancy Grace maintains her ratings while the rest of them slide down.

        Nancy’s show is about the VICTIMS.

        HLN does NOT “get it.”

  7. Dinosaur says:

    Linda-Hi!! Agree Judge Stephens should’ve taken more control of her courtroom. This is where I fault the Chief Justice of that Maricopa County Superior Court, he/she should’ve told her to move this along. This is all bull about being afraid of Appeals, it would happen anyway regardless. The only thing I can see Atty Bill Montgomery agreeing to would be LWOP and waiving any/all Appeals, anything less than that should go before a jury to decide. I feel so bad for the Alexander family, this has dragged on long enough for them and they should be able to put the pieces of their lives back together.

  8. Dinosaur says:

    9/4/13-54 min
    From everything I’ve heard #JodiArias might end up in a plea agreement due to time, costs and other considerations.

    • LindaP says:

      Totally Sherry’s fault!!!

      She is a terrible judge IMO. I bet every case she presides over is drawn out like this. I hope as a country we are headed towards more reform in the area of judges and if not re-elected each year…then there terms should be much shorter (Like 3 or 4 years)…with yearly reviews. Citizens should be able to write letters that are kept in their files for review too!

  9. Dinosaur says:

    Linda- Good Afternoon!! No I don’t think she’ll ever be seen in public alone, just seeing the Kathi Belich tape said it all as well, she looked absolutely terrified, (glad for that) lost her shoe and tights, then when she finally got into the building she was looking for her bodyguard, Mumbles Mason, who seemed to be disinterested in her safety. I do believe that was and will be her final field trip, she’s a coward, she’ll never come out and face the public as she knows full well how much she is hated and that is something that will never change either.

    • LindaP says:

      Dino…lolol @ lost her shoe and tights…lolol

      She never could hold onto to her “tights” for too long anyway…

      ; D

      they slip off pretty easily.

      I don’t see people forgetting her face for many many many many many years to come (like when she’s real old) and any attempt she makes to (cough) “clear her name and tell her story”…will be met with further outrage imo.

      She’ll be pushed further into hiding if she dares to write a book…or worse…does an interview.

      Those jailhouse tapes say it all…she can never open her mouth in public or the hate will just explode all over her again imho…she’s too dumb and narcissistic to say the right thing…or to know when to keep her lying yap shut.

  10. Dinosaur says:

    IMHO, this recent ruling in her favor does her no favors. It keeps her inside her self-made prison, she can’t go out, can only communicate with the outside world thru cell phone or internet, to that, I say, it’s a good thing. She’ll be a continual drain financially on her “goons”, they’ll not be rid of her for a long time. Just look at all the billable hours they are losing, not to mention, she’s being tossed around from Attorney to Attorney, 5 to be exact, now, that’s a lot of lost income for them, and it will never be a big payday for any of them now or in the future.

    • LindaP says:

      Hi Dino! Do you ever see a day when she will be able to go anywhere she wants to or show her face in a public place and be treated kindly by everyone there?

      I don’t. Unless it’s at a highly structured event where they know exactly who is going to be there. That face is etched in everyone’s brain. IMO those “forays” into local restaurants after the verdict…were meant to monitor “public reaction” to her and it didn’t work out well for her at all.

      That one photo where she’s in the booth with the knit “cap” on…she looks miserable…like she wants to get out of there!

      I find it hard to believe that this “thing” that calls herself a human… will be able to ever wander the earth and show her face again…and not be looked at and treated with pure scorn.

  11. inquiring2 says:

    The bankruptcy judge has ruled in Casey Anthony’s favor [again] and granted her attorney Debra Ferwerda, an extension of time to file an ANSWER to Zenaida and Kronk’s new Complaints.
    [Casey’s side had already been given 30 days to file the ANSWER(s), plus they got the 12 extra days since the DEADLINE of August 21st was MISSED, and Ferwerda asked for more time.

    The ANSWER(s) are now DUE OCTOBER 3, 2013

    TexasEquuSearch has until Sept 4th – tomorrow to file their AMENDED Complaint.

    • LindaP says:

      Inquiring…as long as it’s still in litigation she loses…although IMO the Florida system is the rottenest in the country… so who knows what is going to happen in the end…but she still loses no matter what.

      She has no life left…IMO she is in for a very rude awakening no matter what.

      Even Satan runs of out “luck” sooner or later…and since we don’t know what the end result of all of this is going to be yet…it’s hard to say if this is good for her or bad for her…

      in fact…depending on what happens in the future…the “not guilty” verdict…could end up being the worse thing that ever happened to her.

      At least they give you a valium before they kill you ion death row…I’m still waiting for some nut case to lash out at her.

