TODAY’S NEWS: 👉 THURSDAY 👉August 31, 2017 🇺🇸

Here’s what happened on Twitter this morning…

So here’s the FREAK OF NATURE who criticized the First Lady, Melania Trump’s SHOES, while Melania was on a Hurricane Relief mission.

No doubt “Madam Butterfly” couldn’t make the hurricane relief efforts, because “she” was at home sitting on her fat horrendous azz, eating Bon Bon’s shaped like Panda Bears, laying up in BED, in her HOUSE-coat of many colors, watching All My Children reruns and waiting for her drug dealer to arrive.

There’s something terribly dark in this thing’s past, you can tell by the psychotic attempt to be relevant, coupled with the Cirque de Soleil aesthetics.

Crazy Town USA.

This look says: “Stay away or I will stab you in the neck and eat you with some fava beans and a nice chianti.” 

I have no idea what this thing’s gender is and won’t even attempt a guess at it, lest I get arrested by “Antifa” (snark) for picking the wrong thing!

Besides, when you look like this…WHO CARES what your gender is?

Your only thought, is to get as far away from it as you can,  before the psychological meltdown takes place.

She looks like she’s seconds away from murdering her family,  going on a tri-state shopping spree, then driving to the county DUMP. swallowing a bottle of  Oxycontin, and blowing her own brains out.

If, in fact, it is a “she.” We don’t know, and I contend there could be anything under there.

Of COURSE it’s a contributor to VOGUE magazine! You can’t tell what the heck it is!

VOGUE: A safe-space for demonic trannies, clones and AIs, to howl at the moon and prepare for the arrival of the Anti-Christ.


It looks a little like a Merkel clone doesn’t it?

Something’s terribly wrong with it.



Just look at that shoe on the right.

She just KONKED flat out! Like she was DEAD!

Media silent. 

Kill the media. Cancel your cable. Hit them where it hurts.



So this happened on Twitter this morning too…

So this tweet reminds me of a  weeding experience I had last week.

I was pulling and pulling on some rather large weeds, and they simply would NOT give. So I starting moving the stalks all around in circles, and leaning backwards as far as I could, putting all of my body weight into it.

Pretty soon I could feel some of little roots starting to snap and give way.

This sound and vibration, grew, as more little roots began to break under the constant pressure.  The sound became louder and I could feel the earth giving way.

By just leaning back and continuing those circular motions with the stalks, the entire root system, under the dirt, began to break apart, and soon the dirt began to well up and a huge mass of root-age came up with it!

This thing was SO thick, so complicated and so intertwined, that you couldn’t make any sense out of it. It was FAT with sub-networks of thin, medium and large, tangled and intertwined roots, upon roots, upon more roots.

I stared at it for the longest time and tried to visually sort through it and found it impossible to do.

That’s when I started thinking about the swamp in DC and all of the sludge that must be at the bottom of it clogging up the “drain.”

Like the “root,” it’s been there for a long period of time, and has been growing thousands of tiny sub-roots, all tied to the “system” of the swamp-WEED.

Think about our President in the middle of one of those things…trying to find his way out.

After thinking about it for a while I thought:

That’s why it’s taking a little longer than expected. Trump had to configure a most epic,  5-D, International, Master Class, All-Star-level, feng shui, 12-sided polygon-kind of solution.

I have not ONE doubt it’s well under way.

If I learned just ONE thing last year it was this:

Never underestimate President Donald J Trump.




Trump DERANGEMENT Syndrome…


Here’s more Democratic, bought and paid for, Trump Derangement Syndrome in full effect…



HERE’S what the #FakeNewsMedia has devolved into…








Here’s where Trump Derangement Syndrome gets scary.

You don’t know what the HELL these things are. Not at all.

This is serious folks. They are trying to print people out on 3-D printers!

These award ceremonies elevate the term “psychopath” to entirely new levels and these are the freaks who are “in on it!”

They know who the 3-D printouts are.

They know which Hollywood starlets…have a schlong.

They know which hunky male actors have vaginas.

They know who the witches and the pedos are.

They know who the clones are.

They all channel DEMONS.

These things are raging flaming psychopaths, all gathered together for one event, in the name of SATAN.

No…we don’t want to watch you get fake “awards,” you blood-sucking werewolves.

This has got to be the worst of the worst, when it comes to mindless blather, designed solely for the purpose of destroying your brain tissue.

Dear God…where’s my gun?

These demonic things (whatever they are) are actually hypnotizing today’s youth into worshipping Satan!

Q: MTV Awards Show anyone?

A: Not even if someone had a gun in my mouth threatening to blow my brains out.





Here’s something for fun…


Have a great day!