To create an avatar for the chat find a photo on the internet that you like and copy and paste the url for the photo into the field above where it says:

“pic url goes here”

Paste the link OVER your email address!


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  1. dixielee says:

    Ms. Deplorable I was wondering if there was another mega meme link the one on here is not working for me. Please help I had downloaded before and it was lost. Thank you

  2. D says:

    Hi Linda, it’s D. I love your work, it’s so consistently fascinating and I have roots in the Hamptons (lived there for many years, and as a child in the 7os), so that doesn’t hurt with the interest factor. I’ve been watching your videos for a month or two now…and haven’t missed one. I can’t find your email address. Do you prefer other means of private communication? Thanks…it’s just an idea I have for further monetizing your channel, in the no-strings-attached way that I know you’d prefer.



  3. Katie says:

    Hello Linda,

    i hope this qualifies as a technical question, cause i am sure hoping for an answer.

    in your *fascinating* post ;
    Posted on March 8, 2018 by LindaP
    “I was watching a video on Dustin Nemos channel (who is NOT a Russian Bot) and he shared a Q Anon dump, that was loaded with ZIP files.

    For those who don’t know a “Zip” file is a compressed folder.

    You can watch the video I made this morning (which is rendering now) because there were TONS of these Zip files and I downloaded them all yesterday morning…”

    so i watched your vid where you open some of the “black eye” pix from the zip files you downloaded–and i would really like to get a link to those zip files .

    if you would be so kind as to drop me a private link from email provided, or post it here to the site where all those zip files can be retrieved–i will be very grateful and appreciative. i think you have really turned on to something important.

    thanks so much.


    • LindaP says:

      Hi Katie!

      Here is the LINK to the MEGA MEMES WEBSITE…!z1FCnaiA!4NS6tTnFmNs_yBZpKbCCgg

      The Zip files are listed in alphabetical order.

      The zip file you are talking about is called:

      “Black Eye-Ra-Horus-Pineal Gland”

      You can hi-light the folder and download the zip by clicking the appropriate download link at the top!

      Yes…SOMETHINGS so very very wrong with their EYES!

      Very creepy.


      Seems whatever it is…they willingly submit to it…no doubt (if not an old fashioned lobotomy) some kind of bizarre procedure!

  4. Lou says:

    Having issues with the capcha thing..nothing is working..also I have used another email…I miss posting…help…Lou

    • LindaP says:

      Lou what’s wrong?

      what is the problem that you are having…maybe I can help!

      • Lou says:

        The capcha think will not accept the words I type..I know what the letters are and I keep being rejected.grrrr

      • Lou says:

        Hi linda…This capcha thing is STILL not letting me thru..I have done EVERY thing right as far as copying the letters and it still won’t let me in..even had my husband and daughter give it a try and still the same result.also when I go to leave a post in the comments etc section I get there then it takes me back to my home screen.I just bought an Ipad a month ago and know it’s not that as I have been able to post until the last week or so.Thanks for your time.

        • LindaP says:

          It might have something to do with the captcha and your IP address or something like that. I have to research this…I will look into this and see Lou…I hate it that you can’t get on!!!

          Do you mean when you leave a comment HERE it takes you back to your home screen? That’s weird!

          Let me see what I can find out!

        • LindaP says:

          Lou I just sent you a private message to the email address (hotmail) you use here…see if that works for you.

    • Lou says:

      Hi again Linda..Still no luck with the capcha…I get the Letters to type in the box but it still won’t accept the letters.

      • LindaP says:

        Lou…do you have “cookies” enabled?

        Can you get someone to find out for you?

        • Lou says:

          Hi linda..thinking of you all and miss posting..hugs all around. The capcha is still not working and I have no clue where the cookies thing would be on my IPad Air.I will keep trying…hugs

          • Deb says:

            Lou, you can do it!!! I know you can…this post came thru! (((hearts))) (((hugs)))

            • Lou says:

              Still am working on this capcha thing.I can’t seem to find out about on IPad about cookies..I did find something in settings but it does no good at all. My daughter is good on comps and Hassan IPad and even she can’t figure out the capcha..hello and love and hugs all around ..even the post page clicks out every time I try and read what you have here.

              • Lou says:

                Yay! It’s not clicking out on me but same old story on the rest.

                • Deb says:

                  Lou, hang in there, dear Caylee supporter! You’ll get the hang of it…I KNOW you will (((hearts)))

                  • Lou says:

                    miss you all..hope all is well.will keep trying on this damn capcha…hugs all around ..L ou

                    • LindaP says:

                      Oh Lou!

                      I wish I could help you more! Are you working on an ipad? That might have something to do with it and I don’t work on an ipad so I don’t know much about them.

                      Maybe you know someone who can help you?

                      I did read that “cookies” need to be turned ON…not sure if that helps…

                      Keep trying! I’m sure it’s something simple!

  5. Michelle says:

    Linda, I can’t get in the chat. It says to type in captcha below but their is no captcha available. Can you help?

    Thanks!……Michelle aka Missypach

    • B says:

      same here…trouble w/chat…thanks,Linda…

    • LindaP says:

      Missy it looks like you got on! It asked me for the same thing…that is because I set up a filter to weed out the spam that has been popping up on the chat.

      I posted about it this morning.

      It looks like you figured it out though because I saw you posted this am.
      ; )

      All you have to do is type in the combination of letters and numbers ONCE…then it will recognize you automatically after that as a REAL person not a computer generated advertisement.

      Hope this helps…

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