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The worst part about exposing Hollywood is the VISUALS…

Is Geraldo Next to Go Down in Flames? Bette Midler Blasts Geraldo For Groping Her Breasts (VIDEO)


In the end…aren’t WE the REAL victims in all of this?

Geeze. I need to go rinse my eyes out with rubbing alcohol to get the FUNK off of them after seeing that hideous selfie.

Just because you THINK you look good, doesn’t mean you do.

When you’re 70 years old, those eyes aren’t working so great and neither is anything else.

Of course I can’t Stand Geraldo, so I’m happy to see him make a fool of himself, and provide evidence that he probably did “Sexually Harass” people, because he thinks he looks good enough to be taking these hideous selfies!

Who’s surprised that Geraldo’s name is coming up, in the context of “sexual harassment?”


What’s surprising about this, is who’s accusing him…

She’s no Kim Kardashian.  

Did Geraldo “sexually harass” Bette Midler…

before or after her plastic surgery?

They must have “hooked up” at one of those Hollywood “Spirit-Cooking-Thingys” and gotten caught up in the moment.

It was either HER or a GOAT. 

When your activities include eating human feces, having sex with Bette Midler doesn’t look so bad after all.

The “COVEN” probably ordered Geraldo to “do her” as a humiliation ritual.


No doubt Geraldo has blocked out the memory of it. Who could blame him?

What’s next?




Psycho Joe is just BEGGING for people to poke around in that “Dead Intern-Thing” he so conveniently SWEPT UNER THE RUG…

There’s only ONE “lunatic” in this scenario, and that’s PSYCHO JOE. 

You remember, PSYCHO JOE.

PSYCHO JOE is the guy who’s intern came up DEAD (from a mysterious head injury,) on PSYCHO JOE’S office floor.

There was NEVER any investigation into PSYCHO JOE or how his intern ended up dead on his office floor.

PSYCHO JOE has never commented on it.

PYSCHO JOE: Nowhere to be found and dead intern on his office floor.

Poking the bear.




Oh Goody! Another Sexually-Harassing, Pedophile-Loving Democrat, has invited me to make fun of his physical appearance.

It doesn’t get any better this on a Friday.


Democrat Male Senator Compares Conservative Female Nominee to HORSE

Here he is…


OOPS! My bad. I got my pictures confused because it’s so easy to get this clown confused with a dopey looking HIPPO.

I say this because he’s another clueless Democrat, who refuses to look in the mirror, before he starts comparing people to animals.

You decide.









Attorney for Kate Steinle’s Killer Lectures Americans – Says Those Who Were Outraged By Steinle’s Killing Are Racists (VIDEO)


This guy is begging to have a “bizarre throat accident” with a Duraflame Fire Log, in the middle of the desert, where no one will be able to help him.

Maybe someone could accidentally cook him a Poisonous Toad, on a bed of white rice with some red peppers, and forget to call 911 when he starts to croak?

(Get it? Toad / Croak?)

God I love “Freedom of Speech.”

Now I see why Kathy Griffin and Alec Baldwin enjoy making KILLING JOKES about people they don’t like.

For instance this LAWYER.

It’s hard to believe anyone actually loves this turd. I bet his family comes up with all kinds of excuses to avoid him.

I bet he uses ham-handed cliches like “the race card” all day (and all night) long.

“Just tell them the check is in the mail.”


“I’ll be late for dinner. I’m having drinks with the boys. “


“I can’t tonight, I have a headache.”

That’s what makes it so much fun to come up with different ways to kill this idiot…


(as a joke of course.)

I’ll be writing more funny articles about killing aggravating people (in funny ways) this new year.

Thanks Hollywood!










This looks good.

Bedelia (1946)

Bedelia Carrington is living happily, it appears, in Monte Carlo with her husband Charlie Carrington. But a cultivated young artist, Ben Chaney, begins probing into her past with curious concern. Chaney, who is really a detective, learns that Bedelia’s obsession for money has led her, in the past, to husband-poisoning for the insurance money.



The Cheaters (1945)

A wealthy family is preparing for Christmas in their usual stylish fashion. They hit on a bright idea that will make them outstanding during this holiday season among their friends. They will adopt a “lost man” and bring him to their house for the holidays. They find a news story of a washed-up actor who has attempted to commit suicide and bring him to their home. The actor proves far more than they bargained for and he shows them some real truths about giving and living.



“A DEATH OF INNOCENCE”” Plot/Summary – A mother (Shelley Winters) travels to New York to see her daughter (Tisha Sterling) who is awaiting trial for murder. The mother is totally convinced of her daughter’s Innocence and does all she can to help her. As the trial progresses however, the mother begins to have her doubts.