Wouldn’t YOU be freaking out (on a Biblical level), if you were walking in their (RED) shoes?



BELOW: Crying, cross-eyed Chelsea Handler (the man).

Those eyes aren’t matching up. The one on the right side of the screen is taking a trip down south! Maybe it thinks the weather will be warmer, closer to this thing’s chin?

Not sure, but this was by far one of my favorite moments in history. The fake-crying didn’t seem to humiliate him at all…

…because before you know it, the old “WORK HORSE” was laying wheelies on the side of a mountain with his redneck friends, and knocking back Budweisers like a longshoreman.

And they call US rednecks!

More “projection”.

ABOVE ^^^ Prove to me that’s not a GUY!

Speaking of “freaks of nature”, has anyone heard from Jim Carrey lately? I really want to send him a framed copy of the portrait that I painted for him…

I feel I captured something special in this piece.

I was attempting to honor  Jim”s childish, angry scratchings, and I believe I’ve captured that “deranged” quality he has (mixed with a harried, maniacal, weather-worn appearance, that can’t be attributed to just bad aging).

It looks like he was left in the MK Ultra electrocution device too long.

Possibly too much eye-poking, blood-drinking, baby-raping, flesh-eating, sodomizing and communion with SATAN?

These things have a tendency to produce bug-eyed creeps, with bad skin, rotting teeth, and an expression on their faces (at all times) that says:

“I want to eat your brains.”

I used to think that Satan’s biggest lie was:

“Hi! I’m Satan and I don’t exist.”

Now I’m wondering if it isn’t:

“Hi! I’m Satan! Drink the blood of children and you’ll look younger…

and while you’re at it eat pineal glands and you’re sure to get smarter! I promise!”

These people!

YOUR HONOR…I declare that their Mumbo-Jumbo IS NOT working!



I rest my case.

The only thing I like to watch on FAKE NEWS CABLE TV…

is these IDIOTS panicking!


(A collection of interesting and informative videos for you to ponder…)

REALLY interesting video by Bill Smith!







Bill Smith is back!










(I should start calling this part “NAME THE ANDROGYNE!”)











  1. Hello Friend & fellow MAGA PATRIOT.
    Several points,ALL JMO…
    1)”THEY” are taking your videos & ASAP YOURS will be deleted as “duplicate”THEY can now CHANGE & even delete if THEY want.
    2)The realtor —–MY answer would have been…..”No,I believe FLOTUS is a GENIUS & THEY were chosen BY GOD.”
    3)YOU are doing an amazing JOB!!!…..Keep spreadin’ …….THE BUZZ!!!!
    I am forever in AWE!!

  2. Hi Linda from Canada, just want to say thank you for the work you do, I love your humor. Its good to laugh when surrounded by so much darkness. I cant afford to donate right now, but im back to work soon. Thanks again Linda.

  3. Finaly joined. …
    Hello …Greetings Qumen & Qwomen
    A whole lotta shakeing going on! Every thing that lives is holly

  4. Hi Linda, love your yt channel
    First time here.
    I’m looking through the mega meme stash for the pic of McStain watching his own funeral but can’t find it. Would you post a copy here, please?


    • Hi Deanna…all you have to do is search his (at the top of the Mega sight) name and all of the memes with him will come up!

  5. Was just looking at the Standard Hotel website and checking what kind of merch they were selling. There is a pair of socks that clearly depict sodomy of what looks a child by an adult in stick figures. Check it out, even when you realize what’s happening to have this kind of thing openly flaunted is shocking!

  6. Hi Linda n Truman! One of the scenes I saw when I had near death exp was 10 dimentions! Had to do home work to ck out if true. Yep this happened in 1990 and not alot of info avail. God bless!

  7. Thank you Deplorable McAllister for all the time and hard work you put into your videos. I look forward to seeing them. God bless you richly. Sincerely, Terry.

  8. Theresa…

    Try accessing Q at Qmap.pub on the left side is a tool bar just below Q are proofs and memes…explore and navigate…those fields on the tool bar should answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding Q’s veracity or authenticity.

