TODAY’S NEWS: 👉 WEDNESDAY 👉August 30, 2017 🇺🇸

Good morning everyone.

Seems like every day I log on, and see that the FakeNews Media is trying, harder than ever before, to HIDE the news from the American people.

Think about that. They THINK their job is to HIDE the news from us!

Do you see why I question their species and everything else connected to them?

For all we know these cross-eyed idiots could be another CIA-HP Lovecraft, Pig-Human DNA experiment…

brought to us by the “underground facilities, of the CIA”  where they have been playing with genetics and all kinds of other creepy, Necronomicon-y experiments.

They think their job is to HIDE the news from us.

These questionable Pig-thingys, get on TV with straight faces and flat out LIE.

Someone needs to turn them all off, pack them in bubble wrap, and send them to China, where they are bound to be more successful, because bizarre human experiments like this, don’t phase the Chinese anymore.

The Chinese are used to this kind of crap. We aren’t. We always knew we hated these idiot talking heads and their fake news, we always knew something was wrong with them.

Now we know. They technically aren’t human.

I wonder how hard CNN and MSNBC have to work, daily, to actually HIDE THE NEWS from Patriotic Americans?

Chris Cuomo (arriving home after a long day of News-Hiding) :

“Don’t bother me now, or I’ll send the whole lot of you back to the lab! Daddy’s been working like a Russian Whore trying to HIDE the news from these NOSEY freaking Americans!

Don’t they know? They aren’t supposed to actually KNOW what the news is! Gah! 

I’m supposed to be telling them WHAT to think!”

(Something like that.)

WOW! #FakeNews Media Refuses to Show MASSIVE CROWD OF SCREAMING SUPPORTERS Greeting Trumps in Texas (MUST SEE VIDEO)



Hack Kathy Griffin Says She’s Not Sorry for Trump Decapitation Pics – Then Goes After 11-Yr-Old Barron Trump

OK…I’m not pulling any punches here. This thing is a MAN.

We are officially at the “prove it isn’t” phase of this revelation. Look at that face. Only a dog could love that face, and that’s only because the dog knows which face brings the food.

Of course this creature isn’t sorry. It came from HELL.

It’s never going to be sorry for anything it does, because it’s literally a demon.

This is one of the reasons I cancelled my cable…because of  no-talent, hideous HACKS like this thing. .

Where’s the talent? I don’t see it.

Can you just see this thing, along with her crone and hag friends, gathered around a giant kettle, under a full moon, chanting rhymes and trying to put curses on people?

Casting her crappy spells all over Hollywood, with her frog legs, wool-of-bat, tongue-of-dog, pig’s feet, human hair, poop, semen and eye of newt soup?

Can’t you just hear the bubbling pot as the witch stirs the “soup” wth it’s  giant gnarly walking STICK and says things like:

Trumple Trumple…Boil and bubble…We don’t like you…get out on the double…

then she lets out a WILD, maniacal cackle, and the birds burst into flight to get away from the witch, and the coyotes run far away, and the bears tear back to their caves and CRY…even the cockroaches are terrified.

If ever there was a deranged, fantasy-driven psychopath, male or female, you’re looking at it.

Bet the farm there’s DEAD BODIES buried on this gender-bending witch’s property.

If you’re hoping that it will confess or ever have an ounce of remorse, you’re out of luck here.

You can find her under: CRAZY.

Move over Jeffrey Dahmer, there’s a new freak in town.




BAD NEWS for Professor Who Said Texas “Deserved” a Hurricane for Voting Trump!



It’s almost as if they think I give a rat’s azz about this loser.

Oh…wait a minute…I DO have an interest in him after all, now that I think about it. I’m extremely interested in seeing him get his azz beat, on an epic level.

Did that sound mean? Good.

Just look at this fruitcake and be very afraid, because this is the kind of nut-sack who’s teaching your kids!

If this doesn’t make you want to SAVE ALL OF THAT MONEY…and just start HOME SCHOOLING them…

I don’t know what will.

This guy, and every other teacher male or female (because I’m a feminist,) should be taken to a remote field…given a fair trial…and then sentenced to a massive, all-night  beating.

No exceptions!

I could go on and on about how utterly useless and brain damaging our schools are today…but I’ll let the photo of this TWERP speak for itself.

Is this who you thought was teaching your children or did someone pull a bait and switch on you? 




Now here’s something fun to watch on a rainy day…( “Davenheim house” is amazing!)

Have a great day!