Happy Monday Patriots!

Emotionally unstable, dumbass LIB-TARDS…

they make WINNING so much more FUN!

Speaking of deranged…

Eric Holder Questions Legitimacy of Supreme Court; Issues Menacing Call to ‘Use Rage to Vote to Be Rid of Republicans’

Use “rage” to “be rid” of “Republicans” huh???

Will that work for “HIM…”

(and I use the term “HIM” advisedly) ???

“He” has such a feminine round face and a smooth, creamy complexion. I wonder what “his” bedtime routine is?

I have a great idea for my rage. Here it is…

I feel better already!

Expect the Underground CIA labs to open up their hatches and send every, crossed-eyed, soul-sucked CLONE, that they have been storing down there for decades…

out into the sunshine…to have massive meltdowns and scream at the sky. 


We have WAY MUCH more FUN than THEY do…





Here’s another story from the Gateway Pundit about the MISERABLE LEFT…

Colbert Writer After Kavanaugh Vote: I’m Just Glad We Ruined His Life

Anybody got a clue what that is?

At first, I thought it was an old picture of the lead singer in Def Leppard…

but I see they are calling this thing a woman.

Looks like something my cat once coughed up…may she rest in peace…

(the CAT that is.)

There could be anything underneath there. I don’t trust their descriptive pro-nouns anymore.

If this miserable pile of hair, with a FACE stuck under it, thinks they “ruined” Judge Kavanaugh’s life by acting like hopped up, Kuru-filled, maniacs…

then it only proves that the hair must be growing as fast INSIDE of it’s head…

as it is on the outside, and the pressure is causing skull leakage.


Actually…if you throw in the gender-squishy “HOLDER-thing”  it makes 2 epic CIA fails in one short article!

Today I go to the DMV and change my license and tags from NEW YORK to FLORIDA…

which means I get to register to VOTE!!!



I couldn’t be happier as it took a LONG TIME for me to find my car title…and I almost had to send away for a copy!

But seeing these deranged idiots act like wounded dumbasses, and the HATE manifesting in them like the shape-shfting ASSHATS they are…

makes me feel so MAGA! 


Hope everyone has a great day!!!


  1. I’ve been tuning into your YouTube videos for a few months now and decided to subscribe you your snarky blogs because you are so entertaining! I look forward to your videos and now your blogs. Keep up the great entertainment!

  2. Truman take care of Blondie…

    Blondie take care of Truman…

    God please bless and protect them from nature’s wrath…Amen

    A warm welcome to those visiting or commenting…please stop by the chat room and share your thoughts, comments or suggestions, we are user friendly and respectful…please behave accordingly…helping making earth great again…MEGA…WWG1WGA


  3. You Linda are a natural entertainer with your snarky commentary… ya know you have to laugh to keep from crying over the awful unspeakable crimes these Satan freaks are guilty of!!! Humor is truly such a gift from God(which is why these horrible people have no sense of humor)… they are truly joyless control freaks!!! Narcissists every one!!!! All they do is lie and lie and lie…. and tell others to “do something”…such cowards… I’ve noticed that the MK Ultra mind control victims/ unhinged assassins are very inept!!

  4. Thank you Linda for all your videos. I found this clip yesterday from Truthification Chronicles . Pelosi gives us a page from the Democrat playbook. Lie, smear, smear, and lie some more. Yes, this is from 2017. Yes, she is referring to what Republicans do. HENCE THE REASON I SAID IT’S PROJECTION!

  5. Linda,

    Indeed, winning is more fun than whining — heh

    —tis why we love you,
    you don’t have a difficult time being snarky
    and, you’re the queen of mega memes poster~!

    HaPpy MoNdaY~!

  6. You think the deranged have come unglued now, wait until these creeps are arrested. Bawhahaha
    I want to see MadCow being dragged off her chair during her broadcast. Then you will see real tears, for herself, because her fake crying for the children was pathetic. Clearly not an ounce of heart in the woman.
    I want to see DeZero and his best Witchy Witch Streep dragged out on the street by their chin whiskers.
    Holder needs to be blow torched alive like he does cattle. A satanist sucking in the innocent’s pain and terror.
    Praying we all can handle what will be revealed. Q said a huge portion (90%?) will not be revealed for our own good. How wicked are those demonic Luciferians? God knows. And Praise God because He does know and revenge is His.

    Love your work !! My most favourite YouTuber and snarky blog poster ever.

  7. I celebrate whenever a new video of yours is up. It makes my day. You find the best memes! We are supposed to meme away all over the place because the social media sites do not have the algorithms to censor them. I just screen capture some of yours and send them out. Thanks for the memes!

    • Theresa, I’m “over the hill” and don’t know much about this meme business. However, a few weeks ago, I saw one that featured several men “helping” HRC up to a guillotine (instead of the airplane)…it was hilarious! I’d like to see it again but I don’t know how to even go about searching for it. Just wondered if you could point me in the right direction — thanks!!

      • Hmm. I don’t know where that would be, but I can tell you how to get a screen captured image from a video, or an image on screen, aka a screen shot. On Apple/Mac computers use Command/Shift/4 and a little cross looking curser will appear. Move that curser around and frame the image into a box. When you click or let go of framing, the image will appear on your main finder screen. I don’t have a PC but someone said that they have a Function key.

        • Yeah — I know how to do the screen capture—-I just don’t where I can find that particular “screen” to “capture”. It was absolutely hilarious! Thanks anyway

  8. Love you so much Linda! You are hilarious while covering some pretty evil stuff. Look forward to all your video’s and am so looking forward to major arrests. Have been following a lot of this for 15-16 years. Love POTUS and he is truly here by divine intervention and believe he has galactic protection. So much going on…on all dimensions it is hard to keep up! Much Love From New Zealand…Cherie Xxx

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