Since when has there ever been an election like this one?

I’ll answer, because I worked at CNN for 17 years and freelanced at every major news network after I left…

so I have lived though my fair share of elections.

I’ve never seen anything even remotely like this.

The implications of it were frightening to begin with, because by this time, many people had been red-pilled by the sheer audacity of Barry’s language and his free and easy usage of executive orders.

Then there were the ALARMING red flags, such as the mass importation of refugees  (basically shipping The War in the Middle East over HERE into our BACK YARDS…)

…the knowledge that they are trying to slowly kill us with chemicals in our food and water…

…Barry Soetoro’s announcement that by 2024, America would be the “largest Muslim Nation in the World…”

…the TORCHING of LIVE CATTLE by the FBI, land grabs…


FEMA CAMPS, GUILLOTINES and murders, murders, MURDERS…


Now you have a FEARFUL, PARANOID public, looking, desperately for a way out, that begins to discover all of the escape routes are BLOCKED…

except one. 

Cookie anyone?


Then there was the horrible realization that someone was turning the entire Democratic Party into Post-Menepausal BIMBOS and HIMBOS…

who appear to be taking the side of Terrorists and Pedophiles!

It’s been insanity from the get-go.

At the same time it was the “Campaign of a Lifetime.” 

It was the BEST of times and the most FRIGHTENING of times, but it was also a time for US.

Those of us who experienced this pivotal MOVEMENT at the exact right time in history will never forget it…

and I hope no one ever has to go through this again.

We pulled together as patriots and got to know and respect this man, our new President, Donald Trump, and each other.

Who can ever forget? He’s the President who gave us “Lock Her Up…”



When has this ever happened?


This is a man who Americans have continually bonded with, because he put himself out there in the line of fire as I have never seen anyone do in my life, and he did it all FOR THE LOVE OF HIS COUNTRY AND IT’S PEOPLE. 

Far-Left, CIA-programed, Zombies will never appreciate that fact, because their brain tissue has most likely been hardened beyond repair.

We love him because we knew we were in a snake pit, and President Donald Trump came along and offered us a stick.

He tried to warn us during some of his first rallies, about the battle ahead, by dropping breadcrumbs like:

“These are REALLY BAD people folks.”


“This is some wild stuff! These are bad people. This is way out there folks!” 

As  campaign managers, and other people on his team, came and went, his rhetoric toned down on these matters and became aimed more towards other issues like jobs and “the wall.”

He stopped talking about the “really bad people,” probably because someone told him: “Don’t go there.”

It seemed as though he was saying that these people were much worse than than we knew . 

After the Wikileaks drop, the pieces began to fall into place, and I began to see what President Trump had been talking about in those early days.

Then I knew, that Donald Trump knew, about everything…ALL OF IT.  

Fast forward to Q-Anon. For those who don’t know, the Q in the screen name represents the highest level government security clearance.

I’ve been watching the Q-Anon phenomena unfold in real time, and once again, The God Emperor, who is simply The Best President Ever...continues to blow me away.

Since I don’t frequent 8Chan or 4Chan, I was unaware of the new Q-Level Anonymous poster until a few weeks after they (because I do believe it is a group) started dropping breadcrumbs, but I was extremely interested because I had followed the first two Anonymous posters (Anon and Mega-Anon,) who I believed were real, and wrote an article about it on another blog.

For those who aren’t aware, there has been anon activity on the Chan Boards this whole time. The posters claimed to be currently working in the government, and shared information that seemed to verify what they were saying. Both Anons reassured the online blogging/truther community, that there WERE WHITE HATS IN THE GOVERNMENT FIGHTING THE DEEP STATE TAKEOVER. 

ENTER: Q-Clearance Anon

I wasn’t sure about Q-Anon until they released a timestamped photo of North Korea, taken from AirForce One, at the time President Trump would have been passing over it, and it was taken ON the President’s route. 

That’s good enough for me…but it got better once Q Anon began to establish themselves.

Here’s a brief rundown on Q-Anon, from Issac Green’s Channel called Anti-School. He has a great channel and you should check out all of his videos on Q-Anon, because he’s been following closely.


Here’s an Anti-School upload from today…


Here’s Tracy Beanz. She began investigating Q-Anon and title her videos:

“Q clearance Anon- Is it happening ”

She numbers her videos 1- (whatever the number of the last video she made is…) and you can get a blow by blow unfolding of these awesome events, that are taking place now…



My favorite type of channel, for getting Q-Anon information, are channels produced by former Military, Special Ops, CIA, FBI etc…

Here are 3 GREAT sources of Q-Info:



Retired Marine : Steve Motley…


Col. Roy Potter…


EVERYONE has a piece of the puzzle.


Jordan Sather: Destroying The Illusion…



If you read this article, on David Seaman’s website FULCRUM NEWS, you will see the extraordinary events that have been taking place this Christmas season, as foretold by Q-Anon, who has now been verified by Trump and the Department of Defense.

Link Here :




Black Conservative Patriot…


QAnon 4chan 8chan…


SGT Report


AllSeeingEye Watcher…


More Verification that Q is REAL from Dustin Nemos:


Q-ANON: The Talk of INFO WARS…

I’m sure I’ll locate more channels to add to this blog post. What I’m trying to do is put what I consider to be the best sources here.

For the record, I believe Q-Anon is more than one person. I believe this was planned in advance as a way to accomplish several things:

  1. Let Patriots know what was happening. People were getting restless and the outside appearance was that of chaos and ineffectiveness.
  2. Send messages out to Patriots and third party players…messages within messages.
  3. Give the Truther Community breadcrumbs to stimulate effective research in focused areas.
  4. Utilize the alternative media community, in order to start spreading the truth, because MSM is FAKE.
  5. Release dis-information.
  6. Give Patriots a chance to be a part of “The Great Awakening.” Putting us all to work, so we can help to MAGA.

We won.

We won because we posted and memed for our lives.


We won because no matter what they did we turned it around on them.


We won because we had unbridled passion.


We won because we had FUN.


We won because we LOVE our President.


We won because we’re more creative than their blood-drinking, baby murdering team.


And now this wonderful mystery called “Q,” is asking for our help.

Does it get any better than this?

It’s literally like living in a SPY NOVEL.

MAGA 2018!



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  1. Beautifully written summary of 2017 & Q Anon… I also think Q is teaching normies how to think again; After being programmed to be monolithic, robotic tools of the NWO, they need to learn how to use their muzzled skills, like Critical Thought.

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