      I still trust Karma…I know…call me crazy but I still trust Karma.
      ; )

      She has a heap of bad Karma coming her way imo…a tidal wave of it.

    • Jersey says:

      So it looks as if another child murderer is getting away with it??
      Terri Horman was the last person seen with little Kyron, I find it amazing that LE did not pressure her for info, and these last 3 years she has said nothing.
      Guess saying nothing is the road to getting away with it.

      • Deb says:

        Jersey, here’s a link to a blog forum called ‘love our children’; the bloggers followed Kyron’s case since the beginning. Interesting read and opinions, some speech analysis done on the parents’ statements, etc. 12pages in all…

        • Jersey says:

          Deb, Thank You for that link!
          When I get home from work & have a minute, I’ll be looking at that, can it be that Terri is innocent?
          I cannot believe that an innocent person would not be forthcoming & open, it’s similar to that Misty Croslin nitwit, who refused to say anything, then changed stories half a dozen times. And they never found Hayleigh Cummings either.

  12. dancehappy says:

    Just read this, what life will be in prison for JA

    Phil V
    September 1, 2013 – 6:15 pm

    Let me start by saying that I am NOT a Jodi fan of any sorts but, as I read about some of the “conditions” that people find excessive for prison life are just mere details. I have worked in a maximm security prison in the NC-DPS system for 8 years. This facility held death row inmates and carried out executions. I will tell you that some of the extras that people think Jodi has are far outnumbered by prison life as a whole. Forget being in a cell 23 out of 24 hrs a day, That is only the begining. You are told when you eat, how you eat, what you eat, how much you eat and when you are finished eating. You are told when you bathe, how you bathe, and when you go the the bathroom it is in the open. No doors, no privacy-ever! If you are a life sentence inmate in NC you will wear undergarments that someone else wore the day before (after being laundered of course) but the point is you don’t own socks, panties, t-shirts, pants or a top that you call your own. At the prison I worked at the inmates were allowed on the “yard” but never did they see grass, buildings, cars driving along streets or anything for that matter except concrete walls. The simple things that we as law abiding free citizens take for granted each day are gone forever to the life sentenced inmate and deservedly so. Jodi can say she will do whatever she wants, claiming to start up classes to teach language and reading. This is not something that is allowed in any facility that I am aware of. She will not have free reign to “start up” any type of program no matter what the cause. her life as she knew it has ended, no more choices to make of things to do, places to go or what to eat. I can assure each of you that after watching the lifes of those incarcerated for some 8 years, passing a few notes cell to cell or whatever little “cheats” they might have is in no way a type of life ANY of them has enjoyed before being jailed. I write this not to ruffle anyones opinion but more to put a true perspective on what life behind bars for life is really like.

  13. Jersey says:

    I am just sick after reading about these poor children being murdered, could not even finish the article -
    And worst of all, Shaniya Davis’ mother, who sold her 5-year-old daughter for a drug debt to some animal who then raped & strangled her, dumping her body, is out on bail?? Antoinette Davis deserves to be tortured every single day for the rest of her life.
    So many of these horrific murderers (how can you murder your own child??) make a mockery of the system, they simply go on with their lives, happy as a clam, no worries.
    A perfect example is that animal (mule) Casey Anthony, who will hopefully one day run into someone else as sick as she is, and get a Duct Tape lesson, no chloroform included.
    And that Elizabeth Johnson idiot, who most certainly did away with her beautiful son Gabriel, and nothing much will ever happen to her. Another Babykiller who got away with it.
    Just too heartbreaking. They should just make it a law – anyone who murders their baby gets Death Row, no appeals.

  14. hilde says:

    Linda, thank You so much for bringing the Jonathan Foster Case to our Attention again!
    I often wondered whatever happened in this Case. I remember well when I heard about that sad Case.
    It broke my Heart to hear what happened to Jonathan especially on Christmas Eve, his Murderer Mona Nelson took away Christmas from this little Boy along with his Life in such a horrendous Way. That Monster does truly deserve the DP or at least Life in Prison without Parole!
    The Media especially HLN covered this Story very briefly and then just went on to other Cases they thought would be more interesting WTH were they thinking?
    Linda You explained it very well why HLN and other Networks like them do what they do when it comes to covering Murder Cases. It is disgusting, that’s all I have to say!
    Thanks for People like You who have the Compassion and the writing Skills to make People aware of Cases like precious Jonathan and so many other Murder Victims who otherwise just would be forgotten, like they never existed when it comes to finding and getting Justice for them..

    • LindaP says:

      Hi Hilde.

      That case just broke my heart and it was a story that had me guessing for YEARS…as to what could have possibly happened that terrible day.

