Do you have epic dumbasses in your life, who, coincidentally, happen to call themselves  “Democrats” or “Liberals,” but in reality have NO CLUE how the concepts of COMMUNISM and Liberalism DIFFER?


Do they look at you with DUMBASS FACES that seem to say:

“Anderson Cooper told us that you’re a Nazi and we can’t figure out why…but we’re NOT going to let you SPEAK because Anderson told us to shut you down and didn’t give us any talking points.”


I’ve convinced myself (lately) that this is the real reason for the second amendment…

“dumbass culling.”


Oh how, oh how, oh how…

am I supposed to keep from HURTING these people who are this incredibly DUMB?

Gee Willikers…did these colossal IDIOTS sleep through high school or did their parents simply drop them onto the floor (in a drunken stupor) just one too many times? Which is it? Because the brain tissue inside of these creature’s skulls has literally melted away like cotton candy!

I’m thinking a baseball bat to the head could be a good thing for these idiots. 

I don’t mean to hurt them or anything like that…just to wake them up…for their own good.


There’s nothing like being stuck at a table full of SHEEP with glazed eyes… the eyes that are holding a thousand questions…

questions that they REFUSE to ASK you because Anderson POOP-EATER ordered them to SHUT Trump supporters down.

All so they don’t have to listen to all of the CONSPIRACY THEORIES about Anderson Cooper’s BOY raping and his Walnut Sauce! 

I was reminded of these people yet again,when I saw that (moose look-alike) Whoopie Goldberg had thrown Judge Jeanine off of the VIEW.

Why won’t someone send Whoopi a bouquet of BEE HIVES?

Just as a joke…not to hurt her or anything.

These people.

Oh…by the way…we’re still winning, and I’m not tired of it.

Have a great Monday!