    Hope that helps…together we are strong…we are helping make earth great again…


    Cyberbubba and the Rotties

    • Thanks. I totally think Q is a sure thing. This video seems like controlled opposition. They go on an on about the computers, different dimensions, plasma, Cern, globalists, and blah, blah, blah, as if to say, “Look at what high thinkers we are, and by the way Q is part of the globalists.” Just thought I’d call it out. It is very clever how they casually drop that little false claim far into the long video.

      P.S. For Truman, I have an awesome squirrel video of a squirrel hanging upside down like a bat eating out of my bird feeder. His little feet are hooked onto a tree branch where the feeder hangs.

  9. I watched this really long video by Shaking My Head Productions called “The Truth Hidden In Plain Sight! Eyes 2 See!”. In the video they talk about a huge IBM computer being developed called the IBM Q. The Q in the name is supposed to stand for quantum. They state that IBM was formed by Nazis from Operation Paperclip (true?). At one point the video maker says that the computer is going to record everything about every person. They think it isn’t a coincidence that the computer is named Q. Then they claim that our Q is just artificial intelligence, used as an experiment on us. I say BS.

  10. Julie, thank you for that information. I was wondering sbout this flurry of Cronin posts….now I get it! What creeps and rip offs! I will be WAYYYYY more aware now.

  11. Hey,
    Just so you know,

    This video Liz Crokin 01/29/2019 — ABOUT 180 SENATOR AND CONGRESSMAN INVOLVED TO THIS you posted of Liz Crokin is not her channel, it is The Truth channel.

    Here is @lizcrokin post on Instagram about other channels ripping her off,

    This is my only YouTube channel. There are people using my interviews on their YouTube channels WITHOUT my permission for money. They make their channel appear to be mine tricking people into watching their videos which are my videos recycled & many of these videos are obstructed with music at key points in my video so you can’t hear my full message. I’m sure some of these accounts are run by Deep State operatives. Furthermore, my channel isn’t even monetized; yet, others are profiting from my work. Please don’t watch any channels except mine. If I do an interview elsewhere, I always promote it on my social media. For those who are stealing my work, you’ll be hearing from my lawyers. I suggest you take down your videos ASAP.

    And she talks about it on her new video she posted,

    This is the link to Liz Crokin’s channel,

      • Julie…

        Thank you for sharing, I posted Liz’s youtube video this morning in the chat room. Liz, Dr. Dave Janda, and many others are victims of these content rip off “wannabes”…these people…

        I saw where…Liz is now following Linda and Truman on her channel…

        Join us in the chat room…

        Cyberbubba and the Rotties

        • No chat room for me. I get into trouble usually when I try to talk to others. Due to being in pain, I am usually misunderstood and told off. Been told I’m a troll on yt, on ig don’t comment anymore, etc.

    • Hi Julie!

      Yes…people are doing this to ME too! I see where people are getting 250,000 views and many MORE likes than I AM on my OWN channel!!!!

      But I just leave it to GOD…I don’t get mad…because there’s no point to it, and I’m angry enough already.

      They are EXPOSING MY VIDEOS to MANY MORE PEOPLE…and in the end…that was the whole point of me even DOING this!

      So if they are able to make $$$ off of it…(because YouTube won’t LET me make $$$ off of my OWN videos…that has been made clear…AND I think that YT is letting people STEAL my videos on PURPOSE…so that I will be preoccupied with THAT instead of making NEW videos…)

      not gonna work.

      I allow them to make $$$ if they can…and am just happy that my work is getting seen by more people.

      It’s just the nature of the beast right now.

      I have other things to get upset about that are far worse…in the end they can’t CREATE the work…they can only mirror it…and if it gets more EYES on it…then hey…

      go for it.

      Wish I could make money off my own work…maybe soon these creeps at YT will be gone!

      Thanks again!


      • You know this won’t last forever. At least after the second term of President Trump if not before then things will change in our favor.

  12. Good afternoon…Blondie and the Beast…

    Thank you for this blog and chat platform…your videos, blog and chat room…are helping make our world great again…a noble endeavor.

    God bless you and Truman for your splendid efforts…

    Cyberbubba and the Rotties…

    • Good Morning CyberBubba! (aka Steve)
      ; D

      It is my pleasure and thank YOU for all of your wonderful contributions to the chat…the blog and the channel!


      Truman says “Hi” to the doggies!

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