New Blog Feature: Greasy McStain FAKE-DEATH POLL…

Happy Monday PATRIOTS!


AT the risk of being called SNARKY AND INAPPROPRIATE…

I’m going to suggest that old GREASY McStain FAKED his “brain tumor” to avoid ANYTHING LIKE “consequences” for his LIFETIME OF TREASON and selling AMERICA OUT!

So, in recognition of  “The Mystery of No-Name McStain…”

I decided to learn how to create (inappropriate) POLLS for the BLOG! YAY! 

(It’s a little hard to read, but it’s my first poll.)

Right now I’m trying out the FREE POLL SERVICE…from POLL DADDY…

because this guy is such a repulsive, lying POS…

well…it just seemed like the thing to do!

If you guys like these polls I can invest a whopping $30 a year and get all kinds of OTHER (FUN) features with the polls, so let me know how you like this!

I set it up so that people can NOT “repeat vote,” to keep the numbers pure…but you can leave comments and make multiple choices.

POLLS: I think they could be fun!

So what do you think? Did the wretched old TOAD just UP AND DIE right when the biggest DROPS are about to come crashing down on his ODD-SHAPED head?

Do you believe in coincidences?


NOTE: I also meant to write that the clone was IN the coffin…IN the coffin…not ON the coffin…

but this is my first poll.

Next time (if this one works) I’ll focus more on the spelling.

14 thoughts on “New Blog Feature: Greasy McStain FAKE-DEATH POLL…

  1. trying again! Comment didn’t take so I’ll leave out the link.

    My “other” vote provided last entry,
    because it is full of wonderful info for us to chew on…

    “Disdain for McCain…”

    Cheers on you Linda, for the outstanding poll.
    It provides a humorous outlet for our distain for the stain.
    In time we too will all heal.

    Love to you, sister~!

  2. Hope is what keeps us going- hope we can leave a better world for kids & grandkids.My hope is this political parasite is D E A D- but I guess I can settle for never having to yell at him bulls***ing us on the TV screen again.TY for your great work.

  3. Good morning…

    As a former USAF vet, in SAC during the war, we lost many air crews in SE Asia, several ended up in the infamous Hanoi Hilton POW internment facility. I have mixed feelings regarding John McCain, his USN career as an aviator and POW.

    I am deeply involved in the VA healthcare system, where sentiments run the full spectrum from collaborator to hero. Some lionize his courage…others villify his deceitful complicitity. I don’t know how I would react in that scenario, would I adhere bravely to the UCMJ and resist…maybe…or would I holler calf rope after the first or second toenail or crushed testicle…dunno…

    What I do know is I voted for and donated to his campaign for president, because of Sarah Palin. We had done an oil deal in Alaska years before when, Sarah was on the Oil and Gas commission in Alaska, I was impressed with her knowledge of very technical subject material, preparation and her professional presence…the balance of the board were atypical self serving bureaucrats…she voted against us on a technicality, our group lost. In retrospect it was probably a blessing in disguise, my luck, I would have been a boney snack for a grizzly bear on the Kenai peninsula.

    John McCain in my humble opinion was a classic RINO politician, duplicitous, self serving, who caused more problems than solutions, throughout his checkered career. His chair on the Senate Armed Forces committee is now filled by Oklahoma Senator Jim Inhofe, a personal friend and poker player for decades, and staunch conservative.
    Jim is also a dick…but he is our dick…and not a RINO…

    John McCain…Rest in Peace, only God knows the eventual outcome.

    live and let live…

  4. Hi Linda … Good Monday Morning … He rolled over, not in his grave, but for the Federal Government, so that his loved ones would be left alone and not have to go through the embarrassment that would have eventually prevailed.

    He’s in Gitmo. And all of his rat buddies will be looking for him, once they arrive. Just my professional opinion.

    In his last photo’s he still had hair on his head and seemed to recognize his surroundings. It, also, appeared that he had rational conversation and had decision making ability. Very odd for someone with brain cancer, at the end of his time.

  5. I read yesterday he was with baraba bush (not dead) on the bushes farm in Paraguay. We know they bought it last year. No extridition. George didn’t tie into the local water supply.

  6. i’ve had two relatives die of brain cancer. their last many months they were very confused.

    • Hi Julie!
      I saw that…and I really LOVE Sarah Ashcraft and follow her…and use her knowledge in my videos!

      I went a head and made the poll anyway because it’s anyone’s guess at this point. She could be right! Wouldn’t surprise me at all if that’s exactly what happened.

      My mind has gone in many different directions…because “we see all we hear all” leads me to believe that there will be NO “faked deaths!”

      I guess we’ll have to wait…as Sarah says…until the “show” is over.

      I HOPE she’s right!

      Thanks for your comment!


      • Hi Linda,
        When the show is over I hope we get to know everything. I hear they may not tell us everything because civilization would fall apart because of what we have done to other countries by causing wars, etc.

        They need to have an open casket showing at the White House!

  7. I have said all along that the old bastard is not dead, he was just given a hall pass. Same thing is going to happen with Killary Klinton! Fake deaths will abound for a few older criminals over the next 5 years.

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