Here’s some True News…


So before I start talking about that HOGG kid again…

(because something needs to be done about him…)

Below: A video I created yesterday and the short story behind it…

As you probably know by now, if you come to this blog regularly or visit my youtube channel, I have been downloading the Q MEGA-MEME Drop (which is huge, and I will post a link below the video.)

In these folders, which were supposed to contain MEMES and GRAPHICS, that the Q Team (or someone working with the Q-Team) created, to HELP US, TRUTHERS…

as we try to wake everyone up!

These folders, however, are clues in themselves, and I am enjoying the task of opening them!

On March 13th, I downloaded and unzipped a folder called “Gillibrand.”

I know nothing about her, so I took a peek, and almost immediately came upon a MEME that stated, as fact, that her father was on the payroll of a Huge Sex Slave Ring, known for branding their victims and torturing them!

I really felt I needed to research this further before making the video…

then yesterday this happened…






As the world famous Charlie Chan would say…

“Somesing Wong.”

If only he could accidentally get tangled up in a dry cleaning bag, that someone accidentally laid over his face (while he was sleeping.)

If only.

If they turn out to be human, I plan on suing this kid and his entire family for Emotional Distress and having them arrested for Depraved Indifference, for inflicting this little turd on America.

High Treason if you ask me.

This mechanical little, Poly-foam Punk is set on “Annoy: Duration-Infinity…” 

and I’m thinking my great, great, great, great, great grandfather’s antique coal shovel might shut him up for a while…

at least until he could get his teeth replaced and his tongue stitched back together.

I don’t want to kill him or demolish his Hard Drive, or drain all his Black Goo or anything like that…

I just want to teach him how to shut up.

It’s to help him.

I’m 100% sure his tongue will grow back, and if not…the CIA can simply send to China for more tongues


Maybe one that has settings on it this time?

HIGH ON THE HOGG: Parkland Teen Hogg Refuses to Accept Laura Ingraham Apology – UNTIL SHE DENOUNCES FOX NEWS


HEY KID! I got your apology…right over here…but first, I’d like you to meet my great, great, great, great, great grandfather’s antique coal shovel!

The teeth come in packages of 10 sets, because this particular model is always getting it’s face punched in. The Polyfoam snaps right back into place, but the teeth always end up hopelessly smashed. They’re working out the kinks now.

I also feel this kid is somehow poisoning everyone around him with toxic gases and electromagnetic, nuclear, radio-active, poisonous gamma rays.

Somesing Wong.  




















MURDER follows these two tranny serial killers, as they take on “gardening jobs” and leave death and destruction in their wake…

(just kidding.)

BBC Production about 2 female gardeners who solve crimes. They are like Jessica Fletcher, but there’s 2 of them. Everywhere they go people get killed.

I watched these yesterday, and always find them pleasant and entertaining, with a low-level of brainwashing content, mostly focused on planting seeds (so to speak) for people to ACCEPT immigration.

There’s mild shaming implied ,for people who won’t accept hoards of un-vetted savages taking over their streets, spreading disease, raping women and children and pooping all over the place, but otherwise they seem to be focused on turning people into alcoholics, and giving them heart disease related to over indulgence in pastries.

I like this show, but watch it knowing full well that Europe has been completely trashed, and is NOTHING like it is in this series, unless you’re drowning in money.

That said…





Here’s some other interesting stuff…



This is AMAZING! Great pay-off at the end!


Really interesting interview with Marilyn at Milton Green (the photographer) and his wife’s cabin. Marilyn looks like she’s nodding out on drugs. Looks like she can barely keep her eyes open sometime and you can hardly hear her.

Very interesting.



I really love this guy. He seems so upbeat and he mostly works with older women. He loves his mom so much, and has devoted a video to her, that will make you love her too. She works as a “dresser” ie: Clothing Consultant, in his salon.




Watch LIZ put on her own makeup…



Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Try not to do too much of THIS…