What happened at the STANDARD HOTEL on “PURPLE NIGHT” in 2010???



It just struck me, as I was uploading these Mega-Memes, that NiF is “FiN ( as in Finnish…from Finland) spelled BACKWARDS…

Could also mean FIN (as in “the end”) if it was a place to buy snuff films!

If Adam Schiff has anything to do with “snuff films” being made, or even turning a blind eye to such a thing…

I can’t think of enough punishment!


  1. No u r right. Life will never be the same!!! Pray Without Ceasing as God is rescuing these children that are alive. Trump is doing wat he said he would do and the Q plan is outstanding. Linda something is wrong. I’m new and have only commented twice & both times it says my comments were a duplicate. It’s not don’t understand since I’m new & I’m not techy.

  2. No u r right. Life will never be the same!!! Pray Without Ceasing as God is rescuing these children that are alive. Trump is doing wat he said he would do and the Q plan is outstanding.

  3. Mc Calister,
    Yesterday one of the nemesis was Skin is always in. It could mean human skin never goes out of fashion…. sick….

  4. hi Linda, I am very glad you use your brain power and heart power for the good side. I’m sure the dark side finds you most irksome. God bless you and watch over you, your pup and your new digs.

    • Hi Ariel!

      Thank you so much…we are still getting things taken care of and my furniture won’t arrive until the 10th!

      Big ECHOS in my videos! LOL

      Soon things will be back to normal but Truman and I so appreciate your PRAYERS! Thank you!

  5. Linda and Truman…

    Thank you for creating this blog and chat room. It’s an excellent place to start the day over morning coffee and friendly chat.

    Your chat room is like a comfortable pair of LL Bean house shoes…slip into them and wear em all day…

    Only suggestions…more snarkasm, shorter videos and more Truman…atta gurl…

    Making Earth Great Again…MEGA…WWG1WGA

    • Hi Steve!

      Thanks for sticking up for me yesterday…when that poster was so RUDE! I deleted his comments but didn’t “ban” him from the chat.

      If the rudeness persists, however, I have a system in place to deal with trolling.
      ; )

      I love stopping by and reading the chat!!! You’re right! It’s a GREAT CHAT with GREAT people!

      Thanks for being a part of it and I can’t wait until my DESK and my OTHER computer get here (my furniture arrives on the 10th…because I saved a bunch of money waiting until AFTER Labor Day to have it shipped…)

      Once I get my stuff and get everything set up I’ll be able to join the chat again in the morning like I used to!

      Right now it’s a struggle to set up with my laptop and make videos…all while I’m still changing my address and getting things around here fixed (for insurance.)


      ; )

    • LOL Thank you Michele!

      Believe me…I understand that people are struggling because I have been struggling since the TRUTH has started coming out!
      Especially since I started making these videos…but I would make them whether people donated or not because NO ONE is going to shut me up about this! Even if ONE PERSON saw one of my videos ad it helped to wake them up…it would be worth it!

      I could survive (like I was before) doing FREELANCE projects and working on my book…but I STOPPED all of that to do THIS instead when I realized what was happening!!!

      If I needed money…I could easily STOP making videos and go back to Freelancing…but I chose instead to SELL MY HOUSE on Long Island (that was supposed to be my dream house…and I THOUGHT I was really beginning to live my dream)

      but I DOWNSIZED instead…and I threw AWAY my “dreams” of living on Long Island and writing my book!!!

      Who wants to work for the ROTHSCHILDS??? That’s who I would have been working for if my book had gotten published!

      Well guess what happened after I sold my house?

      I prayed and prayed that I would find a smaller house that I LOVED as much as I did my NY house and I found this little house which is on a LAKE! It won’t cost me anywhere NEAR as much to live in Florida (once I get set up…it’s a bit of a fixer-upper) and I’ll be in MUCH better shape to do this permanently!

      God HEARD me and put me here on this LAKE in this CUTE little house (BONUS: Trump supporters living all around me!) and all of the stress of living in EXPENSIVE…over-taxed NY melted away.

      God gave me something MORE beautiful than I ever could have imagined and it will cost me FAR LESS MONEY to live in ths adorable little house with a LAKE VIEW!

      Every day the BIRDS and the GATORS and the little LIZARDS and the animals and the sunset remind me WHY I AM HERE.

      Time to get busy cleaning up this mess…I PRAY FOR THE CHILDREN EVERY NIGHT…

      after all…the other side of feeling blessed…is KNOWING that those children are out there relying on YOU to be a VOICE (along with everyone else who is exposing)

      I am DEDICATED to EXPOSING this horror show! Life will never be the same…

      Thank you Michele!

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