TODAY’S NEWS: 👉 TUESDAY 👉October 31, 2017 🎃


(Above: Louise Brooks circa 1920s) 




ANTIFA Leader: “November 4th […] millions of antifa supersoldiers will behead all white parents”


“Super soldiers???”

Gee, I’ll make sure to buy a dozen boxes of Twinkies and Moon Pies for that day.

That way I can toss the food in the opposite direction as a deflection.

Maybe they’ll trample each other trying to get to them.

“Super Soldiers” huh?

“Behead white parents” huh?

Wouldn’t you just love to have been a fly on the wall as these gigantic LOSERS sat around in  their parent’s basement…

smoked crack, snorted meth and did shots of tequila…

in order to come up with trigger-style phrases like: “Super Soldiers” and “white parents?”

When do you think they settled on “Super Soldiers” to describe themselves…before or after they went to the International House of Pancakes and ordered everything on the menu?

When and why have “white parents” been targeted as opposed to “white people” or, the most loathed and despised of them all, “straight white males???”

Now they are going after (specifically) white parents?

What is WRONG with these retarded, out-of-shape, BRAIN-DEAD  idiots???

Am I scared?

NO…I hope they accidentally blow each other’s brains out. 








Auntie Maxine Waters Blames Russian Bots for Disrupting Town Hall and Hanging Posters Outside Venue

This scares me.

I wish people would STOP referring to this walking-talking MUMMY as “Auntie.”

Please stop this type of language… because I disavow any such relationship with this babbling California Raisin!

What’s she doing now? Speaking in tongues?

She’s not my Aunt!

Not only that, but I’m convinced she’s so dirty, that she’s preparing an insanity defense for herself…

when her off-shore accounts are exposed!

This OLD BAT is going to play “crazy” and she’ll use NEWS stories like this to prove her case! 

She’s just another Taxpayer funded Luciferian hair-ball!

This creature is no one’s “Auntie” and if she was, she would have been Baker-Acted long ago.

How much longer must we suffer through her?

Isn’t she about due for a LONG bouncy fall…down a solid marble staircase?



Leaked Email EXPOSES DNC BANNING Straight White Males from I.T. Department!

These 2 idiots look like crack dealers.

Can the DNC at least TRY to put up a front? It’s as if they went down to the ghetto and looked for the sleaziest perps they could find to fill these positions.

One can’t wait to start chopping off heads, while the other is dreaming of his crack pipe.

Where did they find these two? What do you suppose they did before they got into “politics?”

Insurance scams?

Carnival workers?


Porn hustlers?


The only thing missing from this photo are the orange outfits and the inmate ID numbers.

It says: “Sketchy.”

It says: Guilty.





Below: Rare, behind-the-scenes photo, of last years Democratic Convention…


I have NOT seen this movie (that I remember) because I used to watch these Lifetime things all of the time, while I worked on other projects.

I see the words “Murder” and “Based on a true story…”

which means the odds go UP that I’m probably going to like it.

Not “like it” the way you would a movie that you actually sat down and gave 100% of your attention to…

but “like it” in the sense that it doesn’t interfere with your other work, and yet it still manages to hold your interest, plus there are moments of long musical memories and stuff, so that you can leave the room and do other things for a while…

and you won’t REALLY miss any of the plot.

Judith Light is a plus…only because we know who she is and she hasn’t come out and bashed America or our beloved President Trump yet…


Boo! ( I see Masonic symbolism in the cartoons below! )


Masonic symbols everywhere here, including trans-humanism and many more things going on in the background. The dancing “Scepter-ghost” has meaning as well, and has been spotted in other older Masonic films, dealing with Illuminati initiations.

These cartoons indicate how creepy the Illuminati has always been.

Note the images in the background…



I’ve seen these episodes of the UK TV Series called “Thriller,” but can’t remember what each one is about…

I just know I enjoyed them all and they feature VERY YOUNG (before they were famous) stars like; Farrah Fawcet, Donna Mills, Haley Mills…and in this episode Judy Carne (she’s the “sock-it-to-me-girl from “Rowan and Martin’s Laugh-In.”)

The fashions and sets are amazing…


The episode below stars Johanna Petit. 

You will recognize her from a thousand 1970s hit prime-time shows like Colombo and Ironsides, but she was also the best friend to actress Sharon Tate, who was murdered by Charles Manson and “the Manson family,” while Tate was married to Roman Polanski…



Rosemary and Thyme:

Mystery grows around them…


they are serial killers and have gotten away with murder for all of these years.

I’ve seen all of these and love all of these episodes.