1. And listen to this craziness of this sick Bill Maher “Billy Red Shoes” :
    Bill Maher warns “we’re losing” the concept of free speech: “I don’t like Alex Jones, but Alex Jones gets to speak” – ahahahah !!!! They are all starting to be so ridiculous…!

  2. Hi Linda, one thing about Alex being Bill Hicks is Bill’s eyes were dark brown but Alex’s are light blue. I guess it could be a simple matter of contacts.

    • Hi Garry…

      I was on the fence about it until I found some OLD photos of Alex Jones…and I swear it’s him…lol.

      Plus…this was in the Q Mega-Memes…I never heard of it before…

      but the information about Jones kept piling up…and when I checked the Q folder…Bill Hicks was in there.

      So far the Memes have the same track record that Q does…because it’s mostly memes and info ECHOING or ADDING to what’s in the Q post…

      I’m still not 100% sure it’s him…but I went from 60% >>> to 98% after seeing that old photo…

      I’m going to write a short article about it…


  3. Welcome to all the new viewers, try the deplorable chat room for some engaging snarkastic chats with like minded deplorables…

    • ….now this looks just plain dumb…i clicked on “reply” to Elizabeth, and it posted as a new comment….sigh…

    • still a few kinks in the comment section…but the chat room is cozy…and user friendly…

  4. Hey Linda,Love your site and yt.Regarding aj,his guy isn’t the real AJ who was an actual guy and they tried to copy him but I new the differenence way back in 1998.The real Alex Jones was very handsome and asking very uncomfortable questions on his show.Have a good day


  5. Linda,… you just crack me up with your “ballsiness”! You go girl!!! Such a joy to hear/read opinions that are so similar to mine. That’s the same reason we all LOVE our POTUS!! He talks like us!! Certainly appreciate all the work you put into all your sites. I had put a link on your ‘Alex Jones’ video, but just went back to find the link again and found there are a cazillion videos on him being/not being Bill Hicks so folks have a lot of info to pick from. Wonder why they attacked you in particular?? Maybe they just don’t like you?? 😀 BTW,… who is the rapper?… never heard anybody rapping re: Q. On the other hand, there have been plenty of whiners! Egads!!
    PS – take some time to get plenty of sleep on that new bed! Love to Truman!

  6. Deplorable Snarky Linda , I love the way you present your videos which makes me smile even when the material is gross. I think its important to be able to present uncomfortable facts in a way that does not impact ones energy in a negative way and you have a talent for doing that. I have watched the occasional video by Alex Jones in the past. Even when his intention was to uncover what msm was hiding I didn’t like how it effected me. What I didn’t like was the energy with which he presented the show, I felt it agitated me and I don’t like that so I switch off when I feel that coming on whatever channel I watch , similar to what you get when you watch fake news media. Mark Taylor refers to this as the frequency of Satan . The final Straw with AJ was when he flew into a rage because Potus sent the bombers into Syria and his F-Trump. He clearly didn’t understand this was part of the plan and then he went on to discredited Q.
    I would recommend following Bruce Figert. He is such a gentle soul and brilliant at decoding Q. Also the X22 report covers the unfolding “Plan” brilliantly and decodes Q posts. Peace and God Bless

  7. youtube is definately polarizing.But in fairness to YT where else can one go to watch old episodes of Mystery science theatre 3000.Or Grand Funk live stuff from the 1970s.Or old westerns or basically anything from Munsters to Addams family etc.It is one gigantic repository for anything video and very obscure and nowhere to be found.In that regard i love YT,i only got involved in the AWOKE stuff in past year.And even while watching that sort of thing i knew it was gonna go bye bye.The political Zionist will have no part of SHEEPLE hearing that anti GREAT WORK TALK!I commend you Mike for having the know how and talent and ball to host the anti vaccine/ati MSM voices.Yes there are channels i follow like scariest movie ever or RFB etc etc.But honestly Alex needs to dial his rudeness and rants back a notch or two.the libtards see him and it casts dispersion on others are insane and complety stupid.Is he controlled opposition and taking one for the team to erode the 1st amendment,i don’t know.All i know he creates alot of fearmongering,i watched a infowars bit about ANTIFA and the way it was presented i thought there was gonna be a real shootout in AUSTIN.