      How typical that it was something as stupid as this woman being drunk and pissed that Jonathan wouldn’t let her in the house! She deserves death IMO.
      Just the thought of a child being excited about presents and toys…the best day of the year…and being murdered like this instead of getting any treats makes me want to cry.

      There is another case in June of next year. Jade Morris…a darling little girl was supposed to go Christmas Shopping with her father’s “girlfriend” (Brenda Stokes) and instead Stokes took her to an abandoned housing project and stabbed her to death. She then went to a las Vegas casino and slashed a worker there in the face with razor blades.

      This case WILL be a death penalty case and I hope they give it her.

      I am so sick of hearing about people murdering children and then being set free by dirty juries and judges that it just makes me sick. The laws need to be changed and if the evidence rises to a certain level in the murder of a child it should be automatic death penalty imo!

      These kids had their whole lives stolen from them…so sad.

      • Jersey says:

        It occurs to me that it is not only the Murderers themselves who should be held accountable for murdering these poor little helpless children -
        Also any adult family members who saw what was going on should be held responsible for all these horrific abuses and murders.
        Only then will whole families start paying attention, violent and abusive parents should be reported to Child Services.
        Caylee Anthony comes to mind, Sindy & George knew full well what their daughter was capable of, and a liar and thief on top of it all.

  15. kat says:

    The young man that gave the finger in Perry’s court room, got 6 SIX days in jail,,,but skank got no jail time for her blatant finger motions. I prefer to watch youtube of his past trials, not ever interested in seeing a TV entertain trial by this man. He does not have clean hands to be a judge IMO.

    • Hi Kat!
      I sure wish we could have seen more of THIS guy in the courtroom!! I love that he failed to notice all the “fowl” activity, at the defense table!! I don’t know which network, is considering giving this guy his own show, but I hope it fails miserably. Patricia Young contaminated the jury pool, of over fifty members. Nothing happened. He throws the book at Elizabeth Rogers???
      What a *$#@!!!!

    • Jersey says:

      My opinion, Perry failed miserably in his duties @ that Caylee Anthony murder trial -
      He came out and said he was shocked @ the verdict, that there was overwhelming evidence to convict that tramp -
      Yet if anyone had the power to insure her absolute conviction of First Degree Murder (of which she should have been convicted) it was HIM.
      Mistake number one was allowing all that Sealed Evidence that Bozo claimed was ‘too prejudicial’. Probably showed her absolute GUILT.
      And allowing Bozo to prance around that courtroom like an overstuffed peacock who was in control was an absolute Mistake.
      I hold Perry at fault for failing Caylee Anthony.

  16. kat says:

    Elizabeth Rogers in Judge Belvin Perry’s court room–cost her two days in JAIL! Margaret, weird but over the weekend, i just watched that video because I had never seen it. With Perry wanting to entertain us with another TV courtroom, I couldnt believe it, why Perry. He is an awful judge, especially after seeing this. Perry thought he was teaching us all how tough it is in his court, Right! The TV world can be so ridiculous, why would they think of him? thanks for your post, i am with you on growing up respecting your elders, especially professionals (Priests, Lawyers, Judges, teachers, etc) It is sad we fear other human beings as our predators ):

  17. Hi Deb! How have you been, with your sweet, self!? BTW, thanks for the headache, with your thought provoking link. Do we blame Holmes or Bentham? I think you summed it nicely with this…

    ” I have no use for pundits who, in theory, are protecting the accused (and our justice system) by perpetuating the dissemination of provable, outright lies told by a callous killer, through the mouths of their lawyers. The notion that some information may be too prejudicial to bring out against the accused, is often subverted – and used against a victim who is not able to speak for him/herself any longer.
    This type of behavior, in my opinion, has resulted in an undermining in the respect and confidence we Americans have in our judicial system.”

    I think a good way to measure the way Americans view our judicial system is through our fictionalized accounts…movies and courtroom dramas. As a child I read and watched movies where a courtroom was…”holy” The judges were, “honorable” and the attorneys were hard-working, self-sacrificing, servants of the people. What happened? When did justice get so lost? When did the dead, (victim) have to fight so hard to compete with the courtroom “celebrity.” When did we start making the criminals, celebrities?
    How can we forget the “dishonorable” Belvin Perry? He began “his” proceedings by ripping apart a mentally ill woman, who could not control , her outbursts, then concluded flexing his judicial muscles, by throwing the book, at a young man, who flipped Ashton the bird. The irony that the entire courtroom was “run” by a mentally ill woman, who flipped anyone and everyone the bird, every chance she got!!!
    LINDA!! What a horrifying thought, that this woman is a serial killer!! Operating in Houston, for YEARS, while detectives desperately search for some MAN? God, how sickening!! HLN would be all over the story, THEN!! Clucking their tongues and shaking their fingers at Texas, law enforcement.
    Picture the visual of HLN pundits, suddenly filled with COMPASSION for LaViolette…”The POOR, dear, woman…the VICTIM!!” Except I have FOOTAGE, of some of the same folks, who wanted to FRY HER ALIVE, in boiling OIL, during the trial!!! I guess I have to pick my battles.
    The tragic, irony that poor little, Jonathan called her M’AM?? Just as he was TAUGHT, to RESPECT his elders!!?? What DO parents tell their children? What do we tell our grown children, who are trying to raise children, in this world? Respect your elders…but be aware, that ALL of them could be crazed killers, who will torture, then murder, YOU!!!???

