TODAY’S NEWS: 👉 THURSDAY 👉September 28, 2017 🇺🇸

This thing appears to have escaped from the ZOO…and ended up on a Football team…

no surprise to me. This is why I avoid football, right here. 

Nice League You Got There=> NFL Player ‘P*sses’ On Trump in End Zone Celebration (Video)

What do you suppose this pre-historic knuckle-dragger has for breakfast?

Live squirrels?

Makes perfect sense because the back yard is going to be the first place he goes to “take care of his business” every morning.

I can see it him now, tearing the squirrel into pieces, tracking mud all over the kitchen floor, blood and squirrel fur all over his face, dragging the tail behind him with his paws,  tongue hanging out of his mouth, proud as can be…

looking for his CHEW-TOY to play with…

then settling down on his DOG BED in the corner, the only sounds in the room are his grunting and farting like a wild pig.



This is why I believe that some of these things, that are  calling themselves “people,” are actually animal hybrids. 

They took dog-parts and they cooked the dog parts into him (this looks like another CIA concoction) in their special people-ovens out there in California…

I’m sure if it!

I demand a DNA test immediately! 



PHILADELPHIA, PA – SEPTEMBER 24: Odell Beckham #13 of the New York Giants celebrates with Sterling Shepard #87 after scoring a touchdown in the fourth quarter against the Philadelphia Eagles at Lincoln Financial Field on September 24, 2017 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The Eagles defeated the Giants 27-24. (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)


I’m convinced that the reason they are acting like farm animals…is because they actually ARE farm animals. 

We have no idea what’s going on under those thick layers of poly-fiber uniform this creature has wrapped itself up in.

It could have FUR all over it’s thighs and cloven hooves.

We don’t know.

It could actually have a tail and another HEAD tucked somewhere inside all of that fiber…we don’t know.

We don’t even know if they put other animal parts in this recipe , because the CIA  is  literally composed of  flaming, raging psychopaths.

I am hoping that they had the foresight to build a special CAGE for this dog-thing, to keep it from getting out at night.

No doubt the number of missing people in the area, doubles every time that happens.

Someone call the ZOO.



Speaking of hybrids and the ZOO…

Bitter Michelle Obama: ‘Any Woman Who Voted Against Hillary Clinton Voted Against Their Own Voice’ (VIDEO)

OK…so many places to go here.

It’s like standing at the preverbal “fork in the road,” only there’s a whole bunch of roads there to choose from.

Where do I start?

Let’s start here:

What the hell does this  MAN know about being a woman?

As a matter of fact…what does this man-thing know about being a man?

In short: Go F%ck yourself Michael. 

If ever anything “escaped from a zoo” it’s this THING that Americans were FORCED TO LOOK AT for 8 long years!

(Hold onto your seat belts because I’m about to go off…)

This thing NEVER looked like a real woman from day one.

I remember so many thoughts going through my head, every time I had to look at this hideous creature;

“Good God she’s ugly. Who assaulted this poor, Big-foot looking lady with the ugly stick? Looks like they couldn’t stop swinging it at her, even though she was well past the “ugly” mark, they just kept beating and beating and beating.”

This hairy beast is so ugly she gives Freddy Kruger nightmares…


So ugly that when se walks into a bank they turn off the security cameras…


So ugly that when she walks into a Haunted House she comes out with a paycheck.


…but I digress.

Who’s going to tell this ugly, MAN-bytch that Americans can’t stand HIM?

Who’s going to tell this thing that we don’t EVER want to see HIS face again?

Worst Tranny EVER.





BREAKING: Trump Just Called Out the ‘Disrespecting’ NFL Again!


So the most amazing President ever, President Donald J Trump, issued a tweet, putting the NFL in it’s place…but I’m thinking this is going to be too late because these idiots are DUMB.

They don’t get it.

Let’s face it together as a country…they were too stupid to finish school. 

If you don’t believe me, look at this:

Clueless Green Bay Packers Invite Fans to JOIN Anthem Protest 


You see that? These mongrels are actually inviting the growing army of their HATERS to join them in their STUPIDITY!?!





These football idiots  have a grossly over-inflated opinion of their importance and I want to know where did that came from?

This is an entire bucket of dumb-azzery, as we’ve never seen before.

If you ever had any doubt that each one of these half-wits are a study in DUMB, here’s your evidence. 





I hate this guy. No…literally hate him.

Looking into his eyes is like looking into an empty warehouse. There’s nothing there.

No PERSON in there.

You can actually hear the echoing from the space that was left after they removed his human emotions.

Talk about flawed technology, he’s it.