TODAY’S NEWS: 👉 TUESDAY 👉November 14, 2017 🇺🇸

Happy Tuesday everyone!


Tuesday is always a great day for me, because it’s the day I get my TRASH together for collection, early on Wednesday morning. The trash guys get here sometime between 5am-6am, so it MUST be out on that curb by end of day.

Let’s face it, if you own a home, it’s always exciting to take out the trash and the same thing holds true for a country.

I could stuff a dead body in this humongous container they gave me, and still have room to put stuff on top of it, and that’s something to get excited about!

Speaking of giant-sized trash receptacles, and dead bodies…

I know I wrote a little about this slab of meat with eyeballs on it, yesterday, but I had some technical difficulties rendering videos yesterday…

and I wasn’t able to give this overpaid, professional skank my full time and attention.

Juanita Broaddrick WRECKS Chelsea Handler for Comparing Judge Roy Moore to a Rapist


This whore-on-wheels personifies every single thing that’s wrong with this country right now, all rolled up into one dumb, smelly skank, who think’s she has a brain!

There’s nothing more dangerous…

and no easier target.

Does anyone laugh at this NITWIT’S stupid jokes, about her endless rounds of sex with half-crazed rappers, her “Golden Showers” and how many times she’s passed out in a plate of food, wth her mouth still full of last night’s “Hot Pocket?”

Just LOOK at that square-shaped head and those lop-sided eyes, and tell me if you don’t require

Just LOOK at how this skank is melting right before our very eyes.

Just LOOK at that mis-matched, MK-Ultra-ed, eye-ball “set” that’s been planted in this thing’s face, and we’re suppose to just accept that it’s a regular human being?

Here we go again…with the CIA-eyes on these things; one eye smaller (right eye) than the other and the little eye is either slanted dramatically downward, or it’s just beginning to LEAN.

What the Hell is going on?

Has the CIA used up the entire Illuminati CLONE budget…

or has someone been robbing the Illuminati Cookie Jar?

It looks like the CIA went on the cheap and ordered these “eye balls” from China…

and now, because of budget concerns, they have to go ahead and use the damn things anyway!

Virtually 1/3 of Hollywood and the government, have the same issues.

What’s happening to their eyes?



Crazed Antifa Member Caught With Cache of Bomb Making Materials and Bottles of Urine in Florida Home

Here’s a Democrat for you.

The urine makes me think he could be associated with Chelsea Handler.

They should check into her where-abouts in the past year. They both have the same kind of eyes.

Typical unhinged, “Mommy-didn’t-love-me” (and who can blame her…)-Liberal.

Another case of deranged, Low IQ, brainwashed Democrat, MKUltra-crazy-face.

They all have it.

This is why I believe the Democratic Party should be against the law. It’s now a Demonic, Pedophile, Terrorist-Cult. 

If we just got rid of Democrats, we wouldn’t need gun control.

Problem solved.



UMass Boston to Gateway Pundit’s Lucian Wintrich: Change Title of “It’s OK to Be White” Speech, Or It Will Be Banned

These are the kind of things that push me over the edge, and also make me happy at the same time.

If I was putting on the event, I would happily change the name to something like:

White is Right

White Power Now

We Love Hitler

How about something less militant like:

Cook’in with Whitey

I HATE being White

I’m SORRY I’m White

When Crackers Ruled the World


Rules for Dumb Whitey?

I’m so glad I graduated college before the “New World Order”  started mass producing unattractive dumbasses by the thousands. Who’s going to tell these emotionally retarded idiots that they have been successfully “dumbed down?”

Whoever breaks the news to these barely-holding-it-together, freaks of nature, will have to be able to run for their life!