  18. Deb says:

    Linda, Margaret, & Tracy…you all made some wonderful points and I enjoy coming here each day to see how my chums view the triumphs and shortcomings of our judicial system.

    I firmly believe that people need to be aware of court proceedings so that at no time will a LAW ABIDING, JUSTICE-SEEKING citizen be railroaded into jail (or punishment) by a corrupt agency or person(s). We all have the responsibility to ensure that dissenting voices that criticize the ‘powers that be’ won’t be silenced or stifled. However, there exists a fine line of JUSTICE, TRUTH & FACT FINDING that must be walked ever so carefully to PROTECT THE INTEGRITY of our courts and legal system.

    I cannot and do not believe that the foundations of society’s justice systems were put into place in order to allow unscrupulous criminals to profit from heinous crimes, nor to allow DEFENDERS of an individual’s sacrosanct rights to be corrupted into nothing more than a greedy opportunity to line their pockets with blood money and gain notoriety to stroke immense egos, at the expense of innocent victims.

    If I thought that NEVER watching another trial live-streamed would protect the rights of LAW ABIDING citizens who are seeking justice for crimes committed against them…I will be the first to stop watching!

    I have no use for pundits who, in theory, are protecting the accused (and our justice system) by perpetuating the dissemination of provable, outright lies told by a callous killer, through the mouths of their lawyers. The notion that some information may be too prejudicial to bring out against the accused, is often subverted – and used against a victim who is not able to speak for him/herself any longer.

    This type of behavior, in my opinion, has resulted in an undermining in the respect and confidence we Americans have in our judicial system.

    It is never an easy task to clear out corruption, because the people who are corrupt will use every means at their disposal to continue in behaviors that serve to profit only them, for the satisfaction of their own needs. Evil has existed since mankind has existed; it will not end until mankind no longer exists. This shouldn’t stop us from fighting evil and corruption WHEREVER we find it. Our tools will always be facts, truth, integrity, perseverance, and UNITY in our purpose.

    No matter what our individual opinions are regarding HLN (in my opinion, this acronym stands for “horrible, lousy, network”)…we can be proud of the fact that here, we all seek justice for the victims of horrible crimes. I’m proud to say I belong to this blog, and I think the world of you posters.

    Here’s a link to a fabulous essay on the website

  19. What a heartbreaking story, Linda. Thanks for bringing it to our attention. I’m frankly sick of the excuses, known as the DEFENSE, of monsters like this! I don’t CARE whether Mona Davis had a rotten childhood, or her mother beat her with a wooden spoon. I could care less, whether she has a “mental illness.” Drug addicted? Alcoholic? These “excuses” seem to give free passes to commit evil deeds and I’m tired of trying to justify…evil acts!!
    I have NO idea, why some cases, attract so much attention. While others that should fill us with outrage and FEAR…they seem to go unnoticed by the media.
    Yes, I have watched my fair share of the high profile cases, and many of them, I have had to follow on HLN. I find trying to catch up via youtube, to be hit or miss. You have to stomach the bad with the good and at times DEFEND , watching that network, at all. Having said THAT, I’m not a whore to all they’re selling . While others were freely discussing Andrea Sneiderman…I was like…ummm, is that Snei…or Snie? Seriously, couldn’t FORCE me to follow. It’s not that I didn’t CARE whether an innocent man was gunned down and his widow may have orchestrated his demise. It’s that I didn’t LIKE her…nothing ABOUT her. I didn’t believe a word she said, and watching her, irritated me, beyond belief. I think they could have pinned the Lindbergh baby kidnapping, sabotage of the Titanic and several natural disasters, on her and GOT them to stick!! I think many people felt the way I did, and disliking someone, intensely, is no reason to watch a trial.
    I’m having my OWN issue with HLN, right now. The Ted Rowland, “interview” with Alyce LaViolette. HLN has been replaying that ridiculous “interview” ad nauseum and promoting her claims of death threats…as FACT! As she tearfully, read these “threats” I couldn’t help to wonder, (and laugh) does the # 1 narcissist know that her HIRED narcissist, was trying to UPSTAGE her, on HER big day?