  8. youtube has kicked me off twice or permanent ban i will fight it again they say copyright issues but they don’t like when i support the president they don’t like my comments especially when i use the term SNOWFLAKE TUBE and the don’t like all my sub’s .DEPLORABLE ROBERT IS IN THE HOUSE.

  9. Not sure what is fact vs fiction, but I have enjoyed your YouTubes and thus will follow you on other venues.


  10. Vlogs are good. YouTube is slowly killing itself. #massmigration. First time here. Very nice layout friend.

  11. Miss deplorable,
    I am an Aussie who discovered you a bit ago and boy oh boy are you on the right track!
    All the research you have been doing is just clarifying what I have come across the last 12 months or so!
    Prayers go out for you and for absolute safety for you and Truman.
    God Bless,

  12. I really enjoyed this “vlog” it was very informative as well as truthful. Please keep up the good work and your honest enthusiasm! Sincerely, Diane!

  13. Linda P… I look forward to you snarky videos !!! YOU ARE AWESOME AND WE LOVE YOU. GOD BLESS

  14. Hey Linda, the Communist flying tech monkeys of the Left are reaching through my phone, not allowing me to view your video. Must be over the target. Keep up the great, snarky work!

  15. Hi Linda, I love your snarky intelligent commentary. I was your first contributor on Patreon, so I got your back. LoL I think it’s great that your changing platforms to stay a step ahead of the bastards. keep up the great work


  16. Congratulations Linda! The WORLD hates you and it hated Jesus first! Jesus says you are in good company (UNDERSTATEMENT!) What a PROFOUND proof and THEY provided the proof! Q is correct, How stupid!

  17. Linda you are the snarky deplorable BEST! AJ was wearing me out with his constant fear mongering rants and I totally stopped watching him after his horribly disrespectful “F-Trump” rant. You’re spot on that Alex is Bill Hicks…besides having the same teeth, facial layout and mannerisms, they also have the exact same micro dimples that randomly appear near the lower corners of his mouth. Only God can create dimples that work! I actually remember the original AJ and he didn’t have the pudgy Pillsbury doughboy face of Hicks. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR WHAT YOU DO!!!!! Love horses, my husband had three Peruvian Pasofinos and several minis.

  18. makes total sense…good deduction
    he has been paid opposition
    what happened to you totally illustrates that he is ‘corrupt’
    too bad because he really helped the movement
    I really like some of his other hosts like David Knight.
    Good reporting Linda!! ♥

  19. Hi Linda I am Denise K from Wisconsin. I just love your channel and thanks for being you. It is amazing.

  20. Linda,


    That title, your work, it’s gotta have a super duper feeling being spot on,
    with the back lash… you’re right, “kicking” him off yet defending him.
    A BIG FAT HMMMP!… it’s a ruse.

    Finding that particular HR bill, the money for ALT NEWs solidified so much!

    …if you desire to get a wider audience using a video platform,
    to pull more people towards your blog,maybe
    haha, that’s if you dare try – cause owner Adams hosts infowars there
    so the whiner shouldn’t be…and Mike has been on AJ show/a substitute too.
    Might one find they censor too?

    Gotta be a lot of money required in starting up a video format competing with U tube.
    … wondering where one could get the funding for that adventure… heh

  21. God Bless your work in uncovering Truth! Your my favorite dose of truth in the movement of Q by far. I follow others with caution. God is going to use you in a mighty way!

