Who these people with the RED SHOES really are, what they have in common with each other and how they use the “red shoes” in MK Ultra Mind control, isn’t quite as clear.

Do they regularly sacrifice (murder) children? In my opinion, absolutely. They kill children regularly  and do much worse to them, as they climb up the ladder.

Do they make the shoes out of one of their victims? In my opinion YES…but which victim? The FIRST? The 100th? Victim 666?

I’m NOT trying to make you SICK…but you HAVE to consider WHO these people are…

Do you have to skin the child yourself, while it’s still alive and eat the organs?

Are these people TRAFFICKERS for the elite ( perhaps one of the biggest, world-wide trafficking rings in the history of the “deep state” NWO) and they are given the shoes as a reward at some kind of ceremony?

I would submit to you, that when you’re talking about this level of “The NWO” that the shoes have more meaning than simply “you sacrificed a child and had shoes made from the skin.”

These people are sacrificing babies and little children all year round. There’s a Satanic sacrifice every month or two for some reason or another, depending on the cult. They are wearing these shoes all over Hollywood. The Rothschilds aren’t passing them out to everyone.

Are these elite “red shoe people” Satanic Priests of some kind? Do their bloodlines go back the Mystery School or the roots of Freemasonry?

Got any ideas?

More videos on this subject to come. Much like the WALNUT SAUCE… I need to know the answer and I believe we will get it, sooner or later.



Jimmy Savile and the 9th Circle





  1. Linda: Your research is superb. Perhaps this is why you are not writing books at this time and living in a better environment. I do believe in one door closes and a window opens. I’m certainly grateful to the Universe for putting you here.

    There is a video from SGTreport.
    Many statements you have made in this video can be substantiated in the video by SGTreport (8/20/18) — “The Rabbit Hole Is Much Darker and Far More Sinister Than You Imagined”. This is a video of Fiona Barnett, a former trafficked child who speaks of many Hollywood and politicos who abused her — Ted Turner, Meryl Streep, Nicole Kidman and her father, Anthony, as well as Richard Nixon. She maintains that the CIA has always been involved with child trafficking all over the world and is responsible for developing MK Ultra. Bloodlines are also addressed and she says her bloodline originated from the Nazis. There is so much more in this video so I urge everyone to watch it for confirmation and illumination.

  2. Thank your for your work, again and again, Linda Paris !!!

    It’s a peatty, that your are not able to speak German. You could find so much more.

    As the time farytails were told in Europe, they had the function like blogs as yours. They were often warnings and news for adults and not told for kids.
    Like for example “Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf” and much more from the brothers Grimm.

    In fact, if one reads these reports, one will discover much more, than is shown in the Films.

    Many, what is very serious, made Hollywood and Disney so shallow that we should think it is for kids or childish or dull.

    In my childhood we read books from Karl May. He was misscredited as a lier and after the WW part 2 there were made films about his “stories” which pulled the knowledge of all his reports into a stupid corner. But, those who read with passion his tails about the orient, Balkan, Asia and Islam, are able to see what happend with other eyes.

    Let us remember, the statement of independence is written in German. I guess, this language has more to discover as we could imagine, so for, we Germans have to be wiped out, like the Goths in Europe before. In America are many people who haver roots to Germany, even Donald Trump and we haven’t had not only 12 years in our history and many who set their lifes to fight against the bad wolf … like for example Schiller 😉

    All the best for you, Truman and your work,


  3. Such demonic forces you’re unearthing…
    proves satan exists, which in turn proves God.
    Thus, we must (as good of God) fight evil.
    Being all PC and such, will not beat out the darkest of dark,
    such an ugly evil we can’t even imagine how horrific…
    Free will, one can choose evil or good.

    The world got to be so very loathing dark because,
    good people did nothing, forgetting about God, forgetting good choices…

    a very short clip, compilation of evil within our every.

    Linda, thanks for keeping on~!

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