    I wish there was a way to watch all the trials without commentary. Although, the trials that don’t allow cameras, we are desperately, dependent on commentary. We suss out the pundits we like and trust and HOPE that they deliver, what we aren’t allowed to see.

    ALL of the high profile cases I have watched lately, I’m struck with the same impression. This is NOT their first murder. The callous disregard for human life, doesn’t develop, over night. The shock and indignation that THEY should be BOTHERED by this pesky, little thing, called a trial? Casey Anthony and Jodi Arias, were seasoned, veteran liars, by the time their cases caught the public’s eye. We lie to protect ourselves, from the consequences of our actions, or to protect others from the TRUTH.
    If you see this in Mona Davis, I believe you!

    How many victims, did these women have? When did the LYING, START????

    • LindaP says:

      Hi Margaret…I was unaware of the Alyce LaViolette BS about “death threats”…being aired on HLN but it proves my point perfectly.

      So glad I have turned them off forever.

      They are trying to drum up sympathy for this LIAR (LaViolette) who lied on the stand and now we are supposed to believe that she is so important…so significant in society…that people have been threatening her life!

      BS. Don’t believe it. LaViolette is a liar.

      She’s not that important.No one cares enough about her to threaten her…IMO she made it up to help the sales of her book.

      What she is trying to do, with the help of the pro-defense mentality displayed by HLN…is take the EDGE off of her own lies and the hatred she garnered with her ineffective testimony and her blatantly biased and highly crafted attempts to sell her book through her lies on the stand.

      She thought she could convince everyone that left was right…and up was down…and she failed.

      Now she comes up with this lie to change the focus and take the heat off of her own horrible behavior…and put it on a Phantom “killer” that is coming after her.

      Change the LIAR into the “victim”…just like all the rest of them!

      This is exactly why I despise HLN so much. They will help her CON the public with this unadulterated BS so she can sell her book and avoid the bad press she made for herself…but will NEVER try to find out why Dominic Casey was poking around in the woods with a stick…and continue to support a common thug…liar…manipulator and con man Baez…

      Over and over and over trying to shove this tripe down my throat. Over and over and over…trying push these cons in my face and sell their blatant lies as truth as if I am as dumb as the 12 morons in Pinellas Co.

      The old Courttv used to have very little commentary (in the early 1990s) and the defense attorneys were of a different caliber than what they are throwing up there now.

      Even some of them would laugh when they did their commentary for the defense if the evidence was too strong. they would say things like…

      “Well what the defense could do here is shift the focus onto the parents as opposed to the babysitter…but this is a dangerous path to take.”


      “I don’t know Nancy…this looks pretty bad for the defendant”

      and Nancy would say…

      “You’re supposed to be here representing the defense! Can’t you do better than that?”

      They recognized when the evidence was overwhelming and didn’t insult the intelligence of the audience by screaming out accusations. Now we get this…


      Unbelievable. Most of them…especially Jane “Whine-trap”…should be held liable for what they are allowed to vomit out of their mouthes during a broadcast about INNOCENT people surrounding a case!

      Bet she’d keep her big mouth shut about Kronk or any of the others, if someone took her to court and made her pay civilly for her SLANDER.

      Here is how they choose the stories they cover.

      1) A producer goes through the stories on the wire and they collect the possibilities based on a criteria set by the station for THAT SHOW. (Nancy’s show will have more children stories in it and HEROS that kind of thing…while JVM producer will look for ANIMAL stories and other things that fit her format.

      2) The producers…executive producers for EVERY SHOW…get together and have a BIG MEETING…and they divide up the stories depending on the PUBLIC INTEREST…they basically “design the night” so that the “flow” of news creates “drama and suspense” for the viewer.

      Ie: NG gets to cover the Arias trial…while JVM covers Sneiderman and Drew covers BOTH…or maybe they decide everyone will cover Arias and Sneiderman will be in a news break…because the country is going “wild” for information on the Arias trial. so they all decide as a group to keep that story front and center. They also go over who has RESOURCES for what show…(i.e.: JVM has an interview with one of Jodi’s friends…while Drew has an interview with Travis’s friends…etc…etc..)

      3) After they divide up the stories…the individual shows meet and decide the order of the stories and how much time each segment gets…which stories get graphics…have video…etc…based on several things…PUBLIC INTEREST IS ALWAYS FIRST…then the other stories get placed AROUND the big story based on resources, time etc.
      JVM will do her animal segment at the end UNLESS someone gets shot during her show.