  22. ….yeah, i was wondering that too…how come THIS one about AJ got the sting….BTW…i never saw that particular YT notice before…how it was “identified as blah, blah…” and then we were GIVEN THE OPTION TO PROCEED…!!! now, that’s different….one CAN PROCEED….instead of YT just deleting it….so, the vid is still there…people just can’t comment….makes me go “hmmmmmm…”

    ….you are special afterall…. 😀

  23. Linda….can you please post the correct link for the meme site??? The link you have on all your video’s description boxes is only for ONE folder. With 11 files. I have asked repeatedly, and I am beginning to wonder
    if you aren’t responding for a reason. This is the 6th time I’ve left messages for you about it….no response. Why not??? If I’ve missed your response, I apologize. Where are the rest of the thousands of updated memes you spoke of when the first one was taken down? Thanks.

    • You know what Misty R?

      I’m going to ignore your rudeness and your assumption that I have NOTHING ELSE TO DO but NAVIGATE out of a folder FOR YOU….

      and I’m going to go ahead and NAVIGATE out of the folder for you.

      Everyone ELSE managed to NAVIGATE out of the ONE FOLDER by USING THE NAVIGATE BACK ARROW at the top OF THE PAGE…

      you’re the ONLY one who hasn’t been able to figure it out.

      Yes…you have to NAVIGATE out of the FOLDER…let me do that FOR you because I’m not BUSY ENOUGH…!XtNhURSb!1Mdrvt-Y_onBw5VlFDRdCQ!TwtjWLJb


    • Yes, Misty R, you’ve been rude and this is not nice at all, regarding someone who does it all !!! What do you have to offer on your side ???

  24. I love it!!!! Your research, hard work, and honesty make’s me so happy. Glad you are awake.

  25. I love the vlog. You should do more of them. But I would really miss the mega meme digs, which I have found nobody else doing! I was able to find your twitter account and follow you

  26. Was pumped when I saw what YT did. Seems you’re the only one who’s connected the dots. Q gave us the memes for a reason. Time for the fun to begin! Do it!

  27. Alex Jones/Bill Hicks is their desperate card right now, because most of the populations of the world do not trust MSM and then, they wanted to attract attention to their asset, whom is unknown for many many people…! In France, I can still watch your excellent video : ANGRY RANT_Q ANON IS REAL_ALT NEWS IS FAKE_ALEX JONES IS BILL HICKS, but it is non shareable now, and all the comments are gone. On Twitter I gave you a link on a video about the Jones/Hick topic. But I was following Truth and Art TV – Bernie SUAREZ who was doing a good job on the Q Posts. But to my immense surprise, suddenly, he was believing that A. Jones account was shut down !!! I left him a comment, he didn’t reply, and this morning he was praising Alex Jones, the fighter ! Meanwhile Notice MSM Has YET to Ask the Simple Question? (start at 10:40). Hmmm, very strange…!

  28. Definitely want to know who received that money! FOIA expert anyone? Bill, Rapper, Whiner (lol), and who else?

  29. I like doing the VLOG because It’s much less work (no open animation…no closing…no graphics…FAST RENDERING…)


    Expect more of these, because they are going to try to KICK ME OFF OF YOUTUBE by CREATING “MULTIPLE INFRACTIONS…”

    and I am going to try to DEFLECT them by exercising “COMPLIANCE.”

    ; )

  30. I agree with you 100%, I left you a message on your Twitter account. Yes, please, continue the series on Alex Jones, it is sad that so many Q followers with big following on Twitter have swalled this black pill = utmost lie !!!

    • Hi Elisabeth!
      Thank you!
      I started this blog in anticipation of this day…I wanted to have a back up plan and then a back up plan, for the back up plan!

      Everything has been in place for a year. I’m amazed I haven’t been forced to do this sooner because I literally talk about anything I want to!


      YouTube didn’t find it offensive when I posted my video accusing GEORGE BUSH OF MURDER…

      yet they find suggesting ALEX JONES is a FAKE is offensive!!!

      Funny how (of all of the videos I’ve created) the ALEX JONES video is the video that got the reaction!!!

      Things that make you go hmmmm….
      ; )

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