EGGS FU JEONG with WHITE Rice Please…

I see that the CIA has been cleaning out their basements…

(those are the LOWEST levels of the CIA Underground Labs…where they toss their failed projects into the CRAWLSPACE…)

and they found this thing, and re-animated it.

Anyone want to take a shot guessing what this thing is made out of?

Some new kind of plastic, no doubt, a result of new LIZARD technology from Antarctica. 

I actually have no idea what the heritage of it is…but if you’re talking about another one of their “creations”, that they make…down “there” in the “CIA LABS”, does it really matter?

Because all of their project-parts come from CHINA.

Most creatures poop out of their ass, but not…

SARAH >>>  (I hate all white people. I hate all white people. I hate all white people. White people must die. White people must die. I hate all white people…etc…etc…infinity…) >>> JEONG (Eggs Fu Jeong.)

everything exits via ZE’S mouth.

Defective Chinese parts are to blame for this, so let the Chinese Noodle Jokes Begin! 

Here’s what I think they MEANT to do.

“Meet Sarah! She’s the CHUBBY-faced, foul-mouthed, racist CHINK who’s going to WIN your hearts with ZE’S high school AI rants!”

Sound the alarm. THIS TIME it’s not CNN, it’s only the FAILING New York Times…again.

I’m not sure what they are trying to do, so it’s hard to say if it’s working or not.

I also don’t know if Eggs Fu Jeong was put together in China or if our very own GLOW-FAGS tried to do it.

The last thing they assembled was Rosie, and if you notice we haven’t seen Rosie-the-Pig for quite a while…


We’re so far beyond “test tube babies”, at this point, your guess is as good as mine as to what this thing actually is.

There’s no heart, so calling it Chinese and making derogatory inappropriate, politically incorrect jokes have no effect.(that’s a green light.)

It’s not afraid to die. The section of the brain that stops you from doing dumbass things doesn’t exist.

There’s no off button on it so it will have to be terminated like Joan Rivers.

Enough about IT.


In my house.

Got phone and wifi yesterday.

Guy was mowing my neighbor’s lawn yesterday, and I saw him and asked for a card. He said $25 to mow my little yard and trim shrubs etc. He’s here now mowing it! Whoo hoo! $25 !!! ??? Hope I heard him right…lol.

Went to grocery store today (Winn Dixie).

Feels so good to have real food in a REAL fridge (not a teeny tiny one.)

Project “McAllister TV” ON TRACK. 

Stay tuned!



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