      And so it goes…

      The media has been made aware of Jonathan’s story. It is HIS misfortune to have been murdered by a black woman. The race issue will come up as it did in Zimmerman…and it’s just too politically “incorrect” to interject RACE into a crime these days…when the perpetrator is black and the victim is white.

      In short…CNN and HLN and all the other media outlets are TOO LIBRAL to cover Jonathan’s case.

      It doesn’t suit their agenda. JIMHO.

    • LindaP says:

      By the way…I wanted to add.

      If you meet someone in a dark alley or even in a public place…and something doesn’t “feel right” about them…what is it that you are told to do?

      “Get away from them and trust your instincts!”

      Because these psychos are manipulators and liars…they are deceivers. They give out CLUES to their deceptions with body language…facial expressions…voice inflections…mannerisms and all kinds of other things we can’t see right off the bat…but all giving us a “bad feeling.”

      In the case of the Florida baby killer…she may be “seasoned” but she is just a lazy, juvenile liar.
      The people around her are so stupid…that she never had to develop her lying skills beyond a certain point.

      Don’t know how Sneiderman does it because to me she’s transparent as well.

      Arias is another story. She can be convincing for sure…but still…there’s something that’s “not right” about ALL of them.

      It’s as loud as a 3-alarm fire when they open their mouths and speak.

      There’s a link at the bottom of the article…I am reposting here.

      The police chief came out with a news conference and stated that he believed she had killed before. First thing out of his mouth!

  20. Tracy says:

    I agree with everything you said in your article. I can’t understand why this horrific case was not given more press even by the local news channels. You couldn’t get any information, other than a very basic update, on what was covered in court that day.

    Do you think that Texas is more stringent on what is allowed to be released by the press than places like Arizona and Florida? I have no idea, but I’m thinking it may not have been worth their while/time = money to try to provide coverage if it’s banned? I would have liked to have listened to most of the testimony and certainly opening and closing statements which have not been telecasted, but I do understand that this case is not a reality TV show. Hopefully, 24 Hr Mystery, or Dateline, etc. will decide to produce a show that gives us some answers now that she has been convicted.

    Anyways, I don’t watch HLN anymore. When I renewed my cable I opted out. They’re just looking for the salacious details that defendents like Casey Anthony and Jodi Arias (who would most certainly be considered to be attractive young women) provide, although I did watch both trials in real-tme, or on you-tube thanks to a few people who are great at posting hearings promptly.

    Anyways, there was justice for Jonathan today. It won’t bring him back, or change the horror that he endured in his last moments on Earth, but it’s the best the justice system can do.

    • LindaP says:

      Hi Tracy!

      Yes…Jonathan got justice!!!!

      That is all that really matters in the end. Like you…I am beginning to wonder if justice is warped so badly by coverage of these cases…and the defendant turned into such an object of “pity” by defense attorneys and talking heads…that the victim gets lost in all the concern for the “defendant’s rights” or bashed and murdered all over again in a “talk session” on shows like JVM…where no one gives a flip for the victim or their families and will find anyone to accuse to get the heat off of the defendant.

      Like in the Anthony case…imo those jurors were seriously flawed…chosen for that reason by the consultant and corrupted by the defense team…paid off for their verdict and it’s all been “supported” by the media because they had hoped to get “interviews” and ratings galore.

      That is…until Jodi Arias came along. Then they turned their attention to corrupting THAT trial. Putting all of their attenntion on the defendant…and making her the main focus…so much so that you have nut jobs crawling out of the woodwork to murder JVM and Nancy Grace for saying “bad things” about Jodi Arias on air.

      You can bet they get their “feelings” for the defendant by watching HLN specifically.

      IMO all of those salacious details were hi-lited to distract from the facts of her GUILT and HLN assisted the defense in that goal along with FOX and other networks who tried to victimize Travis all over again and spread more lies…with not one shred of evidence except the word of a pathological liar.

      All of this would have happened in Jonathan’s trial if HLN had been given half a chance. Suddenly it would be “Mona Nelson” that fell on her head as a child…or was “misunderstood” by her parents and came from a “broken home.”

      You are so right. Maybe the coverage would have stolen Jonathan’s justice from him…just like it did Caylee…and like they are trying to do with Travis.

      I am firmly convinced that people like Jean Casarez and the talking defense heads on CNN…would argue with straight faces that every single person in prison is a “victim” of a cruel unjust prosecution and we should just let them all out of prison right now!

      Personally…like you…I don’t listen to it anymore. The blatant manipulation angers me. I blame the media as much as I do the rotten system for what happened in Florida the day Caylee Anthony was pushed aside and the 12 jurors sold America down the river.

