TODAY’S NEWS: 👉 THURSDAY 👉November 16, 2017 🇺🇸



This Satanic Bimbo needs to go back to the GLUE FACTORY for a “permanent termination and liquidation.”


HELL FREEZES OVER=> Chelsea Handler Tells Juanita Broaddrick She Believes Bill Clinton Raped Her

That’s when the CIA literally pilfers it for parts and then throws the thing into a Clone-Sized trash compactor and starts over.

This thing didn’t “program” properly.

A lot of “data” got lost in the “transfer.”

Dear CIA: This was another massive fail on your part.

“We the People” are angry enough that you’ve been STEALING from us for decades…

but when we see how you’ve squandered our stolen tax dollars, building fatally flawed, Nuclear-powered BIMBOS (with crooked eyes) like this thing…

we are embarrassed for you. 

You guys shouldn’t have ordered all of those cheap eyeballs from China. They’re a dead give-away…

and while we’re on the subject, you need to re-align your equipment!


Get it together over there!

Snag this thing off the streets…haul it BACK down to one of your California Underground Labs (this time chose a facility with better lighting, so you can see where you’re putting the EYES for Christ’s sake,) and either FIX IT or terminate it. 

I’m sick of watching it cry fake tears out of those poorly crafted EYES. 



The CARNIVAL is in town…

BREAKING: Wolf Blitzer Repeatedly Asks Gloria Allred if the Yearbook Signature is a Forgery — ALLRED REFUSES TO ANSWER! (VIDEO)

Whenever you see the names “Gloria Allred” or “Lisa Bloom,”


just run.

Run as fast as you can in the opposite direction or you may find yourself accidentally accused of a crime, or even worse, purposely on the wrong end of an illegal payoff!

You can always count on this tiresome Mother/Daughter TEAM, to rear their ugly heads like an old Vaudeville act, featuring live ponies, and always operating OUTSIDE of the law.

Just the sound of their voices should have you running for the MUTE button, even if you don’t have cable, just out of habit!

It’s as if cargo ships grew legs and hair, put on Chanel suits (with giant brooches) and just start BLOWING THEIR FOG HORNS non-stop.


Q) “What’s that? I didn’t know we were near the water.”

A) “We aren’t. That’s Crooked Lisa Bloom and her Ambulance-Chasing mother trying to frame someone again.”



How sad…

BREAKING: 194 Antifa Inauguration Rioters Face DECADES in Prison!

I’m not laughing at them or anything…well OK yes I am.

Bah ha ha ha ha!

Needless to say I hope they all get maximum sentences and they come out questioning their genders even more than they do now!

I want to see the white ones occupying cells that are PACKED with Syrian Refugees and Black Lives Matter.

Later, I want to hear the recordings of them calling home, on “Inside Edition” or something,  crying like infants and begging their parents, their friends, anyone who will listen, to get them out of it, just this…




I want to hear them have massive snowflake meltdowns over the phone, with no realistic hope of getting out within the next 20 years, screaming at their parents that the refugees are DANGEROUS and they are in fear for their lives…

then I want their parents to say:

“Remember when you told us Trump was a DEFINITELY a Nazi? Well we don’t believe you this time. You’re on your own. Bye!”

CLICK > dial tone.

Antifa meltdown.

(Cue: Inside Edition music. Bump to commercial.)









 The Case of the Hillside Stranglers (TV Movie 1989)

The true chilling story of the “two of a kind”, killin’ cousins Angelo Buono and Kenneth Bianchi, better known as the Hillside Stranglers, is told in this TV drama. The movie concentrates on the killers story, as well as on the life of Officer Bob Grogan, who investigated their case. Look for the real Bob Grogan as the Washington cop who arrests Kenneth Bianchi.


The Legend of Lizzie Borden (TV Movie 1975)

Elizabeth Montgomery stars as Lizzie Borden, a 19th-century Massachusetts woman, who is put on trial for the brutal slaughter of her father and step-mother in the family mansion. She is accused of hacking up her parents with an ax after carefully removing her clothes to avoid bloodstains. Based on fact and considered shocking at the time for a TV-movie.


Ten Little Indians…(The guy can’t describe these movies by their REAL names, or Youtube will delete them!)