🇺🇸 👉 WEDNESDAY 👉 January 10, 2018 🇺🇸 #NOprah #TwitterRant #Whoreywood

Good Afternoon Deplorables! 



This is a smile that says:

“Hi! I’m going to kill you and keep your head in the freezer to play with later.”

Crackpot Democrat Governor Warns There Are Only 59 Days Left to Save the World from Global Warming

Here’s what he meant to say:

“There are only 59 days left to save my ass from bankruptcy!

Typical psycho Democrat. They all look minutes away from a shooting spree or a gender change, take your pick.

This is why I think that Democrats should be rounded up and placed in camps for a while. I don’t mean concentration camps, or anything like that…

I just mean camps with armed guards and barbed wire everywhere, so they can’t do anything too stupid, or escape and try to blend in with the rest of us again. 

It’s like “The Night of the Living Dead.”

The more time that passes…

the more I hate their faces…

(only in a joking way.)

Sending them “to camps” would be a win / win for everyone. They could get the help they need and the extra bonus of no rent…

plus they’d be with other dumbasses, so they wouldn’t have to listen to us mock them.

You would think they would like that. 

Meanwhile, we don’t have to worry about them voting, because clearly they should never be allowed to vote again. 

Sadly, they don’t have what it takes.

Many have chronic brain hardening from watching too much Kardashians, which has been scientifically proven to cause a deadly fungus, and could require experimental cranial surgery. 

Who better to donate their brains to science , then idiot Democrats?






















Hope everyone has a great evening!