      Almost all of them had financial windfalls after that rotten verdict and just walked away from their jobs and suddenly had the financial means to retire.

      You won’t see the “media” investigating any of that…because they hope to still spin this thing into cheap ratings by entertaining the notion of having Jose Baez as a regular commentator.

      Still…I would have liked to have heard opening statements and seen the witnesses in Jonathan’s case…and at least SOME reporting on this case to follow. I still ache for Jonathan and what happened to him.

      But you are right…I am so grateful that Jonathan got justice!!!!!
      ; )

  21. dancehappy says:

    Since I do watch HLN I am disagreeing with:
    “is that HLN wants to reward killers, by trying to turn them into “anti-celebrities”…setting them free to re-offend at any cost, because that agenda benefits them.”
    ” any defense attorney you see on HLN or FOX, Jean Casarez and Jane Velez…all of them screeching their agendas in each other’s faces…trying to convince you to open the prison doors and set everyone free.”
    “Seems HLN is full of defenders for causes such as rights for slashers, stalkers, child molesters and baby killers, giving them the freedom to murder at will, abuse the system and then helping them profit from their crimes, furthering abusing the victims, not to mention taxpaying citizens.

    • LindaP says:

      Dancehappy…we can respectfully agree to disagree.

      Throughout the entire ordeal in the Florida babykiller’s case, Casarez tried to drum up sympathy for “Casey”…calling her by her first name and saying things in a sympathetic voice like “She can stay and wind the computer chord if she wants to>” instead of going back to her cell where she was supposed to…like every other criminal defendant. Making excuses for her behavior in court.

      Who is it that keeps trying to have Jose Baez on every show so that they can allow him to go on and on trying to “sell” Casey Anthony to America…still blaming George and trying to pretend like “Casey has a story to tell”?

      HLN that’s who.

      They try to “sneak” him in anywhere they can…still…even after 3 years…they are still trying to shove him in our faces. All part of an effort to sell more of Baez’s lies…so that he can soften the blow and try…yet again to sell an interview with this monster and be a regular talking head and they all make money off Caylee’s murder and live happily ever after.

      If HLN had their way and the public didn’t scream in protest and change the channel he would be on there every night.

      That’s not even counting the “Jodi show” they put on. Every defense attorney on there, slandering Travis all over again and arguing all kins of ridiculous scenarios…why “Jodi” is the real victim.

      Every single case…they have some defense attorney trying to convince the public that it’s anyone other than the person who committed the crime who is guilty..slandering people in the process.

      I used to work for HLN and have been watching them for over 20 years…I only stopped for good after Arias…I am well aware of HLN…their policies…and their programming. If you believe they care about justice you are wrong imo…

      They care about one thing and one thing only and that is their ratings.

      In the end…it’s all any of them care about…and that’s just a sad fact of life in the BUSINESS of television.

      Not my opinion…just fact. Without ratings you don’t exist.

      They need to QUIT with the fake sappy promos about how much they “care.”

      If they thought for one second that an interview with Casey Anthony…baby killer… would help their failing ratings they would be the first ones in line… offering up money for it.

      They deserted Caylee during the trial…assisted in the cover up…and never did one bit of investigation into all the lying cheating and breaking the law that went on right in front of our faces.

      That’s not just my opinion…but the opinion of many…as I say…we can agree to disagree.
      ; )

      • Jersey says:

        I’m happy to hear that HLN’s ratings are failing, they need to disappear altogether -
        ESPECIALLY if they are even CONSIDERING having that over-blown midget Blowzo on as a regular commentator.
        JMO, once they start with him they’ll be forced off the air! LOL

      • Jersey says:

        BTW, I haven’t watched HLN for months, and haven’t missed it.
        The only way I MIGHT turn it on is if ole horse-face gets in big trouble, I’d be happy to hear about that for a few minutes!

        • LindaP says:

          Hi Jersey! Yes I get angry the whole time they are on. I believe that THEY believe…that if they have these loud mouthed defense monkeys on there accusing everyone but the killer and trying to blow away the evidence with hot smelly air…that it “increases the suspense” in a trial…and that keeps the viewer coming back.

          They are trying to turn trials into a soap opera or some kind of “entertainment” and “keep the suspense up” by having these apes come on…and pontificate to the point where I want to literally get out my gun and blow the teeth out of the back of their heads…shutting them up forever.

          I have lived quite nicely without it.

          The trial has enough suspense all by itself and the public is not a bunch of idiots like they treat their viewers. People have told them over and over and over and over what they do NOT want to see. They have been so lucky to have viewers that even care enough to sit down and write them emails…flat out telling them…

          …if you have Jose Baez on I will stop watching you altogether…

          …quit screaming over each other…it wrecks my nerves and pisses me off…

          …get RID of those loud mouth insulting talking heads…

          GO INVESTIGATE THE ANTHONY JURY AND FIND OUT WHAT REALLY WENT WRONG…instead of trying to force feed Bozo Baez down my throat…when I’ve told you a hundred times over the past year that I am going to turn you OFF for GOOD!

          Remember when JVM dirtied herself up by chasing Baez down the street and when viewers expressed their revulsion she screamed to her viewers to

          “Bring it!”

          meaning “I’ll have Jose Baez on my show if I want to and my viewers have nothing to say about it!”

          The utter nerve. That’s the whole networks attitude if you ask me.

          If they could find a credible talking head LIKE BETH KARAS WAS…who can comment on the legal side ONLY (which leaves Jean Casarez completely out of the mix…since from what I understand she has NEVER seen the inside of a courtroom…except when she insinuates herself into a trial like she did Arias)…without the “fairy stories” and the bull crap that Casarez is trying to sell…I might watch.

          But once they hired her…I turned them off forever..after 20 years of regular viewership…

          and I don’t miss it one bit.

          My life is 10,000 times better without HLN!

          I should have turned them off after their disgraceful coverage of Caylee’s case because I believe that they assisted in thwarting justice then…and they are still doing it now.

  22. dancehappy says:

    I disagree Linda, and I do watch HLN, it’s on in the afternoons here. Just last night NG was in an uproar over this “piece of crap” getting out of jail.

    DARRIN WRIGHT: Well, according to statement of probable cause, Nancy, that`s exactly what Horton did after he was arrested about an hour-and-a-half after Adriaunna went and disappeared.

    First, he denied picking her up at all. Then he admitted that, yes, he had taken her to the abandoned building and that she had tripped and fallen. Then he led police to the body. However, an autopsy afterwards showed that not only was she strangled, thus not matching up with Bourne`s story, she had also been sexually assaulted.

    KLAAS: Well, we`ve come a long way. There`s absolutely no question about that. Law enforcement has protocols. We have good laws like the Amber Alert. We have things like Megan`s law.

    But the reality is, is that as long as we take career criminals and put them back out onto the street, there`s going to be crime in our society.

    CHRISTIAN: Yes, we know that Bobby Bourne, Jr., has a — has a record, Nancy, and a lot of that seems to be tied in with acts of violence and anger. We know that he assaulted his wife at one point in a parking lot. We know that he attacked a police officer at a police station, or the sheriff`s office, and literally had to be tasered.

    So he certainly does have anger issues. Now, the big question here is, why was he out on probation. He has a record ….

    GRACE: Michael, you and I have been covering the same cases since about 1997, and you say that like you`re surprised. Wow, why would he get out with a history? They always get out with a criminal history, Michael!

    CHRISTIAN: Well, that`s certainly a question that the locals are asking tonight, Nancy.

    • LindaP says:

      Hi dancehappy…not sure what you are disagreeing with as this is a different case altogether.

      The press is and has been purposely avoiding Jonathan’s case. Nancy has not covered it at all and I have seen the tweets complaining about it. Many people have asked HLN to follow this case and I have not seen one thing on the Jonathan Foster case promoted.

      I watch Mystery Detectives all weekend and have checked Twitter and Facebook since the trial began and nothing. Zip.

      There are tons of cases out there daily that never get a mention on HLN.

      There is a school of thought on the internet…that the aversion to this case is the fact that Jonathan was white and Mona Nelson is black and that it was a HATE crime…but it’s too “politically incorrect” to call it that. Look online and google it…that is the reason they are saying that no one will touch this case.

      Don’t know if that’s true…I didn’t go that far in my article…but one ting I know for sure…HLN has AVOIDED this case…SNUBBED it…and it’s sad.

  23. NancyB says:

    Forgot to say that Jonathon’s brutal murder definitely does remind me too of Zahara & Shaniya’s. All three suffered horribly before death and as you pointed out – the unstable homes they were moved to all were responsible for putting them in extreme danger. Heartbreaking.

  24. NancyB says:

    Linda, Thanks for posting this. She got LWOP. I had never heard about this dearest child till this article of yours. So glad that you included Dr Drew in with the other screaming fools who violate most codes of what a true journalist is, imo.

    • LindaP says:

      Hi Nancy B! I was so happy to see that she was found guilty and got LWOP. She is so dangerous!

      My heart still breaks for Jonathan. Christmas EVE for God’s sake…the poor thing was looking forward to the best day of the year and she stole everything from him. Wish it could have been the DP…but LWOP will hopefully be a version of hell for her!

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